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100 Dialogue Prompts
  1. “Where the hell did that baby come from, Marissa?!" 
  2. “Did you destroy the world AGAIN?”
  3. "What do you mean you’re a serial killer?”    
  4. “Listen, you can’t just keep shoving people off the sides of cliffs.”
  5. “Oh my god. I thought you were dead.”
  6. “That wasn’t there before”
  7. “So what now?” “I have no idea, I thought that would kill us”
  8. “I can’t believe you’re married to death, again!”
  9. “Assassination would seem to be a better career, with your skillset.”
  10. “It’s not my fault that the snails committed mutiny!”
  11. “It’s situations like this that make me question why I follow you anywhere.”
  12. “Where did this dog come from?”
  13. “Did you remember to take the skin off?”
  14. “I was going to ask what you’re doing, but at this point, I don’t think I want to know.”
  15. “Why is there a corpse in the bathtub?”
  16. “What in tarnation”
  17. “I love you, I’ll make you love me too”
  18. “This would be a lot easier if you sat still.”
  19. “You see, it all began when it spoke back.”
  20. “This is the pit where we keep the cube that screams.”
  21. “Why did you steal my door?”
  22. “Why didn’t you just listen to me…”
  23. “Hey, you finally made it!”
  24. “Wait, there were only three of them. Why are there now four?”
  25. “How do you ‘accidentally’ hit someone hard enough to rip a hole through time and space?”
  26. “Why is there bloodstains on the floor, honey?”
  27. “… Why are you… eating tacos at 3 AM?” “Why not?”
  28. “Why would you train your gerbil army to take over the world and enslave humanity?!”
  29. “Are toasters supposed to float?”
  30. “Honey, did you eat the dog”
  31. “Hey bro, where’s our sister?” “Um… we don’t have a sister.”
  32. “Wanna help me steal a giraffe?”
  33. “I told you that you would regret it, now we’ve ended up like this.”
  34. “Why are your clothes all wet? Why are you covered in glitter? Why does your sister have wings? Ah- get off the carpet! It’s getting all wet!”
  35. “You’re not actually sure, are you?”
  36. “What do you expect me to do? I’m a magician, not a wizard!”
  37. “Dad? What are you doing here? This is a spaceship.”
  38. “Mom says I can’t burn the city hall with you. She said that we’re going to my aunt that day.”
  39. “You….you just don’t understand..”
  40. “Okay, so. No more caffeine for you, that’s apparent.”
  41. “Where were you last night?”
  42. “Okay but have you seen what my hair does?! I kills people!”
  43. “I don’t think you understand the term 'dead or alive’, because I don’t know if this thing IS dead or alive”
  44. “What do you mean, ‘there wasn’t a murder weapon’?”
  45. “Time flies, but I can fly faster.”
  46. “You just crashed with MY podship into that wall and all you say is »It’s just a scratch«?”
  47. “Now sweetie, don’t get scared when you hear the gunshots, okay? Just don’t come to the house.”
  48. “and… why do you have a gorilla in your room again?”
  49. “Okay, last question: why is there an owl in the fridge?”
  50. “Well shit, you’re hotter than i was expecting.”
  51. “It turns out, space isn’t actually the final frontier”
  52. “If I had hands right now I would choke you.”
  53. “…why did you think it would be a good idea to set that on fire?”
  54. “Close your eyes, sweetie. They can’t get you then.”
  55. “That tiger, that tiger eats humans”
  56. “I swear, if ONE more person comes at me with their hot dog buns–”
  57. “If you would have just kissed them, we wouldn’t be in this mess! Now we’re tied up on traintracks about to be smushed like bugs!”
  58. “Do I want to know why your'e in my apartment wearing only sport shorts which are quite tight?”
  59. “What do you mean that woman wasn’t you?”
  60. “Why is there a dog on the couch?!”
  61. “Stop dude stop, you scared the dogs.”
  62. “What on earth made you think the banana was a good idea?
  63. "Do I want to know whats in the box”
  64. “Wait, no! Please don’t leave me here, it’s getting dark. Have you not heard the stories of the things in these woods?”
  65. “Those were shoes yesterday”
  66. “Can I at least put on my socks first?”
  67. “Why is the Devil in your living room?” “It’s Saturday, Tom. Date night.”
  68. “John, get your damn death ray off of my cat’s bed. You’ve given poor Fluffy radiation poisoning!”
  69. “I get it, you think I don’t care about you. You think I want nothing to do with you… And you’re right.”
  70. “No. Not after last time.”
  71. “What made you think you could survive this?”
  72. “No! I never said you could reenact General Sherman’s Total War tactic from the Civil War! We’re gonna get arrested!”
  73. “Why does our 8 y/o daughter think that THAT werewolf is her pet dog?! He’s been terrorizing our entire town!!”
  74. “Have you even bothered to consider your options before deciding to bungee jump into the Pacific?”
  75. “That is NOT how you bury a dead body, Jared!”
  76. “Do you know where the cat is? I haven’t seen it in two weeks…”
  77. “You did what?!” “It’s not that big of a deal” “You killed a man!”
  78. “But you love me, don’t you? So you’ll forgive me.”
  79. “I don’t care.”
  80. “You’re a fucking asshole, you know that, right?”
  81. “You’d be surprised how flexible a sloth can be.”
  82. “Oh great, the world exploded…. again”
  83. “I dressed up for THIS?”
  84. “Why? And how?”
  85. “Would it hurt you to tell me exactly where we’re going?”
  86. “You can’t take back those words anymore. Or everything else you did.”
  87. “he didn’t do anything I fucking told him to do!”
  88. “When they came, why didn’t you fight?”
  89. “What are you doing here?” “I was about to ask you the same thing…” “Well, it’s called the hanging tree for a reason.”
  90. “__, please come down from the tree, i’ll treat you to pizza.”
  91. “You can… seriously? Oh my gosh, teach me teach me teach me!!”
  92. “I wasn’t aware that 'monster’ was a term of endearment.”
  93. “Yes, I’m sure your flower pot really is trying to kill you, Debra.”
  94. “Why is our child on the roof?”
  95. “Do you want a hug? Will that help?”
  96. “How could you sign us up for this without reading the fine print?! It says right there that we have to give up everything!!!”
  97. “And it’s been stuck in there how long now?”
  98. “I learned I can’t trust you when the world was "fine”, now tell me one reason not to place a bullet between your eyes and listen to you.“
  99. “Why the hell are you naked in my room?”
  100. "Having criminals line up against their will and you killing them is not community service!”

100 prompts. Amazing. Thank you for sharing your ideas and contributing to our community.

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Testosterone Boys

Reader x F*ckboi!Yoongi ft. Taehyung
A little end of the year party tradition gets taken too far.
Genre: Smutty, Angst
Word Count: 7.1k
Part 1 of 2

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

“No! It’s not happening.”  

“C'mon. It’s harmless. Seriously, it’d be like a chill thing.”

“No, Yoongi. There’s no way I’m doing that.”

“Why not? There’s seriously no ill feelings behind it, I only need them for a little bit and then you’ll get it back.”

“Why can’t you take no for an answer, Loser. I’m not giving you my underwear. Bye.”  

Yoongi sighed as he followed you outside of the house party to the backyard. The music pounded through the walls from inside, blaring fast beats and obscene profanities, echoing past numerous houses down the street. The cold air hit your cheeks that were tinted red from the alcohol and the heat of the copious amounts of bodies ‘bumping and grinding’ on one another.  

Even outside, the yard was filled with scattered groups and couples. Each of them drinking from those infamous red, plastic cups, taking hits off of each others blunts, or connected to their partners lips. Pushing past them was no easy task, consistently bumping into intoxicated bodies as you made your way to the empty swinging loveseat.

You ran your hand through your hair as you sat, attempting to catch a breath. The party was suffocating. It seemed as though people flooded every room, corner, crevice and pocket the household had. The bathroom; occupied by two girls from your Literature class going down on the All-Star Quarterback whose only response to the disturbance was “Do you wanna join?”

The bedrooms were either locked and if they weren’t you wouldn’t dare go into them anyways. Oh no, you’d learned your lesson the first time you’d ever gone to a house party of this size. Turns out, High Schoolers were a lot kinkier than you could ever have thought.  

Any other room was full of people trying too hard to impress their peers when in the end it didn’t even matter. You never saw the point in these fiascos. High School lasts 4 years and then it’s over with and you don’t ever see these people again. They weren’t important to you in the long run.

So, why were you here in the first place? Well you could thank your 'best friend’ for that. Park Jimin. After well, years, of begging for you to try another party saying, “It won’t be like the first one, I promise. I won’t leave your side and we’ll have fun, just the two of us, okay?” He finally got you to agree to try it once more making him swear he really wouldn’t leave you alone at any point during the party. But, here he was; weak as a kitten as soon as his ex walked in, begging for some alone time to 'talk’.

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When you ask them to take a bath with you

Anon asked: Hiya! Could you do a bts reaction to their gf asking them to take a bath with her thnx u very much

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as much as I did! Please request as much as you want! - Admin Chmin

Namjoon: You were very stressed due to the amount of work your boss was putting onto you and the only way you’ve be able to de-stress was to run a warm soothing bath. Once you go home, you saw your boyfriend laying on the couch as he normally did at this time of night. 

“Wanna have a bath with me?” you asked, He waited for a moment and answered 

“Sure, why not?”

Originally posted by trash-for-bangtan

Jin: You had gotten into a food fight after baking a cake and obviously you two had to clean up. You laughed after the fight and offered for both of you two have a bath together, he gladly accepted and followed you.

“Well I mean, how could i say no to the most delicious human being in the world?” he asked, wiping icing on your nose.

Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Yoongi: After seeing him stressed out for a whole month you decided it was time for you two to relax.

“Just one bath. You and I, some candles” you pleaded.

“I swear to god if you say petals too” he laughed.

“Fine” he sighed.

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J-Hope: He would be all for it after you asked him, he loves doing literally anything with or for you.

“Anything for you sunshine”

Originally posted by jhope-shi

Taehyung: Taehyung would most likely say yes if he was in the mood to do sentimental shit, if he wasn’t he would let you down easily but still shower you with kisses.

“Uhhhh Okay, but you’re the one sitting in between my legs. Not like last time.”

Originally posted by kimtaehyung-gifs

Jimin: He would be the one to suggest it not you, He loves spending time with you in every way possible.

“I’ve got the bath running princess!”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook: I feel like Jungkook would be shy and a little unsure about this, it would take so long to convince him.

“Baby, can’t we just cuddle or you know do it? Like literally get naked and do it” he pleaded you.

“If you mean do it as in having a bath together then yes we can!”

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The Nanny Part 8

Summary: When Bucky Barnes hired a Nanny, he thought he was going to hire someone to take care of the kid. But when she starts, he knows that she is more than just a Nanny

A/N: Part 8! I wanted to get straight to a certain part but I needed this for it all to make sense.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1251 Words

The Nanny MasterList


Turning around you felt your jaw drop as you met a very familiar face.

“As I live and breathe. It’s none other than Y/N Y/L/N!”


“Hi Sweetheart”

“What are you doing here??” you exclaimed standing up and wrapping your arms around Tony’s waist, his arms going around your shoulders.

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“Peter can you please sit still for one second,” you groaned looking up from your sketch book.

“Okay okay, but I’m trying to decide if I should put my goggles, on should I? And you know I’m not the best at sitting still so if this is my last chance to move I better move, but anyways how does this look, should I sit like this?” He looked to you questioningly.

“Well I’ve already started, so it’s too late for this, but I guess I’m starting over,” you tore the paper from your notebook, and crumpled it into a ball, “again,” you sighed as it landed on the mound of papers already residing on your floor.

“My bad,” Peter laughed, “I swear I won’t move this time.”

“That’s what you said last time, and the time before that,” you groaned, “I just need a portrait  for my class Peter, one portrait.”

“Okay, okay, I’m ready-” he sat a little straighter.

“Really,” you looked at him doubtfully. 

“Yes,” he nodded, and then seemed to wait until the moment your pencil hit the paper again to call out, “wait-”

“Oh my God, I should of done this with Scott,” you hit your head against your sketch book.

Dating Justin Foley would include :

    → Dating Justin Foley would include:

- Lots of cuddles and PDA, anywhere, anytime. Justin just loves showing everyone (and his friends in particular) that you’re his.

- Him often (if it’s not even every night) sleeping at your house because of his family problems which leads to late night talks about your future, when you’ll both be able to leave this town and be happy together or even about how he/you feel deep down because you both know that you can trust each other and be yourself without being judged.

- Cute nicknames → baby, baby girl/boy, sweetie, sweetheart, Jay, Angel

- Having tons of adorable and dorky selfies of the other in your phones

- Taking snaps of him while he’s training and adding them to your story with a sweet caption

- « Go, baby, go !»

- Tickle fights

- He always whistles when you’re writing something on the board, which makes you blush and him smile. Justin just loves to remind you how beautiful you are and that you’re the only girl he’s running after (even if you guys are already dating)

- Justin being overprotective and possessive which can sometimes lead to you being annoyed but he tries his best to work on himself because he doesn’t want to loose you for such stupid things

- Your mom adores him for his kindness, how polite and nice he is with her and how his eyes and smile light up when he looks at you.

Your dad thought he was a dick at first but as soon as he heard that he was playing basketball, he literally started treating him as his own son.

- Him always calling you in the middle of the night, asking if he can come over. He doesn’t even to tell you what happened.

« Justin? Is everything okay? »

« *sighs* »

« Oh god, again? Justin, I swear that one day I will show up there and kill this asshole myself! Did he hurt you badly like last time? »

« Babe, can I just can come over? Please. »

«*sighs* You know where the keys are. »

- You quietly opening your bedroom door before being pulled into a tight and desperate hug. No words are said. The only thing that can be heard is his breathing echoing against the crook of your neck, as he holds you a little more than he was already doing.

- You both staying like that for a little while until you propose to clean his face and his wounds.

- He just nods, tired, still hurt and confused about the past events.

- He winces but says nothing while you clean his wounds. Instead, he just looks into your eyes, his filled with love and relief of having you by his side.

- After you’ve helped him taking off his jacket and all, you slip under the covers and open your arms. Less than a minute is enough for him to join you, silently, rest his head on your chest and circle your waist with his arms, while you just rush your hands in his hair. No I love you’s are needed to be said cause they’ve all already been shown.

- He’s been completely honest with you about the tapes, even though he wasn’t supposed to tell anybody but he wanted you to know. You couldn’t even say a word, he wouldn’t let you. He didn’t want to let you talk, afraid that you’d tell him that you were disappointed or worse, that you wanted to leave him. So, he repeated more than twice that he regretted all the shit he did to Hannah and how bad he wanted to change for you.

- He was crying all along, which broke your heart. You could see that he was really hurt and that he really meant what he was telling you. You couldn’t just let him explaining himself like that so you just grabbed his face in both of your hands and kissed his lips.

- You often stay a little longer with him, after his training so he can teach you how to play basketball. Those fun and precious moments are the ones he cherishes the most.

- You’re always doing your best to show him how much he matters and how important he is. You’re the one giving him all the love this boy deserves and that his « family » can’t provide him.

- He doesn’t tell you that as often as he’d want to but he’s extremely thankful to have you as his girl.

- The guys know that you’re his. They all treat you like their little sister.

- Him getting kind of mad when you beat him at a game but it doesn’t last long. He cannot resist your puppy face and neck kisses.

- Neck kisses

- Hand holdings

- You try to make him stop smoking weed and shits, resulting him to promise you that one day, he’ll stop.

- « You’re my whole world. »

- You just really love each other.

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Dating Zach Dempsey

Dating Alex Standall 

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Dahyun: Hey Mina? Is there something wrong with your bed? I keep hearing the springs squeak at night.

Mina: I’m just uhhh, bouncing on the bed.

Dahyun: I swear I keep hearing Momo’s voice though?

Mina: She…couldn’t sleep so she came to my room and we bounced on the bed together.

Dahyun: Oh. Okay.

Mina: [Relief]

Dahyun: But why did one of you last night say ‘Oh God, that’s so good. Your fingers are magic’?

Drunker, richer and happier

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word counts: 800ish

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, drunk sex, language and all that comes with it.

A/N: @kdfrqqg said Hey girl! I got a drabble request for ya. It’s been on my list for a while to write. Please take it and find your inspiration. Lazy sex with Dean after he comes home drunk and flush with cash after hustling pool all night. He wants the reader on top but he is not able to get it in for the couple of tries or he falls out alot. Either way very comical and realistic. Lol! Just tag me sweet pea!

So, I try to be as realistic as I could without hitting the dubcon hint, think I made it but I’m still not sure. Quick edit, I want to thank @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname for the read over and the feedback!!

Wanna join my tag list? Also some feedback would be awesome!

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Drunker, richer and happier

“This is actually a lot of money!!” Raving you straight a few of crumpled bills. “You sure it was just pool? I mean, you didn’t go outside to give some McDaddy a BJ?” You laugh.

“I’m not called Y/N,” Dean jokes, a little bit of a slur around his words.

“Hey!” That was just you!” Standing from the edge of the bed you defend yourself. “And you never payed me, by the way!”

“I did return the favor.” He sits down where you’ve just been taking a couple of twenties. “What’s your fee now?” He goes for a seductive tone, failing miserably.

You laugh while opening the mini fridge door to take a water bottle. “Certainly more that forty bucks!” unscrewing the cap to take a sip before passing it on to him.

“You have any discount for regular customers?” Water drips down his chin, he successfully leaves the bottle by the foot of the bed and lays down, propped up on his elbows, calling on you with one finger.

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The Ballad of Steven Moffat
  • Moffat in 2012: alright I've had my three years of fun, Karen and Arthur are leaving. Seems like a good moment to leave.
  • Moffat in 2013: this series isn't that great I can't leave it on that note...okay I'll do one more
  • Matt Smith: bye
  • Peter Capaldi: hi
  • Moffat in 2014: oh this new doctor is kind of fun...I guess I could do just one more year
  • Moffat in 2015: okay I've given everyone a proper ending. Now I can leave -
  • BBC: Oh you want to leave?
  • BBC: You really should have told us in advance
  • BBC: :/
  • Moffat in 2016: Okay fine I'll write one more season till you find someone
  • Old Chibs: Hey can we not do Christmas this year?
  • BBC: :/
  • Moffat in 2017: ok but this is the last time I swear you guys!

littlemissnerd23  asked:

How would Hanzo, Mccree and 67 react if s/o send a lot time with Efi becoming parent/mentor figure to her??

Ooh I like this one; great idea for a request and apologies for the delay. Going to do this as some head canons, hope you enjoy :)


From the moment you and Efi had met, he could see the bond forming between you

  • He tried his hardest not to be a jealous man
  • But you spending increasing amounts of time with Efi was taking away from the time usually spent with him and he did not like that one bit
  • And he didn’t consider himself good with kids, even though he loved them to pieces
  • ‘Pouty Hanzo’ became a thing that everybody was getting pretty sick of

You sat him down to have a talk with him

  • Explaining Efi’s situation and telling him firmly that you refuse to spend less time with her because of him
  • His pout gets even worse for a moment
  • You then remind him of your love of him, apologising for not spending as much time with him and invite him to spend time with you and Efi together
  • He seems happy enough

The next day, you all sit down and spend some time together

  • Hanzo soon realised why you spent so much time with the remarkable kid
  • Surprisingly, they got on very well, balancing each other out nicely with Efi’s enthusiasm and Hanzo’s calm nature
  • At the end of the day, Efi launched herself into a hug with Hanzo and you had to blink back tears as you saw an emotional Hanzo wrap his arms tightly around the young girl

Afterwards, as you and Hanzo walked back to your dorm, he pulled you into a side-hug and kissed your temple

  • “I’m sorry for getting jealous, Y/N”
  • “It’s okay, please remember that she’s just a kid though Hanzo. You’re the one I’m in love with.”
  • His smug grin lasted the entire week


McCree was a jealous man at the best of times

  • He once let out a growl at a man who simply glanced at you
  • By now you were used to this
  • But as you spent more time with Efi not him, he made his displeasure more obvious than ever
  • It wasn’t even that he didn’t like Efi, he did
  • But he liked you a whole lot more

He began a petty game of ignoring you

  • “Can y’ hear a mouse, Reaper? I swear I jus’ heard something’”
  • You just rolled your eyes, exasperated and walked away
  • Not the apology and showering of kisses he was expecting
  • He got in a proper mood after that and reminded you of a child

It was Efi who ended up talking to him

  • You were too annoyed with him to want to
  • She explained things, how she needed a mentor figure since she was away from her parents whilst at Overwatch
  • McCree found his heart breaking for the little girl pouring her heart out to him, for you
  • She told him how much you talked about him, giving him a massive ego boost in the process
  • When she invited him to spend time with them in her room later that day he wholeheartedly agreed

As soon as he arrived at Efi’s room, he strode over to you

  • Took you in his arms in a long overdue hug
  • You thought about pushing him away but gave in to the warmth he brought and wrapped your arms around his waist
  • He apologised profusely into your hair
  • You shared a short and sweet kiss before both remembering Efi was there
  • McCree was the one who invited her to join their hug and you couldn’t have been happier


If anything, he was more enamoured by Efi than you were

  • Both of you taking a liking to her almost instantly
  • Never knew a little girl could have such a big personality
  • And such a big heart

You both spent equal amounts of time with the girl

  • Teaching her the ways of Overwatch one step at a time
  • Jack taught her some basic combat skills just in case, though he never let her handle a gun
  • You taught her more about tactics and the world around you
  • She began to see you both as parental figures in her life

However, you both came to realise how little time you’d been spending with each other

  • You began to miss him, he began to miss you
  • That wasn’t what either of you wanted
  • You sat down and chatted about it
  • Everything came from the heart and it was the most loving conversation you’d ever had
  • Telling each other exactly how you felt about each other

Made a pact to spend more time with Efi together

  • Efi loved spending time with both of you anyway
  • And she was a huge shipper of you as well
  • Constant fits of giggles from Efi and Jack that you had to try and calm down
  • Even in meetings

Okay I swear this is the last one this fic is just too good.

@seajaywrite‘s The Kwami Club, from the end of chapter three! Dialogue was rearranged a bit and I still don’t know much about 1920s tuxedos I’m sorry.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

Mess (Peter Parker x Reader)

REQUEST: Okay so first of i love your blog I would love a Peter Parker Or Tom Holland imagine A real angsty one that ends with fluff Bonus if I could get like a serious car accident or something like that for the reader Thank you Xoxo

WARNINGS: Car accident, swear words, relationship problems


A/N: yEs the bitch is back on tumblr bc my life ended with school and instead of trying to stable my mental state and solve my problems, I will keep ignoring them and write like crazy! Just like last year :”) ALSO so sorry this didn’t end with fluff BUT if you guys want a part 2 , just let me know ;)))

“Tell me what happened. Tell me why everything has changed.”

“Just… Leave me alone Peter, I’m begging you.” Y/N sobbed softly and turned her back to Peter. Peter gently brushed his fingers to her shoulders, only to be pushed further away.

“For once, stop pretending you’re okay! Just talk to me!” Peter yelled this time. That was the last straw. He couldn’t take the love of his life to be this distant to himself. He didn’t know what happened in the past few weeks but he was certain that something was really off about Y/N. Now, he felt the guilt building up inside him because he knew he scared Y/N off by shouting at her. It was going to make her more distant than ever, he knew it. He tried to fight the tears that were going to burst any moment and with a cracking voice he said: “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to do that. I-I just missed you so much. And… Not being able to hold your hands just one more time- not being able to see the warming smile on your face hurts so much. Help me Y/N…”

Y/N took a deep breath. She shook her head and still quietly sobbing: “I can’t Peter. Can’t you see? Everything fell apart. Nothing can save this mess that we call ‘our relationship’. It’s over. I’m tired of endless arguments on how to get out of this situation. Aren’t you? Just get out. And don’t ever come back, for the sake of both of our well-beings.” Peter shook his head in disgrace. He was shocked. He thought that Y/N loved him as much as he did. “No. Everything you just said was complete bullshit. I thought our relationship was worth to have a million more of those ‘endless arguments’. Right now, my heart is aching so much that I don’t even know if I’ll survive my way back home. But I know, it will end someday; I hope you won’t regret all this and feel the pain I’m feeling. Because I know damn well that it would hurt me more than it does right now. Goodbye.” Y/N was still not facing him but she knew he was crying. She knew how sensitive he could be and she didn’t want any of this to happen. She knew that the relationship would only bring pain to both of them. She was fed up with being concerned each second of her life if Peter was still alive or not and vice versa.

Peter Parker was miserable. In that moment, even the weather knew how he felt. Rain drops fiercely hitting the windows of his car, he put both of his hands on the wheel and yelled with all the strength he had left. The tears streaming down on his face were now racing the rain drops. He started the engine and drove off from the place where he the collected the best memories of his life and unfortunately the worst one.

Losing her was the worst thing Peter could ever imagine. Sure, he knew everything about their relationship was a mess. But Peter also knew he had the strength to put everything back on track. He didn’t even need Y/N’s help; he knew he could succeed on his own and make her happy again. Happiness. It was all he wanted Y/N to have. Now she was as empty as Peter was. He knew it. He knew she wasn’t as cold as the words she said back on her apartment. Peter knew she was just tired and needed help but he also knew he wasn’t there on time to save her.

He angrily smacked the wheel and put his hands back on his neck and yelled one more time. The car lost control but Peter didn’t seem to care at all. The pain in his heart was indescribable. It prevented him from thinking straight which led to him crashing the car. The rest was all black or him.

“Is this Y/N Y/L/N?”


“We are calling from ….. Hospital, Queens. Are you Mr. Parker’s fiancé?”

“Yes? What happened?” Her voice was shaking uncontrollably.

“We wanted to inform you that your fiancé had been in a major car accident and we are sorry to-“ Y/N dropped the phone. The rest was all black to her.

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