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Hold On To Let Go Chapter 3

Chapter three has finally been written so here, take it. Please remember that I obsessively check to see if my works have gotten any feedback, so please comment and/or reblog if you liked it! It means a lot to me! Seriously, even just a bunch of random letters or words would make my heart soar.

Big thanks to @puns-and-fics for inspiring this, and @jamilton-central for putting up with my infrequent update schedule. I don’t know what I’d do without you two.

Thomas walked up the street, from the bus stop to the school courtyard. Soft rays of sunlight bounced off his dark curls of hair, framing his obviously fake smile. At least, it seemed fake to Thomas. But that was because he knew. At least James couldn’t tell, the shorter man running up to him and grinning.

“Tommy!’ James exclaimed, elated at the sight of his friend. “You’re never gonna believe what happened earlier!”

“What is it, Jemmy?” Thomas asked, happy to leave behind his inner thoughts in exchange for one of James’s stories.

“Well, you know how in Mr.Franklin’s class we have that research and debate project coming up, the one where you have partners?” James inquired hurriedly, talking a mile a minute. “Well, you got paired up with Alexandwhore!” He exclaimed, laughing slightly at the title they’d made up for the scrawny nerd during Freshman year.

“Why is that a good thing, Jemmy?” Thomas muttered, trying to hide the look of pain on his face. He would have to work with Alexander, who was the boy he’d been harrassing for years, and simultaneously the boy he’d been falling in lo- the boy who was his platonic soulmate.

“Because,” James answered smugly. “It gives us the perfect opportunity for what I would like to consider the perfect prank!”

Thomas eyed James suspiciously. “Your pranks usually end with someone in the emergency room, Jemmy.”

“Well, it’s only Alexandwhore, so it won’t matter where he ends up. Do you remember last year when it was a fairly bad storm outside, and that loser could barely speak?”

Thomas remembered that day faintly. It had been last spring, near the end of winter. Alexander had been a shivering mess, asking to leave the class as soon as the first bolt of lightning struck miles away. “Yeah, so what?”

“Well, I did some research- it’s surprising what you can find on the internet- and I think I know why he was like that. Turns out that on Nevis, or wherever it is he’s from, there was a hurricane when he was a kid. So now he can’t stand storms or something. That’s where my plan comes in. RIght before you do your presentation, we play some storm noises, dim the lights, and make it seem like a horrible storm is happening. Then, once Alexandwhore is terrified, we force him to go do the presentation in front of everyone.”

“That’s a terrible plan.”

“You have to admit that it’d work. All you have to do is get him in the right place at the right time so that I can do my technical stuff.”

“And Burr? What does Aaron know of this?”

“He said something about a code of honor, and how he needed to remain impartial on the situation of Hamilton- basically, Aaron’s a buzzkill, but he won’t tell anyone if we go through with it. So…you in?” James asked, raising an eyebrow.

Thomas felt his heart sink at the idea of doing such a thing to his soulmate. Even if Thomas didn’t love the other teen, this would be a cruel thing to do to his ‘other half’. But this wasn’t his soulmate. Nobody knew except him. Not even Alexander. And Thomas knew that he wouldn’t think twice before doing such a thing to a bastard, orphan, whore’s son, undeserving, smartass-

“I’m in.”

Click, click, click, went the linoleum tile beneath Alexander’s feet. His arm was covered in dark green scribbles, and the scribbles were covering up his- he didn’t need to think about that. Not at all. His sleeves were down, and it was a particularly cold day, so wouldn’t have to worry about someone accidentally seeing the marks on his wrists. Not at all.

Locker doors slammed open and shut carelessly down the hall, the metallic clangs melding together with the dozens of conversations happening at once, a few words stringing together each time he passed a group of people. One moment it was ‘she smells wine and cheap’ and the next it was a simple ‘cooler than a vintage cassette’, as if people still used those.

He kept his head down, denying himself the ability to see exactly who was around him. It was more in an effort to remain inconspicuous than to block his eyesight, but Alexander was willing to use either excuse while trapped in his thoughts. The world was quiet, but a strange sense of quiet. The type of quiet one can only find in the midst of a crowd of teenagers and the air thick with gossip.

Eventually, he reached his first class of the day, U.S. History. It wasn’t his favorite, per say, but he was smarter than to call it his most hated subject. After all, in this class, the only member of his group of tormentors that was here was Jefferson, and he sat across the room. That was as good as it would get.

Rushing in through the open door, he scurried away from the pressing crowd of his peers and walked into the artificially-lit room. There was Mr.Franklin, smiling at him politely, and the classroom half-full of people who simply wanted to avoid the noise and pressure of the halls before the first class of the day, and, of course, the memo board. It was typically bare, save for the crumpled flyer for a musical that the school had put on years ago, but today was different. Today, a neon green piece of paper was tacked to the board.

Walking over to it, he furrowed his brow at the list of names before reading the title of the page. ‘Group assignments’, it said, in overly curvy font which Mr.Franklin had most likely chosen for no reason other than the fact that it seemed amusing at the time, as most his choices appeared to be.

Scanning the page, Alexander’s heart stopped beating for just a moment when he read the words next to his own name.

Typed neatly on the paper in a font that Alexander had never even seen before was the name Alexander Hamilton, with a line attaching it to another name he knew all too well.

Thomas Jefferson.




hi hey hello sorry im Never Here

dude that cluster b feel when you have intense emotional responses to everything but your feelings change in the blink of an eye so you have to pretend youre upset for like 5x as long as you actually were because if you just go from storming out of the room to “okay im fine now” in 30 seconds flat everyone thinks youre pretending, or if you go from yelling at someone to instantly feeling calm and clear and apologetic they think youre only apologizing for show


just some Cool Kids,

How they react to walking in on you changing

He feels so bad, he’ll cover his eyes up right away and continously apologize even after he leaves and you come back out. 

He looks away, but will peak here and there, but you’ll catch him and throw something at him. after, he’ll make jokes and you guys laugh it off 

He walks in and immediately walks right back out. When you’re done, and come out he’ll come up to you and apologize and ask if you’re okay. He feels guilty even though it was an accident, and you have to reassure him. 

He blushes so bad and just stands there, not knowing what to do just looking at his feet. You just laugh it off and tell him its okay. “Im so sorry I-” “Its fine Johnny, and its dafe to look now.” 

Damn girl.” you didn’t mind him watching because you caught him through a peep hole a few years ago, and well its nothing he aint seen already. “Shut up Dal.” “Whatever.” 

“Woah sorry! Didnt know you were in here.” and he would leave, but reminisce on the sneak peek he got. 

“Woah! haha Whoops!” He would stay until you told him to leave. All night long he would bring it up and joke every chance he got. 

It Feels so wrong, but SO RIGHT: Part 5

Rodrick Heffley x reader story

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long. I have been lazy with my entries latley, and its only because of person events going on in my life. I apologize. I have been getting so many requests for more Rodrick, specifically more of this story, and I am happy to! As always, enjoy, and don’t be afraid to make requests! ❤

Warning: Angst, jealousy, makeup sex, etc.

P.S. This posted early, and then when I tried to finish it, it deleted. Fml.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It was an average day for you at this point, sitting with Rodrick ar lunch. Enjoying your homemade meal you made for yourself eariler that day. Often times sharing a few things with Rodrick, who adored your cooking by the way. You were no kitchen wizard, but then again, Rodrick was easy to please. Not only that, but Rodrick adored you to death. Sometimes you would catch him staring at you from across the classroom, or even while he was sitting right next to you. You couldn’t help but blush, and smile.

On this day in particular, a friday, you were seated, with Rodrick’s head laying in your lap. He was chatting with his friends, now your friends, the other band members. You exited the conversation for a moment, only to look up for a moment. Walking across the cafeteria, a familiar silhouette clicked across the tile. Those heels, deafening, that walk, nauseating, that body, threatening. You tensed up, you watched her as she walked by. For a brief moment those piercing blue eyes stared into yours. Blue like the ocean, or perhaps a large lake. Either way, they could drown you. She glared at you for a moment before flicking her golden hair and walking off. Heather Hills was the most retched being you had ever laid eyes on. From the beginning, she hated your guts, and you hated hers in return. Memories of a little Y/N crying in the playground, alone, and scared, were all because of her. She was a down right bitch, and yet the world seemed to adore her. Even Rodrick, had once had a crush on her. The thought of Heather and your Rodrick made you ill. Perhaps you could live without him, but the idea that he would ever choose her over you, was soul crushing.

“What do you think babe?” Rodrick’s voice pierced your train of thought.

“What?” You looked down at him, while he gazed up at you.

“Party tonight, at David’s. You up for it?” He gave a smile, and raised his brow.

“Uh, yeah, sure. Sounds fun.”

“Its gonna be bangin’ his parents are out for the whole week, and we are gonna raaaaage!” On of the band members shouted with glee. You laughed, and tried to kick your previous thoughts to the back of your brain. The rest of the day went on as usual, and sure enough the final bell rung and you left the school with Rodrick. You walked hand in hand into the parking lot, he looked over and watched you. You were quieter than usual, you were deep in thought.

“You okay?” He asked, giving your hand a small squeeze.

“Oh, yeah Im fine. What time is that party again?

“Around 6, I think. Ill pick you up around then, is thag cool?”

“Yeah, yeah that works fine.” You were still having a hard time shaking these thoughts from your head, you were off today. Rodrick looked around for a moment, and then back to you, concerned.

“You sure you’re okay”

“Yes, Rodrick, I’m okay. I promise.”

“Okay, just checking.” He kissed you on the cheek and let of your hand as he walked away. “I’ll see you later hot stuff!”

“See ya!”

You got home, you did your homework, the usual. All while still in a thought provoked haze. You looked up at the clock, 5:30. Shit. You only had half an hour to get ready. You couldn’t exactly go in your usual get up, which was mostly wore purley to please your parents. You had to be trim and relativley proper. You had to be the smart girl, the girl with good grades. Rodrick, however, brought out this other side of you. You squirmed for a moment, just thinking about your first time with Rodrick, the first of many. You stood, and went to get ready when a loud knock on your bedroom door shook you from your state of mind.

“C-Come in!” You stuttered. Your mother stepped in.

“Dinners ready.”

“Oh um, I’m not feeling very well. I know it’s early, but I don’t want to risk it.” Your mother nodded, appearing to be fooled by your lie.

“Gonna see the boy again?” She gave a smile. You tried to lie again but she was too quick. “Alright, just be safe. I’ll tell your father you’re, ‘sick’. Have fun. Use protection!”

“Mom!” And with that she left you to your own devises. Half an hour went by fast, and before you knew it, you got the text from Rodrick that he was out front. You had to rush out of your window, and sneak across your lawn to his van.

“Hey cutie!” He leaned over and gave you a kiss before starting the car, and driving away. “You feeling better?”


“Earlier, you seemed off.”

“I told you, I was fine then, Im fine now.”

“Okay, okay! I was just asking.” The rest of the car ride was filled with music, and a joke here and there. Something about it helped settle everything going on in your mind. It put all your worries aside. When you arrived at the party, hand in hand, Rodrick was loudly greeted by some friends. You chatted along side your extrovert boyfriend, all while holding his hand as if he were a security blanket. Some time passed, things were going great. Even better when Rodrick pulled you onto the dance floor, and started goofing around. He had this incredibly way of making you laugh. You regreted never giving him a chance before the whole tutoring thing.

“I’m gonna grab a drink, do you want anything!?” You had to yell over the music.

“Sure!” So you turned towards the kitchen to fill a red cup. You had just taken one in hand when you heard it. That sound. The familiar click clack of those retched heels. You snapped to attention, her figure stood, leaning against a wall with her friend. Acting too cool, and utterly bored with the whole situation. You tried to ignore her, filling your cups with drinks. You turned to go back to Rodrick, but when you looked up, as if by some evil sorcery she was there. Talking to Rodrick. She didn’t even like Rodrick, you knew that much, what the hell was she doing…flirting with him?

“Hey! Aren’t you that guys from that band?” Her voice was like nails against chalk board.

“Uh, Löded Diaper. Yeah, we played at your birthday party last year. Don’t you, remember?” He was clearly nervously, and visibly blushing. He had even stuck a hand behind his head and was leaning against a wall.

“Oh my god! Thats right! You played my favorite song!” She leaned in closer, reached out with her bright pink claws and rested a hand on his shoulder. “Yknow, I never got to repay you for that.” She purred. Rodrick nodded, nervous, and shifted away. He arm sliding off of him.

“I mean-” Rodrick stopped mid sentence, the loud crashing sound shook him from his train of thought. He watched you storm off up the stairs of the house having dropped your drinks. His heart sunk, he had been in a similar situation with you before. He cursed Heather for this again. “Y/N, wait!” He yelled after you. He searched for you, but you were too fast. You had hidden in what you could assume was a family room. There were others there, but it was empty enough to sulk. You sat down on the empty couch, and hid your face in your hands. That bitch, how could you be so stupid? Rodrick has had a crush on her since god knows when, and you actually thought you had a chance of-

“Hey, Y/N. You okay?” You heard a boy’s voice ask. You looked up to see a familiar face sit down next to you. A fellow classmate. Someone you were acquaintances with at most.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You lied, again.

“Is it that Rodrick guy?”


“Look Y/N. If that guy isn’t treating you right, it wouldn’t surprise me.” You were just so confused. “You deserve better, you can do better.” He placed a hand on your knee. You stared at him wide eyed, hoping he would get the hint and leave. “If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here for you.”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Rodrick’s voice rang in your ears. He stood above the two of you, and swatted the boy’s hand away from your knee. “Get out of here, creep.” He pulled the guy up, and shoved him gently to the side. The boy gave this begrudgingly fustrated look, and leaned in.

“If you need anything-”

“Fuck off!” You shouted at him, and he scattered like a roach. Rodrick sat.

“Are you okay? Is this about Heather, because!”

“Of course it’s about Heather! Why wouldn’t it be? She was all over you!”

“Im sorry Y/N, she came on to me.”

“I know she did! That’s why Im pissed, you know how I feel about her. And you, you’ve had a crush on her for forever! I mean, what chance do I have if that bimbo is throwing herself at you?”

“Okay, yeah. I used to have a crush on her, but that before you. Look, I may not be the smartest guy, but I’ve made up my mind. You are my girlfriend, and I love you. I don’t want anybody else.” You watched his face, he was dead serious.“

“I love you Rodrick.” You smiled, and he kissed you. A tender kiss while he held you close. A kiss that was deepened by Rodrick pulling you closer, and closer until you were practically in his lap. Your hands ran through his hair as his hands ran up and down your sides. A full on, make out session broke out. Pretty soon Rodrick’s tounge was wondering your mouth, and his hands were proudly placed on your ass. They squeezed and needed affectionately as he leaned forward to continue the kiss. Before you knew it, Rodrick’s erection was bulging through his jeans, needy, he rubbed you against it. Swaying your hips back and forth. If it wasn’t for you, he would have probably fucked you right then and there. You got off his lap, and with a small whimper he looked at you with that lust filled gaze. He stood, and pulled you out of the room, and down the hall to some random room he found. Luckily, there was no other couple. Rodrick quickly shut the door behind him, and shed his shirt and other clothes before taking off yours. The rest was a blur as you layed down on the bed, and spread your legs for him.

“Fuck, Y/N.” He whispered between heated kisses. He lined himseld up, and pushed into you. You gasped as his cock started to thrust in and out, in and out. Slowly, until Rodrick became more and more needy, and started slamming his cock in you. He held your hips, and when you arched you back in pleasure, he went wild. He left hickeys and kisses all over your body. As if marking you as his own. He grunted, and huffed as you moaned loudly with pleasure corsing through you. You came with ease, as you normally did with Rodrick, who moaned loudly when he felt you convulse around him. He drove in as deep as he could, hitting against your cervix. His thrusts quickly becoming erratic, and unstable. He was losing his mind with you, and he hunched over your body, kissing your deeply as the two of you came. You felt his cum flood you, and you moaned. The two of you had to take a moment, panting. He kissed your neck and affectionately and moaned your named. You quickly realized exactly where you were, and you bounced into action. Throwing your clothes on before the two of you were caught. Rodrick did as he was ordered.

“Hurry up! I don’t wanna get caught.” You said in a hushed tone. He gave you this content little smile, and once completely clothed, kissed your cheek as you left the room to continue the party.

“Hey! Where were you two?” A friend cried in excitement.

“We got lost.” Rodrick lied, and the rest of the night went off without a hitch. All the while, you had to walk, and talk while you felt Rodrick’s pervious load slowly fall out of you and into your panties. The feeling of it, sent a shiver down your spine, and if you were honest, turned you on a little more than it should have.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ahhh! It feels good to be back! Sorry I’ve been away for so long! As always, I am now accepting for requests, as backed up as they may be! ❤

Jeffory in the Delinquent AU
  • Some Girl: *trips*
  • Jeffory: Are you okay? *helps her up*
  • Jeffory: *sparkles*
  • Girl *is all red now* yes i-im fine!
  • Jeffory: okay that's great! *walks away*
  • Girl: oh my Irene! Who is he? ?
  • Girl 2: that's jeffory you, you don't want to involve yourself with him.
  • Girl: why not?? I don't a princ see like him is bad!
  • Girl 2: he's part of the Juries of Nine.
  • Girl: oh
do yall think this would work at ulta

go in, act natural
get a shopping bag
drop things in bag in open
drop duplicates in MY bag in blindspot
fake a phone call in front of SA’s, pretend its my mom
“yeah im in ulta (pause) were leaving NOW? (pause) fine, okay. see you soon”

Sorry for the drag but the long awaited chapter is here! If you wished to be tagged in the remainder chapters, tell me in my ask!
New Kid part 7:

“Why are you calling me?” I said tucking hair behind my ear
“I missed your voice”
“Alittle too late, don’t you think?”
“Your still the crazy girl I fell in love with”
“And your still the cheating bastard I fell out of love with” nate looked over at me examining my face.
“Baby, I miss you I really do.”
“Save it please, because I really don’t miss you.”
“Please just see me ,one last time, hear me out, if you don’t feel the same, ill leave you alone forever”
“No, I don’t want to see you, I can’t look at you knowing what you did. I don’t even wanna breath the same air as you.”
“Please princess, just give me a chance”
I let a deep breath out
“If I go, you’ll leave me alone?”
“When & Where”
“Now, my house”
“I’ll be there in 5”

I hung up and looked over to the boys
“Quick change of plans” I said turning the car, we drove in silience until we reached the front of his house, “why are we here” gilinsky asked “I need to end this once and for all, stay in the car.” I said getting out, I was walking up the drive way when i felt a hand against my shoulder “you don’t have to do this.” Nate said “I know but I want to I’ll be okay you guys are here I’m good” I said hugging him “be careful” “you know me” I said pulling away. I made my way to the door, and opened it, and saw David sitting in the sofa hands roaming through his hair

“Y/n..” He breathed out in relief
“Hi” I said coldly “sit, please?” He said looking at the sofa. I walked over,and sat down looking him straight in the eyes. “What’s this all about” I said “I miss you, i miss us.” he said throwing his hands to the side “again, it’s a little too late for that” “Y/n I love you dammit!” “NO DAVID!” I yelled a little too loud “you don’t get to do this to me, you broke me once,and left me to reattach the pieces. You got to move on, and I was left to forget everything we were! I fucking loved you. I let my walls down for you! Something I never fucking do, but I did for you, and as soon as I did you cheated on me! Now im fine, I’m okay again, I’ve moved on” “yeah,with sammy I see” “shut the fuck up! I get to talk,not you. I moved on, I’m fine, I’ve been happier without you, and now you want to randomly come back because you “miss me”. bullshit. I bet your back, because you have no one to fuck, and you think your gonna be able to crawl back in my panties. Sorry David, but it’s not working this time. And for your information sammy is my friend. So fuck you, fuck your apology, I don’t need to hear it. I came to let everything out, and now that I did.“ I fumbled grabbing my things and stood up “It’s time for me to go” I started walking away “no! You leave when I say so!” David yelled yanking my arm and throwing me across the room. I stood there motionless on the ground and David came to my side “fuck, fuck fuck I’m sorry I’m sorry” a single tear slid from my eye. I forced myself up and he took hold of my arm once again. With my free arm, i slapped him which angered him more “get the fuck off of me” I yelled. He ran to me, and pushed me against a wall “now your gonna pay” he yelled, he smashed his lips against mine. I tried to hit him but his grip on my arms were too tight. He used one hand to hold both my hands, still not breaking the kiss, and took his other free hand, and slid them down my pants. I kicked, but it was no use. He threw me to the sofa, continuing what he was doing. He forcibly rubbed me, but i threw my head back, and managed to yell. He covered my mouth and used his free hand to forcibly massage my breasts. After a couple seconds ,I heard the door swing open, and saw Nate from the corner of my eye. Johnson quickly dialed 911, and before David had time to react, gilinsky and nate pulled him off of me. Gilinsky came to me helping me up, and nate fought with David. Nate threw blow after blow connecting with David’s face until the cops came, and a cop pulled him off. “DONT FUCKING TOUCH A GIRL LIKE THAT EVER” nate yelled trying to break free. Gilinsky and Johnson helped me walk outside. to a awaiting ambulance and a short time later a bloody David appeared, hand cuffed, escorted to a awaiting cop car.