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[[ well would you look at that, i finished another long-response-comic-thingy… ain’t i productive i should be doing coursework what am i doing with my life
so, due to the majority vote… sansby will be canon on this blog - don’t worry, this is still baby BONES, aka, sans and papy, so to all you sansby haters… just skip a few posts every now and then, okay? ;w; 

ironically i was listening to ‘helpless’ whilst drawing this 

also papyrus is totally bs’ing about knowing sign language. he probably looked up that one term and ended it at that… sans is too much of an awkward pudding to research sappy phrases like that anyway, so good going paps. ]]

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Could you do PromptList! #7 Evan/Connor? (Your writing is amazing btw, i actually like love you so much😂💙)

Omg thank you so much for liking my writing, you are too kind <3, Enjoy #7 “Just shut up and kiss me”


“What are you doing here?” Connor snapped. He didn’t want to see Evan Hansen after he saw that fucking note. Of course the guy he liked had to be in love with his perfect fucking sister.

“I-I wanted to explain!” Evan squeaked. 

“Explain what?” Connor grumbled. He knew full well that Evan was going try and explain that stupid fucking letter Connor took.

“Th-the letter, I only wrote it because my therapist said I should write letters to myself.” Evan started. “M-my hope isn’t actually pinned on Zoe, it’s really not! I don’t even know why I wrote it like that all my hope isn’t pinned on your sister my hope has been pinned on you for like ever why am I saying this.” Evan rambled.

“Wait what?” Connor was confused. “What the fuck do you mean that all your hope is pinned on me?” Connor really didn’t understand.

“We-well I-I like you.” Evan muttered. Though his voice was way too quiet for Connor to even hear.

“Don’t fucking whisper Hansen.” Connor glared. He had enough of whispering, whenever he passed someone in the hall all he heard was hushed whispers.

“I-I like you not Zoe.” Evan sighed. “That was just made up stuff, so my therapist wouldn’t find out.” Evan hadn’t come out to anybody and he was way to nervous to come out to his therapist of all people.

“You…like…me.” Connor was dumbfounded. 

“I-yeah but it’s okay if you don’t like me, like that’s totally fine and I get it, because I’m weird, and super not attractive and high strung and full of anxiety so it’s fine if you don’t like me back I mean who could ever like me right? Dear ol Evan Hansen, a weird kid full of anxiety who fell out of a tree and was too scared to get anyone to sign his cast-” Connor cut Evan off.

“Shut up and kiss me Hansen.”


“You heard me,” Connor walked towards Evan and gently shoved him into the nearest wall. “Shut the fuck up and kiss me.”

meet cutes inspired by my walk to work
  • i see you every day outside your apartment building sitting on your motorcycle and reading a book. you look so badass and i’m so uncool but i really want to know what you’re reading and shit you caught me totally unsubtly trying to peek at your book.
  • i hung a sign that says for free firewood call me and i never expected anyone to call but here you are on the phone. so now i have to come up with some wood for you. no that’s not a euphemism shut up.
  • i see your yard is full of strawberries and damn they look delicious, surely you won’t mind if i take just one. oh fuck they are good okay one more. okay, one more. maybe a few more. only, shit, i look up and my hands are stained red and you’re just staring at me like wtf.
  • you have a HUGE fence all around your house so no one can see in but today you forgot to close the gate so i have to peek in and oh it appears you installed this fence to aid you in your nude sunbathing lifestyle. i’m so sorry.
  • i was out walking when you rode by on your bike and shouted nice shirt, and i thought you were mocking me. but apparently you realized the implications because you slammed on the brakes and rushed back to apologize because, no, seriously, nice shirt.
  • you have a bunch of rocks in your yard with hippy words on them like Hope and Joy and Happiness and i like to rearrange them into bad poetry.
  • i see you carrying around a bowl of dog food and calling for your dog and, let’s be honest, i definitely think this is trap but on the other hand there is the potential to pet a dog at the end. so i stop to help you and you’re so relieved as we spend the next several hours searching for your dog until we finally give up and i take you home since you’re inconsolable only to find your dog asleep on your fucking porch wtf. 
EXO Reacts - Not Attending a Party that you’re going to

Anon : “Can i please have exo’s reaction to seeing you having fun at the party (through pics on instagram or else, in a form of selfies with other people ) that they couldn’t attend. Thank you in advance ~”

((Boiiiiii more jealous EXO coming your way yaboiiiiiiii))


(He’d be pretty chill with it, slightly sad he couldn’t go but it couldn’t be helped. When he sees the pictures, he leaves a like or maybe a comment saying how cute you look before moving on. Yeah, you’re having fun without him, but we both know you guys have wayyyy more fun togther (^; )


(He feels bad that he couldn’t go to the party with you, and you have to go alone. He’s less jealous that you’re having fun and just feels bad that he couldn’t come with you to keep you company. He shoots a text or two just to check up, but shows no signs of jealousy.. that we know of.)


(He pretends to be totally cool with it, even leaving a like on the photo. However, his jealousy becomes pretty obvious when he shows up to pick you up from the party an hour early ‘on accident’) “Okay, you caught me… But get in the car.”


(There would be a text every 5 minutes, asking if you’re alright or if you’ve met anyone or if you’ve been kidnapped by the Illuminati.) “Jagi? You okay? I got done with practice and I’m at the shop now. What are you doing? Having fun? You alright? Is it cold? Jagi?” *no chill*


(There’s a reason he can’t go. This boy is so freaking busy with all of the solo and group stuff he does, that he can barely look at social media to see what’s up. Of course, he’ll shoot you a text or two mid-party just to see how you’re doing.)


(When you get home, he’d casually bring up that one pic you took with that one guy, asking who it was in the picture. It takes you awhile to learn that he’s messing with you.) “So… who was this youn met? Someone I know, hm? Hmmmm? HMMMMMMMMM?”


(He doesn’t even have to look at any pictures of you because as soon as you say you’ve arrived, he facetimes you and has you make it like he’s at the party himself via your phone screen.) “Jagi, let’s go over there! I want some punch…” (Um…. Chen…)


(He’d see the pictures and get a little jealous, so he facetimes you right away like Chen. You were supposed to have a conversation with him but he got a bit… distracted.) “Yah, so how’s the party!? I head– wait, IS THAT DARA. oH MY GOD JAGI GO OVER THERE AND INTRODUCE MEEEeeeeEEE!!!!!”

D.O. -

(He’s usually a bit awkward in social situations like that where there’s a lot of new people, so he isn’t very affected by the fun pics that are posted of you. He’s just happy that he’s within his comfort zone, and that you’re having a good time.)


(He’d whine about it, just because he had a schedule thing to do while you were out having fun. He’d bug you about the party the next night and would ask what you did and if it was fun. Of course, the needy panda just needs a little attention is all.)


(He’s paying less attention to the actual picture and is just fangirling over the house puppy in the background. He’s more upset he couldn’t meet the puppy rather than going to the actual party itself, and asks you about it when you get home.)


(He’d see the pictures of you having fun on social media with other guys, but won’t say anything until you get home. He’d make passive-aggressive sarcastic remarks and activate his resting bitch face until you caught on.) “You seemed to be having pretty fun with him. Is he a good dancer?” 

((I didn’t know what to do for some of the gifs so forgive me if they look out of context >.<))

so on the subject of abandoned fics

a lot of people (both readers and writers) are saying the solution is to wait until you write the whole thing before posting. And that might be the solution for some people, but it’s not the solution for me. 

Part of the reason I write fanfic is so that I get immediate feedback. As in, I post, I take a five-minute break, and then I come back to see if there are any comments yet. That immediate. 

If I’m going to spend weeks (possibly months) plodding away alone on 60K word story, actually plotting and adding in story arcs and all of that actual work stuff, then sorry guys, but it’s not going to be fanfiction. It’s going to be an original novel and I’m going to need to get paid for it. Because to me, that’s work. 

Fanfiction is the writing I do to take a break from the work-writing. It’s where I throw the planning and the groundwork out the window, and just see whenever the hell the characters take me. Do I know what’s going to happen next? Hell, no! Better bring in Kate Argent to fuck things up! (This, of course, is a modified version of Raymond Chandlers’s advice: When in doubt have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.) 

When I post a story, you’re reading literally everything that I’ve written of it, and I then give myself 24 hours to get the next chapter up. It’s crazy, but it works for me because it forces me to write without the luxury of too much time to worry about whether or not it’s total shit. And the fact that I’ve already got people waiting to read the next chapter? That forces me not to quit. 

The last long fanfic I wrote was The Rule of Three. 70 000 words in 20 days. Meanwhile, this original novel I’ve been working on since November? I still haven’t cracked 20 000 words. So, believe me, waiting until the whole thing is done to post it does not mean it will get completed. At all. Okay, so this novel will be completed eventually (since I’ve signed a contract on it) but you don’t even want to see all the half-started and abandoned original stories I’ve got saved on my computer. Sometimes I look at them and wish I had a bunch of comments after every chapter wondering aloud what’s going to happen next, and what direction I’m going in, and keeping my motivation up. 

For the record, the reason I don’t abandon fanfics is because I’m a reader first, and I know how frustrating it is. But I also totally understand how fics can be abandoned. People have lives outside of writing fics. They have families, and jobs, and studies, or sometimes they just lose all their motivation. See above; my original fics. 

Different strategies work for different writers. Maybe waiting until they’ve finished the whole story will work for plenty of people, but I promise you right now that it would never work for me. To me, the readers are an integral part of writing fanfiction. Without the comments providing motivation, encouragement, and a wonderful mixbag of ideas on where to drive this crazy train next, I’d never finish a fic. 

I’d either be distracted by a new, shiny idea, or, worse yet, I’d listen to that little voice in the back of my head that just occasionally whispers to me, “Hey, shouldn’t you be working?” I hate that voice. It’s a killjoy. 

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Hello. First off let me tell you how much I enjoy your blog guys! It's amazing, keep it up! Now, I don't know if you can help me with this, but I just wanted to ask you, if you have any tips for an INFJ, highly sensitive person with social anxiety (and if you believe in zodiac signs, pisces). I feel like a total outsider and my anxiety keeps me from doing absolute anything fun in my life. Thanks for your reply. :))

Hey there fellow INFJ. Really glad you like our blog! Okay, since I’ve been one sensitive anxiety-ridden INFJ in the past, I am gonna try to advice you what I did to make it better. In the end we are just random people online and if things get a little too much, get help, kay? <3 So, when my loneliness became too crushing, I decided to start changing some things about myself. People told me “Just start thinking positive thoughts” but that has never worked for me. I can’t just… make my feelings stop. So I found some habits I followed on a weekly or daily basis to slowly change the way my mind works. A compilation of those would be: 

  •  Work on your over-thinking tendencies. I have a cool post about this already, so I won’t rant about it.
  •  These traits are usually linked to insecurity (maybe I am projecting in this one, sorry if I am). The most straightforward thing would be “Think something nice about yourself everyday”. That was too hard for me at first. So instead, I decided I would try to think something nice about every person that walked close to me. My brain just kinda went “Well, if there is something good in everyone, then there must be something good in me” in the background while I did this. 
  •  Do one scary thing every day. Now, I am not saying “Hey, go pet a shark” (thought they are kinda cute). But I am sure there are this little things that are hard to get done because of fear, even thought they are not dangerous. Don’t punish yourself for all the things that were too hard to do, just focus in one improvement and do your best to get it done. For me it usually was not changing my course while walking to prevent myself from walking close to people that knew me (and to whom I’d have to say “Hi”).
  •  Befriend a brave but sensitive extrovert. It is so useful to do these. If you get the right human, they’ll push you out of your comfort zone sometimes, but they will also understand the choice must be yours in the end. If you feel like extroverts around you are too intense, and INTJ might work miracles. They are just so rational you can’t really argue when they explain you shouldn’t be afraid, but they also have learnt that some people “do stuff because feelings” and I think they would get it too if it was a hard task. 
  •  Make a team with another sensitive anxious-ridden human. Pick someone that wants to best themselves too, and try to keep each other in check. I’ve become a lot stronger just because I wanted to be a better influence for some kind-hearted people around me.

I hope this helps a little,

I was talking with @belldreams ​ last night and we both agree that it’s an absolute tragedy that there’s not more de-aged fic in the Star Wars universe, but especially because, like, okay, imagine it.

De-aged Obi-Wan!  So adorable and huggable!  Anakin can totally hug him as much as he wants!  He’s only sort of a Jedi at this point!  Anakin can still encourage all the “bad behavior” that Obi-Wan tries so hard to hide!

But then oh no tiny people have actual tiny people needs and this isn’t what he signed up for at all!  It’s Obi-Wan!  He’s supposed to be calm and even-tempered???  Why is this tiny Obi-Wan suddenly snapping at him and having a temper???  How do you handle this??

  • The first time Obi-Wan doesn’t follow Anakin’s logic, like, no, WHY CAN’T HE go along with to the dangerous battle zone? HE KNOWS HOW TO TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF.  How do you handle tiny little people who don’t listen to reason???
  • And little people need sleep, but little people don’t WANT sleep, so you have to make them sleep, but you can’t just shove them into their bed and Force hold them down, HOW TO MAKE THEM SLEEP??
  • “I told him not to go spy on that bounty hunter but then he snuck out the window and STOLE WINDU’S SPEEDER and now he’s in police custody HOW DID THIS HAPPEN HE’S OBI-WAN.
  • The first time Obi-Wan sneaks out, Anakin is SO PROUD OF HIM, I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD DO THAT :D???? but then it dawns on him HE IS A TINY PERSON RIGHT NOW HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN HURT??? OH NO I HAVE TO WATCH HIM ALL THE TIME NOW!!!
  • The first time he has to go bail tiny Obi-Wan out of Jedi jail, it’s hilarious. It’s less hilarious when Obi-Wan breaks his arm and has to go to the medics.
  • And Obi-Wan likes medidating, right?? This will totally be easy to keep him contained, just sit him down in a quiet room and it’ll be easy peasy. EXCEPT TINY OBI-WAN IS LIKE “KRIFF THAT, I’M GOING TO THE TRAINING SALLES.”
  • The swearing that tiny Obi-Wan picks him from Anakin!  Also hilarious at first! But then HE WON’T STOP, HE DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP IT.  HE SWEARS AT THE JEDI LIBRARIAN. THAT’S, LIKE, WRONG.
  • It’s so frustrating! When Anakin was a youngling, he could barely sneak around properly to save his life!  But Obi-Wan’s really good at it! He’s not just mischievous, HE’S GOOD AT IT.  Obi-Wan manages to sneak through the entire Temple and actually FINDS the real lightsabers to train with and then manages to DESTROY THE SALLE BECAUSE HE DOESN’T ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO USE IT YET. HOW???
  • When Obi-Wan finally crashes at 3am, snoring away on the living room floor, Anakin curls up in bed and is catatonic for a few hours.  And he calls Ahsoka. “I need your help. Please.”  She rolls her eyes. “I TOLD you so.”
  •  And then there’s the “truth from a certain point of view” thing that Anakin was desperately hoping that he wouldn’t pick up again.  He’s SIX, he shouldn’t be that good at withholding the truth with a straight face like that! ANAKIN COULDN’T DO IT FOR SHIT, WHY IS OBI-WAN SO GOOD AT IT ALREADY???
  • Anakin, however, has a secret weapon up his sleeve.
  • Every time Obi-Wan gets in trouble, THAT’S IT CUDDLE TIME FOR AN HOUR, YOUNGLING.  That time Obi-Wan destroyed the training salle? THERE WERE SMOOCHES, TOO.
  • Tiny little Obi-Wan struggling to get away, yowling like he is being eaten by a gundark, LET ME GO, THIS ISN’T HOW JEDI ARE SUPPOSED TO ACT!!!
  • Well, Jedi aren’t supposed to sneak out at night against direct orders, ARE THEY? And the smoochings continue.
  • Tiny Obi-Wan GETS THE FLU.  :D AND DOESN’T WANT TO STAY IN BED, HE DOESN’T FEEL SICK AT ALL.  Until he crashes and then Anakin is all D: D: DDD: HE IS DYING
  • He can’t turn his back on Obi-Wan for a second, he has gotten WAY TOO GOOD at pretending to be asleep or too feverish to do anything. But the second Anakin leaves the apartment, just for give minutes to go get food from the cafeteria!!, and then Obi-Wan is GONE.
  • It takes him THREE HOURS to find Obi-Wan!  He looks EVERYWHERE. The training salles! Back to the cafeteria! The youngling creches! The hangar bays! He thinks of every place that he hid in as a youngling and Obi-Wan is NOWHERE.
  • Finally, Master Nu calls him and tells him there’s a sleeping child he might be interested in curled up in the back of the library.  And Anakin’s just. He sneaks out and drives me up the wall and he couldn’t at least go somewhere INTERESTING? WHY. WHY.  He could have at least been looking up something interesting! Something about flying! Looking up lightsaber combat lessons!  But no. He’s reading about some planet or other’s cultural history. WHY.
  • But one thing goes Anakin’s way:  He discovers, much to his surprise, Obi-Wan actually has a tremendous sweet tooth.  He LOVES anything sugary or fizzy, his whole little face LIGHTS UP. And oh man Anakin is going to REMEMBER THIS when Obi-Wan is big again.  Because no matter how grumpy tiny Obi-Wan gets with him, he can always make that little face light up by offering him candy.
  • “Look, if you promise to stay put–AND ACTUALLY STAY PUT–while I go on this mission, which will only take TWO DAYS, I will take you to get the biggest sundae you can eat.”
  • Obi-Wan holds him to that promise of the sundae, which is honestly almost as big as he is, at six. But Obi-Wan makes a valiant go of it. Sadly, Anakin is also the one who has to clean up when tiny Obi-Wan throws it back up an hour later. HE WARNED OBI-WAN THAT HE’D GET SICK, WHY DIDN’T HE LISTEN??? but also he’s too adorable when he doesn’t feel good and Anakin is torn between WHY ME and OMG SO CUTE.
  • Anakin has approximately eight thousand holos of tiny Obi-Wan drooling in his sleep. Each and every one is precious to him.

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Hello! Thank you so much for your anti communism posts. I've seen your replies through that German fuckboy garbage blog, and honestly. Communism asa good idea needs to die and be recognised as a totalitarian regime it is. Tumblr bred commies have no idea what they are talking about, and silence voices of those who have family who suffered/was murdered by ussr, and use the 'it wasn't real communism' TM.

Thank you, I really appreciate this.

The thing that Tumblr communists don’t seem to understand is that the ideology doesn’t actually mean anything. They’re obsessed with citing books and making grand speeches about how, under communism, the world will be a better place, how this massive thing will change, how society in general will change, how evil capitalism is, etc etc etc.

Those ideas are great and all, but there’s absolutely no realistic discussion about anything. 

Let’s put aside, for one moment, the history of actual communism that led directly to the deaths of millions. Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that they all “weren’t real communism.”

Alright, then, how is communism going to be implemented?

I’ve seen a communist talk about starting a war and callously disregard any civilian loss of life, stating that the only ones that could ever want to fight communists are right-wingers and the government, which is deliberately disingenous and a perfect example of standard communism that sees any dissidents as viable targets to kill.

But then the others end up being wishy-washy and going, “Oh, well, we want to do it peacefully and get everyone on board before anything can happen.”

Great. In a world where there are countless survivors of communism and plenty of others that never want that to happen, how does that work, exactly? It’s worthless. It’s just an excuse to peddle communism with no goal aside from saying, “Oh, this is totally great, you guys!” and then continue on their days enjoying capitalism ad infinitum. 

And whenever I say, “Alright then, what are you personally doing to encourage others to believe in communism?” then there are quickly-side-stepped answers.

“Oh, I can’t be communist in a capitalist world!”

Yeah? So, communes have never existed? Only supporting local businesses and boycotting corporations is just too hard? Spending time growing fruits and vegetables to even pass on to homeless shelters is too difficult? Giving all the excesses that they don’t need is a step too far? No? What’s good for the goose isn’t good enough for their gander, I suppose. As long as others simply fall into line, they don’t have to do anything themselves.

The rhetoric and the quotes from their beloved books sound just swell, but what does a society like that actually look like? How does it function in real terms? Where exactly do they see themselves in their grand communist utopia?

You can bet your last pound that they don’t see themselves as the mushroom pickers or the prawn shellers. There’s no way that they imagine that they’re going to be the ones helping to keep infrastructure going if it means that they’re the ones in rubber suits unclogging sewers or collecting or sorting through waste.

This is the problem. They complain and say, “You need to read all these books to understand!” 

No. No, you don’t need to read them. They need to explain how a very real world would look, how they see themselves, how crime is punished, far away from the academic and into the mundane. Everyone’s not equal if crime has to be punished – and there’ll always be crime. Who’s the communist police force? Who tells the police force what to do? Is that a class structure I see? 

“We won’t need police!” Yeah? Okay, let’s just let murderers and rapists and paedophiles run free, let’s just totally ignore thieves that fight against the communist dream by stealing to gain for themselves, all the rest of it.

They’re so addicted to sounding intelligent by quoting whatever that they forget that actual people want to know what exactly they’re supposed to sign up for. 

But the truth is, they can’t answer real questions, because as soon as they do, you’re very quickly able to see their hypocrisy. How they still want to keep their standard of living.

It’s never really about inequality and wanting fairness. It’s always about “me, me, me,” how they can keep everything in their cosy lifestyle and not have to pay for things.

Either that, or they’re violent monsters that want nothing more than to take power and use it to control and abuse others.

It’s pathetic. And incredibly transparent.

Bite (Part 2)

Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader
Vampire Smut AU
Word count: idk sorry. Alot.
Warnings: Pain, Blood, Cursing
One more part after this. I’m dead. Jungkook is so dominant in this it makes me very happy and weak I cant…. did u see his abs??!!

Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 3 (No Vkook) | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |
Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16

“Hello (Y/N), you’re here to donate your blood for people who can’t survive without it, for Vampyres.”

As her last words left her mouth, her face split into a calculating smile, showing her teeth as she did so as her canines dropped down and elongated into sharp, white points.

“Stop screaming.” Said the pretty girl with fangs. I hadn’t realized that the annoying shrieking sound that reverberated against the high walls was coming from me until I stopped, obeying her command.


My lungs filled with air once, twice, three times as I tried to process what I had just witnessed.

“Stay calm, no one is going to hurt you.”

I took one last deep lungful of air before releasing it slowly with an obedient “okay.”

“My name is Seulgi. I am a Vampyre. Vampyres exist, none of the ones here will harm you. If you agree, today you will be donating your blood to some thirsty people who greatly appreciate your sacrifice and we will also generously compensate you for it. Okay?”

“Okay.” My voice sounded foreign and strange but I could feel it coming from my own throat. The dazed feeling I had been under lessened once Seulgi turned to Jazmin and nodded her head at my friend who turned to me with a sorry expression on her pretty face.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you this before, we all are put under a compulsion to not tell anyone their secret. I was scared at first too, but when I saw Jin, he told me that he wouldn’t hurt me and that he’d be as gentle as I wanted. Plus, I really couldn’t resist him, I mean, he’s beautiful and charming and tall and his smile is just…, Anyways, they’re just like us except they, you know, drink blood to survive. And they pay you! Don’t you really need the money, or else you’ll have to drop out and get a full time job?”

I nodded my head and swallowed, her words still swimming in my head. Drink blood? Vampyres? Compulsion?

“(Y/N), do you trust me?”

I stared at her deep brown eyes, suddenly unsure of my answer, until I remembered how we had vowed to always protect and trust each other when were just kids.

“We’ll always look out for each other, okay?”

“Do you trust me?” she repeated. I knew my answer.


Her face lit up in a smile of recognition for our phrase and she took my hand in hers.

“Always. Okay, Seulgi, I think we’re ready.”

Seulgi spent the next 20 minutes explaining the contract and process to me so I fully understood my options before I signed a binding contract with their company which I found out is named HemCorp. The name made sense since their business was blood. I opted for the one time donation process for now, which she told me could be changed later, if I decided I wanted sign the year contract. It was all very business-like and professional, which eased my anxiety a little.

“I’ve paired you with two of our clients, Taehyung and Jungkook. They will only take half a pint each, which is collectively the same amount you would donate to the Red Cross. They are both very nice, sweet guys, if you have any concerns or boundaries just let them know and they will totally respect you. Many people experience a Blood Bond between themselves and the Donee, so don’t be surprised if that happens. Oh and one more thing, you can’t tell anyone about the donation process or what we are, okay? Okay. Now that you’ve signed the liability waiver, the confidentiality agreement and the contract, I’ll take you down to meet the boys.”

Jazmin and I followed Seulgi down the hall with the chandeliers and to a waiting room with another door where she punched in a security code. A high pitched chime sounded and a tiny green dot lit up and the door unlocked, allowing Seulgi to open it and let us through. As she led us through the maze of halls and rooms, I caught glimpses of people, men and women. It was easy to tell who were the Vampyre and who weren’t. They were the ones who were beyond beautiful, the ones whom you couldn’t help stare at as if their beauty put you in a trance. I noticed a muscular blonde boy talking animatedly to another boy who was taller and had a light pink cast to his own blonde hair. I heard the tall one say the others name as we passed.

“.. I can’t hang out today Jackson, but I should be free on Sunday..”

I looked in the doors that were open, curious as to what they held, peeking one room with an orange haired boy who was laying down on a couch, hands behind his head and one knee propped up. He winked when he noticed my eyes were on him and I sped up, passing his room.

“I put Tae and Kookie in the room next to Jazmin and Jin. I thought it might make you feel more relaxed if you knew your friend was on the other side.”

“Thank you, that does help, actually.”

Just then the door on the left opened and a tall boy with soft brown hair and a handsome face stepped out and embraced Jazmin with such warmth and gentleness, that I couldn’t help but smile for her. She melted into his embrace and I knew this must be Jin.

“Hello, you must be (Y/N), it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Jin.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you too.” I said, smiling as I shook his outstretched hand.

“Okay! Introductions are over, now we can go in. have fun (Y/N)!”

Jazmin was clearly eager to be alone with Jin and I laughed at her rushed attitude as she dragged him into the room and closed the door. Seulgi opened the door on the right and flipped the light switch, illuminating the room as we stepped inside. The room held a large bed on one wall and there was also a couch along one side and chairs and a table in the middle. The furniture had a dark stain finish and the linens on the bed were mostly in a dark red color, and large black planters held exotic plants like Birds of Paradise. A large furry, white rug paired with the dim lighting gave the room a warm, cozy, sensual feel. It looked like a very expensive hotel room.

“The boys will be here in a second. The rooms are soundproof for privacy so if you need anything just press this button next to the door and someone will come. I’ll see you in a little bit.”

She left with a genuine smile on her face and I was finally alone, standing in the middle of the room, unsure of what I should do with myself. I moved over to the bed and sat on the soft, plush comforter, but immediately stood up. The bed seemed too casual and sensual. I decided to sit in one of the chairs instead and stiffly awaited the two Vampyre that I would be ‘feeding’ tonight. The clock on the wall ticked slowly, mocking my nerves with every second.

Suddenly, the door clicked open and in walked two very handsome boys, both slightly taller than me. One had warm, golden skin, dark brown hair with golden highlights and had thick lashes that framed his dark irises. He wore a loose sweater and black leather pant with boots, just like me. The other looked slightly younger and he had shiny black hair, lighter skin, big innocent eyes, and pink lips. His clothes were more casual, a long black t-shirt, fitted ripped jeans and tan Timberlands. The one with the lighter hair made his way over to me and I stood up to greet him respectfully. He slowly circled me, drinking me in with his eyes before speaking.

“You’re very pretty… Hi, I’m Taehyung, this is Jungkook.”

His voice was deep and soothing, but also had a lightness to it as if he was always laughing. I liked the way it caressed me and it made me want to smile and laugh too. Instead of shaking my outstretched hand, he grabbed me, wrapping his arms around my frame in a warm hug that took me by surprise, but I hesitantly returned it. Jungkook simply walked up to me, shy smile on his face that showed his cute bunny teeth, and gave me a quick bow and a


“It’s nice to meet you (Y/N), Seulgi told us this is your first time. Do you have any questions?” asked Taehyung, genuine concern in his voice.

“NO SEX…I – um- I mean, let’s just keep it professional.” Taehyung smiled and laughed while Jungkook blushed and avoided eye contact with me.

“Okay, but you might not be saying that in a few minutes. But, let’s get started shall we?!” Tae moved onto the bed and sat on his knees, patting the bed in-between his legs, indicating for me so sit in front of him.

“Sit with your back against me and Jungkookie will be in front of you while I’m at the back. It’ll be easier that way.”

I moved onto the bed and sat rigidly between his knees, tense from the awkwardness of it all. Tae grabbed my waist with his large hands and quickly pulled my back, situating me even closer to him, my back flush with his chest and I could feel my cheeks heat with blood at his contact.

“Just relax (Y/N)…” his voice went even deeper than before and it had a honey smoothness to it, just like Seulgi’s had when I first met her. My body relaxed into his and the heady sweetness of his voice flowed into me, soothing my mind and my muscles.

“Good girl.” He purred into my neck. His rumbling voice stroked a small flame into existence inside of me and my body suddenly became deliciously warm. Jungkook made his way over, the bed dipping under his weight as he crawled next to me and straddled one of my legs, reaching for my hand.

“Thank you, noona. We really appreciate this.”

I was surprised by how smooth and manly his voice was despite how young and cute he looked and I smiled at the sincerity I heard within it.

“Y-You’re welcome. Im glad to help..”

My voice felt weak and broke a little at the start. I was painfully aware of Tae behind me and the way Jungkook was stroking my hand and wrist in slow, tickling motions that made my heart race and my body shiver with anticipation.

I was told the experience was unlike any other, being bitten by one of the Vampyre; slightly painful but mostly pleasurable. I was told it was almost like a drug, a high, where everything could be felt and every sense heightened. It was part of the allure that drew humans to the Vampyre and had them continuously returning for more, an evolutionary advantage that ensured the survival of their species. Even now, that built in sensor in my head for danger was buzzing, but I ignored that warning, instead reveling in the transic bliss that the two boys seemed to inject me with, with just a touch or a growl of their voice.

“I’ll go first, (Y/N), so we don’t overwhelm you. It’ll sting at first, but soon it will change.” said Tae right next to my ear.

I nodded to let him know I heard and understood because at the moment, I didn’t think my voice would be anything other than a pathetic whisper. His slightly cold fingertips lightly brushed the hair away from the side of my neck and I automatically tilted my head, giving him more room to work with. My heart beat hard and steady inside my chest and my breathing became shallow and fast paced but he didn’t bite down on my flesh just yet. Instead, his hand teased my cardigan until it slipped past my bare shoulders and fell down my arms, pooling around me and the bed. Jungkook helped me slip out of the soft material, pulling one arm out at a time. I shivered as cool air pricked goose bumps into my skin, one by one.

“You have beautiful skin…”

Tae’s voice trailed and he tapped his fingers up my arms and over my shoulders, squeezing and rubbing a small massage into my muscles before taking my face in his large hands and sharply tilting it in a dominant motion. He laid his warm lips against the smooth patch of skin beneath my ear and I braced myself, expecting to feel a sharp piercing sensation but I was teased yet again, by him gently kissing and sucking small discolored clouds into my flesh. An electric tingle coursed through my body and I feebly moaned as my nipples hardened and strained against the tight corset. A deep chuckle rumbled through Teahyung’s chest and I snapped my eyes open, suddenly aware of the lewd reaction I was having. My cheeks grew hot from embarrassment and even hotter from the hungry, lustful expression on Jungkook’s face as he watched the older boy torture me. His eyes were cloudy and hooded and his mouth hung open as he breathed deeply. But the most interesting thing was the pink tinge that stained the skin around and in the whites of his eyes, even his previously dark brown iris’s now held a burgundy richness to them. Blood Lust.

“Are you ready?” Tae’s whispered question tickled across my skin.

I hesitated for a second, moving my hands to tightly grip his thighs as he awaits my permission.


All at once, he snaked an arm around my waist and held my head steady with the other as his teeth scraped and then punctured through my skin and into the carotid artery on the right side of my neck.

At first, the pain is sharp and white hot as one would imagine, but almost immediately it slowly begins to morph into a brand new level of pleasure that you have never experienced before. It’s like listening to a beautiful song, or eating a decadent piece of chocolate cake. It feels like when your crush touches you or smiles at you for the first time, and also like the first day of spring after a cold winter. It’s riveting and all-encompassing and completely overwhelming.

I am breathing hard and loud as he slowly draws the warm blood from me, drinking me into his body, and I understand why someone would form a Blood Bond with a Vampyre. In the moment of feeding, you share such an intimate act with them. They give you so much pleasure and a heightened sense of awareness that most people couldn’t even imagine, but you also literally become one as your life source nourishes them from the inside out. It’s beautiful, it is addicting.

My skin burns and tingles, I can feel every tiny air current in the room and I can hear my own heart racing, I smell the woodsy and musky scents of each boy, as well as the shampoo that lingers in their hair, I can smell my own arousal that has begun to pool at my core. Small trickles of warm liquid fall down my neck every so often, only to be licked up by Taehyung’s heavenly tongue. Each time his wet, pointed muscles flicks over my sensitive neck, I whimper and squeeze my thighs together, trying to lessen the pressure building inside as much as I can, to no avail. At some point my hand gets lost in his soft hair, tugging sharply as each new wave of euphoria envelops me, and he groans deeply into my neck which only amplifies my arousal.

I aware of the growing erection pressed against my lower back that twitches every time I pull his hair, but I’m not opposed to it anymore, at this point I would welcome any relief that he could give me. All too soon, Tae stops sucking at the small punctures in my neck and somehow seals them so that I am no longer bleeding freely. His fingers tilt my head to his and I see him lick the last traces of my blood from his lips before he moves in to connect our mouths in a kiss, stopping just before they touch, respectfully waiting for me to decide if i am ready. I don’t hesitate and hungrily press my lips against his.

The kiss is hot and rough, and he almost immediately slips his tongue against mine and the slight taste of metal and salt fill my mouth. We are ravenous with lust, Jungkook forgotten until he impatiently grunts in disapproval.

“Not yet, Taehyung. I’m thirsty.” I can hear the strain in his cracked voice as he tries to control his Blood Lust. Tae reluctantly pulls away from me and I’m devastated that his tongue is no longer tied with mine, but I concede to Jungkook without hesitation as well. I offer the unmarked side of my neck, but he just gently pushes me until Tae is cradling my Upper body in his lap, a fluffy pillow placed under my head to keep me comfortable.

“I don’t usually go for the neck, I prefer the Femoral.”

I rack my brain, trying to remember where the Femoral Artery is. Jungkook scoots down the bed and removes my shoes and socks faster than I can see, his hands a blur, and then peels off my leather pants to reveal my simple black lace underwear. I try to cross my legs over myself in an attempt to be modest but Jungkook is so strong, too strong, and I can’t fight him when he roughly pulls my knees apart and pins my legs down. His eyes bore into mine while he slowly trails kisses up my left leg, sucking and licking knots of want into my stomach with each star burst that appears on my skin. The sight of it is so erotic and sexy and predatory, I become a panting, moaning mess underneath him. By now his irises are completely blood red and faint black veins appear under the thin, pink skin around his eyes. As he makes his way further up, he stops at the inner part of my upper thigh and moves my leg so it lays flat against the bed and he has clear access to my smooth, soft flesh.

“The scent of your arousal is almost too good to avoid, I’m not sure what I’m hungrier for at the moment…”

But clearly, my blood was more important since he chose to bite down harshly on my inner thigh, close enough to my core to make me whine and whimper in disappointment. Jungkook’s fangs are slightly longer and thicker than Taehyungs are, and they inflict more pain as he clamps down and sucks hard, but that pain fades just as it did before, replaced by an indescribable bliss.

“Fuck…Fuck…” I moan. Tae must find something in my weak voice to be concerned about.

“Are you okay, Love? Do you need a break?”

His hands cradle my face and I peer up at his as he looks down upon me, his bangs falling into his eyes and he looks so beautiful like that, so sexy that it hurts.

“I – I – I need you. I feel like I’m… going to explode…” I pant out, in a strained voice.

Tae smiles and his tongue teases at his lips before he speaks again.

“What do you need from me (Y/N)?”

He knows what I need, I can see it in the hot glint in his eyes as he drinks in my wrecked state, flushed and disheveled below him.

“I – I need you to fuck me, please…” I beg.

The smirk on his lips falters slightly and I notice his eyes shut as pleasure runs up his spine.

“Shit, you sounds so good when you beg. Jungkook, I think it’s time to stop now.” He orders.

But Jungkook has already stopped. Just as Tae speaks, he rips off my underwear and tosses the scraps of lace to the ground and runs a finger lightly across my slick folds and I cry out at how sensitive I am, gripping the bed sheets with one hand and Taehyung with the other.

“You little -!”

Jungkook cuts the older boy off by gripping my hips and yanking me down the bed until my bottom is at the edge and my legs are hanging around his shoulder as he kneels on the ground in front of my wet mound.

“I’ll be that you taste just as good here.” Jungkook purrs.

“I’m sure she does.” Taehyung agrees.

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Wait, it's ask night? How am I missing ask night?! Where was I? WHAT YEAR IS THIS?! Okay, all seriousness, you are the sunshine of the fandom. Now save me because I signed up for three YOI big bangs and I'm going to die XD (Oh, I wish there was a way we could all chat besides during SWS).


WOW three YOI big bangs??? Those seem like so much fun omg I’m totally going to do one one day!!!! Let me know how they go !!!! ;o ;o ;o I feel like it’s such a cool way to meet new people and just have fun w parts of the fandom that you don’t normally interact with you know?? idk if that made any sense oops

And ahhh omg you’re right!!! I could make a Discord server or something for the SWS crew but idk if you guys would be interested in that??? Just like a casual thing maybe???

rooneykmara  asked:

10 and 17 for the salty ask list:)

10.  Most disliked arc? Why?

Actual human dumpster fire Series 4 John.  John wasn’t my favorite character prior to Series 4, but I didn’t actively dislike him.  The whole “colleague” thing from the Blind Banker will always, always make me give him the side-eye (I hold a grudge, okay?), but on the whole I didn’t mind the guy.  I liked how he helped humanize Sherlock, helped make Sherlock a good man as Lestrade said in TFP.  And then Series 4 happened.  There were some signs in the prior series’ that set off warning bells, but the writers amped those up by a billion in Series 4 and suddenly John is cheating on Mary and beating the crap out of his best friend, literally kicking him when he’s down?  Total character assassination.  And then we’re just supposed to pretend everything is fine for The Final Problem?  What the heck?

17.  Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…

Mary should not have died.  I’ve said this before, but they could have just as easily had her shot and in hospital (even in a medically induced coma for some reason if they didn’t want her able to talk), and kept most of the same story elements for TLD and TFP. 

Sherlock would still feel guilty that Mary jumped in front of a bullet for him.  John would still feel guilty for being a cheating wanker, and he would still take that guilt out on Sherlock and blame him for not stopping Mary from getting shot.  John could still be a crap father and pass off his tiny baby to whomever stands still long enough to get voluntold they’re babysitting.  The Best of Mary’s Wise Insight DVDs could still end up in Sherlock and John’s hands, Mary probably had some sort of set up with someone that triggered if she didn’t periodically confirm she wasn’t dead.  DVDs go out, Mary tells Sherlock to save John.  Sherlock gets high AF, John beats the snot out of him and then guiltily slinks back to his therapist who leaves him knocked out on the rug as a big old invitation to CreepyTimesFunLand. 

Then Mary wakes up from her coma in a hospital bed, figures it all out, calls Molly up and says “Holy crap, those boys are dumber than a box of rocks.  Get me a wheelchair and a gun, I got this.”

Also, I’m still really pissed off that Severus Snape died in the damn Shrieking Shack/Boat House.  Give the man an “FU, VOLDEMORT” speech or something at least.  Or better yet, just a footnote from Luna in the epilogue that there has been Snape sightings in Majorca, and he’s got a tan and clean hair and a job that has nothing to do with children.

Reverse Idol AU - Vernon  Scenario

In the scenario, there are different names that are meant to be the other group members names in the AU so, just ignore them or just think of them as the girl version of Seventeen members.

pairing: vernon x reader 

genre: fluff

word count: 1, 595

You and the rest of your girl group were at one of your fan meetings for the week in Seoul. You guys were a pretty well known group, loved by Asia and you were very thankful to have such nice fans, especially your fan club which you and your other 12 group members seemed to adore.

What you loved more was meeting them and getting to spend a little with each of them.

“Can you look a little more happy?” You asked Wong who sat beside you, staring blankly at the crowd of fans in front of us.

You laughed a little as she got out of daze and turned to you. You gave her cheeks a little squeeze and she just gave a very small smile before looking back at the crowd and waved to everyone.

“Y/N.” Sun-Hi called you, who sat on the other side of you. You turned to her and she whispered in your ear.

“Do you see the group of guys in the middle of the crowd?” She asked and you started searching for them with your eyes. You finally saw the group of guys, around 13 guys all sitting together.

You furrowed your eyebrows at them. “Yeah?” You said and she continued whispering.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit strange?”  

“Just a little but it’s cool. I think that it’s nice that they’re all here together.”

“I’m most excited to meet them to be honest.” Ming-Hi said, joining the conversation.

Sun-Hi turned to Ming-Hi to talk with him for a bit about the guys in the crowd until Sung quieted everyone down and started the fan meet.

The meeting with fans was fun but your eyes always gazed back to the guys in the crowd. Same with your members. It was just that you never had that big of a group of guy friends whom were fans, all come together just to see you guys.

When they finally came up, they were really nice, some were a bit flirty but others were pretty funny and cute. Some of them were really talented, dancing, rapping, singing, all that. We all had a good time talking while signing our merch for them. They really made our day even better.

Out of the 13 guys that were there, the one who looked mixed, seemed the most shy approaching you. “Hey, what’s your name?” You said with a cute smile, arms folded on the table naturally and looking up at the boy in front of you.

Keep reading

Let Bygones Be Bygones (Jongin x OC)

Description: Jongin learns what SooRi means when she says that he can stay.

Genre: Fluff/slight angst (?)


Jongin didn’t want to question SooRi, not with how sternly she had said her words before leaving him to get dressed.

So he didn’t.

Why would he? He was obviously feeling too under the weather to do anything other than remember to breath and blink every couple of seconds.

Another night would suffice.

Just until he felt a little better.

Or maybe a couple of days because he was sure SooRi wouldn’t let him out of her sight any time soon.

As he walked up to the bar stool, he noticed that SooRi had showered and changed. Her hair was up, showing off her delicate features that were trained into a tight, almost annoyed looking expression.

He quietly took a seat next to her, quietly picked up his spoon, and quietly ate the warm stew. His nervous gaze would shift to SooRi constantly but he would quickly look back into his bowl trying not to sneeze as the spices tickled his nose.

Was she mad at him? Was she regretting asking him to stay again?

Jongin didn’t like this awkward atmosphere. Being on a bench in a park seemed a lot more appealing than being ignored and treated like a burden.

He suddenly grew irritated and with each passing second of silence he felt the dark aura inside of him grow and expand until he scoffed and turned his head to the quiet woman next to him.

“I didn’t ask to stay here, you know.”

SooRi’s brows furrowed as she finally looked at Jongin, eyes wide with confusion. His voice was deep and raspy and held so much malice that SooRi chose her words carefully to not upset him more.

“Excuse me?”

Jongin dropped his spoon into the ceramic bowl and balled his fists in defense. She wasn’t about to make him feel bad for something she did on her own free will.

“You’re acting like I just begged and pleaded with you to take me in again. I would have been fine out in the hallway until I felt good enough to go back on the streets. Honestly, I’m just gonna go. Wouldn’t want to waste any more of your time or get in your precious space.”

SooRi grabbed Jongin’s arm before he could get to his feet. She didn’t know where his hostility had come from. Maybe it was his fever getting to him.

Why was he being like this?

“Jongin, I offered you a place to stay. What’s the matter with you?”

Jongin rolled his eyes, “Why? One night was good enough. I’m not going to stay here if you’re going to treat me like an annoying pet you can’t get rid of.”

“What? No, Jongin, I want you here. Look, I’m sorry if I was acting kind of aggressive. You just frustrated me. I didn’t want you to leave in the first place because you’re sick and then you come back even worse than when you left.”

Jongin felt himself calming down the more he looked at her face and the longer her hand rested on his arm. She was trying to desperately to explain herself and he couldn’t figure out why she was trying to hard to appease him.

“I meant what I said, okay? You can stay here until you feel better and get back on your feet. I can help you look for jobs and stuff too. There is absolutely no rush for you to leave. I’m so sorry if I made you feel like a burden, Jongin. That wasn’t my intention.”

Jongin stared at the woman wide eyed with his mouth hanging open in silent shock. She wanted him to stay…permanently?

Well, semi-permanently he supposed, but still. Here was this successful, kind hearted young woman that had no ties to him at all and yet she was so willing to be a crutch to a man that had literally tried to take her purse in a crowded Chinese restaurant.

This couldn’t be reality.

Not his reality at least.

He couldn’t smile. He couldn’t thank her. He could barely say more than one word as she looked at him expectantly.


“I,” she paused to look down at her fingers that touched his soft, tanned skin. “I don’t know.”

It wasn’t a complete lie, but it wasn’t the honest truth either. In the day and a half she had been around Jongin, she felt a soft spot develop for him. She felt herself pulled to him and she didn’t like the thought of him back on the streets.

Perhaps it was her loneliness creeping back up to her. They weren’t on a friend or even acquaintance level, but she didn’t care. She meant every word when she said that she would help him. He could be great.

If only he had the chance.

SooRi was going to give him that chance.

“I guess I just want to help you,” she continued after a minute of silence.

Jongin felt his heartbeat speeding up and his palms getting sweaty. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. She was offering him shelter. She was offering to truly help him.

“O-Okay. I…don’t really know what to say. I mean, thank you. And I’m sorry for snapping at you like that, it was totally out of line. I guess I don’t really know how to react to kindness. But I’ll get better! I swear.”

He chuckled as he watched SooRi’s face for any sign of regret or second thoughts. She obviously meant what she had said to him, but he couldn’t help but to tread lightly.

He didn’t want to mess this up.

But when she smiled at him, he couldn’t help but smile back.

She had this weird impact on him.

She made him feel warm.

He couldn’t get enough of that feeling.

SooRi eyes flicked down to his still clenched fists and she remembered the cuts and blisters on them. They were healing, she could tell just by looking at them, but she knew they still hurt and needed treatment.

She quickly stood to her feet and rushed to her room to grab the last two capsules of cold medicine she had, some first aid ointment, and a few bandaids. She laughed at Jongin’s confused face as she came to stand in front of him and placed the cold medicine down on the counter. She took his hands in hers after unscrewing the cap of ointment and got to work on his hands. They were such nice hands too.

Everything about Jongin was nice.

“I meant to give you this the other day, but I guess it slipped my mind. You have some pretty nasty cuts and blisters.”

Jongin’s face reddened as he watched her. His hands were one of his biggest insecurities.

“I use my hands a lot,” he said in a soft voice.

“I can see that,” SooRi chuckled playfully.

When she finished, she slid the cold medicine to him, wordlessly implying that he need to take it, and cleared away their bowls. “You can go ahead and get comfortable in the living room, I’ll be there soon.”

Jongin slid off of the stool but stopped as SooRi’s head popped around the corner. “Wait! You want a beer or something? I think I want one.”

His stare was incredulous with a mix of confusion. SooRi chewed on her bottom lip. Did she say something wrong?

“What? You look like you’re old enough to drink. Do you not drink? Is it a religious reason or something?”

The silence was deafening until Jongin’s body shook a bit. The shaking soon erupted from his body in an uncontrollable hoarse laugh. He could barely breath and was already light headed, but he couldn’t stop.

She was just so ridiculously cute.

“SooRi, I just took medicine and I’m pretty sure I have a fever. I probably shouldn’t drink, don’t you think?”

SooRi’s face felt hot and she looked down at her feet. She hadn’t even thought about his cold before offering him a beer. But she didn’t think it would be too bad. Right? It was just drug store cold medicine anyway.

She looked back at him with a sly smile. “Hey, one beer won’t hurt. I drink a little when I’m sick sometimes and nothing has happened to me. So do you want one?”

Jongin shook his head in disbelief, a smile still lighting up his face. “Sure. One beer won’t hurt right?”

She beamed at him then rushed into her kitchen to put the dirty dishes in the sink that she would worry about later and grab a couple of beers from the fridge. She didn’t particularly care for beer and had been left with half a case after a small get together at her apartment.

But now she had someone to drink with.

As she rushed back into the living room, she stopped abruptly, taking in the sight that she thought she would never see.

Jongin sat on her couch watching some car commercial while stroking Boo’s fur. The cat, her slightly aloof and always uninterested cat, laid across Jongin’s lap comfortably as the man ran his fingers through the soft tan fur.

And…was he purring?

Boo never did that with anyone.

“My God. You must be a miracle worker.”

“Huh?” Jongin replied, looking at her as she sat next to him. She gestured to her cat who made no plans to move after she sat down.

“He never does that with people he doesn’t know. It took him four months to let my best friend even pet him. He finally did right before she left to study in Europe,” she ended with a chuckle.

Jongin looked down at the ball of fluff and smiled.

“Guess I’m special then, huh?”

SooRi looked at Jongin and couldn’t pull her eyes away from his face. “Yeah, I guess you are.”

He looked up from the cat at SooRi’s face, his smile fading. He was embarrassed as he stared at her so openly, but he couldn’t look away. She was…so perfect.

SooRi smiled nervously as he stared at her, playing with the tabs of the cans as a distraction.


Jongin smiled but looked back at the TV, shaking his head.

“Nothing. I just noticed you have dimples. They’re cute.”

SooRi scoffed. “Yeah, right. So cute people never believe I’m in my 20’s. I still get carded at the movie theater.”

Jongin tipped his head back and laughed, imaging SooRi getting stopped while trying to see a movie.

SooRi moved to hand him his beer but hesitated. “Jongin, you don’t have a past with alcoholism, right?”

He looked at her and laughed a bit, “Um, no?”

“And drinking won’t negatively affect your mental state, correct?”

“What the hell? No! I’m fine.”

SooRi handed him the can and watched him warily. Jongin laughed again, opening his beer and taking a sip. He’d forgotten how refreshing a cold beer could be.

SooRi cracked open her own beer and took two sips. This stuff was gross, but she couldn’t stop herself from taking one more sip.

“What do you do anyway? Those were some pretty specific questions. Tell me about yourself.”

SooRi looked at Jongin and tilted her head to the side. “What do you wanna know?”

He looked at her and leaned back against the couch, his eyes never leaving hers. “Anything. You know my whole life story and all I know about you is that you have a cat, you can only make soup, and you’re in your 20’s.”

He was right. She knew so much about him in such a short amount of time, and he knew next to nothing about her.

It was a little unfair.

SooRi exhaled a breath, trying to gather facts about herself in her mind. “Well, I’m a children’s therapist. I was an elementary school teacher, but I wanted to help kids outside of teaching. So I went to grad school and got my degree. It’s hard, but I love the feeling of helping my kids.”

Jongin smiled, and took another sip of his beer. She didn’t call them patients, she called them her kids. He didn’t know why, but he liked that. It was genuine and caring.

“Let’s see, what else…” she trailed off.

“Oh! I’m an only child and my mom was so nervous when I started school. She thought I would either be too shy to make friends or talk someone’s ear off. It was a combination of the two really, but school was fun and I finally had people to talk to.”

Jongin listened as she spoke about herself, watching as her eyes lit up when she talked about something she particularly liked or a funny memory that popped into her head.

She truly was something.

He’d finished his beer and sighed as he sank into the couch cushions, eyes heavy and head a little fuzzy.

“I’ll let you get some rest, okay.”

He was already in a light slumber and barely registered being covered by a warm blanket.

What he did feel was soft lips press against his forehead gently and nimble fingers push his hair away from his face.

Maybe that was part of his dream too.

anonymous asked:

Maybe for ground blake siblings headcanons do when they first got to earth? I didn't send the other ask but that would be interesting lol

this has been sitting here for a while but?? i don’t know what to say but okay

- atom was her first like real kiss (i do think bellamy pecked her lips in a totally nonsexual way like once because she was getting emo about never having a life outside their cabin)

- octavia was stoked about getting locked up, actually, because it meant she got to socialize even though she was awkward af

- she would sit and watch people interact to learn how to do it. in doing this, she watched some guys do like the hang loose sign (probably as a joke, and they weren’t serious about it), and adopt it. that’s why she does it when jasper reaches the other side of the river. she actually thinks it’s a thing, but we all know it’s not lol.

- while some people were allowed visitation rights (like raven with finn), due to the severity of the crime, he wasn’t allowed to see her at all.

- bellamy tried to give her hector, though the guards, (her stuffed whatever) but they confiscated him and tore him open to check for drugs or extra rations. she was given the torn up doll. needless to say she hella cried. she was able to stitch him up and brought him down to earth.

- she had a tally mark thing going on in her skybox room. like on the wall. up until her 18th birthday.

- when she heard that they were going to earth, like part of her was stoked and the other part of her had a panic attack because it meant losing her brother

- she’d put on a smiley brave face a lot. because she’s trying to connect with people and shake the guilt at being alive thing. like why the fuck did you have me mom. she had a lot of repressed anger, resentment, and frustration building up while locked away. WHY AM I GETTING PUNISHED FOR SOMETHING MY MOTHER DID. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO SUFFER FOR THE DECISIONS OF OTHERS. idk she’s salty.

- okay but when they land i think they def have a moment where she’s you and me, let’s just leave and explore, blah blah. we don’t need anyone else. we can just take anything we can carry and leave. and normally that would be enough for him? but i think he’s feeling the freedom of not having to be RESPONSIBLE as much anymore. and she’s also so stoked to just exist and live and explore. and then it turns into this mess of wTF because of the grounders. anyway. yes.

- the jumpsuit she’s wearing is her mom’s old jumpsuit.

- i think bellamy told her about butterflies. like he learned it in one of his classes and ever since then she was obsessed. and idk she really identifies with them. so seeing one. and seeing it glow– gave her so much HOPE that she could now break out of her cocoon.

this is all so scattered idek what you’re asking of me but yes good these are more ark based, but, there you go

The Escort

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

Summary: Having to pretend to be an Escort for a case was not your idea of fun in the slightest. However the looks you keep getting from The Boys just might turn out to be a better way to spend the evening than you thought.

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Dean

Words: 1,427

Warnings: N/A

A/N Based off of This Imagine
I have another 2-3 parts planned for this, but I won’t worry about it unless you guys really want another part. So your feedback is greatly appreciated, and decides the fate of this short Fic!

Tagging: jotink78 Because she wanted to be tagged if it was written out.

“What? No! I don’t want to do it! That guy gave me the heebie jeebies!” You announced in your own defense., and adamant that it was not going to be you who took the lead on this one. “We can break into anything, we can crash anything. This plan is stupid.”

“Oh I just think you’re so against it because you don’t want to wear a dress.” Dean chided a pleased and sarcastic smirk on his face, gaining nothing more than a flat, irritated glare from you. He swallowed the awkwardness and chased it with a swig of beer. Sam let the amusement cross his face before trying to add reason and logic into the conversation.

“We’re going to be there too, but we can’t get close to the guy like you’ll be able to. “ He offered, his hazel eyes pleading, and impossible to say no to. You pressed your lips into a frustrated line.

“Yeah, I think he’d gonna know something’s up if Sam and I show up at his loft dressed like Chippendales. “ Dean snarked.

“We’ll be there every step of the way, nothing’s going to happen that you don’t want to happen. But you’re really the only one who can get the info.” Sam said. You pondered your options for a minute. On the one hand you could completely decline but this was the only real lead you had. On the other hand you could go, but you’d be uncomfortable the entire time, for a plethora of reasons. With a roll of your eyes exaggerated enough to cause a tsunami on the other side of the world and an exasperated sigh letting them both know exactly what you thought about their plan, you nodded reluctantly agreeing.

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Cancer M // Scorpio F
  • Cancer: Scorpio... Why were you so nice to Leo?
  • Scorpio: uhh, because he is my friend..? Isn't that what your supposed to do with friends?
  • Cancer: you where totally flirting with him!
  • Scorpio: what?? Are you freaking kidding me?
  • Cancer: the way you laughed and smiled at everything he said! That's flirting!
  • Scorpio: I think you got this whole "flirting" thing wrong!
  • Cancer: oh yeah, sure! I know what I saw!
  • Scorpio: why would I flirt with Leo, when I have you..?
  • Cancer: I.. I really don't know..
  • Scorpio: I.. I love you, Cancer. I would never..
  • Scorpio: *runs up & hugs Cancer*
  • Cancer: I'm sorry.. I don't know what got into me..
  • Scorpio: it's okay, Cancer.. I love you..
  • /requested\