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I’m like 9 followers away from 300, so I’ve decided to do a follow forever in honor of the milestone. I’ve never done one before and they seem pretty fun.

But anyhow, I’ve been bedridden with the cold of a century so last night I made a (really cheesy) graphic to go along with it. It’s holiday themed and beautiful (not really). However it’s just occurred to me that i might not get 9 new followers within the next month.

Bottom line: if you see my holiday-themed follow forever in like February, now you’ll know why.

EDIT: yes, I’m aware I could just publish it in December anyway, but that would feel like a LIE. I will not have my follow forever built on lies. It’s 300 followers or nothing XD

A Year In Sleepovers:

Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski.

Summary: The first time Stiles ended up in Derek’s bed was New Year’s Eve. He was seventeen, a little drunk, and he begged.

By: Sarcasticfishes.

Rating: Explicit.

Tags: post 3bSleepoversIntercrural SexHand JobsUnderage DrinkingComfortFluff and Smut.

Words: 3,370 - Chapters: 1/1.

I found this right after the tragedy called season 3B and I honestly was so overwhelmed with the fluff, comfort and heartbreakingly sweet smut, I cried. I’m not ashamed to admit it.  

here are some of my other recommendations;

Meeting Fall Out Boy: Emma’s POV

This is going to be such a long post I’M SO SORRY.

The Meet and Greet and Fall Out Boy concert parts are the most important, so read those if you’re lazy like me and don’t want to read it all. 


The Prep

I went a little crazy prepping this stupid thing, but it’s okay.

Pretty much, I filled a Younger Blood tote bag with our silhouettes on it (also known as the vanity bag) full of stuff. We had butterscotch candies for Patrick, Ring Pops for Pete, salted almonds for Andy, and Yoda bubbles for Joe. I also included a letter explaining the YRBC and also low-key asking Patrick to be Elton John in a beautifully illustrated envelope thanks to Kelley, a DVD of all of the videos we’ve made so far, and a little business card with our contact info. We also threw the plastic severed hand in there because A) We don’t need it anymore and B) We thought it was funny. 

Bag Contents: 

External image
External image
External image

My outfit, because that’s relevant. The shirt says “Professional Pete Wentz Impersonator”:

External image

The Waiting

So Kelley, Marissa, and I get to the venue at noon. We get our tickets at will call and we camp out in line with the 10 people that are already there. We basically hang out with a bunch of other emos for three hours. We also met thanks-pete while we were waiting, so that was awesome!

At about 3:00, Marissa and I left Kelley sadly and went to the box office for VIP stuff. While we were there, they started sound checking Light ‘Em Up and I screamed. I’m ashamed. Okay, maybe only a little ashamed. 

Marissa and I waiting:

External image

So Marissa and I get our VIP lanyards okay. The VIP guy said I was the only one without a weird ass name, so that was good I guess? Then we wait in a line inside of the gate in the sun for another hour I swear, then we finally march down to backstage. This is when stuff gets real.

The Meet and Greet


We’re about 30 people back in line and as soon as I see the backdrop for the photo op, I begin to panic. Then all of the sudden, by the backdrop I see this girl who looks like Meagan Camper carrying a baby. Turns out I was not mistaken, because a girl behind me was like, “Is that Meagan Camper???” AND Meagan herself posted an Instagram of Utah afterwards so turns out I saw Meagan Camper and Saint. So that was wild. 

My view of the backdrop: 

External image

So Joe’s the first one to come out, and I’m just like THAT’S JOSPEH TROHMAN IN REAL LIFE RIGHT THERE??? Then Patrick comes out and waves, then Pete. Andy came out after the first few people took pictures, so that was sad for them. :( But at one point, Pete peeks out from behind the backdrop and I wave at him AND HE FREAKING WAVES BACK AT ME. I thought I was maybe hallucinating, but the girl behind me was like, “I’m going to pretend that wave was for me.” SO Pete Wentz waved at me nbd. 

It’s finally our turn, and we just round the corner and just tHERE THEY ARE. Fall Out Boy in real life just standing there. It was surreal. They are about the same height as me, so I didn’t really notice them being extremely short. 

So mild backstory for context: Lauren met them the night before in Colorado, and in short, Pete recognized a screenshot from The Phoenix that Lauren gave them and said he thinks he’s seen some of our videos. So they knew about us, but maybe hadn’t seen everything. You can read her story here.

So they say “Hey!” And the first thing we say is “You met our friend yesterday, we’re the girls the recreate The Young Blood Chronicles!” while we vaguely gesture at our impersonator shirts. Pete and Patrick go, “Oh yeah!” So we hand Pete the bag of stuff we made them and we just kind of casually mention that there’s a DVD and a severed hand in there. Pete hands it to Andy who hands it to a security guy, so the point is, the bag of stuff is in their possession. 

Marissa’s wearing the demon glasses on her head and she starts explaining to Patrick that it’s what we use for the demon eyes because we have no budget. Patrick laughs and says, “We didn’t really have a budget either!” And we say “Oh, that’s what Andrew was telling us!” (We totally name dropped the director of the original YBC because we have no shame.) So we ask if we can take a picture with them being scared of Marissa in the demon glasses. I didn’t really know where to stand so I kind of move to the end where Andy is, and Andy says “No, I think you should be in the middle!” So I awkwardly get in front of Pete and we start acting scared of Marissa. Patrick was making these scared noises IT WAS SO CUTE. 

Anyways, for our second picture we just asked if we could do a group hug, and they’re like “Sure!” So I wrap my arms around Marissa AND THEN I FEEL PETE WENTZ HUGGING ME FROM BEHIND AND I ALMOST LOST MY MIND. 

So we said thank you and we left. And that was that. It was short, but they vaguely know we exist, they have a bag full of YRBC stuff, and there is a picture of us with Fall Out Boy somewhere in this desolate world. It was incredible. 

The Aftermath

So we leave the meet and greet and we have like half an hour or so to just wait for the rest of VIP to get their pictures and the doors to open. So I go and buy the classiest FOB shirt from the merch table I can possibly find and we sit in the grass and chill with some other crying people who have just met Fall Out Boy. 

My classy shirt:

External image

They finally scan our tickets and I just grab Marissa’s hand and we BOOK IT to the pit. We got up right against the barricade only slightly left of the exact middle so we scored. Marissa and I tried to take up as much space as possible until they opened the doors for everyone else and Kelley came and joined us. 

While we were waiting for the opening acts, we just chilled with the security guards who were constantly filling up people’s water, which was super nice and something I’ve never seen at a concert before. They told us it was easier to carry water than passed out people, so I could see why they were doing that. 

We totally make friends with this one security guard because Kelley kept asking questions like, “Not that we’re planning on doing anything, but what do you do if people smoke or crowd surf or throw stuff on stage?”

We took a selfie with him: 

External image

Wiz and Co.

So the music starts, and D.J. Drama, whoever that is, plays Death Valley and The Fourth of July, so we’re just kind of singing like crazy. Then Max shows up, which was rad! He’s honestly really hot, not going to lie. 

External image

Then Hoodie comes out, and I knew absolutely zero of his music, but I actually really liked his first song? The rest was okay, but I was just constantly thinking “What straight white boy nonsense is this???” But he was talented, so that was cool.

External image

Then Wiz comes out. I was actually really surprised when the first couple of songs were pretty classy! Then he starts smoking and making vaguely sexual gestures and there were giant inflatable bongs and it just wasn’t really our jam. 

Here’s Wiz:

External image

It was funny because Wiz would be like, “Who’s ready to get high tonight???” and we were all like “Not us!” So Kelley played Temple Run and I was just laughing about how comical the whole situation was. 

External image

The funniest part was probably when Wiz was like, “Y’all staying hydrated?” and then continued to throw the water from his water bottle all over us. We were horrified. Kelley finally yelled “I got Wized on!” and Marissa and I died laughing.

But we lived through it! It was long, but definitely not bad. 

External image

Fall Out Boy At Last

So then Fall Out Boy happens. And there’s honestly not a ton I can even say to embody the experience.

The best part was we had a TON of interaction with the band while they were on stage. Joe and Pete were kind of far away from us on the sides but there were SO MANY times where I’d wave at Patrick and he’d smile at me. It just about killed me. There was also a moment when all three of us started waving at Andy and he totally smiled and nodded at us while he was drumming. I just about died. 

Joe’s backup vocals were killer. Patrick’s voice was INCREDIBLE live. Andy is so talented and such a sweetheart. And when Pete came into the audience during Saturday, we were right there. We were all stabilizing his legs and I touched his hand at one point. It was magical tbh.

This is all of the video that I got at the concert. Watching that is going to best encompass the experience.

It felt too short, but it was hands down the best concert of my life. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures:

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

The Aftermath Part 2

In summary, Fall Out Boy is vaguely aware of who we are and what we’re doing. They have a bag full of YRBC stuff in their possession. I hugged Pete Wentz and touched his hand during Saturday. Patrick and Andy kept smiling at me during the show. Fall Out Boy finally feel like real people to me now. And it will be marked down as one of the best nights of my life. 

The end. 

What Burns Inside You { closed }

Grantaire had thought about telling someone, just one of his friends that none of them would be seeing or from him for a few days – it wasn’t like it hadn’t happened before, but like this time, he hadn’t said anything and later blamed it on alcohol. He supposed he could do that again this time, it wouldn’t be so bad, well, he’d get looks and they’d be horrible to deal with but part of him thought that that would be a lot better than the truth.

     He wasn’t ashamed – okay, maybe a little. Despite what Les Amis seemed to think about equality he was still ashamed about it, he kind of hoped that one day they’d all just figure it out without him having to be anywhere near them. Maybe the disappearances would help with that. Maybe not, though, if he blamed it on alcohol, because they’d probably believe the drinking excuse without batting an eyelid over it. Once he had thought that Bahorel had known but nothing had been said between  them about it, so he’d assumed shortly after that he was just imagining things.

     So no one knew, that he was at the bottom of the heap (an Omega, he was an Omega and he really wished he had been born a Beta because life would have been a million times more easy if he had. But life wasn’t exactly easy, sadly), and he wasn’t going to be telling any of them willing any time soon. Or at all, if he could help it (probably couldn’t).

     Not that he was actually thinking about that, he had thought about it the night before his heat, because he had felt bad in case his friends actually worried about him. But not now, now his skin was on fire, his brain had turned to mush, really, and there was a need between his legs that he just couldn’t fill – so he wasn’t exactly thinking about anything. Especially his friends.