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Hi, I saw your post about declawing cats, and I absolutely understand that declawing just for furniture is awful, but my parents declawed the front paws of our cat not the back. Not for furniture, but because my mom had psoriasis and cuts from cats can sometimes make her grow new psoriasis spots since her skin is so sensitive. I just want to know what you have to say about that.

While I understand the motive to declaw the cat, it still doesn’t really make it okay. Declawing a cat isn’t just removing their claws—it’s amputating the last bone of each toe. “On a human, that’d be like snipping off your fingers at the first knuckle.” You can imagine how painful that sounds!

There are some “good” seeming motives to declawing cats, yours stated…but the teeth of cats, their litter/feces and fleas are far worse for the owner’s health than their claws. Instead of declawing your cat, you could have trimmed its nails, or taught it where to scratch, like on a scratching post.

(I understand that the cat might accidentally scratch somebody due to it being frightened or antsy, but trimming the claws every four to six weeks would make the scratches much less deep and painful.)

After a cat is declawed, not only do they lose their main source of protection if they happen to get loose, but it also causes permanent damage to their bodies. They are at risk for long-term effects of lameness, behavioral problems, pain in their paws whenever they walk, infection, tissue death, and back pain. Cats need their claws because they walk on their toes, not on their heels like humans do. Declawing forever changes the way their foot meets the ground. 

Another side effect is that the claws can even grow back inside the paws, and in some cases, the feline will become more aggressive, and will even use the bathroom outside of the litter box because of the discomfort it causes.

Cat’s scratch because they need to, not because they want to destroy stuff. They scratch to shed the dead husks on their claws, to mark their territory with the scent glands in their paws, and to stretch when they get the urge. Removing a cat’s claws in no way benefits the animal. It’s a painful procedure that can lead to side effects that can last the rest of the cat’s life.

And yes, there are alternatives like nail caps, but those aren’t really the best option, either. If left on for too long without allowing the cat to scratch, the husks on the claws could grow to an uncomfortable thickness, and the inability to scratch will stress the poor kitty out!

To make things short, declawing is a painful, unnecessary process. If scratching concerns you, trim your cat’s nails, or put nail caps on when you want to cuddle the cat to avoid skin being scratched. Just be sure to take them off so kitty can scratch its scratching post. Cats need to use their claws whether we like it or not, and the pain that a cat goes through during and after declawing isn’t worth the process!

Thank you for the concerned message, though! I hope this helped a bit!

Being T’challa’s sister, and dating Peter would include…


  • Radiating pure awesomeness. You’re related to King T’Challa, almighty ruler of Wakanda, what else would you expect?
  • T’Challa teaching you everything he knows during training, but you can never seem to beat him in combat
  • Except for that one time where you kicked his ass, but he made a deal with you to never speak of that incident ever again…
  • Constantly trying to create your own cool superhero name
  • “I could be the… white cougar, or the blue tiger, or the yellow racoon.”
  • Watching The Jungle Book with T’Challa, and comparing him to Bagheera
  • “Is Bagheera our long lost cousin? 
  • Peter still trying to get over the fact that he’s practically dating Wakandian royalty
  • “So you’re like…the princess of Wakanda. Black Pantheress?”
  • Cat puns. So many cat puns. Too many cat puns. Cat puns everywhere
  • “Hey, big bro, sometimes you just need to live in the… mewment.”
    “Y/n, stop it.”
  • “Wow, looks like somebody’s got some cat-titude. Purr-lease just be more paw-sitive, T’Challa.”
  • “Y/n, that was actually really terrible and cringey.”
  • “Shut up, Tony.”
  • T’Challa giving you piggybacks around the Tower
  • You attempting to give T’Challa a piggyback, which doesn’t end well
  • “I told you it wasn’t a good idea, Y/n.”
  • Showing Peter around your Wakandian palace (Which you don’t spend a lot of time in, since the Avengers Tower is so cool)
  • “Y/n, your bedroom is literally the size of my entire apartment building.”
  • Unintentionally talking to Peter in Wakandian randomly, which confuses the hell out of him
  • “Okay, Y/n, you were talking about school, and then you started speaking gibberish.”
  • Having girl sleepover nights every week with Natasha, Shuri and Wanda
  • Clint trying to join in during those sleepovers
  • “Please? We can watch Gossip Girl together, pretty please?”
  • “Clint, get out of the vent.”
  • Accidentally talking in rapid Wakandian with T’Challa when you’re around the Avengers
  • “T’Challa, Y/n, um… We can’t speak Wakandian, what were you saying?”
  • But sometimes you do it on purpose just to piss them off
  • “We know you two are talking about us, what are you saying?
  • Having a running joke with Sam where whenever it’s your brother’s birthday, you and Sam go to Petco and buy all the cat-related stuff you can find
  • “Sam, should we buy the scratching post?”
  • “Just chuck everything that has the word ‘cat’ on it into the bag.”
  • He’s willing to claw Peter to shreds if he ever hurts you
  • He’ll take the responsibility of becoming your role-model, ever since your father died
  • Taking T’Challa’s Black Panther suit, and wearing it while making fun of him 
    “Meow, purr, meow.”
  • “Y/n, please get out of my suit.”
  • Buying T’Challa a pet fish
    “Just make sure you don’t eat it, no matter how tempted you are, okay?”
  • “Y/n, for the last time, my superhero identity is the Black Panther, I am not actually a cat.”
  • Chucking cat treats at him from the roof
  • T’Challa having to set up guards around Bucky’s cryostasis chamber, since you and some other people (*cough* Sam and Clint *cough*) graffiti the front the chamber with a bunch of stuff
  • “Y/n, you can’t keep writing ‘Stucky 4 Ever’ on Barnes’ cryo chamber.”
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about, big brother. It was probably Wanda, go accuse her.”
  • Being literal royalty, so you use that to your advantage to annoy the hell out of the other Avengers
  • “Bow to me, peasant. Bow to your supreme overlord.”
    “Y/n, get down from the fridge, please.”

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@theroanandthebay replied to your photo: I lost my footing and fell off the hay bale…

are you okay though?

Like a cat, I land on my feet. Mostly. Today was no exception*. But thank you!

*Exceptions include slipping on marble steps on the Acropolis and descending about three of them sitting down, and putting a foot down on a glossy pamphlet on a polished tiled floor while walking quickly, only to land on my knees. I can’t think of any others in the last eight years.


Okay, last post for today. My bed awaits.

Note to self: Drawing while sleep-deprived is a crappy idea. Mood is crappy, ideas are crappy, and doodles are crappier than usual. Boros’s broken earrings on the last pic.

WARNING: Much more OOC-ness.

Saitama: Alright, we can’t keep them. They’d cost too much.

Lord Boros: *stares* *lifts cat*

Saitama: Stop that!

Important Question: Can Lord Boros do the Puss-in-Boots thing with his eye?

Convivial Revelations

Summary:  Since the day Phil came rampaging down from his apartment to tell Dan and his music to shut up, the two have become unlikely friends and now live together contentedly in Phil’s apartment. However, Phil has not revealed the fact that he is seeing someone to his viewers and Dan wonders if he ever will or if Phil’s simply too embarrassed by him.

Word Count: 1422

Warnings: A little swearing but that’s it so dw.

Tags: YouTuber!Phil, NonYouTuber!Dan

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I didn’t want to post about this on tumblr because I didn’t want sympathy, but I just got news that my little man here, Buster, is going to be okay so I felt like sharing my happiness :)

Last week he was hit by a car, breaking his left leg and puncturing a lung. He was on a bunch of life support things for a week while we waited to see if his condition would improve. The whole family was completely broken; we love our two cats more than anything so this was one of the worst things we could imagine happening.

Luckily, his liver enzymes went back to normal day by day, his nutrition increased with the fluids they were giving him, and he was cleared of having any serious injuries to his spine, brain, pelvis, and head. 5 minutes ago my mum came and told me that his leg surgery was successful, meaning he should make a full recovery and will be back home within the next few days

This photo was taken 3 days ago, and despite how he looks this was actually him in the best condition since the accident. I wasn’t sure if he would survive his leg surgery, since there was always a chance he wouldn’t, so I took this photo in case it was my last chance. He was in great pain for about 4 whole days while we waited for his blood levels to lower back to normal, and it brought us all to tears seeing him in such a state.

We were always told that putting him to sleep, or amputating his broken leg, were possibilities that we may have to take for the sake of his pain. But luckily we had some very great nurses and doctors who looked after him and helped him recover from his trauma and depression from the incident, and now he’ll be back home very soon.

Im so thankful he’s okay and that I’ll be able to take many more photos with him. I’ve never been so grateful for anything in my life.

Idk who of you care about this story, but I’ll update this post with photos of his recovery just because I will be so proud and happy of him surviving all this :)

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