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[[ well would you look at that, i finished another long-response-comic-thingy… ain’t i productive i should be doing coursework what am i doing with my life
so, due to the majority vote… sansby will be canon on this blog - don’t worry, this is still baby BONES, aka, sans and papy, so to all you sansby haters… just skip a few posts every now and then, okay? ;w; 

ironically i was listening to ‘helpless’ whilst drawing this 

also papyrus is totally bs’ing about knowing sign language. he probably looked up that one term and ended it at that… sans is too much of an awkward pudding to research sappy phrases like that anyway, so good going paps. ]]

The signs as Javier Garcia’s best quotes

Aries: “Ay dios mio, do you ever shut up?”

Taurus: “Seriously? Fuck you, helicopter!”

Gemini: “I hope you choke on you fucking cake. It looked like shit by the way.”

Cancer: “What can I say? I fucking love pudding.”

Leo: “Oh yeah, the cell you threw me in was totally five star.”

Virgo: “Batter up, fuckface!”

Libra: “Okay. Never pull that lever again, Javier.”

Scorpio: “Though I… I bet I’d look pretty badass with an eyepatch.”

Sagittarius: “Please god, let there be candy bars.”

Capricorn: “Oh this sucks, this sucks, this sucks, this sucks.”

Aquarius: “They couldn’t just have an ‘Open Gate’ button?” 

Pisces: “Don’t get electrocuted, don’t get electrocuted…”

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Betty's family sent her away because she was "crazy". Jughead is her therapist (or if she's in an asylum her doctor) . Will he help her get out?

This is a great prompt! Thankyou so much!

“Elizabeth, it’s lunchtime! Time to leave the library dear.”

Elizabeth Cooper glanced up from behind the countless rows of books, her permanent space in the corner was littered with neatly organized piles of worn out paperbacks and she currently had a hardcover edition of “Howl” clutched between her fingers. Placing the book gently on top of one of the piles she made her way over to the elderly nurse, most of the workers at the Pembrooke Asylum were terrible, angry and cruel, they treated the patients like animals and had little to no respect. Not Nurse Muggs, she adored Elizabeth and often went out of her way to keep the other workers from taunting and abusing her.

“Now love, rumor has it we have chocolate pudding for lunch today! Sounds delicious doesn’t it?” The elderly brunette placed a reassuring hand to the sixteen year old blondes shoulder.

Elizabeth smiled, a crooked kind of smile, her dimples poking through and her haunting green eyes shining.

Nurse Muggs smiled back softly
“Oh love, one day we’re gonna get you to talk, you can count on that.”

No. Elizabeth thought sadly, no you won’t.

Elizabeth Cooper didn’t speak, she hadn’t breathed a word in two years. There really wasn’t much to say, she couldn’t speak, not even when her brain screamed, not when her muscles pulled and tugged and blinding pain shot through her mind. She couldn’t speak.. she wouldn’t speak.

“Betty!” Veronica Lodge, her absolutely crazy in the greatest way possible best friend rounded the corner, shiny pearls and dark purple fingernails coming in full view. “You would not believe what Archie just told me!”

Veronica Lodge had been admitted two weeks after Betty, the scene was still perfectly clear in the silent blondes mind. Veronica had entered Pembrooke Asylum the picture of calm sophistication, the security guards escorted her into the building like some type of paid bodyguard, the only way you could tell she wasn’t like the other teen socialites was the fact that her beautiful black and white plaid dress was dripping in blood and her hands were cuffed behind her back. Veronica Lodge had killed her father in cold blood. While most of the state had called her absolutely nuts, she was ruled mentally unstable and forced to live in the asylum until her eighteenth birthday. Betty knew the truth, Hiram had stolen money, ruined families, forced suicide on her friends parents, at fourteen years old Veronica knew better and had “killed the bastard before he could cause anymore harm” at sixteen she still didn’t regret it, further cementing her place at the asylum. She didn’t care that Betty didn’t talk, they communicated threw pen and paper and symbols. They were best friends and that’s what was important.

“Well listen up” Veronica continued “there’s an intern. He’s our age! And he’s gonna be sitting in on therapy sessions, that’s a total violation of our rights! I guess we all signed some stupid agreement when we came in that says it’s okay but I totally disagree. None the less, I hope he’s atleast cute. Apparently Pops knows him and it’s supposed to help him out on his college applications.”

Pops was the Pembrooke lead therapist, he worked with the toughest cases, it didn’t matter to Betty she wasn’t going to speak, she never had and this new intern wasn’t going to change that.

By the time they made it to the cafeteria, Veronica had worn herself out with all the talking and told Betty she had to go make sure Archie had grabbed the right sweater from her room. Standing in the food line always made Betty’s palms sweat, there were always so many people and options and the mess hall crew didn’t take to kindly to her not speaking.

“It’s Helen Keller!” A bulky older man named Griffin barked out, slamming his spoon down and calling his friends from the kitchen over
“Would you look here looks like the mute doesn’t know what she wants for lunch? Let me help you with that?” Another large boy chuckled, slipping down a heap of different foods on her plate. Betty swallowed hard and placed her tray gently down and began walking away, not before they screamed after her,

“Hey Freak! You forgot your food!”

This happened everyday and she never turned around, it was always the same, no matter what. However today, something was different… suddenly the cafeteria had gone quiet, turning around slowly, she saw what had sent the normally obnoxious boys into silence.

The most attractive looking boy Betty had ever seen currently had Griffin cornered into a wall, hand fisting in the older mans chef jacket as he came nose to nose
“It would do you good not to bully anyone in this damn place. Especially not a girl. Watch your mouth.” Then he dropped him, his eyes finding Betty’s and holding her stare for a few seconds too long.

Then the tension lifted and the cafeteria bubbled with chatter again, Veronica had joined Betty at some point and whispered low in her ear.
“That must be the intern, rumor has it his name is Jughead Jones. And he’s coming right towards you.”

Suddenly she was breathing in a new scent, cigarettes and grass. Jughead smiled at Betty

“Those guys are dicks. My names Jughead, I’m kind of… working here for the summer… it’s nice to meet you.”

Betty stared at him curiously for a moment before dropping her apple on the ground. The dark haired boy was quick to drop down and grab it for her, unfortunately by the time he lifted his head the mysteriously silent blonde was gone and he was left staring at the open doors, his eyes confused and his chest thudding…

what the hell was this feeling? And why the hell did he miss her presence already?

In The First Place (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of posting but once again I don’t really have the motivation but I really like this one a lot and I hope you do too!
Warnings: super fluff coming at ya
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Prompt: the reader has told spencer about her feelings but he told her that he needs some time and meanwhile another guy enters the BAU and he likes the reader so he invites her out to dinner in front of spencer and then he realizes that if he doesn’t make a move he is going to lose her
Request: ✅
Upcoming Imagine: inspired in the end of s9 ep7…

3 months ago…

You stood in front of Spencer, who was sitting in the chair with a confused look on his face.
“Are… are you going to say some…”
“Yeah yeah sorry. I just… this is really hard to confront this to you.” You said interrupting him as you paced back in forth.
Spencer himself looked a little uneasy too, scared of what your going to say.
You’ve been meaning to tell Spencer about your feelings towards him but, he just makes it so hard when he’s so… attractive and sweet and everything you could ask for.
You try to be optimistic, thinking maybe he will like you back, like in the movies and it all works out, maybe even a kiss if your lucky.
With your positive thoughts, you gained up the courage to stop in your tracks and look him in the eye.
“Spencer… I’ve been meaning to tell you that… I like you, a lot. Like not in the friendship way, but the relationship way. I really hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship and-and if you don’t like me back that’s totally okay. We could just put this behind us and pretend this 10 minutes never happened.” You rambled as you broke eye contact with him.
You looked back up at him and he hesitated, his mouth opening and closing as he doesn’t know what to say.
“God… that was… Spencer I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have put you in this position. I’m so stupid…”
“No Y/N your not stupid. It’s just… I need time to process this okay?” He said grabbing your hands in his.
He’s never done that before.
Is this a sign?
“Okay okay I totally understand thank you for not running away or anything like that.” You said as he grazed the tops of your hands with his thumbs.

Present day…

You sat at your desk, as you and the rest of the team go through files until you heard the door open and footsteps walking towards you.
“Here is your latte.” Scott, the new intern, said giving you the steaming up as he kept low key.
“Thanks.” You whispered.
He always came to ask if you needed anything.
It wasn’t really a part of his job, but when he wasn’t doing anything, he seeks out if you need assistance.
And if you do need anything, most of the time it is coffee.
Scott is very sweet, funny, and he’s even cute.
You have kind of started to grow on him and started to have the slightest crush on him with all of the attention he gives you.
But when Spencer said he needed time to process your feelings, it wasn’t a nicer way to say no.
He really needed to think about it, not just to let it go.
And he’s been thinking about you ever since that day, and he is starting to take a little more interest in you.
The way you twirl your hair between your fingers.
The way your brow creases when you concentrate.
The way certain clothes hug your body.
And the biggest symptom he has noticed about himself, is that he doesn’t like Scott.
Because he’s constantly with you.
Constantly making you happy.
Spencer can’t even deny himself that it’s jealousy.
He would watch as he brought you coffee and you smiling widely at him and Spencer would cringe.
He hated seeing him even near you.
He missed the little gestures you had toward him.
He wanted you to pay more attention to him like you used to, when Spencer was so oblivious to your love for him.
But the next day, when he was sitting at his desk with a book in his lap, he couldn’t help but over hear your’s and Scott’s conversation.
“So I was wondering if you had any plans tonight?”
“Ummm not that I can think of. What do you have in mind?” You asked twirling your hair again.
“I was wondering if you wanted to get some pizza and watch a few movies at my place tonight. You like marvel right?” He asked motioning towards your little Captain America pin on your bag.
You giggled and nodded. “Yeah that sounds great!” You said.
“Alright um I’ll text you a little later then.” He said with a toothy grin.
“Okay.” You said turning back to your work.
You turn your head to the right and saw Spencer’s face had gone pale.
“Spence are you okay?” You ask furrowing your brow.
“What um yeah I’m going to use the restroom.” He said quickly wiping a tear that fell down his cheek.
You were half tempted to follow him, the image of a saddened Spencer broke your heart, but you decided to stay.
As Spencer rushed to the bathroom, he couldn’t help but stop in his tracks at the familiar voice.
He peeked around the corner and saw the dumb intern he hated, Scott, on the phone.
“Yeah she’s a total babe… movies and pizza… I know right.” He said a few chuckles in between.
Spencer stayed where he was, eavesdropping on your date.
“Dude totally, I was probably going to bang her in the first place.”
Spencer gasped and immediately ran back inside the bullpen.
“Y/N can we talk like right now please?” He requested quickly approaching you, earning odd looks from a few of the team members.
“Yeah Spence are you okay?” You ask as he laced his fingers with yours and took you into one of the back rooms.
He shut the door and ran his fingers through his hair.
“Spencer are you okay?” You ask for the third time.
“Yeah… I mean kind of. I need to tell you something. Well two somethings. One your not going to like and I’m not sure about the other.” He rambled quickly pacing as he tugged at his hair.
You interrupted his path and took hold of his wrists.
“Spence calm down. Tell me what you need to say.” You said looking into his slightly red eyes.
“Um I was going to the restroom and I overheard something. Y/N you can’t go with that guy okay? Please don’t. I don’t want you getting hurt.” He pleaded.
“Spence he’s a nice guy he wouldn’t hurt me.” You say calmly.
“No no you don’t understand he said… he’s going to… he’s going to disrespect you… he just wants you in his bed. I heard him on the phone and he said he planned on…”
“Having sex with me?” You said finishing his sentence and saving him the pain of saying it himself.
“Yeah but he used a more vulgar term.” He quietly said.
“Screwing me?”
“Knocking me up?”
“Definitely not.”
“Does it start with an F?”
“No! He said he was going to bang you and I… I don’t want that happening to you.” He said as heat rose to his cheeks.
You felt a heat rise too, but it wasn’t blush.
The fact that Scott thought he could just use you for sex made you mad.
You pulled out your phone and texted him that the date was off and he was an asshole.
“There. I’ll give him a more professional confrontation tomorrow.” You say shoving your phone back into your back pocket.
You expected to look up at Spencer and see a small smile on his lips, but his eyes were glued to the floor and he was biting his bottom lip.
“Spencer what’s wrong? You said you had something else to tell me, is that it?” You asked easily getting under his gaze because of how tall he was.
He nodded blinking quickly as he wiped his eyes.
He’s crying.
“Spencer please tell me what’s wrong.” You said your stomach curling up at the sight of Spencer sad.
“Do… do you still like me?” He asked quietly.
“Of course I do Spencer. Your my best friend. You didn’t ruin the date you actually saved me from it, so good job.” You said nudging his arm.
You didn’t understand.
“I’ve been thinking, ever since I told you I needed to, about how you liked me in the non-friendship relationship way.” He said quietly.
That’s what was wrong.
“Spencer I’m so sorry. I didn't… do you like me back?” You asked stepping closer to him.
He looked up slightly, giving you the saddest puppy eyes you have ever seen, and he nodded.
“Spencer I still like you. I’m sorry I put you through that.” You said grazing your thumb across his cheek, making his face light up.
“You do?” He asked as you thought about all of the flirting you did in front of Spencer.
“Of course. I just… I didn’t think you liked me back so I decided it was time to try to move on but your a tough cookie to move on from.” You said bopping him lightly on the nose.
He smiled that adorable smile you fell in love with in the first place.
“Well it’s about quitting time so what do you say we get some pizza and watch some Marvel movies?” You asked lacing your fingers with his.
“Yeah I would love that.” He said smiling as he held your hands in his.
You hesitated, but then stood on your tiptoes and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek before walking out of the little room.
Spencer stood there breathless, his cheek tingling where you placed the kiss.
He smiled to himself before following you out.
You turned around and saw Spencer standing directly behind you.
You looked at him and smiled, this is the man you should have been going out with in the first place.

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meet cutes inspired by my walk to work
  • i see you every day outside your apartment building sitting on your motorcycle and reading a book. you look so badass and i’m so uncool but i really want to know what you’re reading and shit you caught me totally unsubtly trying to peek at your book.
  • i hung a sign that says for free firewood call me and i never expected anyone to call but here you are on the phone. so now i have to come up with some wood for you. no that’s not a euphemism shut up.
  • i see your yard is full of strawberries and damn they look delicious, surely you won’t mind if i take just one. oh fuck they are good okay one more. okay, one more. maybe a few more. only, shit, i look up and my hands are stained red and you’re just staring at me like wtf.
  • you have a HUGE fence all around your house so no one can see in but today you forgot to close the gate so i have to peek in and oh it appears you installed this fence to aid you in your nude sunbathing lifestyle. i’m so sorry.
  • i was out walking when you rode by on your bike and shouted nice shirt, and i thought you were mocking me. but apparently you realized the implications because you slammed on the brakes and rushed back to apologize because, no, seriously, nice shirt.
  • you have a bunch of rocks in your yard with hippy words on them like Hope and Joy and Happiness and i like to rearrange them into bad poetry.
  • i see you carrying around a bowl of dog food and calling for your dog and, let’s be honest, i definitely think this is trap but on the other hand there is the potential to pet a dog at the end. so i stop to help you and you’re so relieved as we spend the next several hours searching for your dog until we finally give up and i take you home since you’re inconsolable only to find your dog asleep on your fucking porch wtf. 
Stories from my retail job 3 years ago

I used to work at a children’s clothing store (Erazy Cight) and I have 2 memorable stories about my year there. This is super long, Tl;Dr at the bottom

So the first story is when I was covering the floor as my sales lead went out to lunch (It was a small store. Shifts often only had an associate and a sales lead, or manager/assistant manager. Associates were often only around to cover the floor for lunches/breaks/inportant shit going on in the back)
And, as usual, the sales lead steps out, wave of customers rush in. And I’m on top of this shit! (I’m notoriously shy and normally dont approach customers)
I’m making sure everyone knows our promotions and making sure everyone has help
Well, a guy and his 2 daughters come about halfway into the store before I can greet them (this is important)
Me: Hi, welcome to Erazy Cight. *promotions I don’t remember* and these graphic tees right here are $7 each.
Wacko: Okay, thanks
So now people are ready to pay and it’s time for me to knock out this line of 10+ customers so I can clean
And then the man with his kids comes up and throws down 2 graphic tees.
Me: Your total is $14.
Wacko: 14? You told me the shirts were $4 each!
Me, knowing full well what I said: I’m sorry sir, but I told you $7. We even have a sign
Not the most professional, but it’s what came out of my mouth at the time.
Wacko: No, you approached me outside of the store and told me they were $4.
Me: Outside, sir? I’m sorry, but I’ve been inside the store this whole time
Wacko: No! You told me outside of the store! It’s the only reason I came in here!
Me: Sir, I’m not allowed to leave the store.
(Yes, I actually said that. He accepted the price and left)

The second story I got happened during the holiday season. My manager had left a month prior and so had many of the associates and had to be replaced by seasonals, leaving me as now the most knowledgeable associate there (and I actually didn’t even know that much)
So now we have Temporary Manager Brian.
Or as I like to call him, stupid fucking Brain.
He was a manager from another location, and most of the time, me and a second associate will be scheduled to work with him (he never worked with the sales leads or assistant manager, mostly because it never worked out that way)
And I had to teach him to use the registers and how to do just about everything else that I had the authority to do.
So we got a packed store and both our registers are being used.
I have a whole system. Since it takes a bit for the screen to prompt whether or not the customer wants gift receipt (old systems), I use that time to ask if they want gift boxes and to grab them.
So this sweet older woman is so patient and polite (she bought a lot and I have to fold EVERYTHING, as is corporate standard). So she wants her gift receipt and a few boxes.
So while I’m waiting for the prompt, I swoop down and grab her boxes.
And then it happens.
Stupid fucking Brian comes up behind me
So I calmly hand the woman her bags and boxes and sweetly say, “I’m so sorry, ma'am. He cancelled your gift receipt.”
She was understanding (and looked like she was silently praying for me) and said it was fine and took her items and left.
After that, I put in my 2 weeks where SFB proceeded to screw me out of hours.
I got $18 on my last check.

1: Fucking wacko customer thinks I approached him outside of the store and lured him in with false advertising
2: Temp manager is a dumbfuck, so I threw him under the bus.

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Could you do PromptList! #7 Evan/Connor? (Your writing is amazing btw, i actually like love you so much😂💙)

Omg thank you so much for liking my writing, you are too kind <3, Enjoy #7 “Just shut up and kiss me”


“What are you doing here?” Connor snapped. He didn’t want to see Evan Hansen after he saw that fucking note. Of course the guy he liked had to be in love with his perfect fucking sister.

“I-I wanted to explain!” Evan squeaked. 

“Explain what?” Connor grumbled. He knew full well that Evan was going try and explain that stupid fucking letter Connor took.

“Th-the letter, I only wrote it because my therapist said I should write letters to myself.” Evan started. “M-my hope isn’t actually pinned on Zoe, it’s really not! I don’t even know why I wrote it like that all my hope isn’t pinned on your sister my hope has been pinned on you for like ever why am I saying this.” Evan rambled.

“Wait what?” Connor was confused. “What the fuck do you mean that all your hope is pinned on me?” Connor really didn’t understand.

“We-well I-I like you.” Evan muttered. Though his voice was way too quiet for Connor to even hear.

“Don’t fucking whisper Hansen.” Connor glared. He had enough of whispering, whenever he passed someone in the hall all he heard was hushed whispers.

“I-I like you not Zoe.” Evan sighed. “That was just made up stuff, so my therapist wouldn’t find out.” Evan hadn’t come out to anybody and he was way to nervous to come out to his therapist of all people.

“You…like…me.” Connor was dumbfounded. 

“I-yeah but it’s okay if you don’t like me, like that’s totally fine and I get it, because I’m weird, and super not attractive and high strung and full of anxiety so it’s fine if you don’t like me back I mean who could ever like me right? Dear ol Evan Hansen, a weird kid full of anxiety who fell out of a tree and was too scared to get anyone to sign his cast-” Connor cut Evan off.

“Shut up and kiss me Hansen.”


“You heard me,” Connor walked towards Evan and gently shoved him into the nearest wall. “Shut the fuck up and kiss me.”

I was ringing up a customer who was buying laundry detergent and gum:

Me: “Do you have a [rewards] card?”

Customer: “No, it’s okay.”

Me: *gives total*

Customer: “Ummmm that’s supposed to be 9.99….”

Me: “Yeah, that’s what the [rewards] card is for, it gives you the sale price.”

Customer: “Well I want to get a card then.”

Me: “I don’t have one here, you have to go sign up for one” (I showed her the kiosk thing where she could sign up)

Customer: “Okay just take it off. That’s FIFTY percent more. Just cancel it.”

Me: “Okay, do you just want the gum then?” (She had put it in her purse)

Customer: “No, just cancel it all.”

Me: “…..Well you still have it, that’s why I asked.”

We have a store’s card that we can technically use but my manager has been telling us like every day that we need to stop using it. One of my coworkers got written up for using it too much. After dealing with customers like this every day I just gave up, I don’t care anymore. As soon as I hear that “Ummmm that was supposed to be–” I ask them for their card and if they don’t have it, I use the store’s card.

EXO Reacts - Not Attending a Party that you’re going to

Anon : “Can i please have exo’s reaction to seeing you having fun at the party (through pics on instagram or else, in a form of selfies with other people ) that they couldn’t attend. Thank you in advance ~”

((Boiiiiii more jealous EXO coming your way yaboiiiiiiii))


(He’d be pretty chill with it, slightly sad he couldn’t go but it couldn’t be helped. When he sees the pictures, he leaves a like or maybe a comment saying how cute you look before moving on. Yeah, you’re having fun without him, but we both know you guys have wayyyy more fun togther (^; )


(He feels bad that he couldn’t go to the party with you, and you have to go alone. He’s less jealous that you’re having fun and just feels bad that he couldn’t come with you to keep you company. He shoots a text or two just to check up, but shows no signs of jealousy.. that we know of.)


(He pretends to be totally cool with it, even leaving a like on the photo. However, his jealousy becomes pretty obvious when he shows up to pick you up from the party an hour early ‘on accident’) “Okay, you caught me… But get in the car.”


(There would be a text every 5 minutes, asking if you’re alright or if you’ve met anyone or if you’ve been kidnapped by the Illuminati.) “Jagi? You okay? I got done with practice and I’m at the shop now. What are you doing? Having fun? You alright? Is it cold? Jagi?” *no chill*


(There’s a reason he can’t go. This boy is so freaking busy with all of the solo and group stuff he does, that he can barely look at social media to see what’s up. Of course, he’ll shoot you a text or two mid-party just to see how you’re doing.)


(When you get home, he’d casually bring up that one pic you took with that one guy, asking who it was in the picture. It takes you awhile to learn that he’s messing with you.) “So… who was this youn met? Someone I know, hm? Hmmmm? HMMMMMMMMM?”


(He doesn’t even have to look at any pictures of you because as soon as you say you’ve arrived, he facetimes you and has you make it like he’s at the party himself via your phone screen.) “Jagi, let’s go over there! I want some punch…” (Um…. Chen…)


(He’d see the pictures and get a little jealous, so he facetimes you right away like Chen. You were supposed to have a conversation with him but he got a bit… distracted.) “Yah, so how’s the party!? I head– wait, IS THAT DARA. oH MY GOD JAGI GO OVER THERE AND INTRODUCE MEEEeeeeEEE!!!!!”

D.O. -

(He’s usually a bit awkward in social situations like that where there’s a lot of new people, so he isn’t very affected by the fun pics that are posted of you. He’s just happy that he’s within his comfort zone, and that you’re having a good time.)


(He’d whine about it, just because he had a schedule thing to do while you were out having fun. He’d bug you about the party the next night and would ask what you did and if it was fun. Of course, the needy panda just needs a little attention is all.)


(He’s paying less attention to the actual picture and is just fangirling over the house puppy in the background. He’s more upset he couldn’t meet the puppy rather than going to the actual party itself, and asks you about it when you get home.)


(He’d see the pictures of you having fun on social media with other guys, but won’t say anything until you get home. He’d make passive-aggressive sarcastic remarks and activate his resting bitch face until you caught on.) “You seemed to be having pretty fun with him. Is he a good dancer?” 

((I didn’t know what to do for some of the gifs so forgive me if they look out of context >.<))

Black Rose [Part Twenty-One]


Pairings: Minseok x main protagonist(Iseul) x Luhan

Mafia AU

Ongoing series

Warning: Mature content such as; violence, mature language, abuse, smut, drug use, suicide etc.

Read at your own Discretion!!!!


Black Rose. The most feared and infamous Mafia in Seoul, with a leader just as infamous and just as feared. The whole country has heard of her, yet no one has encountered her and lived long enough to tell the tale. She’s cold, undetectable, invisible even. It’s like trying to catch smoke with your bare hands. Impossible. She walks over corpses to get what she wants and she wants revenge. All of her targets endure hell and eventually gruesome death. Her next target: Kim Minseok.

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen | Part Sixteen | Part Seventeen | Part Eighteen | Part Nineteen | Part Twenty | Part Twenty-One | Part Twenty-Two | Part Twenty-Three | Part Twenty-Four | Part Twenty-Five |  Part Twenty-Six | Part Twenty-Seven | Part Twenty-Eight | Part Twenty-Nine | Part ThirtyPart Thirty-One | Part Thirty-Two |  Part Thirty-Three(soon) | Part Thirty-Four(soon) | Part Thirty-Five *Final* (soon) | Epilogue 1(soon) | Epilogue 2(soon) | Epilogue 3(soon) | Epilogue 4(soon) | Epilogue 5(soon) | Epilogue *Bonus*(soon) |

Requests are open :) xx

Word Count: 4,112

Part Twenty-One:

Jae’s eyes were wide as he looked from his computer back to Iseul with nervous eyes. He chuckled, shaking his head while scratching the back of his neck. “Uh, false alarm guys. Just a glitch” He said rolling his eyes and going back to look at his screen, squinting his eyes and then taking a glance at Iseul before avoiding her eyes altogether. 

“Don’t mess with us, Jae. Just do your job and find out who his heir is.” Tao huffed, putting his feet up on the table, playing with the gun in his hand. Iseul furrowed her eyebrows, looking suspiciously at Jae before dismissing the rest of them. 

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4th of July = Cap’s birthday right?
He was born in 1918
So he’s 99 now (2017)
When is Avengers : Infinity War due to be released? Next year (2018)

Call me crazy and whatever
But we’ve all heard that Chris Evans’ contract may or may not end next year as he only signed for one more movie and it’s all up to him whether he wants to extend his contract with MARVEL or not. Like what RDJ did. (Yay to RDJ 💕)

So this is legit guys

It’s not a drill

Captain America’s life is in Chris Evans’ hands now

If Chris decides to extend the contract we might be able to see Chris as Cap or just Steve Rogers in future MARVEL movies (as what he told everyone, he wants to play Cap forever omg my heart God i kent ㅠㅠ) those includes both parts of Infinity War.

BUT !!

IF Chris decides to NOT prolong his contract then Captain America will ‘retire’ at the age of 100.

And you guys know which 'retire’ I am referring to.

There has been some theories going around and this might be it.


What really annoys me about Dumbledore haters is how quick they are to blame him for the deaths of others.

“Dumbledore is so willing to let others die fo the “Greater Good!” “He thinks lives are disposable!” “Dumbledore caused the deaths of (insert characters here)!” “So many people died because of Dumbledore!” “Dumbledore is responsible for the deaths of (insert character here)!”

Oh. That’s…that’s funny. This whole time I thought these people died because they were…? Oh I dunno…. fucking murdered? By Death Eaters? This whole time I could have sworn that THAT was what actually went down. But I’m probably missing something though, I honestly thought that they died because people killed them, but I’m probably not paying close enough attention. I could have sworn that there was a war going on and that these people all willingly signed up to protect their families and country, knowing the risks. But I’m missing the entire point.

It’s almost like these people knew they were going to die and that was a risk worth taking to them, and acted completely on their own! Wow! My mind has just totally been blown!

Okay in all seriousness, is Dumbledore the only character with any fucking free will around here? Because it seems like anything that anybody else does for the war effort, they did because they were manipulated or tricked into it. Seriously fandom, the whole “Dumbledore manipulated everything and everybody and their grandma to do everything they ever did in the series, and also is responsible for every single misfortune to happen in the history of ever.” shtick is getting old. Way old, way fast. Your faves aren’t mindless puppets people, I thought they had courage, and intelligence, and you know, qualities that made them interesting? Acting like all these legally aged people (because they were in the final battles) don’t have minds of their own, shit!

PS: Stop using the Greater Good. That phrase is dead, it hasn’t been used by Dumbledore in nearly a century. So stop, because clearly y’all don’t know what the fuck a greater good is. 

Formality Pt 1

Season 1 Masterlist

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,635

Warnings: None

   “Call it again,” Scott said, searching high and low for his phone. I was sitting in Scott’s green lounging chair, resting my head in my hand as I watched him jerk around the room like a squirrel. Stiles was sitting backwards in Scott’s old rolling chair, also watching.

   I groaned in boredom. “Scott, we’ve called your phone 15 times. I haven’t heard it ring, or even vibrate, and my hearing is like five times as good as yours. It’s not here.” Scott didn’t accept that answer and jumped over his bed to look on the other side for the sixth time.

   “Okay, so you lost your phone,” Stiles said. “Why don’t you just get a new one?”

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so on the subject of abandoned fics

a lot of people (both readers and writers) are saying the solution is to wait until you write the whole thing before posting. And that might be the solution for some people, but it’s not the solution for me. 

Part of the reason I write fanfic is so that I get immediate feedback. As in, I post, I take a five-minute break, and then I come back to see if there are any comments yet. That immediate. 

If I’m going to spend weeks (possibly months) plodding away alone on 60K word story, actually plotting and adding in story arcs and all of that actual work stuff, then sorry guys, but it’s not going to be fanfiction. It’s going to be an original novel and I’m going to need to get paid for it. Because to me, that’s work. 

Fanfiction is the writing I do to take a break from the work-writing. It’s where I throw the planning and the groundwork out the window, and just see whenever the hell the characters take me. Do I know what’s going to happen next? Hell, no! Better bring in Kate Argent to fuck things up! (This, of course, is a modified version of Raymond Chandlers’s advice: When in doubt have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.) 

When I post a story, you’re reading literally everything that I’ve written of it, and I then give myself 24 hours to get the next chapter up. It’s crazy, but it works for me because it forces me to write without the luxury of too much time to worry about whether or not it’s total shit. And the fact that I’ve already got people waiting to read the next chapter? That forces me not to quit. 

The last long fanfic I wrote was The Rule of Three. 70 000 words in 20 days. Meanwhile, this original novel I’ve been working on since November? I still haven’t cracked 20 000 words. So, believe me, waiting until the whole thing is done to post it does not mean it will get completed. At all. Okay, so this novel will be completed eventually (since I’ve signed a contract on it) but you don’t even want to see all the half-started and abandoned original stories I’ve got saved on my computer. Sometimes I look at them and wish I had a bunch of comments after every chapter wondering aloud what’s going to happen next, and what direction I’m going in, and keeping my motivation up. 

For the record, the reason I don’t abandon fanfics is because I’m a reader first, and I know how frustrating it is. But I also totally understand how fics can be abandoned. People have lives outside of writing fics. They have families, and jobs, and studies, or sometimes they just lose all their motivation. See above; my original fics. 

Different strategies work for different writers. Maybe waiting until they’ve finished the whole story will work for plenty of people, but I promise you right now that it would never work for me. To me, the readers are an integral part of writing fanfiction. Without the comments providing motivation, encouragement, and a wonderful mixbag of ideas on where to drive this crazy train next, I’d never finish a fic. 

I’d either be distracted by a new, shiny idea, or, worse yet, I’d listen to that little voice in the back of my head that just occasionally whispers to me, “Hey, shouldn’t you be working?” I hate that voice. It’s a killjoy. 

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just out of curiosity. if there was a season 5 (I know you don't have any intention on watching) would you reconsider if your fandom friends told you all loose ends were tied up and johnlock happened? or are you officially done with new content

Nonny you ask the tough questions!

I happen to be a very curious person, so I can’t lie and say there is 100% no way I’d never watch a S5. I have no interest in it currently, I would never pay attention to setlock and rumors etc like I used to.

For me, I can’t honestly imagine a scenario where they could fix what was fucked up. I personally think making everything a dream/MP for any length of time is just bad and lazy writing and just not for me. It worked for TAB as a one off special, but to have the show be where we can’t know what’s real or fake? No thanks. I didn’t sign up for that when I signed up for a Sherlock Holmes adaptation.

To make just TFP John’s MP, okay sure it would make sense. But it doesn’t erase how they totally destroyed his character in TLD. John’s alibi, always a theory that I’ve enjoyed, doesn’t erase how boring TST was or how they wasted a whole fucking episode on Mary backstory.

Having Sherlock’s MP go even further back into S3 or even earlier? Cheers to folks that enjoy that, it’s just not for me. I enjoy character development and show that progresses, not one that needs to go back in time just to explain itself. And honestly I don’t know how they would even make that believable at this point.

If 5 years down the road we got S5 it it was the MP people’s dream come true, I’d be so happy for them, but that is not a plot that interests me. I might watch just to see Martin’s beautiful face, especially if it was actually kissing Ben’s face. But my passion for the show is DOA.

And I’ve seen the question posed, what if you had a chance to make the first canon Johnlock, what would you do? Well folks I’d fucking DO IT! None of this trickery, MP craziness. Just two flawed men who love each other, why would that be so wrong/bad?

And honestly without some magic, there is no way I’d ever forgive Mofftiss for what they did to John Watson’s character in S4. I will hate them forever just for that.

Anyway, this is all just MY OPINION. No offense is meant to anyone who feels differently. I know and love some tin haters, you do you.

I was talking with @belldreams ​ last night and we both agree that it’s an absolute tragedy that there’s not more de-aged fic in the Star Wars universe, but especially because, like, okay, imagine it.

De-aged Obi-Wan!  So adorable and huggable!  Anakin can totally hug him as much as he wants!  He’s only sort of a Jedi at this point!  Anakin can still encourage all the “bad behavior” that Obi-Wan tries so hard to hide!

But then oh no tiny people have actual tiny people needs and this isn’t what he signed up for at all!  It’s Obi-Wan!  He’s supposed to be calm and even-tempered???  Why is this tiny Obi-Wan suddenly snapping at him and having a temper???  How do you handle this??

  • The first time Obi-Wan doesn’t follow Anakin’s logic, like, no, WHY CAN’T HE go along with to the dangerous battle zone? HE KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF.  How do you handle tiny little people who don’t listen to reason???
  • And little people need sleep, but little people don’t WANT sleep, so you have to make them sleep, but you can’t just shove them into their bed and Force hold them down, HOW TO MAKE THEM SLEEP??
  • “I told him not to go spy on that bounty hunter but then he snuck out the window and STOLE WINDU’S SPEEDER and now he’s in police custody HOW DID THIS HAPPEN HE’S OBI-WAN.
  • The first time Obi-Wan sneaks out, Anakin is SO PROUD OF HIM, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD DO THAT :D???? but then it dawns on him HE IS A TINY PERSON RIGHT NOW HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN HURT??? OH NO I HAVE TO WATCH HIM ALL THE TIME NOW!!!
  • The first time he has to go bail tiny Obi-Wan out of Jedi jail, it’s hilarious. It’s less hilarious when Obi-Wan breaks his arm and has to go to the medics.
  • And Obi-Wan likes medidating, right?? This will totally be easy to keep him contained, just sit him down in a quiet room and it’ll be easy peasy. EXCEPT TINY OBI-WAN IS LIKE “KRIFF THAT, I’M GOING TO THE TRAINING SALLES.”
  • The swearing that tiny Obi-Wan picks him from Anakin!  Also hilarious at first! But then HE WON’T STOP, HE DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP IT.  HE SWEARS AT THE JEDI LIBRARIAN. THAT’S, LIKE, WRONG.
  • It’s so frustrating! When Anakin was a youngling, he could barely sneak around properly to save his life!  But Obi-Wan’s really good at it! He’s not just mischievous, HE’S GOOD AT IT.  Obi-Wan manages to sneak through the entire Temple and actually FINDS the real lightsabers to train with and then manages to DESTROY THE SALLE BECAUSE HE DOESN’T ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO USE IT YET. HOW???
  • When Obi-Wan finally crashes at 3am, snoring away on the living room floor, Anakin curls up in bed and is catatonic for a few hours.  And he calls Ahsoka. “I need your help. Please.”  She rolls her eyes. “I TOLD you so.”
  •  And then there’s the “truth from a certain point of view” thing that Anakin was desperately hoping that he wouldn’t pick up again.  He’s SIX, he shouldn’t be that good at withholding the truth with a straight face like that! ANAKIN COULDN’T DO IT FOR SHIT, WHY IS OBI-WAN SO GOOD AT IT ALREADY???
  • Anakin, however, has a secret weapon up his sleeve.
  • Every time Obi-Wan gets in trouble, THAT’S IT CUDDLE TIME FOR AN HOUR, YOUNGLING.  That time Obi-Wan destroyed the training salle? THERE WERE SMOOCHES, TOO.
  • Tiny little Obi-Wan struggling to get away, yowling like he is being eaten by a gundark, LET ME GO, THIS ISN’T HOW JEDI ARE SUPPOSED TO ACT!!!
  • Well, Jedi aren’t supposed to sneak out at night against direct orders, ARE THEY? And the smoochings continue.
  • Tiny Obi-Wan GETS THE FLU.  :D AND DOESN’T WANT TO STAY IN BED, HE DOESN’T FEEL SICK AT ALL.  Until he crashes and then Anakin is all D: D: DDD: HE IS DYING
  • He can’t turn his back on Obi-Wan for a second, he has gotten WAY TOO GOOD at pretending to be asleep or too feverish to do anything. But the second Anakin leaves the apartment, just for give minutes to go get food from the cafeteria!!, and then Obi-Wan is GONE.
  • It takes him THREE HOURS to find Obi-Wan!  He looks EVERYWHERE. The training salles! Back to the cafeteria! The youngling creches! The hangar bays! He thinks of every place that he hid in as a youngling and Obi-Wan is NOWHERE.
  • Finally, Master Nu calls him and tells him there’s a sleeping child he might be interested in curled up in the back of the library.  And Anakin’s just. He sneaks out and drives me up the wall and he couldn’t at least go somewhere INTERESTING? WHY. WHY.  He could have at least been looking up something interesting! Something about flying! Looking up lightsaber combat lessons!  But no. He’s reading about some planet or other’s cultural history. WHY.
  • But one thing goes Anakin’s way:  He discovers, much to his surprise, Obi-Wan actually has a tremendous sweet tooth.  He LOVES anything sugary or fizzy, his whole little face LIGHTS UP. And oh man Anakin is going to REMEMBER THIS when Obi-Wan is big again.  Because no matter how grumpy tiny Obi-Wan gets with him, he can always make that little face light up by offering him candy.
  • “Look, if you promise to stay put–AND ACTUALLY STAY PUT–while I go on this mission, which will only take TWO DAYS, I will take you to get the biggest sundae you can eat.”
  • Obi-Wan holds him to that promise of the sundae, which is honestly almost as big as he is, at six. But Obi-Wan makes a valiant go of it. Sadly, Anakin is also the one who has to clean up when tiny Obi-Wan throws it back up an hour later. HE WARNED OBI-WAN THAT HE’D GET SICK, WHY DIDN’T HE LISTEN??? but also he’s too adorable when he doesn’t feel good and Anakin is torn between WHY ME and OMG SO CUTE.
  • Anakin has approximately eight thousand holos of tiny Obi-Wan drooling in his sleep. Each and every one is precious to him.
Frenemies || Jungkook

Requested by the lovely @mymisstina​! I’m so sorry that this took so long. I watched that video over and over and I did my best to come up with something inspired by it. I hope you like it :)

Overview: The Fire and Ice Kingdoms are at war, so when Y/N shows up at the Ice Kingdom for a visit, things go downhill quickly…

Word Count: 954

Jungkook sat upon his throne, chin resting on his hand. He gazed upon the throne room, beyond bored. He kept mindlessly flicking his free hand, creating all kinds of icy creations.

“Your majesty?”

“Hmm?” Jungkook responded, still spacing out.

“Don’t forget your six eldest brothers are returning this evening. Perhaps you should prepare?” The royal attendee stood by, trying to capture the young Prince’s attention.

“Yeah okay.”

The royal attendee left the hall and Jungkook still remained seated. He clenched his fist over his recent creation, causing it to vanish. The ice palace had become so boring recently ever since his older brothers went off to help fight in the war between the fire and ice kingdoms.

Jungkook had to stay home and guard the castle, but he really knew that his older brothers just didn’t want him around and screwing things up like last time.

“It wasn’t even my fault,” Jungkook muttered under his breath.

The castle didn’t need any preparing, it looked exactly the same ever since the six elder princes left. Jungkook spent most of his time in his room or in the library. Not like he had anything else to do. His friend, Prince Yugyeom of the Earth Kingdom, was helping his own kingdom out in the war alongside the others of the Eastern Alliance. 

Suddenly, a giant burst of fire blast through the throne room doors, and then the doors were kicked open. Smoke fluttered through the hall and a lurking figure appeared. 

Jungkook pinched his nose. “Y/N this is hardly the time.”

You stood in the doorway, arms crossed and a scowl set on your face. “Pardon my intrusion, you look so busy,” you scoffed. You set your gaze on the snow prince, hoping to get some kind of reaction out of him.

“Aren’t we supposed to be enemies?” Jungkook asked, sending a snowball flying towards you. You caught it and melted it in your grasp. Steam escaped the cracks of your knuckles.

“Not today, I’m bored. You of all people should know,” you mused.

Jungkook smirked. He did know, you were in the exact situation as he was. The flame princess, stuck at home in the fire palace. Her oldest brothers and sisters were out fighting. They didn’t want her around.

“You still haven’t made up for what you’ve done.”

Flames were shot in his direction, he blocked them with a thick shield of ice. The shield melted and sloshed to the ground.

“I said I was sorry! But you were the one who chased after me in the first place!” You exclaimed.

You might’ve been the reason that both you and Jungkook were forced to stay at your respective kingdoms. You had found Jungkook with his brothers helping the Mermaid Tribe and figured a surprise attack would be a smart idea.

However Jungkook spotted you in your hiding spot and chased after you, causing both fire and ice tribes to go into a frenzy and a lot of supplies to be damaged.

Jungkook stood up and waved his hand. A large pile of snowballs appeared and he began sending them towards you at blinding speed. You laughed as you kicked the ground and a sea of flames erupted around you, effectively protecting you.

“I see your defense skills have improved since last time. Still have the bruise on your hip?” Jungkook teased. Your face turned red and you shot more flames towards him. One flare barely missed his leg.

“Listen,” you began. You stopped your attacks and Jungkook did the same. “What happened last time, it won’t happen again.” You summoned a large amount of power, so much that an aura of red light illuminated around you. “I’m going to burn you to a crisp,” you cackled.

Jungkook smirked. He closed his eyes and drew in a large breathe. Soon an aura of blue light illuminated around him. “We’ll see,” he retorted. He waved his hand and a hundred large snowflakes made of thick, glowing ice appeared around him.

You stomped the ground and dragons made of blue and red flames appeared. The castle started to melt from the heat. Jungkook charged for you, a blinding light appearing behind him. You gave a loud cry as you leapt towards him.

Next thing you knew, you found yourself outside lying in a heap of snow. Steam radiated off your body. You slowly sat up groaning in pain. Jungkook was hanging upside down a snowbank. You froze in terror.

“Did- did I actually kill him!?” you thought.

You ran over to Jungkook. “Yah! Are you okay?”

He showed no sign of movement. You placed your ear on his chest, panic rising in your own. There was a faint sound of a heart beating. You held your breath.

“Pfffft, your hair is tickling my nose.”

You bolted up. Jungkook was grinning at you. “You totally got your butt kicked, but what else is new,” he teased.

You took a deep breath and stood up. You offered your hand to Jungkook and he accepted it. You pulled him up with a smile.

Then you slapped him across the face.

“… I kind of deserved that,” Jungkook laughed. You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

“Unbelievable. Well, I’m not going to stand around and watch you pull stupid jokes. I’m leaving.” And with that, you flicked your hair and began walking towards the boundary line between the winter woods and fire forest.

“Yah! Y/N, you’re the one who started all of this. Again!” Jungkook called out after you, but you ignored him. Then you were gone. Jungkook sighed. He looked over at the demolished entrance of the castle and groaned.

“They’re going to kill me,” he muttered under his breath.

zerouva  asked:

Hello. First off let me tell you how much I enjoy your blog guys! It's amazing, keep it up! Now, I don't know if you can help me with this, but I just wanted to ask you, if you have any tips for an INFJ, highly sensitive person with social anxiety (and if you believe in zodiac signs, pisces). I feel like a total outsider and my anxiety keeps me from doing absolute anything fun in my life. Thanks for your reply. :))

Hey there fellow INFJ. Really glad you like our blog! Okay, since I’ve been one sensitive anxiety-ridden INFJ in the past, I am gonna try to advice you what I did to make it better. In the end we are just random people online and if things get a little too much, get help, kay? <3 So, when my loneliness became too crushing, I decided to start changing some things about myself. People told me “Just start thinking positive thoughts” but that has never worked for me. I can’t just… make my feelings stop. So I found some habits I followed on a weekly or daily basis to slowly change the way my mind works. A compilation of those would be: 

  •  Work on your over-thinking tendencies. I have a cool post about this already, so I won’t rant about it.
  •  These traits are usually linked to insecurity (maybe I am projecting in this one, sorry if I am). The most straightforward thing would be “Think something nice about yourself everyday”. That was too hard for me at first. So instead, I decided I would try to think something nice about every person that walked close to me. My brain just kinda went “Well, if there is something good in everyone, then there must be something good in me” in the background while I did this. 
  •  Do one scary thing every day. Now, I am not saying “Hey, go pet a shark” (thought they are kinda cute). But I am sure there are this little things that are hard to get done because of fear, even thought they are not dangerous. Don’t punish yourself for all the things that were too hard to do, just focus in one improvement and do your best to get it done. For me it usually was not changing my course while walking to prevent myself from walking close to people that knew me (and to whom I’d have to say “Hi”).
  •  Befriend a brave but sensitive extrovert. It is so useful to do these. If you get the right human, they’ll push you out of your comfort zone sometimes, but they will also understand the choice must be yours in the end. If you feel like extroverts around you are too intense, and INTJ might work miracles. They are just so rational you can’t really argue when they explain you shouldn’t be afraid, but they also have learnt that some people “do stuff because feelings” and I think they would get it too if it was a hard task. 
  •  Make a team with another sensitive anxious-ridden human. Pick someone that wants to best themselves too, and try to keep each other in check. I’ve become a lot stronger just because I wanted to be a better influence for some kind-hearted people around me.

I hope this helps a little,

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MWAHAHHA IT ME AGAIN :3 A PROMPT THEN ! ok ok ... lemme think .... judy s parents come to zootopia and find out that there is merchandising of their daughter ! And maybe of her fox ?

You are back…and I’m finally here!


Bonnie remembered their neighbor Harold Thumperbee saying something about Judy being in a store the last time he returned from Zootopia.  Something about a pen, and a few cups.  Bonnie didn’t really give it much attention, as the hare tended to make thinks up.  

Not that Bonnie didn’t believe the hare hadn’t seen Judy in a store.  As her daughter lived and worked in the city.

Yet as Bonnie stood in front of a souvenir store, staring at collection of things with her Judy’s face plastered all over them, the older doe realized maybe she should have listened more closely.

There was an assortment of cups, some decorated with pictures, others with cute little drawings.  Some had quotes, others had random little sayings, and some simply just said “ZPD’s Finest”.  A collection of posters were displayed on the wall, on of the front page of the newspaper when she saved the city with Nick.  Judy and the fox smiling proudly at the camera.  Then there was little note pads, to cell phone cases and key chains.  There were even a few little plush dolls of Judy in her police uniform.

“Can I help you ma’am?”  A voice asked, startling Bonnie from her staring.

The older doe turned to find a young deer standing over her with a warm smile.  Bonnie blinked at them for a moment, her mind still not getting past the idea of her daughter as a sales item of anything.

“Oh no, I’m just looking,” Bonnie informed politely.  

“Shopping for members back home?”  The deer asked again with a nod like she understood.  “Our Officer Hopps items are very popular.  Little ones love the plush toy, and I think there is a version that talks.”

“Lovely.” Bonnie said awkwardly.  Adjusted the handle of her purse for something to do.  “I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.”

“I’ll just be other by the counter if you need anything.”  The deer stated pleasantly before disappearing into the shop.

Leaving Bonnie to turn back to look at her daughter based products.  

The older doe didn’t know what to do, or how to feel.  Especially when she just come in to get a few little trinket toys and few small snow globes and magnets.  Not see whatever she was looking at.  This wasn’t something that like ever happened to anyone she knew.  And it’s not like many magazines had advice from parents on famous mammals.  

Bonnie sighed, about to turn and walk out with the store, just call it a day and go find Judy.  But then she saw it.

A section of products with Nick on them.

It was smaller than Judy’s, but similar items.  Bonnie just blinked.

“Hey, ma, there you are.”  Judy’s voice suddenly sounded from the entrance of the shop.  And as Bonnie turned to look over at her daughter in mild shock and horror, Judy was walking over to her like nothing was wrong.  Something caught the younger grey rabbits eye and she beams.  “Oh they have the Nick tumbler here!” She stated excitedly reaching for a cup with Nick’s head wrapped around the inner plastic.  “I’ve been looking for one of these everywhere, but can’t find them.  I have to get one to give him at Christmas.”

Bonnie just stared at her daughter in shock.


AN:  Nick and Judy get each other items of their respective mechanize as a like gag gifts cause they’ve learned to live with it.  But it totally something they didn’t sign up for, but they’re okay to roll with it.  Meanwhile Bonnie has no clue what to do.