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// get the salt anon get the salt


- he doesn’t believe you at first but then the lights go off and he SCREAMS at the top of his lungs

- drinks to shake off the fear

- can ghosts smell fear?

- yes Zen probably

- ok we have to go MC

- bye house it’s been real good but you got possessed by satan himself so he’s out


- he doesn’t believe in thats stuff come on MC it’s all silly superstition

- then a vase falls and you’re like dID YOU SEE THAT

- asshole blames it on Elizabeth the 3rd

- no Jumin that was Elizabeth the 3rds dead grandmother coming back from the grave and haunting us what are you doing

- books could be flying off the damn shelves and he’d still be like oh it’s windy today

- we are in a penthouse jumin there is no wind

- oh it’s windy today


- he tells you to just stop teasing him you know he scared easily and then bam the door slams shut and he’s 3 seconds away from fainting and running in the same breath


- he will literally call Jumin to send over bodyguards until you guys can move but you’re like Yoosung what are they supposed to do smack a ghost around???


- no survivors


- Nice one MC you really got me there!!

- Then slowly he starts to hear footsteps

- and his computer shuts down at random times

- and he’s been getting cold a lot more recently

- okay the cold thing is just because it’s winter but still inconvenient

- dresses up as the pope and whips out his holy water

- come @ me ghost stop indirecting me like this

- then a soda can comes flying at him and he screams while throwing a bible from where it came from



- his face will drop if you even mention ghosts don’t this boy is terrified of spirits

- when a door slams shut he will cry

- MC we’re moving into a church and devoting ourselves to the lord himself can I get an amen, hallelujah

- he seriously will do that though

- he’s absolutely terrified and keeps a rosary and holy water with him at all times any small noise will have him screaming and running out of the house with you but you always go first he’ll get eaten by a demon for you and that’s beautiful :’)


- when you tell him he’s chill as hell and you’re like saeran take this seriously

- “ the least this thing can do is pay rent like got dam ”


- lowkey wants to whip out a Ouija board but Saeyoung SCREAMS and you have to stop him what kill-joys

- you ruined his shot at making a friend on the other side smh

- okay with whatever it is as long as it’s not intense and possessing people he’s down

- even if it doesn’t pay rent

Little Bean

Part of my Baby Winchester series this is part 2. Read Part 1 here.

Pairing - Dean X Reader. 

Summary - This is part 2 for my new series of baby winchester. I hope you like it! Part 3 will be coming soon!

About - A one night stand with Dean leads to pregnancy for the reader.  

Warnings - Fluff, Swearing. 

Hours after you told Dean he was going to be a father he was already acting different around you, more careful, caring. This put you on edge, thinking of everything he could be worrying and stressing about.
Finding him sat on his laptop looking at an ebook of baby facts and pregnancy how to books made you smile a little.

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If you’re a bystander to a medical emergency...

A group of amazing bystanders did such an excellent job on a call yesterday I figured everyone could use a guide of what to do if you witness a medical emergency. (Even for you doctors and nurses out there-you may be the BEST provider ever but the prehospital environment can be pretty different and these are some great specific ways to help the patient’s overall care)

1. Make sure its safe to help. Seriously. Please please please do not put yourself in danger. So many people get killed every year stopping on the side of highways, ect-not only is it the LAST thing we want to happen, but it can also make a situation that much worse. 

2. Call 911. Get help going. Its okay if you don’t know exactly whats going on. Its okay if you don’t know if anyone else has called. They’d rather you call and have it be nothing than nobody call at all.

3. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. This is not your emergency, it is theirs and you need to keep a calm head to help. 

All Patients

Other than doing CPR if needed the MOST important thing you can do to help EMS out is to write down the patient’s name, date of birth, social(if you can get it), medical history, and allergies. You might be able to get information from the patient, a bystander who knows the patient, or a wallet/medical alert bracelet. This saves US so much time and searching.

When EMS arrives, be prepared for ONE person to calmly explain exactly what you saw. Helpful phrases are if the patient complained of anything before the emergency occurred, and if they made any abnormal movements(like twitching). Telling me the patient had a seizure when I’m not sure what you think a seizure IS, is a lot less helpful than ‘he started jerking, foaming at the mouth, and he peed on himself’. 

Don’t be offended if we’re doing things while you’re talking. We have just a few minutes to assess the patient, figure out what may be going on, stabilize life threats, and figure out how to get to the ambulance with the patient. Multitasking doesn’t mean we’re not paying attention or that we don’t appreciate everything you’ve done-it just means there is a lot to do at once. 

If you’re a medical professional, identify yourself but don’t try to take control of the scene. We have specific guidelines based on what we can allow bystanders(even doctors) to do. Its like this-I know how to start an IV, but I can’t go in the hospital and start an IV on your patient because you’re the one responsible for them in that setting and I have no ability to practice there. Believe me, if we need you to do something, I WILL ABSOLUTELY ask you. As it is, I’m just incredibly appreciative that the patient had a solid basis of care established. 

Unresponsive with no pulse

3. If the patient is unresponsive, ask another bystander to find an AED immediately. If you are the only person there do the following-

 Feel for a pulse by putting two fingers gently on the side of the patient’s neck. If there is no pulse or you’re not sure, immediately start pushing hard and fast in the center of the patient’s chest between their nipples. Hum ‘Staying Alive’ to yourself to keep the right rhythm(you’re aiming for at least 100 compressions per minute and you want to compress at least 2 ½ inches down on their chest.). Don’t stop compressions unless someone is there that can switch out with you, you become so tired that you cannot continue, or an AED arrives. Don’t worry if the patient has no pulse but appears to be gasping. This is normal and you’re not hurting them-its just something that sometimes happens when someone is dying. 

4. When an AED arrives, open it up and turn it on ASAP. Thats literally all you need to do. Its going to talk you through everything else. 

Unresponsive with a pulse but not breathing or only gasping

5. Tilt their chin back and put your mouth over their mouth. Pinch their nostrils shut. If its a child, put your mouth over their mouth and nose. Give 1 breath and watch their chest to see if it rises. If it does not rise, try to tilt their chin back again and give another breath. Give rescue breaths every 6-8 seconds. 

Unresponsive and breathing with a pulse

6. Roll the patient onto their side so that if they vomit, they won’t choke. Keep them safe and warm and look for any clues to what may have happened(did they bite their tongue? Did they urinate on themselves?)

 Responsive with various complaints(in no particular order)

7. If they have chest pain-give them 4 tablets of 81 mg baby aspirin. Seriously. Saves lives. Carry it in your pocket everywhere. 

8. Provide comfort measures specific to the situation(aka cool compresses for the forehead, ect.) General rule is to keep the patient safe and warm. 

9. If they’re a family member or you have access-gather the patient’s medications together in one spot for EMS to take to the hospital. 

10. If the patient is a known diabetic and feels that their sugar has dropped, the best things to give them are things like orange juice and peanut butter crackers-basically complex sugars and carbs. While better than nothing, candy bars and sodas are too sugary and will shoot their blood sugar up really fast only to have it crash again later if they don’t get complex carbs into them. 

11. If the patient is responsive but confused and you’re not sure if they can swallow, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYTHING TO EAT OR DRINK. 

12. If the patient has been exposed to something they’re allergic to and they are complaining of things like feeling like they can’t breathe, like their tongue is swelling, they have hives, or are vomiting, ask if they have an Epi-pen. If they do, pull it out of the package, pull out the cap(but don’t put your fingers over where the cap was!!!) and push the pen firmly against their thigh until you hear a ‘click’. Count to 10 and then release the pen. You don’t need to take off their pants to do this. If they don’t have an epi-pen, give them 2 benedryl tablets.

13. The best way in the world to calm down someone who is having a panic attack is to be calm yourself. Eliminate external stressors, removing them from the environment if possible. Sit quietly with them, and talk softly. Ensure they stay safe and warm(seriously. 90% of first aid is keeping folks safe and comfortable). Talk them through breathing slowly to the count of ten in through their nose and out through their mouth like they are slowly blowing out a candle. 

14. If someone is bleeding profusely, the best and #1 thing to do is apply pressure directly to the site of the bleeding with a (preferably gloved) hand. If pressure doesn’t stop the bleeding and its an extremity wound, tighten a belt above the wound until the bleeding stops. Secure the belt at this point until help arrives to take over. 

15. Birthing babies! If baby is coming there isn’t really anything you can do to stop it. The best indicators that birth is imminate is the patient reporting a feeling of needing to go to the bathroom OR (no shit) the appearance of a head/hair in between the patient’s legs. Mom will do the work here. Your job is to keep mom calm, and to gently support the baby’s head/body as it emerges. It will be slippery so- Don’t. Drop. The. Baby. If you see the umbilical cord wrapped around the baby’s head, gently and quickly unwrap it before the rest of the baby is born. After baby is born, vigorously rub it dry with a towel to stimulate crying. If the baby does not cry/remains blue and is not breathing, wrap your hands around the baby’s chest until your thumbs encircle and push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives or the baby pinks up/starts crying. Keep the baby at the level of the umbilical cord until it stops pulsing. Tie off the cord in two places 4-5 inches apart with a string or shoelace and cut between the strings. If baby is okay(pink and crying), place on mom’s bare chest, and keep both mom and baby safe and warm.

16. If you stop at a wreck, unless the patient is not breathing or is in immediate danger, please DON’T pull them out of the vehicle. If they have a neck or back injury, you could cause them more harm. Instead, place your hands gently on either side of their neck to stabilize it and remind them not to move their head until help arrives to take over. 

…I think thats it for now unless anyone else has any other additions! Remember, stay calm, call 911, do CPR if needed, get patient information written down, and KEEP THE PATIENT SAFE AND WARM. You go lifesaver you! :)

Jealous ~S.S.~

Summary: season like 4 Stiles and Malia plus a jealous reader.

Requested: no

Note: sorry it’s so long. I had so many ideas and I don’t want to just everything into one story.

Me and Lydia stood at my locker planning the pack meeting tonight and decided that Derek’s loft would be the best.

“I feel like there’s so many of us, you know even though we’ve lost a few people with Malia joining it’s just” Lydia says fixing her lipstick

“Can we not talk about her please?” I plead closing my locker.

I’m not the biggest fan of Malia Tate. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure she’s a nice person but she gives me bad vibes, and she stole my man.

Ok maybe that’s the wrong phrase. I just-

“Y/N you’re a witch, you’re the witch. Just because she’s illegitimately dating Stiles, doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure they’re just friends anyway.”

“Dude, every night she comes in my room because she can’t sleep and then ya know” Stiles says engrossed in another “serious” conversation with Scott.

“No Stiles. I don’t know” the Alpha says rolling his eyes. He’s never been one to take hints.

Stiles just lifts the back of his shirt up revealing red lines with some dried blood on his back.

I gasp and run my hand over the scratches quickly making them disappear as if they weren’t there.

“Y/n, what did you just do. They actually don’t hurt now. Oh she healed me.” Stiles says pulling his shirt back down. “What have I said about using your mojo on me.”

“You’ve said it’s extremely cool and to do another trick.” I laugh rolling my eyes. “And don’t call it mojo. That’s disrespectful. My magic isn’t a joke stiles” I say giving him the look. He salutes me before we all continue to History with coach.

“So where’s Malia?” Kira says from her seat in class.

I shrug and look down at my worksheet.

“STILINSKI, put your phone away!” Coach yells causing our group to laugh.

“Yep. Got it coach. Putting it away” stiles awkwardly says putting the phone in his back pocket.

The rest of the school day is spent like every other. Admiring stiles from far away. Except Malia wasn’t here to cling on to his arm. Okay maybe I’m extremely jealous that Malia has the love of my life.

It’s actually not my fault. After becoming The Grand Priestess last year, all my emotions, senses and abilities were heightened. The Grand Priestess wasn’t supposed to be appointed until they were 19 or pregnant with their first child, but both my grandmother and mother were killed when I was 12.

The entire “world” of witchcraft had been trying to figure out what to do until eventually they just taught me what to do. It’s been a long, lonely process but I’ve got the hold of it.

“Y/N! Are you listening? Of course not.” Lydia says waving her hand in front of my face.

“Oh sorry Lyd. Why were you saying?”

“I was saying, it’s time to go. Derek has somewhere to be tonight and doesn’t trust us alone with peter.” She says grabbing her purse and moved to her car.

We arrived at Derek’s Loft and I immediately moved to the kitchen to grab some drinks. But when I walked in Malia was sitting on the kitchen counter with stiles in between her legs.

I stared at them before shaking my head and continuing to the fridge. I roughly opened the door cause the pair to jump apart and almost causing stiles to fall.

“Oh no. Don’t stop on behalf of me. Tongue Tennis is my favorite sport” I spit before popping open the soda can.

“I see you’re more of a spectator than a participant?” Malia says crossing her arms and hopping down.

“Ohhh. Big words, did Lydia teach you what those mean last night. Oh wait, you were a bit busy last night” I sarcastically state. I could practically taste the venom in my words.

“Oh go to hell.” She growls stepping closer.

“I run it bitch” i say stepping just as close as her. Malia is the only one to have never seen my powers, or even know a lot about them, but she might just today.

“Wow, no wonder you’re all alone”

“HEY. GIRLS, as much as I love reality TV. We have a meeting so drop it” Derek barks at us. Malia jumps and walks away while I stay still for a little bit.

Stiles still hasn’t moved and is just staring at me with wide eyes. I roll my eyes and move to the living room.

“Okay so Scott turned a freshman into a werewolf and the full moon is in less than 3 days so we need a plan.” Derek says looking at everyone.

“I can chain him up somewhere safe.” Scott offers.

“Malia is using the chains still” I say fake smiling at her.

“And you’re still a brat” she says returning the smile.

“Okay, y/n do you think you can find a spell to help sedate him or calm him down?” Derek says ignoring our argument.

“Course she does, how else would she get dick”

“MALIA” Scott and stiles shout at the same time.

I laugh darkly and clench my fist.

“Look hun, there’s a boy that could possibly hurt himself or other innocent people. We don’t have a lot of time to figure out what to do with a naturally angry new werewolf on top of training you how to control your shit” I quickly stand up and before anyone can blink the lights go out and Malia is pinned up against the brick wall. The whole scene looks creepy because the only light came from the setting sun. My eyes had turned a glowing black and my aura was showing. It bascailly looked like I was floating in pure black smoke. “So how about you shut up, chill and listen to Derek. I really don’t like you and no one in this room has the capability of stopping me from killing you. It’s out of respect and second hand care that you’re still alive. So shut the hell up, sit down before I use my actual powers” I didn’t even realize I had moved closer to the terrified Werecyote.

I drop her from the invisible hold I had in her. My eyes returned to normal and the “smoke” had cleared and the lights came back on.

Malia was coughing on the floor before growling at me. She stood up to come for me before Stiles and Scott grabbed her arms restraint her. I just smile and return to my previous seat.

We continued the meeting with a lot of tension. Once it was time for everyone to leave, stiles asked to speak to me. He lead me up the spiral stairs and into a room. Malia was sitting on the bed and Scott was sitting at the desk.

“You both need to stop. We’re a pack and this isn’t how you act. You’re both being childish and it’s getting annoying. So you’re going to talk it out. ”

“I don’t see why I can’t just leave. She’s the only problem here. Who cares if I don’t like her?” Malia says rolling her eyes.

“You can’t leave because like Scott said we’re a pack, whether you like it or not. This group of people are all we got. Eachother. Respect is necessary and if you’re going to stay I mine as well like you. So let’s talk it out. I’ll start. Stop acting like you’re all alone in this world. You have people. You have supernatural people. Stop acting like you are the only one in the god damn world who’s lost someone close to you. News Flash, literally every single person in the pack has. You’re not special. Quit lying and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Because as soon as you realize that there’s more than one place that’s willing to give you what you want you’re going to leave. So stop playing games. And quit coming for me, because if we’re comparing problems and issues we can and I guarantee I’ll win.”

“I never said any of that. You just want everything I have. I’ve been through shit you cant even think about. So stop.”

“Why would I want everything you have? Who wants diseases, an unstable ‘relationship’ and to have my first time on a nasty couch in the basement of an insane asylum. So fuck you and fuck this. You stay outta my way and don’t speak to me unless necessary then we’ll be okay. Because let me tell you a 17 year old with unimaginable powers is a mine field. So watch your step. And maybe if one of your little friends didn’t murder the only thing I had, we wouldn’t be here.”

“Y/n, what are you takin about?” Scott interrupts me.

“Scott, you know my grandmother and mother are dead. And I swear when I figure out who it was-”

“Stiles didn’t tell you?” Scott says making eye contact with the boy.

I spin around quick and look at stiles confused.

“Tell me what stiles?”

“We uhm. We know who killed your mom and grandma.” He says sadly not looking at me.

“You knew and didn’t tell me? Who is it. Let’s go.” I say running down the stairs. I could finally get revenge on the bastard.

“Y/n no. Uhm. We can’t go. Look it was an accident and they didn’t mean to. They’re so sorry.” Stiles began stepping closer to me. Malia and Scott stood at the bottom of the staircase while I was almost to the door.

“Stiles. What are you talking about? Just tell me who it is” I say looking in his eyes. Just like that my love grew taller.

“It was Malia” he whispers a tear running down his face. And just like that my love fell.

“No. I don’t understand. She killed them?” I said not bothering to look in any other direction than the boy I wanted to kill right now.

“Yea. Y/n look im really sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, I-”

“EARLIER. YOU THINK THATS WHY IM UPSET. GOD DAMN IT STILES HOW THE HELL COULD YOU. SHE FUCKING MURDERED MY FAMILY AND YOU SLEPT WITH HER. YOURE SLEEPING WITH HER. LIKE YOU DIDNT HOLD ME FOR YEARS AFTERWARDS. LIKE I DIDNT COME TO YOUR HOUSE ALMOST EVERY NIGHT BECAUSE I COULDN’T BE ALONE AND MY NIGHTMARES WERE TERRIBLE. LIKE I DONT FUCKING LOVE YOU. I HAVE SINCE WE WERE CHILDREN. AMD HERE YOU GO SCREWING THE BITCH THAT KILLED MY ONLY FUCKING FAMILY. You know exactly how it feels to lose your mother. And yet you just said fuck me and our lifetime of friendship. That’s wrong Stiles. And don’t think you’re safe either bitch. The ONLY reason you’re alive this second is because I’m going to fuck you up. Every single one of you.” I screamed and vented and yelled and in a blink I was gone but the entire loft was in a huge mess of papers, furniture, files and clothes.

I didn’t even bother going home. I went straight to the sheriff station. To say goodbye of course. Sheriff Stilinksi was the father I never had. Strong, caring and always welcoming.

“Y/n? Hey. Where’s Stiles?” Parrish asks me. I ignore him and go straight to the sheriffs office.

“Sheriff. I’m just here to say thank you and I love you with every ounce of me but I can’t stay here. Thank you for welcoming me and allowing me to be the person I am. Thank you so much.” I say finally bursting into tears. Stilinski runs around his desk and hugs me.

“Y/n. Sweetie. What’s wrong. Please tell me.”

“Malia- she-she killed my mom and grandma and stiles knew and still has sex with her and i-I’ve always lo-loved him” i sob. My sentences were barely comprehendible but I knew the sheriff understood.

“Oh y/n. It’s okay. Where are you gonna go?”

“I’m not sure. My dad has family down in Georgia. I can go there”

“Please be safe. I understand your need to leave but promise me you’ll be back to visit me.”

“I promise”

anonymous asked:

Can we just send in requests? Because if so, I would love to request the boy's reactions to getting their first blowjob from candy. I hope that's okay.

(I have no idea how dirty you wanted these to be so if it’s too much I apologize fam)

(Y/N= Your name)


  • He’d be really taken aback and would probably try to stop you actually, but with a little more coaxing and reassurance he’d let you do it. You’d have to really encourage him to let you.
  • He’d be super flustered the entire time, and probably wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye at all. He wouldn’t really know what to do with his hands. They’d be at his side, maybe he’d fidget his fingers a bit nervously.
  • Once you start he lets out a shocked gasp, and his eyes shut tightly. He lets out really long sighs but he tries not to moan because he’s a bit embarrassed. He has a sensitive tip so if you focus on that area he’d start to buck his hips a little bit.
  • After getting into it he would let himself relax a little bit, but he’d still be blushing. He might run his fingers through your hair and rest his hand at the base of your neck.
  • It’d probably take about 3-5 minutes for him to reach his peak tbh. He can’t handle the sexiness of it all, but with time he learns to last a bit longer. Afterwards he’d advert his eyes and apologize for cumming in your mouth, but would shyly tell you “That felt really good…” Maybe not the best at oral but he’d definitely try to return the favor in some way.


  • He has no objections obviously, but he’s a little surprised that you even offered to do so in the first place. He’d so something like “Oh, getting a little bold now are we?”
  • He’s pretty much like “hell yeah”, but he’d be a bit embarrassed. Like wow, is this actually happening? He’d probably stop you for a second just to remind you that you don’t have to do it, but if you say that you want to then who is he to tell you no?
  • He loves blowjobs, so he would be really into it, you’d definitely hear a few curse words here and there. If you swirl your tongue around the tip while stroking the rest he’d grab you by your hair and pull, muttering out a “Fuck,” or “Holy shit.”
  • It would take maybe 10 minutes for him to cum and when he does, it’s a lot because he’s just so turned on by the fact that its you. And if you look him in the eye while doing it he’s probably gonna instantly explode in your mouth tbh.
  • Afterwards he’d lean his head back and catch his breath before looking at you and smirking, a pink tint in his cheeks. “Didn’t know you had it in you…” He’d probably want to pleasure you too so he’d use those magical fingers of his.


  • He would silently watch you with a blush on his face, his eyes a little wide. Once he realizes what you’re about to do he would stop you for a second. “Y-you don’t have to do that…” But if you persist he’d ask “Are you sure you want to?” This guy is all about making sure you’re okay and don’t feel pressured.
  • If you really wanted to do it then he’d let you, but his face would be extremely red and he wouldn’t really so anything. When you finally take him in your mouth his eyes would close and he’d throw his head back, letting out a long sigh.
  • He’d place a hand on your face and would let himself enjoy the feeling, stroking your cheek with his thumb and occasionally gently pulling at your hair.
  • When he’s finished he’d be a little at a loss for words, still red in the face. But he’s totally going to return the favor with no objections if you want, so prepare yourself for some bomb head cause this boy knows how to use his tongue.


  • Armin is pretty surprised, and would probably be super confused, like “Wait, are you actually doing what I think….?”
  • He would have no objections at all, he’s totally on the blowjob train. He’d lay back with his arms behind his head, smirking at you. He’s screaming on the inside though cause holy shit, he’s actually about to get a BJ.
  • He has a hard time keeping himself from thrusting into your mouth. He pulls on your hair a bit but not too hard. Utters a small curse occasionally. He’s completely focused on the pleasure and has no problem letting you know when you’re doing something right. “That feels amazing babe~” He loves encouraging you.
  • When you’re done he’s a bit more flustered than usual, but he gives you a grin and pulls you into his lap, which starts a make out session and him saying “Well how about you let me play with you for a bit, hm?”


  • He is completely in shock. He can’t speak, he can’t move. He’s just processing what’s happening. “Y-Y/N?” He just can’t believe that you’re actually doing this, something he low-key dreams about and thought would ONLY happen in his dreams.
  • He’s all shaky and his breathing is ragged. He subconsciously starts to push your head down to make you go faster, but he tries to control himself. He starts to get really hot too.
  • He loses his mind if you slowly lick up and down, and he’ll have to look away if he doesn’t wanna finish right then and there. Doesn’t take him that long to bust a load tbh, and he’s pretty embarrassed by it.
  • He has no idea what to do afterwards, whether or not he should return the favor. He’ll ask if you’d like him to, and if you do then he’d gladly oblige. He’s a little sloppy though.
Dating would be like... | Min Yoongi(Suga) Edition

Yoongz here we gooOOO my body is ready and willing to do this prepare urself for Min Yoongi Genius 

  • let me just say it right off the bat
  • we all know how this boy loves to sleep (same) 
  • ur dates would include netflix n chill w/o the sex (maybe sometimes ;D) 
  • i say that bc that’s it. that’s his idea date
  • being in bed w u
  • and movies he can possibly fall asleep during
  • if u give him that then min yoongi is in h e a v e n
  • also late night studio dates~
  • U bring him food and remind him that there is a world outside his studio that is beautiful 
  • you don’t often stay over at his studio while he’s working, he finds it to be less of a distraction if other people aren’t around him
  • but once and a while when he is having a lapse in inspiration he’ll text you at like 3 am to come over and see him
  • and bc ur crazy about this man u agree and u throw on whatever happens to be laying around
  • and when you finally make ur way into the studio he has his headphones on but u tap him on his shoulder and he turns around to yell at whoever is interrupting him, forgetting that he was the one who invited u lmao
  • and he just stops midway
  • mouth wide open
  • bc ur standing there, hair a slept-in mess, wearing his hoodie, his beanie, bags under ur eyes, and its obvious ur tired but u hold out a bag of snacks for him bc u knew he would have asked u for food anyways
  • and the dim lighting is just perfect and he immediately knows exactly what to write about now
  • he gently pulls you down so you’re straddling his lap and he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear oh so delicately and just
  • basks in your presence
  • its like an angel has come down to help inspire him and in this moment, as you sit on his lap, the glow from his computer like a halo around you, he could almost believe you were an otherworldly being come down from heaven to love and support an undeserving person such as himself 
  • and the two of you are just sitting there in silence, no words needed.
  • oh my gosh I’m dead inside
  • moving on tho
  • he’s stubborn as hell so u 2 would fight a lot but have fantastic makeup sex lol
  • “Shut up”
  • “make me”
  • oh boy howdy does he ever ;)
  • you tried to rap his verse in cypher once and he had to leave the room it was too much for his poor heart u were too cute
  • playing with his hands a lot bc damn bOI
  • he would get u a matching pair of Air Jordan’s and then be s o f reaking proud of himself when u 2 wear them out
  • he takes a picture and brags to the rest of BTS in this rare moment of Cutie Yoongi
  • he called u his Swag Bae once and you cried laughing 
  • to this day you still aren’t sure if he was serious or not but it’s still an inside joke between yall
  • he caught u trying on his leather jacket once and it was so big on u part of his soul died that day trying not to freak out
  • rare moments when Squish Yoongi comes out and he’s clingy and cuddly and gives u sweet cheek kisses
  • protecting the maknae line from his wrath 24/7 
  • no matter how much u beg he wouldn’t let u hear a single note of his mixtape until he is 100% finished with it and u withhold sex from him for a month
  • the first of the next month was a very long day for you. 
  • as u can tell he gets v flustered when u wear his clothes
  • “Jagi what r you wearing”
  • “your sweater??? does it look like i’m wearing a llama wtf yoongi u have eyes in ur head”
  • my favorite time sIN TIME
  • he’s not super into marking but I’m sorry can u imagine leaving dark purple bruises on that pale porcelain neck and chest of his i need a moment i can’t breathe 
  • s h o w e r s e x
  • bc it’s ‘saving water’ 
  • he’s v v dominant but vv lazy so ur on ‘top’ most of the time but he makes sure u know he’s still in charge 100% 
  • u try to be dominant once and he still teases u about it to this day 
  • kitchen sex
  • studio sex
  • couch sex
  • like i said, he likes you to ride him just bc 1. he can lay down and 2. he can see every inch of your perfect body but he’s still in charge of the pace and he loves it
  • very soft kisses when he’s in a passionate loving mood
  • but it can very quickly change into lip biting and bruising kisses in 2 seconds 
  • wouldn’t be a fan if u were super duper loud but man he loves to hear u moan 
  • (with your consent) he would love to record y'all for those long studio nights and faraway tours where he can’t physically be with you but the memory of the time you did that thing with your tongue has him melted already 
  • he’s more of a growler/ deep grunter, not super loud??? but daMN have you seen that video of him growling when he’s rapping cypher? lay me to rest
  • he rapped his part in cypher pt 3 once at your request and you came undone s o f a s t it’s his fav thing to do now
  • he wouldn’t be physically present very often, and he’s not really great with PDA or really romantic gestures
  • like jungkook he’s more of an actions are louder then words type person
  • but he’ll always send you lil postcards from wherever they go on tour
  • and he doesn’t buy u lots of meaningless stuff, but once and a while he’ll be shopping w the boys and see something thats just so very you that he can’t help but by it
  • and it could be a damn 3$ chain for all you care but u keep it forever bc Yoongi got it for you and u love it 
  • this boy is so whipped for you and he doesn’t even care if it’s not “swaggy” or anything he’ll write song after song after song for you 
  • not big on nicknames but he’ll call you Angel bc you’re his angel sent from above to save him from getting to deep into his headspace and his music that he can’t come out
  • he just loves you so much he often can’t say it in words but sometimes he sends you a song and you know it’s his love for you in the lyrics
  • he’s so excited about ur future together he’ll deny it any day but Namjoon told u he bought lil baby Air Jordans the other day and hid them in his closet 
  • he’s such a Smol Squish disguised as a Tough Dude love him please

there we go i’m dead inside Yoongi is my bias wrecker hhhhhngg

<3 you! ~Admin Hedgehog

Praise Me


hELLO MOrE 2009!PHAN SMUT??????? I THINK SO!!!!!!!!! (how about a bit of 2009!phil rimming 2009!dan???????????? yes????? good!!!!!!!) AND I’M ALSO CLOSE TO 800 FOLLOWERS (like 28 followers or so away) AND IM LIKE ????? THATS CRAZY??? IM JUST A LAZY HIGH SCHOOLER???? HOW???

i apologize that this is so short!! and i apologize for spelling/grammar mistakes!

[Contains: 2009!phan (hell fucking y E S), praise kink, slight daddy kink (i mean dan says “daddy” 3 times so), some dirty talk (oooh i havent done that in a while), shy!dan (kinda), a bit of rimming, ass grabbing (idk i just thought that it’d be something ppl would look for idk im gonna go)]

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Youtube fights and Sleepless Nights - Dan Howell Imagine Part 1

idgafdarling: may I have an imagine with dan? possibly one where they’re in a heated argument, but in the end they just kiss and gets all sweet? oh god what have i done.

A/N: So I kinda got carried away with this one and really want to make the end super fluffy and not seem rushed so I’m going to post it in 2 parts. Hope you enjoy :)

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Summary: Being at the heart of a Mafia gang was scary, but when family gets involved, it’s a whole other level of terrifying…

Series 1

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

A/N: You asked for more…so here it is! BIGBANG MAFIA AU is back! With a whole lot more blood, danger, and sex for you to dig your fingers into! What will happen this time? Who knows! The only thing we do know is that the mafia will go to any lengths to protect you, and in some cases that means choosing between the two things they need the most…

Part 5

You could remember the first time Jiyong had introduced you properly to the gang. It wasn’t long after he’d saved you for the first time, maybe a week tops? During which time the two of you had ended up spending a lot of time together and, as one thing lead to another, you were beginning to think he wasn’t as bad as you’d first mad him out to be….

‘But why isnt there guns and violence?’ he asks from his chair in the corner, turning to look at you as he poses the question, an elegant black eyebrow arching in confusion, but you’re too interested in the episode on the giant t.v. screen at the foot of the bed to pay him much attention as you answer.

'Because its a story about the supernatural. There’s no need for guns and violence. Now shh, we’re getting to the good bit.’

You can see him from the corner of your peripheral vision as he huffs and leans back in the chair, languidly taking his glass of whiskey from the bedside table and taking a sip from it just as a wolf rips someones neck out.

'Thats more like it!’


Before he can even respond to you hushing his excited exclamation there is a knock at the door, and you sigh irritably as you pick the remote up from the bed in front of you to pause the episode of Teen Wolf, just as Jiyong gets up from his seat to see who was at the door, his movements smooth and catlike.


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You have a panic attack and he helps you calm down (Luke)


Anonymous said: “Hi so since that panic attack story was so so good I was wondering I you could do another one where you’re ashtons girlfriend and you have a panic attack but his not there so Luke helps you calm down? I think you’d make it really really sweet <3”

hi, thank you very much! I’ll do my best x


All of the stress you’ve put yourself through these last few weeks are finally catching up on you. You are currently visiting your boyfriend Ashton on tour. 

Your finals are just around the corner and Ashton had told you not to come if it would make you miss important stuff in school, but you couldn’t say no to him, especially not when you heard how happy he got whe you said you’d come. You have been sneaking off on different occasions when they hadn’t noticed, to be able to study. You knew you shouldn’t have come here, since you are most definitely going to fail every single one of your exams, and then you’ll never get in to the college you want. 

You are getting more and more stressed by the second that passes, and you can’t help the big lump that is starting to form in your throat. The fact that you’ve lied to your boyfriend isn’t relly helping that much either. 

They have a day off today, and you’re currently in Calum and Michael’s hotel room, with all the other guys too. You really need to study, your first exam is in two days and you feel like you don’t know a thing. You can feel the anxiety starting to build up, tightening your chest. You decide to ignore it.

“Hey, guys. I’m going to our room to give my mom a quick call.” You lie. You and your mom didn’t exactly end on good terms before you left, she didn’t want you to leave because of school, and of course she was right. 

“Sure, do you want me to come with you?” You boyfriend asks, smiling.

You shake your head, no. “It’s okay, it’ll probably take a while.” You lie again. You’re planning on studying a bit while you have the chance.

“Okay.” Ashton shrugs. You lean down and give him a quick kiss before you exit the room.


Studying was a lot harder than you first thought it’d be. The words you are reading seems like they’re written in another language and they just won’t stick in your head. You have to read the same paragraph at least fifteen times ‘cause you don’t understand what ever the hell you are reading. The frustration is growing and you can feel the anxiety and panic growing rapidly. Everything just feels wrong, from the way you are sitting on the bed till the way your biology book is lying in front of you. 

The paper that are supposed to be filed with notes are still blank. You just feel to pathetic, like you can’t even read a simple book about the human anatomy without fucking up. You are convinced that you are going to fail this test and everyone is going to be so disappointed at you. You won’t get in to any college and you’ll be unemplyed for the rest of your life and Ashton won’t love you anymore because you are an absolute loser thats life ended in fucking high school. If Ashton coud see you know, he'd be so disappointed with you, thinking you’re just a fuck up.

Thinking about everything that has ever gone wrong in yu life is the thing that makes the tears in your eyes spill and your panic arise. You try to tell yourself to be strong, that you shouln’t cry and that you don’t want this to get any worse. It’s just a god damn test, but you can’t stop it. You are so confused and so angry with yourself, that you let it go this far, that you don’t know where to go or what to do. Absolute panic is all you can feel. Tears are violently streaming down your face and sobs are escaping your wide open mouth. You stand up, feeling the need to escape, but you can’t go anywhere because then Ashton will find you and see you like this. Weak and pathetic. The thought only makes it worse. You sit down on the floor and hug your knees close to your body but it isn’t enough, you need to get your emotions and frustrations out somehow. You stand up againd and begin to pace the room, looking for anything to distract you as you feel your chest getting tighter. 

Then you just lose it. You let go of any restrains that you had and let the panic completely drown you, drag you down.

You grab your biology book of your bed and rip the pages apart, completely violating it into small shreds. You throw the remains onto the ground and jump on it, yelling every bad word you know. Then you take the comforter off the bed and throw it away, as well as the multiple pillows. You open your suitcase and throw your clothes onto the floor, before slamming the suitcase into the wall with all your might (it doesn’t break). Next is the huge bookshelf, you rip the books out of their place and throw them onto the floor, meanwhile yelling and sobbing. You are so full of adrenaline that you don’t notice that someone has entered your room until two are holding you, keeping you from smashing the tv with and bedside table lamp. 

“Y/N! Stop!” Someone yells. You kick with your legs and arms, trying to get out of the grasp that is holding you tight. You recognize the voice but your brain is too occupied to make out who it is. 

“No! Please, let me go!” You cry, but you can feel the exhaustion catching up to you. Your limps still and your whole body goes numb, quiet sobs wracking through you. “Please, please..” You mumble. Now feeling the shame and selfhatred fill you.

“Shh.. It’s okay. You’re okay.” He says. You let yourself fall into his arms. He lifts you up and carries you over to the messy bed. You shut you eyes, not wanting to see the damage you’ve done. You curl up into his arms, feeling somewhat comforted by the human contact. You cling on to him like a lost puppy.

“Breathe Y/N, you need to breathe.” He says and you can now hear who it is. Luke. 

“Luke, I-” You sob and can’t seem to finish the sentance. You struggle to breathe, feeling like your lungs are ten times smaller. You listen to his heart beat and his calm breathing, in, out.

After a while, when you feel a tad bit better, you lift your head to look at him.

“Thank you.” You say, your voice shaking a bit.

“No problems. I just heard screaming and crashing when I was on my way to my room, so I got a little worried, you know, and I kinda just went in to see what was going on. I hope you’re not mad at me.

"No, no, no, not at all. Rather the opposite, who knows how much of the room would have been left it you hadn’t stopped me.” You say, letting out a weak laugh.

“Yeah, you’re pretty strong, you know. Wasn’t that easy.” He laughs. “You’ll have to explain this to Ash though, even though you may not want to." 

"I know, I will. Thank you.”



A/N: I really hope you liked this one, I’d love to hear what you guys think! Sorry for any misspellings, but I’m kinda in a rush to work! love you, you’re all incredible x

He Is The One (Clint x Reader + Avengers) Request

A/N: This my 3rd fanfic, and I am so exicited will you guys want a part two? Let me know if you do. Please ignore mistakes, and don’t leave me if you didn’t like it, I am trying to improve my writing! By the way, I really don’t know how did I come up with this scenario, I just did. 

Request: Clint x Reader

Thanks anon for requesting, and for being patient. xox

Originally posted by moan-s

“Paris maybe?” I said, turning to him.

“Hmm. I was thinking about Tahiti.” Clint said, smiling.

“I don’t think I have a bikini body yet.”
“That doesn’t matter.” He said, pulling me closer to him. I layed my head on his chest, wrapping my arm around his waist. He held me tight, like he was scared of me leaving.
“It does! I want you to like the way I look.” I said, whining.
“Hey.” He said, holding my chin, forcing me to look at him.
“You are the woman I love. I couldn’t like the way you look more. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” He said.
I felt the butterflies. They were in my stomach, flying above to my heart. His words made me happy even it wasn’t the first time he said something like that, not in a way that I could explain. It was not just about me being happy about him thinking that I was beautiful, it was that  I was beautiful to him. I was his one&only. Just like he was mine. He belonged with me, I could feel that in my heart. Everytime we kissed, we hugged or just looked at him, I could feel it. And I remember when I first met him. It was so clear that he was the only one for me. We both knew it, right away. He walked in to the lab to talk to Tony, but he just stood there when our eyes met. He asked me out that day. I didn’t even knew him, but it felt right, so I just said ‘yes’ without thinking. We were together since then, even the fact we had huge fights.
I buried my face back in his chest, hiding my cheeks and my stupid smile.
“You know, I can feel the heat of your cheeks on my chest.” He said with a playful voice, smirking.
“I am sorry I can’t just be normal and reply without having to cover my face.” I said, not keeping my head up.
“Well everytime you say something like that I can’t keep my hands off you so I think we’re even.”
“You don’t ever keep your hands off me.” I said, smiling.
“We need more popcorn!” I whined like a child to others. All of us were sitting in front of the TV, watching a film Tony picked.
“Go get it princess.” Pietro said. Such a gentleman.  "It is okay, lets continue the film.“ I said, using my cutest voice. I hugged my blanket and started counting, 5,4,3,2,1– "Okay, okay. I’ll get it.” Clint said. I smiled in victory. Natasha smirked at me, knowing what I just did.
Clint came back in with a huge bowl of popcorn, sat next to me. “There you go, baby.” I kissed his cheek, “You are the best.” Clint smirked playfully.“I know.”  Tony rolled his eyes.
“Eww. Go get a room.” Pietro said, his voice cocky.
I pressed start and we continued the film. I layed my head on my boyfriend Clint’s shoulder when I started to feel sleepy, he put his arm around my waist. I kept staring at others for the rest of the movie. I found it boring. I picked up some popcorn and threw it to Steve. He didn’t realize it so I kept throwing.
“(Y/N), stop.” He turned to me. I smiled and threw one more to his face.
“Oh, so this is how it is?” He picked up the popcorn I threw at him and he threw it back to me. I picked more from the bowl and threw at him.
So it started a war. Natasha joined him, just like Clint joined me. They were throwing so many I had to jump off from the couch, and hid behind it, pulling Clint with me.
“Guys! This is childish!” I heard Tony say, so Clint&I picked popcorn from the floor and threw it to his face.
“Oh, you guys are going down.” He growled and joined Natasha and Steve. 3 of them started throwing popcorn at us while we tried to hide. I pulled Pietro’s arm, forcing him to team up with us. Thor was watching us from the couch next to ours, laughing. Wanda was picking up popcorn from the floor and throwing them at Clint. I ran to Thor, pulled his arm “You are with us! Come on!” I laughed as I kept pulling him to our side. Then Wanda forced Vision to team up with her.
All of us kept throwing popcorn at each other, laughing. Even Bruce joined us. It became such a mess. We stopped as Rhodey and Sam walked in, they looked at us with a shocked face.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?” Sam spoke first. Steve threw some popcorn straight to his face. We laughed at his expression.
“Guys, we should clean this up.” I said, looking at them. “Then we all should take a shower.” I added, smiling. I smiled at them, my family, all covered in popcorn with smirks on their faces.
“So, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Steve said after we finished cleaning, walking towards the elevators. Everyone followed him.
“(Y/N), You can stay here tonight, if you want. It is late.” Tony said. I was working with Tony&Bruce at the lab as a scientist. I’ve had became very close to the team. I have been spending most of my time with them and Clint. They became my family. But I wasn’t staying in the tower with them even the fact they asked me many times. I had a small apartment in Brooklyn which I loved.
“No, I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” I said as I waved at them, Clint put a gentle kiss on my lips, wishing me a good night. I hugged him and said “Good night.” I took my purse and jacket from the couch and walked towards the other elevator to get to the parking lot.
Elevator doors opened, I got out of the building and walked my way to the parking lot.I saw my car and kept walking towards it as I opened my purse, searching for my car keys. Something felt wrong. I felt like some was watching me. I stopped walking and took a look around, there was no one. There were too many cars, someone could be hiding behind them. I still felt like someone was there, I thought about running back to the tower but they could catch me. So I dialed Clint’s number.
“Honey, is something wrong?” He asked with a sleepy voice.
“Clint, I-I feel like someone is watching me- Can you—” I dropped the phone as someone pulled me back, covering my mouth. I tried to escape but he was too strong for me.
“(Y/N)? Are you okay? (Y/N)!” I felt the guy injecting me something, then everything went black.
I opened my eyes in a cold room. I was laying on a bed, my hands and legs were handcuffed. I saw the HYDRA symbol on the wall. I tried to move, but I was too weak. I had a killer headache. I wanted to scream. 3 peope appeared in my sight, they were doctors, I could tell from their clothes.
“I see you are awake Miss (Y/L/N).” He said, smiling at me. I was too weak  to talk.
“You must be wondering why are you here, but you already know. We want Avengers to suffer. That’s nothing new. But we are not gonna kill you. We are gonna do soo-much-worse.” He smirked.
“So we were thinking about something more tragic, you know. We were just gonna kill you with a terrible way. Then we thought, why so simple when we could do worse?” He let out a small laugh.
“Here is the thing, we are gonna make them kill you.” He took some tools from the table next to him, that was the last thing I saw before I passed out from the pain.
I woke up because of the gun-shots and screams. I was in a cell, lying on the ground. I looked at myself; there were some stiched wounds in my stomach and chest, and on my wrists because of the handcuffs. What have they done to me? They must have turned me into a monster, thats what they meant by saying that they were gonna make them kill me.
“WHERE IS THE GIRL?” I heard Clint growl at the guard. I wanted to scream, tell him that I am here, but I couldn’t.
“She is in the cell! Please don’t hurt me!” I heard the guard say. I heard foot steps, then he appeared in my sight. He broke the lock by putting an arrow in it, opened the door and ran to me,
“(Y/N)? Baby. It is okay, it is okay. I am here. Did they hurt you? What have they done?” He asked, checking me to see any injuries.
“Get her to the jet. I will blow this place up.” I heard Tony say from Clint’s device. He picked me up from the ground. I moaned in pain, my wounds were hurting like hell.
“Hey, hey Its gonna be okay. Baby I need you to be strong. Don’t close your eyes.” He said, trying to hide his pain from me. I felt my wounds start to bleed, I moaned in pain as my eyes shut
“Oh my god. (Y/N), Stay with me! Hey! Stay with me!” Clint yelled. I hardly opened my eyes. I saw that we were getting into the jet.
He ran and layed me down on the bed. I saw others looking at me,
“Princess, stay with us. Okay?” Just keep your eyes open.“ Clint said calmly as Natasha covered her mouth with her hands. Others ran over to me with tears on their eyes.
I was too weak to respond. I felt my eyes shutting, last thing I heard was their yelling, "NO! STAY WITH US!”
I woke up in a hospital bed. I was clean, my hair smelled like strawberries. My wounds were cleaned up and bandaged. The pain was gone. What did they do to me? What did they change inside to make me a monster? I saw Clint sleeping on the chair next to me. I started to cry when I saw him. I thought I was never gonna see him again, but there he was. A hero, my hero. He was gonna have to put an arrow in me. He had to.
I quietly kept crying, trying to not wake him up. He woke up when I failed to keep my sobs down.
“Are you okay? Does it hurt?” He immediatly asked, looking worried.
“Want me to call the doctor?”
“I-I am okay.” I managed to say. I looked at him, trying to hold myself from crying. He wiped my tears with his hand.
“Hey, it is okay. Baby you are safe. I won’t let that happen again I swear.” He said, his voice cracking.
“I am so sorry. I didn’t want to- I swear–” I said, my voice cracking.
“Why are you sorry? It wasn’t your fault sweetheart.” Clint said, holding my hand.
“No it is, I-I If I knew how to defend myself this wouldn’t happen. They, they said that–” I felt something, a power inside me as I got more emotional. I got more angry, more sad every single second. Then things around me started to fly, the water bottle standing on the table, chairs next to the bed and etc.
“What the-” Clint said, with a shocked expression. Then the lights turned off, windows started to shake.
Seconds later, both of us understood what was happening. It was me. That was what they did.
“We are gonna make them kill you.”
I heard it again in my head, again and again. I felt the power inside me, I felt it hurting me from the inside. It was too much. Whole room started to shake.
“(Y/N), you can control this.” Natasha said, holding my hand. I didn’t even see them coming in. I screamed in pain. I tried to stop it. I tried to calm down. But it was even worse. I crawled.
“(Y/N) FIGHT IT.” Tony said as he got closer to me.
I held Natasha’s hands tighter and closed my eyes. I imagined myself calming down, that I could control it. I opened my eyes as I heard the noise tools made as they crashed to the floor. Lights came back on, room stopped shaking. I looked at them, they were worried.
I took a deep breath and let go of Natasha.
“They said that they were gonna make you guys kill me.” I said, all of their expressions changed. “You should.” I said as I kept looking at them. Clint took a deep breath, running his hands through his hair.
“No.” Thor said as he got near me. “You will learn how to control this.” Steve added. Others nodded.
“We can help you.”
I looked at Clint, his eyes were red. He had a worried expression on his face.
“We are so going to Tahiti if I survive this.” I said, trying to smile.
“You will. I am not allowing you to leave me.”

Hope you guys like this. You can request anything, I’ll be happy to do them!
And let me know if you want a part 2. xox

Really? Why Cant Angry Turtles Get Some Love Too? Chill.

Okay, so you guys know about that instagram pic that i posted last night right?

this one: 

Well if you look at the comments everyone was excited, except for this one person who claimed she was just a fan and denied the fact that wasnt a fangirl, when clearly she isnt, instead shes one of those fangirls. Her username and picture says it all.

 But due to me being a private person and having respect for that kinda stuff i will black it out.

Sorry guys, Im just particular about that kinda stuff. But here is her first comment.:

Okay, I know Ciro already replied to her, which i will show in a moment, but after I break this comment down, and yes, i will do so because I literally am kinda upset about this.

  • “You guys shouldnt have brought that THING back”

Alright, its fine if you dont like Mona, but really? You have to be that immature about her coming? that THING? Maybe im being sensitive about this, but Mona wasnt even fully developed back in the 80s series, and she hasnt even freakin appeared in this series, this is just like Renet all over again I swear.

  • “This show needs action, not romance”

Besides a small bit of romance in season 1 and 2 this show hasnt really been all that “Romantic” actually its been written really well. As Ive said many times before the boys will have their crushes, and yeah they threw a slim bit of romance your way, but thats it. In season 3 after a foot to big there has hardly been Apriltello moments, hell theres hardly been Capril moments. And no them hugging is not romantic, its just friends being friendly with each other. Same with Donnie and April, they are being friends. Friends hug, and even hold hands, that doesnt mean its automatically romantic, it just shows they care. Guess what? It will probably be the same way with Mona and Raph too but wayyyyyy different. Haha.

  • “Shes gross”

How is she gross? Also your opinion is really invalid if you HAVENT EVEN SEEN HER IN THIS DANG SERIES!!!! EVEN IN THE 80S SERIES HOW CAN YOU FORM THAT OPINION WHEN SHES BEEN IN ONLY ONE EPISODE! *sighs* okay, sorry, just lets move on hm? ^^’

  • “Raph’s better off alone”

Im gonna just call you one of those Raph fangirls right now, no matter what you say. Raph can be better off alone sure but that doesnt mean he cant have a crush here and there. Why? CAUSE HE’S A TEENAGE BOY DAMMIT! Sorry, im trying to be calm, i promise…

  • “No, Im not a fangirl who wants Raph for herself.”

Really? Cause you sound like one of those fangirls. And trust me I know crazed fangirls. Your giving all the signs besides your username and profile picture. 

Signs of being an obsessive crazed Raph fangirl

  • Saying he’s better off alone
  • Denying your not a fangirl
  • Insulting Raphael’s supposed love interest Mona
  • Insulting a great character that hasnt even appeared because she is the crush of Raph
  • Being agressive

Did i forget anything? Im not sure, if you wish yall can add more signs.And Im not buying the whole 

“Im just a fan of the show”

because if that was the case you wouldnt be this upset about Mona coming, or about how Raph has a darn crush, or you wouldnt be acting like its the end of the world. Just saying, Ive seen this aggressive behavior before, with Donnie fans, Leo fans, heck even Mikey fans! Also the fangirls who deny that they are fangirls act exactly like this.

((Not saying all of you fangirls do this)) *shakes head*

Last point

  • “You’ll loose some viewers because of her.”

Considering that most of the fandom is made up of adults or older kids that are in their late teens and have been fans since the 80s or 90s im sure its okay if they loose some fans, why? Because they have a ton more. you know that saying, you loose some, you gain more. Sure they may loose some, but im very sure they will gain more, especially when Mona is being voiced by ZELDA WILLIAMS! ROBIN WILLIAMS DAUGHTER!

Unlike me Ciro kept his cool and told her what was up

he kept it short and simple, to the point, its his show after all.

Here is where Brandon comes in, with his comment, and guys just so you know these two WERE NOT serious, they were trolling this girl.

This was her reply

oh man thats a lot to break down. Lets get started!

  • “What the heck? Babies? -…- Im out”

Alright first off, they were trolling you, secondly who cares if your out, seriously obsessed fangirl.

And to those who actually took Brandon and Ciro’s instagram comments seriously……

my reaction:

Originally posted by booyakashellshocked

And for those who are still taking their comments seriously and wont shut up about it:

Originally posted by sushimanjuu

Really guys? Do I really need to go on a rant about this? Right now Raph is my spirit dude >…> 

  • “Dont do that guys seriously xD”

Okay, im about to defend these creators beacuse im getting really tired about how everyone is up their butts 24/7 telling them how to do their show.

  1.  Its not YOUR show
  2.  Its not your place to tell them what to do
  3.  I dont care if your using that “xD” face, i will say this, chill the shell out, they really can do whatever they want with this show. CIRO CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS WITH THIS SHOW.



*bites tongue* 

moving on….

  • “we’re here to see ninjas and fights not babies or romance.” 

Okay, stop talking for the whole fandom. Its YOU who dont want to see babies or romance, I am here to see turtles, no matter what, romance, babies, whatever, as long as turtles are in it, im in, and this is speaking for me, others may not want you to speak for them, I know others do not want ME to SPEAK FOR THEM.  why? Becacuse not everyone has the same views as you do you little —-

*bites tongue again*

Oh man i need to move on...*sighs*

  • “This made the show weird.”

Guys do you feel weird watching this show, a show that has hardly romance at all and when it does its very little? *asks in sarcasm tone*

Like really the romance on this show is so little that you actually gotta pay attention to actually see it, and even then it looks like they’re just being friendly to each other. In my eyes anyways…*shakes head*


  • “Im not a fangirl”

Your a fangirl, no matter what you say, people who say that kinda thing are either in denial or just to blind to see it. 

Actually scratch that, you are not a fangirl.

Theres differences between fangirls and over the top obsessive annoying fangirls who literally do nothing but overreact over every little thing that has to do with their favorite turtle.

you are the second.

  • “I’ve watched previous versions of the show. They didnt have romance and stuff.”

You want some s**t with that bull?



Comics- April and Casey, they even had a child, also the turtles had girlfriends if im not mistaken.
tmnt 80′s- This one hardly had any but i remember seeing a few moments here and there, correct me if im wrong about that
tmnt 90 movie 1- Casey and April, 
tmnt 2003- Casey and April, they got married in season 7 during the last episode. also it was implied that Raph had a slight crush on a friend named Jill or Jen ((Im pretty sure her name was Jill))
tmnt 2007- Casey and April, they were getting married, or was close to an engagement.
tmnt 2012- Leo and Karai, April and Donnie, Casey and April ((maybe))
tmnt 2014- April and Vernen ((IDK if i spelled his name right)) or April and Raph

I swear people like you forget that the other versions had a shit ton of romance ((excuse my language)) But when the nick series do it, its a like sin and you guys act like its a new thing that hasnt been done before.

Look the nick series actually goes by what actual teenagers do while in love or crushing on someone, they make it realistic as possible, is it annoying? Duh, but thats teens and life for you. Fans like you dont seem to get that in your heads, and seem to forget that in this version they are more immature, more teen like, also they relate more with todays generations of kids, maybe not to you, and thats okay, but remember the previous versions you CLAIMED to have watched before trying to make a point. 

Last one

  • “It was tmnt, thats what tmnt is for, ninjutsu”

So apparently tmnt is for ninjutsu, my dear, ninjutsu has a part to play in tmnt, but what is tmnt is the love for family and friends, the honor for your clan, the determination to protect the innocent no matter what, oh and pizza, mainly from what I get, TMNT is a family oriented show, which does include romance, but mainly its about the bond between four brothers thats so strong that nothing or noone can tare them apart. A bond between father and sons/ Sensei and students, And a bond between friends that are considered family.

If you just get ninjutsu from TMNT and nothing else, then you really havent gone in depth with this franchise, or grasped the concept of this show. It teaches about honor, respect, and how family is the most important thing in our lives along with friendships that last a lifetime.

THAT IS WHAT WE WANNA SEE…and Im sure the fandom will allow me to speak for them when i say that.

WE WANT TO SEE THAT. and guess what, most of us see it all the time when we watch any incarnation over and over again.

Its just YOU who only wants to see action, fighting, and ninjas. Dont get me wrong i like that stuff to, but if it was JUST that and nothing else, I’d probably wouldnt be in this fandom, nor like the franchise.

This show, franchise has balance, a best of all genres, Drama, Action, Adeventure, Fantasty, Romance, Family, and even Horror.

And thats what we like, different things that comes into one franchise, and honestly if I have to put up with teen drama BS thats fine. ((Not speaking for all of the fandom)) I will do it as many times, why? Because I love this show and franchise to death, nothing will ever stop me from watching.

And hey maybe some of the fandom feels the way I do, I dunno, but just know that we do not want you to speak for us, and we will defend the Creator of the nick series at any cost….

Okay well I will. ^^ cause I cant really speak for the fandom on that last part. haha.


((Sorry i had to, it was a perfect opportunity.))

Okay, i’ve done my damage here, long post this time, sorry for that.

I also wish to apologize if i sound rude, mean, disrespecful or hateful, this was not my intent, i do not mean to, just when someone does something like this i tend to get defensive over Ciro.

This show is his baby that he created, and honestly he and the crew shouldnt get this much s**t for this kinda thing. And we should know them by know that they werent serious, but Im sorry if i offended you, or my words hurt your feelings. 

Just tired of a great show, and its cast/crew members as well as the creator getting so much hate just because some people cant accept the fact that things will happen differently, So calm down and just have faith in them. Its better when you have fun and just let things go with the flow instead of taking it so seriously that you just stop all together. In my opinion that is…


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but if your gonna insult me, be creative and intelligent. I dont have time for idiotic trolls or cyberbullies. Thanks.

as usual!


A Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster Mini-series

Summary: You meet a clumsy guy on the streets of Seoul, and it just so happens that he’s one of the nation’s most well-known idols….and he’s interested in you.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37 Chapter 38 (Final) Epilogue

Originally posted by taestylips

Chapter 7

Why did he have to smirk?

Why couldn’t he have pointed out this morning that it was his concert you were going to be attending?

Why couldn’t he tell you he was an idol of a hugely popular korean boy band before you had sex with him?

And WHY did he look so frustratingly sexy in that leather jacket with his hair styled to perfection?

‘Y/N, we need to sit down.’ Izzy whispers in your ear, dragging you to the two remaining seats at the back of the hall as you watch Namjoon’s eyes follow you, the smirk on his face growing before he quickly moved his gaze to the rest of the hall, smiling and waving at the fangirls who were shouting his name.

'Did you know about this?’ your friend hisses, glaring at you slightly and you squeeze your eyes shut in irritation, pulling your jacket more tightly around you, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

'No, I didn’t fucking know about this Izzy.’ you mutter back, keeping your head bowed, but peaking up over the heads to look over the rest of the boys on the table, only now realising that-of course- they were the rest of his flatmates that you’d met this morning.

'Oh my fucking god…’ you groan, dropping your head into your hands and hearing the voice of a stagehand explain how the event was going to work, with people being able to ask questions from the audience throughout, as people go up to greet the members one after the other.

You relax slightly when they begin to play some quiet music, the first lot of people going up to meet the group, and the movement from the crowd gives you the courage to peek up in his direction, hurriedly ducking your head again when you see him looking your way with an expression of concern.

'Okay, but how the hell do you screw a member of a kpop band without knowing?’ Izzy huffs, clearly annoyed at the situation, her frown becoming more prominent when you hurriedly shush her, smiling timidly at the girls sat next to you who were looking at you two like you were crazy.

'Its not like he bloody introduced himself as 'Namjoon, leader of the kpop band…who are they, again?’

'BTS.’ she says tiredly, leaning her head back against the seat, closing her eyes.

'Right. I mean, thats going to be the first thing I say to him when I get up there.’ you grumble- 'Before you screw someone, you really ought to tell them you’re in a kpop band.’

'Thats if we even make it that far…you look like you’re going to throw up at any minute.’ she says, peeking an eye open to look at you, currently hunched over, arms wrapped tightly around yourself.

'Give me half an hour…i’ll be fine.’ you murmur.

'Okay, but its probably going to be half an hour till its our turn to greet them…so use your time wisely!’

When the majority of the crowd had left and there was only you, Izzy and around 10 people in front of you in the line to meet the group, you’d finally calmed yourself down enough to just get the meet and greet over with.

That was before it was actually your turn.

You’d managed to avoid looking at him the whole half hour wait you’d had to endure, but as soon as you walked up onto the stage and sat down in front of him, you sort of had to meet his gaze.

And you almost wiped the smirk off of his face with your fist.

'You know, its rude not to tell people if you’re in a kpop band before sleeping with them.’ you state, raising your eyebrows, daring him to make a cheeky remark.

'Hahahaha, I’ll keep that in mind should I ever want to sleep with someone.’ he says, his tone slightly plasticky and you frown at him in confusion, wondering why he was acting so odd, before seeing his eyes flicker to the girl ahead of you, currently speaking to Jungkook.

You roll your eyes at him, already having dealt with enough and deciding to move on so that you could get out of that situation as quickly as possible, but just as you go to sit in front of one of his other friends who you hadn’t been introduced to that morning, his hand darts out to stop you, laying over yours and turning it over so that your palm was facing upwards.

You freeze as you see the girl out of the corner of your eye staring at you, wondering why Namoon was touching you like that, but carrying on down the line when he drops a candy lolly into your hand, smiling at you tightly.

'Everyone gets one.’ he murmurs, holding your hand for a second too long, and you have the strongest urge to just stand up and drag him out of there, just to make out with him.

But instead you let go, moving to sit in front of his friend who was looking at you with barely concealed curiosity, having just watched your interaction with Namjoon.

'Ugh, H-Hel-’

'Annyeonghaseo.’ you greet, smiling and bowing to him, your down mood lifting slightly when he beams back at you, the relief that you could speak korean clear on his face.

'Jin-hyung, this is the girl that I was talking about earlier!’ you hear Jungkook whisper, eyes sparkling as he glances at you, and you see him blush as you raise an eyebrow at him, letting him know you’d just heard and understood what he said.

'Ah, you’re Rap-monnie’s girl?’ he asks in korean and you side glance at Jungkook, wondering what he’d told him, and wondering who 'Rap-monnie’ was.

'He’s talking about me.’ Namjoon suddenly pipes up in english, pausing his conversation with Izzy, who shoots you a look of nervousness as he addresses you.

'Rapmonnie?’ you ask, trying not to smirk at him, but with the way his lips quirk up slightly in response, its clear that he knows you think its hilarious.

'Its 'Rap-mon’ actually…its short for rap monster.’ he explains, rolling his eyes when you smother a chuckle, not quite believing what you were hearing.

'Miss, you need to move along.’ one of the managers suddenly says to you, indicating for you to move, and you would have, had it not been for Namjoon, suddenly calling her over and speaking quietly with her, before indicating for you to come and sit in front of him, smiling politely and bowing his head to Izzy as the two of you swap places.

'What was that about?’ you ask, only perching in front of him as you wait to be told to move on again, but when he leans forward excitedly over the table, indicating for you to get comfortable and you realise its just you and Izzy left in the room with them, you think you might know what’s going on.

'I made a deal…Whilst your friend meets everyone else, I get you all to myself.’ he murmurs, raising his eyebrows suggestively as he smirks, and you cant help but chuckle at him as you shake your head gently.

'And what if I wanted to meet the famous idols of BTS?’ you ask, in mock offence.

'You met them this morning…its my turn now…’


Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction - Broken (Chapter 3)
Chapter 1 Chapter 2

As I got out of the car I slammed the door shut. I couldn’t even believe it that Jack didn’t even care a little. He was so heartless but my brain still refused to stop thinking about him. While walking upstairs my mom stopped me asking what happened but I just told her I didn’t want to talk and she let the topic go instantly. I was thankful for that. After reaching my room I slammed the door shut and reached down my bed looking for the perfect way to calm me down. I sighed in content as I saw the box laying there as I left it before. Inside it was weed, it made me feel free and like I could breath more freely if that made sense. I took it out and decided to take it out on the porch outside my room. It was already 7 and there weren’t much people outside even though it was still not that dark. I set myself down on the chair and lit up the weed before taking one shot of it. I breathed in and breathed out releasing smoke out of my mouth. My mom knew I used to smoke before and I had stopped when I met Jack. But now that I didn’t have Jack this was the only thing that helped me. While I was smoking I saw a figure walking on the side walk downstairs. It looked really familiar. After a second I gasped.

“Jack?” I whispered. He was looking up at me. His eyes were wide probably because I was smoking. I then snapped out of the trance. I had to show him he had no effect on me. Blowing another puff of smoke out of my mouth I smiled at him and got up to go in my room.

After all of this happened I finally started crying again. You know the usual; you act tough in front of your ex but cry behind his back like a baby. I was in the middle of bawling my eyes out when my phone rung. Ugh.

“What?” I said annoyed.

“Hey Lucy.” Clarissa said slowly as if I was gonna explode. Hell yeah! She was right. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or go anywhere where I will see people I know. I wanted to start afresh. See new people.

“What do you want?” I said in the same tone.

“I was calling to ask you if you were okay. You didn’t come to school and you’re kinda ignoring me.”

“I’m fine.” I didn’t wait for her to reply. I just hung up. I’ve had enough of this! I was gonna go to school tomorrow and act normal. I finished the rest of the ice cream before going to sleep ready for the next day. Ready to take on Gilinsky.

The next day I woke up annoyed at my alarm clock. I wanted to stab it. After finally getting the strength to get out of the covers I went towards the bathroom to get ready for school. I brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. My outfit was a short black skirt with a white simple crop top. Including a necklace and few bracelets and I had done my makeup better than before. I wanted a little changed so that’s what I did. I tried on my other clothes that I never wore and here I am, ready! I smiled in appreciation and walked downstairs to eat breakfast. After I realized my parents weren’t home. They went to work extra early.

‘Might as well just eat a granola bar.’ I thought to myself and that’s what I did. Without my parents I never ate breakfast I never understood why I did that either.

After eating my breakfast I walked back up downstairs to take my school bag and then hopped into the car to go to school.

After parking in the parking lot I got out and walked inside the school while swaying my hips. After I reached my locker I opened it and took out my books for my first class. While doing that I was looking around and saw something that tore my heart into pieces. It was Jack. He was kissing another girl. I couldn’t take it anymore I slammed my locker shut turning his attention towards me. There were already tears streaming down my face. I walked out of school as fast I could manage to before I drove back home to sulk over him again. Why was it so hard to get over him?

'Because you still love him.’ My brain said to me. Do I really?
I’m sorry if it’s short and crappy. I’m tired and it’s really late. I tried to make it long and I hope you guys like it!

Part 4??
Thanks for reading :)

Chapter 4

henliilau  asked:

okay so for day 1 of bokuroo week [ friends to lovers/first date ] i //personally// would love them to get ice cream on the 1st date (bc i lOVE ice cream lol) n it would be hella cute bc they'd be nervous n all that eating their ice cream, but then they'd realize that's silly and just freaking steal each other's ice cream & be silly together & would get looks from the staff and the customers lol aLSO LASTER TAG AS A FIRST DATE WLD BE AWESOME N WILD LOL omfg

dude, i’m gonna run w this

  • the two of them playing laser tag is so
  • *clenches fist*
  • they both get really into it
  • like really into it
  • v dramatic rolling dodges, v dramatic fake deaths when they get hit - when they’re on the same team, v dramatic reacting to each other’s “death”
  • bokuto is hands down the most enthusiastic person playing
  • he’s great at offense, definitely spends most of his time out in the open which makes him a target, but he can move quickly and duck into cover; he runs around a lot and doesn’t mind getting close to people if it means he can score a lot of points
  • kuroo probably spends the first few matches staying hidden most of the time, against a wall so that no one can sneak up on him or up on the higher level so that he can keep an eye on things
  • he has a great view of bokuto frantically running around down below, and seeing him out in the open makes kuroo super nervous lmao
  • but he gets to snipe a few enemies that are a few seconds away from taking bokuto out and tbh there’s nothing more romantic
  • when they play against each other, kuroo moves around a lot more (bokuto is always aiming for him, he can’t sit still) and they end up knocking over a lot of stuff and exerting way too much energy and just generally causing a lot of chaos
  • they go for ice cream afterwards
  • bokuto gets his in a cone but he’s talking too much and it’s melting so kuroo just grabs bokuto’s wrist and licks the ice cream around the cone before it can melt all over bokuto’s hand
  • which shuts bokuto up for a minute
  • at least until he steals kuroo’s spoon to eat some of his ice cream too bc now it’s a competition lmao (kuroo goes up to the counter to ask for napkins like, four separate times)
  • by the end of the night they’ve both used up all of their energy, so they sit on kuroo’s front steps in idle conversation that fades in and out and bokuto finally leans over and kisses kuroo a little sloppily, and by the time kuroo’s heartbeat steadies, bokuto is talking again abt how awesome it was when kuroo saved him in laser tag and kuroo just smiles and agrees
Luke Hemmings Imagine

Description: Luke break’s up with you for pretty valid reasons, but you both aren’t in good places to say the least.

Rating: E'rybody

Request: Lmao nah I only have one follower

Word Count: 2252

First ever posted imagine! If you like this one feel free to request! Just give me the boy and the scenario and special recommendations and I got you doll. 


“Please, just tell me you love me one last time.” I begged through the phone, I knew it would make it hurt even more than it does, but I just really needed to hear it.


“(Y/N), the love I feel for you is deeper than the ocean floors, the words I could describe your beauty with would go on for miles. From the crinkle in the corner of your eyes when you laugh, to your hiccup after you ate too fast and too much. I love every bit of you to pieces, this is why I am doing it. I can’t stand to see you swamped with all this hate, while just sitting home alone while I’m halfway across the planet,” I heard him take in a shaky breath, “This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but you deserve more than I could give you. I could give you the fucking world and it wouldn’t be enough.” He finished, with a sniffle. His weeping dug the knife deeper into my heart. His intentions are pure, he’s a pure boy. He was my angel, my dork, my fucking idiot. All of him belonged to me and god knows I belonged to him. I don’t think the tear stains on my cheeks will ever go away after tonight.


The silence became too much, and I couldn’t cry silently anymore, I let out a helpless whimper. He sighed, for he could do nothing more than listen. I threw down the phone and screamed until my voice cracked. The call was still going but I did not care, my heart was being torn in two. I ran my hands through my hair and took heavy breaths, choking on my own sadness.


“Please, please, please, please.” I whispered repeatedly, hopelessly craving something Luke could not give me. The comfort of two hands wrapped around me, stroking my back, telling me everything was going to be ok. Telling me he was here, and he was going to stay. He isn’t and I know he can’t promise anything. Maybe if we lived different lives, our paths crossing could have ended better than what this came to.


I bit on the back of my hand until I tasted blood, and I stopped my meltdown for a second to listen through my receiver, he was crying loudly. How did it end like this?




Two Months Later


I haven’t stopped writing him. Every single day I send a letter, never knowing if it’s even getting to him. I write down how much I miss him, how the snow is falling in my home town, hos everything is decorated in fairy lights. I describe everything because for some reason, even the smidge of possibility that he is getting it makes everything feel a little less empty.


I tell him how much I miss him. How much it hurts. How lonely I have been not texting him, video chatting him, or having twitter fights for our own amusement.


I tell him how angry I am with him. How desperate I am to punch something until I break my knuckles. I ask him did he not think I was strong enough on my own? Was I not worthy enough to fill the space of Luke Hemmings girlfriend? Was him breaking up with me just a reaction to his own guilt?


I have not gotten a letter back. This does not phase me, I will keep writing him. It distracts me from wanting to harm myself, harm others, and it helps me deal with the pain. I have went out drinking almost every night, hoping the alcohol running amok in my veins will be enough to seize the rainfall that has set upon my heart. It works up until the drink that turns the happiness into crippling sadness. After that specific round, I call myself a cab and drag myself back into the bed that was made for two, that only holds one.


He is still paying the cable, the phone, the internet, the rent. I don’t know why, he has not made contact with me, but he is making sure I still have luxuries. Maybe it’s because he does not want me to forget him, or forget that he cares about my well being. It’s just twisting the blade inside me, but I don’t want him to stop. If he has to think of anything to do with me I will be satisfied.


Today, when I went to the mailbox to send my daily letter, I apparently got some mail myself. Usually it’s just magazines and coupons from the local supermarket, but I actually got a letter. Addressed to (Y/N) (Y/L/N), from, well just a New York address. No name, no information. I know that 5 Seconds of Summer had just performed there, and I felt something for the first time in a while. It tingled my finger tips and sent shivers all over me, if this isn’t from Luke or one of the boys, I’ll surely never be getting over this break up.


I took swift steps out of the cold air and back into the apartment, tearing the envelope open. three items fell to the floor.


A first class plane ticket to New York, leaving in 8 hours.


A 5SOS VIP Pass for their concert in 3 days.


A letter.


I put the pass and the ticket on my counter and dove for the letter, although I knew it wasn’t Luke’s hand writing I read with equal anticipation anyways.


Dear (Y/N),

Get your ass to New York pronto and fix Luke. He is nothing but a sad sloth looking for anytype of comfort, he even tried to cuddle with Mike.


He got some of your letters, but knowing you there is probably endless more spread across this fucking country. He sleeps with them, reads them over and over out loud, and asks us to read them to him.






Ashton, Calum and Mike


P.S: We all miss you too.


My hands trembled reading the letter, hoping to whatever higher power there is that this isn’t just some sick dream. I quickly ran myself to my room, grabbing my biggest suitcase and throwing my cutest outfits I own. I put in all my necessities and made sure I had everything I needed before I jumped in to take a long overdue shower. I was jumping for joy, and singing for the first time in what seems like forever.


I dried myself off and blew dried my hair. I looked in the mirror, boy did I look a lot different from the girl I was for the past couple weeks. Something looked less grey, more vibrant. An immortal weight was lifted off my shoulders because I was going to see my everything again. I was going to touch him.


He got my letters. He still cares. He still loves me.


This is undescribable.



Arriving at the airport


I steadily walked to the exit, not exactly what the plan was now. I grabbed my luggage, which was luckily the first one off the belt, then I heard my name being called. I turned myself around only to lay my eyes on three tall boys whom I have not seen into too long of a time. I dropped my bag instantly and ran over to them. I spread my arms not exactly aiming for one specifically, but crashing into them. They formed a wall around me, swallowing me whole in a big pile of love. I never did forget that I didn’t just lose Luke, I lost three amazing people along with him.


“We all missed you so much!” Michael exclaimed, breaking up the group hud. Ashton nodded in agreement, while Calum scurried to grab my suitcase.


“I missed you guys like you wouldn’t believe. How are you here without millions of girls trying to kill each other to take a selfie with you?” I asked, looking around for just that.


“We upped our security just for this” Calum said simply, already walking away with my luggage. We quickly followed, him leading us to a back exit where we were greeted with a limo.

“Okay, so whats the plan?” I asked, settling myself in between Ashton and Calum, looking around at all three of them. Ashton spoke.


“We really need him out of this fucking funk ASAP, it’s affecting everything this band is doing. There are a lot of artists that are going to be at our next gig, the one you have the pass to. When we get to the hotel, we’re giving you his room key and you are going to barge in there and have crazy sex, a heartfelt talk, or just hold him, whatever you need to do.” He explained, looking me in the eyes. I blushed at his bluntness, but nodded my head. My stomach was flipping and my head was coming up with scenarios and my fingers longed to touch him once more. There was so much leading to this moment, and I’m going to burst if I have to wait any longer.


The limo stopped and we were hurried out and into a back way through the hotel. We looped through the kitchen to a cramped elevator and finally to the 18th floor, where my heaven awaited. I basically sprinted down the hallway, and the other boys tried to keep up with my pace. Michael stopped me, pointing to the door on my left. Ashton put my bags down and Calum handed me the room key. We all gave each other the look that said “Finally”. I hugged each of them for a fair amount of time before I shooed them away to their individual rooms. I slid the key in the lock and heard the click. I inched the door open, the only sound I heard was the sound of the TV. I dragged my bags in as quietly as I could and shut the door.


The room was nice from what I saw, but I wasn’t paying attention to the decor, I was looking for my tall lanky boy who I love with every fiber of my being. I turned a corner and ended up in a doorway, where I saw him. The sight made my heart beat hard, like it had been shut down until this moment. His back was facing towards me, and it looked as if he were rummaging through a dresser. I almost didn’t want to speak up, but if I didn’t kiss him in the next few minutes I might pass out.


“Luke?” I spoke softly, almost inaudibly, but I knew he would pick up on it. He turned around immediately, meeting my longing stare. We just stood like that for about 30 seconds, just looking at each other. I couldn’t find any words to say and apparently neither could he. After the time was up, he sank to his knees. Tears fell from his eyes, and thats when I noticed I was crying also.


“(Y/N).” He said my name so harshly, but so loving at the same time. He inched towards me still on his knees. My eyes did not leave his, the perfect ocean blues that I have missed so much. I didn’t want to blink, because I didn’t want to spend another moment unaware if he is there or not. He got close enough to wrap his strong arms around my legs, his head on my stomach, pulling me in as close as he could. He was crying louder now, I stroked his head and pressed him against me. Nothing has ever been as pure as this moment, nothing has ever made me so happy or made me feel so nostalgic. I wanted to make the world stop.


“Y-you came back for m-me,” he stuttered, holding me even tighter, if it was possible, “I can’t believe you’re r-really here. I’m s-so sorry I broke up-p with you. I thought, I thought it was f-for the best.” He explained. I couldn’t listen anymore, because I already knew the story. I sank to my knees, my face aligned with his. I brought my hands to his forehead and started there, just tracing his features. His sharp nose, this chiseled jaw, his lips, his scruff.


“It’s really you.” I whispered, more to myself than him. His face broke into a smile, eyes still puffy and red, cheeks still wet, he looked like the happiest man alive. I grabbed the back of his neck and pushed his face forward roughly, my lips melting into their rightful place on his. He kissed me back with just as much force. It’s like we were trying to prove something, like we were trying to prove we were both really here, in the same room, we both still loved each other as much as we did, maybe even more. We kissed the sadness away, lips and tongue moving in perfect harmony, we kissed away the loneliness, we kissed away the time we lost, we kissed away the anger, we kissed away everything else except for the both of us.


He broke away for a moment, chest heaving.

“I love you so fucking much.”

Everything shifted. It’s like I saw colors again. My heart felt lighter, the room felt more at peace then any room I have ever been in, there was no more darkness.

“I love you with everything I am.”

It’s obvious c.h. pt 2

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“Calum!!” Ashton groans, shifting restlessly in the seat next to me, “Stop at the next hotel, it’s like two in the freaking morning.” i lift my head from Michael’s shoulder, sleepily gazing towards the front of the car. 
“Okay okay.” Calum mutters, flicking the turn signal on beginning to pull onto the exit ramp.
“What time is it?” I mumble, stretching my legs out and rubbing the sleep from my eyes. 
“2:37.” Michael says, his voice scratchy and low from sleep. He had fallen asleep with his head resting against the window, only waking when I sat up. 
I lean forward resting my elbow on my knee, reaching my other hand forward slipping my fingers into the roots of Calum’s hair. He glances at me through the rear view mirror, softly smiling at me once our eyes meet. I tug his hair playfully before siting back in my seat. 
Calum turns the car into a hotel parking lot, pulling into the nearest parking space. He shuts off the engine, placing the keys in his pocket.

The boys all sleepily pile out of the car, grabbing their backpacks out of the back. I slide over the seat, swinging my legs outside the car to rest my feet on the ground. I yawn closing my eyes and resting my head against the frame of the car door.
”I’ll go get us a room.” Ashton says, walking towards the entrance of the hotel.
“Don’t fall back asleep yet babe,” Calum chuckles, walking over to me and tilting my chin up to look at him. I smile up at him sleepily, gripping the bottom of his flannel in my fingers. 

“I’ll try not to.” i laugh as he reaches down and grabs my hands pulling me to my feet. I walk around to the back of the car, throwing my bag over my shoulder holding the strap in my hand, resting it across my chest. 
“We’re all set.” Ashton calls, from the doorway of the hotel, holding up the key cards to the rooms. 
“C’mere.” Calum says, squatting in-front of me, having me jump on his back, I hook my legs around his waist, my arms wrapping around his shoulders. 
“You’re so warm.” i murmur, burrowing my head into the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent, a mixture of cologne and his deodorant.  

He carries me in through the front door, and into the elevator. I begin to climb down, but he just holds me tighter, not wanting to put me down. I rest my head on his shoulder, turning it to look at Michael who is standing next to me. 
He smirks at me, wiggling his eyebrows just as the elevator doors ding, signaling our arrival on the 4th floor. I look over Cal’s shoulder as he walks down the hallway, nearing the room. 
“Hurry up its cold!” Luke whines, bouncing on his heels as he waits for Ashton to unlock the door. 
Calum shifts his weight from foot to foot, the gentle swaying motion makes my eyes flutter closed. 
“She’s falling asleep on your shoulder.” Michael whispers, gently brushing the hair that had fallen in front of my eyes. 
“I’m awake,” I mumble, opening my eyes again as Ashton finally gets the door open. 
Calum sets me down on a bed, pulling his flannel off. While the other boys investigate the other room and drop their things on their beds.Michael and Luke claim the beds in the room with mine, and Ashton and Calum are in the other room.  

“Goodnight!” i call as I climb into bed, pulling the blankets up around my ears 
Choruses of “’Night y/n.” fill the air. 
The lights are shut off soon after, the boys all settling into their beds, just as relieved as i am to be off the road, and in a warm, comfortable room. 
I shut my eyes, waiting for the blankets of sleep to overwhelm my senses. 
But it doesn’t, I toss and turn for what seems like hours, but in reality is just minutes. 
i quietly climb out of bed, blindly walking towards the connecting door to the other room. I climb into the first bed, hoping that it’s Calum’s, I breathe a sigh of relief, cuddling close to him. 
“Hi cutie.” Calum mumbles, pulling me flush against his naked chest, tangling his bare legs with mine. “You okay?” he asks, running his fingers up and down my arm. 
“Mhhm.” I hum, pressing my hands against his chest. “can’t sleep,” he doesn’t say anything, just pulls me closer to him, i close my eyes, resting my head on his shoulder, cuddling into his side. 
“I’m so glad were going on this trip.” he says, covering his mouth as he yawns quietly. “I’m gonna miss you when were gone.” he presses a kiss to my forehead. His even breathing beginning to lull me to sleep. 
Right before I’m completely asleep, he catches me off guard as he begins talking.

“I wish you realized how much i actually like you, y/n.” he pauses, gently brushing hair away from my eyes with the tips of his finger tips. “It is absolutely crazy how badly i want to call you mine. Its so obvious to everybody else, why can’t you just realize…” he pauses, pressing his soft full lips against my jaw.   

“Please just realize how much i fucking love you.”

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frat boy au #5: LAST PART

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Ashton: “Hello?” you groaned as you rubbed your eyes. You looked around and noticed that you weren’t it your room. You weren’t in your bed either. You then noticed somebody walk into the room. “Ashton?” you said. “Hmmm?” he had to pills and a cup of water in his hands. “What happened?” you asked. Ashton thought for a minute, “you got drunk and I carried you up here to my room.” You slowly nodded, the memories starting to gradually come back. “I should probably go now,” you said as you got up and started walking to the door. You noticed that you were still in your dress and grabbed your heels that were right next to the bed on your way out. “Y/N, stop,” Ashton said. “What,” you spat at him, not meaning to come off so rudely. “I just wanted to apologize.” “For what?” “You know what happened last night and I shouldn’t have danced with other girls when I invited you.” “Ashton, I don’t care that you were dancing with other girls,” you said as you tried to get around him. “You did, I know you did, and it was stupid on my part because I really liked you and I ruined it.” “Liked?” you said. “Like,” he corrected. “You can dance with whoever you want to dance with, I’m not stopping you,” you said, trying to get around him. “But I only wanted to dance with you,” he whispered. “Listen, Ashton, you don’t need me. It was petty of me to think that I needed you. There are so many other girls out there that you can get. You can sleep with as many of them as you want. I just don’t want to be involved.” “But I want you to be involved, hell I want you to be the only girl thats involved,” Ashton said. “That’s not what it seemed like last night,” you mumbled. “I was jealous of Josh and a little drunk. I was acting stupid,” he said. “We wouldn’t work out anyway, you’re in a frat. You’re supposed to party, sleep with girls, have fun. I don’t want to hold you back from that.” “You’re not holding me back from anything,” Ashton said, “you even said that at a point you thought you needed me. Listen, Y/N, I really like you and I just want to take you out at least once. I don’t care if you hate me after our date or hated the actual date and never want to go out with me again, I just really want to take you out. So please, will you go on one date with me?” You looked at the ground for a minute and then back up, “okay.”

Michael: “You broke up with her?” you asked Michael. “I want to be with you.” “She’s my best friend,” you said. Michael didn’t answer, he just looked down at the floor. Right as you were about to say something Michael started talking, “listen, I know she’s your best friend and it’s probably the first rule of girl code not to date your best friend’s ex but I really really like you and I just want to be with you. We don’t have to put labels on anything, we don’t even have to go out in public. I just want to be with you and spent time with you. We can wait to tell anybody until Lauren gets over me and we can just stay behind closed doors-” You cut Michael off, “okay. So just don’t tell anybody, we won’t go out in public, we can change the names in our phones so nobody suspects anything- Michael, that’s a lot we can’t do. What if we just wait so we don’t have to-” “No, I’m not waiting to be with you. I don’t care what I have to do, I’m not waiting.” “I have to go comfort Lauren now. You’re welcome to wait in my room for however many hours I’ll be gone,” you said as you started walking to the door. “So you’re giving me a chance?” Michael asked. You turned around and looked at him, “I think I am.”

Luke: It’s been a month since you started seeing Luke. You didn’t really make it public that you were dating him but you didn’t lie to anybody if they asked. Ever since that day at the diner, you haven’t gone out with Sean. He called you once to confirm a date that Megan set up but you told him you were sick, after that he never called again. You were in your room with Luke cuddling on your bed, him helping you write an essay for your literature class. “I don’t know what else to write,” you moaned. “You have 3,000 words already. Why don’t we take a break,” Luke said with a smirk. He crawled on top of you, shutting your lap top and moving it to the side, and started kissing your neck. “I have to write 5,000 words, Luke,” you laughed. “A little break won’t hurt.”

Calum: By the time you got back to your dorm room, Calum was still there sitting on your bed in the same place he was when you left two hours ago. “I thought I told you to leave,” you mumbled, standing in the door way. “I just want to say something,” Calum said. “I don’t really care what you have to say-” “Well I do,” Calum cut you off, “I’m sorry.” After a thirty second silence of Calum looking at the floor and you looking at Calum you said, “Is that all?” “No.” “Okay, then continue…” “I don’t know why I listened to Kyle, I bet none of it’s even true-” “It’s not.” Calum looked at you, confused. You shut the door behind you and walked over to where Calum was sitting and sat right next to him, “I went on like two dates with Kyle and then when he walked me home on the second date he tried to get me to sleep with him and I said no so then he went and found another girl and slept with her and sent me a picture and it just kind of went downhill from there.” “Are you serious?!” Calum yelled, “he fucking did that to you?” You just nodded. “What the fuck? I didn’t realize he’s such an asshole, I’m so sorry.” “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter anyway,” you said. “He’s such a prick. I can’t believe he did that to you.” You both sat there for a moment in silence before Calum turned to you. “I’m really sorry. About everything. If you just give me another chance, I promise I wont break your heart. Forgive me?”

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