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It's Carol's fault Sam is dead though?

OF COURSE! Hey, that means she’s also responsible for Jessie and Ron’s death, right?! Because if Sam hadn’t frozen and been eaten alive, Jessie wouldn’t have stopped walking either, Rick wouldn’t have had to hack off her arm, Ron wouldn’t have tried to shoot him and Michonne wouldn’t have had to kill him. And wow, now we can actually add Carl to the ‘things we’re blaming Carol for’ list, too! Neat.

Are you freaking kidding me? Just because Gimple chose to add this nice little voice-over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use your own head when deciding who to ‘blame’. It was just a whole set of shitty circumstances that came together in that scene…and Sam was doing okay(ish) till he saw that kid walker. He’s an 11 year old boy who had never been confronted with the world they’re living in now until very recently, and he was pretty much a goner as soon as he saw his mum stabbing one of the Wolves over and over again. He wouldn’t even go downstairs after that. (Which should’ve been a clue to Jessie that, no, he’s definitely not fit to keep going with them. But whatevs, I’m not even blaming her for that.) He was scared shitless, saw a walker that could be him, and froze. Simple as that. It would have happened anyway, with or without what Carol told him in S5, because he wasn’t prepared for any of the things he was thrown into.