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Just watched Jack’s vlog and I’m so happy that he actually tells us these things. Some youtubers would just keep acting normal but I’m glad he feels comfortable talking to us. We’ll always be here for ya Jack. You have made such an impact on so many people’s lives and that’s not gonna go away. You’re gonna keep helping people, keep making people smile, keep making people happy, just by being you. So do what you need to to get out of this slump, even if it does mean taking a break. We all love you (Quote is from I lived by One Republic and the watermark is my insta) @therealjacksepticeye


@taylorswift hi I miss you, can you come back soon please? I’ll bake for you 🍩 (donuts are kinda my thing, but I also have a soft spot for cookies and cakes)
Also I was thinking that it would be SUPER cool if you were to make your own recipe book, because I bet you have some amazing recipes. Just saying 💁🏼
(the title could be “Bakers Gonna Bake”) (if it was a baking recipe book)


What do you do when you love drawing requests but people want you to draw stuff in a style you don’t really like much but don’t totally hate? ’,:/


I made these a while back but I figured I should post them up here so that it doesn’t look like my page is filled with nothing but other people’s work and effort. So… Yes. Fulbright sprites that work with your other Ace Attorney sprites.

 Heterosexuality-  Is the sexual attraction between members of the opposite sexes  such as man attracts to woman and woman attracts to man sexually. Being heterosexual is okay.

Homosexuality- is the sexual attraction between members of the same sexes such as man to man and woman to woman sexually. Being homosexual is okay.

Bisexuality- Is the sexual attraction to both the opposite and same sexes such as man to man and man to woman, woman to woman and woman to man. Being bisexual is okay.

Asexuality- Is also known as nonsexuality which is the lack of sexual attraction and sexual interest towards others. Being asexual is okay.

Polysexuality-  Is the sexual attraction to more than one gender but do not wish to be known as bisexual as it implies that their are only two binary sexes, do not confuse this with pansexuality (Pan meaning All) and (Poly meaning many). Being polysexual is okay.

Pansexuality- Is the sexual attraction towards people regardless of gender also known as omnisexuality, some pansexuals refer to themselves as gender blind as to them gender is insignificant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others. Being pansexual is okay.

Transexualism - Is when a person identifies themselves with a physical sex that is different to their own biological one, A medical diagnosis can be made if a person experiences discomfort as a result of a desire to be a member of the opposite sex. for example a person may be born male, and is uncomfortable with their gender as a male  and changes to a female, or a female may change to a male. It is a long process that they will go through and an expensive one too. Being transexual is okay.

-You know what’s not okay? Telling someone they’re wrong just because they do not share the same sexuality as yours. They’re people as well, with feelings. And by picking on them about it doesn’t define them it defines you.

“This music is who I am.”


The very first full-on Gravity Falls fanart piece I ever did. It was only a few months ago but man, I feel like it looks like shite now. Although I am still one hundred percent behind this sort of idea.