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okay listen since the beginning of 2017 i’ve been sensing something really different about dnp and it’s been strangely just .. open. they seem more open to their audience and are allowing us to see more of their lives and it’s adorable ok. shameless flirting left and right i don’t think i’ve ever third wheeled this hard . they’re so much more touchy on camera and have included many things and aspects in their videos that most likely would’ve been cut a few years ago and it’s so endearing that they’d trust us and just continue doing what their doing and having no shame in showing the public how much love and adoration and respect they have for each other. most internet friendships don’t last very long but look at dnp over here defying the odds. very soon it’ll be 10 YEARS of dan and phil together and creating content with each other. you’re gonna come here and tell me that it’ll be 10 years of them being together almost all the time and they’re not in love? i hear all this talk about how they’re best friends so it should be okay blah blah i understand HOWEVER how many best guy friends do you see acting as loving as dan and phil?

tl;dr / dnp are in love and it’s making me emotional

tonight i realized how much i love you
watching you there,
seeing you smile.
tonight i remembered the past,
it’s been awhile now but my feelings have only grown.
i can’t talk about these emotions,
but i think about them all the time.
oh, what a wonderful memory,
when i was yours and you were mine.
—  i am so in love with you,
it’s okay that you don’t feel the same.
as long as you’re in my life, i’ll be okay.
but i can’t help but keep hope.
maybe one day.
Simblr Follower Train

So, a LOT of fandoms have this and I thought that the Simblr community in general needed one too. (Examples: xx / xx / xx / xx)
Basically, it works as following:

  • Reblog this ‘train’, if you post/reblog over 75% sims stuff
  • Follow 3-10 rebloggers of this post. They should be simblrs, so you’re good. (I will delete this post if it doesn’t get a lot of response)
  • Most ‘trains’ include a “follow me too!” but that’s totally optional. (TBH, I’m only making this post because I feel like we deserve a train too xD)
  • If everything goes as planned, you’ll get more followers, and maybe a few new friends too :D
  • <p> <b>Jesse Tuck:</b> All we see is sky for forever...<p/><b>Miles Tuck:</b> We let the world pass by for forever...<p/><b>Mae Tuck:</b> Feels like we could go on for forever this way.<p/></p>

So many people were interested in a continuation of the last short story (Sam Needs ALL the Brain Bleach Ever) that I created a new series (I’m calling it “Tales From a Candy Store”) which will have little snippets here and there. Some SFW, some not, most or all incredibly silly.

So, with that said, part 2 is up:

What’s Wrong With Polka Music?

Supernatural, AU, 850 words
Sam thinks he’s figured out why the rent was so cheap…

I’m hoping Sammy gets his revenge in the next chapter. We’ll see how it flows. I might do some more ridiculousness with Gabe first.

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Hi sorry! Can you do a reaction of you(girlfriend) being teased by them because you are overprotective. Sorry, but I love your reactions p.s. hope it made sense ^^^

Remember, kids. Being overly overprotective of your significant other isn’t always the healthiest thing. Anyways, hope you enjoy @stephthejapanesepenguin


“You’re so overprotective, (Y/N). Are you going to cook dinner for me so i don’t cut my finger?” *bats his eyes at you like a child* 


“(Y/N), you should be able to trust me. Please don’t call me every hour to check up on me.” *at his wits end* 


“(Y/N)~ If you worry every single thing about me, how will you survive when I’m away for a concert? Are you going to tag along to all the concerts?” 


“I’m not a child, (Y/N)! I only lost my wallet once! I don’t want to carry a man purse around, (Y/N)!”


*tackles you back with his hugs* “I don’t need you to protect me from every little thing, (Y/N). I’m the boyfriend. Let me do my job.”


“Are you jealous, (Y/N)? Should i not go around hugging other people?” *sees Jungkook and goes to tackle him*   


“I’m really okay, (Y/N). My tonsils are no longer inflamed. Really!”

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First off I'm so glad I found this blog! I love Estellise (Did I spell that right?) and her adventures with Zaid are so cute~ I've been considering making a blog for my own Rune Factory OC Florence (Who I shameless ship with Ondorus) and was wondering if you had any tips?


I think you should definitely go for it, and I’d support you and your OC 100%, as well as their relationship with a pre-existing character! 
Let’s see… I got started by posting things in the “you in rf meme” tag (it’s quieted down a bit recently but people still post in and check it!), and I pretty much just gave a brief introduction of Estellise, likes/dislikes, and things like that (the art is very old now though, forgive me). Once I got her backstory figured out, I made this blog dedicated to Estellise, and it took off from there! I had a place where I could neatly organize her backstory, relationships, and everything else about her. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve met a lot of people who have supported her relationship with Zaid along with me, which is something I never expected to happen and I am truly grateful for ;u;

Anyway though, I feel like I’m starting to ramble on. You don’t have to join the yirf community of course, and I’ll still support you no matter what you decide to do! If you do decide to though, @dorksinselphia​ is a good resource for questions you might have and other characters in the community. And hey, if you go through with making a blog for Florence, maybe Estellise could even befriend them at some point! She’s very familiar with Ondorus, so it could definitely work, if you wanted! c:

Aaaahhh, well, I hope this was helpful? I’m still really excited so I’m not sure if I organized my thoughts well enough, but if you have any other questions or anything, please feel free to let me know! And thank you, again, SO much! <3


   ‘   do you think he was just doing that to make me jealous?  
   ‘   i don’t know if it’s a booty call or not.   
☞     ‘  
she’s so short and that dress is so tacky.   ’
☞     ‘   after we go to the bathroom, can we go smoke a cigarette?   ’
☞     ‘   but first, let me take a selfie.   ’
☞     ‘   i wanna look tan.   ’
☞     ‘   how about livin’ with my bitches, hash tag LIVE!”   
☞     ‘   let me take another selfie.   ’
☞     ‘   they definitely bought all their instagram followers.   ’
☞     ‘   okay, let’s go take some shots. oh no, wait, i think i’m gonna throw up –
             wait, nevermind, i’m fine.    ’
☞     ‘   should i go home with him?   ’
☞     ‘   i guess i took a good selfie.   ’
☞     ‘   i drink too much and that’s an issue, but i’m okay.  ’
☞     ‘   hey, tell your friends it’s nice to meet them, but i hope i never see them again.  
☞     ‘   i know it broke your heart.   ’
☞     ‘   i/you moved to the city in a broke-down care and for years, no phone calls.   ’
☞     ‘   you look just as good as the day i met you.   ’
☞     ‘   now you’re looking pretty in a hotel bar.   ’
☞     ‘   i can’t remember why i left you. i was insane.   ’
☞     ‘   i’ll bite that tattoo on your shoulder.  ’
☞     ‘   play that blink 182 song that we beat to death in tucson.   ’
☞     ‘   baby, pull me closer in the back seat of your rover that i know you can’t afford.   ’
☞     ‘   one day i’ll stand with a crown on my head like a god.   ’
☞     ‘   let me chase what i was made for.   ’
☞     ‘   pull the sheets right off the corner of that mattress that you stole from your
             roommates back in boulder.   ’
☞     ‘   i was made for paradise.   ’
☞     ‘   we could waste the night with an old film, and smoke some weed on the couch
             in the back room.   ’
☞     ‘   i wanna be like kanye.   ’
☞     ‘  we ain’t ever getting older.   ’

Okay, okay people lets just talk about this. So I’m scrolling through the Juvia tag and I keep seeing these post about how Juvia should just stop getting jealous and over thinking these things. But let’s just take a moment and realize that when she gets like that a lot of us fans love it. It is what has made her one of my favorite characters, she’s funny and even it times of trouble and danger she still does it I love her so much because of it too.