okay maybe a little flawed

Sweet Dreams

Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: It may be a little OOC, I don’t know still.

A/N: Remember that cute little story I wanted to publish? Here it is! I just love the idea of Jacob having nightmares and the reader comforts him. Just, it’s very late here and all I want to do is get some sweet dreams all for myself, that’s why U hope you’ll forgive me for any mistakes. I’ll correct ‘em tomorrow, eventually. 😁

Enjoy! (Sorry for the lack of gif, I am from my phone)

London was never quiet, during the nights.

Sometimes, the wind would blew so hard the entire city is full of wheezing; sometimes the rain would fall so hard the whole houses and buildings would be wrapped in a storm that seemed infinite.
Even the gangs would be more productive during the night, multiplying the fights for the control of the various districts of London.

You didn’t complain much, thought. That was your job, added also at your work as an Assassin.

Your job, and Jacob’s.

But during the night, all the painful experiences and memories would come back, even in the dreams.

It was happening that night.

Jacob wasn’t much a quiet sleeper and you know very well by now: he always moved his limbs all over your body, just to keep yourself closer to him; and the room was always filled with his soft snores, louder if his day was particularly though.

But tonight, it was completely different.

He was moving all around the bed, panting and whining, covered in sweat. You woke up immediately as soon as you realised he was having another nightmare, your hands stroking him gently; you felt your own voice call his name in an attempt to wake him up, trying to get him back to you.
Jacob woke up after several minutes, his hazel eyes running all over the room as he was afraid of something, once calming down a little when he recognised your face. He sighed, rubbing his eyes.

“Another nightmare, love?” You said, placing your arms over his shoulders in a protective hug. Jacob leaned into your touches, his breathes short and fast while he was still recovering from the bad dream. You placed your lips over his skin, while patiently waiting for him to speak.
“I dreamed of my mother. It wasn’t happening from long time.” He said, his voice hoarse. You looked at him, your eyebrows frowned.

Of course you knew the whole story. Of how his mother died of childbirth, of how he and Evie would blame themselves very often. Jacob was the one who was deeply convicted this was his fault, for the most.

You could never forget that time he told you, many times ago, he believed his father despised him, just because he was born. The way he looked at you, his eyes shining in the soft lights and his lips pulled in a bitter smile made your heart break.

He had the same expression of that night, like he was deeply in pain. You could only keep him closer to you, rubbing his shoulders and forearms gently as he buried his face in the crook of your neck. You could feel him murmuring over your skin “it was my fault” as you took his face in your hands, wiping the tears that have escaped from his eyes.
“Jacob, love. Just look at me.” He did, his gaze lost like he was a little child, like you were his only anchor.
“None of this is your fault, Jacob. How it can be? You were a just baby, You can’t blame yourself just for being born. Neither you or Evie can.” You pressed your lips over the corner of his mouth “You deserve to feel peace, my love. Stop doing this to you, it hurts you and it hurts me seeing you like this.”

You kept him close to you, your hands slowly caressing his dark locks as he calmed down, his breathes slowly returning normal. He closed his eyes at the sensation of your finger in his hair.
“Y/N, I don’t think I’ll able to fall asleep again, tonight.”
You kissed him before placing his head in your lap, your nails scraping lightly his scalp. “That’s okay. I’m here, I’ll always be here” You said as he breathed deeply, a very little smile tugging over the corner of his lips. He took one of your hands, kissing your palm.

“Thank you, love.”