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Identity Theft

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “63 and 67 separately jughead x reader please if its too much then could you just do 67 thank you”

#67 “Are you getting jealous?” - “You’re changing your outfit, now!”

Warnings: I think there’s more than one curse in this one? Also allusions to sex but no actual sex because I’m innocent

A/N: I didn’t want this to get sexual like it did but OOPS I guess I’m just really thirsty lately

Tag list: @1amluke, @betty-coopers-number-one-stan, @keepcalmandflywithtoothless, @lostinpercyseyes, @captainsuperfangirl

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Truth comes first ~P.1

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► Summary: 

Despite the fact that the reader is just a teenager, she has bigger problems, some of them unable to handle. 

Also when the Jason Blossom’s case starts to become an attractive mystery to her, she looks for someone else to help her which leads her to Jughead Jones. 

► Pair: Jughead Jones x Reader

►  Word Count: 1,668

► Warnings: none

► A/N: Hello and welcome to the first part of the new Jughead Jones’ series. I hope you like and enjoy it, if that’s the case, let me know! I will appreciate it a lot and also I would know if I should start working on the next part! Tags are opened! 

Riverdale high school. First class in the morning.

The students start to fill the classrooms. Some of them are sleepy, as if they still were on their beds. Some others were ready to keep learning another day more and the rest just hated to be there.

You couldn’t be put in none of the groups mentioned before. You were just there. Ready for the classes? Of course. Eager for them? Not that much, at least usually. First class on Mondays were always an exception. Your favorite subject; psychology.

You were sitting in the placed you always used to occupy since the very first day without a partner by your side. Not that you didn’t have friends at all, you just knew how to enjoy loneliness most of the times.

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When The Clock Strikes 12 [Lafayette/Reader]

Woo! First fic for @hamwriters write-a-thon down! This idea came to me after searching for a ton of different AUs to work with. Now to finish up my GWash/Trans!Reader fic, then work on my femslash fic for the write-a-thon! Please enjoy!

Thank you to my wonderful amazing tumblr budbuds that inspired me to do a good job and inspire me in general! @musicalmiranda @love-doesnt-discriminate @hamilficsfordays @gunsandfics @boss-headcanons @diggs4life @imagineham @imdedicatingeverydaytoyou @secretschuylersister and @tempfixeliza <3 You’re all so kind and amazing and even if I don’t interact with you or chat with you, what you do and how funny/cute/relatable/sweet you all are makes me smile and makes me realize that the Hamilton (more specifically writing) community is such an incredible place to be!

Warnings: Alcohol, some swearing at the end, Lafayette’s full name (like w o a h), and New Years in case anyone has bad experiences with New Years!

Word count: 1514

Grabbing your third glass of cold, cheap champagne for the night, you laugh at a joke that Hercules had just told that wasn’t even funny. He seemed so enthusiastic about it that you couldn’t help it, but even sober, you couldn’t comprehend the punchline or how it was supposed to work out to be as funny as everyone made it sound like it was. You take a sip and walk off, trying to find the person who had dragged you here in the first place, Lafayette. 

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Unstable (Part 3/?) (Parker/Avengers x reader)

Part 2

“Steve…I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry…”

“Does anyone know where Vision is?!”

“Steve…I can’t stop it…I’m sorry…”

“I know, (Y/N)…it’s not your fault…”

“FRIDAY, where the hell is Vision?  Or Maximoff?”

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fic for victuuri week day two!

Title: i didn’t need to graduate, anyway

Rating: Teen.

Wordcount: 4.2k

Based on the prompt: “i’ve been brought to the future for historical study and you’re one of the scholars questioning me.” In which Yuuri has to interview someone from the past, and Victor was a famous figure skater who died about 50 years ago. It’s hard to interview someone when you’re either flirting or gossipping, fyi. /
“Um, Mr. Nikiforov,” he starts, wincing at how stupidly awkward he sounds.

“Oh, please.” From where he’s sitting down at the table, Victor smiles at him, leaning forward just a bit, and sets his palm over the back of Yuuri’s hand, making him snap up to stare at him. “Just call me Victor.”

Link to AO3: here

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Oh Shit it's P5 headcanon time

Lets get this fucking show on the road alright wooo (Only the first 4 party members bc i only really have in depth headcanons for them. and i haven’t gotten much further past the second palace)

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REQUESTED: My Host club girlfriend!

Originally posted by hellacoolanimetrash

Warning Contains: girl kissing girl, and silly friends

Requested by: @insanityismysanity12345

Request: Can you write an imagine where the reader is Haruhi’s girlfriend (From Ouran) and Haruhi wants her to visit the club and meet the hosts. When the reader gets there everyone starts trying to charm her until Haruhi kisses the reader to shut them up? Then just the hosts being surprised and silly stuff? P.s I read all of your imagines for twilight and I’m in love!

Thanks a ton for the love hun! hope you don’t mind but I added a bit more to this :) I got really inspired <3

“Hey” said Haruhi your girlfriend through the phone.

“Hey whats up?” you said placing a watermelon slice in your mouth.

“Well you know how I keep talking about my friends at the host club?”

“You mean the ones who practically stole you away from me” you pouted, when Haruhi told you of the situation and being a host club member, the two of you weren’t able to hang out with each other as much as you would like too. Haruhi stayed after school to help tend the club and you couldn’t visit because the girls at the school would get mad that Haruhi had someone. You wish you two could hang out over the weekend but with Haruhi going to such an extreme and rich school she has to study all she can to keep her grades at a high level so she wont have to pay for the school. which led to you two only able to hang out every other weekend, and not even that if the so called “KING” didn’t have plans for Haruhi.

“I know, I know I wish I could spend more time with you, but I have an idea we can make it up” Haruhi said happily.

“what is it?” you asked curiously, hearing a hint of mischief in her voice.

“Well to be honest its starting to get frustrating not being with you as much as I like too, and I feel bad when we cant hang out and yet were a couple but we cant express it. So I wanted to ask if you could come to the host club this Monday? I want the guys to get to know you and maybe to convince them that I need to spend more time with you like how I should.” Haruhi said through the phone, your heart ached hearing your girlfriend pour out her heart in front of you.

“Okay ill be there”

Getting lost was not the problem when going through this huge school, it was getting into the damn room where the club was in! You stood outside the door nervous as hell, but why? Haruhi is YOUR girlfriend, no teenage boys are gonna take your girlfriend away! You placed your hand on the door knob and and entered, you were greeted by the smell of roses and group of teenage boys.

“welcome they said in unison” You just stared at them and looked around for Haruhi.

“Y/N!” Haruhi said as she hugged you from behind.

“Haruhi!” You said turning to fully hug your girlfriend.

“Hey boss? who is this girl?”Karou asked.

“And how does she know Haruhi?”Hikaru asked

“Huh? I don’t know, maybe from school?” Tamaki said rubbing the back of his neck.

“That is Y/N L/N Long time best friend and girlfriend, they have been dating for almost 2 years now” Kyoya said flipping through his tablet of knowledge.


“WHAT!?” said the three boys in unison looking at Kyoya with a blank bugged look.

Little honey was the first to greet you along with the silent Takashi, the two taking a liking to you quickly. You liked both of them finding the friendship between the two wonderful. Then it was Kyoya to greet you, short simple small talk took between you two, but you liked his well mannered nature. Then it was the twins finding you very interesting and eager to know everything about you. Last but not least Tamaki came up to, was hesitant at first but after a while warmed up to you.

“So Haruhi your lesbian?” The twins asked looking at your girlfriend.

“No, i’m actually pansexual” she said correcting them.

“I didn’t know Haru-chan had a girlfriend” Honey said excitedly.

“Yeah, she is normally here at school and helping with the club”

“Or sticking her nose in a book cause Haruhi needs to keep her grades up”

“Yeah and by Y/N clothing she seems to be from a different school”

.     .     .

“HARUHI YOUR GIRLFRIEND!” shouted everyone other than Mori and Kyoya.

“Why are you guys shouting?” Haruhi asked, who was practically scared to death by them.

“Haruhi can you forgive daddy? I work you so hard at the host club by pleasing women that I denied you to please your own girlfriend!” Tamaki announced, crying and on his knees.

The twins and Honey begin to shed tears as well 

“Y/N must feel so lonely!”

“She must really hate us!” 

“We are so sorry Y/N-chan!”

Tamaki stood suddenly “Men! we can’t allow this any longer! You are devoted to not make any woman sad and make sure she is always happy! We must take action! Haruhi!” He turned to your girlfriend as he takes hold of your hand.

“The Fridays you hang out with us at the club after school will now be spent hanging out with miss L/N! No questions asked and you cant refuse!” he said giving your hand to Haruhi. The twins, Honey and Mori nodding together in approval.

You and Haruhi still holding hands and watch as Tamaki made more orders for the two of you too be able to spend more time together.

“Never thought you were able to plan this out” You said to her.

“You pick up a thing or two when being a host” she said smiling proudly.

“What should we do this Friday?” You asked looking at her.

“Anywhere is fine with me” she said with a gentle smile as she kisses you on the cheek.

With love- Admin J

Actor AU Masterlist

Say You Love Me -  Yuuri Katsuki is an upcoming actor, cast in the role of Christine Daaé, even though he’s a guy. He thinks that this won’t be too hard, aside from those killer high notes. But, oh, was he wrong. He didn’t think that his castmates would be so… interesting. Especially the actor portraying Raoul, Viktor Nikiforov. Yuuri finds himself head over heels for Viktor. But castmate relationships are unprofessional. Right?

it’s like you’re photoshopped - Not-So-Local Ex-Dancer Upsets Coworkers by Failing to Communicate with Celebrity Castmate, details at eleven.//Yuuri just wants to retire already.

Scripted - Viktor Nikiforov is a wildly successful theater-turned-Hollywood actor who fears he’s plateaued.Yuuri Katsuki, on the other hand, is an up-and-coming thespian who struggles with jumpstarting his career. All the while dealing with his anxiety. Clearly, going to the same school as his Russian idol didn’t help much.Both out of ideas, they decide to pursue graduate studies in their alma mater. They work on a play together and, along the way, maybe even pursue something more with each other.

& Action!!! -  Viktor Nikiforov five tine Oscar winning actor from Russia and now employed on the biggest acting company in Asia and collaborates with its newest and ‘Rising Asian Action Star’ from Hasetsu together. Will he be able to cope with the new genre that he chose or will he be having trouble with his co-star?

Oops, baby I love you -  Viktor Nikiforov won another Oscars this 2016 and Yuri’s a budding fashion designer. As much as they do love each other, their work and the almost non-existent time they have for each other led for them to break up. Everything was okay, or so they thought until Phichit’s birthday came up and then suddenly, their hearts yearn for each other once more, but complications rear its ugly head towards their get-together again.

Opposites Attract - Katsuki Yuuri is a ill adjusted pop singer with a lot anxiety, hiding from the world of music. He’s probably not doing a good job, because when he wakes up with a hangover, he found himself starring in a viral video, pole dancing and singing Paula Abdul’s part of Opposites Attract.Oh, and he gets an offer from his favourite actor, Victor Nikiforov to be the romantic lead of his last movie, some musical about 2 people falling in love.

Endless Summer Hydrangea - Victor is a well-known actor while Yuri is an established director.
They chanced upon one another once before meeting on set of the filming of a tragic love story.Rumors say that it came from the director’s personal experience. That it was his way of documenting his life and presenting his story to the world. A story on his love; his first love, his one and only love. One that didn’t include Victor.Victor who has fallen head over heels with Yuri decides to make the latter fall for him. Will he succeed in melting the frozen heart or will his love story too end up as tragic as the one he is filming?

Lights, Camera, Action -  Or Yuri On Ice is a show like usual, but Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio are all actors, and they’re not quite like their characters in the show

Live, Laugh, Love -  Yuuri Katsuki, a 23-year-old Japanese actor, was a veteran top star. He has been in various popular movies as both main and supporting actors, creating a massive fan base. Nonetheless, he never lost his composure and always worked hard to give back the love he received every day. One fateful day, he got a script; a story about a young man who lost faith within himself but found his way back to the world’s stage with the love of his coach. Something clicked within Yuuri and even though his manager told him that the project might ruin his reputation, he insisted. What could possibly go wrong? And then, he met the Viktor Nikiforov.

soft hearts, electric souls - “One day, I want to see your name on the Walk of Fame.”Yuuri Katsuki is a rising star, landing a starring role in a Hollywood film for the first time. Turns out he’s going to be starring alongside his long-time idol and the biggest star in Hollywood, Viktor Nikiforov.It begins to get difficult to differentiate their characters feelings from their own.

Putting On A Show - Viktor Nikiforov is a famous Russian actor, and it seems that he has all a man could want.Which is why no-one expects him to pack up and move to Detroit.However, this surprise move lands him very near the young IT man Yuuri Katsuki, who wants to find more from life than working his 8-5 and coming home to his roommate slaving away for college.An amateur theater group seems to grant everyone’s wishes.

Santa, Yuri -  Yuri is finally on the set of a huge film with his favourite actor, Viktor Nikiforov. Unfortunately, he’s rather nervous. So, with Christmas coming up, Phichit decides Yuri needs his help, despite Yuri’s protests.

Once Upon A Dream -  In which Victor Nikiforov is your above average salaryman and Yuuri Katsuki just made his leading male role debut as an Alternate actor for Prince Philip in the play ‘Sleeping Beauty’. Victor knows he’s fucked.

Ptichye Moloko -  Viktor is a two time Academy Award winner actor who, while shooting a movie in Japan accidentally found a small cake shop Agape & Eros and instantly fell in love with the stunning desserts on display. He, however, did not expect to fall in love with the gorgeous but shy man who ran the shop.

i wanna lock in your love - Viktor has been planning this for months and somehow, in the span of about 5 minutes, it all goes to shit.Or: In which Viktor Nikiforov, award winning singer-songwriter, actor, certified musical genius, and occasional model, tries and fails to propose to his boyfriend (but it all works out in the end anyways).

Cherry Blossoms - “What would you like today?” A gentle, smooth voice interrupted his reading. Viktor closed his phone and opened his mouth to order as he looked up.

The words died in his throat and he felt like he was just punched in the gut when all the air in his lungs suddenly deserted him.

There was a goddamn angel in front of him.

the punk!tracer au

*sings* happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, lexa is dead and i am crying, happy birthday to me; suggested by an anon! tw for guns so be careful!

  • they meet in unusual circumstances
  • amelie’s father is in town for a business meeting
  • he glances at her as he walks out the door that evening, detours for a moment to step into her space and pretend to kiss her cheek- the picture of familial devotion. a paparazzi coos, snaps a picture.
  • ‘no matter what, don’t go into whitechapel,’ he hisses, breath heavy and wet in her ear. ‘i don’t need the bad press.’
  • amelie fakes a brilliant smile. ‘yes, sir.’
  • he ‘hmphs’ at her, then pats her head and walks out, trailed by his guards and a group of people in suits asking questions.
  • amelie reaches for her phone and looks up the directions to whitechapel.
  • she drives there, through the dark grey stones, ominous and looming and ugly and half-destroyed. she hates england, she decides.
  • amelie parks in front of a seedy club front and climbs out, looking around. a man eyes her from across the street, and she shoots back a condescending glare.
  • ‘ooh, love. makin’ eyes like that ain’t gonna get ya nowhere. not here, at least.’
  • amelie startles, turns to see an unfamiliar girl leaning up against the doors of her car. she does a double take.
  • the girl is all spikes and vibrantly pink hair and union jacks and, as amelie watches, she runs a finger down the impeccable paint job on the maybach.
  • ‘twin turbo v12,’ she says appreciatively. ‘nice.’
  • amelie swats her hand away, and the girl laughs, hopping back and studying her closely.
  • ‘little too nice for this part of town, though. maybe out in surrey. but not here.’ she leans in. ‘my advice, love? ‘less you want your car pinched, go on and out.’
  • amelie scoffs. ‘please. as if.’
  • the girl shrugs, fiddles with her goggles. ‘well, that’s your choice. y’know, my granny always said that carelessness gets you the hippo. then and again, the old bat was mental, so-’
  • she’s cut off abruptly by a bang! amelie jumps, hissing when she slams her hand into the window.
  • ‘shite,’ the girl says darkly, and then she produces a gun out of nowhere and shoves amelie back.
  • ‘get in the car,’ she says, not looking over. ‘get in the car and go.’
  • her expression is changed from its previous playfulness- amelie can see this girl with blood on her hands, standing in near-darkness. she fumbles for her keys, unlocks the car with a click, and just as she’s stepping over and bending to slide inside, a man emerges from the alleyway, whistling, the subtle bulge of a gun inside his jacket.
  • ‘hey,’ the girl says, demeanour abruptly casual, and he turns, eyebrows flicking up.
  • ‘well, if it ain’t tracer. where’s the cavalry?’
  • ‘tracer’ tightens her grip on the gun, tilts it up a little further. ‘what’re ya doin’ back there, roy?’
  • ‘nothin’ much,’ roy says. his teeth are pointed when he smiles. ‘just hanging around. you got a problem?’
  • ‘i wouldn’t if i hadn’t heard a shot.’
  • ‘you wanna hear another?’
  • ‘hey. you know the rules.’
  • ‘i do.’ roy says, and then looks at the car, and amelie, frozen beside it. ‘that’s a real nice car, sweet cheeks.’
  • ‘lay off her.’
  • ‘i might have to lay on her first.’ he grins, predatory.
  • tracer’s expression shifts into something darker; the gun rises. ‘sure you wanna go there?’
  • ‘oh, honey. i’m already there.’
  • and then he pulls a gun and whirls and points it at tracer. she doesn’t even seem to move, but then there’s a blur and he’s on the ground and tracer’s foot is planted in his throat and tracer’s tossing his gun up and down.
  • ‘roy? ya good there, mate?’
  • silence. the voice sounds suspicious when it asks, ‘roy? how ya doin’?’
  • footsteps.
  • shit.’ tracer whispers, peeking around the corner. ‘aight love, move your bottles.’
  • amelie blinks at her in confusion for a moment before squaring her jaw. she is a lacroix, and she will not be ordered around. ‘no.’
  • ‘okay. then i’ll leave you to the fella with a mach, then.’
  • ‘mach?’
  • the footsteps are getting closer.
  • ‘machine gun. get in the goddamn car.’
  • ‘fine.’
  • the guy rounds the corner, blinks stupidly, looks between roy’s unconscious figure and tracer, and then howls and raises the gun.
  • ‘go!’ tracer yells, and amelie slams the accelerator.
  • the next morning is disorienting. amelie scrolls mindlessly through the endless points on her tablet, still trying to work out whether all of last night was a dream.
  • an article catches her eye; she clicks on it idly.
  • druglord killed in face-off in whitechapel with unknown shooter- the blood of three people was left on the scene, one of the man, mr. alwood, one of his guard, in critical condition from a gunshot wound, and the blood of the unknown shooter.’
  • it might be a coincidence, she thinks, and the internalised voice of her father is screaming at her no to go.
  • but because amelie lacroix has never listened to anyone, least of all her father, she does, pulling into a slot in a half-trashed car that she ‘borrows’ from the lot on fenchurch street.
  • the place is surrounded by yellow tape and blue-coated officers and distrustful eyes and amelie knows that tracer won’t be anywhere near. 
  • so she drives.
  • she finds a seedy-looking alleyway, makes inquiries with a few sources. her father is a little more than just an honest businessman.
  • tracer is hidden inside a lair; the woman guarding it mutters a few words into a com, then frowns, evidently displeased, but waves her inside.
  • she travels down path after path in the twisting halls of the evidently enormous underground. 
  • amelie finds tracer behind a sheet marked ‘307′, the familiar voice shouting obscenities.
  • amelie ducks around the sheet and sees a blonde tuft of hair and a lab coat and a lot of blood.
  • ‘stay still, lena.’
  • ‘well, i goddamn hope that- bollocks- dammit, angie, are you even trYING TO BE GENTLE-’
  • tracer- lena, apparently- stops short when she catches sight of amelie.
  • ‘what the hell- fuck- are you- angie- what are you doing here?’
  • ‘um.’ amelie says. ‘to thank you? i don’t- i’m not sure.’
  • tracer laughs, half-hysterical. ‘thank me? well, shit. wouldn’t have thought the princess would’ve summoned up the humility.’
  • amelie’s spine stiffens. ‘don’t call me that.’
  • lena yelps as the doctor plucks the last piece of- glass?- out of her stomach, and sighs, swabbing disinfectant over it and bandaging it.
  • ‘stop getting into trouble,’ she warns, and then pulls on a new pair of gloves, pausing to study amelie for a quick moment.
  • ‘if she dies, call me. or anyone. she does stupid things.’
  • ‘like save both of your lives.’ lena says, and amelie does have to admit that’s a fair point.
  • angela sighs fondly and leaves, the curtain falling back. lena huffs.
  • she’s not wearing the goggles, her face small and naked without them, her brown eyes quizzical as they study amelie’s profile.
  • ‘how’d you find this place?’
  • amelie laughs a little, humourlessly. she wishes she’d never come. ‘my father isn’t an angel.’
  • ‘hey. if it makes you feel better, neither was mine. had a nasty habit of goin’ at it with people on top of tables.’
  • amelie snorts.
  • they sit in silence for a moment before she speaks again.
  • ‘thank you. you saved my life.’
  • ‘well, no shit. do i get a prize?’
  • ‘i’ll kiss you,’ amelie fires back, and relishes in tracer’s shocked silence until she realises what she said.
  • ‘wha- pardon?’
  • ‘i- did not mean to say that.’
  • ‘well, no shit, sherlock.’ lena fires back, dissipating the awkwardness.
  • she sits there, and lena doesn’t question her presence. they bicker, and talk, and discuss the horridness of english food and traffic and lena complains about being shot.
  • the idea gets stuck in her head; kissing her. lena’s hair is soft, probably, her lips softer. amelie wonders. she went to an all-girls school; it was a common occurrence, but lena is different. they talk and they talk and they smile and amelie finds herself laughing (english humour is horrible but wonderful simultaneously) explosively, the opposite of prim and proper
  • the next time she checks her watch, it’s eleven. lena’s on painkillers now, a little drowsy, and as amelie rises to go, she grabs at her. amelie relinquishes her wrist to lena’s searching grasp, and her brown eyes blink up.
  • ‘you’re good, y’know. shitty dads can’t keep everyone down, otherwise feminists wouldn’t exist.’
  • ‘thank you,’ amelie says, and then, before she can stop herself, asks, ‘can i kiss you?’
  • lena blinks at her, then smiles drowsily. ‘sure.’
  • she’s soft in her exhaustion, and amelie is careful, and they are clumsy against each other, but lena smiles against her mouth, and that is all amelie needs.
Language Barrier // Park Jinwoo


the prompt: do u think you could write some kind of jinjin soul mate au? the one where if u write on ur skin it shows up on ur soulmate’s? except bc reader is English there’s a language barrier?

words: 1337

category: drabble, minor fluff(?)

author note: idk why but this was actually the hardest scenario to write. i’m sorry it’s so short i just couldn’t think of any sub-plot. please enjoy it anyway :(

- destinee

Originally posted by moon-hyuks

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Malia- You’d Be Worth It

Request-  hey lovely! can you do a malia x reader where the reader has a crush on her and is an avid hiker in the preserve, but she gets extremely injured and can’t get help. conscious coyote malia find her and keeps her warm and alive through the night. she talks to her in coyote form until a rescue team finds her. she wakes up in the hospital with a human malia by her side who confesses her feelings. love you!!

A/N- So much love and right before Valentine’s Day! I’m blushing. Hope you guys like this one!

Malia strode to her lunch table with her tray in hand, looking forward to digging into the nachos she had picked up. As she walked over to Scott and the others, she realized that there was one new edition to the table, someone that usually wasn’t there, but caused her to grin nonetheless.
You were sitting there next to Lydia, smiling and laughing as you opened a packet of mayo and spread it onto to the sandwich you had picked up from the sub line. You didn’t go to Beacon Hills High, so it was a surprise to see you sitting there, but Malia knew Lydia picked you from Devenford Prep for lunch sometimes.
You and Malia met during the deadpool, when your ear-splitting scream sent an assassin crumpling to the ground in front of her. That scream may have left her ears ringing, but one glance at you left stars in her eyes, and from then on, the two of you became friends.
The minute she realized you were a banshee, she felt an undeniable urge to protect you, and a couple of Scott’s pack members had commented on it, but you just chalked that up to her nature. She had spent half of her life as a wild animal after all, but you would be lying if you said you weren’t into Malia.
She was strong and beautiful, and loved being outside just as much as you did. Besides, she seemed to really like you, and you could definitely tell when she slammed her tray down next to yours.
“Hey!” Stiles cried, jerking back from the seat Malia had just stolen. “I was gonna sit there.”
“And now I’m sitting here,” Malia stated, shooting him a sharp look.
He looked from Malia to you, and then backed away with a look that seemed to say he wasn’t going to get in her way. Malia grinned and sat down next to you. “Hey, Y/n.”
“Hey, Malia,” you told her with a smile.
“What are you doing here?” she asked.
“I just wanted to come see you guys,” you told her. “It’s nice to get away from Devenford for a while.”
“And Brett,” Lydia said with a smirk.
You rolled your eyes at her, but Malia frowned. “Is he bothering you again?”
“No, not really,” you said. “He just doesn’t seem to get that we play for the same team, and you know I’m not talking about lacrosse.”
“You want me to kick his ass for you?” Malia asked sincerely. “I mean, he would heal, so it’s not like breaking his arms is a big deal.”
You laughed softly. “I appreciate that, Malia, but I think I’ll be okay. If I really needed to, I could make his ears bleed, so…”
You shrugged and Malia smirked. She would honestly pay to see you kick Brett’s ass, and she knew that you very well could.
“So are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?” you asked.
“Studying for midterms,” Lydia said with a sigh. “We’re actually having a group study session on Saturday, if you want to drop by my house. We could compare notes.”
You nodded. “I’m going hiking in the afternoon, but I could drop by later if you really wanted me to.”
Lydia shrugged. “I don’t want to pull you away from the trail-”
“You should come over,” Malia cut in. “I could really use some help with Chemistry.”
You nodded. “I took it last year, but I can try to help you. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have Lydia do it though?”
“Yeah, Malia, I can-” Lydia began.
“I’m sure,” Malia cut her off, nodding at you vigorously.
You felt a blush crawling on your cheeks. “I guess I can’t say no to that.”
Lydia smiled knowingly and winked at Malia, who shot her a glare. “You can come over at four, Y/n. And I might go out and do a snack run, so you and Malia can have a one on one session while I’m out.”
Malia’s eyes widened, but you simply smiled and glanced over at Malia. “That sounds great.”
You spent the rest of your lunch laughing and talking with her, and you were so lost in Malia that you didn’t even realize lunch was almost over. “Oh shit. Lydia, we’d better go, right? You’re gonna be late if you take me back Devenford.”
The Banshee shrugged. “Eh, it’s okay. I can miss a few minutes of one class.”
“I can take you,” Malia said quickly. “I have my car now, and I’d only be missing study hall.”
You raised your eyebrows. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah,” Malia told you. “Of course.”
Your lips turned up at her determination. “Okay.”
Malia grinned and gathered her things, and you grabbed your bag. You stood up and said goodbye to Lydia and the rest of Scott’s pack, and then followed Malia to dump your tray.
“I really appreciate this,” you told her.
“It’s no big deal,” she said with a shrug. “Besides, I like hanging out with you. You’re a lot hotter than my algebra homework.”
You laughed softly. “Thanks, Malia.”
She shrugged at you again, and you followed her out of the cafeteria and to the parking lot. You hopped in the car just as the bell signaling the end of lunch rang, and then she started to drive.
“So what trail are you taking Saturday?” she asked curiously.
“The one that goes to Lookout Point,” you told her. “But the long way.”
Malia raised her eyebrows. “You’re doing that on your own?”
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?” you asked.
“Because it’s a rockier trail than the others. After all that rain from the Ghost Riders, there have been a bunch of rockslides. My dad was talking about all the erosion, and how people shouldn’t even be hiking that trail, especially not by themselves.”
You scoffed. “Malia, I’m a good hiker.”
“That doesn’t matter,” she told you. “It would be dangerous even for me.”
“Don’t you think I’d be able to tell if something bad was going to happen?” you questioned. “I mean, I’m a banshee.”
“You and I both know it doesn’t work that way,” she countered.
“No one knows how it works,” you protested.
“Exactly,” she agreed. “And it sucks, but the voices aren’t really reliable.”
You sighed. “Tell me about it.”
Malia frowned. She could hear the weariness in your voice, and she mentally cursed herself. Even though she had made a lot of progress at being human, she still tended to say the wrong thing sometimes, and she had just done it again.
“I didn’t mean it like that,” she added gently. “You’re still a badass. You can kill someone just by screaming, and at least that part’s reliable.
Your lips turned up. “Thanks, Malia.”
“Just take a different trail, okay? I can’t have you dying before our study session.”
“Alright fine,” you relented. “I guess I can’t be the reason you fail chemistry.”
Malia smiled. “Thank you.”
She pulled into the Devenford parking lot, and parked in a space right in front of the doors.
“What are you doing?” you asked, your brow furrowing.
“Walking you to class?” she offered, cocking an eyebrow at you.
A grin broke its way onto your lips, and you scooped your bag up from the floor of her car. “Guess I can’t say no to that.”
You opened the door and hopped out of the car, and Malia did the same. She came around the back of the car to meet you, and as you headed into the school, you heard someone call your name.
“Y/n! My life just got a little bit brighter.”
You sighed as Brett jogged up behind you, and Malia glared at him. He slid between the two of you, and you raised your eyebrows at him. “You know, you’d think that after almost being assassinated, you’d be a little less cocky.”
“Hey, I’m just grateful to be alive,” he told you smoothly. “You know, enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer? And looking at you…that’s definitely one of those pleasures.”
Malia’s low growl cut through the air, and Brett smirked. “You have a little crush, Malia?”
“No,” you snapped, shouldering him out of the way to grab Malia’s hand. “I do.”
Brett raised his eyebrows at you and paused on the sidewalk, but Malia grinned and darted forward. She tugged you against her, and kissed you right in front of Brett, causing your eyes to go wide. It wasn’t like you didn’t like it, but it still caught you off guard.
Brett scoffed as you and Malia pulled apart. “Get a room.”
You and Malia laughed as he walked away, and she glanced down at you with a smile. “I’m sorry. I had to.”
“It’s okay,” you told her with a grin.
“I also really wanted to kiss you,” she continued. “And I have for a long time.”
You flushed. “Me too.”
“Come on,” Malia told you, reaching out for your hand again. “I don’t want to make you late for class.”
You headed into Devenford Prep gripping her hand, and you couldn’t hide the grin on your face. It wasn’t like you even wanted to, because with Malia by your side, you certainly had a lot to smile about.

The Coyote huffed and looked at Lydia, who was staring at her with one eyebrow raised.  “Seriously?”
“What?” Malia groaned, leaning back on Lydia’s couch with a huff. “I was thinking about the answer.”
“Malia, I asked you if you were paying attention,” she said, shooting her a look.
“Oh, then no,” Malia told her plainly.
Lydia let out a sigh and reached out to shut the chemistry textbook sitting between them. “Fine. Maybe we could both use a break.”
“Thank you,” Malia breathed.
“But,” Lydia added. “When I come back, you better be ready to focus on electron configurations and not Y/n.”
“I can’t help it!” Malia protested. “I haven’t kissed her since Thursday. I wanna do it again.”
Lydia rolled her eyes and moved away from the couch. “She’ll be over later. And you had better not be planning on sneaking off into one of my bedrooms.”
“I wasn’t,” Malia said with a shrug. “But I am now.”
Lydia huffed and headed into the kitchen, her heels clicking on the wooden floor. Malia leaned back on the couch with a smirk, and Scott shot her a smile from the armchair. “I think you guys are great together, Malia.”
“Yeah,” Stiles added from where he sat by Scott’s feet. “She’s a total badass. She’s perfect for you.”
“Stiles,” Liam complained next to him. “Help me.”
He gestured frantically to his homework, and Stiles rolled his eyes and turned back to the younger boy. “Liam, come on, all you have to do is find x.”
“How?” he groaned.
“You know,” Stiles told him. “You take the thing and put it here, and then you take the other thing and do the thing to it.”
Liam glared at him, and Malia felt a twinge of pity. Math was by far her worst grade, and the only reason she had passed it was Lydia’s notes. Liam was better off going to her for help instead of Stiles. The Brunette meant well, but he usually just ended up talking or flailing more than he did any actual explaining.
Malia sighed and picked up her phone, checking the time. You weren’t supposed to be over for another hour or so, and every second she had to wait felt like an eternity. She’d rather have you explaining atomic structure to her than Lydia, and she knew there would be an opportunity for you two to sneak off at some point that night.
She would have given just about anything to be with you on your hike, but she knew there would be plenty of opportunities for that later.
Malia slouched back against the couch for a few seconds, hoping that she would have a little more time to daydream about you before Lydia came back. Wherever you were, she hoped you were having fun.

Birds twittered above you as you hiked up the trail, your muscles burning with the strain. You loved the challenge that hiking brought you, and as you trudged up the sharp incline, you felt a rush of exhilaration.
You knew it wasn’t the best idea to take the trail up to Lookout Point, especially with what Malia had told you, but there hadn’t been any rain for a day or two. The weather outside was perfect, and you knew the view from the top would be amazing. To you, the risk was worth it, especially because you were so sure you would be fine.
You had been hiking since you were five, a direct product of living with outdoorsy parents. You loved being in the woods, and so did Malia, and that was just one the things that added to the growing list of why you fell for her. Hiking gave the both of you an opportunity to break away from all the monsters and the death, and just detox from everything going on.
Whenever you found a body, a hike was your go-to coping method, and you could think of no better person to have alongside you than Malia.
You continued to head up the incline, but you had to stop for a few moments to catch your breath. You placed your hands on your knees and paused, gazing up at the blue sky above you. You reached into your backpack to grab your water bottle, and that was when you heard a soft rumbling sound coming from in front of you.
Every muscle in your body froze, and for a second you were sure what you were experiencing was an earthquake. California was no stranger to seismic activity, but when you looked up and saw a cascade of rocks tumbling toward you from the top of the incline, you knew this was no earthquake.
It was a rockslide just like Malia had warned you about, and you quickly scrambled back down the trail. Your breath came in heavy gasps as you tried to get away, but you knew there was no outrunning this thing. In your haste to escape, you tripped down the trail and rolled into the dirt. All you could think before you felt a sharp pain in your head was that you never should have ignored Malia’s warning, and then suddenly your vision went dark.

Malia was still sitting in the living room with the others when she heard it. It was a crash, not unlike the sound of something shattering on the floor, and everyone in the room looked toward the kitchen.
“Lydia?” Scott called, jumping up from his chair. “Are you alright?”
Only silence came from the kitchen, and with a concerned look at Malia, he headed toward the Banshee. Stiles,  Malia, and Liam all  jumped up too, and when they crept into the kitchen, all they saw was the back of Lydia’s head. Shards of glass and inedible popcorn covered the floor by her feet, but she wasn’t moving an inch.
“Uh, Lydia?” Liam asked hesitantly. “Are you okay?”
She whirled around suddenly, her green eyes filled with fear, and everyone flinched. “Something’s wrong.”
“What?” Stiles questioned.
“Something’s wrong,” she repeated, her eyes darting to Malia. “I can feel it.”
“Why are you looking at me?” Malia demanded.
“Because Y/n’s in trouble.”
Malia’s blood ran cold, and she took a step forward, her boot crunching on some glass. “What do you mean she’s in trouble?”
“I’m not sure,” Lydia told her. “But I think she’s trapped, or…or stuck. She’s hurt…really hurt.”
“Oh god,” Malia realized. “She must be on the trail.”
“What trail?” Scott asked. “In the preserve?”
“I told her not to,” Malia practically growled. “But she’s stubborn and probably did it anyway. There’s a trail my dad was complaining about, the hard one that goes up to Lookout Point. He was saying that it wasn’t safe because of all the erosion from the rain.”
“You think she went up there?” Stiles asked.
“Yes,” Malia told him. “And we have to find her.”
Lydia nodded. “We need to hurry.”
Stiles nodded. “Me, Scott, and Liam can take the jeep. You can go with Malia.”
“What the hell are we waiting for?” Malia demanded, glaring around at the group. “She said we don’t have a lot of time. Let’s go!”
She was the first to burst out of Lydia’s front door and head to her car, and she nearly left the Banshee behind in her haste to get to you. She was speeding the whole way to the preserve, and she was either lucky enough to avoid the police, or they were all out investigating another murder. Whichever it was, it didn’t matter to Malia. All she wanted to do was get to you.
She finally skidded to a stop at the entrance, and then jumped out of her car without even cutting off the engine. Her boots hit the dirt, and she immediately began to strip off her clothes.
“Malia!” Lydia shrieked. “What are you doing?”
“I’m faster as a coyote!” she snapped, tossing her clothes and shoes into a pile next to one of her tires. “I need to find, Y/n. The guys will catch up with me.”
Before Lydia could protest any more, Malia was morphing into a ball of fur. She dropped to the ground on all fours and took off into the woods without a second glance, leaving Lydia there to heave an exasperated sigh. She brought a hand to her mouth and resisted the urge to bite her fingernails, an old childhood habit that had plagued her whenever she was nervous.
She just hoped that Malia could find you, because if the sinking feeling in her stomach was any indication, you didn’t have a lot of time.

You woke up to a pounding in your head, and a heavy, painful feeling all over your body. It was like you were being crushed, and when you opened your eyes and found you couldn’t move, you realized you were. You were half-buried under a pile of heavy rocks, covered in bruises that were already beginning to decorate your skin.
You shifted, but your right leg and arm both screamed in protest, causing you to grit your teeth against the pain. Birds were still chirping above you, and the sun hadn’t stopped shining down. The forest was making its normal sounds, with one tiny edition that you had no doubt was all thanks to you.
A small whispering seemed to creep into the edge of your sense, sending a chill down your spine. You had heard the voices of the dead before, and when they gave you a warning, it always scared you. With that being said, that fear was nothing compared to what you felt when you heard your own name.
You felt tears pooling in your eyes, and you knew that if you didn’t get help, you were definitely going to die. You stared up at the trees above you, and you were just starting to think that it was a beautiful day when you hear soft, thumping steps.
They were quiet, so quiet you were sure you had imagined them at first, but then a furry face appeared over yours. You froze in terror, but as you looked into the creature’s eyes, you saw recognition in them.
“M-malia?” you croaked.
She leaned down and licked your cheek once, and you smiled. “God, you must think I’m an idiot. And…and you still came out here after me?”
She trotted over and laid down by your side, the one that wasn’t covered in rocks. Her fur pressed against your stomach, and you weakly reached out to run a hand over her flank.
“I can hear it you know,” you whispered. “They’re saying my name. I’m going to die.”
Malia picked her head up, her eye growing sharper, and she looked at you as if to say ‘shut up’. You smiled softly. “Maybe not. Maybe you’ll be my hero again, huh? Just like when we met.”
Your voice grew softer as your eyes grew heavier, and before you know it, you felt your head tilted to the side. You felt Malia nudging you with her nose, even gently nipping at your hand to get you to wake up, but it wasn’t working. Your fingers fell from her side and hit the ground, and you slipped into unconsciousness, watching the forest flur blur out behind your eyes.

You arm was itching. You reached out to scratch it, still not quite ready to open your eyes, but as your fingers grazed something rough, hard, and definitely not flesh, you had change of heart. You opened your eyes to find a purple cast covering your arm.
You shifted around, still incredibly sore, and your one very stiff leg told you that there was probably a cast on that too.
“I’ve got a bone to pick with you.”
You jumped at the sudden voice, and you glanced around you to find Malia sitting in a chair next to your bed. You blinked. Had she been there the whole time?
“I…yeah, I figured you would,” you said softly.
“You’re a banshee,” she stated. “That doesn’t mean you’re invincible.”
“I know, Malia, I just-”
“That was stupid,” she interrupted. “And it was reckless, and you could have died. How do you think I would have felt if you died? You’re one of the few people who actually make me want to be human, Y/n. You’re part of the reason I decided to stay this way. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“Malia,” you said softly. “I had no idea.”
“Well now you know,” she said. “So you better not go running off into the woods again. At least not without me.”
You glanced down at your casts. “I don’t think I’ll be doing that anytime soon.”
“Well, it doesn’t matter,” she told you. “Because you still owe me a study date anyway.”
You smiled. “Right.”
“And another kiss,” she added.
You grinned at her. “When did I promise that?”
“You didn’t, I just want one,” she said with a shrug.
“Well, I’m right here,” you said flirtatiously. “And kind of immobile right now, so if you wanted to make your move-”
Your last few words morphed into an ‘mmph’ as Malia darted forward and pressed her lips against yours. She was gentle, more gentle than you had ever imagined Malia could be, but you guessed she was worried about hurting you. You closed your eyes as she tangled her fingers in your hair, and you wished so desperately that you could sit up and thread your fingers through hers.
When she pulled away from you, staring down into your eyes and grinning, you felt like maybe being stuck in bed wasn’t so bad.
“Do you like your cast?” she asked suddenly. “Scott’s mom let me pick out the color while you were out.”
“And purple’s your favorite,” you remembered with a smile.
She nodded. “I figured you’d like it.”
“I do,” you promised her, running your fingers over it. “And I’m going to make sure you’re the first one to sign it.”
“Stiles already called dibs,” she said with a shrug.
You rolled your eyes. “Well, it’s my cast, so I say you sign it first. Stiles can wait.”
“Good,” she said with a smile. “But as much as I’d love to stay and keep kissing you, I have to leave.”
“Why?” you asked quizzically.
“Because I can hear your parents coming back down the hall with a nurse,” she informed you. “And I’ve been kicked out of your room twice already, and I’m not really supposed to be in here.”
“Malia,” you complained.
“What?” she asked, backing toward the door.
“I don’t want you getting in trouble because of me.”
She suddenly pulled open the door, wedging herself in the threshold. She shot one cautious glance down the hall and looked back at you for a few more seconds, and then her lips turned up in a grin.
“You’d be worth it,” she assured you, winking and then slipping out the door.
You felt your face flushing as Malia slipped away, and you leaned back against the hospital pillows. You closed your eyes, knowing that you only had a few seconds before your parents and the nurse got there, but you wanted to dream a little longer. And with your lips still tingling from Malia’s kiss, you knew there would be a lot to dream about.

LIP March Madness: Introduction of Human Emotions in a Virtual System

Summary: There are some thing you should not mess with. Katniss should have known that before stepping inside the Dreamatorium. Now she has to run through its simulations to find her friend Beetee before he’s lost forever. Sort of. Based on Community season 3 episode 16 “Virtual Systems Analysis”.

Rated: T

A huge thank to @titaniasfics for betaing, and to the ladies at @loveinpanem for hosting this round.

I don’t own THG nor Community

The battle rages all around her. She sees the Men in White fall by the dozen, but the gray uniforms of the rebels lay on the ground, too, marred with blood and dirt.

The epic music swells in a crescendo of brass and percussion.

She uses her bow to block the shotgun-axe of a soldier, then punches him in the guts and stabs him in a soft spot of his neck with her combat knife.

The Crafter is at her side, wielding his powerful plasma spear with purpose. They need to open a path through the battlefield to get to the Reasoner and the Hunter, who have almost reached the President’s camp, leading the assault.

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anonymous asked:

A hc Rfa members and mc arguing/fighting its not pretty and mc can't take it and heads to the door to leave please

<ahhh I haven’t done angst in a very very long time. imma put a warning for this one, just so some people don’t get triggered. thank you for this request anon, i’m think it’s gonna be good!♡>   you can blame the mysme group chat for making this like HOLY SHIT angst btw (y'all know who you are) 




  • you were tired of it
  • “Rika used to dress like that.”
  • “You remind me so much of Rika.”
  • “Rika used to do her hair like you do all the time.” 
  • “You know, that’s what Rika studied in school.”
  • Rika, Rika, Rika, Rika, Rika, Rika
  • everything you did was Rika 
  • and you were sick of it
  • “God damnit Yoosung, my name isn’t Rika.”
  • “I know that, you don’t have to remind me.”
  • you began to cry, and Yoosung was getting annoyed with you
  • you lost it. 
  • that necklace Yoosung had bought for your birthday, the one with the picture of you and him in it, you tore it off your neck and threw it down
  • “If that’s what you really think, I guess I’ll just leave then.”
  • your voice was croaky, tears slipping down your face as you stomped to the door of his and your apartment, about to head out.
  • “MC WAIT!”
  • “Wait for what, Yoosung?” 
  • “I…I, I’m sorry. Please, don’t leave.”
  • “I can’t accept that apology, Yoosung. You know that.” 
  • “MC, please. I can’t live without you!” 
  • “You’re going to have to learn, Yoosung. If I come back, I’ll be expecting a real apology and no more mentions of…her.”
  • He went to grab your arm as you left, but you got out of his grip 
  • You found yourself at Zen’s explaining everything to him, as he offered you a place to stay
  • Zen’s phone was on blast, Yoosung calling him every 5 minutes in hopes to talk to you
  • “MC, it’s Yoosu-”
  • “Don’t mention his name, I don’t want to hear his voice or think about him. Tell him I said to please leave me alone.” 
  • After a week, Zen convinced you to go back to see Yoosung again, and you’ve gotten ready to accept his apology and apologize yourself
  • You knocked on his door, and an extremely underfed, tear-stained cheeked, heavy under-eye bagged Yoosung answered the door
  • but as soon as he saw you, the light in his eyes flickered with hope
  • “MC….is it really you?”
  • “Yoosung what the hell have you done to yourself?!?”
  • you found yourself not speaking with him, but still taking care of him for the first few hours, feeding him and letting him rest
  • you could see that he needed it
  • once he was ready, he came up to you and grabbed your hand
  • “MC, I’m really sorry. I couldn’t understand that you and Rika were different people. You both seemed the same to me since you both gave me hope, and took care of me, and loved me. But now, through what’s happened between us, I can see that you aren’t Rika. You’re far from her, too, you’re way better than her. I’m in love with you, MC, not her. I hope you still accept and love me, even though I’ve been an asshole this whole time to you. I should’ve excepted it earlier but my mind wouldn’t let me…”
  • you cut him off with a light kiss, you could feel him smile some, as a single tear rolled down your cheek
  • “I’m sorry for leaving you Yoosung. I just got too frustrated with how you kept comparing me to Rika, it hurt me. It made me feel less important to you. But, I shouldn’t have left you like I did. I should’ve stayed and heard you out. I’m sorry.”
  • “You have nothing to be sorry about, MC. Now, will you take this back?”
  • he held out the necklace you had torn off your neck that day you had your argument
  • you nodded your head, as he re-put it on your neck
  • “I’m really sorry, MC. Do you maybe just wanna cuddle and watch a movie?”
  • “That sounds perfect, Yoosung, thank you.”
  • needless to say, Rika’s name was never mention in your home from then on, unless it wasn’t in a way Yoosung would compare the two of you together.

Jaehee Kang:

  • you understood how much her job meant to her, as it was her only source of a decent income
  • but when it gets to the point where it seems like your girlfriend is dating her work more so than you…
  • …you need to put your foot down.
  • “Jae, why don’t we cuddle for a little tonight with those lattes you’re so good at making and we can watch some of Zen’s musicals you have on DVD, hm? Sounds nice, right?”
  • “Not right now, MC. I’ve got this report to finish.”
  • “Well, I guess you can sleep with the report tonight instead of your living and breathing girlfriend, Jaehee.”
  • “What are you talking about now, MC?”
  • “What am I talking about? What am I, talking about? I don’t know, Ms. I Love My Work More Than My Girlfriend, why don’t you ask all the reports you did last week!”
  • “You know that I’m busy all the time with my job, MC. Mr. Han doesn’t let down the amount of work I take home per night just because I have a girlfriend, you know.”
  • that broke you
  • that was the last straw.
  • “Goodbye then, Jaehee. Have a happy life with your pieces of paper and packets of reports.”
  • “MC..I-I didn’t mean it I was just-”
  • you headed for the door as you could hear her tiny feet running behind you
  • “Save it, Jaehee. I don’t wanna hear it. I’ll hear you out if I decide to come back. Goodbye.”
  • you walked out and to Jumin’s penthouse, it was the closest place for you to head right now and Jaehee wouldn’t expect you to go there
  • “MC, what are you doing here so late?”
  • “Jumin, can I stay here for a little while? II can’t see Jaehee right now…and it’s too long of a story to explain right now. Please?”
  • he let you in and showed you to guest room, where you sat on that bed not eating or drinking for a week straight, just crying and trying to think straight
  • you heard him on the phone with Jaehee multiple times, he tried to bribe you a few times with cash to talk to her, but you never budged.
  • “Assistant Kang, I’ve told you 46 times already, MC doesn’t want to speak with you, and I’ve already bribed her 34 out of those 46 times. I’m not asking her any longer. You have reports to do, so please go do them.”
  • he walked into the guest room to see your pale tear-stained face underneath the single blanket on the bed
  • “MC, I going to need to ask you to go home. Assistant Kang really really needs to see you, and I don’t think I can handle her 50 phone calls an hour any longer. I have work I need to do myself, so please. Go home and take care of her, will you?”
  • needless to say, you were now in the back of driver Kim’s car, heading to your and Jaehee’s apartment
  • once you arrived the door swung open to reveal a more so than usual sleep-deprived Jaehee, who was paler than normal and hard bloodshot eyes from crying
  • “Jaehee, look at yo-”
  • “Shh, MC. I’m sorry. You’re right, I’ve been focusing too hard on my work and I’ve been ignoring you too much I’m sorry. I need to learn when tot put my work away and when to spend time with you. I really, truly, am sorry MC.”
  • “Jaehee I overreacted anyways, nothing to get too worked up over. Sure I was mad for a while, but I got over it cause I realized how childish I was being. I love you Jaehee.”
  • “I love you too, MC, now how about that cuddle session you spoke of?”
  • so, you both wound up falling asleep in each others arms, both with a latte in hand as one of Zen’s many musicals was just ending in the background.


  • you were happy he had gotten a new role in a major film
  • but when his costar in the film was beginning to take your boyfriend away from you more than you liked, that’s when you were done
  • “Zen, don’t you think you’re getting a little too close to her?”
  • “No, MC. I actually don’t. Aren’t you happy for me, I’m actually going somewhere in my career and all you can think of is yourself!”
  • “It’s not that, it’s just I’m sick and tired of not seeing you anymore!”
  • “You know I practice late.”
  • “Yeah, and that’s exactly why I saw pictures of you and your costar getting out of a cab and going into a bar the other night, eh?”
  • “That was one time, MC.”
  • that took everything out of you
  • he was the one hanging around with some other girl, but here you were the one being called a child?
  • you huffed, letting the promise ring Zen gave to you fall off your hand and onto the wooden floor with a klang
  • you headed toward the door, before an arm grabbed you, stopping you
  • “Just what in the hell do you think you’re doing, MC.”
  • “You clearly want to spend more time with that other girl, so why don’t you do it in your own place? I’ll send someone to get my things tomorrow. We’re done Zen.”
  • “MC, wait!”
  • “No waiting, Zen! You clearly don’t understand what I’m feeling right now!”
  • you found yourself walking to Seven’s bunker, he instantly let you in 
  • every night you were gone, Zen got on the messenger drunker than a skunk
  • “MC, I think Zen really needs-”
  • “Shush it, Sev. He needs to learn. I’m not just some sort of trophy girl for him to show off at events or premieres.”
  • “I get that, MC, but he’s really…..broken….without you.” 
  • you huffed, not wanting to remember the good moments you had with him
  • he broke your heart that night, and you weren’t sure if you were going to go back
  • meanwhile, Zen sat on the same roof he and you sat on when he had confessed his love for you, except this time you weren’t there
  • you were replaced by countless amounts of empty beer cans, as he chugged the open one in his hand and allowed it to burn down his throat
  • “God MC, I’m such an idiot, I need you….I need you….”
  • you walked home the next day to see a pale-faced, passed out Zen lying on the roof, many more beer cans sprawled out next to him than were before
  • “God damnit Zen, what the hell have you done to yourself?”
  • you dragged him into his house, lying him on his bed with some water and aspirin on the side table as you cleaned up all the empty beer cans and love letters he had written sprawled all over the floor
  • he woke up groggy, not knowing how he had moved from his roof to his bed
  • “What in the-argh!” 
  • his head pounded as he looked over to see aspirin set out for him already, and some water
  • he gladly chugged them down, praying his headache would go away as you walked into the room
  • “MC, you…you’re here?”
  • “How do you think you wound up in bed, silly?”
  • “You’re still mad, aren’t you?”
  • “A little…”
  • he engulfed you in a hug, but you didn’t hug back
  • “I’m really really sorry, princess, I need to spend less time with her. You’re right, since I have a girlfriend, I should start acting like I have one. I should spend more time with you, I’m so so sorry MC.”
  • you huffed, accepting his hug as you hugged him back, tighter
  • “It’s fine Zen…I overreacted anyways.” 
  • “No, you had every right to do that, MC. I love you, will you take this back now?”
  • he held out the promise ring you had dropped that night of your fight
  • “Of course.”
  • he slipped it back on, and you both spent the entire day cuddling, telling each other how much you loved each other. 

Jumin Han:

  • “Doesn’t Elizabeth look lovely today, MC? Look at the way her coat shines in the sunlight!”
  • “Why of course, dear.”
  • it seemed like anymore Jumin’s life revolved around Elizabeth the 3rd
  • not you, anymore. it uses to revolve around you, but now you’re old news, and Jumin’s gone back to his same old cat-obsessing ways
  • and it was sickening to you
  • he payed more attention to his cat than you, he never spent time with you anymore, he never listened to you anymore
  • for christ’s sake he sat next to his cat during dinner now, not you. 
  • so you had enough, and refused to speak to him for a while to see if he’d notice.
  • “Darling, do you think we should get the rose gold food dish for Elizabeth or the silver food dish?” 
  • he waited, but you continued eating your food, not saying a word to him
  • “MC? Excuse me, darling? Are you alright?”
  • “Wow, you’re finally caring about me for once?” 
  • he was taken aback by your reply, dropping his cutlery at once before looking at you from across the dinner table
  • “What do you mean, finally caring about you, I’m always caring about you!”
  • you huffed, crossing your arms against your chest
  • “Oh really? When was the last time you asked me how my day was? When was the last time you gave me a compliment? When was the last time you felt anything towards me, Jumin?”
  • “MC, you can’t be serious right now. I’ve always cared for you! I ask you how your day is every night, I compliment you every day, I feel a strong love for you every day!”
  • “OH REALLY? THAT’S FUNNY, I haven’t been noticing that side of you, Jumin, in a really long time.”
  • “Okay, well tell me, MC, what have I been focusing on harder than I have my own wife?” 
  • his jaw dropped, his face was priceless. he never knew talking about his lovely cat would ever end up like this
  • that broke you. 
  • tears in your eyes, you ran to the door, hearing Jumin’s feet quickly following behind you.
  • as you reached for the door handle, you could feel Jumin’s hands grab your shoulders, trying to pull you back
  • “MC, wait, please….”
  • the man was crying
  • this was his first time crying in front of you, he didn’t even cry at your wedding
  • you tried to ignore that, pulling yourself away from him
  • “No, Jumin. If I come back I’ll be expecting as much attention as you pay to your cat, and maybe a little love too. Goodbye, Jumin.”
  • you quickly walked out, slamming the door behind you as you heard Jumin’s soft cries coming from behind the door.
  • it broke your heart, but it was nothing compared to what he had done to you
  • so, looking for a place to go, you decided on his childhood friend’s-V’s.
  • V knew him the best, so surely he’d know how to help you
  • as you knocked on his door to his studio apartment, you heard him quietly talking on the phone to someone, only Jumin you could assume.
  • without saying a word, as soon as he opened the door he engulfed you in a hug and took you in, shortly hanging up with Jumin after
  • “…that was Jumin, wasn’t it?”
  • “He’s hysterical, MC. I’ve never heard him like this before…”
  • V offered for you to stay with him for as long as you needed, and you took up his offer for about a week
  • through the whole thing, you learned more and more about Jumin’s not-so-perfect past, making you miss him, the way he held you, the way he talked to you
  • after a week, V looked at you with sympathetic eyes as he moved from the door frame, revealing an overly-tired, tear-stained cheeks, Jumin Han.
  • without saying a word, you both ran to each other, V had helped you figure out what was going on and how to forgive Jumin for what he had done to you, and you were ready to see Jumin again
  • silently, you both made your way to Driver Kim’s car, where you continued to sit in silence, only holding hands with each other. 
  • once you made it back to Jumin’s pent house, he immediately carried you to the bedroom, placing you on the bed as he curled up beside you and cuddled you
  • “I’m sorry MC, I never realized until now how much I talked about Elizabeth more than you. I shouldn’t have done that, I thought you liked talking about her as much as I did and I’m sorry I’ve been so stu-”
  • “Jumin, stop. As long as you treat me better than the cat from now on, it’s fine. I still love you as much as the day I made vows with you, hell, maybe even more.”
  • “Thank you, MC. I love you so much, you have no idea darling.”
  • from that day on, Elizabeth was treated as strictly a pet, and you became the only princess in Jumin’s life.


  • “Hun, did you eat yet today?”
  • “No, working.”
  • Babe, wanna go out tonight?”
  • “Still working, don’t bug me until I’m finished.” 
  • you were used to your boyfriend dating his work more than you, it’s a hacker thing you supposed
  • but when he ignores you and his health for an entire week straight…
  • …that’s when you get annoyed.
  • “Seven.”
  • no answer
  • “Sev.”
  • still, no answer.
  • huffing, you spun him around in his chair
  • he groaned, taking his headphones off of his hears as he slouched back in his chair, waiting for you to say something
  • “What the hell was that for, MC? You know I’m working.”
  • “Yeah, well maybe if you payed attention to your own health and your girlfriend, I wouldn’t have had to take you away from your precious work like this.”
  • “Well, do you want money? Do you want a stable life? Do you want a place to live? Why are you so concerned about me, I’ve told you before you really shouldn’t be so concerned about me.
  • you lost it, tears falling down your cheeks as you ran to the door
  • you heard Seven groan behind you, trailing behind you but in a more slower fashion since he has been sitting down for as long as he can remember 
  • he grabbed your wrist and turned you to face him 
  • “MC, please wait, I’m-”
  • “No, Seven I don’t want to hear it. Go back to work, don’t bother looking for me. Work is more important to you anyways, right?” 
  • you slipped out of his grasp as you walked out of your shared place, not knowing where you were going until halfway to Yoosung’s dorm
  • “MC, what are you doing here? Don’t you live with-”
  • “I don’t want to hear that name right now, Yoosung. Please, may I stay with you for a while?”
  • Yoosung allowed you to stay with him as long as you told him what was going on, since his phone was blowing up with texts from Seven
  • “MC, Seven wants to speak with-”
  • “Tell him I’m still upset with him, give me more time.”
  • by the end of a week and a half, it sounded like a madman was knocking on Yoosung’s door
  • you opened to reveal a fatigued and crying Seven, pulling you into a hug
  • “I’m so so sorry MC, I’m so so sorry, I’m so so sorry, I’m….”
  • you shushed Seven, rocking him as he sobbed into your shoulder
  • you walked hand in hand back to yours and his place, and once you got there you both cuddled on your bed together 
  • “I’m sorry MC, I should pay more attention to you than my work..”
  • “It’s alright Seven, I knew how stressed you were, I shouldn’t have walked out so suddenly like that. I’m sorry.”
  • you both fell asleep in each other’s arms, tear stained cheeks as you murmured how sorry you were to each other
  • needless to say, you and him both kept a close eye on each other’s health from then on, and payed more attention to each other.

<ahhhh im so sorry this took me so long anon, it was long to begin with then i lost it then i found it and i had to finish it I’m sorry, but i hope you enjoyed! yay for angst with a happy ending! now to worry about life and school yayyyy!~~~>

So, i realized i never posted one of my works here and that needs to be fixed. I based this off of a piece by @istehlurvz which can be found here. (yeah this fic is super old)


Word Count: 2022

Summary: Just holy shit… Lance was desperate. He had an assignment due and nothing was working. What could possibly happen when he spots a cute guy running around on campus and happens to bump into him. Something good right?


Nothing was working. The flowers looked flat. The birds were blurry…Even though they were just sitting there. Hell, Lance couldn’t even manage to take a different picture of a tree. And those never moved!

Ready to throw his camera in frustration, Lance groaned and fell back on the grass. He loved photography, he did, but this? This stupid freaking assignment was going to be the end of him. Might as well strap him to one of the aeronautic or astronautic majors’ rockets and launch him into space.

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Be Slow. Pietro Maximoff One-Shot.

Title: Be Slow.

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Female Reader

Prompt:  Anon: Hi! I just found your blog today and it’s already one of my favorites! If you aren’t too busy, could I request a fluffy/smutty Pietro one-shot in which reader is an Avenger and during a party with the rest of the team, Tony accidentally tells the group that she is a virgin causing her to get really embarrassed and leave the room. Pietro, her boyfriend, follows her to try and comfort her and once she feels a bit better, she decides she’s ready to lose her virginity?

Triggers: Bit of embarrassment. Dirty talking in Russian. Fluffy smut. Virgin!Reader.

Enjoy ;D

Please note that I do not speak Russian. All that I have I literally just punched into Google Translate. If there are errors, I do apologize.

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Hubba Hubba

Fandom: Love Live! Sunshine
Pairings: YohaRuby; KanaDiaMari (?)
Summary: Yoshiko’s into Ruby; Ruby’s into Yoshiko. Dia’s not happy about this, and Mari’s way too happy. Kanan figures she’s just there for the ride.
Word Count: 4.3k



Dia wondered sometimes if she should have seen it coming.

The hints had all been there, every single one lying in plain sight for her to spot and seize and stop. Indeed, when she really paused to think it over, they’d been there ever since the beginning.

Ever since Dia had been forced to watch that monstrosity of a video where her little sister, the one and only Kurosawa Ruby, had dressed up in some sort of over-the-top Gothic fashion, acted completely unbecoming of one carrying the blood of the Kurosawa family, and then, of all things, dabbed in front of a camera.

All for the sake of the student called Tsushima Yoshiko.

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Ultimatum (Bellamy x Reader x Jasper)

Request: Hey can you do a Bellamy x reader x Jasper story where they are both in love with the reader.
Can you do a AU where Bell & Jasper are in love with (Y/N) They grew up together & are best friends.They’re in high school now Bellamy’s popular & Jasper is a geek that (Y/N) hangs with, they compete 4 her ❤️Can you write 2 endings Jasper’s & Bell’s.

Originally posted by bebelusa003

Originally posted by darlingpanslove

Jasper and Bellamy watch each other, anger evident in their eyes. “I’ve been in love with her since we were five.” Bellamy tells Jasper, his arms folded over his chest. The two boys whisper quietly to each other as they stand outside their lockers waiting for you to arrive. 

“Yeah? Well I’ve been in love with her since we were four.” Jasper says back, his eyebrows furrowed as he watches Bellamy. 

“You’re actually unbelievable.” Bellamy shakes his head incredulously, “There’s no way you’re going to take her from me.” 

“We’ll see.” Jasper shrugs, holding his hands out, “May the best man win.” 

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Impact (Taehyung x Reader)

In which Taehyung is both a mess and your best friend.

Request: Taehyung + high school AU please? <3

Fluff, 4.7k words, taehyung/reader, high school au

You’re not exactly the goody-two-shoes type, who’s always nice and generous and good at everything, but you’re not exactly a problem child, either. You’re just a normal student, living her life, trying to stay out of trouble and graduate peacefully.

But apparently a certain hyperactive classmate doesn’t quite agree with your plan.

Taehyung is…special, to say the least. You’re still not sure why you let him tag along with you; maybe it’s because it’s easier to do that than try and peel him off of you. He’s developed the tendency to appear out of nowhere, latching onto you like a burr on wool, always eager to poke and prod and annoy the hell out of you.

You met him last year during gym class. Under strange and painful circumstances. Well, on your part, at least.

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Not Dead Yet (Part 5)

*Not that much interaction between our lovely “couple” this chapter but some good bonding with the Lost Boys and some potential foes. Things are cooking!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language, allusion to sexual assault (very minor)

After a few wrong turns and almost running headlong into a ginormous spider web I made it back to camp. The boys were still partying the night away. Do none of them know what sleep is? Speaking of…

“Hey, Devin.” I pulled him away from the others, “Where exactly does one find a place to sleep around here?”

“Turning in already?”

“I’ve had a busy day, I think some sleep is just what I need.”

“Okay, well, thankfully we already took care of that for you.” Devin led her to the near outskirt of the camp where a lone tent stood. “Nick and some of the others built this while you were out swimming. It has a cot, some blankets and a change of clothes we thought might fit you. Nothing major but it’s yours.”

“Thank you, you guys didn’t need to do that.”

“We do it for all the new recruits.” Devin shrugged, “I guess I’ll see you in the morning.”

“See you.” I crawled into my little tent and took it in. It was a very simple living station. Aside from the mentioned blankets and clothes there was also a lantern fashioned from a coconut half and a cracked handheld mirror. The mirror was really unnecessary but a nice, if not slightly sexist, contribution to the tent.

I kicked off my shoes and stripped off my clothes until I was left in my undershirt and knickers. I hadn’t realized until after I was in a confined space just how hot it was on this island. I laid down on the cot using the unused blankets as a pillow and fell asleep to the muffled sound of the drums playing back in the center of camp.


When I woke up the next morning I had to take a moment and remember where I was. I wonder how long it’s going to take me to get used to waking up in a tent. I grabbed the set of clothes the boys left for me and pulled them on. A little loose but that wasn’t a problem.

I stepped out of my tent to grab some breakfast and was not in the least surprised to see no one else was up. After that late night I would be genuinely shocked if any of them were awake this early.

Taking advantage of the quiet I found where they kept the stores of food, grabbed a couple apples and wandered off into the jungle for a morning walk. What am I even supposed to do here? They say it’s a fantasy realm where you can have fun all day everyday but I can genuinely say that as of this moment I am bored out of my mind.

What am I supposed to do with all this free time? All I’ve ever done is work. Without any work to do or books to read I am at a complete loss.

I eventually made it to a different beach and sat down in the sand. I pulled my dagger from its sheath and studied it in the morning light. It was as simple as daggers come. Sharpened stone with a leather bound grip. There was something carved at the bottom.

R. Just R.

Was this someone else’s before they gave it to me? If so then what happened to its last owner? Did I even want to know?

What was it Pan said when I met him? That I should be lucky to see this place and live? I sheathed the small blade once more. This island had already instilled a sense of unease but with every passing interaction with its leader and the questions it raises the more danger I feel I’m in. A part of me is screaming to get off this island. Run back to the Enchanted Forest and never look back!

Then again, there is a part that does kind of like this place. The boys, at least the ones I’ve met so far, are friendly. It’s like a big family unit that I get to be a part of. There are no adults to boss me around or harsh chores that needed tending to. I should give it a few more days before deciding if I truly want to find a way to leave.

I went back to the camp and was pleased to see that some of the boys had finally woken up. I looked for Devin but didn’t see him amongst the multiple faces. I did see Nick though and stuck by him for the morning. I thanked him and the other boys for making my tent. Again they told me it wasn’t a problem and quickly drew me into a story about a one legged pirate and the legend of his golden treasure chest. I was getting into the tale too before the rest of the camp woke up and suddenly story time was over.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“Training.” Nick shrugged. “We do it every morning before it gets too hot.”

“Oh right,” I remembered what they had told me yesterday about the combat practices they did, “Why do you guys train like this anyway? Neverland really that dangerous?”

“More dangerous than you’d think girly.” Another boy brushed past me. He was about my height with long mousy brown hair tied back with a string of leather.

“Who you calling girly?” I snapped at him and he glanced back to glare at me with only one dark brown eye.

“I’m calling you girly, girly. You may have the others fooled into thinking you’re one of us but you’re really just a weakling that’s only good for digging a ditch.”

“Excuse you? I’ll show you who’s a weakling!” I grabbed a tree limb off the ground and swung it hard at the boy’s head. He caught it and spun it around so fast that I tumbled to the ground. The other boys stopped their conversations as they watched the confrontation going down.

“Like I said, weakling.” the boy broke the branch over his knee, “Try to stay out of my way.”

“You little–” I bolted up but was restrained by Nick.

“Don’t let Slightly get to you. He’s been like that for as long as anyone can remember.”

“Slightly? What kind of a name is Slightly?

“What kind of a name is Y/N? You don’t have to be what you were named. A lot of the boys have different names than from when they were first brought here. You could change yours too if you wanted.”

“No thanks, I’ll stick with Y/N.”

We came to a clearing and the boys broke off into groups. Archers, spear-wielders, swordsman, and so forth. “Wondering where to go?” Pan was suddenly at my side.

“Kind of…” I fiddled with my dagger, “The closest I’ve gotten to weaponry and combat was my shovel and an incident with a wolf.”

“You fought off a wolf with a shovel?”

“What else was I supposed to do? Offer it a belly rub?”

“You’re really aggressive in the mornings aren’t you?”

“Only when you’re around.”

“Well,” he whirled me around, “Knowing your past experience I’d say you should join them.”

“The boys with the clubs?”

“Well it’s the closest we have to a shovel without actually using shovels. So, off you go.” he pushed me forward, “Also, if you have trouble or the others give you a hard time don’t go complaining or I will give them permission to beat the living hell out of you.”

“Aren’t you just the definition of charming.”

“I don’t tolerate pansies on my island.”

I had a biting remark on my tongue but held it back. Telling the leader of a pack of lethally trained boys that: if he didn’t tolerate pansies then he shouldn’t be there, didn’t seem like the smartest idea.

“You don’t need to worry about me. I learned not to complain a long time ago.” I muttered and walked over towards the boys that were practicing with the clubs. It was only a small group, Felix and some others I had only seen in passing but hadn’t talked to.

“Look who decided to stop by.” Felix grinned, “You wanna try this, really?”


“It takes a lot of muscle power.”

“I think I can handle it.”

“If you say so. Then let’s get you started.” he whistled and one of the boys handed me a club. It was a couple inches shorter than what I was used to holding and a lot more top heavy.

“Trick to using a club correctly is shifting your weight.” Felix explained to me, “If you don’t have a strong stance when you’re fighting then someone can use your weight against you and you’re down.”

He stepped back and spread his arms out. “Go on, show me your best swing.”

“Okay,” I tried to dig myself into what I thought was a strong stance like he said and swung. Without as much as a bat of his eyes he shifted out of the way, slammed my club back with his and for the second time that day the momentum of the hit sent me spiraling to the ground.

“A strong swing but also very clumsy, slow and blaringly obvious.” Felix leaned over me, “You have the power but you do not possess the technique. Not yet anyway. Get up.”

I stood up and and recollected my club. “What do I do?”

“Put your weight into it. That way all the power will be on the other end of the club. Go again.” I went again and again and everytime I swung he blocked it and every other time I ended up on the ground.

The entire morning went on like this. Steadily trying to get better and turning black and blue in the process. No matter how much I improved it was just never quite enough. I was still too predictable, too slow. Eventually Felix got tired of trying to teach me and handed it off to a large boy with a thick gut named Curly. Curly was a lot more patient than Felix but didn’t hold back any either.

When the sun was almost directly overhead we were finally done. In a word I felt miserable. I was used to long work don’t get me wrong but there’s something about getting constantly pummeled with a wooden club that adds to the exhaustion. I would be lying if I said the experience didn’t stir up some bad memories.

I pushed them away as the boys and I headed back to camp for lunch and rest. Now that practice was out of the way we had the entire rest of the day to do whatever we wanted. Seeing as how I was drenched in sweat I decided that my downtime was going to include a cool dip.

Coming back to the pond I had bathed in the day before I stripped down and hopped in once more letting the water wash away the grime I had built up during training. I was up to my neck just soaking it in when I heard voices behind me. I turned my head and saw Devin, Nick and some of the other boys walking my way. They stopped upon seeing me.

“Problem boys? Can’t handle a naked girl?” I smirked at them. “Nothing you haven’t seen before, right Devin?”

“We didn’t know you were back here. We’ll just–”

“Just what? You really think I care if you dopes see me nude? Besides what’s between your legs there’s not a whole lot of difference. Or are you so hormonal that the sight of my bare chest will turn you into raving beasts?”

They became quiet and I rolled my eyes. “Stay. Leave. Jump in. I don’t care.” I relaxed back against the pond wall.

“I’ll take up that offer.” one of the boys shrugged, “Could use a soak.”

“Ben!” Devin held him back, “You’re not seriously going to jump in, are you?”

“Why not? She said it was okay.”

“Yeah. I’m fine with it.”

“So you’d be fine if say the entire camp decided to come and hop in while you are in there without a strip of clothes on?”

“As long as none of them try to assault me then I don’t see any harm.”

“I’m heading in.” the boy, Ben, jumped in. After a few tense seconds the other boys looked at each other and hopped in as well. They were awkward about it for the first couple minutes but relaxed after we started cracking some jokes.

Maybe an hour went by and my fingers and toes were looking awfully wrinkly. “I think I’m done for today.” I hopped out and the boys made some cheeky comments.

A loud whistle sounded from across the pond and my head snapped to the source. Pan was standing there watching our group with an amused smile. What was more unsettling though was his gaze on me. I know I didn’t care about the boys seeing me naked but Pan…it felt wrong. I didn’t want that creep seeing me like this, not that I’d let him know that.

“Get a good look?” I called across to him as I started to put on my clothes.

“Not much to look at.” he called back and the simmering anger below my skin started to bubble once more.

“Stop commenting on your reflection, I’m over here.” I said and even from this distance I could see the annoyance flash across his features. Devin and the others were failing at hiding their amusement as I pulled on the rest of my clothes and sauntered back to camp.

Leaving Pan alone with his sniggering Lost Boys and the knowledge I had soundly irked him I began to smile. I’m starting to think I can really like it here. So long as Pan continues to be so easy to mess with that is.

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But Harry is far too selfish to let her go. To tell her that she deserves a better friend – a better use of her time than dealing with him – but he just – he couldn’t. Harry needs Y/N in a way that he can’t describe, and it’s weird – it’s really weird.

He just really likes Y/N – he thinks.


Harry’s really lonely and Y/N is always there

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