okay it's really gay

But what if Lance liked panic! at the disco though
  • Lance: when I say shotgun you say wedding! Shotgun- *points to Keith*
  • Keith: ...
  • Keith: vol...tron?

Guess what came in today?? @goddamnchou‘s Sugar with the amazing cover by Pandanoi! I’m so glad I didnt forget to order one before it’s out of store, because I love that fic to pieces…It’s Fluff, Feels, Smut and…Daddy in all the right amounts :> The Eruris themselves did take a look too:

…at the smut, huehuehue.

I wanted to write some ace!Dorian so here ya go

You learn not to hope for more, Dorian had told the Inquisitor, and the truth of that statement left an ache in his chest. He could remember every man he had fallen for, how desperately he had wanted to be with them in ways even he didn’t fully understand. He couldn’t care so much, that was weakness, and there was no such thing in Tevinter as romance between men. If sex was the only way he could get any sort of closeness, that was fine. For a time he could hold and be held and imagine what it could be like to have more and he needed that.

He couldn’t do it any longer though. He cared too much for the inquisitor. Pretending he didn’t, using and being used in return just wasn’t enough anymore. He could break himself apart like he always did, but he couldn’t silence that need for something else any longer. He wanted to sleep with the Inquisitor once, it was really the only thing he knew when it came to this sort of thing and he wanted to be close so badly (and a little fun never hurt anyone), but if that’s all there was to whatever they had, he would walk away. He’d ripped his heart out of his chest too many times. But things never seemed to go as expected with the Inquisitor.

“Do we need to move things this quickly?”

The Inquisitor wanted more as well. More, more than just sex, more than stolen kisses in back rooms. No, the Inquisitor wanted things Dorian hadn’t even thought possible. He wanted affection and tenderness and as they kissed Dorian felt dizzy from the possibilities, from the genuine emotion from this man that he cared for so much more than he should. And for once he was cared for in return.

He’d confessed it all, then; the sick feeling in his gut, waiting to be cast aside when he was no longer useful. He was breaking from how little he had left to give. Once he had confessed it all he thought surely, now, it would end like it always did. Now the Inquisitor would realize he wasn’t worth it.

Instead, he felt arms around him, holding him close. None of it mattered. The Inquisitor still cared, still wanted to hold his hand, kiss his lips. He didn’t call Dorian broken. He didn’t want to change him. They could make this work. 

All Dorian could do was hold onto the Inquisitor, trying to contain the swell of emotions in him; grief at the wasted time, wasted energy he’d poured into people who hadn’t cared, had only taken from him, but also joy, affection, appreciation and so much more he was too overwhelmed to distinguish. For once, he cared and was cared for. For once, he didn’t have to be afraid. For once, he truly thought it all might be all right. They could make this work.

My arm is getting bigger, or something?


but at least I got you in my head, oh yeah,
at least I got you in my head, in my head…
sleepovers in my bed…

That soulmate glowing chest AU with hidekane tho
When they were kids, they were always together, so one day Hide’s parents invited Kaneki and his mom over, and they had a lunch together. When Hide and Kaneki ate their meals, as always, they were going to play outside, so when the blond grabbed his bestfriend’s hand and looked into his eyes, excited to say something about a new game he just imagined, their chests started glowing. Both of them were confused at first, but then they giggled and commented “We’re superheroes now! The best duo is up to save the world”, because they were kids and didn’t know about soulmates. Hide’s parents just smiled and told them to take care of each other, while Kaneki’s mom felt relieved, because her son is in good hands.


✨everything is blue✨

elvenbeard  asked:

For the micro story prompts: 3 or 24, if you want? :D

Thank you so much for the prompt! I did 24: tender
Thinking about it for any length of time, Dorian had to admit that this whole situation was rather silly. He and the Inquisitor weren’t even doing anything really, simply lying tangled together staring into each other’s eyes. This wasn’t something Dorian had ever even considered doing and if anyone had suggested it to him in the past he would have laughed outright. It was like something out of Varric’s terrible romance serials. He didn’t even know people actually did this sort of thing.

And yet, now that he found himself here, he couldn’t bring himself to pull back or turn away, not with how Elden was looking at him. His eyes were so full of admiration and affection and it was just as mesmerizing as it was terrifying. But then, this was Elden. His touch alone was enough to dispel any fear. Elden reached out and began tracing the lines and contours of Dorian’s face as if seeing alone wasn’t enough and it was all much too intimate, leaving Dorian feeling vulnerable in ways he hadn’t thought possible anymore.

But that was fine here. Dorian didn’t want to hide anything any longer, not with with this man, who had opened himself completely and cared so much while requiring nothing in return, who was so strong and yet at the same time so gentle and caring, always putting Dorian first; Elden had made all of this so easy for him. How could Dorian not want to love just as much as he was loved? How could he not want to share the joy and the happiness he felt with Elden?

Sometimes it was still difficult for him to put into words. At times a whispered amatus was all he could manage. Or, better still, you are terribly dull and I hate you. Still, Elden always seemed to understand and he was grateful for it. Dorian broke the stillness first to move closer, tangling a hand in Elden’s hair as he pressed their lips together. It was lazy and slow, unhurried, and Dorian couldn’t help but marvel at how comfortable, how natural this all was. As Elden, eyes closed and practically melting against him, whispered love between kisses, Dorian realized he’d never known he could be this happy, this content.

I can’t stop thinking about my lesbian Tabris talking to Cyrion and being like “but I don’t wanna get married” and oblivious elf dad being like “Ha ha, I was like that too before I met your mother.” And then she shows up at the Alienage again with Leliana and Cyrion sees them interact for like .5 seconds and is just like “Oh.”

body temp headcanons!

  • -Lance’s body is always cold. Always. He doesn’t feel it, but just touching his skin it’s ice cold.
    • -He can walk around in 10 degree (fahrenheit) weather in a tanktop and shorts and not feel cold at all.
  • -Hunk is the total opposite. He doesn’t really feel hot because he’s so warm.
  • -Lance leaning into hunk with bare arms (lounging around in tank tops) and Hunk jumped three feet into the air Lance’s arms are so cold. 
    • -“Dude are you cold? Do you want a jacket?”
    • -“No?”
    • -“You’re freezing!
    • -“Dude I’m always like this.”
    • -“Lance wtf
  • -Lance is never used to how warm Hunk is. He loves leaning into him for the warmth! 
  • -Hunk has gotten used to Lance’s cold skin. He normally pulls Lance in closer when he leans into him!!
  • -Lance trying to curl up in a bunch of blankets but it’s not the Same.
    • -Lance walking up to Hunk in a bunch of blankets in the middle of the night 
    • -Hunk picking him up bridal style for Instant Warmth 
    • -Lance loves it so much he just gets as close as possible to Hunk as he can

I must say a couple of things this morning as I sip my ginger and linden tea: Vanderwood is a national treasure and I find it oddly sexy that Seven “gets coding done with his toes”.