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Remember Seventeen’s first dark concept?

Joshua pre-debut photo<3

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This emoji meme was a terrible idea and I loved every second of it.

Kanji E4 suggested by @vgfeather

Nanako D6 suggested by @spoonwalking 

Rise A4 suggested by @obstinaterixatrix

Teddie A6 suggested bt @duckdachi 

Margaret 1D suggested by @stillnotblinking

Shinjiro A7 suggested by @hashichosha (thank you so much for an excuse to draw my husband.)

Original meme by meowtownpolice

Journal Entry #52

It was dark when we finally got out of the stupid ICE CAVE, because of course it was, and Iggy kept fretting again. There’s too many daemons, Prompto is so clumsy, what if Noct gets one of his headaches while he’s driving, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! Well. He was a lot calmer than that, because it’s Iggy, but that’s how a normal person would have sounded.

Anyway, he and Prompto are especially concerned about the red giants. I don’t know why??? They’re fun, I want to fight them ALL THE TIME

Especially if Prompto keeps getting awesome shots like these…though there should be MORE OF ME SINCE I’M THE ONLY ONE THAT DOESN’T BITCH ABOUT THE GIANTS

Just look at that one of Iggy kicking ass. What the hell is he worried about!?

Shoutout to all those undertale artists who only/mostly draw traditional art, be it because they cant afford a good tablet and art program, or because they don’t have time for digital art but are always doodling, or just because paper and pencil is what they’re comfortable with. Traditional art is always overlooked in fandom communities and it hurts to see traditional artists who put their soul into their work get completely ignored and beat themselves up while joke blogs that draw stick figures with sai have 2,000 followers.

We love you so much, we love when you messily sketch on lined paper with a pen, we love when you paint a whole canvas, we love when you draw a beautifully shaded comic colored with crayola markers. It’s okay when you cant scan your 500 doodles and have to take a photo with your smartphone. Its okay when theres a little ink smudge or lines that didnt get erased because theres no undo button.

You are all amazing and please keep it up