okay last one of hope from the video

the ending is soo rushed and a little goofy, but this video is in response to a message i just got

thank you for trying to tear me down, and i’m sorry you failed. thank god i have learned to trust the voice in my head, and not the voices of strangers who are too insecure with themselves to realize/to care how a message like this could have been received. 

from the very bottom of my heart, i hope you learn to be okay with yourself. i hope you think about why you sent this, and i hope it’s the last one you send. but trust me when i say, you have not won. 

the majority of my concern lies in that there are others all across this community who get these kinds of messages, and who don’t react the way i do. i will not stop talking about how influential cyber bullying (because that’s what this is) can be on someone until, to use trump’s words, “evil losers” like yourself realize what it is that you’re doing, and find it in your heart to stop.

(also a special appearance from my youngest sister halfway through)

“Maybe he has a weird fetish.”

“He’s a stripper.”

“He’s secretly Edward Cullen.”

“A stripper Edward Cullen.”

“Girls, come on!”

Rosaline and Livia stop grinning like lunatics at each other to stare at their cousin. Juliet stares right back, unamused pout on her lips and closed fists on her hips – she thinks it makes her look threatening in some way, but Juliet is as scary as a kitten on a good day. As it is, both sisters just smirk at their cousin, not chastised in the least.

Still, the question remains – why Romeo’s cousin keeps finding excuses to skip on their gathering, and how glitter seems to be following him everywhere. Not that Rosaline really minds his absence – if he has a weird kink going on with his habit to open the legs of every Not-Capulet girl in town, then so be it. And if he can do it as far away from her as possible so she doesn’t have to spend time with him, then even better.

The less the merrier, when it comes to Montagues.

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so now that billy is gonna start watching s4 there’s probably gonna be some more controversy, s4 brought up a lot of arguments and anger in this fandom and if you’re watching his reactions you’re about to go through all that again, billy has become a bit overinflated, we sort of latched on because of the ending of skam but it’s mostly been all in good fun and i hope we can remember that, while i do really like watching his videos please remember that he’s just some random guy from massachusetts and he’s definitely not gonna be prefect, s4 gets confusing, he’s probably gonna miss stuff, assume wrong things, yell at characters for wrong reason or characters you might love, and possibly skip over important parts, he’s already done some things that made me side eye him a bit but he’s also said good things and been quite observant in ways, let’s please not take out our frustrations on this guy when we are responsible for him having a decently large public following, i’ve liked watching people react to skam because i’m a person that loves looking at how different people interpret things, the whole time i’ve watched skam i’ve gone through blogs and posts of people i didn’t agree with just to see where they were coming from, so if you watch his videos be prepared to come up against something that frustrates you, take the time to make a comment explaining why you believe he’s wrong if you want to but we already went through a lot of fighting and hate as a fandom this last season and i think everything will be better if we avoid repeating all that because of this one guy, all i’m saying is let’s try and be chill, okay?

a very kinky 2016, in chronological order

oh 2016, what a year you’ve been. stressful, yet succesful and definitely very kinky for one Dan Howell.

and thus, because i’m a giant trashcan with nothing better to do, here’s a journey through Dan’s 2016 in kinks☆.。.:* (and in chronological order)

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Mama Said Knock You Out

an: I will never be able to put aside a Captain Cobra plot bunny, it is official. Just a silly little look into my future hopes for this stupid, awful family.

Mama Said Knock You Out

Killian is not a fan of the education system in Storybrooke. It’s all very confusing - brightly lit hallways prone to bequeathing headaches, ugly tiles lining the corridor, closed doors on every side that remind him vaguely of prison cells, the colorful, glittery posters hanging from walls and ceilings in the script he has come to know as “Teenage Girl Handwriting” - the school is sterile and gloomy and it’s hardly a wonder to him that this whole country has children failing out of the system constantly.

As he strolls through the atrium and into the main office, his boots clicking along the tiles, he tries very hard to ignore the feel of eyes on his back - the whole female population of Storybrooke High seems to have developed a crush in the six months since Henry began high school, and Henry has been inundated with a rush of new friends of the feminine persuasion, all of whom are quite keen to spend time with him outside of the classroom.

In his house.

Swan finds it hilarious - tells him if she’d known earlier the kind of entertainment it would bring she would have asked him to move in sooner. Killian is not amused.

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anonymous asked:

I have a KBTBB headcannon request! they find out that when MC was a teenager, she was a popular J-pop star and she's just super embarrassed because she wore all these frilly, skimpy and cutesy outfits. (Like, they can be looking up music videos of hers or something from when she a pop star).






Eisuke Ichinomiya: Eisuke’s eyes are sparkling mischievously as he watches your MV carefully. You can’t stop blushing as you avoid his eyes, but you can’t help but glance every so often between Eisuke and the computer screen, where your teenage self is dancing and singing beautifully. “I’m impressed, ______.” Eisuke finally speaks up, turning to face you with a little smirk. “You look adorable and innocently sexy to me.”

Soryu Oh: When Soryu first sees you on the screen, he blinks in surprise. He can’t believe that it’s you there, but when the camera faces you, he feels his heart flutter at the familiar sight of your lovely face staring back at him. But then Soryu finally realizes your cutesy outfit, complete with frills and a skirt shorter than he’d like. A blush creeps across his cheeks, and the two of you remain in an embarrassing silence until Soryu speaks up to compliment you sweetly.

Ota Kisaki: Ota nods appreciatively as he continues to watch your music video carefully. When the song is over, you peek up at him to see his reaction. He’s smirking devilishly down at you, and you blush furiously. “I always knew my Koro was cute—but this just tops it all off perfectly,” Ota winks at you teasingly as he kisses your cheek fleetingly. His teasing smile grows ever wider when he sees your face turn even pinker.

Mitsunari Baba: Baba claps excitedly at the end of the MV, turning to look at you with bright eyes. “My princess, you were amazing! That was marvelous!” You blush furiously at Baba’s compliments, and your face turns redder when Baba reaches out to pull you into a hug. Making you sit on his lap, Baba reaches around you to go to the next MV of yours, humming along quietly with a smile as the two of you watch your teenage self sing and dance your heart out.

Mamoru Kishi: Tearing his gaze from the screen to smirk at you, Mamoru teasingly says to you, “How long were you planning to hide this from me, sweetheart?” A smirk spreads across Mamoru’s face as you blush. “For as long as I could have!” You snap back at him, turning pink in the face. Mamoru chuckles before pulling you in for a kiss on your nose. “Well, you look adorable to me, baby girl. Not a bad voice for a kid either.” Mamoru winks at you as you blush even harder.

OH MAMO STOP *blushes*


Hope you enjoyed <333

-Tiffy ^_^


hi!  i just stumbled upon your blog and have really, really enjoyed it.  I’m a very big animal lover and try to do everything i can for my pets to make them happy.  i sometimes have to take my cat with me to my grandma’s house when I need to stay over there - she has a cat, too, and i think they get along well… they sleep cuddled together, they play (i think), and my cat will sometimes let my grandma’s cat groom him.  i’m submitting this video because i was wondering if you could tell me if they’re actually playing or if they’re fighting, and if they seem stressed.  the last thing i want is for either of them to be uncomfortable, so if they are i’ll refrain from having them interact.  my cat is the grey one (scooter) and my grandma’s is the black and white one (jackson)

thanks so much and i hope this is an okay submission!

This is actually a great submission, and a really interesting one. 

First, this is definitely not a fight, so no worries there. Fights in the animal kingdom are generally fast and brutal - this is all slow and casual and the animals are still pretty relaxed.

Without knowing the play style of Jackson (the black and white cat) it’s hard to say how much he’s really into this as play and how much he’s tolerating it. Either way, it looks fine to let continue to me. 

What I’m seeing is Scooter initiating play with Jackson and being what seems like a little too intense with it for the other cat (which, again, comes down to my not knowing how Jackson likes to play - maybe he’s just that tentative about it in general). You can see he sort of pulls back and disengages from Scooter - there’s a pause where he stops playing along and Scooter sort of stops for a second. Then, they wrassle and it’s still a little intense, but Jackson plays along for a while. If he really didn’t like it, he could easily disengage and walk away from any of it.

Then, around 0:23, Scooter pins his head down and Jackson obviously doesn’t like it - he pulls away and moves away from the other cat. Scooter doesn’t seem to get the message and goes after him for continued play and tries to pin him again, at which point Jackson sort of pins him down and then disengages by sitting up. Right at the end of the video, you see Jackson doing a shake-off (a common appeasement / stress release behavior seen in dogs too) as a way of sort of taking a break. I’d have loved to see how things happened for like the next ten seconds after that, but oh well. 

So, overall, they don’t seem to be super well matched for play style but there’s nothing to worry about or prevent here. Jackson seems to be willing to stand up for himself when Scooter wants to play too hard or doesn’t listen to his to the signals he’s giving. You’d want to intervene if one cat was playing too rough and risking hurting the other, or if one was bullying the other into play and not stepping back when reprimanded or given appeasement signals. 


NEW VIDEO: “Guessing YouTubers’ First Tweets” ft. Alfie Deyes - hope y'all like this one, we had SO MUCH FUN. Reblog if you want me to stalk your blog! :]


I made a post last night asking if anyone was interested in coming together to do something for the guys to show how much of a positive impact their music has on us. If you’ve ever gone through a tough time or had a bad day and found comfort in turning on one of their songs or maybe you met your best friend (online or not) because of the band–it could be anything–and you want to say a little thank you then I hope you participate!


Okay so basically the idea is to make a music video type thing featuring pictures and video clips from fans (you can hold up a sign with your message on it, make a short video by yourself or with a friend saying why you love 5sos, or anything else you can think of–get creative!) 

If you need some inspiration, I did something similar to this a few years back and this video was the outcome. You can check it out for an idea of what the video is going to end up like.

I’ll probably make a gmail account for submissions because it’s a lot easier than having things submitted on Tumblr. Which I’ll do at some point…

All right then…

That’s all I can think of to say about this for now. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me! I was thinking of using the song Disconnected for the video, but I’m open to suggestions so let me know! 

Please reblog to spread the word!!


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TAG TYLER! Thank you for the overwhelming support you have given to me with my last post to him. I am completely in awe at all the help I’ve gotten. Thank you. I can only hope he sees this.

Dear tyleroakley,

I know this may seem like a crazy idea, but its a dream. If there is one thing I’ve learned from you… it’s to chase your dreams and to never give up. I can only hope you will see this, and I am give the chance to take you to my prom. So what do you say? “okay.”

Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Db2s7N0RRSA

Twitter: @TylerToProm

Cameron Dallas Imagine (Smack Cam) requested by run-away-with-me-to-paradise

Your POV

We were currently in a hotel room for Magcon. We were all in Matt and Carter’s room filming a video for Carter’s youtube. I was sitting with my back pressed against Cameron’s chest. We have been dating for quite a bit now and I couldn’t be happier. 

Carter was going off saying something when Cameron kissed my cheek. 

“I gotta run to the washroom bae. Be right back.” He said. 

“Mkay.” I said while pecking his lips. Hayes sat in front of me and smiled. He always had a little crush on me and I thought it was cute. I looked and saw Matt, Aaron, and the Jacks point their phones towards us. I looked and saw Nash with an evil grin. 

“Shit" I thought ”Smack Cam time.“ 

Nash was ready to go. I guess Hayes knew what he was doing though because when Nash went to go smack him Hayes dodged and Nash hit me by mistake. 

The boys gasped and looked to me. 

"OW!” I yelped. It stung so bad. 

“WHAT THE HELL!” I heard Cam yell. Tears pricked my eyes and I was holding the side of my face. 

“Dude I went for Hayes I didn’t mean to hit her!” Nash told him. 

“I DON’T CARE YOU SMACKED MY GIRLFRIEND!” Cameron was pissed. Which wasn’t good. I couldn’t say anything because my tears kept falling. My face stung so bad. Nash really knows how to hit. I felt arms go around me and I saw Shawn smiling sadly. Taylor came to the other side and put my head in his lap. I was closest with those 2 besides Cam. They were my bestfriends. 

I looked up and Taylor gasped. Shawn looked and his eyes went wide. 

“What?” I croaked. I pulled my phone out and opened the camera. I teared up more when I saw my face red and swollen. I sobbed and Cam looked at me. His expression hardening. 


“IM SORRY.” Nash defended.

“YOUR SUCH AN IDIOT.” Cam said. The started wrestling about it which worried me. They play fought sure all the guys did, but Cam was mad now. Something bad was going to happen. 

“You okay Noelle?” Shawn asked. I nodded my head. I really wasn’t okay.

“I will go get you ice to bring down the swelling.” Taylor said before gently taking my head of his lap. He got up and went to get the ice. I looked back to Nash and Cam.


“I DIDN’T MEAN TO.” Nash said while trying to push Cameron down. 

“I DON’T CARE.” Cam yelled while putting him in a headlock. 

Taylor came back with the ice and gently put it to my cheek. I hissed cause of the stinging. 

“You’ll be okay Noelle.” He said soothingly. 

“YOUR SUCH AN ASS.” I heard Cam shout.

“CAM STOP.” Nash yelled at him. 

“NO YOU HURT HER NOW I HURT YOU!” Cam screamed. 

“STOP IT BOTH OF YOU RIGHT NOW!” I managed to yell. Both boys looked at me. 

“Cam it was an accident he went for Hayes but he dodged it. Nash, it’s okay, but make sure I’m not in the smack zone next time.” I told them. 

“I’m sorry Noelle..” Nash said sadly. 

“I know, it’s fine.” I said reassuringly. 

“You okay bae?” Cam asked coming over to me. He took the ice pack away and took in the sight. He sighed and kissed my cheek. 

“I’ll be okay. Just calm down, it was an accident.” I soothed. He relaxed and sat by me pulling me in his lap. 

“I’m sorry my friends are stupid.” He told me. they all shouted “HEY!” at the same time causing me to laugh. 

“I love them anyways, and I love you. I’ll just get Nash back.” I told him with a smirk. Nash looked at me with wide eyes and I grinned. 

“Watch out.” I warned him. He gulped and nodded. Cam laughed and pressed his lips to mine. 

“You’re sure you’re okay?” He asked one last time. 

“Yes now we have a video to film.” I told them all. We got in our original places and restarted the whole video. It was all laughs from then on. 

A/N: Here ya go!! I hope you like it! I tried :) 

Anywayss if you want an imagine or ship don’t be afraid to request. go ahead and request right hurr :) 

You’re A Fan And He Likes You (Michael/4)

Request: no idea if this has been done before, but could you do one where Michael has once bumped into a fan, then bought her a drink and they had a quick chat. And like, theyve never kept in touch bc Michael was too scared to exchange numbers with her. Lets just say 5SOS were shooting a MV for The Only Reason and meets the fan while on set. Michael was really tensed bc he fancies her. She tries calming him down, mike was getting the hang of it. and kisses her before the kissing scene.



Two Months Ago…

“Hey, how are you?” Michael asks as he approaches you.

You’re trying not to scream, you don’t want to scare him off. Instead, you simply just say…

“I’m good thanks, you?”

“I’m really good thanks. Hey I like your shirt!” He smiles, pointing to your Fall Out Boy shirt.

“Thanks, I got it at their last tour” You reply, proudly.

“Oh you went to see them?” He questions

You nod happily, “Yeah”

After you broke the ice with a conversation about bands you both like, you went onto just talk about music and why you like it so much. You could tell he was really into the conversation by the way he gets all excited when he talks, and how his speech gets faster and faster and his voice louder and louder.

“Michael come on, we’ve gotta go!” Ashton suddenly calls from the van

“Oh…err…can I…erm…” He stutters as if he was about to say something, “It was nice talking to you”


“We’re going to select a few of you at random and then you’re going to follow me into the studio, okay?” A guy shouts to the crowd

5sos are shooting a music video for The Only Reason today and they need a bunch of fans to star in it alongside them. So many people have shown up, they can only have a certain amount of you.

“Okay, this chunk, from this girl to this girl, you can come. Follow me” The guy smiles

Your friends start pushing you along, which is when it sinks in that you’re one of those chosen.

You begin to get excited. The last time you saw Michael, you had this real conversation and you made some sort of connection with him. You hope he recognises you.

The guy leads you straight into the studio and explains exactly what you’re needed to do. No-one is really paying any attention though, because they’re all interested in finding the boys.

“Oh are these the guys joining in our video today?” Ashton asks as he approaches the group, the other boys following.

Michael is obliviously looking through the crowd, drinking what seems to be a coffee.

Your friends turn to you and giggle, before they grab you and push you towards him, so much that you go flying into him.

“Hey are you ok-” Michael begins to ask but he pauses when he looks at you, “Err…oh my…hi”

“Hi Michael” You blush

“It’s…I didn’t expect to see you again” He says

You shrug, “Surprise?”

“I, err, look, I…come with me” He says, taking you by the hand and pulling you off somewhere else.

“I know this sounds crazy because we’ve only met once but I always remember back to when I met you and I always think to myself why was I such an idiot? I was gonna ask for your number and I was half way through saying it but then I just got really nervous so I just thought I’d get over it because I meet a lot of girls every day so I was bound to have my mind taken off of you but I never did and I’m sorry for rambling but I’m just so nervous because I really like yo-”

“MICHAEL!” You yell, “It’s okay, it’s okay, just breathe…hand me your phone”

He pulls his phone out and hands it over, so you save your number to his phone.

“There…you’ve got my number…text me whenever” You laugh

He sighs, “I’m sorry, this is so uncool”

“It’s not” You shake your head, “I’m reacting the same way you are inside”

“You’re obviously better at hiding it than me” He declares

You shrug, “I’m a professional fangirl, we deal with this all the time”

You both laugh, and he brushes your hair out of your eyes and takes your face in his hands, “You know there’s a kissing scene in the video?”

You nod, “Uh-huh?”

“And…the model, she err, she didn’t turn up, so I don’t know if this is crazy but, would you like to stand in for her?” He asks, biting his lip

“Depends who I’d be kissing” You smirk

“Me” He replies instantly, “And it would go a little like this…”

He presses his lips gently to yours and you kiss back, but let him take the lead.

“Mich-” You hear Ashton begin, “Oh…”

You hear him walk off again and announce to the guys, “Think we found someone to stand in for that model”

You and Michael pull away and just look at each other in awe.

“So…will you do it?”

You nod, “Yeah. I’ll do it.”


Finishing off the Michael requests today!