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Simblr Follower Train

So, a LOT of fandoms have this and I thought that the Simblr community in general needed one too. (Examples: xx / xx / xx / xx)
Basically, it works as following:

  • Reblog this ‘train’, if you post/reblog over 75% sims stuff
  • Follow 3-10 rebloggers of this post. They should be simblrs, so you’re good. (I will delete this post if it doesn’t get a lot of response)
  • Most ‘trains’ include a “follow me too!” but that’s totally optional. (TBH, I’m only making this post because I feel like we deserve a train too xD)
  • If everything goes as planned, you’ll get more followers, and maybe a few new friends too :D
Should’ve Known

Okay so I have wanted to write something for this fandom for a long time but I was fucking terrified. But I made this side blog so I can write (at least this one thing) and see how y’all feel about it. If it is well received, I may keep going or if it turns out not to be for me, I’ll cut my losses and move on. But there’s no harm in trying, right? So here goes. @wwe-smutfics @kairianneyukari21 Thanks for letting me tag you guys in this, I really appreciate it.

Seth Rollins/OC: Things get messy backstage and Dean lends you an Ambrose Asylum shirt because you got caught in the crossfire. Seth sees and freaks out, resulting in some jealousy smut in his dressing room.

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keepfaithbaby  asked:

Realistically, Renesmee should have been born mute. Or maybe she could have been autistic? Let's see how would have The Cullens treated her if she wasn't their perfect little daughter they always put on pedestal.

[Hopefully it’s okay that I combined these answers into one! They were dealing with similar ideas, so I went ahead and talked about them together.]

On the one hand, I’m pretty uncomfortable with the literary theme of a family having a child with a disability and learning moral lessons as a result. I’m glad SM didn’t go there. On the other, because so much emphasis is placed upon vampires being scientific in Twilight, I initially thought Bella’s undeniably horrific pregnancy should have had scientific repercussions. 

Contemporary research suggests that maternal diet during pregnancy– and, more specifically, starving during pregnancy– can have a negative impact on the child’s cardiovascular health, tendency to get diabetes, propensity towards obesity, and even their mental health. And, because these effects are epigenetic and stem from mutations in the child’s genetic code, they are heritable by future generations. (Jacob and Nessie’s hypothetical twins might not do so well in the genetic lottery, in other words.)

Obviously, if SM applied this principle, Renesmee would be at a significant disadvantage. You don’t want cardiovascular issues if you’re growing quickly and reliant upon a rapidly-beating heart. Perhaps unsurprisingly, though, SM went the “Nessie is perfect” route. 

Ultimately, I don’t think “scientific vampires” have much to do with SM’s world-building. I doubt she ever brainstormed their properties or how they differed from the traditional, magical vampire on anything but a superficial level. Rather, a key theme in Twilight is contempt towards humanity*. In more “supernatural” universes, vampires have spiritual/magical limitations– crosses, holy water, garlic, etc.– and humans have value beyond their physical abilities, by having a soul for instance. By getting rid of that, SM made Bella’s choice a lot easier. Bella was becoming a superhero, not sacrificing something significant. 

[*Although the theme of The Host seems to be ‘yay humanity!’, so I feel like SM grew as an author or got a better handle on the implications of her writing before publishing it.]

..so I was making gifs, when I noticed something…

So let’s look at this picture. Do you notice something that’s a little off?

Okay let’s go a little closer. Just look at his legs.

Do you see it now? That’s right. Those are not his slippers.


Okay, okay people lets just talk about this. So I’m scrolling through the Juvia tag and I keep seeing these post about how Juvia should just stop getting jealous and over thinking these things. But let’s just take a moment and realize that when she gets like that a lot of us fans love it. It is what has made her one of my favorite characters, she’s funny and even it times of trouble and danger she still does it I love her so much because of it too.

okay so I’m having a little moment of “the future is uncertain and i’m scared of that but also excited but confused ah i just have too many ideas/theories that i need to discuss with ppl/i need to hear what others have to say”…

basically, where do you guys see Dan+Phil in 5 years or so?
To elaborate, I mean, how do you see their relationship with YouTube change?and also how do you see their relationship, as either a duo/couple/brand, change? 



So today when I looked up the Clace tag I was so disappointed to see some of the stuff there.

First of all, CLACE DESERVED THAT KISS AND ALL THE MOMENTS THEY HAD. Saying rude things about them is just childish. Okay, if you don’t ship Clace, that’s your opinion, but going on about how it should have been a Malec kiss and that Clary and Jace shouldn’t have this much screen time is NOT OKAY.

Malec’s time will come, we all know that (and I for one can’t wait for that). So stop being so negative. Please. It’s so upsetting to go into the Clace tag and see things like: 


“They shouldn’t have done that in front of Alec” 

“A Malec kiss would’ve been better” 

“I can not allow this kiss because it hurts my baby Alec” 

“Fuck off the screen and let Malec have majority of the time”

“Why do you even ship Clace”

“Motherfuckers, not thinking about the people around them and hurting Alec”

REALLY? I mean, I’m trying to be calm here but what’s wrong with everyone? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW UPSETTING IT IS FOR THE CLACE SHIPPERS?

How would you feel if there was a Malec kiss and this ^ had been the reaction. I can’t even imagine what would have followed. 

You don’t like Clace? Okay, that’s your business but please stop being so rude. And if you must post these things then at least have the decency to not post it in the Clace tag.

Can we all just stop this negativity and have some peace?


Up In Smoke  by keelywolfe- Chapter 10
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Note: Welp, this is it. I’m out of town for the weekend and then back to work on Monday, so this’ll be the last of the daily updates. I wrote hard, though, and got back in the game and I’m feeling pretty good about it, so I thought we should end on a high note!

…okay, it’s a high note for me. Really high. We’ll see who agrees. By the way, remember how this is tagged explicit? Yeaaaaaaah, let’s stick with that.