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Silence (12)

I’m so excited for this chapter of Silence… might be my favorite :) ALSO THAT NEW OP GOT MY FEELS UP. MY FAVORITE OP SO FAR.

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Setting: High School AU

Summary: Being new to the school wasn’t Lucy’s only problem; try being mute as well. Also add in being bullied for her disability, but fortunately for Lucy a pink haired male swore to protect her. Befriending the mysterious man, Lucy realized she wasn’t the only one with troubles in her life.

“Is right here okay Mr. Heartfilia?” Jude studied where the sound tech set up the system.

“It should be fine, as long as they can hear the music being played it should be fine.” He replied, mind set on what his daughter would think was best… she did plan where everything was suppose to be. His mind went to what his daughter had told him when they had left Natsu’s house.

“Lucy, whats with that smile on your face? You and Natsu didn’t do anything did you?” He watched as her face flushed, shaking her head vigorously. He watched as she unzipped her backpack, pulling out a sheet of paper.

“What’s this?” He asked as she handed it over to him, eyes scanning over the sheet of paper. His eyes widened considerably when he was done skimming the letter. “This… what?” His head snapped over to Lucy. “Does… Does Natsu know?”

Lucy smiled sweetly, shaking her head.

“So, you want to surprise him?”

Lucy nodded her head.

Jude smiled. “I think you might have just won girlfriend of the year.”

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