okay maybe a couple of times thing

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to ignore you when you want to talk to him.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to shove you when he’s angry.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to call you a dumbass or a bitch when you’re in an argument.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to threaten to leave the relationship every time you defend yourself.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to invalidate your feelings.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to not tell you who he’s with or where he’s going.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to keep making the same detrimental mistake over and over.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to use your insecurities against you.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to make you feel guilty for having desires and needs.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to tell you that you’re stupid when you cry.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to cheat on you because he’s “just a stupid guy.”

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to rely on you when he doesn’t do a thing for himself.

it’s not normal for your boyfriend to hurt you intentionally.

please stop normalizing toxic romantic relationships. it’s not healthy for your partner to upset you and behave recklessly as long as he apologizes later. apologies mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. kisses and hugs mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. public displays of affection mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. promises mean nothing after he has repeatedly disrespected you. it is not okay for him to hurt you physically or emotionally because he said he’ll change. he hasn’t. he won’t. get out now because THIS! IS! NOT! NORMAL! other couples do not go through this. other couples did NOT have to go through this to be in a happy, wholesome place.

he is manipulative and selfish and he is making you weak every time you agree to stay. even when you feel like “maybe this time, things will be okay,” they won’t – that’s what he wants you to think so you never slip from his grasp. you know as well as i do you’re 50 times overdue for “this is his last chance.” this is not normal.

Best Mission Ever

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Request:Could you do a smut or normal but with make out for Peter Parker where him and the reader both get stuck in the storage facility and have to pass the time just like in the movie? But instead of webbing walls and jump roping with a web, they have fun with each other ;) I love your writing btw #blessyou- anon

word count: 2469

Warnings: SMUT

Note: I decided to change a bit how they got into the trailer with the alien tech for it to make sense in the fic? but everything else is pretty much the same. ALSO THIS IS MY FIRST? (kinda) SMUT SO GO EASY ON ME ALSO I’M KINDA EMBARRASSED? but anyways hope you guys enjoy!


Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Peter was glad he got to go to the Academic Decathlon team, and so was Y/n, however they were for completely different reasons. Peter was really close to discovering who was robbing the alien tech and selling it back, he just needed to follow his tracker and everything would be okay.

Y/n was just happy that her boyfriend was reintegrating himself into school activities. With all his spidey action he barely had time for himself and the things he used to enjoy. Besides, a couple stolen kisses in hotel rooms wouldn’t hurt anybody, right?

They both had been studying non stop, trying to get as many practice as possible before the decathlon, until Peter claimed he needed a rest.

“I’m just getting really tired”

The girl smiled as she slid closer to Peter, playing with his hair and holding him close.

“Maybe we could go upstairs? We haven’t been alone in a while Pete.”

He knew what she meant, and there wasn’t anything he wanted more than to go upstair and kiss his girl all night, making her body shake under him, but he had to go.

He stood up before the girl got any closer, sending and apologetic smile at her.

“I know love, but I gotta go -uhh- take a shower, I’m really tired”

The girl frowned as she saw her boyfriend getting out of the room, leaving her hanging. Had he just rejected her? He only did that when he had superhero duties but-they weren’t in Queens; maybe he really was tired.

She decided to head to her room as well and give some time to the boy. She hanged with Liz until she suggested they got into the pool.

“Go tell Peter and Ned and I’ll tell Michelle and Flash”

“Be right back”

Y/n made her way to the boy’s room, but as she was turning down the corner she spotted Ned and Peter talking outside the door.

“You can’t go Peter! What if something happens to you!”

“Nothing will happen! I’ll be back before the decathlon”

“But what if you’re not? Does Y/n knows? What am I supposed to tell her?”

“Just tell her I had a migraine and falled asleep, I gotta go- see you!”

Peter went on the other direction running, as Ned watched him go, still outside their room. Now or never, she thought. She might as well confront Ned already.

“Hey Ned!”

The boy jumped in surprise as he saw her approaching, quickly closing the door behind him.

“Hey Y/n! Waddup!”

“Hey we are going all to the pool, wanna join us?”

“Sure, I’ll be down in a sec”

“Great, I’ll come inside to tell Peter”

She tried to grab to the doorknob, however Ned stopped her, getting in the way and blocking completely the entrance.

“You can’t go inside”

“Why not? He’s my boyfriend”

“Well, he’s just- uhh- sleeping”

“Well, I’ll just check on him, he said he was feeling bad earlier”

“No!- You can’t go inside”

“Why don’t you want me inside? What are you doing in there?”

“Im- uhh- watching porn”

The girl definitely stepped back as she heard his confession. Ned was a really dedicated friend or a very honest person. Either way, she didn’t need that much information

“Well, I’ll-ummm- leave you to it, we’ll be in the pool when you’re- finished”

If that wasn’t a sign that they were hiding something she didn’t knew what was. She decided to go in the same direction as Peter’s, and maybe try to spy on him. She hurried along the way until she spotted a blur of red and blue getting above the rooftop of a trailer. She took a cab and asked him to follow it, driving for almost 2 hours, until it finally made a stop.

She paid and got out of the cab, approaching the trailer Peter had just gotten into. She found the boy had left the door open, getting inside as quietly as she could.

They boy was looking around the place, looking for something, until he finally spinned around and saw her.

He took off his mask as his eyes grew wider in surprise. “Y/n! Why-What- What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same question”

The boy tried to think of a response until he heard a noise from above the top of the trailer. Shit Shit Shit! The bird dude had arrived.

“I’ll explain later okay just- hide for now”

She did as instructed and hided behind a big box,hoping she wouldn’t get discovered by whoever was getting in, but mostly worried about Peter’s safety. She waited, trying to get a peek at what was happening behind the boxes.

“I’m sorry but I’m gonna need you to give back those things” Really Peter? Way to talk during a possible fight

“Get out of my way or you’ll get hurt

“The only person getting hurt-”

The next thing she heard  was a loud noise as a couple boxes and things falled down, probably from a struggle. She couldn’t hear Peter anymore, and neither could she hear the other person. She waited a couple minutes in silence until she finally stepped out, finding some empty boxes and Peter’s body, unconscious in the floor.

She went straight to him, trying to wake him up, with no luck. He wasn’t responding to anything she did, and she was getting scared. He still had a steady pulse, so that calmed her a little bit.

After a while of waiting the trailer got moving again, trapping her and Peter inside. She didn’t even had her phone! She could not believe her luck.

She placed her boyfriends head on her lap and slowly falled asleep, while still stroking his hair.

Peter was the first one to wake up, standing up and realising what had happened, the trailer had stopped moving.He went next to his girlfriend and cupped her face, trying to get her to wake up.

“Love, wake up”

Y/n slowly opened her eyes, remembering what had happened last night.

“Peter! Are you alright?-What happened yesterday? Who was that and why- Oh my god the decathlon! What time is it?”

“Calm down Y/n, we need to find a way out of here first, then everything else okay?”

She nodded as she stood up. The moved together a couple boxes blocking the door and prepared to push it open. They tried a couple times until it finally set them free, at last from the trailer, since they were now in a big room full of other like that one.

“Where are we?”

“It’s a storage, they keep all the alien crap I told you about here”

“So, we are basically in the most guarded place on earth, how are we getting out?!”

“We should try to look for any escape? Come with me, we’ll shot at the door to see if it opens, or at least sets and alarm”

They tried to push, punch and move all the walls they could, however nothing they did helped. It was useless. They had been trying for what felt like hours, although it had probably been 20 minutes.

“Peter let’s just- stop. Someone will have to come here someday- and then we’ll get out”

“But it could be like- hours until that happens! I’m bored Y/n- I’m sorry you’re in this mess with me”

“At least we’re together, that’s all that matters”. She approached her boyfriend and stood close to him, cupping his face with her hands. “Besides, times flies by when you’re busy”

Peter looked at her in surprise as he recognized the tone in her voice. She looked kinda messy, with her wrinkled clothes and tangled hair, but she had a hungry look in her eyes that made him want her even more.

He decided to play along as he said “You’ve got any ideas to keep us busy, love?”

She leaned in once again, looking him in the eye and smirking. “I’ve got a couple”

Right after this she pushed him against the wall behind the trailer, staying hidden. She kissed him hard and sloppy as she pulled his hair, trying to get as closer to each other as they could.

Peter grabbed her neck, deepening the kiss as he slid his tongue on her mouth, making the girl moan. They continued kissing and biting, until Peter rolled over and this time he pinned the girl against the wall.

“Hands up babygirl”

Y/n held her hands up high as Peter went for her neck, barely brushing his lips against it until he reached her sweet spot. He went ahead and started licking and sucking into it, leaving marks all over the place. He grabbed her hips, keeping her still, but closer to him than before.

He continued kissing her neck and under her jaw, all the way to her collarbone, making the girl shiver at the contact, until he moved his hands under her shirt, stroking her abdomen.

Peter grabbed the shirt and pulled from the bottom, stripping her out of it, leaving her in her bra.

“Wearing my favorite pair I see uh?”

“I- uhh- I wanted to surprise you”

She blushed as she remembered how she was planning on kicking Ned out and spending the night with Peter.

“How exactly were you going to surprise me? Tell me about it”

The boy went back to her neck as she slowly unmade the clasp of her bra and threw it aside as he stroke her left nipple.


“Tell me”

The girl was enjoying the sensation too much, and was barely able to form any thoughts, let alone sentences, but she managed.

“I was going to- get up in your room and kiss you- so hard, slow- I would touch and kiss all your body- i wanted to- get on my knees and suck you off, make you feel so good Pete”

The boy kept on stroking it as he licked the other nipple, pushin his hard on against the girl, who moaned at the contact of his dick against her.

“You feel that baby? All your dirty talk got me feeling this way”

The girl wanted to put her hands down and pull Peters hair again, even remove the stupid suit getting on their ways. She looked at Peter’s eyes, asking for permission before he put her hands down himself.

“I know you want to touch darling”

She quickly made her way to the suit’s button, stripping him down and finally touching Peter’s chest, sliding her hands to the waistband of his boxers.

“Peter, please, let me make you feel good”

She got on her knees and locked at Peter once again, before he nodded and slipped the boxers off himself.

The girl grabbed his dick on her hand, getting it a little wet before slowly stroking it, like she knew Peter liked. They boy in front of him was a mess by such a little touch, whimpering as she slid the tip of his cock onto her mouth.

She tried to take as much of him as she could, and once she was full she started bobbing her head forward, sucking and licking.Peter kept making needy voices as his hips thrusted on her mouth, pulling her hair. Her hand was good on the base, tight and warm, while she came back up to his head, tonguing at his cum.

“Look at me”

She glanced back at Peter as she kept on sucking him, sending him over the edge. She swallowed as he came, letting her name out in a muffled moan.

“You did so good Y/n”

She stood up and went to kiss him, while Peter unbuttoned her shorts and got her hand in her panties.

“It’s your turn to enjoy love”

She felt her legs shaking as he pushed his thumb against her clit, rubbing little circles. She let out a series of whimpers and started moving her hips along to him, trying to get as much friction as she could.

He moved one finger up her entrance and kept on moving his hand, while his mouth was now back to her neck and breast. She let her forehead rest on his shoulders until she felt a second finger sliding in, making her bite on him.

“Peter- faster please”

They boy did as asked and moved his hand even more, this time completely sliding of her shorts and panties.

“You ready babygirl?”

Y/n nodded as she tried to sit down, before Peter stopped her.

“No- I’m going to fuck you against the wall love, and you’re gonna take every inch of it, got it?”

She catched her breath and nodded, shaking in anticipation she placed herself against the wall.Peter went for her waist and carried her, as she held onto him with her legs and her arms.

He slid the tip on her and then completely out of nowhere, making them both moan at the contact of each other together. The girl made a whimpering noise as she started moving her hips desperately.

“Needy are we?”

“Peter-It’s been so long- please”

The boy considered teasing her a bit, but he was just as desperate as her. He hold onto the wall and her ass as he thrusted into her once again, making the girl let her head back.

They found a rhythm, going faster and faster, with a thin layer of seat covering their bodies as they tried to touch and take as much of each other as they could.

Everytime he thrusted too hard her back would slam against the wall, making her boobs bounce, inviting him to taste. He went back to rubbing her clit and biting her nipples. Y/n never wanted to stop, but she was so close, Peter was taking such good care of her she could barely hold on any longer.

“Peter-i’m gonna- I can’t wait much longer”

At her words the boy quickened his pace, thrusting faster, harder and deeper, while still rubbing her. She clenched her walls against him, making them both come together with loud moaning and fast breathing.

She finally slid her legs off Peters waist, still shaking from her orgasm as they touched their foreheads together, trying to catch their breaths.

“That was-intense”

Peter laughed as they seated down, trying to calm.

“If this is what you do in your spidey action then you should take me to your missions more often”

“Believe me, the only spidey action I got today was you”

“Well, at least I made it a little less boring, right?”

“Are you kidding? Best mission ever”

This time they both laughed and hold onto each other. They still had to wait, but at least they were no longer bored.

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Do you have any prompts about a couple that have had past lives together and loved each other, but it always ends in tragedy? Like a star-crossed lovers thing?

1) “I can’t do this again. Don’t you get it?” Their voice cracked. “I can’t lose you again, I won’t.”
“Funny, I’d have thought refusing to have me in your life is the same as losing me. Don’t the good years count for more?”

2) “Maybe, if we live a quiet life in a cottage somewhere, it will go okay this time.” They lay on the bed in the sunlight, curled up and finally reunited.
Their lover snorted. “You say that as if you’re capable of living a quiet life without trying to save the world.” 
“Maybe I’ve done enough. Maybe this time I just get to have you.” Hadn’t they earned that, after a millennia?

3) “You goddamn killed me last time!” They were still reeling, could steel feel the pain in their chest from a lifetime ago. 
“You kept dying anyway,” their once lover shrugged. “If we’re going to be a tragedy, I’ll write it myself.” They stared their lover down, remorseless, eyes cold and changed from the start. “You have no idea what it’s like always being the one left behind.”

just a little bit of love (is all you really need) | pjm

summary: jimin’s something of a legend at gymnastics, but suddenly you walk in and turn his whole world upside down. quite literally, might i add. 
pairing: jimin x female reader
word count: 4.5k
genre: fluff
warnings: none!
a/n: inspired by this post which, if you see my tags, is pretty much this entire fic laid out straight up. i power wrote this before a football game, so it’s unedited. also, flexible jimin?????

Jimin’s always kind of been flexible. He remembers playing in the park with his brother when he was three, jumping around and playing as three-year-olds do, when his brother taught him how to do somersaults in the grass. That summer, any time Jimin was presented with a flat surface in front of him longer than two meters, he’d do somersaults over and over and over, to the point where his neck would be sore and his head would be dizzy, and he loved it.

The following autumn was when his mother decided that enough was enough, and that if Jimin was going to be tumbling around the carpet in her house, she might as well get him into lessons where he can tumble elsewhere and get good at it. So she signed him up for toddler’s gymnastics at the local gymnastics center, and by the time he turned four that October, he was somersaulting like a pro.

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I'm Pregnant

Request: “Hey I love your harry hook stories and I was wondering if you could write a harry hook x teenage reader about the reader finding out she is pregnant and is scared to tell Harry.”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex

Originally posted by ourheartbeats



You reapeated in your head over and over again as you looked down at the pregnancy test. You remembered that you and Harry had both used protection. The only problem was that since you two got caught up in the moment, once you both were done you guys realized that the condom had broke.

Harry told you that no matter what happened he would still love you and he would be there for you. Although you couldn’t help but wonder that he could change his mind at any time. You stepped out the bathroom looking at Evie and Mal since they both had been waiting for you.

“So what happened?” Mal asked.

“I’m pregnant.” You choked out.

“Oh god honey come here.” Evie said as she patted the couch next to her.

“It’s going to be alright don’t worry.” Mal said and Evie nodded.

“How? I’m too young to bring a child into this world I’m not ready.” You said.

“We know we know but maybe as time passes you’ll become ready. There isn’t anything you can’t do.” Evie said.

“Yeah and you know you can count on us. As well as Harry he loves you and he’ll be happy to have a child of his own, even if you both are young.” Mal said.

“You have to tell him the truth Y/N he’s seen how you’ve been sick for the last couple of days so don’t lie to him.” Evie said.

“Okay I will I’m going to do it.” You said as you walked towards the door.

“You got this Y/N don’t worry about a thing.” Mal smiled and you nodded.

You walked out the door and made your way towards the docks where you knew Harry would be. To your knowledge he was.

“Hey baby.” He said as he walked over to you and kissed you.

“Hey babe listen I have something to tell you.” You said nervously.

“Go ahead I’m listening.” He said.

“You know how I’ve been feeling sick these past couple of days right?” You asked.

“Yeah, you know why?” Harry asked and you nodded.

“Harry I-I’m pregnant.” You said.

What Harry did next was unexpected. He yelled happily and spun you around. “We’re gonna be parents?” He asked.

“Yeah handsome we are.” You said as tears of joy rolled down your face.

“I love you so much Y/N and this beautiful baby that you’re carrying.” Harry said.

“Aww I love you too Harry I’m so glad you’re happy.” You said.

Harry kneeled down and placed his head on your stomach. “I can’t wait until you get here, I’m going to teach you so many things if your mommy lets me.” Harry said and you giggled.

“We’re going to have our very own pirate baby!” Harry exclaimed.

“Yes we are babe yes we are.” You said smiling.

“Well let’s go tell everyone the great news!” He said.

“Fine by me but wait Harry I didn’t think you would be so happy about this.” You confessed.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“We’re both so young and I just thought you wouldn’t have time for a baby in your life I didn’t think you’d want it.” You said.

“Y/N of course I want it. I mean yeah we’re both very young but we can do this. We can raise that baby I know we can. And how could I not want it the baby is half me and half you, I love him or her already.” Harry said.

“Thank you so much. I’m so lucky to have you and I’m glad to hear that.” You said as you hugged Harry.

“I’m lucky as well gorgeous and I love seeing you happy.” Harry said.

“Now let’s go tell everyone the great news.” You smiled as you grabbed Harry’s hand.

“Let’s do it.” He said as he followed you.

In just 9 months you and Harry would be a big and beautiful family. Little did you both know you were expecting twins, a boy and a girl. So your family was actually going to grow by 2. Surprise!

Almond Joy (Suprise Dogsitting)

Summary: You take care of Bucky’s dog and find out who he really is

Word count:1851

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Clearly I’m not the best at choosing titles, but I hope that doesn’t deter anyone from reading this! Hope you enjoy :) Oh and there will be multiple parts!

Next Part

It had only been a few days into the spring. Spring excited you because it meant a new beginning of life, which comes along with new goals and new experiences. You checked your list of goals for the year. At the top was the typical “get in shape”. 

Since most people’s resolutions were too broad, they usually did not last. So, you listed that you would go for a jog for at least half an hour every morning and substitute unhealthy food for healthier ones, such as eating wheat bread instead of white bread or granola bars instead of chips. This was supposed to start at the beginning of the year, but you had forgotten to and ended up putting it off towards spring time.

You were on spring break, so you did not have to worry about school interfering with your schedule. With the free time that you had, you got up whenever you woke up to exercise. Had it been the school year, you would have jogged 6 am every morning since you had a class that started at 8. You jogged into the city and returned to your apartment afterwards to continue with the rest of your day. It became a routine that you were fond of. Exercise may not be your strongest suit, but the feeling of satisfaction afterwards was well worth it.

You grabbed your running shoes by the door and headed outside. A few steps down your driveway you realized you had not grabbed a water bottle nor locked the door. You returned inside and took a water bottle from the fridge and locked your front door. It was cold outside. Although you hated the cold, the weather was in your favor; it’s a lot better than running when it’s hot out.

The cold air at first brought goosebumps but then your skin started to release sweat a few minutes into your jogging. Music was blasting through your ears and you imagined yourself in a music video, and the scenery around you played a role in it.

Once you reached the end of the sidewalk, you clicked the pedestrian crossing button. The breeze hit against you as you waited for the red hand to change into a walking person sign. You took a swig of your water and gulped it down.

When the light changed, you continued jog. The hardest part about exercising was getting yourself to begin. Once you began, you pushed yourself until you got tired. The nature got nicer as you kept jogging. Your thoughts were clouded with what you’ll be doing for the rest of the day. After you jog and shower, you had nothing planned for the rest of the day. The idea of messaging a friend popped in your head so you mentally noted to do so when you got back home.

You glanced down at your timer. It had been seventeen minutes out of the thirty. Time flew by. Transitioning from a slow jog to a fast walk, you tried to keep your breathing even. It was time for you to head back towards home. In the corner of your eye, you spotted a large brown dog. It was sniffing the ground. The dog had a dog tag on it, so you figured it had escaped from someone’s house.

The music was still playing in your headphones so you paused it. You called it over and it looked at you, but it continued to sniff the sidewalk. Noticing that you were cutting time into your walk, you went back to your exercise.

The path became bumpier as you moved and you slowed down so you wouldn’t fall. Over your headphones, the sound of barking intensified. You gasped and stopped in your tracks. With a swift turn, you faced the dog you saw earlier.

“Oh my gosh doggy, you nearly scared me,” you looked around to see if the dog was truly alone, and it was. There were no homes around for you to take the dog to “Want to come home with me?”

It just stood there, wagging its tail. In order to see if the dog planned on following you, you took a few slow steps. It followed you.

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anonymous asked:

Oh god the "did you steal this" prompt is adorable!! If you have time and inspiration could you make a part two? (Love your writing so much btw) <3 xxx

Since you’re so sweet, Nonny, here’s a continuation of this drabble:

“Did you see how cute she was?” Adrien speared his fingers into his hair, pulling at the roots. 


“She was really, really cute, Plagg.” Adrien fell face-first to his bed. “Wha mre gng tdoooooo?”

“Want to run that by me again, Kid?”

Adrien huffed and turned his head to the side. “What am I going to do?” he repeated. “This isn’t how it’s supposed to work. I like Ladybug.”

“You like Marinette.”

He groaned. “Is it bad to like two girls at the same time?”

Plagg smirked. “I don’t actually think that’s your problem.”

“I have to think about this. I can’t believe I set myself up like that. Okay, Marinette is going to come to the party in a dress she made with the fabric Chat gave her and she’s going to expect me to…to…”

“Kiss her!” Plagg cackled.

Adrien’s cheeks flushed. “I can’t just kiss her.”

“Sure you can.”

He bit his lip. “Maybe she’s not even going to make the dress. She didn’t seem sure a couple of days ago. I could visit her as Chat and feel things out.”

“Let me guess,” Plagg sighed.

“Claws out!”


Marinette was popping her head out of the skylight within moments of Chat Noir’s landing. “I’ve been hoping you would come by,” she smiled happily. “Want to come inside?”

“Your room?”

She nodded and ducked down. Chat Noir shifted uneasily for a moment before he dropped down behind her. “Close your eyes!” she demanded as soon as his boots hit the floor.

Chat Noir obeyed quickly, throwing a hand over them for good measure. “Now what?”

“Hang on, I’m getting it ready.” There was some shuffling and then Chat Noir could feel her standing in front of her. “Open!”

He opened his eyes to find Marinette holding out a dress vest made out of the same pale blue fabric he had gifted her earlier in the week. Her cheeks were a soft pink. “You gave me a ridiculous amount of fabric, you know. I’m still working on the dress, but I’m going to have loads of it left. I thought it was only right that you get something out of it.”

Chat Noir grasped the vest as delicately as he could. “You made this for me?” he asked in awe.

“I thought you could take it home and try it on just to be sure, but I’m usually pretty good at guessing measurements. Do you like it?” she asked shyly.

He felt his heart trying to pound its way out of his chest. “I love it, Princess,” he smiled. “I’ll wear it to the next fancy occasion I have.”

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Jungkook’s Affection

After hearing all the news today, I’m just so so sorry to anyone and everyone affected, I really hope everyone’s okay or will be okay and hopefully some fluff will cheer you up bc this is why I love fluff, it’s something to make your mood better, even if it’s only for a few minutes!! Now it’s time for the second half of the Busan line, our amazing maknae who was so fucking cute in the Home Party live, he’s always cute but that was just that was some good shit man how are all of the Jungkook stans doing, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • Sweetest boyfriend
  • Who initiates the affection is a 50/50 chance, sometimes it’ll be him, sometimes it’s you but he’s actually pretty affectionate he’s a bit of a cuddle bug
  • Playful troublemaker
  • Teases you 25/8 in the most loving, playful way possible
  • It seems like the more comfortable he is with someone, the more he’ll tease them, like the boys have said that when they first met him he was so shy and now he’s forever imitating them and teasing them and it’s so obvious he loves them
  • Goes to tease you about being in love with him but then realizes he’s just as in love
  • “Lol someone has a crush”
  • “We’ve been together for three years”
  • Will make faces at you whenever you look at him
  • Asks you to tie his tie regardless of if he knows how to tie it or not, just so he can see how flustered you get when he’s so close and is acting all romantic
  • Will playfully lean away when you go to kiss him afterwards
  • Absolutely 100% will let you play with his hair and probably falls asleep when you do it
  • The boys/camera crew have documented it quite a few times but when he’s asleep, not much can disturb him
  • So you could very easily squish his cheeks, you could play with his hair, you could give him lil kisses on his cute face, you could cuddle up to him and take a nap with him that’s a r e a l l y good option bc he’s super warm
  • He’s s o ideal for cuddling don’t even get me started
  • He’s all broad and tall and probably so fucking warm and his cologne is probably amazing and cuddling him is just so pleasant
  • He’s a spooner for the main part, he’s definitely big spoon judging by his love for back hugs, also gotta mention the one Taekook moment in Bon Voyage where kook gets in Tae’s bunk and automatically lays on his side and puts his arm around him like that’s top quality spooning material
  • But he also really really loves it when you have your head on his chest bc he can play with your hair or rub your back or kiss your forehead 
  • The two are for sure the most common but there are certain days where he’d prefer to rest his head on your chest or just have you hold him really tight
  • Days where so many things have gone wrong, days where he’s either leaving for tour or just coming back, days where he just really really missed you, etc.
  • Also if you ask him to, he will be v v happy to sing you a song to help you fall asleep (just picture that for a moment)
  • Pillow talk is super playful but also really sweet??
  • Like he has his moments where he gets really close to your face and just makes a weird face to make you laugh but then he’ll kiss your nose really softly when you do laugh 
  • Tbh, making you laugh is one of his biggest goals in general, he loves making people laugh so seeing you laugh and smile and just be happy around him is one of his favorite things about the relationship
  • His hugs are equally as amazing
  • As I mentioned earlier, kook has such a love for back hugs and it’s so fucking cute
  • There are literally entire videos dedicated to kook and his back hugs, he loves them so much and I’m so here for that I mean his back hugs look amazing
  • Sometimes he’ll rest his chin on your shoulder or lay his head on it, sometimes he’ll sway the two of you all slow, sometimes he’ll wiggle you or play with your hands, it all depends on his mood 
  • But he’s also super okay with being back hugged, I mentioned it in Tae’s post but I gotta bring it back up here bc it’s so fucking precious, there have been a couple time where Tae has latched on kook and they just waddle around together
  • Will probably, at one point or another, hum the Titanic song while one of you is back hugging the other
  • He kinda always has that habit of putting his chin on your shoulder or on top of your head (if it’s at a comfortable reach and he doesn’t have to stretch too far) whenever he hugs you
  • He won’t say much during the longer hugs, he’ll just close his eyes and relax in your arms and he’ll get a lil smile when he notices you’re wearing the perfume/cologne he bought for you and it’s all very peaceful and relaxing and it’s one of those moments where you both feel really safe and warm and you wish those hugs could last forever
  • Also has a habit of leaning his arm on your shoulder whenever he stands next to you tbh, doesn’t matter if you’re shorter or taller (but he’s okay with you doing the same to him) if he doesn’t back hug you that is
  • Very soft kisses, always
  • In the beginning of the relationship, his kisses are a lot shier, a lot quicker a lot more “mission abort missION ABORT” but the longer you two are together, the more confident he gets with everything but especially kissing
  • The super quick, shy kisses that you can barely acknowledge before they’re over turn into sweet kisses that take your breath away and make your mind just go blank the entire time he’s kissing you
  • His kisses are always really sweet but they get more and more playful as he gets more comfortable with kissing you and some of them are purely to make you laugh
  • Like sometimes they’re super super quick and it’s mainly to annoy you but then to make up for it, he’ll kiss your cheeks and your nose and your forehead and just all over until you’re laughing
  • But then he has the sweet kisses that are s o so so so love filled and passionate bc he’s a passionate lil bun and he’s almost always cupping your face, if he isn’t, his hands are on your waist to pull you super close or they’re in your hair, one or the other
  • He loves initiating kisses when you least expect it bc he loves the moment of shock before you kiss back, he loves the playful scolding, he loves all of it but if you ever do it to him, he’s gonna get so flustered
  • He’s not gonna know what to do, he’s just gonna squirm around and resist the urge to scream or squeal until his heart calms back down and tbh, it’s pretty amusing to watch
  • Forehead kisses are frequent, they’re his favorite but he also loves nose kisses
  • Forehead kisses are more of his way of silently saying “I love you” or “hey you’re cute” whereas nose kisses are more of a “you haven’t smiled in a few minutes let’s change that”
  • He’s more likely to hold your hand rather than intertwine your fingers together (even though he’s got n o t h i n g against the latter) .
  • He loves being able to give your palm lil squeezes or rub circles into the back of your hand when you’re nervous (and vice versa he would really appreciate that)
  • He’s more of a hugger, more of arm over the shoulders type of person so hand holding isn’t the most common show of affection but it’s still v v loved and he’s not gonna complain if you wanna hold his hand 
  • His favorite thing to do (when you aren’t in motion) is to have one of your hands in both of his and to toy with your fingers
  • His hands would be so warm and so gentle with yours it’s just so 10/10
  • Onto PDA levels
  • He’s one of the more shy members when it comes to PDA, especially at first
  • It’ll also depend on where you two are, if you’re with the boys, it’s pretty much the exact same as being alone bc kook’s so beyond comfortable with all of them that they’re family to him 
  • But if he’s in public and the boys aren’t there, it’s gonna be restricted to hand holding or very basic PDA bc he’s a shy bun at times
  • Like kissing is definitely private, quick hugs are a maybe (an occasional arm over the shoulder or around the waist is okay though) hand holding is a yes, playing around and teasing each other is a yes
  • D e fi nitely has a couple item but it’d be something really subtle, like a matching pair of earrings (since we all know the boys loves him some piercings and I’m so fucking for it I can’t stress it enough I love his piercings so much) or matching phone backgrounds, things that are lil and easy to miss bc then it’s more of an inside thing
  • Side note, speaking of phone backgrounds, he’s the type of boyfriend that takes your phone when you aren’t looking and takes a bunch of selfies at all the weird angles and then sets them as the background after changing his contact name to something like “best boyfriend in the world” or “cool dude” with the fucking sunglasses emoji and then the smirking emoji bc he’s just he’s a meme sometimes and I love him for it but don’t let him near your phone unless you want a hundred photos of him trying to pull a double chin and another ten photos of his dog
  • Jungkook’s affection is very playful but loving (just like him) it’s constant, it’s almost always about making you laugh/smile bc that’s one of his favorites, especially when it’s caused by him

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Tom returns from promotional stuff to spend a few days with you.

Warnings: None? Maybe swears.

Word Count: 1005

A/N: Okay, so this is a thing that a couple friends (@toms-spidey and @peterandchurros) have done… Was Ava’s idea to do this with Peter/Tom… Idea came from this post. Read Ava’s here and Charissa’s here. This is mushy.

Mornings were hard when Tom was away from you. Before you finally dragged yourself out of bed, you’d scroll every social media site you had on your phone for new information about him, but everything just felt so detached when he wasn’t around. You took your sweet time leaving the warm blankets, but you hurried to get ready in the hotel bathroom. In a little more than an hour’s time, Tom would be landing and you’d see him for the first time in nearly four months. You took a bit of extra time on the little details, picking out a shirt and a perfume you knew he liked.

Then, you were on your way to the airport. You pulled into a parking space just as your phone started going off, signaling that Tom was within five minutes of being on the ground, getting off the plane. Though you knew there would be crowds of people yelling and waving, you hoped he would be out of the airport within the half hour. You sat in your car, jamming to your favorite music, until you saw a familiar car drive past: the van that would be picking up your boyfriend. With a little spring in your step, you followed along, basically shaking with anticipation.

When Tom walked out of the doors and locked eyes with you, his entire face lit up. He ran up to you as you shouted each other’s names in pure excitement. Lifting you off the ground, he spun you in a circle before placing a soft kiss on your lips. He set you back down but didn’t let go. You snaked your arms around his middle and pulled yourself close to him.

“I missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, (Y/N).”

“Hey,” came a voice from behind Tom—Harrison, “I hate to break this up cos I know it’s been forever, but I’d really like to get to the hotel.”

The two of you nodded at one another before pulling away from each other. Before you turned to go, Tom stole one more kiss, causing Harrison to dramatically roll his eyes. You raced off to your car so that you could follow them; you didn’t want to waste a minute. After all, Harrison and Tom were only stopping here for a few days. You’d gotten lucky that the city wasn’t too far of a drive from where you lived so that you could shack up with them in the hotel.

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i can’t make the video because i’m not about to go collecting hypothetical footage but hear me out

u get some lingering shots of the seven without percy and annabeth on the argo 2, right, and every time it does that BUM it flickers to black right

and then u get some lingering shots of the tartarus landscape and it flickers black in a kind of strobey way in time with the music — “welcome to your life, there’s no turning back” u see a glimpse of percy and annabeth’s faces in some kind of like terrorized expression okay

and then a couple more strobey/flickering shots of the legion preparing for war

“turn your back on mother nature” maybe a pan up on the athena parthenos and then a strobey shot on her face or something

and then because most trailers are about a minute 30 seconds, you skip to “help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure” and you do a voiceover thing of hazel having an argument with hecate and then show her manipulating the mist somehow

and then in between the silence after “nothing ever lasts forever” and the eerie build up before “everybody wants to rule the world” you see the ground kind of like rippling and gaea’s face in the dirt, probably opening her eyes in time with the music or something

and then it’s like BOOM percy and annabeth killing things in tartarus (there’s a room where the light won’t find you), probably hear them screaming something or calling out to each other (maybe annabeth shouting his name when she’s blind or something)

and then BOOM (holding hands while the walls come tumbling down) you see hazel and leo holding hands while they’re jumping through pasiphae’s labyrinth thingie

and then BOOM you see nico and jason facing off eros/cupid (when they do i’ll be right behind you)

“so glad we’ve almost made it” percy and annabeth pointing at the doors, maybe a shot of the army

“so sad we had to fade it” — couple really quick shots of maybe iapetus and damasen attacking something, maybe percy and a shot of the poison (which would look super cool if he’s just crouched and not really doing anything and it’s glowing green or whatever), maybe nix rising out of the pit

first “everybody wants to rule the world” reyna hacking through monsters in the mediterranean, then cut to octavian doing something evil in charge of the legion

second “everybody wants to rule the world” nico stabbing the scepter into the ground, and then frank taking control of the skeleton/ghost warriors

and the third “everybody wants to rule the world” is a bunch of very quick shots of the seven all doing cool things (piper and khione, jason doing..idk something, etc etc)

and THEN with the freaky DUN DUN DUN things at the end you do some choppy pan-up shots of tartarus’ physical form

fade to black say “coming 2017″ or something

im telling you guys someone should’ve hired me by now

Don’t Blame Me

Request: “Hi! If your not too busy, could you do a pennywise thing where pennywise loves the reader. She doesn’t know. He finds out she has a crush on someone else one day and things get a little crazy. Keep up the great work!”


“Can ya do a pennywise imagine where it’s like… mating season (is that what it is idk) and she hangs with the losers and she’s friends with him and he kinda likes her in a different way but didn’t know until mating season starts and he gets like super possessive and stuff and the reader is just… confused. I’m super sad and I just wanted to request something“

Pairing: Pennywise x Reader & Stan Uris x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of mating

It all started out when you and all of the Losers’ were hanging out. You all were inside just talking and laughing amongst each other about many different things and topics. It was summer and all you wanted to do was relax and spend time with your amazing friends. 

You wanted to forget about homework, school work and just school in general. All of the stress from school had disappeared so you were prepared to take full advantage of that as much as you could. 

“So Y/N you and Stan.” Richie smirked.

“What about me and Stan?” You asked smiling as you brought your hand up to your mouth.

“Come on we all know you both like each other.” Bev winked.

Everyone in the group was taking advantage of the fact that Stan was currently inside of Richie’s bathroom using it. He obviously couldn’t hear a thing since he was all the way upstairs. 

“Oh it’s more than like it’s loveeee.” Eddie sing songed. 

“Okay okay maybe I do like him but it’s been like this for the past couple of weeks. He still hasn’t asked me out I love him I really do but I’m getting impatient.” You sighed.

“Hey we’re working on it girl calm down.” Mike joked and you giggled.

“Yeah it’s taking time but he’ll be yours.” Bill winked causing you to laugh again.

“Give it a bit more time.” Ben continued.

The house phone rang and Richie stood up to answer it. That’s when Stan walked into the room. 

You nodded, “Okay fine I trust you all.” 

“Y/N that was your mom she needs you to go home it’s about to be 7.” Richie informed. 7 was curfew time for every kid that lived in Derry.

“Alright thanks Rich.” You said and he nodded.

“We all should get going then we don’t want anything to happen.” Bev spoke up.



“You’re right”

“Let’s get going then” 


You all said goodbye to each other by embracing the Losers’ one by one into a hug. When Stan was the last one you made sure to hug him the longest.

“Bye Stan.” You said as you rested your head on his shoulder.

“Bye Y/N stay safe and be careful.”

“Thanks you too Stan.” You smiled as you placed a kiss on his cheek. 

You smiled to yourself as you walked down the street leaving Stan Uris shocked and happy over what had just happened.

You continued to smile as you walked, you were about to turn the corner onto the street that your house was on until someone grabbed you and pulled you into an empty park. You shrieked loudly until the person put their hand over your mouth.

When you were turned around to face the person you couldn’t believe your eyes. It was your friend Pennywise. You took his hand off of your mouth angrily, throwing it down. 

“What the hell Penny you scared the shit out of me I thought you were a murderer!” You exclaimed.

He didn’t say anything he just kept staring at you with a cold blank stare.

“Did I do something?” You asked.

“Yes with that Stanley Boy he’s not good enough for you why do you even like the kid?” Pennywise asked.

This was so not like him. What was going on?

“Because Penny he’s sweet, kind, gentle and he cares about other people especially me.” You smiled.

“Well you can’t see him anymore.” Pennywise said seriously.

“You can’t stop me.” You stated.

“Watch me.” Pennywise challenged.

You started to walk away but Pennywise grabbed onto your arm holding it tightly. You winced as his grip tightened causing you to fall down in pain.

“Penny stop you’re hurting me.” You choked out but he didn’t stop.

“Pennywise I said stop you’re hurting me!” You exclaimed.

His face softened and he let go of you, you cried out as you rubbed your arm. There was definitely going to be a bruise there in a couple of minutes.

“This isn’t like you what the hell is you damn problem?!” You asked angrily as you hit Pennywise’s chest with your good arm that wasn’t throbbing in pain.

“I’m sorry I’ve just been going through something it’s stupid.” Pennywise said looking down.

“You better tell me before I walk away and never speak to you again.” You said seriously.

“It’s mating season for me okay that’s why I did what I just did.” Pennywise confessed.

“Whoa this is not my fault and I’m a teenager so if you’re thinking about-”

“No no don’t worry I’m not that’s just illegal as you humans call it. I just got jealous of Stanley Boy alright I promise it won’t happen again.” Pennywise sighed as he sat down.

“Penny you have nothing to worry about. Sure I love him but I love you too. I love both of you and no boy can change that.” You said reassuringly while placing your hand on his shoulder.

“You sure?” He asked.

“Yes, of course. Now get me home it’s about to be 7 in two minutes and I do not need my mom asking me why I took so long.” You said standing up.

“Alright child don’t worry I got you.” Pennywise chuckled.  

Friends With Some Benefits

Pairing: Reader x Tom Holland

Rating: PG-13

A/N: I advise you you to read this first for background information before diving in: You are famous for whatever, I left that up to you ( a singer, an actress, etc.) You knew Tom before he was cast in all those movies and you two are best friends, along with Harrison. You visited Tom on the set of Chaos Walking. This story is based of of SwooZie and iiSuperwomanii’s video, “Friends WITH NO Benefits.”

This is my first imagine…with like real life people.

This isn’t my best work which is why I posted the above information here instead of figuring out a creative way to weave it into the story. Also some stuff are supposed to be italicized but I can’t figure out to do that on Tumblr and I have to go to bed now so I will figure it out in the morning.

Last time he was home, Tom had stolen his Wii, which Paddy wasn’t too happy to find out about and in retrospect, he could’ve just bought another one. They weren’t that expensive to buy now as it wouldn’t have left so much as a dent on his affluent movie star income. But he had promised to make it up to his little brother whenever he got home. And besides, if he and Harrison hadn’t set it up to his trailer TV you three would be dying of boredom right about now.
He also brought WiiSports, a couple of Legend of Zelda games, JustDance, and of course, always a party favorite, Mario Kart.
You were glad too because Mario Kart was your shit and you were kicking his ass at the moment. You were in first place while he had been stuck in sixth for the last two laps.
“Remind me not to let you pick Rainbow Road ever again,” Tom said, eyes glued to the screen and furiously turning the Wii steering wheel.
“You’re not too bad,” you almost panted. “Doing better than most of the CPUs.”
“You just lapped me!”
“Yeah, I lap everybody. Get fucking used to it, Stanley.”
Okay. Now he was angry. He hated when you called him Stanley. Granite, he hated when anyone called him Stanley and he regretted even telling you his middle name in the first place.
Harrison looked up from his phone where he was sitting at the table. “I warned ya, mate.”
“Shut up.” The actor spat out.
Harrison laughed.
You passed the finish line the fifth time, revealing that you had won the race. Tom groaned, clsoing his eyes. “You suck……”
“Acutally, I think you are the one who sucks considering that you lost,” you smirked.
Tom elbowed you in your shoulder and you droned out a mocking, “Ow!” before elbowing him back and he smiled. You bit your lip because you didn’t want him to see you smiling too.
“You guys are adorable,” Harrison said nonchalantly, “no wonder your fans think you’re dating.”
“I don’t know why, they’ve never seen us act like this.” Tom shrugged.
“Uh yeah but dude, the amount of Snapchats and Insta-stories you post together is enough to kind of get me suspicious. And I know you!” Harrison exclaimed incredulously, throwing his hands up at the last part.
“Exactly,” you piped up. “You know him. It would be nice to have an alibi to tell people we’re not together.” You were busy picking another course on the game to join their conversation fully.
Tom eyed his best friend, one brow cocked and a hand on his hip.
Harrison turned back to his phone, ignoring his best friend’s expectant glare and acting like he didn’t hear you. “Look, all I’m saying is people ship you guys like FedEx and they know you’re at least friends with benefits.”
You stopped.
“No, no! Not with benefits. Just… friends.” Tom’s throat was dry, you could tell by the way he was stammering. He was freaking out just upon hearing that phrase.
“Some benefits?”
“No!” He was blushing.
“Well, your ship name is even all over my Twitter.”
It was all over your Twitter too. And your Instagram. And you barely checked your Facebook but you were pretty sure it was on there too. It was all over Tom’s social media but he just shook it off. You, secretly, didn’t. You frequently scrolled through your millions and millions of comments and DMs, some of them saying how beautiful you were but mostly how lucky Tom was to have you. And you him. You let it get to you. Not in a bad way, of course, it was never mean but… ever since this whole ship thing between you two had started you couldn’t stop thinking about it but the way Tom just kind of shrugged it off made you kind of mad.
And you would never tell Tom this, or anyone, but once a Tom Holland fan account on Instagram led you to this thing called an ‘Imagine’ they had proudly written and you dared yourself to read it. It was probably fine for just his fans to enjoy but to you, it was visibly scarring and you immediately stopped once it got too much. You thought of deleting the Instagram app, saying to your fans that you’d only be using Twitter from now on but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. That night, you felt heat rise within you and an urge down there present and you realized how much you wanted Tom’s lips on yours.
His soft, kiss-able lips on yours, as described in the Imagine. Suddenly, you were blushing too but your head was still directed to the TV screen so no one noticed.
“What do you want us to do about it?” Tom asked, looking hollowed.
“I don’t know. Make-out a little on camera so then people will know you’re not dating.”
That came as a fucking surprise. “WHAT?!?” Tom and you both screamed, turning toward him. There was no hiding your blushes now. Both of your faces were as red as Spider-Man’s suit!
“How would THAT tell people we’re not dating?” Tom said, voice cracking.
You found it so funny. In those Imagines (okay, so you read more than one) his fans wrote your friend as a suave masterful sex god who knew what you wanted at all times… (not that you would know, you stopped when it got too naughty) but really Tom was just as awkward as a middle schooler asking his first crush to a dance when it came to that sort of stuff. He was, quite literally, Peter Parker.
“Well then it would be like you kissing another actor, you know? If you’re willing to fully make-out on camera, then maybe everyone will see that it’s meaningless and move on, hopefully.” He added that last part under his breath.
There was silence for a couple of seconds as Tom looked back at you, then Harrison, almost like he was considering this. He was actually considering this.
“You can’t seriously be considering this.” You said, on the outside looking like it was a ridiculous plan but on the inside your heart was racing and your body was burning.
“Alright,” Tom almost whispered after another bout of silence. “I’m sick of this.” He rounded the couch as fast as he could and you followed him with your whole body, still sitting on the couch, wide-eyed.
Harrison stumbled out of his chair to slide into a good angle across the couch and hit the ‘Record’ button on his phone. You could hear the sound. And you swallowed hard; no way to hide your steaming blush this time. You slid off the couch to get away from his shot but he quickly found a better one and you were thinking fuck.
With one swipe of his arm, Tom knocked everything off the brown coffee table: the Chaos Walking script, a couple of water bottles, and your game controllers, and then pointed to it almost innocently. “Table?”
“No.” You said. He sat back, “Look, Tom. We’ve been friends for a really long time -”
“-Ever since before you got famous. So I think if something was gonna happen between us, it would’ve already happened.”
“I mean all your fangirls think you are to die for but if you ask me, I-” All of a sudden, his hands placed themselves right in the pockets of your knees and before you had time to think, he pulled you closer. You braced a hand on his shoulder because fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.
Maybe he was as suave as all the Imagines said.
Then his hands moved up your thighs. Fuck. And you lowered youself to the ground in a futile attempt to get away from his incoming face. “Maybe the fans are right, though. I mean, they’ve seen you wear my shirts a couple of times.” He said aS IF HE WASN’T LEANING IN CLOSER TO YOU HOLY SHIT.
“Okay, Tom, you’re literally not helping this sutation at all. Just because I wear a random guy’s shirt does not mean we’re dating.”
“Random guy?” he quipped but with a devious smile. Still. Coming Closer. To. You.
“Well, no, I didn’t mean it like that just…..you’re my best friend. I don’t think we’re couple-worthy. We disagree on too many things.”
“Your favorite superhero is Batman so I don’t really think we’d get along there,” he said as he perfectly meshed his mouth with yours. Apparently, you’d get along in other ways. You breathed into the kiss and Tom tilted his head so he could slowly introduce his tongue into your mouth.
Boy, slow down. You didn’t want him to slow down.
His gracious hand stayed at the place on your waist and you slung one arm around his neck. If Harrison was making any noise, you couldn’t hear it because you were too focused on the way Tom moaned into you, feeling your body mold into his. You never quite believed in heaven until Tom kissed lower to your neck and then you instantly knew it existed because bitch you were there.
You were there until your felt Tom’s hand on your stomach, his thumb circling your belly button and your shirt was rising up. You finally remembered that Harrison was not only watching, but recording this. And you did not want your shirt coming off on camera so you freaked out and pushed Tom away. You couldn’t stop panting and he couldn’t stop staring breathlessly at you, looking like a deer in the head lights. Back to awkward Peter Parker Tom.
You could still feel the heat of contact of Tom’s hand on your skin, like he had left a handprint there. He had never touched you like that before.
The two of you slowly turned to Harrison, who sat there with an open mouth and pressed the 'Stop’ button absentmindedly. “Holy shit, guys.”

Louis’ Actual Internal Dialogue

Oh God, it’s Little Things. Okay. Just be cool. Don’t look at Harry…Fuck everyone is sitting down. Just squat. Yeah, like that…Shit this is uncomfortable.

Smooth. Much bet-oh God. Harry’s singing. Don’t look at-

Just don’t look at Ha-for fuck’s sake. Fucking Liam’s huge dome is in the way. Okay, just casually shift up a bit.

Nice. Nailed it. And now jus-holy shit he’s staring right at me. Jesus. Christ. He’s staring right. At me. Be fuckin cool, Harry! Maybe if I blink at him a couple times rapid fire he’ll get the message.

Okay he’s still staring at me. And I think he just winked. Maybe he thought I was trying to wink? May-oh fuck, I have to sing…Just don’t stare at him whil-did he just say HIS LITTLE THINGS?! You fucking little shi-

“I’ve just just let these little things slip out of my mouth,”

Oh my God he looks beauti-FUCK! I’m staring right at him. We are singing and staring. What a right pair of creepers. Look away. Look away now-oh God he’s so beautifullllook. Away. Now.

“-it’s you they add up to.” 

Yeah, look over there at all the people. I think this went well. Just nod to the music, look at the boys…Is Zayn singing to me or Liam? Why does everyone lose their chill to this song?…Harry looks happy. And beauti-FUCK.

True story.

Not About Me Anymore

Originally posted by the-architect-rollins

Here is a half finished fic I found on an old flash drive. I finished it tonight. Hope you guys like it! xxx

SUMMARY: You get some news that changes your life and brings your young career to an end.Your Ex, Seth, hears about it and shows up at your door to comfort you and make things right between you. ANGST. FLUFF.

TAGGING: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @nickysmum1999 @mandazord @panda-girl1999 @alexahood21 @66psychotic99 @jboofanpage @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @pittiemommy22 @unabashedwwesmut @spine-buster @wallflowerfangirl-life @birthday-prinxess @tinyelfperson @nickie-amore @randomfandompenguin @theworldiscolorful @kingslayers-angel

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Owned - pt 6

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

You grabbed your coat and shoes as quickly as possible

Placing the basket inside, you stepped into the elevator and pressed the button that would take you downstairs to the lobby. Every second in that elevator felt like you were going up thousands of feet, instead of going down.

Sure enough when the doors opened, there were rose petals on the ground, but there was not a soul to be seen. The lobby was empty. Not even the receptionists were there.

You followed the rose petals to the front door and braced yourself for the cold breeze. A red carpet was rolled out, leading to the usual luxury car. Namjoon stood there holding the door open and waiting for you with a smile.

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p.j | scenario | busted!

[ of course! thank you so much for being my first scenario request:) hope you like it! @jiminie-jams-bts !! ]

Jimin never thought that turning on the tv would ever be something that he would regret. Spitting out the coffee he had just taken a sip of, he stared at the screen with wide eyes and mouth agape. He could have sworn his heart plummeted to the bottom of his stomach as he re-read the headline, rubbing his eyes, and blinking a couple of times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. 

But, unfortunately, there it was in high definition; just the sight alone made his whole entire being want to be swallowed into the ground and never see the light of day ever again. Okay, maybe he was being a little dramatic. 

It wasn’t due to the story being true that caused him sudden stress - of course he wanted to scream to the heavens that Y/n was caring his child - oh no, it wasn’t that. It was the fact that the media had all of the sudden caught on, and now the whole world knew the biggest secret he was going to great lengths to keep hidden. He avoided the topic of children with his family, her family, his band members for so long, and now his hard work was going down the drain because someone happened to see them leaving said clinic. He knew he should’ve had the doctor come to them instead, he just knew. And now he had to pay for his mistake. 

Suddenly, a large knock came from the front door. Sitting still on the couch for a moment, praying that whoever it was would go away, soon little rapid knocks followed - causing him to panic internally. Whoever it was - was going to wake up Y/n, and stressing her out was the last thing he wanted right now. Sliding across the hardwood floor in his fuzzy socks, he dove for the doorknob. Before unlocking it, he peers into the peephole - suddenly not knowing whether to feel relieved or terrified at who was currently at the door. 

“Park Jimin, you open this door, we know you’re in there! You’ve got some explaining to do, mister!” Backing away slowly, Jimin tried with all his might not to make any noises - and maybe just maybe they’ll think he’s dead and go away. 

“Oppa~ Who’s at the door?” 

He just could not catch a break today. First the secret got leaked, his hyungs are at the door - probably pissed - and now his sleeping beauty has awoken from her nap. Jimin was so close to responding with ‘no one, go back to sleep, sweetheart,’ until the voices behind the door spoke once again. 

“Ah ha! I knew it! Open the door, ‘oppa’, we’re not going anywhere until you do! We’ve got all day, Jimin, you gotta come out of there sometime!” Mentally cursing, Jimin knew he had no choice but to let them in and explain. So much for ignoring the problem and crawling into bed forever. 

With a simple flick of the wrist, the door was unlocked. Not missing a single beat, it came swinging open - while two out of the four remaining members came crashing down onto the floor. Namjoon and Jin merely stared at the two maknaes, while Yoongi simply shook his head. Y/n, seeing who was at the door, could not turn around fast enough before Jungkook pointed at her retreating form - halting her movement altogether. 

“So it’s true! You really are pregnant!” 

All eyes were now directed to Jimin, the sudden attention turning him into a squishy, nervous mess as he giggled awkwardly. “Uhm…surprise?” 

Jimin never thought that turning on the tv would ever be something that he would regret. Now it left them all sitting in suffocating silence, while all eyes were trained on the newlywed couple. Tapping his foot to no particular beat, Y/n finally cleared her throat. 

“Listen. We know you’re a little upset that we never told you guys-” 

“That’s putting it mildly, but yeah, we are. How could you two keep this a secret for so long? From us - your family, you didn’t stop to think about how we would have loved to know?” Yoongi was more of the silent type , so the sudden outburst kind of startled pretty much everyone. 

“It’s not that we were going to keep it a secret for long. We just wanted to keep it private for a while, to enjoy this between just the two of us - understand that we haven’t even told our own parents about this. And now they’re blowing up both of our phones as we speak, saying how hurt and shocked they are they we’ve kept them in the dark this whole time - do you realize how horrible we feel already?” 

Jimin’s speech seemed to bring the whole room back to silence once again. Who could respond to something like that? 

“Not to mention, the news we’ve worked so hard to surprise all of you with was ruined by some photo someone leaked. They practically stole our thunder! We never wanted anyone to find out this way - we were going to tell you. We just wanted it to be special, that’s all.” Y/n added in, a hand resting lovingly on her husband’s shoulder as he rubbed his eyes to suppress the tears. He didn’t understand how something that was supposed to be wonderful got turned into something like this - a mess. 

Not long after did Taehyung, Jungkook, and Hoseok all join on their side of the couch to comfort their hyung. From patting him on the back, to cooing softly while hugging him tightly. As for the rest of them, now instead of showing hurt - they smiled. The atmosphere taking a turn for the better as they all joined on their side of the couch, the remaining three all carefully hugging onto Y/n, showing her some love as well. 

“No need for the tears, Chim-Chim! We’re not angry, we have no right to be, this was your decision and as your friends, we should’ve been more supportive. Don’t cry~” Hoseok whines, while crushing him in a tight hug. 

“This is amazing news, no matter how we found out about it, it’s still amazing,” Namjoon shrugs, everyone humming in agreement. Jin being the first hand out of the six to be able to touch her stomach was one of the most precious moments Y/n thought she could ever see the oldest portray. His eyes widen in admiration, once his brain wrapped around that there was a baby in there. A living, breathing, human being - who had just kicked him.

Y/n giggles softly once she notices that his extra reaction caught everyone else’s attention to her stomach in under a second. Looking over at Jimin, seeing that he was no longer crying for a negative reason - more of out of happiness now - she silently asked him if they had permission. Sniffling, he nods his head, Tae and Jungkook seeming to understand what the could possibly mean as they practically tackled each other to see who would reach her first.  They all switched persons - Hoseok, Tae, and Kookie now surrounded Y/n while Yoongi, Jin and Namjoon circled Jimin. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll do what I can to get this off the media.” Namjoon nods curtly, grinning with determination. 

“I just wanted to keep the hate away, you know? ARMY didn’t really enjoy the idea of me marrying her - who knows how they’ll react to our child? I didn’t want that kind of negativity toward-” 

“Jimin. You don’t have to explain yourself, we understand. And real ARMY isn’t like that, the hate you’re gonna get is from those who aren’t true BTS fans, remember that. Besides, Y/n is strong. If there was anyone in the world we’d think was perfect for carrying your baby - we’re relieved that it’s her.” 

Smiling softly at Yoongi’s kind words, Jimin felt at peace once again. Jin pats him on the leg before handing him his phone that he saw was still buzzing on the coffee table. 

“Go call yours and Y/n’s family. I think they deserve to see the truth in person.” 

He nods, taking the phone from Jin - wincing immediately when he saw the lock-screen. 95 missed calls from his mother - 102 missed calls from his mother-in-law - 250 text messages, some being from the boys. Oh, he was so dead. 

A panic attack was slowly catching on, the stress was creeping its way back into his veins - he didn’t know the first thing he was going to say to-… it wasn’t until he heard the sound. The most relaxing sound, no matter how much she says she hates it, he will ever come to know. The sound of her laughing. Drawing his attention from the phone and over to Y/n, he couldn’t help but smile that smile he hated, yet she loved. He always wondered how she loved him so much, yet she’d always pick at herself so easily. Well, it’s not like he didn’t do the same - but she was just so perfect in his eyes. Now they were married, with her carrying his first child. 

Y/n, his one and only, carrying his first born - surrounded by the six he trusted the most in his life. That alone was enough to give him the courage to make the calls.  It wasn’t going to be easy, but he knew he could handle it. If all of that chaos was caused, and the baby isn’t even there yet? 

Jimin could only imagine what will happen when they are :)

oKAY SO when i first created this blog i was just getting back into writing (bc of b99 ahhh the inspo) and i was like y’know it’d be so cute to post my first b99 fic as like a present when i reached 100 followers! (bc im milestone trash) but i didn’t plan for y’all to? think im interesting? bc i’ve only written 1k words total but already surpassed my goal by like 200% sO INSTEAD while i get my act together pls enjoy some random domestic peraltiago headcanons (yay!)

  • so okay hear me out but, like, spa nights
    • like it starts off so simply like maybe every other week amy just likes to use a lil simple face mask bc skin care is important jake and he like teases her a bit bc you look like a zombie arrrghh but maybe after a couple times he’s just rly curious and asks if he can try it too and it becomes a routine thing
    • but then after a few months jake’s like hey! look at these other cool skin things i bought! and amy’s so confused but she goes with it bc okay its nice just sitting in front of the tv with jake while he complains about the lack of cucumbers no jake that’s not - okay fine whatever i’ll get cucumbers next time
      • he just eats all the cucumber slices
    • and eventually it progresses to like full on spa nights (at least that’s what jake calls them) whenever they have free time in the evenings and they aren’t too busy
  • and because i rly like routine things: baking nights!
    • ok so its canon amy sucks at all things food and i know some of u think jake is a good cook but honestly i find nothing funnier than both of them being absolutely terrible (i mean jake actually might be good but he just doesn’t rly care about cooking and never tried to learn sooo)
    • but like ok one day amy is like this is ridiculous we need to know how to cook right so she suggests practicing sometime and jake is 100% sure it will end terribly (and that’s 100% of the reason he agrees) and while amy rly wants to make actually healthy meals jake convinces her they should start small and make like cookies
    • so one day they start like right after they get home from work and it seems so easy i mean everyone can make chocolate chip cookies right? no they cant they’re up until 3am trying to get it right and jake’s having the time of his life bc amy’s covered head to toe in random cookie ingredients and she’s adorable but amy is livid (which is also rly cute until she rips an oven mitt in half and then its terRIFYING)
    • anyway jake convinces her to try again somehow (ok he kissed her until she forgot what she was agreeing to) and its not as often as spa nights but its definitely a Thing now and they’ve made approximately 3 cookies that were almost good so like that’s progress right yes amy’s doing it bc of the progress not bc of how happy jake is every time no of course not
  • oops this got long quickly okay i’ll end on a short one so anyway nothing is sacred to these competitive nerds theyre constantly hiding random objects around their house i mean it started off innocently enough with jake just sticking a mug on top of the tv for the lols but then it turns into a full fledged war but its still casual until jake hides amy’s keys and she’s late to work bc now there are Rules and its all very intense and has caused several arguments
    • also one time it accidentally spread to the precinct and caused a slight epidemic that everyone is too scared to mention ever again
Jordie Benn #7

I know I said the last one was the last one but I can’t stop myself!! Here it is @babyseguin because I had to make something that had him on a Habs jersey!! It looks so good on him. <3 Enjoy!

Word count: 1, 355

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Your friend grabbed the phone and scoffed, “do you honestly believe that he will sleep with a girl ten years younger than him?” she asked, scrolling through the images you saved on your phone, “that’s not like him, noh?”

You shrugged, you really didn’t know him now, did you? “I mean,” you gestured to the phone, “she does look like she’s at least twenty-five,” you gave your friend a small smile, “and if that’s what floats his boat, whatever.”

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