okay ill stop

also i guess this means we really should appreciate scanlators more

because not only do they put in the effort to scanlate and release chapters, there are actually some people paying for the raw scans

and we read the scans for free


[Iwaizumi and Oikawa decide to introduce Matsukawa and Hanamaki to eachother]

Oikawa: Mattsun, this is Makki. Makki, Mattsun! I know I’ve talked a lot about each of you to eachother, but I really think your personalities will mesh well together. 

Matsukawa: Hi Makki.

Hanamaki: Hey gorgeous, how’s it hanging?

Matsukawa: You know, good, at least I think so when I looked in the mirror.

Hanamaki: I am so jealous of your mirror right now.

Iwaizumi: OhmygodMakkistop

Matsukawa: Maybe I can use your mirror next time, you know in your house.

Hanamaki: Perfect, though fyi I only have one working mirror right in front of my bed. The others are like… broken or something. And I don’t let anyone in my room alone.

Matsukawa: That is not a shame.

Oikawa; What have we created Iwa-chan

Iwaizumi: I told you we should have kept them away from eachother!