okay it's time to stop judging now

The Break-Up
  • LYDIA: It's not you. It's me. It's time I think about myself. I'm tired of letting my life be defined by the men that I'm sleeping with. When I get to MIT, I won't let anything stop me. Now that Jeff Davis doesn't control my fate, I can focus on what's most important. I'm going to get that Fields Medal, one day.
  • STILES: It's okay. I understand. *looks over Lydia's head at Derek who's leaning on the Camaro*
  • LYDIA: *narrows her eyes* You're just saying that because you want Derek.
  • STILES: Hey. I didn't judge you for choosing your Fields Medal over me. Don't judge me, either.

I’m solving all shipping issues within the Star Wars stuff…

Massive Foursome. Just, Poe, Finn, Rey and Kylo just all together as a cute little poly family all happy.

Rey and Kylo bond over the force, 

Kylo teachers Finn how to use a lightsaber/maybe the force.

He also apologies to Poe and Rey for being a lil shit. They forgive him after they kick his arse a bit more.

Poe and Rey are flying buddies. 

Poe and Kylo also spend hours at a time trying to out drama queen each other. Finn and Rey judge. 


How can people have the ability in their heart to have such hate for a person? you can disagree with the things he says but why all the hate and personal attacks and family attacks like what has he ever done to you? The Big brother house is not a house you would want to get to know a person. You cannot judge what people say in this house and i really do not believe that what they say in this house reflects on their personality. Not everything said in this house is meant. many times they have to say things to win and to survive another week. However, i do believe that him and zachs friendship was extremely genuine and sincere and I do believe that when they talk to people they trust in this game about their lives outside its heartfelt and true. but the lies, the negative comments and all the other stuff I believe is part of the stress and I do believe that the house brings out the negative person within them all. they’ve all said negative comments and they’ve all went along with inappropriate talks and they all did problematic shit so i don’t think its fair to judge someone by what they say in this house. Someones gonna ask but you say you think zach has feelings for frankie and that I’m judging by what he said in the house, no I’m saying that judging by what he did in the house and the way he treated frankie was extremely different than the way he treated all the other houseguests. he cuddled with him and he always complimented him he always laughed at his jokes he asked if it makes him gay if he loves a homosexual and referring to what he said on the feeds that frankie is the first homosexual he ever met so theres really no other explanation to that UNLESS he really was playing with his feelings as part of his strategy (Which i don’t believe) then that honestly changes the way I look at him completely. if he was messing with frankie’s feelings just for the money then he lost a ton of respect from me. anyway i don’t even think thats true and the facts are on my side so its not even worth talking about. 

Back to my point, you also can’t judge him by something he posted 5 freaking years ago. people grow up and people change and if he really did write that then okay i respect him that he changed and that he’s a better person right now. Open up your minds and have the capacity to love people for what they are and stop all the personal attacks and hate. often times we forget that what we say about these people sometimes really does affect their feelings and it always gets back to them, They DO see the hate and they do see the love so when you comment on his instagram and Facebook and tweet him that he’s a disgrace to his sister and that he’s so and so and so this does affect him. So before you post a ton of shit about people put yourselves in their shoes. 

Ps: im not saying were not allowed to judge their games but I’m saying if you hate someones game don’t fucking insult them on a personal level. say that they played a terrible game and that they shouldn’t have made it so far say whatever you want but don’t ruin someones life just because you disagree with the way they played a game. Open up your minds people and have some love in you.