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i hate those people who pretend to be all nuanced and are like “yes yoga and herbal medicine and might help you cope with mental illness but it wont fix it!!! and microdosing psychedelics isnt approved by the fda!!!!! stop medication shaming!!!” okay but like first: medications wont fix mental illness either they only help manage it. everyone is different no matter how severe their problems are and if yoga or turmeric pills or cherry juice concentrate or microdosing mushrooms help some people and have been scientifically proven to help (not to mention herbal medicine has been around since the beginning of time lmao) then dont be acting like medications are the only legitimate form of medical treatment. everything is a chemical some are just naturally occurring others are made in a lab it’s not that different. and also the fda is fucking bullshit lmao. 

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More Toriel/Sans cute stuff, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

hueheh, well i have other comic ideas around.
for now, how about some more fluff domestic headcanons?

Toriel’s not good with computers or the internet in general, so she keeps accidentally downloading viruses. To which she  calls Sans to fix, feeling really guilty that she got the “computer ill.” To which Sans goes “no, it’s okay. it could have happened to anyone.” even if it’s like the 15th time that month.

Sans always walks Toriel and Frisk to school and is there to walk them back. Sometimes Pap is there too. in his sweet car/bed.

Heard of PTA sans? Have you considered that Toriel probably has less chill with people that mess with her kids? Imagine this giant goat woman, packed with mom jeans, reading glasses, and motherly rage, defending her kid during a meeting. “Sans, please hold my things while I go teach Linda a valuable lesson in respect.”  “yeah okay. play nice”