okay im convinced

  • Riza: *wears a dress for Hughes' wedding*
  • Maes: That dress looks great! I bet it'd look better on Roy's floor.
  • Roy: ...Are you hitting on Hawkeye...for me?


anonymous asked:

What's the one tip you could give to someone younger than you about life so far?

umm, i think to know Allaah. If you know your lord, you know his religion, you know that you can get through anything. Faith teaches you how to deal with any situation life throws at you really, how to overcome problems, how to prevent them, how to deal with happiness, sadness etc etc. So if you know Allaah, you’re good, learn to trust in Allaah. &don’t worry too much, yeah this world sucks sometimes but its not permenant, you’re never ever alone

okay idk if i answered your question or if what ive wrote makes sense, it makes sense in my head? Basically know yourself, know your Lord and you’ll be good, forget everything else🐵❤