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Let’s take some time to analyze this small bit from the episode 10 preview

Not sure if it’s been done already. You guys are hella fast when it comes to analyzing scenes holy wow.

So at the end of the preview for episode 10, we see Yuri and Viktor standing/sitting/whatever face to face, right? Okay, so what I noticed, is that Yuri, at first, is staring down.

Then he blinks and looks up at Viktor. In my opinion, his facial expression makes it look as if he’s surprised. Not in a shocked way, but more like in a shy way, if that makes sense?

He’s blushing harder than we’ve ever seen him blush, too.

Then we see Viktor. Viktor has a really gentle and adoring expression on his face. He, just like Yuri, is also looking down, and still looking down by the time Yuri has focused his own eyes on Viktor’s face. 

So what I’m thinking, is that Viktor gave Yuri something. A present, perhaps. Because in the voiceover, Viktor was talking about Christmas presents. Yuri’s birthday is also coming up. So maybe a Christmas present or birthday present.

Looking at their faces, this isn’t just an ordinary present. It’s not some fancy piece of clothing, it’s not katsudon, and it sure as heck is not a pair of socks or an ugly Christmas sweater. I’m thinking it’s something much more intimate. Like a ring.

Or maybe it’s not just a simple Christmas or Birthday present. Maybe it’s a love confession. But if it were, then what could the two be staring down at? Maybe Viktor is holding Yuri’s hands while confessing?

Still, the movements and body language are rather giving me the idea that Viktor is slipping a ring around Yuri’s finger. Realistically, this seems a bit early to be an actual marriage proposal. I mean, it’s totally possible! But despite the whole proposal talk in ep. 9, I’m not sure if their relationship is already at the point where a marriage proposal is the obvious next step. I wouldn’t mind those two getting married already tho lel 

Maybe it’s a love confession where Viktor gives Yuri a ring or something as a token of their relationship/love? Not quite like an engagement ring. but more like a ‘this ring will show everyone that we belong to one another’ kinda ring? 

Or maybe they’re just talking about a touchy subject and Viktor is too shy/embarassed to look at Yuri, but Yuri feels brave enough to look up at Viktor. Viktor hasen’t ever really shown his vulnerable side towards Yuri, not in the anime at least. So this makes sense imo. Maybe all this is just me doing some good old wishful thinking.

But whatever is happening in that preview, we know it’s gonna be good anyway. I mean c’mon, that body language, THOSE FACIAL EXPRESSIONS.

I can’t wait ‘till next week.

Kyouhaba Week Day 1 - Plants // Music

AU where Yahaba owns a flower shop and plant nursery and Kyoutani is a homeless kid whose favourite place to busk for money is outside Yahaba’s store. (There’s so much more to this AU but I might give it its own post later to save this from being super long)

(Posting this just as lines bc I’m super busy today and probably won’t have time to actually shade it in whoops. And I’m so sorry for how much tumblr squished it.)


Just playing around with some stuff on my photoshop



hope everyone enjoys this sketch/art dump

Neko is by @nekophy

Cross and Jakei is by @jakei95

Glitchy is by @glitchysblog

Aqua/Deyem and Sun is by @dryemiddi

You’re My Best Friend

Prompt: ((thank you for sending yours in!))

Genre: angst, fluff, smut ((wow the whole package go kyra))

Warnings: grinding, swearing, self hate, homophobic slurs, bullying

Word count: 1818 ((god damn it kyra this is a simple prompt why))

A/N: okay this was supposed to be really fluffy and smutty but then i haven’t written angst and i threw this thing up. also the italics are time flashbacks with the exception of the end. hope you like :)

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Tales From A Senior

So I entered my last year of high school this year, and it was extremely strange. You expect things to change, but I feel almost like a new person. I became a version of me that I’m unsure of. I think it’s just because she’s still so unfamiliar to me right now, I can’t tell her intentions. I felt this guilt to do things, to create memories to remember forever. I think my mind sort of switched after I heard one of my teachers say “I only remember 3 minutes of high school”. And it dawned on me as I sat in class, going through the years, that there was nothing. Nothing significant that I felt was worth something. And thus I became filled with this determination that I had never experienced before. I was going out, almost every night, taking ever opportunity and doing it. This method had some ups and downsides to it. It was great for the first 3 weeks, but after the purge of good times. I got exhausted. I was so incredibly used to spending all my free time alone, and now it was consumed by my friends. And I love them, I do, but I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was out of touch with myself. I was lost inside a cloud of reconnaissance. I had to realise that it’s okay to sometimes say no to plans. I was an introvert who somehow had transformed into this social butterfly, and it just wasn’t 100% me. I’ve made new friends, and it’s defiantly been a step forward for me. But I don’t know where I’m going. And that’s okay for right now, but times ticking. And once again I feel the guilt to get my life in some kind of order, even if it’s just a draft. 


sonamoo - i like u too much (dance practice)