okay last one i'm sorry

korra: i have to find my own path as the avatar.

katara: i know you do. aang’s time has passed. my brother and many of my friends are gone.

zuko *flies by on his dragon*: KATARA WHAT THE HELL

toph *pops up from a hole in the ground*: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE DEAD!

katara: sometimes i can still hear their voices…


Part 3 - The Dream Synopsis

Isn’t it boring when I talk about my dreams?

Harry was twenty years old when he first saw the blue room.
Yet nothing had changed.
Three years on, nothing had changed.
It came from nowhere. It wasn’t like he had a sudden change of lifestyle. It wasn’t like anything tragic happened. Everything was as it always was.
It just happened.

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I Apologize in Advance

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I’ve never mentioned it, but I’m a Mercy main. And this woman is so important to me. Lord. And since I didn’t have a Valentine this year, enjoy some Mercy feels. 

I’m so sorry. (Listen to this to make it hurt even more)

  • Mercy dies. Now we may all see this as a common thing in-game, but canonly, Mercy has never fallen. Not once. For who would ever be there to bring her back again?
  • She is always at her most vulnerable when flying in to declare that ‘heroes never die’, and she knows this, knows the stakes are too high and the environment too hostile, but she does it anyway.
  • Her significant other is the last soul she ever saves–imagine this to be who you will, I refuse to drag the ship war into this post–and their horrified face is burned into her retinas before everything goes dark.
  • Every person who has ever been revived by Mercy has received a golden scar in place of the killing blow. Some team mates are covered in flawless gold more than others, but in their hearts they all know they carry a piece of her with them. 
  • Until she falls. The moment the life leaves her eyes, those glimmering blessings fade into dark knots of scar tissue. Dull, just like the world has become without her in it. The only one that retains its glow is a piercing mark above her significant other’s heart, brought on by the most lethal blow of all–losing her.
  • Hundreds are in attendance for her funeral. All of them come baring stories of her compassion, of seeing her brilliant wings and a smile on her lips as the pain faded away, as the darkness fled and breath returned to once still lungs. So many of them keep glancing down at various scars, as if still in disbelief that the light behind them is gone. That she is gone.
  • As the skies open up and her body is lowered into the soil, the heavens weep for the woman who showed mercy one last time.


A lady Founder looking pretty in pink for anon

well… in pink anyways

A continuation of this that I didn’t think I’d actually do but…here it is anyway.  Again, Blackmadhi, with implied past Blackbright/Phantomquill and a lot of focus on Simon’s mental state.  Deals once again with Simon’s PTSD and includes descriptions of a panic attack.  Approx. 2600 words.

After that first night, Simon would be lying if he said that things hadn’t gotten better with Nahyuta within the next couple of days.  

The investigation seemed to run smoother, and even though they still bickered some, it was mostly teasing, and the two prosecutors would smile at each other after delivering some half-hearted insults. Yes, once in a while they would actually get frustrated, but that was mostly due to the contrasts in their personalities.  Luckily, it would not really last.

Nahyuta was even able to find a local restaurant that specialized in Japanese food, and surprised Simon with that one evening, which had made him smile rather happily instead of just giving one of his trademark sly smirks.  He could have sworn he saw Nahyuta’s cheeks tinge pink after that, but perhaps he had just imagined it, because the foreign prosecutor had turned his face away.

Even the nights had gotten a little bit better, if only because Nahyuta had been able to drag him out of his nightmares almost as quickly as they began.  Each time he slept, as soon as Fulbright’s face materialized in his mind, Nahyuta was gently shaking Simon awake.  It was poetic, Simon couldn’t help but think…when Fulbright’s face – only existing in his unconscious thoughts – disappeared and Nahyuta’s took its place. At times, Simon had felt an overwhelming urge to reach out and touch the other prosecutor’s features…his cheeks, his hair, his lips…if only because Simon wanted to make sure that he was real.

And that his face was actually his own.

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(the british library flickr+discworld 3/?

Granny Weatherwax was often angry. She considered it one of her strong points.  

One Last Perfect Day

okay so this is basically the exact opposite of my other fanfic lol it’s super sad and i may have cried like 4 times whilst writing it. seriously, don’t read it if you don’t want to be a little bit sad. i decided to post this because my other fanfic had some positive comments on it so uh thanks?? really made my day!! this fanfic is honestly a mess of feelings and yeah.

summary: Dan can’t help but reminisce about the past that he’d spent with Phil. He struggles to cope with the recent death of his friend. 

disclaimer: the way that dan blames himself in part for phil’s death isn’t healthy or right. if you’re particularly sensitive to the subject of drunk driving, PLEASE DON’T READ THIS FIC or just read the fluffy part until the end. I have a pic called cereal box that is much cuter and is literally just some adorable fluff. i’m not claiming that dan and phil are dating. i am DEFINITELY not claiming that either of them are dead (thank god). also this might make you sad and I may have mistakes because my tears make it hard to read what i’m writing :)

warnings: in case you didn’t read the summary, major character death (it isn’t suicide, just a heads up!), a little bit of gay, a lot of angst, idk what it’s called but when you feel guilty over somebody else’s death even though it was totally out of your control, lots of pheels

genre: fluff (italicized) and angst (normal text)

word count: 2,079

how to read the fanfic: okay so the part that’s italicized is a memory of the past, and refers to phil in second tense (though i may have messed up on that because it’s hard to see what you write when you’re actually crying) and the normal text is the present and mostly refers to phil in the third tense (except in a few parts but you get what i mean). the italicized part is happy and fluffy until the last one, so if you don’t want the angst, read the italicized parts!! the fluff isn’t that good, but it’s kinda cute so i guess if you only like the fluff just read those parts:) i included both so that you could see the parallels between dan’s life with and without phil.


I woke up and you were next to me. You were next to me in my bed and next to me in my life. You said that you didn’t want to waste the day away. While I would have normally objected to going outside, you just looked so excited and I had no idea how I could say no to that face. I groaned, tired, but agreed to go. I got up and got dressed, grabbing little but my phone and slipping out the door, you dragging me along because it seemed you were excited to show me something, but I had no clue what.

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Leo Tsukinaga for @legalizetentacles

Couples Tag Game

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Name 5 different otps from 5 different fandoms:

1-Ichiruki- (IchigoXRukia) Bleach

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2-TiPo- (TigressXPo) Kung Fu Panda

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3-WildeHopps- (NickXJudy) Zootopia

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4-WidowTracer- (TracerXWidowmaker) Overwatch

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5-Lapidot- (Lapis LazulliXPeridot) Steven Universe

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