okay is this my nostalgic day or what

i love danger days so much but i can never listen to it in whole because it’s just so sad to me, so nostalgic. maybe it’s because there’s so much ending in the album; the fab four is supposed to die, it’s the last album before my chem broke up. after vampire money i just feel so wistful for times i never even knew of when they existed. even just thinking about it leaves me a little sad and achy. 

now, don’t get me wrong, i totally jam to the songs. they’re bright and fun in the moment, but once it’s all over things turn melancholic. i wonder if that might be how it was meant to be listened to, or if it’s just me.

Kind of really missing when the pagan/fantasy community of Tumblr was BUZZING. We’re all out living our lives now & living the truths that we were writing about online ages ago, but I’m feeling really nostalgic (╥﹏╥) Change & transition & growth is obviously okay, but I’m reminiscing. I’m not even here very much these days, myself, but… meh.

Missing all the other (what may as well be) old hags of the tumblrsphere ♡

HS!JungKook x ExchangeStudent!Reader

Summary: You are hosted by a lovely couple for an exchange in the city of your dreams. Their son, however, seems to have something against you…

Word count: 2.2 k

As resquested by @wonwooscherie

NB: This is the first fanfic-ish thing I’ve ever fully written, so please read generously ^u^ And send in any kind of BTS/ASTRO related requests if you wish! ;


      Your smile kept growing as the car went through the streets of this city you’ve always wanted to see with your own eyes. You were so excited, and everything was fantastic, from the way the houses were aligned to the color of the sky. It had taken nearly two years of saving up and trying to convince you parents to let you go, but you had finally managed to get into an exchange program to the city of your dreams. The couple who was welcoming you was incredibly nice. When you eye caught them at the airport, holding up a poster with your name handwritten on it and smiling warmly, you knew your stay would be great. You kept thanking them on the way to their house.

       The ride felt both like a few seconds and an eternity. You got out of the car, light as a cloud, and took out your suitcase. You followed the couple as they entered the house. It smelled like cinnamon. The couple told you to get comfortable and pointed towards a guest room near the house’s main entrance. You thanked them again, grinning. You brought your suitcase in the room, and decided to explore the house. You went into the main hall and looked around. You spotted a wall filled with family portraits. You walked up to it and saw photos of the couple and a little kid. In some of the pictures, he seemed to be 11 or 12, and he was only a baby in some others. You knew the family hosting you had a single son. “He looks quite adorable” you thought. When he became a teenager, he’d probably be good looking.

      “I assume you’re Y/N?” A voice asked. You carefully turned around, and proceeded to blink several times.

      “Uh, yes. That’s me.” The person standing in front of you was the teenage version of the kid in the pictures. He looked about the same age as you. He was quite handsome.

      “I was right…” You said under your breath.

      “I’m sorry?” He questioned.

      “I… Nothing.” You were still a bit shaken by this unexpected apparition. Your head turned back to the pictures. He still had the same face.

      “…My name is Jungkook. I’m doing well. Thank you for asking.”

      “Oh. Right. Hi, my name is Y/N. I’ll be living here for 2 weeks. Thank you for hosting me.” You gave a small bow.

      “Whatever.” He replied. As you started to frown, he walked away, in the direction of a staircase that led to what you assumed to be the basement.

      “Well. That was a great first impression.”

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Translation: WU May 2017 – Yabu x Hikaru x Yuto x Arioka x Okamoto crosstalk

Please credit if sharing, reposting, retranslating, posting screenshots in twitter facebook or other social media!


Tolong cantukam kredit jika anda membagi, menerjemah ulang, memposting ulang atau mengambil screenshot dari artikel ini!

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pulgaloca  asked:

Their reaction if they woke up to find that someone dyed their hair dark green. (Al and Zao are BAE and you are awesome)


2P!China: ahHAHAHAhaha does this mean all the ‘scene’ chicks will like me now

2P!England: *confused head tilt at self in mirror* …..do my eyes deceive me or did i just go from wanda to cosmo

2P!France: how the fuck did i not wake up during this

2P!Russia: *siGHHH* please tell me this stuff will wash out,

2P!Italy: wHO tHE fUCK DID THIS *grabs nearest person by the collar* IF YOU LAUGH ONE MORE TIME I WILL MAKE YOU PAY

2P!Germany: ….shitSHITSHIT I DIDN’T KNOW TODAY WAS ST. PATRICK’S DAY – by the way who did this hahaaha that was a good one

2P!Japan: first. i need black hair dye. second, i’m going to get back whoever did this to me. before any of that, do you know any green-haired anime characters

2P!Canada: i look like trash now thanks *dark ‘n scary aura: activated*

2P!Romano: *SCREAMS* …. *10 minutes later* … *STILL SCREAMING*

2P!Austria: oh no, what happened to my beautiful raven locks… ah well, this brings me back to my punk phase *nostalgic laughter*

2P!Prussia: *nervous chuckling* okay so… this was a funny prank… um, but who did this……….,,

sonansu  asked:

i was following the whole thing on twitter, and when the meowth balloon was struggling, everyone was tweeting "やな感じ!"s and "前向きロケット団!"s, omfg. i know about as much hiragana/katakana as a 6 year old but every time i saw one i about died laughing at how perfect it was.

OH MY GOD, I didn’t even know the kanji for maemuki, okay, I just guessed, I was just feeling nostalgic about it a few days ago and wondering whatever happened to para-paraing and feeling old RA-RI-RU-RE-ROKETTO-DAAAAAN!!

God. That was my childhood, PFFT.

It honestly so is? It’s just. So them.

Yana kanjiiiiiiiii indeed.

It’s okay my reading level is about 6 or 7 year old Japanese child too PFFT, that’s why I love practicing by translating those comics they make for the Pokemon anime or those cute activity books @pokescans posts (the baby books are way more my level).

Here’s what my  You Tube recs looked like like ages ago.


anonymous asked:

do you read frerard? ((bc i'm looking for fic recommendations)) i haven't read any in a while and i'm feeling nostalgic for frerard ((and my chem in general tbh))

hmmm okay, i haven’t read any fanfics in like 5ever, but what are you looking for? like fluff, angst, smut? i tend to stay away from fluff and smut.

here are some of my favorites that i would re-read any day:

there are sooooooo so so many more fics that should be on this list, but i can’t think of the names! here are my favorite authors:

and here are some frerard blogs:

and here is my ao3 ;;;)

so okay!!! if you read any of these tell me what you think!!!!!!

anonymous asked:

root listens to upbeat pop in the car and it starts to grind on shaw, shaw teases her mercilessly about it but root just keeps doing it (partly to get a rise out of shaw, partly because it makes her feel really fucking nostalgic okay?) but then a few weeks later root is at shaw's place for an indescribable reason (ie she doesn't give one) and she overhears shaw singing if you wanna be my lover in the shower and it takes days for the smirk to be wiped off roots face after that - nwpoi


THAT’S OKAY - oh sehun // part 3 to  CHEATER CHEATER

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


PAIRING: reader x sehun


GENRE: slight angst

SUMMARY: not all love stories end with the two people living happily ever after. at least, not together

A/N: I hope you enjoy this ending to the story, I thought it’d be nice and a little more on the realistic side. 

I messed up. I ruined everything. I made the worst mistake possible & I lost everything because of it. Worst of all, I hurt the person who meant the most to me & I don’t think I’ll ever be forgiven for it. How could I be such a fool? How could I throw away the perfect relationship for a girl who only wanted to be able to say she got some from an idol.  

Somehow, I thought there was a way for me to redeem myself, to show how truly sorry I was, that I had recognized what I did as a terrible mistake. No matter how many times I told myself she’ll never take you back or you don’t deserve her, some part of me held on to the ridiculous hope that she just might.

I couldn’t work. I refused to eat. I lay awake at night, my head spinning with unforgettable memories and thoughts about what could have been. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had to see, even just one more time

Didn’t I tell you I never wanted to see you again? she hissed, but the café was so quiet that I was sure every single person could not only hear her words, but also my heart, thumping so hard I thought it might burst.

Yes but-

So why the hell are you here? Are you stalking me now? Can you not take a hint?

Taking a deep breath, I finally responded, I needed you to know that I made the most stupid mistake of my life by hurting you.

So you really thought following me into a café to tell me this in front of a bunch of people was a good idea?

You’re right. Can we talk outside?

She began to walk towards the door then stopped, looking back at me before nodding her head towards the door, motioning for me to follow her.

Once outside, I could still feel every eye inside the coffee shop looking at us. But when I looked back at them, they began to go about their own business again.

I’m waiting

I once again took a deep breath before beginning to explain myself.

She didn’t take me back. But that’s okay, because I understood why. What I had done was selfish and cold-hearted, and she was right to refuse to forgive me. She said she is thankful for my apology but she doesn’t think she could ever trust me in the same way again.

Somehow, I eventually became okay with this. She’s happy now, in a new relationship of her own with a guy who seems to be treating her right. I have kept myself away from romantic relationships since then. I realized I needed to spend some time just as me. I was okay with the fact that my friends were happily in love. In fact, it made me happy. I liked that I saw them smiling when they were texting their significant others, listened to them gush about an otherwise unnoticeable habit that their s/o had, watched as they lead happy, healthy relationships.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still get sad when I remember what she and I had together, becoming slightly nostalgic for the days when I had someone to hold and never want to let go of, I have just learned how to keep that from making me unhappy with my life.

I have moved on, and so has she. We continued on with our separate lives and that’s okay.  I am happy, and so is she.

Does anyone think the Daredevil Dan plush looks good?

Even without knowing what Foodfight is (because most potential buyers probably don’t) does any kid looking over the toys in the claw machine say “Oohh, I want that one!”

and spend 16 dollars trying to win it, then pull it from the prize deposit thing, hugging it close and carrying it around for the rest of the day, then take it home and play with it and take it on adventures outside and climb under the covers with it and tell it goodnight? Twenty years later, will they take it out of the box on the shelf and hand it to their own child and say “Take care of him, okay? He was my favorite when I was your age” and watch with a nostalgic expression as the kid runs around triumphantly and goes to introduce it to their other toys? What do kids do with a Daredevil Dan plush?

Toddler Tales

I’ve never been someone that was great with kids. I’d be introduced to a little kid and I’d smile and be like, “How are you doing today?” 


So yeah, I think everyone that knew me was surprised at how mushy I got after Isobel was born. My sister would laugh at me and poke fun at the “new mom Jackie” that cried at sappy TV commercials and changed diapers one-handed and talked about parenting books. I laughed at myself too. I thought it was crazy how I went from being completely UMM I’M OKAY (TERROR) when an offer to hold a baby came up to OH BOY BABIES LET’S CHAT ABOUT SLEEP TRAINING AND DIAPERS.  

But lest you think I was cured entirely, you should know that I am still moderately awkward around kids. Sometimes when I get Iz from daycare, other kids run over and try to give me hugs or have me pick them up. In these situations I’m all RESCUE ME PLZ HELP or, “Oh, hello little child with a rudimentary understanding of the English language, how are you today?” and I want to smack myself in the forehead because I am The Worst at interacting with kids. It makes me feel horrible because it shouldn’t be this hard! These kids are EXACTLY like Isobel (but they’re not Isobel)—so I freeze. I have to think about my next steps.

Let me back up because I don’t want this to seem like I was always comfortable around Isobel and that I became some uber-Mom-type the instant she was born because that’s not true. I think some things come naturally right off the bat (hormones! evolution! thanks!), but once the hormonal high settled down, I was occasionally completely out of my league. For example, I had trouble getting situated with Iz to breastfeed properly. I had my elbows out, splayed, arms crisscrossed, baby sideways, then nearly upside down, WELL WHAT IF I JUST HOVER OVER HER. I thought it was hilarious when someone would suggest I breastfeed in public the first few months. Oh, okay, that would be swell except I physically cannot do it unless I am sitting in my special glider chair with my special pillow and my special privacy because I will need to be completely topless because I am the most uncoordinated person on the planet. 

None of this really occurred to me, though—the extent to which I am still a little awkwardsauce when it comes to mom things—until recently when Isobel became A Person. Up until several months ago, she was most definitely A Baby, though a more toddler-like version of A Baby. But now! NOW! This is A Person. A Person can ask for what she wants and say what she does not want. A Person understands inside jokes, makes his or her own jokes and can pat me on the back and say, “It’s okay, Mommy.” I have A Small Person now and it is the most fantastic thing in the entire world.

I wax nostalgic often about the infant days or the baby milestones, but let’s just clear this up once and for all: Nothing can beat the moment when A Baby becomes A Person. When Isobel was younger and didn’t sleep and cried all day, I would sit, holding her, my entire body tense, tears falling all over her, her tears falling all over me and I would think, “Holy shit, I can’t wait until she’s old enough to snuggle on the couch with me and we can watch a movie and eat popcorn together.” 

THAT was the ultimate dream. How silly is that? But that’s what I decided would determine when I had A Person. 

She does that now, you know. She’ll sit on my lap or beside me on the couch, and we’ll snuggle under a blanket and eat some popcorn and watch a movie. She does it with me! We do it together! We are enjoying activities together

(This is not to say that toddlers aren’t capable of dickishness, because Isobel could write the book on the most epic tantrums, the most sneaky sneakiness, the most ill-behaved escapades. She has been referred to as stubborn, high-spirited, intense, independent and fearless. These are nice toddler synonyms for HIGH NAUGHTY POTENTIAL—HOLD ONTO YOUR HATS.) 

But I am really enjoying this 2-years-old (and change) version of Isobel. I like when she reaches up to grab my hand while we’re walking. I like when I walk around the corner and she says “MOMMY!” and smiles. I like playing stickers or letting her “read” to me instead of the other way around. I like that her favorite foods are all my favorite foods. (Or is it that my favorite foods are all I feed her? Too deep, let’s move on.) 

Honestly, before I was a mom, I wasn’t sure what kind of mom I’d be. When I was pregnant, I became worried that I wouldn’t be attached enough by the time she was born. (Or that she would be born and I would still feel removed and weird and awkward.) After she was born, I did still feel awkward sometimes and it took some time before I settled into a comfortable place with my new role, but there was a lot of relief too. 

I would think, “Phew. I’m not a shit mom after all!” 

And then, of course, I’d do something shitty to wreck all those self-congratulatory vibes. The funny thing about motherhood, though, is that you get really good at rolling with the punches. Vomit in my hands? Sure. Poop on my shirt? Why not. I did something stupid or shitty? I’ll do better next time. 

I may not ever be good with all kids and I might always feel their beady judging eyes upon me as I stumble and stammer, trying to figure out how to interact with a child who is not my own, but I know now—more than ever—that I have successfully raised A Baby into A Person and she is a REALLY COOL PERSON. And you know what? I’m pretty confident that she thinks I’m cool too—which is super great, because I have approximately 10 years until that changes. 


Guys.. I don’t know how to explain how much I’m smiling after what I’ve just seen.. Just stay with me okay..

So this is a picture from the I NEED U practice video..

I was feeling nostalgic and went and watch the debut live performance… 

And my jaw dropped. Jimin is wearing the same shoes in both videos.. I knew I’d seen the shoes in other videos (because of the design) so being bored, I went and looked. 

So far I’ve found Suga wearing them in a Bulletproof pt 2 performance

Jhope wearing them during the Just One Day practice video. 

And Jhope wearing them during the Ringa Linga Bomb.

I don’t know why but it’s one of those little things I’ve noticed about them that makes me love them even more. It’s just a pair of shoes, but Jimin stood on stage for the first time in those shoes and sang No More Dream. And I’m willing to bet he still remembers that too. 

Also the fact that Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin all wear the same shoe size.