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Let's not leave out Connor? Y'all three are the most adorable relationship I can think of, next to Michael and Jeremy or Gerard and Lindsay Way.

okay now thats the best thing ive ever heard oh my god

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5SOS Preference #3: Family (His Point Of View)
  • Calum Hood: "Whoa! Slow down, tiger." I say as I scoop up my two year old boy, Ryder, into my arms.
  • He giggles as he wraps his little arms around my neck while I walk into the kitchen.
  • "What's for lunch today, huh?" I ask out loud as I open the pantry with my open hand.
  • "We got Mac 'n Cheese." I smile but Ryder shakes his head very quickly.
  • "Nuh uh." He says.
  • "Okay..." I say before searching again.
  • "How about-"
  • "I got us McDonalds." A familiar voice says behind me.
  • I turn around and smile at my beautiful (Y/N), who is just glowing with pregnancy.
  • She sets the McDonald's bags on the counter.
  • "Mama!" My son squeals once he see's his mom, trying to wiggle out of my reach.
  • I laugh before setting him down and watch him run to (Y/N).
  • She kneels down and opens her arms out for him.
  • "There's my little man." She says while wrapping her arms around Ryder.
  • I smile as I watch them.
  • "Did you get me nuggets?" He asks, pulling away.
  • "Sure did." She says then kisses his cheek before getting up slowly.
  • "How about you go sit down," I say to Ryder as I walk to them. "While I make your plate, okay bud?"
  • He nods his head before storming into the dining room.
  • I grab (Y/N)'s hands in mine.
  • "Hello my love." I say before kissing her.
  • "Mmmm, hello Calum." She says, breathlessly with her eyes closed.
  • "How was your appointment?"
  • "It was good." She says with a smile.
  • "It was just 'good?'"
  • I laugh as I open the food's bag and start pulling out Ryder's fries and nuggets. She opens the other bag and starts pulling out food also.
  • "Yeah. It's just the uh same old check up on the baby." She says as she eats a fry.
  • "Well good." I say before walking to the fridge to grab the ketchup. "Everything's going alright?"
  • "Everything's wonderful." I hear (Y/N) say.
  • I close the door once I grappled the ketchup.
  • "I'm very glad to hear." I say as I squirt ketchup onto the plate.
  • "Mama! Dada! Nuggets!" Ryder shouts.
  • She laughs before grabbing his plate and walking out to our son.
  • "Here's your lunch, my prince!" I hear her say as I start grabbing out our food.
  • Ryder mumbles something that I can't understand. I bet his mouth is stuffed with a nugget.
  • "Baby?" I hear my bride call for me.
  • "Yes?" I say while squirting ketchup on my plate and hers.
  • "Can you grab Ry's toy? It's in our food bag."
  • I put my hand inside the bag and pull out some napkins and two toys.
  • Two toys?
  • I look at them both. One's a teenage mutant ninja turtle and one's a hello kitty.
  • Weird. We usually never get two toys.
  • "Uh...(Y/N)?" I ask as I walk out to the the dining room.
  • She sits next to Ryder, who is inhaling his lunch, but turns her head towards me.
  • "Did you ask for two toys?"
  • I hold to up the two toys for her to see.
  • She smirks.
  • "Calum," she says as she gets up. "The turtle is for Ryder and the kitten is for our new addition."
  • My eyes go wide and I instantly smile.
  • "A girl?" I whisper before wrapping my arms around her waist.
  • (Y/N) nods and kisses my lips.
  • "Ryder!" I say after pulling away.
  • He lifts his head up, his cheeks puffed out.
  • "You're gonna have a sister!" My wife and I say together, excitedly.
  • But we get a groan in return but we laugh.
  • Ashton Irwin: "Like this, watch daddy." I say to my son, Austin, as I pat on the pot with a beat with my youngest son, Jacob, sitting between my legs.
  • "Now you try." I say before handing it to him.
  • Austin starts banging on it, hard.
  • All three of us are sitting on the kitchen floor with pots, pans, spoons and wooden spoons surrounding us.
  • My three year old giggles at his five year old brother's actions.
  • "I'm a rockstar!" Austin shouts while banging harder.
  • "Yeah you are." I say with a laugh before grabbing a wooden spoon and a plastic bowl. "Now use these two."
  • I hand them over to him and he starts to pound again.
  • "I try." Jacob says while reaching over and grabbing a metal spoon.
  • I place a metal pot in front of him and he pats the pot gently.
  • I lean back on my hands, smiling proudly at my little musicians.
  • I'm glad it's entertaining them.
  • "Jakey, can I try?" Austin asks his brother if he could borrow his pot and spoon.
  • "What do you say?" I ask Austin.
  • "Please?"
  • Jacob holds his pot and spoon close to him.
  • "Nooo." He says.
  • "But Jacob." My eldest whines.
  • "Nooo."
  • "You have to share, Jacob." I say, sternly.
  • He pouts and then gives the pot and spoon to his brother.
  • "Thank you." Austin says before making loud noise.
  • "Here you go, bud." I say before placing a plastic bowl in front of Jacob and handing him a spoon.
  • Banging fills the kitchen again.
  • "I'm making a song daddy." Austin says, patting the pan softly.
  • "It sounds good!"
  • "What's going on here?" I hear (Y/N) ask.
  • The banging suddenly stops and I turn my head.
  • She stands with her hands on her hips and her hair wrapped up in a towel.
  • "We're making music, mommy!" Jacob says, excitedly.
  • "You are?" She asks with a smile.
  • The boys nod their heads.
  • "Soon, we're gonna be like daddy!" Austin chirps.
  • "That's great."
  • "But we're gonna be better than daddy." Jacob says while nodding his head, being completely serious.
  • "Really?" My wife says, trying not to laugh.
  • My boys all nod their heads again.
  • "Well alright. I'll let you guys get back to working. But please, keep the noise down a little."
  • "Okay mommy." Austin says.
  • "You got it, dude." Jacob says with a thumbs up.
  • (Y/N) smiles yet again, giving them a wink.
  • Then the boys start rocking again.
  • She then leaves the kitchen but I get up and follow her.
  • "You're crazy, Irwin." My wife says, obviously knowing that I'm following her.
  • "I know I am but they're really entertained." I say with a smile.
  • She turns around.
  • "You made a big mistake now." She says. "Because that's all they're gonna wanna do."
  • "I know and I'm sorry." I say before kissing her lips.
  • "Uh huh. And I hope I'm not the one picking up that mess in there Ashton."
  • "You won't. We'll pick it up." I whisper to (Y/N).
  • "Okay."
  • Then we kiss again and then the drumming stops.
  • "Austin!" I hear Jacob whine.
  • "Boys," I shout after pulling away. "You better share or no more music time."
  • "But daddy!" Austin cries.
  • Michael Clifford: "Boys, listen to daddy alright?" I kneel down to my two, four year old boys so that we're all face to face.
  • "We gotta be extra careful when we see mommy and Aubrey, okay?" I ask looking back and forth at my two twins.
  • "And quiet too?" Nick asks.
  • "Very quiet. Understand?"
  • Zach and Nick nod their heads.
  • "Good. Now let's go see your sister and mama."
  • I get up and hold both of my hands out to them, they each take a hand.
  • We walk into the hospitals sliding doors and go into an elevator.
  • "Is nana and pop pop coming?" Zach asks, looking up at me while the elevator goes up.
  • I nod my head and he shrieks.
  • "Uncle Cal and uncle Ash?" Nick asks, politely.
  • "Don't forget uncle Luke!" Zach says pointing his index finger at his brother.
  • I chuckle.
  • "They'll come later on." I say.
  • Then the elevator doors open up.
  • "This way." I say while turning us to the left.
  • Once we arrive to (Y/N)'s hospital room, I look down to my boys.
  • "You ready?"
  • They both nod their heads quickly.
  • "Mommy!" The boys whisper loudly once I opened the door. They ran to her bed side.
  • "There they are." My bride says groggily, kissing each of their heads.
  • "I missed you two so much."
  • "Where is she? Where is she?" Zach asks, jumping with excitement.
  • "She's coming, don't you two worry. Come and sit with me."
  • I walk over to them and grab Nick and set him next to (Y/N) and then Zach and set him next to her on her other side.
  • She takes each of their hands in hers.
  • "Oh and hello Michael." She smiles at me.
  • I smile and kiss her lips, getting an "ewww" from Nicholas and Zachary.
  • "Hello baby." I whisper.
  • "Mr. and Mrs. Clifford?" A voice says behind me.
  • I turn around and smile brightly at the nurse who's holding Aubrey.
  • "Whoa." I hear Zach whisper in awe.
  • I walk to her and reach for my little sunshine.
  • "Thank you." I say as I take her in my arms, cradling her.
  • She smiles and then leaves.
  • Aubrey sleeps peacefully in her pink blanket. She has on a tiny pink beanie on her little head.
  • "Hello my angel."
  • I kiss her forehead and then turn around gently for the boys to see.
  • I walk over to the bed and hand her over to (Y/N).
  • "She's so pretty." Nick whispers while watching his mom place her into her arms.
  • "And so tiny." Zach says.
  • The twins eyes never leave their sister.
  • (Y/N) smiles down at Aubrey and then up at me.
  • I smile at her.
  • "You guys like her?" I say after a few minutes of them staring.
  • I walk over to them and watch her also.
  • "I love her!" Zach says before placing a soft kiss on her head.
  • "She's a keeper." Nick says while looking up to me and nodding his head.
  • Luke Hemmings: "I found my sweet escape when I'm alone with you." I whisper-sing to my two month old baby girl.
  • Ella watches me as she blinks heavily. She's trying so hard to stay awake.
  • I chuckle lowly before kissing her soft cheek.
  • "You're not gonna give up, are you?" I ask and she squirms.
  • I sway side to side slowly, trying to make her fall asleep. Her sleepy wailing woke me up and I immediately came in to check on my princess.
  • "Go to sleep, sweetheart." I whisper to her.
  • Ella's eyelids start to droop even more and then they fully close.
  • I smile, proud of myself that I got her to finally sleep.
  • I keep swaying just in case she wakes up.
  • "She asleep?" I hear a whisper behind me.
  • I turn around slowly and find my (Y/N) leaning on the door post.
  • I smile at her and nod.
  • She walks over to me to check on our daughter.
  • "She's so beautiful." She says before kissing her head. "I love her to pieces."
  • "I hope she's a daddy's girl." I whisper while looking at my baby.
  • (Y/N) sighs.
  • "They always are."
  • I try not to laugh.
  • Ella starts to squirm a little, she makes a whimpering noise but her eyes are still closed.
  • "Shhh." I say softly to her. "Daddy's here."
  • "So is mama." My wife says with a smile.
  • "Quit being so jealous." I say to her, playfully.
  • (Y/N) shrugs.
  • We watch our little pumpkin after a few moments before laying her down in her crib.
  • "Goodnight my love." I whisper while taking (Y/N)'s hand.
  • Ella sighs happily.
  • "I want more." I say after I breathe in.
  • "What?"
  • Her grip tightens on my hand.
  • "Not now but later." I say before looking at her.
  • "Of course." She says before kissing my hand.
  • "Just think about all the other beautiful babies we'll make." I say as I lean in.
  • I peck her lips.
  • "I know but let's just worry about what we have now."
  • I nod my head.
  • "But we'll defiantly have more?"
  • "Yes, Luke." (Y/N) says before I kiss her again.
  • Man, do I love my girls.
Wildcat - Go home go bed
  • Wildcat: Absolutely sick of playing this stupid fucking game. Ain't gonna put up with it no more, gonna go home, go to bed. Check this.
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Look at that cloud, that's a nice looking cloud. I'm done with this game. Go home… go to bed. Sick and tired of it. Alllright, hold on, one second, forgot my fucking keys. Gotta go back, get my keys, so I can go home go to bed… wait. I don't even have fucking keys. Immatunraround, go back…
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Gonna get a big ol' glass of milk and go bed.
  • Wildcat: Fucking leaving. I'm out this bitch.
  • Wildcat: Ain't having none of this bullshit no more, go home go bed.
  • Wildcat: Ain't never come back neither.
  • Wildcat: Ain't never doing this again.
  • Wildcat: This shit is buuuullshit.
  • Wildcat: Out of this game, going to bed… fucking long ass walk. I'm walking for like, an hour now, it's fucking annoying. I don't even know where I'm at, 'cause I haven't looked at the ground in thirty minutes.
  • Wildcat (on top of a building): Going to home, going to bed, I really should probably start looking, paying attention where I'm going, I have no clue where I'm at.
  • Wildcat: I hope my mom made some chicken or something, I'm fucking starving.
  • Wildcat: Pretty sure this is not my house at this point, that does not look like our ceiling. No, nope, definetly not the house, my mom is not that fat or naked man on the couch, and we don't even own a parakeet.
  • Wildcat: No, nope, still not my house. Definetly not my house.
  • Wildcat: I'm pretty sure this is a prison, I saw two fat guys peeing in a bucket.
  • Wildcat: This fucking room is humongous, this is ridiculous.
  • Wildcat (at McDonald's): Take a ten piece chicken nugget, ahhh… medium fry… and a coke, please.
  • Wildcat: Almost home. Got to sleep, go to bed. Go home.
  • Wildcat (passing Goomba): Imma pass down, take a big ol' shit, go to bed. Goomba, fuck you.
  • Wildcat: Seriously, fuck you. *shoots Goomba out of the screen*
  • Wildcat: I'm not even sure I'm in the same country anymore, that last house I checked was a pyramid.
  • Wildcat: Where the fuck am I at?! The fuck is that?!
  • Wildcat: The fuck is this?!
  • Wildcat: Am I in the sewer? I'm in the sewer, that's a turd… that's disgusting.
  • Wildcat: Okay, so how in the fuck did I cross the Pacific Ocean?
  • Wildcat: Oh, wow, didn't think on this walk I'd see an elephant chasing a reindeer.
  • Wildcat: Okay, I'm pretty sure I've been here before. Seen that same dog three times now.
  • Wildcat: Okay, I think I'm in a movie theater now.
  • Vanoss: Shhhhh!
  • Wildcat (whispering): Sorry!
  • Wildcat (still whispering): Oh, yeah, this is definetly a movie theater, popcorn is really buttery.
  • Wildcat: Pretty sure I've made it to the moon somehow… there's a German flag over there. (It's a Belgian flag)
  • Wildcat: Now I'm in Hogwarts… I think I'm in Hogwarts.
  • Hagrid: You're a faggot, Harry. *shoots Harry with an AK*
  • Wildcat: 'Kay, now I'm in Bikini Bottom… There's Squidward, HEEEY, SQUIDWARD!
  • Wildcat: Okay, why the fuck is the sun shaped like a square?
  • Wildcat: Okay, now I'm in the Matrix…
  • Wildcat: Okay, now I'm in a Michael Bay movie.
  • Wildcat: Heeeey, Batman!
  • Batman: WHERE ARE THEY?!
  • Wildcat: Bye, Batman.
  • Wildcat: I am pretty sure I'm at a Chuck E Cheese now.
  • Wildcat: Fucking over this game, all done. Gonna go home, fucking go to bed.
  • Wildcat: Get on the bed, lay on the bed, go to sleep, I'm done with this fucking game. What the fuck you looking at? I'm done with this game, I'm going to bed. Oh, shit that's my bed… oh, hey, I'm home! Oh, hey, Vanoss!
  • Vanoss: Heeeeeey!
  • Wildcat: Fuck you doing here?
  • Vanoss: I… I've been here the whole time, man.
  • Wildcat: Oh, well, good for you. I… I'm tired, I'm gonna go to bed. I had a busy day, sooo ahh, yeah… I'm gonna hit the hag. Goodnight! *goes to bed*
  • Vanoss: laughs
  • Wildcat: Turn the lights off, please.
  • *suddenly it's night*
5SOS Roast
  • Me: Okay so first of all.....
  • Michael: WOOO
  • Ashton: Shh don't interrupt that's rude
  • Calum: *Snoring*
  • Me: Anyway, you kno-
  • Calum: Sorry what? What's going on?
  • Michael: The chick was saying something to offend us c'mon let her finish
  • Calum: bish whet
  • Ashton: Just let her speak
  • Me: THANK YOU, now as I was saying, you may be from Australia that doesn't me-
  • Luke: OI OI O-
  • Michael: SHUT UP LUKE
  • Calum: Was that a do-
Michael Clifford Smut → Master Kink

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request: Yes

A.N.: I changed the Daddy Kink to a Master kink bc I really can’t see Michael with a Daddy Kink omg sorry hope thats alright.

I think you should not read this if you’re like 12 or something.

“No Michael, I’m going to this party whether you like it or not.” I said annoyed as I applied some mascara on my eyelashes. “I don’t want you to go to a fucking party your ex boyfriend is hosting!” Michael yelled. “Okay first of all, stop fucking yell at me! Second, he has a new girlfriend and it’s his sisters birthday party ad she is a good friend of mine so I’ll go to this party, now stop being a fucking prick.” I packed the mascara in my bag and turned around to face Michael. “You’re not going.” he said and blocked my way out of the room. 

“Are you fucking serious?” I aked and crossed my arms over my chest. Michael raised an eyebrow and looked at me challengingly. “Fuck off.” I rolled my eyes and sqeezed past him, quickly running outside and to my car.

I love Michael but sometimes his jealousy could get really annoying. One time we were out, having dinner and the waiter flirted with me, in the end the waiter ended up with a bloody nose.

This time I could actually understand him, the birthday party was hosted by my ex boyfriend, but Jade, his sister, is one of my closest friends so I had to go. I felt really bad for how I left but otherwise he never would have let me go. I tried to push my bad conscience aside and tried to think about Jade and her birthday party. 

Ten minutes later I arrived at the house, it was already pretty crowded. I got out of the car and was immediatly greeted by some people. The music was blasting through the house, people were dancing, drinking and making out in the corners. I was walking through the house looking for Jade when someone called out my name. I turned around to see my ex boyfriend, Josh, standing next to me. “Oh hey.” I smiled I hugged him. 

We broke up as friends and we still talked sometimes. “Hey, how are you doing? Where’s Michael?” he asked and broke the hug. “I’m good and he obviously stayed home.” I declared. “Right, he doesn’t like me.” Josh laughed and put his hands in his pockets. “Anyways,” I shrugged, “Where’s Jade? I want to wish her a happy birthday.”

“She should be in the kitchen.” Josh explained and sweetly smiled. “Alright. Catch you later.” I said and made my way through the crowd. “Jade!” I yelled and ran towards her as soon as I spotted her in the crowded kitchen. “Happy Birthday sweetie!” I sang and embraced her in a hug. “(Y/N)! It’s so good to see you. I’m glad you made it!” she said and gave me a little peck on the cheek. “Me too! I’ve missed you!”

“I missed you too! Here have a drink!” she smiled and put a red cup in my hands. “Thanks. To the birthday girl.” I shouted and downed the liquid.

One hour and several drinks later I was on the dancefloor, dancing with Josh. He had his hands on my waist while I grinded my ass up against his crotch, moving to the beat. I was drunk out of my mind, my head dizzy and I wasn’t fully realizing what I was doing. 

“What the actual fuck.” I heard a familiar voice shout. I looked up and saw Michael standing in front of me. “You fucker take your hands off of my girl.” he hissed. “Dude, calm down.” Josh slurred, still holding my waist. Michael clenched his jaw and walked towards Josh. He pushed me aside and with one quick strike Josh was on the floor holding his jaw. “Michael, what the fuck?!”

“You’re coming with me.” he grabbed my arm and tugged me with him to his car. “That was really unnecessary.” I mumbled. “Are you fucking kidding me? You were basically ass fucking your ex boyfriends crotch.” I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest. “I wasn’t doing anything. You’re overreacting." 

Michael’s head shot to me and he looked at me angrily but didn’t say anything else. The rest of the car ride was quiet, I looked out of the window. thinking about everything that happened this night. Michael anger was understandable, I never should have danced with Josh like that.

Five minutes later we arrived at home, as soon as Michael slammed the door shut behind him, he pressed me against it. 

"Do you think it’s fucking funny, flirting with another guy like that?” he snarled at me. “No.” I replied. “No, what?” he asked and pressed me harder against the door. “N-no master.” I whispered. A quick smirk appeared on his face before he turned serious again. “You’re getting punished for that.” he said and started sucking harshly on my neck, making sure to leave a lot of marks behind. “You’re mine. You got that?”

I bit my lip and nodded, putting my hands around his neck. “That was no answer.” he said and bit down on my neck, making me yelp. “I- I belong to you master.” I whined. I could feel Michael’s smile against my neck. He licked and kissed over the spot he just bit, soothing the pain a little. 

He continued kissing and sucking on my neck. I tried to keep myself from moaning but I miserably failed. I dug my nails into Michael’s neck and quietly moaned “I’m yours master.” into his ear. He grapped my ass, making me jump. I slung my legs around his torso and he walked us to our upstairs bedroom, throwing me onto the bed.

“You’ve got yourself into a whole lot of punishment.” he said in a stern voice. “But master, what are you gonna do to me?” I wispered, biting my lip. Michael just smirked and unzipped his jeans. "Suck.” he demanded and pointed at his prominent bulge.

“Yes master.” I licked over my lips and kneeled down in front of him. Slowly I pulled his jeans and underwear down. I innocently looked at him before I palmed his erection, pumping it slowly. I took the tip into my mouth and started sucking slightly, making Michael moan. “Stop fucking around.” he groaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair, pushing himself harshly into my mouth. 

I sucked hard down the shaft and stroked everything I couldn’t fit into my mouth. “Fuck baby, you look so fucking hot with your mouth wrapped around my cock.” he groaded, thrusting into my mouth. I hallowed my cheeks and gently let my teeth run along his shaft. “Ugh, fuck” He grunted, grabbing my hair tighter.

He closed his eyes, clenched his jaw and let his head fall back. His hands playing with my hair, every time I take him farther into my mouth, his breathing getting a little bit shallower.

He pushed me all the way down against his cock and finally I fit all in my mouth, making me gag. "Jesus (Y/N)“ he groaned. I sucked hard, bobbed my head faster and used my hand to massage his balls. 

His deep breathing and quiet moans could barley be heard. I looked up at him though my eyelashes, pure pleasure was on his face. His eyes closed and mouth hanging open. Just the look on Michael’s face alone was almost enough to throw me over the edge.

"Shit.” he cursed and pulled himself out of my mouth. I looked at him startled, “Did you think that was all? I’m gonna fuck you so good now.” he harshly said and lifted me up to my feet just to throw me on the bed again. 

He took his shirt off and hovered over me, pressing his rock hard cock against my heated crotch. “Please master.” I whined and bucked my hips to create more contact between us. “Please what?" 

"Fuck me.” I said and innocently looked at him. He licked over his lips and unzipped my dress before ripping it of off me. Without any warning he slammed into me, thusting deep and hard. My mouth formed and ‘o’ and I squeezed my eyes shut. “Fuck” he cursed when I dug my nails hard into his muscular arms.

I rolled my eyes back into my head as he stared thrusting into me harder. “Oh fuck Michael.” I moaned, arching my back. He shot his head up and dug his nails into my waist. “What was that?” he asked furrowing his eyesbrows together. “Fuck, m-master” I said, breathing heavily. "You bad girl, you forgot. You’re going to get punished for that.“ he hissed and pulled out of me. I whined at the loss of contact and looked at Michael desperatly. He flipped me around, holding my ass in the air. He entered me from behind his pace quicker as before. 

I felt a sudden sting on my ass. He spanked me again, and again. I screamed into the pillow, srangely the pain was really pleasuring. His thrusts became harder and deeper. The room was filled with low moans and skin slapping against skin. "You like that baby?” he asked, rubbing over the sore spot on my ass. “Y-yes master. I fucking love it.” I moaned an grabbed a fistful of the sheets, tugging it as I felt another spank.

He held me steady as he quickly moved in and out of me. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach, “I- Im so close.” I stuttered. “Not just yet baby.” he said through gritted teeth and all of a sudden Michael pulled out of me, flipping me around again. 

He spread my legs widely and slowly pushed himself into me, eventually increasing his pace. “Holy fucking shit!” I cursed, biting my bottom lip to try and keep myself from screaming out when I suddenly I felt Michael’s finger pressing against my sensitive clit, quickly rubbing sloppy circles. I let out a gasp and dug my nails deep into his arms. "C-close" I stuttered as I felt my stomach tigthen again. “Come for me baby." he groaned and I felt him twitch inside me, he was close too. His thrusts became sloppier, and sloppier.  I couldn’t hold it any longer, I released, a scream leaving my mouth. Michael soon followed and he kept thrusting, riding out both our highs. He pulled out and collapsed right next to me. "You okay?” he asked, breathing heavily. I wasn’t able to talk so I just nodded. “Sorry if I was a little too harsh on you.” he said and put his head on my chest. “Don’t worry about it, it was perfect."I said and put my arm around his shoulder. "Sorry about eariler.” I whispered. “It’s fine. I know you wouldn’t cheat or anything.” he mumbled and kissed the back of my hand. “I love you." "I love you too.”

5SOS Preference #12: Homecoming (AU)
  • Ashton Irwin: "Oh my (Y/N), my (Y/N), my beautiful, beautiful (Y/N)." Ashton whispers in relief into my ear. He holds me into his strong arms as I cry into his chest. "I-I missed you so m-much." I sob into his chest. He's here. My soldier is finally here. It's been 8 long and crucial months without him. But he's here now and is here for a good, two years. He kisses my head and his grip tightens on me, bringing me more close to him. "I missed you more, baby." He whispers. "Impossible." I mumble and he chuckles, my heart starts to flutter immediately. I almost forgot about his adorable chuckle. "I missed everything about you." I say before breathing in his aftershave and cologne. I pull away from him while wiping my eyes and he smiles at me. I kiss his lips in return. "Mmmm." Ashton hums after pulling away with his eyes closed. His big hands find my hips and then gives them a slight squeeze. "You don't know how long I've been craving those lips, ma'am."
  • Luke Hemmings: I gasp a little when I see Luke. His hair is pushed up as wears his camouflage uniform, which makes him look more attractive than ever, with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He looks amazing and I can't stop watching him. Luke looks all around, searching for me. "Luke!" I call out with a wave, trying to get his attention. He turns his head to where I'm at and then, his eyes meet mine. I smile and so does he. I walk quickly towards him as he runs to me. He drops his luggage then scoops me up in his big arms and turns us around slowly while he buries his head into my neck. "God (Y-Y/N), it's been so long." Luke croaks out as he stops turning. My neck starts to feel wet due to his tears. "I know baby. I know." I whisper as I rub his back. "I love you s-so much," He mumbles as he holds me tighter. "And I'm very thankful to have you here. Right here in my arms."
  • Calum Hood: "My God." Calum whispers as I place our sleeping, little two month old, sunshine in his muscular arms. It's the first time he's ever been with her. He left for war when I was 6 weeks with her, leaving me with the the other eight months by myself. Calum had second thoughts about leaving us but I told him that I'd be just fine without him and that he has someone to look forward to when he comes back. He holds her in front of him with such delicacy, his one hand on her bum while his other holding her head. "She's so precious, (Y/N)." He whispers. He watches her in awe with tears in his eyes. I watch him stare at her, my heart over-flowing with happiness. "She takes after her mama," Calum looks over to me with a smile. I smile back. He returns his eyes back to her, leaning in and then planting a kiss on her forehead. She squirms a little and then relaxes. "We did good, mama." He whispers to me before kissing my lips. "How did I ever get so lucky?"
  • Michael Clifford: I jump on Michael before wrapping my arms around his neck and then my feet around his waist. He stumbles back a little, a chuckle escaping his lips. "Hey (Y/N)." He whispers into my ear after wrapping his firm arms around my back. And I lose it. It's so surreal that he's here. It felt like an eternity since the last time I saw my Michael. Everything about him feels like home to me. "You're here." I sob with a little laugh. "You're really here, Mikey." He chuckles. "I'm here." He whispers in relief. "I was so worried Michael." I say while pulling away to look at him. "So worried. You didn't write back and...and I thought you were-" I couldn't finish my sentence because of his lips crashing onto mine. "Don't say it, please." He whispers slowly against my lips with his eyes closed. Michael rests his forehead against mine. "I'm here. That's all that matters, baby. I'm here with you and I promise you, I am not going anywhere, okay?" I smile and nod my head. He smirks. "Now, will you just kiss me and tell me you love me already?"

okay i’ll try to make this as short as possible but i don’t think it will be as i’ve got a lot i want to say. okay so first of all, luke has changed. he has. he’s not the same boy he was before the tour started. if he hangs around with this arzaylea chick too much he’ll start mirroring her actions so we might as well kiss our ‘innocent’ luke goodbye. apparently he’s already started unfollowing fans, soon he’ll be blocking them and this will just be a huge mess and when they break up (which they will) he’ll realise what a jerk he was. so let him make his mistakes, he needs to learn. and in the pictures of him outside the club w/ arzaylea, he looks so annoyed, like man what did you expect?!? you go to that club frequently and there’s always paps outside. if he didnt want to be photographed, he shoudnt have gone. but here’s where it gets scary. i know this probably wasn’t his intentions, but maybe he wanted to be photographed with her?? to rub it in our faces that he’s all grown up and can do what he wants. i dont know what to think about him anymore, just that he’s not who he used be. ofc i’ll still support his music, but my opinion on him has changed over the past few days im sad to say.

second, this arzaylea girl is probably the worst kind of girl for luke to date. peope are comparing her to bryana which is stupid. Bryana and Ashton have been dating for a long time, are taking things slow, Bryana has never been rude to fans and when they meet her she has been so sweet. and when she goes to ashton’s shows, she’s been seen singing along, dancing, smiling and is having a good time whilst watching her boyfriemd do what he loves. whereas arzaylea has been on twitter and instagram constantly referencing luke, posting pictures in his clothes and basially dangling their ‘relationship’ in our faces, something Bryana has never done. Arzaylea has also made fun of people with anxiety (a mental illness which some of luke’s fan suffer from, me being one of them) made cultral appropriation comments saying that white people can wear dreads and i remember one post about a turban. she’s also dated other band guys before to get their money or some shit, so she’s played this game many times before, luke is just a toy with $$$ to her.

Her ex-boyfriend Bryan is a very important topic. Bryan has said that Arzaylea still owes him rent money from their appartment and apparently cheated on him with luke in LA. the day before she left for a LA she sent Bryan this loving text message about how much she’ll miss him and how much she loves him and then all this luke drama happens and poor Bryan is left heartbroken. Luke tweeted ‘it should be about happiness’ but i bET HE WASNT THINKING ABOUT BRYAN’S HAPPINESS WHILST HE WAS STICKING HIS DICK IN ANOTHER MANS FUCKING GIRL! im so disapointed in luke, i thought he was better than this. believe it or not i have been a luke girl since early 2012 and i never expected him to do this. and literally like a few weeks ago he basically shaded ashton and said that getting a girlfriend would upset the fans and that he wouldnt do it or something. like luke ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ.

im sure theres loads more that needs to be said about this topic so i may do another rant but for now im done. im going to support michael, calum and ashton and 5sos’s music as a whole bc thats what im here for and if luke comes to his sences then im sure we’ll all be willing to forget about this. but luke girls, try to enjoy the new music, its okay to cry, its okay to be angry. luke will learn soon enough what a fame whore arzaylea is and we’ll be there to say ‘i told you so’ after he’s broken us. good luck luke. i hope she makes you very happy :(

PART 2: http://bocaclifford.tumblr.com/post/129444822453/luke-drama-pt-2

Protection - Calum Hood Smut.

Word count: 3684
Requested? No.

I honestly had wayyyy too much fun writing this at 3:00 am while my best friend was sleeping and I let her read it and she loved it even though her fave is Ashton & she told me to post it. Sooo ;))) Hereaaaaaa
You were fuming. The schools most popular fuck boy had just assaulted you in front of everyone in the hall, telling you he wouldn’t let go until he had you in a bathroom stall screaming his name.

The very thought of him groping your ass and boobs and whispering unwanted slurs in your ear disgusted you to the fullest, and you knew just where to get him back.

Your cousin, Michael, sat at his usual lunch table with his other 3 friends Calum, Ashton, and Luke.

He spotted you from across the cafeteria and instantly took notice of your face, as did everyone else.

“You,” you began as you slammed both palms on the table and leaned forward, “Need to control your jackass friend. Because the next time he touches me he’s going to be at the hospital.” You threatened. Michael stood up and creased his eye brows. His height doubled yours and you had to strain your neck to look at him across you. “What are you talking about?”

Michael and his group was known as the schools Bad Boys. The boys were jealous of them and the girls drooled. They were also the star players of your schools soccer team, as was the bastard, Brandon, that just assaulted you. “Brandon. No one likes being sexually assaulted, Michael. The next time —”

“He did what?” Michael gritted his teeth and his gaze clouded over.

Michael was always more than just cousin, more like a brother ever since your dad walked out on you 4 years ago when you were 14 and everyone knew not to mess with you or they would get him instead. “Did I stutter? I said he assaulted me in front of fucking everyone. He’s your friend. Get him under control.” You snapped. Michael glanced over at Luke and Calum, “You heard the lady. Do what she says.” He smiled almost satanic-like and watched as the boys pulled their phones out before looking back at you, “We’ll take care of it.”

“Good.” You huffed. You gathered your thoughts and put a bright smile on your face. You glanced at Calum who stared at you protectively, choosing to ignore the bubbly feeling in your stomach.

You blinked before strutting your way out of the cafeteria and making your way to the next class.


It didn’t take rocket science to know that Michael skipped the rest of the day. To do what? You really didn’t know.

A text from him had you snapped into reality and you hid your phone under the table to look at it.

He told you to come to the soccer field as soon as possible. Luckily, this was your least favorite class and you would do anything to get out of it. “Uhm, Mrs. Feldman, can I go to the nurse? I’m not feeling well.” You said as you raised your hand. “I suppose. Let me right you a hall pass.”

You nodded and gathered your belongings and grabbed the note she’d placed for you at the corner of her desk. “You’ll have to finish chapters six and seven tonight, understood?” She explained as She dipped her head forward to see you over her bifocals. “Yes ma'am.” And with that, you left.

It didn’t take long for you to get to the soccer field where the boys stood patiently. “What is it?” You snapped once you’d become within ear shot. “We took care of your problem. All thats waiting now is his apology to you.” Michael smiled. “Okay?” You questioned obviously annoyed. Mike sighed before grabbing your elbow and leading you to a sports gear shed. “I’m not into sports.” You mumbled.

“Oh trust me, we know. We’re not here for that, though.” Michael teased as he yanked open the rusted door that held all the school sports equipment inside.

In a corner a very bored looking Brandon sat patiently. His mouth, hands, and legs were bound with duct tape and he was slouched over. “Do you guys really think I want to see this asshole right now?” You hissed.

They ignored your remark and pulled him up so he was sitting on a chair. Michael bent down to his level and smirked at him.

Brandon’s gaze flickered from his to yours and widened in fear and anger.

“So I hear you sexually assaulted my cousin?” Michael mentioned as he leaped onto a near-by table.

Brandon chuckled, causing Michael flick his head towards Calum signaling for him to land a solid punch to his gut. Brandon whimpered in pain and I flinched at how hard Calums fist came in contact to his skin. “Take off the tape on his mouth.” Michael spat.

Luke tore it off quickly, chuckling at the squeal Brandon made. “If you can’t handle a little tape, what makes you think you could handle Y/n?” He smirked.

You watched as Brandon smiled, “She’s hot man. You especially understand.” He looked up at Calum who just laughed, “You really don’t know how to stop, do you?”

Calum threw another punch to his jaw before gripping the fabric around Brandons shoulders in both hands. “You’re full of shit, Brandon. I’m captain of the soccer team and I could easily have you thrown off. I hear that next game scouts were going to be there. How sad would it have to be if I had to explain to them you couldn’t make it because you sexually assaulted a girl and got expelled? Bye bye scholarship.” He threatened. He slammed Brandon back into the chair and approached you. He gripped your wrist gently and tugged you forward until you stood in front of him.

“Look man, I just wanted a quick fuck. I mean look at her. She’s hot and untouchable, all the more exciting. And every other guy in their right mind feels exactly the same.” He said as he examined your body.

You were disgusted and wanted nothing more than to get out of there.

Is that all people viewed you as? Just some toy to play around with until they get bored even though you were definitely not one to sleep around?

You were hurt and you wanted nothing more than to kill Brandon, but when you lunged for him an arm hooked around your waist and you were pulled against a chest. “Just wait, princess. He’ll get whats coming to him.” He whispered in your ear. He didn’t bother removing his arm from your waist and you didn’t mind at all. It was relaxing.

You closed your eyes and took several deep breaths before nodding with a huff, “Fine.”

You could feel Calum smile before reluctantly removing his arm away from you. Now it was Michaels turn.

He’d hopped off the table and stomped up to Brandon with anger burning in his gaze. He didn’t say anything and punched Brandon so hard his chair knocked over in front of you. Michael firmly gripped the chair in his hands and tossed it else where in the room. “Listen up.” He spat with a dangerously low voice. “I want you to beg for her forgiveness. The longer you refrain from doing so, the more kicks you receive, got it?” Michael explained. Brandon lightly nodded as if not really caring.

“Well?” Michael said expectantly and crossed his arms over his chest. When Brandon didn’t speak he cocked his leg back and sent it flying as if it was a soccer game and he wanted the ball to fly from one end of the field to the other. A loud grunt left Brandon’s mouth and he gritted his teeth. Luke and Ashton soon joined in and soon everyone but Calum and you were having at Brandon. “O-okay!” He’d yelped once Michael kicked him in the face. “Y/n I’m sorry!”

Calum gritted his teeth and sneered at Brandons pathetic sight, “You assaulted her in front of everyone. and all she gets is a sorry? I think you just kissed that scholarship bye.”

“No! I’m really sorry. I’m sorry for humiliating you and touching you even after you told me to stop. I’m sorry for saying those things—”

“What did he say?” Calum snapped.

“Calum its not important.”

“Damn right it is. What the fuck did he say?”

You sighed in defeat and placed your weight onto one hip. “He told me he wouldn’t let me go until we were in a bathroom stall and I was screaming his name. Then I kicked him in the balls.” You mumbled. Calum tried approaching him, but this time it was you who stopped him. “He’s not worth your efforts, Calum. He won’t change even after today. He has a pretty face but an ugly personality and that’ll get him nowhere. Go ahead and see to it that he gets kicked off the team because he doesn’t mean this apology. He just wants to keep his reputation and get scouted.” You sighed almost inaudibly as you placed your small hand on Calums large bicep gently tugged him to look at you. “Are you sure?” He questioned. His gaze softened and he examined your eyes. “Yeah. Don’t waste your time on this anymore.”

Calum smiled slightly; His only sweet spot being for you.

Naturally you and the boys were close. Michael was always inviting you to hang out with them on the weekends and even though you were always seen socializing with Michael, you were almost never seen with any of his posse who you’d come to really enjoy as they had come to enjoy you when the weekend came.

“You heard the lady. Lets end this.” Mikey said as he approached you. “Do you want us to let him go or..?” He asked when suddenly an idea dawned on you. “Actually, no. Keep him here. You guys go. But Calum, you stay. Thanks for your help.” You smiled innocently as the boys passed you for the door. “Remember, if you need me just call.” Mikey ensured before kissing the top of your head and heading for the door.

You waited a few minutes before speaking. “Calum put him back in the chair.” You instructed. Calum did as told with a confused expression written over his features. “Good. Now find a way to lock the door.”

He nodded and picked up another foldable chair and placed it under the door knob. He then pulled you to the side, “What are we doing?”

You just smiled, “Just go along with it, okay? He wanted to see me naked, hot and sweaty and to hear me scream,” the remark made Calum gulp and take a breath, “So why not give him what he wants?” You smirked before pulling him so you two were in view of Brandon. “What… What are you going to do?” He stuttered.

You didn’t answer and bent over a bit. “You wanted some sex, right?”

Brandon nodded and widened his eyes. “Good. Because I’ll let you watch. Just know that you can’t touch me or yourself. I guess I’m not yours to have sex with after all, and the girl you wanted to have sex with will never do it with you and you have to sit and watch as she has sex with someone else.”

Calum looked over at you with an astonished expression. He couldn’t quite tell if he was excited or bothered by the fact someone like Brandon would be watching you two have sex, but he definitely thought it was hot as hell to have anyone watch in the first place.

Before you even knew it, Calum was kissing you in a way no one had ever kissed you before. It wasn’t a ‘I just want a fuck’ kiss, It was much more than that and the usual butterflies you got when you were with him had returned.

His hand moved under your button up shirt and he gently pressed his thumbs into the skin of your hips. His tongue protruded your lips and you fought for dominance, to which you won proudly.

He smirked into the kiss and backed you up so you were sitting on the table Michael previously sat on.
Your legs wrapped around his waist and you pulled him closer to your body. Calum’s hard-on pressed against your already wet core and you let out a tiny whimper, causing Calum to grind a bit and move his lips from yours to your neck and collarbones, being sure to cover them in deep purple marks. He started unbuttoning your shirt from the bottom and you removed your hands from his neck to unbutton your buttons at the top and meet him half way. You hastily shrugged it off your shoulders and pressed your chest against his.

“Damn, Y/n…” He whispered in your ear before taking the lobe between his teeth. You peeked an eye open and suppressed a giggle when you saw Brandon sitting there with a very focused look on you two.

You ran a hand down Calum’s chest and massaged his boner through his pants teasingly, making his bucks his hips into your hand impatiently.

You unbuttoned his jeans and dipped your hand into the hem of his skinny jeans. “Dammit, Y/n.” He snapped as he yanked them to his ankles. You stifled a gasp at the size of Calums imprint against his boxers and he smirked, “Like what you see?”

He connected his lips back to yours and unhooked your bra, throwing it else where with your shirt. Your hands gripped the hem of his shirt and you hurriedly pulled it over his head, “Off.” You whispered mostly to yourself.

He suddenly took a pert nipple in between his teeth and nibbled gently. His tongue flicked against it causing you to gasp and tug on his brown locks gently. “Mm… Calum…” You breathed as breathy sighs left your lips. He switched breasts, repeating his same actions. His hands pulled on your shorts impatiently and before you knew it they were off with your underwear. “Oh shit.” He panted once he pulled away from your breasts. “Like what you see?” You giggled as you quoted him from earlier. “Fuck yes.” He admitted to your surprise.

He hungrily connected your lips back together and suddenly you didn’t have anything in control anymore. Your mind buzzed and everything was spinning and it seemed like you were the only two people in the room.

“Damn, do you know what you’ve done to me?” Calum hissed against your lips. He rubbed your soaking pussy with two fingers teasingly before slipping them into your entrance until he reached the brim. “Oh god Calum.” You moaned. He pumped in and out at a steady rate before speeding up his pace. “Oh shit Calum that feels goo- Ah!” Calum curled his fingers up a bit and applied a bit of force to your clit. “Fuck right there, Calum!” You screeched and arched your back. “Shh baby girl. We don’t want to get caught.” He chuckled. You ignored him and let out another loud moan when he hit that spot again. “C-Cal I’m gonna cum!” You yelled over your own moans. “Go ahead princess. Cum for me.” He smirked at the sight of you writhing under him. His fingers alone were without a doubt the best you ever felt during your sex life. And you hadn’t even gotten to the good part yet.

“Scream my name baby. Let everyone know who is making you feel this good.” He cooed. He slammed his fingers in one more time, causing your walls to clench around his fingers and your juices coax his hand. “Calum!” You nearly screamed.

He pulled away with a satisfied smile and you panted heavily at the force of your orgasm. You took his hand and placed the two fingers he’d used to finger you in your mouth and sucked your own juices off his fingers whilst looking him in the eye. “Fuck that was hot.” He cursed under his breath.

“Fuck me Calum. I really fucking need you right now.” You batted your lashes and looked up at him as his expression turned.

It was no longer a needy stare, but a lustful gaze that had you shivering.

He quickly let his boxers pool at his feet with his skinny jeans and entered you swiftly. “Oh shit.” He grunted once he’d pushed into you so far he couldn’t go any further. He pulled out to the very tip and forcefully slammed back into you with full force.

Your legs hooked back around his waist and he held your thighs while your hands tangled back in his hair and you bare chest was pulled against his.

“Oh shit… Yes Calum.” You panted. Calum sped up his movements and gripped your thighs tightly. “You feel so good, Y/n. So. Fucking. Good.” With each word, his thrusts got more intense and erotic. You nodded in agreement and raked your nails down his back causing him to groan. “Fuck fuck fuck Calum, I’m going to cum again.” You warned again. “Wait baby-girl.” He demanded.

The feeling of someone watching you made you open your eyes to see Brandon sitting in his same position and practically drooling at the sight of you and Calum. The boner pressed against his shorts was evident; barley. For a boy with a big confidence, he doesn’t have a big dick.

“Shit Calum I do…n’t think I can w-wait anymore.”

“I’m almost there princess. Wait for me. I wan’t to cum with you.”

You were still sensitive from your first orgasm and didn’t think you could hold on much longer. “C-Calum.” You moaned loudly. His lips attached to yours hungrily and any moans you had left were swallowed. “Oh shit Calum. I-I really Can’t…” You choked on your words and the rest of your sentence became inaudible. “Cum for me princess.” Calum whispered against your lips. You let go of the huge ball of tension you’d been holding and felt your orgasm shoot through your body with a scream of Calums name. Your walls clenched around Calum, sending him over edge. He let out a large groan with your name tumbling from his plump lips desperately as he shot his warm seed into you and rode out your highs.

He pulled out after a moment of catching your breath and looked at you with a cocky grin.

The awkward clearing of a throat interrupted his relaxed face and it hardened again. He took his time in pulling on his clothes and handed you yours from on the ground. Calum stalked towards Brandon with a devious smirk. “You repeat anything you saw today to anyone, I’ll personally come kick your ass and make your high school life a living hell.” He warned. “Because after all, if any of the authorities find out what just happened or the beating you earned earlier, their gonna need a reason for it all, right? And then you would have just ratted yourself out.” Brandon nodded quickly and Calum took his pocket knife and cut him loose. “Get out of here.” He spat as he threw the knife somewhere in the room. Brandon didn’t hesitate to wobble out of the shed as quick as possible, leaving only you and Calum.

He turned to face you and his features softened up again. A grin etched onto your features as you slid on your flannel and buttoned it up slowly, allowing Calum to savor the last of the skin he’d most likely never see again.

“Uh, Y/n?” He started quietly. Your threw your hair up in a loose ponytail to expose the various deep purple hickies placed on your neck. “What is it?” You said as you hopped down from the table and wobbled a bit, your knees still being weak from your 2nd orgasm.

“Shit I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. That was fucking incredible and I have been waiting to do that to you for so long.” He admitted. Your smile faltered and you sighed. “So is it true, then?”

“Is what true?”

“About what Brandon said. Am I just a quick fuck? Someone to be viewed as a toy? Calum lets be honest. If this would’ve never happened then I never would have initiated having sex with anyone and we’d be acting normal. But I wanted payback in my own way. Is it seriously all that I’m good for?” You couldn’t help but look down at your feet and clench your fists together. Calum approached you and cupped your cheeks in both if his hands. “Oh god Princess no. You’re so much more. Brandon is a dick and thats how he views every girl.”

“But he said—”

“No! Dont ever feel like all your good for is a quick fuck, because what we just did was not fuck. It was so much more. It doesn’t matter that someone was watching or that we weren’t classy and did it on a bed. It was me and you and no one else and fucking is far from what we did.” He reassured. You nodded and a happy feeling filled your body. You smiled up at Calum and hooked your hands around his wrists that still cupped your cheeks gently.

“Shit, Y/n. After today you might as well be my girl friend because thats what I’m claiming you as anyway. No one is allowed to touch you like Brandon did and I want people to know that you’re mine and no one elses. People need to know that you are untouchable and it’s going to reinforced if you become my girlfriend, because damn, no one will ever be able to touch you the way I will and even if they feel like they should try I won’t let them.” He ranted and pressed his forehead against yours. “I’d probably break his god damn fingers.” He mumbled mostly to himself and You giggled.

You nodded before kissing Calums plump lips sensually and slowly before pulling back with a huge grin spread on your face.

“I’d love to be your girlfriend, Cal.”

Let's Play - Destiny
  • Gavin: Well I use to have GavinoFree, but that's a UK account and doesn't work with all this shite.
  • Lindsay: That's okay. I'm dggeoff right now.
  • Michael: Geoff, you sound like a bitch.
  • Lindsay: Well, I'm also your boss so you can shut the fuck up.
They see you in the crowd ( Muke )

I have already done the Cashton version of this- click here for the Cashton.

Okay this is KINDA based on a true story because I went to WWA and kept shouting Michael and he looked at me then waved at me, So I pointed at myself and he nodded then I shouted be my player 2 and he shouted yea.
Okay so I’m putting my own twist onto this story because obviously he didn’t take me backstage and shit.

Must Read; Y/h/c means your hair colour



To say it was raining was an understatement it was pouring with rain and the worst thing is you were in a open top stadium for the WWA tour. You were waiting for One Directions opening act 5 Seconds Of Summer to walk on stage, you were standing 5 people away from the front, which wasn’t actually that far away.

You absolutely loved both of the bands but had the biggest soft spot for 5SOS especially Michael Gordon Clifford, It was just something about him that just made you scream inside and out.

***5SOS Walked On Stage***

Michael looked gorgeous as usual

“Hello, We are 5 Seconds Of Summer and this is ‘Don’t stop!” Luke shouted into the microphone

“Oooo, I’d just like to say hi to the pretty girl with the y/h/c blue dip dyed hair” Michael spoke

Shit, you had y/h/c blue dip dyed hair but he couldn’t have been talking about you.

“Mikey stop flirting with girls and play the song!” Ashton shouted from his drum kit

“I’m not flirting with 'girls’, Im flirting with one pretty girl” Michael said cheekily

They began to play don’t stop, you jumped around with soaking wet hair and clothes and luckily you didn’t wear any make-up today because it would have been running down your face which would of been Ironic as they were going to be playing 'Amnesia’.

You twisted your hair and rang it out, you watched the water drip on the ground, you were drenched and you found it pretty funny.

Your eyes flicked up onto the stage as you knew Michael’s bit of the song was next,

“Everyday it’s the same all the games that you playyy, back and forth, round and round kinda like it this wayyyyy” Michael sang and his eyes seemed to be on yours the whole time and he pointed at someone around you but you could of sworn he pointed at you.

“Thanks for listening to us guys, so here’s our next-” Michael cut Luke off

“So girl who is extremely pretty” Michael said casually, sitting down at the edge of the stage

“Would you consider going out with me?” Michael blushed as he watched the boys shake their heads in shame, You pointed at yourself very slightly so if he was talking to you then you wouldn’t look stupid,

“Yea you, name?” Michael smiled

“Y/n” you blush

“Well would you wanna go out with me after this?” Michael laughed

“I-I would like that a lot Michael” You stutter

“Right urm, Can you bring Y/n backstage because she’s like super pretty” Michael shouts to a security man, The security man walks through the many Directioners and 5sos fam, he pulled you through them all the way up the stairs and behind the stage

“Now thats sorted, This is 'She Looks So Perfect’ and I dedicate it to Y/n over there” Michael says as he strums his guitar.


You were Luke’s girlfriend and were going to surprise him by being in the front row of the standing area.

“Hey look who’s there” Ashton pointed out to Calum

“I know shut up, it’s a surprise for Luke” Calum hushed Ashton

“Okay guys we’re on” Michael shouted and all the boys ran on the stage, screams erupted

Luke runs on last with his guitar round him

“Oh My f- God!” Luke shouts as he see’s you standing in the front row

“Y/n, how-when-no actually I don’t care, I missed you so much” Luke said leaning down from the stage to you

“Missed you too Penguin” You giggle

“You better get up here now” Luke smiled

“Luke-” Luke grabbed your waist and picked you up onto the stage, spinning you round and hugging you

“Luke what did you do that for?” You whisper in his ear

“I missed you and I love you so much” Luke shouted over all the 'aws’ and and screaming

Luke placed you down on the ground and kissed you

“Go backstage and we’ll talk later” Luke pointed at the side of the stage

“Michael, I’m gonna need somewhere to take Y/n after this” Luke whispered to Michael

“Take her back to mine” Michael mouthed to Luke

“You got condoms” Luke mouthed back

Michael nodded as they started playing 'heartbreak girl’

So yea x

Now That I'm Broken: Jet Black Heart Reaction
  • I just need to rant so hear me out, please.
  • Jet Black Heart is fucking beautiful. I've been listening to it for hours on repeat and I honestly can't describe how I feel.
  • I'm immensely proud of this song but my heart is broken. These lyrics drip with emotion and you can't tell me that this was just something they came up with. Every word from this song came directly from the heart and you can just hear the raw emotion.
  • The part that bothers me the most is that there is deeper meaning behind these lyrics and look who wrote this song, Malum.
  • It kills me knowing that someone had hurt these boys and it obviously deeply affected them, especially Michael. Think about it; Wrapped Around Your Finger, The Only Reason, Close As Strangers and now this..
  • Michael has gone through something that has clearly left him a 'broken' and that breaks my heart. I wish I knew what it was and I truly hope that writing about all of it helps him to cope. He is truly an angel and doesn't deserve shit from anyone.
  • As far as I'm concerned, if you make fun of, start drama about or harrass any of the boys; do yourself a favor and unfollow me right now. I don't need that in my life but I do need 5SOS so there it is..
  • But just back to the songs, lyrically its amazing but did you hear MICHAEL'S VOICE, I'm serious.. And I'm sorry, Luke and Cal sound amazing to and the harmonies are enough to make me wanna pass out, but THIS IS MIKEYS SONG and you can't deny it.
  • Overall the song has made me an emotional wreck but that's okay.. 5SOS has me on a constant roller coaster with all they do but I'm psyched for SGFG more than I ever have been; October 23 can't come fast enough 😰
  • And just imagine Jet Black Heart live 😭 and the SGFG tour in general..
Your Weekly Dose of Gavin (Because More Absurdity Than That Is Not Recommended by Neurologists)
  • Geoff: "Does anybody know what today's date is?"
  • Ray and Michael: "It's the 17th."
  • Geoff: "October 17th."
  • Gavin: "Man, October is always so far away? In terms of months that have happened. But it's weird to actually have October be now."
  • Ryan: "...What the hell do you mean?!"
  • Michael: "...Okay. How is it any different than any other month at any time...?"
  • Gavin: "Like there are some months that are like, current months? And there are some months that are always in the past."
  • Michael: "No, they're not, they're all the exact same amount of months."
  • Ray: "How do you own a house?"
  • Geoff: "That's a good question, Ray."
  • Michael: "What the fuck is wrong with you. 'You know how like, the first half of the year is like half of a year but the second half of the year is like, a month?'"
  • Gavin: "No, like, September and October? For some reason they always seem like the past to me."
  • Michael: "...Okay. Good for you. Don't lump us in with YOUR past, okay?"
  • Gavin: "It's something to do with school starting, like-"
  • Michael: "It's something to do with YOU."
  • Gavin: "...Oh."
  • Geoff: "Yeah, I gotta go with Michael on that one."
  • Gavin:
  • Michael:
  • Ray:
  • Jack:
  • Ryan:
  • Geoff:
  • Gavin: "So nobody agrees?"
  • Ryan: "No."
  • Jack: "No."
  • Geoff: "No."
  • Ray: "Absolutely not."
  • Michael: "No, I'm gonna have to give you a hard 'no' there."
  • Ryan: "We're way off the rails here."
  • Gavin: "Oh."
Twisted Lies, Games & Cheating.

Mikey’s pov
Oh my god.

 I can’t believe it. I can’t believe her.

How could she do that? Do that and think she could get away with it?

What, like I wouldn’t find out!?
I stormed up the stairs to our shared bed room and slammed the door. the sound of the door could be heard throughout the whole apartment. At first I thought i had gone too far, but the feeling left as soon as it came.

Defeated, I just flopped on the bed and let out a groan as my palms drag down my face. The sadness soon turned into anger as I heard y/n’s footsteps coming towards the room.

How dare she! 2 years we’ve been doing this and she pulls this shit. My anger only doubled when she knocked on the door.

“Mikey? Mikey-” how dare she use that nickname after the crap she pulled. “- I know you’re in there. Just let me in.”
After a few seconds of silence, she continued. “Look I’m sorry, okay? But don’t you think you’re overreacting? Even just a tiny bit?”

“ME? Im overreacting?! wOw you have the audacity to say that? i have every right to be mad! YOU FUCKING CHEATED!” I yelled through the door.
BAM the sound of her slamming her fist against the wall made me jump a little.




 A/N submission from annoyingasiansister! all I did was edit it. I laughed so hard at the end! 

  • Luke: "Luke?", you asked once he picked up the phone. "Hey, (Y/N) is everything okay?", he asked, voice with concern. "Sort of", you trailed off. "What happened?", he was quick to ask. "I think I'm going to have to cancel our date tonight", you sighed, it was only your third date. "Why?", he asked. Quickly, you pondered on whether to tell him the truth or not: "I'm sort of having terrible cramps", you explained. "Oh", he muttered. "Yeah", you agreed. "I'll be at your house in five", he said. "Wait, Lu-", before you could finish, he had already hung up. Some minutes later, he was at your front door, chocolate, movies and himself promising you a great evening.
  • Ashton: You were awaken from your sleep by an aching pain at the tip of your stomach and you knew what it meant: mother nature. You thought that for at least one month you could escape the cramps, but it would never leave you alone. You curled up on your side of the bed, trying to make the pain go away, but it wasn't working. "Babe?", you heard Ashton's voice and whined in response. "What happened?", he asked, bringing you closer to him and cuddling you. "Cramps", you muttered in pain. "Ah", he muttered back, massaging your stomach and pressing feather kisses to your neck, "Relax".
  • Michael: "Babe, are you okay?", you heard Michael's voice ask as you walked to the kitchen. "Yeah, why?", you lied. "'Cause you're walking weirdly", he responded. "Just a little bit of cramps, that's all". "Come here, (Y/N)", he ordered. "What?", you faked a smile, sitting down next to him. "Lay down", you did as he said and he covered you with a blanket, "Now I'm going to get you chocolate and then we can cuddle 'till your pain goes away, okay?". "Okay", you replied, letting out a sincere smile this time.
  • Calum: "Hey, babe", Calum's voice sounded on the phone. "Hi, Calum. Are you on your way home yet?", you bit your lip. "Yeah, why?", he was curious. "Can you stop somewhere to buy me chocolate?", you chewed on your lip. "Is it that time of the month again?", he sighed chuckling. "Maybe", you sighed as well. "Cramps?", damn did he know you. "Maybe", you replied again. "Just stay in bed, I'll be there with everything you need. Including me for a good cuddle", he said before hanging up. You did have the best boyfriend ever.
My Headcanon satan and me characters

Hideo muraoka for Satan

Kiesa Rae Ellestad for Natalie

Ian somerhalder for Michael

Sendhil ramamurthy for Gabriel

Elisabeth Harnois for Kristi

Iman Ali for Anthea

Evan Peters as Festus

JR Bourne as Alex McAllister

Chase Crawford as Max McAllister

Freddie Stroma as Uriel

Matt Bomer as Raphiel

Okay there’s more but thats all I’m doing for now bc i’m tired

allfandomscomeataprice  asked:

Not a confession put a PSA. At Asylum 14 Jim Michaels said there never has been and never will be any intention to bring Adam back. He was alluded to in the musical episode and that's all we're ever going to get. Dean didn't do anything to rescue him because he was pissed at the betrayal and now Adam isn't even Adam anymore so why would the Winchester's bring back whatever he's become.

Thank you for the information!

Okay, so, three things everyone should take away from this:

  1. Adam is not in the plans for Supernatural’s future.
  2. Adam is still in the Cage.
  3. You can still write all the fanfictions and episode ideas you want about getting Adam out of that Cage, if you find yourself so inspired.  The whole reason fanon exists is to entertain the ideas not captured in canon.

Also, because it seems most people forget this scene, in “Appointment in Samarra”, Dean did in fact ask Death to save both Sam and Adam from the Cage.  They didn’t just forget him completely, as most people are concerned about.

anonymous asked:

What he thinks when you surprise him on tour


Michael: “is that? no no it can’t be? she has exams? waiT WAIT SHE’S WEARING MY SHIRT. WHAT THE FUCK. SHE STOLE MY SHIRT. THATS MY FAVOURITE FUCKING SHIRT. BUT SHE’S HERE. SHE’S ACTUALLY HERE. okay i can yell at her later but right now i need kisses.”

Calum: “bunk sex is n o t going to be comfortable but we’ll make it work i mean we’ve fucked in worse places but my baby is here and its time to frick frack i’ve waited too long for this” 


i was doing “what he thinks”… but i’m all juiced out sorry loves but this was so fun xx

where’s Ashton and Bryana to make us happy again *sings Where Are Ü Now by Justin Bieber*

He makes you blush (michael/4)


Michael had always been known for having a dirty mouth for making rude remarks or, sexual innuendos. But you were the complete opposite. You were so innocent and if some one brought up the slightest sexual thing your face turned a hundred degrees and got all red. You could barely even talk about kissing without a light pink tint showing up on your cheeks. Everything was fine until michael had figured this out, and now that he had, he used it against you any way he could.

 One day you and michael were sat on the couch playing video games with each other. The both of you were very competitive people and when it came to video games you went wild. You had the controllers for mario kart and were screaming at the TV and each other to try and mess the other up. You had passed michael a few seconds ago and now were beating him. But being the competitive little shit he is, he decided to cheat by tickling your sides long enough for you to slow down and him to pass you. Just as you caught your breath michael’s cart passed the finish line signaling he won. “HA BABE I BEAT YOU” he yelled doing a stupid victory dance. 

“That’s so not fair michael!” you said crossing your arms and sinking into the couch angrily.

“All is fair in love and war babe.” he said with a smirk on his face still happy from his victory.

He plopped himself down on the couch right next to you starting another round.

“You suck you know that?”

“And you swallow babe.”

As soon as you heard that come out of his mouth your cheeks turned red and you looked down at your controller blushing like mad. When michael didn’t get your reply he turned towards you on the couch. The biggest smirk snuck its way onto his face when he realized what was going on. 

He scooted closer to you on the couch and rested his hand suggestively on your thigh.

“What’s wrong princess don’t you like it when I talk dirty?” He whispered in your ear now rubbing the inside of your thigh. “It turns me on knowing how innocent you are and how I can take it all away so easily.”  oH deAr

By this time your face was even redder than before (if thats even possible). And you refused to look at michael until your face wasn’t the same shade as a tomato.

“Okay okay I’m done” he said smiling pulling you onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed you lovingly. When you pulled away he realized there was still a red tint to your face.

“God you’re so cute Y/N I love you.” He said pecking your cheek feeling your face heat up again. 

“I love you too michael” you mumbled finally giving up on stoping the blush.

You hid your face in the curve of his neck trying to stop your blush. While he started a new round by himself but not before pressing a small kiss to your fore head. a/n: i hope you guys liked this little blurb//imagine. i wasnt sure if i should make this for the rest of the boys??? if you requested that i could totally do it though :) but love you guys tons and dont forget to request!! xoxo kas