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what the heck is sleep

Redesigned some ocs out of self indulgence, and because their previous designs were made when I was like…13 or something

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Hey so I went searching *cough cough stalking* through your blog and saw that post about adding a skateboard to Yandere Simulator. I would now like to suggest to you the idea of adding heelys to Yandere Simulator. Just picture Ayano heelying down the hallway to her next victim.


 okay no but timkon coffee shop aus could include (but are not limited to):

  • tim is a daily regular at the coffee shop and one day there’s a new barista that can’t seem to get into the flow of the store and who also cant seem to make very good coffee but tim doesn’t want to complain because said new barista is hot af
  • tim and kon both work at the coffee shop and most of their free time on the clock is spent with tim trying to explain the difference between all the coffee beans and making pour overs like “here try this one, taste the difference” and kon really doesn’t understand anything but the fact that tim is really cute when he gets excited about coffee
  • again, they both work at the shop but they work different schedules and never truly have met each other (tim’s shift always ends at 2, kon always comes in at 4) but both have heard how attractive and great the other is through coworkers and they finally met when one covers someone else’s shift and damn the others were fuckin’ right
  • tim is the asshole customer without meaning to be. on one occasion right before they were about to close for the night, he comes in getting drinks for the whole family (’who needs seven coffees/lattes at 11pm???’) and on another, right after open, he tries to use a $100 for his $2 coffee because it’s literally all he has in his wallet (and kon kind of holds a grudge about all of it for a while)
  • tim works at the shop and kon comes in every now and then, always late in the day when no other customers are really around, and tim ends up venting to him about how shitty the other customers have been all day while he makes kon’s drink and one day kon stays for a bit at a table and leaves a napkin with his number and a note about being all ear’s whenever tim needs to vent
  • a slow burn au where one works at the shop and the other is a customer that comes in sometimes and they really don’t talk beyond ‘how’re you doin’ today?’ but they both want to and eventually with every visit they begin talking a little more and more
  • neither of them work at the shop but tim’s always there with his laptop, working away on whatever the hell he’s working on, and kon goes there because it’s a nice place to just relax and they always see each other and sometimes they’ll catch the other glancing at them until one day kon sits at tim’s usual table and just starts talking
  • (again neither of them work there) but they both order the same drink and the barista calls it out by the drink, not a name, and it’s the dumbest cheesiest moment where they both think it’s theirs and need i go on

jhope passes a note from jimin to jungkook, holding in his laughter that had taken the shape of an amused smirk. “MAKE LOVE NOT HATE! lets not fight, lets love - jimin” the note said. jungkook smashed every word of the reply on paper with flustered force, cheeks flushed. “HYUNG! do you even know what “make love” means?!?”

artnokuma replied to your photoset “I’ve always wanted to try drawing a fusion…so my first choice was the…”

Shall I redraw this?? Looks so coot ;w;

@artnokuma Hi! Redrawing is a bit…um…
I don’t mind exactly, but I’d prefer it if you just drew your own interpretation of it;; I’m not too comfortable with people “redrawing” my stuff, as in replicating exactly what’s already there

I hope that makes sense! Sorry if I’m putting you out or anything :0

If you just want to draw the fusion by himself, I am so down for that! I’m flattered you like this dork’s design hehehe 0w0
Just please be sure to credit me for the design! I’d love to see it when it’s finished. You don’t mind tagging me in it do you? :D

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are you ever gonna write a mick fic?? (i just laughed at myself bc mick and fic rhyme okay why am i so fucking lame)

Lol !!! Yep - I have one in the works !

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hope you're okay.. lol lame but, your answers don't seem as.. light-hearted? idk. i won't pry, though, of course, bc your personal life is your personal life. but, still. hope you're doing okay. - sd.

ive been Going Through it sorry for not being as happy online lately but ty for worrying !!

hhhhhhh jack as a character is so?? important to me???? cause yeah she can be really funny and she’s off-the-wall and she’s great in combat but like

if you’ve been following me for any length of time you’ve probably at least cottoned on to the fact that i was horribly traumatized and psychologically scarred by past events. i was bullied, abused, and generally treated in ways no living thing deserves. i literally got rocks thrown at my head, shit was messed up. and while i didn’t undergo quite the same level of horrific nightmares as jack, i can identify very strongly with aspects of her character and storyline that relate back to her trauma. i look at how jack is during me2, and i see myself.

inability to express emotions other than rage? check. unbridled fury towards and desire to hurt the people who hurt her? check. deep-seated fear of abandonment and subsequent self-imposed isolation to prevent anyone from getting too close? check and check.

i remember absolutely loathing miranda after her fight with jack in me2. i love her now, but looking back, i can recognize now that her attitude during the fight was reminding me very strongly of what all the adults and authority figures in my life had been telling me for years. there’s no issue. don’t take it so personally. it’s fine. it’s fine. your feelings don’t matter to me. stop complaining. you’re fine.

jack’s appearance in me3 speaks volumes to me as a trauma survivor. here’s someone i saw so much of myself in…. doing okay??? finding her own way to be happy????? helping people???? taking what happened to her and turning it around into a desire to protect other people???????

i doubt i realized it at the time, but when i was playing through the trilogy for the first time, jack and her character arc were exactly what i needed to see. was it maybe handled a little ham-fistedly? yeah, probably. but two years ago, during my first-ever playthrough, i was a lot worse off than i am now. i needed to see jack in me3. i needed to see that she was doing okay, i needed to see that she had started learning to cope with her past in a healthy manner, i needed to see that there was hope.

so yeah, maybe “jack settles down somewhat and becomes a teacher” wasn’t the end people hoped they’d get for the character. but you know what? it means so much that that’s what did happen, that jack was allowed to begin recovery. there are plenty of other issues with how she’s written (most of them starting with a and rhyming with “spableism”), but whether i saw it at the time or not, i needed jack, and if some other poor kid like me can play the games and get the same thing from her, then that’s what matters.

group chat: j, gray, nick & you
  • JORDAN: operation "get my sib a date asap bc he's so depressed it's messin me up"
  • GRAYSON: are you really gonna discuss operation twink in front of the said twink ... wrong group chat, idiot
  • JORDAN: shit
Save a Smile for a Rainy Day

Pairing: phan

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 650ish

Warnings: none

Prompt: Imagine your OTP walking home after going to dinner on a rainy night. - @otpprompts

A/N: honestly it’s time for my own “roast yourself” challenge because the beginning of Dan’s fits my fic writing a little too well.

“Three months without posting she comes back with a drabble that no one even asked her for”

Anywayy enjoy this fluffy mess

Brushing hands. Quick glances. Smiles hidden behind hands or menus. These were all Dan and Phil allowed themselves as they sat crammed into a bench seat at a restaurant. Going out to eat was both a luxury and a curse for them. On one hand, it offered a change from the everyday hurried meals between videos and tour planning and whatever else. On the other, it meant hiding. But since when was that new?

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