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victor and yuuri: *have obvious romantic feelings for eachother, kissed on tv in front of family and friends, have a healthy relationship, are flirty af, are so close, act like a married couple, (if they were a boy and a girl you wound’t be questioning their love), are so in love, look at eachother with love*    
y’all: when are they gonna acknowledge the kiss? if they don’t do it, then it didn’t happen and they’re not canon
me: *making gifs of these boyfriends, tries to respect other people’s opinions*


“It’s not like it’s my job to keep people entertained with the Meowth, but eh…they seem to like the company. It’s kind of different seeing as all I get is either Team Skull or ten year olds.”


“…Everyone get off my property, immediately–”

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Person: Are you ok?

Me: Yeah.

What I mean: No. No, I’m not okay. I so so badly need episode 9 right now. I need to know if Makkachin will be safe. I need to know how Yuuri will do on his Free Skate without Viktor by his side. I need to know Viktor’s current and genuine emotional state. I need to know about Yurio’s family situation. I need to know if Yakov will actually coach Yuuri. I need to know if Phichit will advance to the Grand Prix Final. I need to know why Sala has been keeping an eye on Yuuri. I need to know more about the twin’s relationship. I need to know more about JJ and of course my bby Seung-gil. I need to know why Yuuri looked like that in the preview. I need to know who will qualify for the Grand Prix Final. I need to know how to get over Viktor and Yuuri’s kiss from episode 7, because fuck I still haven’t gotten over it. I need to know… I need to know how to get a life…


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Y'all if Yuri’s theme for season two is “life” and Victor’s is “love” I’m gonna lose it


Have you ever thought…like…what if, after Blind Betrayal, Sole brought along Hancock, or Nick, onto the Prydwen, and the Brotherhood starts to realize “hey…here is a synth and a ghoul, and they’re not attacking anyone…and sole trusts them, and sole’s like super cool so if sole could trust them, then we can.” And they start to have a change of heart, like Curie comes along and helps them out and shes so kind and nice and helpful and she helps out Cade with taking care of the soliders and healing their injuries and the soliders are like in like with her, and they realize “holy guacamole, shes a synth too and shes like super kind” and then they start to realize “Danse wasn’t a bad guy, he was really helpful and he loved the brotherhood as much as the next human” so they just start to go to elder Maxson and Maxson starts having a change of heart as well, and he really misses Danse. He misses having his best friend and best solider on board. So he tells sole to go get him, and Danse is reluctant at first, but when he shows up, everyone’s out there and they clap for him, and Danse gives the bos salute and Maxson is so happy, and everyone’s tearing up and there’s fanfare. And Danse is so happy to have his armor back and his room and to just be back in the Brotherhood, and nothing changes. Except now they start allowing ghouls, and synths and people who want to fight for the good of the commonwealth. And Maxson starts hanging out with the companions more, and he hangs out with Maccready a lot cause they’re like bros (I can honestly see Maxson calling Maccready Mac, and Maccready calling Maxson, Max plus they’re the same age I think so maybe they can relate to things) and Nick sorts of become a father figure for him, and Maxson finally starts smiling more and finally years of psychological damage can be undone and healed.

But I mean…it’s just a thought