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buffyverse femslash week:

day two → episode re-writes :who are you au 
faith apologizes to tara after they first met at the bronze (with buffy’s body)





I would like to start off by saying a massive THANK YOU. In fact, thank you doesn’t even begin to convey how utterly grateful I am to everyone who has, at some point, clicked that follow button. The fact that over 11,000 people have taken the time to follow my wee blog blows my mind.

Now I’m going to list some of my favourite blogs and write a little about my friends at the bottom! 

(I follow over 400 people so if you’re not on the list I’m sorry! I couldn’t list everyone or I’d have been here all day!)

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How do you think Calum would be in bed??

I was waiting for this omg my mind needs to relax

okay well there’s two things I firmly believe 1. he loves a bit o’ anal 2. subsubsubsub


You would have a fully naked Cal tied to the bed, and his eyes blindfolded, you would be kitten licking up his shaft, slowly circling this tip and relishing in the whimpers that were slipping out of his mouth. And he’d get so restless, telling you to untie him and he’ll be good for you and so you would let him go and instantly he’d be on top of you, kissing you and touching you everywhere, needing to feel a presence beneath him ya know? You’d be too caught up in the pleasure of his fingers all over you to realize that he’s in control now, and he’d flip you onto your hands and knees, you’d know exactly what was coming. His hand would spread your cheeks and you’d feel his tongue run up from your slit to your naughtiest hole. He’d circle it a few times before drawing away from you completely, leaving you whimpering for more. He’d lube up his shaft and your hole and push a few fingers in to ease you up before pushing his length in, inch by inch and telling you how good you felt each time he pushed in more. He would settle all the way in you and then start thrusting slowly, but becoming more rough, tangling his hands in the back of your head and pulling your back into an arch as your mouth fell open. As he would get closer to orgasm, he would drop your head and put his hand to work on your clit, rubbing fast to get you off and only cumming once he knew you had.





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This is like bts theory for their mv's all over again. Like im seriously questioning everything right now. 'What does theis mean?', 'Troy Sivan?', 'Golden closet?', 'Jimin centered.', 'Jimin didn't know...' My mind is messed up.

ijfa;eoifa estop omg. okay like lowkey same though. i try not to over analayze but right now i’m sherlock holmes making connections between everything jikook have ever done or said. 

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Can you do a jackson reaction to his gf with thick thighs being good at wrestling (her special move is a leg lock) i had a dream about it and i can't get it outta my mind... *fans self*

Omg okay so he’d get so turned on by that i can’t even begin to explain!! Thick thighs + girl who can wrestle = Jackson’s wet dream. As soon as you floored him and got him in a leg lock between your luscious legs, the temperature wouldn’t be the only thing that’s rising!  

2 seconds in wrestle and chill and he’d give you this look:

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seriously he’d always try to fucking wrestle you, don’t have any illusions though he wouldn’t just let you win, he’d make you work for it, although he can’t wait to get stuck between your thick thighs again! 

sometimes he’ll demand a match.

‘You, me, wrestling, now!’

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but ofcourse he’ll ask you nicely too.

‘Hey babe…Wanna wrestle?’

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He’d also just start off by provoking you, bluffing about how he’d win and getting sassy until you just show him who’s in charge here. And he’d love it.

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It’d honestly be his most favourite thing, though you shouldn’t underestimate him… ;) 

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I have an announcement and I feel like I have to write this down before I change my mind. So school will be starting again for me in a few days, I actually just got my class schedule this morning, and by the looks of it I know I would have to go on a hiatus for quite some time. It’s very hard for me to leave tumblr this was one of the hardest decisions i made, but sometimes you really just have to make sacrifices. It’s a little sudden so I would want to leave this message before i go. Please bear with me.

First of all, to my ever dearest followers, I don’t know when or why you lovely people started following me but please know that I am very grateful for the appreciation that you have showed towards my blog. Also, for those of you who left me kind anonymous or un-anonymous messages before, thank you for doing so because I’m 100000% sure that reading your messages made me very. I also, btw, read some of your tags (and/or comments) when you happen to reblog my posts and I wanna tell you now that I appreciate all the positive and hilarious remarks that you have written. You guys seriously are the best, if I could only tag all of you here I would but you’ve unexpectedly come to a number where it would be a little hard for me to do so. So, if you happen to read this, let me just thank you, from the bottom of my kpop-ed heart, for staying with this blog until now no matter how lame my posts can be sometimes. The months I’ve spent here are the best months I’ve had ever since I joined tumblr and you lovely people have played a huge role in that happiness. I really hope you didn’t regret following me. Please be happy always. I will be back as soon as I am well-adjusted to whatever is ahead of me this semester. See you soon. I love you.

And now, to the blogs that I follow that make my dashboard golden, let me just thank you so much for making me feel every possible emotion there is because of your posts. Your posts made me laugh until my jaw and stomach hurt, and cry so hard it felt like I was drowning in my own tears. You people are the funniest, kindest, and most creative people I have ever known, and that is not an exaggeration.  Never stop being the awesome bloggers that you are and keep on making people. I originally wanted to make an FF but then i follow like a gazillion awesome blogs so don’t have the luxury of time to make one now. I just hope this’ll get to you someday.

Finally, to the people here that I have become friends with, you know ho you are, i love you from the bottom of my heart and i will miss you a lot like A LOT. Really. Some of you I can contact using other means so we will hear more from each other constantly still haha but for those that i only talk through tumblr, please udate me about your life from time to time i would love to hear form you. Imma try to check my inbox as often as possible to see if you left any so please do. And i hope you know that I’m so glad I made this account because I met you awesome people! I love you all.

Know that i will try to be active again as soon as possible, but for now i really have to go. I will miss you i will miss you i will miss you all. Everyone, be happy always, and see you soon.


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Okay, so my friends on twitter warned me about all of this before I even knew something was going on. Seeing as 50% of my inbox is filled with this drama, I shall now address it.

For reference, you can find the entire interview with new spoilers for The Originals here [x]

FACT 1: This is the exact quote that people are worrying about:

‘Unfortunately, it sounds like Hayley and Elijah’s relationship will be taking a step back in Season 2. “[Hayley] and Klaus are the only two hybrids in existence now, so Elijah will inevitably wonder, ‘Is there a connection between my brother and Hayley that I could never surpass?’” Narducci explained. “There’s going to be some interesting friction. Ultimately, Elijah is going to have to decide, ‘Do I want to help this girl?’

Now please, everybody read. Nothing about this points at a Klaus/Hayley relationship that is romantic in any way. Nothing. It merely points out an obstacle for the (relatively popular) Haylijah ship in season 2. From what I can tell, this spoiler so far mainly points at some insecurity from Elijah’s side.

It’s funny how they already emphasize that Hayley is a special snowflake, just like everyone already predicted after Tyler’s hybrid status was suddenly taken away from him on TVD. EVERYBODY STOP AND REALIZE; The only reason Tyler’s hybrid status was taken away, was him being a plot device for special snowflake Hayley. See how the influence of her pointless character still reaches TVD even now that she is no longer there? But that’s a story for another time, moving on…


You have to keep in mind that these TO writers can’t be picky, and can’t afford to experiment when it comes to ships. Haylijah is the only ship on TO that even remotely worked, therefore, they’d want to explore this ‘lovestory’ a bit, hence, they’d need an obstacle to make it a slow burn. That obstacle might as well be Hayley’s new ‘status’ as a hybrid. The way I see it, it’s basically going to be something to come between Hayley and Elijah.

Besides, if this triangle happened, do you think ANYONE would be able to ever again take TO seriously? I know we’re not all specialized in meta and parallels, but I’d like to believe that even the casual viewer can point out the similarities between a show about two immortal brothers fighting over a mortal brunette girl turned immortal, and a show about two immortal brothers fighting over a mortal brunette girl turned immortal.

I would like to believe that Plec wouldn’t be as ignorant as to believe that even her ‘casual’ and ‘very young’ viewers wouldn’t be smart enough to realize that she is BLATANTLY COPYING HER OWN SHOW (TVD) IF SHE WENT DOWN THAT ROAD.


If this triangle does happen, everyone (whether you like TO or not) should be upset with Plec for insulting their intelligence by thinking she could get away with producing the exact same story two times, where the second one is a cheap copy of the first.

Long story short: Whether the triangle happens or not, I see nothing but ‘win’ here. Either the triangle doesn’t happen, or either it does and Plec will prove her own stupidity by exactly copying no other show but her own. Which, not gonna lie, would greatly amuse me, because that is the lowest any writer could ever sink.

So everyone stay pressed.