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[BTS] Reaction to their GF passing out during a party

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BTS Masterlist

The boys and you were at a party, enjoying the night after a successful concert. Somewhere during the night you didn’t feel so good. You told your BF you were going to sit down for a sec. When walking over to the sofa you felt your legs were shaking, head dizzy and before you knew you fell to the ground. Everything went black..

[Jin] Jin would rush over to you while trying to keep himself calm. Freaking out wouldn’t really help the situation. He would order the others to tasks like bringing water, calling a doctor etc. He, himself, would pull you up and bring you over to the sofa. After the doctor came and told him it wasn’t that serious Jin would really calm down. The doctor said that you just needed a lot of rest. And you can bet that Jin would take good care of you.

[Suga] This guy would first think you were just joking around and just wanted attention. He didn’t have much time paying attention to you, since they were on tour the whole time. So he thought it’s was some payback. Little did he know you seriously just passed out. While the others would rush over to you, he would just keep saying: “Guuuys don’t be so dramatic.” After he knew it was real, he would come over to you and take care of the rest. 

[J-Hope] He would just freak out and almost pass out himself from yelling and not breathing properly. People would have to calm him down. After the others would take care of you. Jhope would blame himself for not being there with you when you were so sick. “I only think of my career when Y/N was sick all this time. This is my punishment. I swear that I’ll take better care of you now, Y/N. Just don’t let it be something uncurable.” The doctor came by and told everyone it was due to not sleeping well and dehydration. 

[Rap Monster] As the leader of the group this guy would know what to do. He would be calm and like Jin give order to the others on what to do. The doc came to take a look at you and confirm that nothing terrible is the case. You would wake up in a few hours, feeling a little bit rested. “Baby girl, I know you passed out because I looked so good in mah suit,” he would joke to lighten the mood. “Namjoon,” you would laugh as you said his name. “Thanks for taking care of me.” He would look at you caringly, and say: “Next time take better care of yourself. I don’t want anything bad happening to you.” You nodded and he kissed your forehead. 

[Jimin] His heart would be beating so fast. At first he wouldn’t know what to do. You passed out so suddenly. He wasn’t prepared and totally frozen to where he was standing. The others would run over to you, while Jungkook and Taehyung would calm down Jimin. He would feel bad about this happening to you an him not being able to do anything about. The next day, you woke up next to him in bed. “Chimchim..?” you called out to him hesitantly. “Y/N,” he started, “I’m sorry for not being there for you when you needed me most. I feel so useless.” You felt his pain and comforted him by wrapping your arms around him. Holding on to him tightly. “Jimin, please don’t feel like that. Right now this moment, you’re with me right? It’s all I need.” 

[Taehyung] When you said you would go sit down for a sec, Taehyung didn’t really think it was that bad. He turned back to the people he was holding a convo with, before you interrupted him. “So that’s when I took the microphone from Jimin and you should’ve seen his face man,” he laughed and talked about his last concert. When the people he talked to suddenly walked away, Tae didn’t know what happened. Was his story boring or something? He looked at everyone was running to, when he saw you lay on the ground. Taehyung let out a scream and run over to you. Pushing away the others to get to you. By then you already came back to consciousness, shaking your head. “Y/N,” Tae screamed, “You okay? Are you hurt anywhere? Do you wanna go home? Someone call the doc!! We need to make sure she’s okay!” 

[Jungkook] He, like Jimin, would be frozen to his place. But only for a sec, because he would regain his calmness and walk over to you. “Y/N,” he would call your name while putting your head on his lap. Slowly you came back to consciousness. “Y/N, what happened? Are you alright???” You looked at Jungkook’s concerned face. “Yeah, sorry I don’t know what happened. I just suddenly fell to the ground.” Jungkook helped you back up. “Come on, Y/N, we’re going home. You need to rest.”

I’m sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted and if it’s too long! Sometimes I get carried away when writing xD. Hope you liked the reactions :)

-Admin Tae

Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height. . .

Anonymous said: Hello are you still taking requests then can you please do exo and got7 reaction to their short gf making jokes about her height and then she starts to tearing up while laughing and they are watching. Thank you and if your not taking request then sorry to bother.

Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height…

[Here is the Got7 Reaction > click]

A/N please don’t ever feel like you’re bother me Anonie <3 this request is hilarious honestly. like, when i first read it i chuckled ever so slightly out loud. so thank you for requesting, it made me smile :) hope you like. i’ll be doing Exo and Got7 separately. hope that’s okay.

Kai Eonni ~


You would be looking through a store for some shoes to go to the beach. Exo was planning to go to the beach because the weather was beautiful lately. You brought Suho along so you could spend time with him considering he was always so busy with his schedule. You were looking at sandals when you saw some stilettos. You smirks and picked up one and turned to Suho. You were short, even compared to Suho. “What the heck!? Even with these I wouldn’t be able to reach your height! Look at me, what, did whoever is in charge of the universe run out of materials when it came to making me?” You began on your rant laughing at the fact that really, even with four inches, you don’t come close to his height. “Jagi, I think you should put down the shoe… You want to go get some ice cream. I’ll pay.” Suho speaks, gently, trying not laugh at you, taking the stiletto from you, and wiping a tear the fell from your eye as you were laughing at yourself. He looked at you gently and grabbed your hand and lead you out of the shoe store. “I love your height Jagi, by the way.” He adds in, making sure you get the love you deserve.

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You were about to get in the car on a drive to go eat with Kyungsoo and Kai. Kyungsoo was going to drive, and now it came down to who was going to sit in the front with him. “As much as I love you babe, we all know I’m barely legally allowed to sit in the front. I’ll go sit in my car seat in the back.” You try to keep a straight face, but the look of shock on your boyfriends face and Kai trying to hold back his own laughter, you couldn’t keep it. You burst out laughing, Kai not helping when he too can’t keep in his own laughter. Tears forming in your eyes as you wipe them away, your boyfriend still looking shocked at your ruthless jokes you made towards yourself. Not entirely sure where this came from. “Did someone say something to you about your height?” He asks, now slightly concerned and growing worried someone was picking on you about it, Baekhyun immediately coming to mind.

Originally posted by exoplathot


Alright, this couple would have been asking for jokes, lezz be honest. You two would constantly come at each other for your very different height levels. However, the last thing Chanyeol would expect would you to come at yourself about your own height. You would be sitting in the living room of their dorm, chilling with Exo when you would have said something about your own height, causing everyone to laugh, including yourself to the point of tears. Chanyeol would laugh along with you while asking, “Aww, Jagi, am I making you conscious of your height?” He asks affectionately while pinching your cheek.

Originally posted by yeolhighness


Baekhyun and Xiumin would walk into the living room to see you and Sehun making fun of your height. Immediately he would turn to Baekhyun like, “Alright, what’d you do? What did you say to my girlfriend about her height.” He would say expectantly, waiting for Baekhyun to fess up.

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You would have come back from the amusement park for a date. You would have walked through the door laughing your head off about what you were saying about your height while Lay just… “Babe… You good? Please don’t cry…”

Originally posted by baekhyuntella


You and Chen would be going back and fourth about your height. Taking turns joking about your height. Both of you laughing so hard cracking one another up while you were supposed to be watching a movie, but ended up getting side tracked. Chen would be laughing hard when he looks up and sees that you’re not only laughing, but laughing hard enough that you’re crying. Tears streaming down your cheeks. Chen stop laughing, and asking if you’re okay. When you assure him that you’re okay, you’re just laughing too hard, he would end up laughing again thinking to himself, (Great… I broke my girlfriend. Fuck.)

Originally posted by dayafterdae


Kai would find this endearing. He would find it cute how you can laugh at yourself and make a little fun about your height. He would find this as one more thing that he loves about you and that makes him love you even more. He would laugh along with you and say, “No Jagi, I love your height. It’s cute and makes it easier to do this.” He would then pull you into a big bear hug, snuggling his face into the top of your head. He would find it very comforting a big relief that you can be your silly self in front of him as you ruin your make-up from laughing so hard you end up crying.

Originally posted by fykai


Lezz be honest, this boi would be an ass about your height. So, he would love the fact that you’re making fun of your own height. Baekhyun would call you into the kitchen and being the little ass he is, he would ask you to reach one of the cups that he placed extra high on purpose. You would laugh and say, “Yeah, just a minute, let me just get my step ladder.” You and Baekhyun would burst into a fit of laughter, batting off a few more jokes about your height, causing your laughter to grow and eventually you would have tears streaming down your face. Baekhyun would love this moment with you, and to be honest he would probably think that you were the one. The one he would want to spend the rest of his life with, and this would just cause his smile to grow wider.

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You guys would be playing on a play ground, you were on a date and came across an empty play ground considering it was dinner time. You would be exploring the structure when you came across monkey bars. You explained to Luhan how you were always left out because you were too short to reach them. “But because now I’m older and more grown, I’m probably able to reach them now.” You speak and walk up to them and reach your hands up. However, to your and Luhan’s amusement, you were about four inches off. Luhan tries to contain his laughter, however, he realizes you too are laughing, and in fact are laughing way harder than he is. To the point you’re crying. Luhan pulls you into a sympathetic hug, still laughing, and suggests you two try the swings instead as he wipes your happy tears from your face.

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He would be utterly confused. Why were you crying when you were laughing? Are you crying because you’re sad? Are you crying because you’re happy? Are you crying because you’re confused? So many questions running through his head. He would be extremely worried about you. He would pat your head and tell you that you will continue growing. If you keep eating healthily and drinking lots of water and milk, you will surely keep growing. You would have to remind your boyfriend that you aren’t a kid, but in fact an adult just like him.

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He would be a bit confused and a lot more disappointed. He would love teasing you about your height, and now here you are making fun of yourself when that was supposed to his job. And worse. You were laughing about it. He loved when you would get flustered about him making fun of your height, and now here you are… He would pout while you were having a blast. His arms crossed, he would occasionally throw in an eye roll just for dramatic effect. Now he would have to find something else to tease you about, and find new killer jokes. Bummer.

Sehun: (Who dis girl think she is ??)

Originally posted by kpopcloseup


He would just be utterly lost, kinda like Tao. But more in the sense that he would wonder where this sudden humor about your height came from. Like sweet little D.O., he would wonder if someone said something to you about your height. Or if maybe something specail happened today that made you find your height utterly amusing. Kris boi would be lost. He would also wonder what he should do about it? If anything? He also wouldn’t like to see tears in your eyes, even if they’re happy ones. They would spark a protective instinct within him that would cause him to pull you into a hug. Awww, Kris bunny, I miss ya. :,)

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Moonlit [Lafayette x Reader]

Pairing: Lafayette/Reader

Genre: Smut 

Words: 4.8 k

Synopsis: You’ve been working at summer camp, Camp Rochambeau, as a counsellor for a while with your closest friends and boyfriend. One night, you and Laf can’t keep your hands off each other… so you’ll have to find a way to sneak something in in the dark of his bunk.  

Warnings: Daddy kink, oral sex, fingering, dirty talk… I think that’s it, lol. Enjoy the sin! 

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Never Enough (College AU) part 2

Y/N Y/L/N is the most popular girl in school. Her life seems picture perfect and there is nothing she could want more. Or is there? And what role does the biggest nerd in school Bucky Barnes have in her life? Stay tuned and find out!

 Wordcount: 2403

 Pairing: Bucky x Reader

 Warnings: None that I am aware of. 

 A/N: Sorry it took so long guys. I do not have any discipline at all and I’m lazy as fuck. My apologies.

It has been three weeks since the incident with Bucky and really nothing’s changed. You don’t bully him anymore but that’s about it.

 After you had brought Bucky to the schools nurse you went back to the cafeteria where Pietro and Nat were waiting for you.  As you stood in front of them, waiting for them to speak up first, you crossed your arms and a frown appeared on your face. After almost five minutes you realized that you would have to be the one to start the conversation and spoke up.

“What the hell is wrong with you two!?” At this both of them finally looked up at you.

“He was touching you! He had his fucking hands on your waist. I’m your boyfriend Y/N, I am supposed to scare other guys away.” Defended Pietro.

“First of all, yes he had his hands on my waist, but that was to prevent me from falli-“

“He was the one that made you fall in the first place!” Sad Natasha. You gave her a stern look that silenced her.

“Accidents happen. Where was I? Yes, and second of all: you are allowed to scare them off, not break every bone in their body for saving me from a nasty fall! And Natasha, I had expected a little more of you instead you just crouched next to his face and started to say these terrible things to him. Things that I don’t even say to my sister, and that should say a lot!” They both had seemed to lose their interest in you and instead focused on their shoes.

“You know what? I’m going home and let you think about this. You can talk to me again when you feel like apologizing to me and especially to Bucky!” After saying that you stormed off and took the bus home. That evening, much to your mothers dismay, Pietro stopped by to apologize and swore he’d done the same with Bucky. The next morning Natasha was there to pick you up and apologized too.

And right now you were sitting in your arts class. You sat down next to Wanda and flashed a smile at Bucky and Steve who were sitting in front of her. To this, you noticed, Steve shot Bucky a weird look, who just shrugged it off.

“Last week we talked about the new drawing projects that have to be made. I have already made the groups and e-mailed it to you. I want everyone’s drawing at the end of the month.” Our arts teacher said strictly. And again I regretted my decision to join arts class instead of Spanish. I might not like to learn another language but I can’t draw for shit. That was why I felt really lucky to have Steve in my group. The two others in our group were Bucky and Christine Everhart. After rearranging the whole class so that everyone sat with their group you were the first to say something.

“Could someone maybe fill me in on what the project is? I don’t recall ever having heard about it.”

“We have to make a drawing, painting or whatever the hell you prefer more of something pretty.” Answered Christine. You knit your eyebrows at her answer and look at Steve and Bucky. Bucky chuckles and Steve lets out a sigh.

“We do have to paint something that interests us, something that is worthy of a whole assignment about it because that’s also part of the project.” Steve explains.

“I can’t draw but how about we draw something like a beach sunset? Would that be okay with you, Steve?” Bucky suggested.

“I can work with that. Maybe it would be nice to have a someone in it too? Christine? Or Y/N maybe?” Your eyes widened and Christine’s face contoured in disgust.

“Oh my God, why would you think I would ever agree to that? Don’t you know how gross sand is? It’s like a huge cat litter.” Then Steve suggested that Christine writes the assignment, because she’s always been good at turning stories prettier than they are or just the way she likes them.

“I wouldn’t mind to pose. It will make me feel less useless as I don’t have any good qualities in the shape of art.” You suggest.

“Well the, that’s settled. I can take pictures to add to the assignment so we all have a part in the project, but when and where are we gonna be able to pull the whole girl in beautiful sunset drawing?” Bucky adds.

“My house is only a ten minute drive away from a beautiful, small beach. We could go there.” You used to visit the small beach a lot in the past few weeks and found the most beautiful sunsets there.

“Great! They predict good weather tomorrow. We should go then.” After Steve said this you all began to exchange phone numbers and the times you’d be off the next day. At the end of class everything was arranged.

And just like everything was planned, you were on the beach the next afternoon. The sun was already starting to set so Steve somehow clicked into this very professional mode and started to tell you what to do.

Just before you left the school you had changed into your favorite summer dress. A white, knee length dress covered in lace. After changing you and Steve got into Christine’s car and she drove to the beach. Bucky had the day off so he’d be joining you there.

It didn’t take Steve very long to find the right pose and place for you to be in. He made you sit on a big rock, that seemed to exist out of a couple of smaller rocks attached to each other, that lay in the water.

“Oh yeah, this is perfect! Keep staring into the distance and don’t move.” Steve ordered.

“Yes sir.” You mocked.

“What time is it?” You ask after what seems like an hour.

“You’ve only been sitting there for like fifteen minutes, y/n.” Sighs Steve and Christine lets out a giggle.

“Ugh! Posing sucks, people.” To this you hear a chuckle that definitely does not belong to either Steve or Christine. “Bucky! You’ve finally arrived.” You let out dramatically. You’re about to turn your head, but not without Steve noticing.

“Do. Not. Move.” He orders strictly. “Oh and Bucky, nice of you to have finally joined us.” This gut gets annoyingly serious when drawing.

“Guys.” Christine giggles. “He’s been standing there for over ten minutes, too awestruck to take his picture.”

“I am not!.” Bucky tries to defend himself, but it’s too late for that.

“You should see him, guys. His face is as red as a tomato right now!” Christine continues.

Steve chuckles and adds: “You’re lucky y/n isn’t allowed to turn around. Your crush is showing.”

“Steve… Hey! No pictures.”

“Please guys, tell me what’s happening!” you beg, afraid to move incase Steve starts lecturing you again.

“Don’t worry, y/n! I took a picture of Bucky’s tomato red face so I’ll show you when you’re done.” Christine cheers happily. To this you hear Bucky groan and Steve chuckle.

“Don’t you dare have fun there ‘mister serious while painting’ Hurry up so I can get off of this rock ‘cause my butt is starting to ache.:

About an hour later Steve finally gave you his permission to move again. You didn’t even get the chance to drink some water from your bottle because Christine shoves her phone into your face. Kind of forcefully actually.

“This is what you just missed out on.” She grins as she waits for you to take her phone. The picture showing on the screen is indeed one of Bucky, with a very red face. You had to admit, he looked very cute all flustered.

No! What are you thinking? You have a boyfriend for god’s sake!

When you look up, you see that Bucky has disappeared from the spot he was just sitting. You give your two classmates a questioning look.

“He just stormed off.” Steve answers your not yet asked question with a nod into the direction Bucky apparently went to. And as you followed that direction you could indeed see Buck sitting somewhere further on the beach. Christine takes her phone out of your hands and you start to walk towards your moping team member.

“Hey, Buck.” You say as you plop down next to him in the sand. The only response you get is something that sounds like a sad hum. “What has gotten you so grumpy?”

After a while of silence you bump your shoulder into his, what causes him to look at you. “C’mon Bucky. Talk to me.”  You beg.

“There’s sand stuck in between the plates of my metal am.” He pouts. You can’t help but chuckle as you watch him defeatedly looking at his bionic arm.

“And it has nothing to do with the picture that Christine took?” And you were met by silence once again. “Just so you know, I think you look very cure al flustered.” You wink at him in an attempt to dissolve the tension which Bucky seems to notice right away.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend?” He asks with a raised eyebrow. You give him a small smile.

“Yes, I do. But what he doesn’t know won’t harm him and it’s not as if I’m cheating. I just called you cute, there’s no harm n that.”

The two of you just sit there in silence for a while. You notice Bucky’s mouth open and lose a couple of times, as if he wants to say something but isn’t really sure about it.

“What’s going on in that head of yours? If you have something to say or to ask, just let it all out.”

“I have a question, but you have tom promise me that you won’t get angry.” He murmurs.

“Ok, on one condition.” You say, to which Bucky raises his eyebrows. “I get to ask you two questions.”

Bucky chuckles and agrees. It goes silent again for a while so you take your time to take in your surroundings. The sun is almost gone, only leaving a slim orange line of light in its wake. Turning your head to the other side of the sky, you can see the full moon already shining brightly. Around it the dark sky is decorated with stars of all sizes.

To you this could be a romantic evening if you were here with Pietro, but sadly your boyfriend isn’t very romantic. Not at all actually. Not that you were longing for always being super romantic an cheesy, but once in a while you would like a little bit of romance. You are pulled out of your thoughts when Bucky suddenly speaks up.

“Why are you always such a bitch?” Auch. That hurt. You know it’s the truth but that doesn’t make it less painful. “Don’t forget that you promised me that you wouldn’t get angry.” Bucky defends himself quickly.

“Nah, that’s ok. You’re right anyway. I’ve been a huge bitch to everyone except for my friends. I guess it’s because everyone is nice to me ‘cause they’re afraid of me. At home, the only one that is nice to me is my dad, who is always away on business trips. Besides him I have my older sister who despises me and my mother, who obviously loves my sister a lot more than me. I’m a disappointment to her and I guess I’ve been taking all of that out on everyone in school.” You sigh. Bucky takes his time to process all that you had just revealed to him.

“Wow. I really thought that you had it all, you know? A big house, rich parents, a pretty face, popularity and a lot of good friends. I guess there’s more to you than the eye sees.” Bucky says eventually.

“Well yeah, there’s not much I can do about it anymore.” You sigh.

“Yes, there is. You are doing something about it right now.” You give him a questioning look, not understanding it. “You are talking to me. And Steve. And you are being nice. If you try this with everyone they’ll like you a lot more.” He tells you as he puts a reassuring hand on your shoulder.

“Thanks Buck, I should definitely try that. But now it’s my turn.” You cheer as you mentally prepare yourself for the question you’re about to ask. “How did you get your metal arm?”

“I’ll tell you if you promise me to keep it a secret.”

You give him a reassuring smile. “I promise.” You say as you put your hand to your heart.

“Well, your friends might have some kind of bad influence on you, but some of mine were worse. But worst of all was Loki. Loki Laufeyson.” He takes a deep breath and then continues.

“At first he seemed harmless but after a while I got to get to know the real Loki. The one who always got in trouble, drank too much and smoked way too much seed. Somehow I ended up right in the middle of that word and one night, when we were both very drunk and high, we stepped into the car to drive for a bit. I can’t really remember much, but they told me that my arm was so severely damaged that there was no use in attempting to save it. And Loki, who was driving and got out of the accident with only a few scratches, was sentenced to jail. I was able to avoid that fate, but I did spend a little over a year into a rehabilitation clinic.”

Bucky takes a little break and just as I am about to ask, he already has his answer ready.

“I’ve always been good with mechanic stuff, so when I didn’t like the prosthetic arm they had given me, I invented my own. One that is definitely not sand proof yet.” You chuckled in amazement, not really knowing what to say.

“Wow Buck, tha- that’s really something. I don’t really know what to say. Who ese knows about this?”

“Only my parents and Steve so I’d really appreciate it if you’d keep this between us.”

“I’ll keep my promise and never tell anyone. So now my second question.” You smirk.

“Ask away.”

“Do you really have a crush on me?”

A/N: I really hope you liked it! Requests are open and if you want a part 3, let me know!


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anonymous asked:

Bots finding out about human!reader being on their period? No worries if you don't wanna do it.

Mmmm good ask anon but I feel like that’s already been done well by other HC writers like @letsdiscussrobots for example (I think). Also idk what continuity you were thinking of BUT I’m totally up for a certain asshole birb having a learning moment in particular?

Warning: below the divide there will be a pretty graphic description of how cramps feel

You curl up further into yourself underneath your sheets, tucking your knees towards your chest for a few moments before turning onto your back and jerking them out straight below you. The pain was excruciating and you couldn’t figure out why this time. 

You remembered to drink copious amounts of water (albeit Ratchet forcing you rather than regulating it yourself), you had been cutting down on the sweets AND your recent assignments had you working out a lot more, and yet the cramps hadn’t become any more forgiving. On top of that there were apparently no space equivalents of Advil or Midol, and the heating packs Ratchet had in stock were all too large and way too hot for you to use.

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Never been good at listening

Title: Never been good at listening

Pairing: Sherlock x female!Reader

Word Count: ~1.4k

Warnings: angst, potential character death (open end)

Request: Can you do a Sherlock x reader please? Maybe they have an argument because Sherlock doesn’t want the reader helping on the case because he’s scared she’ll get hurt but she thinks it’s because he doesn’t believe in her. She goes on the case and ends up taking a bullet/getting hurt to protect him? Thanks!

(A/n: Totally forgot about the ‘thinks it’s because he doesn’t believe in her’-part. Sorry, anon. I might make a second part after I finished some other requests, I hate the ending myself. Hope you enjoy it anyway J || Gifs not mine.)

Originally posted by whenisayrunrun

“You will not.” Sherlock sounded exaggerated, annoyed with your stubborn insistence to join him on the case since John was busy. Underneath all the dramatic exaggeration however you sensed anger, which in turn angered you. Who did he think he was for telling you what to do or not to do? Simply because you weren’t John Watson didn’t mean you were a complete useless idiot.

“I’m coming” You crossed your arms staring at Sherlock with determination. You wouldn’t be left behind, actually you would proof to him that you could be as useful as John. To make a stand you even took a step forward still keeping stern eye contact with the taller consulting detective. “I am coming.”


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Frederik Andersen - Home

Originally posted by mattsmartin

Idk if this was the kind of fluff you were wanting but I hope you like it! I had some fun with it since you left it kind of open on what you wanted :)

Request from @onedayaurlwillbefree :  Hi, can I request a Freddie Andersen imagine? I just want fluff and cuteness, and maybe some cuddles?

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Time After Time (Part 2 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,403

Warnings: fluff, crying, second-hand embarrassment

A/N: This is going to be one part for a certain time in their lives as they grow up. If you aren’t used to the American schooling system I can help explain?

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 11

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This fic is fluff and rated teen, you are in a poly! relationship with Jesse and Hanzo, and today they are both sick! 

Link for AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10464945/chapters/24059352

Today, you received a cryptic text message, and it’s not shocking that it’s from Jesse.


Jesse: were dyin


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Someone To Lean On

Original request from my babe @gcneral-organa​ -  Hi I’m so sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if I could request a fic? Pietro Maximoff taking care of sick insecure reader? And it’s a little personal but by sick I was hoping you could do like serious-illness-handicapped-chronic-pain-and-not-going-away-anytime soon? If you’re not comfortable with this that’s perfectly okay, I know it’s a weird topic. Pretty please could it end fluffy though? Also could I be put on your tag list if it’s not too much trouble? I love your writing!

A/N: YEs okay, it’s ur friendly neighborhood fic writer coming at you from “It’s Nearly 3am and I Should Be In Bed But I Aint” and ur watching me slowly crumble into the abyss. No, jk. I finally got that last jolt of inspiration I needed to finish this, I’m really sorry about how long it took me to finish. (I honestly wish it were longer but oh well) Thank you so much for the information about chronic pain, I hope you like it!!(Not the pain, the fic, sorry, I’m not always good at words)

Pairing: PietroxReader

Word Count: 926

Warnings: None


Pietro’s voice floats through the hallway and seems to echo in my head, adding to the headache growing behind my eyes. I couldn’t bring myself to get up this morning and missed training. Steve or Nat probably sent him to look for me.

“(Y/N), where are you?”

I lay in bed, debating whether or not I should call out and let him know where I am. Just when I decide to let him know, his head appears in my doorway, his expression curious.


“Hey,” He says pushing his way into the room. “Are you okay?” I shake my head, frowning at the twinge of pain the movement produces. “Where does it hurt?”

“Just… everywhere? I don’t know exactly how to explain it.”

“Can you move?”

I shake my head. “I don’t think so, no.”

“Would it be alright if I helped you sit up?” I nod and he slowly. He hooks his hands under my arms and gently pulls me up so that I’m sitting up against the headboard of my bed.

“Thank you,” I try to smile at him, but it turns into something closer to a grimace. “What made you come track me down?”

“You never showed up to training today. No one seemed all that concerned, but I was worried, so I figured that I would check up on you to see if you were alright.”

“Thank you, Pietro.”

“It’s no problem, really.” He shakes his head and scratches at the back of his neck. “Is there anything I could do to help?”

“I’m not sure,” I restrain myself from shrugging to avoid further pain. “Could I persuade you to get me some advil?”

“Of course, (Y/N).” He says, his voice gentle. “Is there anything else that might help?”

“Maybe a hot water bottle or one of those fabric rice packs that Steve keeps around? You know, the ones you stick in the microwave for a bit? They always seem to hold heat longer than the water bottles.”

Pietro nods. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

I watch as he sprints from the room, leaving some of the papers on the corkboard on my wall swaying in the breeze.

As soon as he’s gone, he’s back again, holding a glass of water in one hand and a couple of gel capsules in the other. He helps me sit up enough to take the pain medication and sits on the bed next to me, gently running his hands through my hair.

“The rice pack is in the microwave and I’ll put the water bottle in as soon as it’s done.”

“Thank you, Pietro.” I smile at him genuinely. “You didn’t have to do all this for me.”

“And yet, here I am, the kindest man in the building, taking care of you when you need it.” He jokingly flips his hair out of his face, earning a quiet laugh from me. He turns his soft smile on me, his eyes twinkling and crinkling at the corners. “There is no need to thank me, (Y/N). You needed help and I’m just doing what’s right.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that we’re dating?” I ask, lifting an eyebrow questioningly.

He gasps dramatically, one hand lifted to his chest.

“The very thought that I would ever take care of you just because I feel that there is a romantic obligation is ridiculous.”

I roll my eyes, a smile sneaking onto my face. “Okay, you’ve made your point.”

“Good,” he kisses my forehead before brushing away a few stray strands of hair. “You’re not a burden, (Y/N). You have a chronic illness. You can’t control it and you deserve to have someone taking care of you.” He tilts his head to the side, hearing something that my own ears can’t pick up on. “That should be the rice pack. I’ll be back in a moment.”

He speeds off again and is back within seconds holding the pack of rice all wrapped up in a dish towel.

“Where do you want me to place it?”

“I… My back actually hurts a lot. Would you mind sitting behind me to keep it in place?”

Once again his expression softens and he nods.

He carefully shifts my body so he can sit behind me on my bed. With my body positioned between his legs, he places the rice pack on his chest and helps me lay back on him so that my spine aligns with the pack. He then reaches around me and pulls up the blankets to cover the two of us.

“Is this alright?”

I nod. “This is perfect, thank you.”

“It’s not a problem, printsessa.” He says quietly and presses a soft kiss into my hair.

“Still,” I let my head fall back so that my forehead is pressed to the side of his neck. “I appreciate it a lot.”

“I’m glad that I could be a help to you.” He rests his cheek against the top of my head and I feel him smile. “It’s not often something that I have the opportunity to do.”

I feel my eyelids growing heavy, which is a relief considering the pain still has yet to subside at all. “You like me in the role of damsel in distress do you?”

“Not all the time, but occasionally, yes.”

“Well then I’m glad I have you around,” I smile at the image of Pietro sat on a horse in a full suit of armor. “My knight in shining armor.”

Thank you guys so much for reading! If you liked the piece, please reply to the post or shoot me an ask! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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younow | danisnotonfire (requested)

request: Can u do a one-shot where dan and y/n are both youtubers and they have been together for a few years and they are doing a you now together and the fans are asking them about their future together (like marriage and stuff) and it’s just really fluffy and cute? I love ur writing by the way! Thanks so much!
word count: 663
tw: none
note: hello the ending was weird but idgaf i hope u liked this because i had fun writing it

“Dan, if you’re not here in five seconds I’m starting without you!”

You turned back to your laptop, laughing to the camera. You had thirty thousand of your fans waiting for Dan to get his drink of water so you could start your weekly Thursday night YouNow.

Seconds later Dan came in, setting two glasses of water on the coffee table in front of you, and sat down next you.

“Hi guys, I’m finally here,” he smiled, scanning through the chat. “Hey Abby, Lara, Jack, Kelly and Isaac, thanks for watching.”

“Okay, so now we can start. What do you guys wanna talk about?” You ask, looking at the comments flooding into the chat. “Tyler says ‘your new video was really good’. Thanks, Tyler!“

“Katie says we need to get married or she’s unsubscribing, Dan,” you laugh, biting your lip. “And Ella is using all caps lock to tell us that we have to make babies soon.”

Dan blushed slightly, grabbing one of your hands out of the camera’s view and intertwining your fingers, making your stomach do happy little flips.

“You know what they say, give the viewers what they want.”

You and Dan have been dating for three and a half years. You met while at a YouTube convention, because you are both YouTubers. At the time, Dan had four million subscribers and you had three million. You started talking, and then less than five months later you started dating. Besides only a few minor fights that would make you stop talking to each for only a few minutes, before apologising and cuddling, you and Dan had had a good relationship.

You lay your head on Dan’s shoulder, letting him talk for a bit.

“Morgan wants to know if we’ve seen any good movies recently,” Dan reads. “Well, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them was really good, we saw that a few weeks ago. And then Y/N made me watch the TV show version of Teen Wolf with her, which, okay, I have to admit, it’s quite good.” He leans in closer to your laptop, “I bet she only watches it because of the hot guys though,” he whispers.

You slap his shoulder, “I do not! That’s only an extra thing.”

“Whatever,” he dramatically sighs, not believing you. He pauses for a moment, reading the chat again.

You answer more questions and talk about a few topics, like what everyone did for Christmas and how they’re spending their holidays.

You notice a lot of questions about your future with Dan.

‘imagine how cute their kids would look omg’
‘Dan and you should have kids or I will cry’
‘pLEASE tell us you’re getting married soon’

Your smile grows bigger with each one. You and Dan had discussed this before, getting married and having kids. You had both agreed to settle down, and maybe it might happen when you’re less busy.

It was only when you looked up at the clock when you realised you had been talking for more than an hour.

“Oh my god, has it actually been an hour?” You ask. “Wow, that went fast.”

“Yeah, it did,” Dan agrees. “Time flies when you’re having fun.”

“Well, we’re going to go now. Hope you guys enjoyed this joint livestream thing, maybe we could do one again if you liked it? If you haven’t remembered, go take any medication you need, drink some water, eat some food, and we’ll see you later,” you told your viewers.

“Bye,” you and Dan said together, and you ended the YouNow.

“That was fun,” Dan smiled, grabbing the TV remote and laying back on the lounge.

“It was,” you nod, moving closer to Dan as he put his arm around you. “Now, what are we going to do?”

“Have sex?”

“No, nope, no way. Can we watch Teen Wolf?”

“If I say yes, can we have sex later?”

“Only if you won’t annoy me while we watch Teen Wolf?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Thank you.”

Submitted by violetparadigm

you generously gave me one of your prompts and here is the result ft. jack as an adopted child of medda larkin, the greatest, our hero,

Jack’s never been good at science. Which works out well, actually, because it’s Davey’s favorite and strongest subject.

That is, he usually manages to scrape by with Bs and the occasional C, and he gets a decent grade. Asking for help isn’t exactly something Jack’s good at, or that he enjoys doing. Still, his bio final is on Monday, and to say he’ll pass is a vast overstatement of his abilities. Sure, he’s proficient at bullshitting tests and quizzes, but final exams are the real thing.

Jack caves.

“Of course!” Davey says, probably smiling through the phone. “When?”

So Davey shows up at the Larkin household at four-thirty on Saturday.

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The One Where You’re A Mother Part 2 - Scott McCall

“Mama Mama!” You looked up to where your four year old was yelling for you.  She’d been playing in the play area at the mall, while you read at a table near by.  You smiled widely at her when she caught your eye, and you slipped your book back into your bag.  She was standing on the top of a large platform, holding her hands up high in victory.  You giggled, slinging your bag onto your shoulder as you walked over to her.  Compared to your height, your direct eye line met her stomach.  She laughed, reaching her hands out to hold yours.  “Mommy see? Mommy see I’m at the top!” She said happily, and you smiled bigger just for her.

“I’m so proud of you baby girl” You said, wrapping your arms around her middle, and lifting her off off the play place.  “Ready to go get some lunch? I hear there’s a Burger King here” You said happily, and Callie instantly squealed.

“Yes yes!” She said, and you walked with her resting on her hip, she was laughing and telling you how she climbed all over the play area.  You laughed with her, congratulating her and peppering playful kisses on her nose and cheeks.  “Mommy do you have your phone? Can I play a game?” You nodded, fishing your hand in your pocket for your cellphone, then pulled it out and gave it to her.  “Mommy look at this picture” She held out your phone to your face, sowing you a picture of you and Scott.  He’d taken a selfie of you two, him pressing a kiss to your cheek while you  were giggling.  Your eyes were closed, lips pulled open in a big smile as his pursed lips pushed against your cheek.  “Mommy, are you and Scoot married?” You laughed at how she called him Scoot, and how she thought a kiss meant marriage.

“No sweetie, Scoot and I are just… friends” You said.

No, after the day of Callie’s birth, you and Scott never defined yourselves.  For four years.  You told each other ‘i love you’s’, hugged, and kissed on the cheek, every once in a while he’d crash on your living room couch.  But nothing ever happened.  You weren’t dating, you didn’t go on dates, you didn’t kiss on the lips, you were just friends.  Just.  Friends.  And you’re okay with that… 

No you aren’t.


You were sitting at home, on the couch, feet propped up onto the coffee table.  There was a bowl of ice cream in your lap, and you were in pajama shorts and a tank top.  Frozen was playing on the television in front of you.

“Mommy this is the best part!” Callie giggled next to you, just as Olaf walked onto the screen.  You laughed, shaking your head and eating another spoonful of chocolate sundae.  You laughed as your daughter burst out in a fit of giggles when Olaf stared at the puddle in front of him.

“Happy snow man!” You both said aloud, smiling big and laughing.  You smiled at your little girl as she looked back to the movie.  She watched contently, messily eating her ice cream.

Your features grew soft as you thought about her, about all the great things she’ll achieve.  She’ll surely go to an amazing college, she’s already reading and beginning to write.  And you were also sure she was going to attract many boys to your doorstep, which you weren’t ready for, but slowly prepping.  You could never start too soon.

Knocks on the door brought you from your thoughts.  “I’ll get it” You said, setting your ice cream on the table and ruffling Callie’s hair (much to her protests), then walking over to the front door.  You opened it to reveal Scott, smiling big at you.

“Hey y/n” He said, and you stepped aside, inviting him in.  Scott took off his shoes before walking in.  “What’re you guys doing?” He asked.

“Watching Disney and eating ice cream” You said smiling and pulling him in by his arm.  “Come join us, I’ve got a whole other carton of strawberry-”

“I love strawberry!” Scott exclaimed, and you giggled.  He went into your kitchen, helping himself.  You went back to the living room to get your bowl of ice cream.

“Who’s here?” Callie asked.

“Only your favorite!” Scott called, coming in with a bowl full of pink scoops.  Callie yelled excitedly.

“Scoot!” She jumped onto him, and luckily his werewolf reflexes kicked in and he caught her with one arm.

“Hey kiddo!” He said, setting down his bowl, and holding her up above him with both arms.  “How are you ya little demon?” He said, shaking her around, and tipping her upside down by her ankles.  Callie squealed and threw her arms around as her body wiggled around.

“Alright alright sit down you fools” You said, coming over and scooping Callie into your arms.  Scott stuck his tongue out at you.

“Boo, you’re no fun” He said to you, and you playfully sneered back.

“Boo mommy” Callie repeated, making both you and Scott laugh.  You plopped her onto the couch, and she got back under her blanket to watch Frozen.

“Come with me, I’m making dinner” You said to Scott, and he followed you into the kitchen.

“So how was your day?” Scott asked, stealing an apple and sitting at the table.  You were already moving around the kitchen, getting a pot down to make some pasta.

“Long, woke up too early, then went to the mall the whole day with Cal” You said.  “She was having so much fun in that play place” You laughed as you remembered it.  “It’s cute when she gets so proud of herself over things like climbing on the playground”

“Yeah she gets that from you” Scott chuckled, taking a bite of his fruit.  You turned your back to him so he wouldn’t see you blush.

“Hopefully she doesn’t get the anxiety” You joked, and Scott rolled his eyes.

“So what were you doing at the mall?”

“Applying for a job in this little pretzel place” You said.  “But I don’t know.. it didn’t seem to go great”

“Well I’m sure you did wonderful” He said with a crooked smile that made you giggle.

“Yeah, they can do the math.  I had Callie with me again so… odds aren’t exactly in my favor for ‘good citizenship in the workplace ‘ or some crap like that” You said shaking your head.  Scott smiled sadly at you.

“I’m still sure you did great” He assured as you poured the spaghetti noodles into the pot of boiling water.

“Friggin’ optimist” You grumbled, although he heard you find.

“Is that supposed to be an insult?” He asked, feigning pain.  You looked at him blankly, and he held a hand over his hear like you’d broken it.  “y/n I am wounded, how could you?” You giggled, and he dramatically fell to the ground.  “I’m dying! I’m dying!” You hurried around the table, kneeling down onto the floor before him, you grabbed his ace in your hands.

“Scott! Scott can you hear me!?” In all the commotion, Callie had come in to ‘play pretend’ with you.

“Mommy mommy we’re losing him!” She cried dramatically dropping to her knees.

“I leave… the kingdom… to you…” He gasped out to Callie.

“Mommy save him!”

“I don’t know how!” You exclaimed, still holding Scott’s jaw in your hands.

“Duh Mama! You gotta give him true love’s kiss!” Scott peeked open his eyes and smirked at you.

“Yeah, pucker up princess” He made a kissing sound and Callie giggled uncontrollably.  You rolled your eyes and leaned over, then last minute kissed him on the nose instead.  Scott smiled big, then dropped his head back and pretended to be dead.


Towards the end of the night, you’d all eaten a spaghetti dinner, and finished watching Frozen.  You sat next to Scott on the couch, Callie on your lap.  Your head had fallen onto his shoulder, and you passed out.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and get ready for bed” You heard Scott mumble.  A few seconds later you felt Callie slip off of your lap, and heard her pad up the steps.  “y/n” Scott said quietly, and you groaned quietly, leaning in closer to him.  “I gotta go home soon” He said, putting his chin on your head.

“No… stay” You mumbled back.  He smiled secretively.  “You’re my pillow” Scott chuckled now, and you swung your legs over his lap. laying the side of your body against his chest, head still on his shoulder, but closer to his collarbone.  Scott wrapped an arm around your back, his other one around your wait from the front.  He was cradling you.

“I have an early shift at Deaton’s tomorrow” He said.

“I have another interview at six in the morning” You responded.  But neither of you moved.  “Scott” You whispered after a few seconds of silence.

“Hm?” He ducked his head down, temple to your forehead.

“Do you think I’m doing an okay job? At the mom thing?” You asked, opening your eyes, and looking to your lap.  He smiled at you.

“I think you’re doing a spectacular job” He told you genuinely, and your eyes met his, seeing he truly meant it.

“Thanks” He nodded, and you leaned your head on his shoulder again.  It was quiet again, neither of you knowing what to say.  But you also didn’t want to move away from each other.  “Do you remember the night after Callie was born” You said, biting your cheek.  Scott nodded.

“Yeah, yeah of course, why?” He asked, looking down at you.

“All of it?” He nodded again.  “Even the part where… the part where…”

“The part where you kissed me?” He asked, and you smiled sheepishly down at your lap.  Scott hooked a finger under your chin, hesitantly bringing your gaze back to his.  “I remember” He whispered to you.  “And I do remember kissing you back” He added.  “Why do you ask?”

“I don’t know… I guess I just wondered cause.. I don’t know… nothing happened?” You shrugged, brows knitting together.

“Yeah… yeah I think about that too” Scott admitted.

“Why’d nothing happen?” You asked, and his thumb stroked along your jaw.

“Well I guess… I guess I wanted you to tell me when you were ready to… I don’t know, date? You giggled softly at his awkwardness.

“Four years? You should’ve said something” You said.  Scott looked away for a moment, and you wondered what he was thinking about.

“I’d already waited for a while, I’m used to it” You gave him a frown, and his fingers caressed your cheeks again.  “But I’d wait as long as it takes” You took in a deep breath.

“Sorry but I can’t do that” You said, and quickly closed the space between your lips, crashing your lips to his.  Scott grinned into your kiss, dropping his hands to encircle your waist tightly.  You parted after a few seconds, your chests heaving as you caught your breath.

“I still love you” Scott told you, pushing your hair behind your ear.  “So much” You smiled at him, kissing him again, slowly and passionately.

“I love you too” You murmured against his lips.  “Next time, don’t wait four years to tell me so” You said, and he nodded, not of you smiling the fools in love that you were.  You sat there for a few moments, whispering soft things and kissing slowly, holding onto each other like the world was trying to rip you apart.

“Your daughter’s upstairs waiting for you to tuck her in” Scott murmured.  You nodded, moving to slide off of his lap and stand, but he held you tighter.

“Scott” You giggled and he kissed you sweetly.

“Okay, you may go now” He said, and you stood up, walking over to the steps.

“Wait” You spun round, seeing him standing by the sofa still.  “Will you stay tonight?” Scott smiled, showing off his crooked jaw.

“I’d love to’ he responded, and you smiled back, looking at your feet before turning back and going up the steps.

As you’d suspected, Callie was just sitting on top of her covers.  Her blue polka dot pajamas were on at least, you thought.“Mama” She smiled upon seeing you, as you did for her.

“Ready to be tucked in?” You asked, and she nodded, standing up so you could pull the sheets back.  Then she crawled back in as you fluffed up her pillow.  “I gave Scoot true love’s kiss” You said with a smile, and her face lit up.

“So now you’re like… like prince and princess” You laughed at her as she waved her hands around in a magical motion.

“It sure feels like it… but you’re the only princess around here” You said, smoothing her hair back from her forehead.  You placed a light kiss there.  “Goodnight princess” You whispered.

“Goodnight mommy” She responded, closing her eyes.  You flicked off the lights.  “Tell daddy I say goodnight” She added, making you stop at the doorway.  You looked back at her, she was already asleep, and you slowly smiled.

“I will” 

Scott smiled downstairs, having been able to hear the entire encounter.

xoxo ~ jordie

Caught in a Lie pt.5

Part one | Part two | Part three | Part four | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part seven |

Genre: Angst/fluff

Pairing: JiminxReader

Word Count: 2,797

Plot: Park Jimin is a rich man and you just happen to be his maid. But a maid isn’t what he’s really looking for. (Based off of Lie)

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

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shelter / sirius black

requested by anon, hope u enjoy this xxx



To say you were upset was an understatement, you had had the worst day ever in years. First, you woke up late to class because of a nightmare, getting a reproving glare from your favourite professor. Secondly, you got a C- in Potions, you were ignored by your girl friends during lunch for Merlin knows what reason, got shouted at by the members of your house after Slughorn took 10 points from it because you slept during his class and then, a stupid Slytherin boy spilled grape juice all over you on purpose during supper. 

You wanted to take a bath, do your homework and just go to bed. As you sat on the shower floor, water droplets running through your skin as you carelessly rubbed the soap on your legs, you remembered tomorrow was the day you were going to Hogsmeade with your year and you let out a long sigh.

You didn’t feel like going to Hogsmeade at all, don’t get me wrong you loved going there, vising Honeydukes and eating all those succulent sweets, Dervish and Banges, Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, and last but not least Tomes and Scrolls’ bookshop. You were so thrilled to go before but the shitty day had gotten the best of you. And even Hogsmeade wouldn’t cheer you up. 

You left the shower, dressing yourself in your sleeping clothes before going to warn your friends you weren’t going, more specifically, Moony, Padfoot, Prongs and Wormtail. You walked till their dorm and opened the door to find Remus reading a book, Peter sleeping, James listening to music and Sirius was just literally laid on the floor on his stomach.

When you entered, besides from Peter who was deeply asleep, all eyes were on you, and as soon as you forced a smile to them they knew something was wrong.

You laid on your back next to Sirius on the floor and soon millions of “what happened?”, “are you alright?”, “mate, give me names” were spilled over you. You truly smiled at your protective friends, they were truly too precious.

“It’s okay, I just had a bad day, I’ll be fine I just need a day off.” You said, staring at the ceiling. “Thank you for worrying though, guys. It’s really kind of you.” You smiled at yourself.

“Well you’ll forget about all these shitheads tomorrow when we’re buying all the candies we can at Honeydukes.” Said James.

You hesitated for a second before replying, “I don’t think I’m going, James. I’m just gonna spend the day in my bed, reading and studying. I don’t really feel like going anymore.”

“Are you sure about this, (Y/N)? I don’t like the idea of you by yourself after a bad day, Hogsmeade could really cheer you up, we could.” Remus tried and Sirius kept staring at you, but you were sure.

“Thank you for being so sweet, Moony, but I’m really sure. I’ll be alright, you just have to bring me some candies from Honeydukes and maybe a book or two from Tomes and Scrolls.” You joked and sleepy Peter mumbled a quiet “Noted, little (Y/N) wants candies and books from Hogsmeade.” And you laughed at how adorable and sweet your friends were.

“Don’t worry she won’t be alone.” Said Sirius as he sat up. “I’ll stay with her.”

“Oh, no, Sirius. I mean, I really appreciate it but you love going to Hogsmeade and I’m definitely not gonna ask you to drop it just because I’m sad. It’s just a day, I’ll be fine.” 

“If you’re not going, I’m not going.” He said, not giving you a choice. “I’m not leaving you alone when you’re sad, it’s not an option. We’ll stay and we’ll do anything you like even if that means we’ll spend the entire day laying on the floor, I’m staying.” And as he said that, all the boys smirked to themselves, interested in the idea of you and Black spending the entire day by yourselves. 

“Alright, if you insist. Thank you, Sirius.” You thanked him, genuinely glad you weren’t going to spend your day alone. 

“Now come, it’s late, I’ll take you to your dorm.” But you only mumbled some incoherent words, “What is that, sweetheart?” He asked laughing, “I don’t wanna go to my dorm, I want to become a beautiful flower and start doing photosynthesis so I don’t have to go places for food and I don’t have to move ever again, I’ll just be under the sunlight forever, sleeping all day.” You said dramatically, turning yourself on your stomach, face literally on the floor.

“Fine, stay in my bed I’ll sleep on the floor.” He said rolling his eyes but smiled sweetly at you afterwards. Sirius threw some blankets and a pillow on the carpet, right next to where you were laid and James blew off the candles, leaving you in complete darkness.

You said your goodnights and tried your best to sleep, you swore you did, you rolled over the bed and tried all kinds of sleeping positions to get comfortable but none seemed to work, you just couldn’t fall asleep. And after what seemed like hours in distress, you were so angry and stressed after the long shit day you just had plus the fact you couldn’t fall asleep the tears soon started to stream down your face. In addition, you started feeling anxious for taking away from Sirius not only his bed but his trip to Hogsmeade.

You felt like a complete burden, you were certainly annoying your friends and specially Sirius, so in the middle of the darkness you got up as silently as you could and tried to go back to your dorm, hoping no one would awake. You sniffled trying to stop yourself from ugly crying and making noise, at least until you got outside their dorm. But you weren’t the only one who couldn’t sleep, unable to be comfortable.

Just as you were almost touching the door handle two arms stopped you, “Where are you going, love?” The voice whispered confused, and as soon as he looked at you, cheeks stained with tears he just took you to his bed once again. 

“No, Sirius, I should be the one on the floor- I’m already bothering you guys with all my shit I-I don’t want to annoy you any more-” You whispered to Sirius, trying to convince you to let you go, but he was having none of that. He just pulled you to the floor over all the blankets and pillows and threw the rest of the blankets on his bed over you and then, after curling you up in covers, he cuddled you, simply as that, he laid next to you, under the pile of blankets and held you, soothing you with sweet words.

“You’re not bothering anyone, dear, I’m staying because you’re not feeling well and I would never leave you alone when you’re upset, never, (Y/N). Besides, Hogsmeade won’t be the same without you.” He tried to comfort you, kissing your cheeks. “I want us to stay at Hogwarts and do absolutely as you like, alright, love?” He asked as you pressed your head against his chest, finally comfortable.

“E-even if we just spend the entire day like this?” You asked uncertain.

“I thought you’d never ask, princess.” He said laughing, “We can absolutely spend the entire day in bed.” And just like that, both of you fell asleep, finally comfortable.

Before you awakened, three smirking boys circled you and Sirius as you slept, already ready for their trip to Hogsmeade, the boys needed evidence that Sirius and (Y/N) had cuddled and most importantly, were smiling as their slept.

James searched for his camera as soon as possible, shooting a photograph of you curled up in each other arms. The moving photo left the camera as smoothly as it was taken and James placed the photograph in his wallet.

“I’ll show them this when they marry. Wormtail and Moony, if I ever have a son, they’ll be the godparents.” And left the dorm laughing.

It took you one or maybe more two hours of sleep since they left before you woke up. As soon as you fluttered your eyes open, you felt someone’s breathing on your face, a very familiar smell and features. You were forehead to forehead to with Sirius Black and in that very moment you were certain no one could really escape the Black’s charm, he wasn’t lying when he said that to girls. Which reminded you he had no interest in you whatsoever, so having hopes and daydreaming would just lead you to pain. You sat up, noticing how you were both alone in the room, getting up, you stopped in a very specific spot where the sun hit a crystal tied up in front of the window, refracting little rays of sunshine and rainbows. 

You smiled to yourself as the room and your body were full of little rainbows provided by the sun, the dark furniture making them even prettier. Your hair was messy and you could really use some food. You walked around the room until you stopped by Remus bed, finding a note. 

Knew you’d wake up earlier and explore our room, thought I’d leave a note warning we brought you some food from breakfast and James is thinking about having children and putting you and Sirius as their godparents when you get married.

Hope you’re feeling better, we’re bringing you sweets and your books by the end of the day. Have a lovely day, (Y/N). 


You laughed at how well Remus knew you and blushed extremely at James’ comment.

You sat on Remus bed and started eating some strawberries that he brought and eggs. You took a sip of the orange juice and looked over the pile of blankets, where Sirius was sat on, smiling lazily at you. 

“Morning.” You mumbled, full of strawberries in your mouth.

“Morning, love.” He smiled, getting up and walking over you, kissing your forehead and eating what was in the plate. You ate in silence before Sirius got the note on Moony’s bed, too quickly for you to stop him.

Laughing but blushing slightly, “So what are our plans for the day, wife?”

You choked on your juice before coughing incredulously.

“I mean, we could spend the day around the lake, Mrs. Black.” He said sitting next to you, “Or we could just stay in here, we could listen to some music, or we could spend the entire day sleeping.” He offered as he put the note in his pocket, “Anything to make my wife feel better, after all we have godchildren to take care, remember?” 

You laughed at his stupidity, “Whatever you’d like to do, Black, I already feel bad enough for making you miss the whole Hogsmeade visit and everything.” You said truly.

Sirius sighed as he opened the windows and threw a big blanket on the floor, letting the sun enter the entire room. He walked to you, grabbing your hand and pulling you to his chest.

“Stop thinking I’m forcing myself to stay here with you, I wanted to stay, I want to stay because I know although you say the opposite you don’t like being alone when you’re upset and I don’t like leaving you alone, Mrs. Black.” He said smiling sadly, putting a lock of your soft hair behind your ear. 

“I’m not your wife, Black, you have too many girlfriends. But thank you, for not leaving me alone.” You smiled cheekily and he pushed you to the white blanket on the crimson carpet. 

You curled up onto each other laughing at how idiotic you were for lying on the floor when there were clearly four beds in the dorm. He looked at you smiling but then he became serious for a moment.

“Why do I have this feeling that you will?” He said staring at you in awe, holding himself on his two arms, towering over you.

“I will what?” You asked confused, staring back at him, your breath getting caught in your throat.

“Be my wife, one day.” He said leaning closer. 

“W-what do you mean, Black?” 

“I don’t know, I just have this feeling that we have a long way to go and we’ll do it together. I just- I don’t know I feel like when I’m with you I don’t want to be anywhere else. And when I’m anywhere else, I want to be with you. ” He said, but you panicked at his sweet words and nothing could get out of your mouth.

“I-I’m sorry, (Y/N), I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, it just slipped-”

“Do you like me? Like like me?” You asked nervously.

“Of course I like like you, (Y/N). I love you. But it doesn’t matter, you don’t-”

“Don’t be silly, Sirius. I love you too, I just lost my words because I never thought you’d feel the same.” You said genuinely, not knowing what else to say. “Now, could you please kiss me?” You said, smiling teary eyed. “We have godchildren to take care.” You said making him smile and just like that, Sirius laid on his side, wrapping one arm around your back while the other held the back of your neck, “Of course, anything for you, Mrs. Black.” And before you could get your brain to function, his lips were on yours, moving slowly, taking in your taste and the feel of you carefully.

And as your lips came in contact with his through the rest of the day for many times, you silently forgave the bad day you had, after all, if it weren’t for it, maybe you would never have this specific and precious moment with him. Coming to terms that things happen for a reason, you snuggled into his arms even more, engulfing yourself in his smell, glad to be close to what has always been your shelter, but now in a much better way.

A/N: Ahhhhhhhh I feel like this sucked, but I still hope u liked this, love u x



authors note: so i’ve seen many many imagines about shawn calming y/n’s anxiety attacks and tbh sometimes i think to myself that stuff like anxiety should NOT be glorified in any way. so i don’t want anyone to think that i’m writing this thinking that anxiety attacks or cool or something idk?? anxiety isn’t fun and i understand that a lot of people go through it and sometimes ( i know for me ) reading imagines about shawn helping you through it can be sweet and reassuring which is why i decided to write this. sorry for the long note but anyways, enjoy :)

“Shawn! Shawn look over here!”

“Shawn please take a picture with me?! I drove all the way from New York to see you!!

“Y/N what’s it like dating Shawn Mendes?”

You listened to fans and the paparazzi yell at you and Shawn as you walked through the streets of LA hand in hand with your boyfriend of one year now. You had just went to dinner with him and now you’re being mobbed by people as you walk to Shawn’s car. You were normally used to people taking pictures of you and Shawn whenever you went in public but today was different. This situation seemed to just be breaking your heart. You watched fans continuously ask Shawn for pictures and he was so upset about them getting in your face that he said no. Shawn never says no to fans. The fact that these girls drove so far to seem him only to have him reject them was making you sad.

As bad you felt for the fans, you never felt bad for the paparazzi. You wanted to be a nice person but you never had anything against Shawn yelling at them sometimes considering how rude they could be, like right now.

"Come on guys, please give us some room.” Shawn said for the like the third time.

"Shawn, it’s okay you can take pictures. I don’t want to stop you from meeting fans.” You say trying to make the situation less stressful for you. Shawn knew how much you hated paparazzi and flashing lights and screaming girls. It gave you anxiety and Shawn always tried his best to make sure you didn’t feel stressed out. You hated to be the one to stop him from living his life though.

"No Y/N, it’s fine, we should really be getting home anyway it’s getting late and these people aren’t being that nice anyway.” Shawn was getting angry now.

You were almost to Shawn’s Jeep when you suddenly lost grip of his hand. There were people with cameras behind you pushing you back and forth trying to get pictures of Shawn. You tried so hard to keep it together but you couldn’t. You head was spinning and your chest started to get tight. You could barely process what was around you but soon enough you heard Shawn yelling at fans and paparazzi. Seeing him so angry made your heart drop and you suddenly couldn’t breathe. You felt tears forming but you swallowed hard trying not to draw attention to yourself. At this point it didn’t seem to matter though. Shawn found your hand and grabbed it as hard as he could before leading you towards his car. You felt his mouth against your ear, telling you to breathe and that everything was going to be okay. He continued to say reassuring things, up until you finally got into the car. The air was thin and all you could see were cameras flashing outside the window. You heard Shawn raise his voice one more time and finally people started to walk away. There were still a few people outside the car but the lights and screaming were not as dramatic as before.

"Are you okay? Do you need me now or should I drive home or at least somewhere more private?” Shawn asked you and kept a tight grip on your hand. He has dealt with your attacks before and he knew how to get your breathing back to normal although you seemed to be getting better at it yourself. He obviously knew though that once we got into the car you started to feel a bit better. If you didn’t he wouldn’t have even asked you if you needed his help. He would’ve just gave it to you and did what he always does, and helped you with breathing techniques.

"Home.” Was all I could get out and so Shawn started driving. He always drove faster when he was nervous or angry. It didn’t exactly help my stress but it was just a bad habit of his. I squeezed his hand to let him know, and he slowed down.

The ride home wasn’t bad and my breathing was okay. I was more worried about Shawn’s anger from earlier. It seemed that the only reason I started to get so stressed out was because of how angry Shawn had been. I’ve been with him for so long and I’ve seen him angry before but this was different. We finally arrived home and after Shawn made me take some advil and drink some water I layed down on the couch with my feet in Shawn’s lap.

"I hate people so much sometimes. I’m sorry you had to go through that baby.” Shawn said as he rubbed my leg.

"It was really no big deal Shawn. I just wish you could’ve gotten pictures with those girls. You shouldn’t have gotten so angry with them. I felt bad. Honestly, that’s what mostly caused me to freak out. I don’t know I’m sorry. I don’t want it to sound like I’m blaming my attack on you because Im not. I just don’t like seeing you so upset.” I let out everything I was feeling hoping it wouldn’t upset him even more. I love him dearly and because of that, his stress gives me stress.

"I’m so sorry for being like that Y/N, I just know how much you hate being in public with me and I hate seeing people get so close to you. I didn’t mean to freak you out or anything and yeah you’re right, normally I wouldn’t say no to pictures but I just.. I wanted you to be okay. I don’t know what I’d do if something ever happened to you.” He ran his hands through his hair while he spoke.

"Aw Shawn. It’s okay, really I can take care of myself. I love it when you help me but I’ve gotten better at helping myself I really have!” You were telling him the truth. You’d hate to be that girlfriend that always was needing some kind of protection. You weren’t a baby or something.

"I know baby. I just get worried.” Shawn looked down.

I sat up and put my hands on his face. “I love you Shawn. I don’t want you to think Im upset at you for not getting pictures with fans or something. Anxiety attacks suck yeah but seeing you upset is what gives me the most anxiety. That’s why I lost it. I hate seeing you so frustrated. I love you.” You kissed his head.

"I feel the same about you Y/N. I love you too. You’re never going to be dealing with your anxiety alone though okay? You know that right?” Shawn said and looked at you with the sweetest face.

"Yes. I know that.” You kissed him again and wondered how you got so lucky to have him.

Hot Cocoa and a Kiss || Chan || Oneshot

Originally posted by amillionwon

Word Count: 1843

Genre: fluff, holiday cheer, oneshot, drabble

Summary: Chan wasn’t the best at getting gifts or picking up hints.

“Hot cocoa for my bestest friend in the world.”

You looked up, watching as the cup was placed in front of you. You watched the steam rise from the mug and smiled, pulling it closer and allowing it to warm your hands. Chan grinned and pulled out a chair, sitting down. He leaned against the palm of his hand, watching as you carefully took a sip.

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Percy Jackson and the Titanic

This is my first attempt at a Percy Jackson Fanfic, so here you go!

@theinsidiousbookworm @alexfierrno

Tonight was the night. Percy Jackson and his friends were finally going to watch The Titanic after him recommending it at least ten times. Each time they all gave each other weird glances but finally, finally they caved.

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That's my girl - part 1 (a Jongin Series)

Genre: fluff

Characters: Jongin x OC

Description: Kim Jongin has dog envy. They go on an adventure together and he finds his true love. (Spoiler alert: it’s not the dog)

A/N : this story is fluff for now, who knows where it will go though. Perhaps there will be some serious passion coming soon. 😝 I really don’t know with this one. sometimes the stories write themselves.

That’s my girl [M] - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 final

Kim Jongin was in love, he’d just met an angel. An absolute angel with golden fluffy hair that was so so soft and friendly eyes in the best shade of brown. The kind that looked right into your soul. When he first saw her she was coming out of his next door neighbors apartment. Her name was Cici.

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