okay not all bw but whatever

Okay, so…this episode was clearly more about showcasing Kanto Mons and their differences to the Alolan counterparts for the Alola crew, with Misty and Brock just thrown into the mix. Which is understandable, this is POKEMON after all, but like, how much do they REALLY care about continuity? Would they really go to the other older regions where there’d be nothing relevant to promote? We got all these actual well animated scenes with random Kanto Mons yet not even a glimpse at most of Ash’s (WHERE IS KINGLER, WHERE, I DEMAND JUSTICE) or Misty’s or Brock’s for that matter (Crobat was a pleasant surprise tho). And even with Bulbasaur, the one Ash Mon I thought would be important, nothing happened. Didn’t even use a single move against Team Rocket, while LYCANROC revealed a new one.

Like why can’t we get a dual knockout on Brock by Misty and Croagunk together, for example? Does that boy even exist anymore?

This isn’t real continuity, it’s an event. They’re not naturally tying the past into the present, they’re just throwing together a bunch of nostalgia imagery with no real logic, like…


How is the entire Squirtle squad at Oak’s, and Ash doesn’t even react? It’s just a reference, hey 90′s kids, you remember Squirtle right? It’s good because you know what it is!

It’s not real. 

Look, I get it, the continuity aspect of the show was presumed dead for a long time before this, most people are overjoyed to get whatever they can, it’s fine to be happy about seeing Misty and Brock, etc, and next week’s episode is looking like it’ll be a lot more “natural”, so I’ll still withhold some judgement.

But so far, it’s not good enough, it’s not on the level of OS to DP, or even BW. I can praise SM for the fanservice, but not for the continuity.