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Just watched Jack’s vlog and I’m so happy that he actually tells us these things. Some youtubers would just keep acting normal but I’m glad he feels comfortable talking to us. We’ll always be here for ya Jack. You have made such an impact on so many people’s lives and that’s not gonna go away. You’re gonna keep helping people, keep making people smile, keep making people happy, just by being you. So do what you need to to get out of this slump, even if it does mean taking a break. We all love you (Quote is from I lived by One Republic and the watermark is my insta) @therealjacksepticeye

my aesthetic:

barba and sonny sitting on a hill, watching the sun set. sonny tucks a wildflower behind barba’s ear. the wind is blowing.

the light grows dim and the stars begin shining weakly. sonny points out constellations to barba, holding his hand, laying in the grass.

everything is quiet, just crickets and sonny’s voice. barba loves listening to him ramble on, and eventually he catches the detective’s gaze. he stops talking for a second and they just listen to the crickets as they watch the last streaks of pink fade from the sky.

sonny’s trying to learn the ukelele because barba is so musical and he plays this lil tune he learned to surprise his boyfriend. he’s kinda nodding his head to the music, immersed in thought and concentration. rafael is sitting right in front of sonny now, watching him play.

he finishes his song and looks up from the ukelele about to ask if he did okay but barba just tackles him back into the grass and kisses him


I made these a while back but I figured I should post them up here so that it doesn’t look like my page is filled with nothing but other people’s work and effort. So… Yes. Fulbright sprites that work with your other Ace Attorney sprites.


So since Queller thinks relationship drama and love triangles are necessary in Superhero shows, they should have done the following :

Bring back Adam Foster to lead Catco. We could watch all the fun tension of he and Kara trying to find a way to put the past behind them and function as boss and employee. 

We could enjoy watching fun and playful Mon-el threaten Adam’s life in a fit of jealousy and make meta references like “back off” and “she’s spoken for”.

But then Adam totally kicks Mon-el’s spandex covered *ss because he has spent all his time since his breakup with Kara boxing and is really really buff.(*)

(*) okay that last part is too far fetched - there is no suit……

“This music is who I am.”


The very first full-on Gravity Falls fanart piece I ever did. It was only a few months ago but man, I feel like it looks like shite now. Although I am still one hundred percent behind this sort of idea.