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There has been so much juicy rivamika content like how can people NOT ship them omg

To be fair, shipping is a personal issue and if a ship doesn’t resonate with a person, they just won’t ship it (there is this super popular pairing in one of my other fandoms that I just can’t get into - doesn’t mean it’s a bad ship or anything, just that it doesn’t appeal to my personal tastes and that’s perfectly okay).

On the other hand, the plethora of content should be enough to put to rest, once and for all, every single “it’s just a crack ship” argument.

In the upcoming season 2, we’ll see Levi and Mikasa talk to each other, argue with each other, trust each other and fight side by side. Several times. Platonic-wise, they are absolutely canon. Romantically? Not yet :p

Seriously though, I think there will be an upsurge in the number of shippers after season 2 starts airing. The manga itself builds such a great case for the relationship that even if people won’t ship it for reasons of their own, most of them will have to admit, that yeah, there is something there.

Personally, I’m delighted at how much our ship has been in the spotlight recently but even if it wasn’t, well, I ship it and that’s enough for me, content or not. Although having so much content sure is nice.

‘Why do Feysand and Rowaelin not get treated exactly the same way in the narrative/look exactly the same/why does Rhys do some things Rowan doesn’t/why is Rowan allowed to do some things that the narrative addresses with Rhys and points out that they’re not good’? repeat forever. 

Because there is not one model of a good/healthy relationship. It does not work Feyrhys = healthy; everything else = toxic. 

Because women are not carbon copies of one another. We have different tastes. We have different likes. We have different needs in a relationship. We are our own individual people and we need our partners to respond to our personal preferences, likes, and dislikes and not simply have someone behave exactly the same way to every single person they’re with. 

Feyre dislikes feeling smothered or not having her full freedom and independence. As such, when the mating bond snaps into place between her and Rhys, Rhys carefully explains to her why he feels protective and territorial and that he is working to stop doing that. Because she has been in an abusive relationship before where someone has done these things to an unhealthy level and is uncomfortable with any minor repetition of them. Rhys addresses her personal concerns and her personal needs and that is why the narrative picks this out and unpicks it and explains it with Rhys but not with Rowan. 

Aelin is a completely different character with a completely different backstory, a completely different set of insecurities and a completely different set of needs and Rowan responds to them. Aelin does not have a problem with Rowan being territorial or protective over, not in the way Feyre does. It might be a vague annoyance sometimes (AT THE VERY MOST) and even then she’s dismissive of it and it amuses her and it is never taken too far to the point that it restricts her freedom/the choices she can make/the things that she can do. And she is not in any way triggered by it as she has not experienced the same kind of abuse that Feyre has. 

Territorial behaviour of the kind that comes natural to the fae is not in itself abusive/unhealthy. Protectiveness over the people that you care about is not in itself unhealthy/abusive. What would be unhealthy would be to expect men to treat every single woman he meets/is with exactly the same way because it suits one single woman. That is reductive and frankly insulting.

 I have no doubt that Rhys would behave differently with Aelin and that Rowan would behave differently with Feyre because they are individual people with individual needs and desires and expecting Aelin to be treated the same as Feyre because this is apparently the only standard of a healthy relationship is frankly a little bit misoygnistic because, shock horror, not all women think the same/feel the same/like/dislike the same things. Isn’t that amazing? It’s as though we’re real people who know what we like and don’t like and expect the people closest to us to respect that and respond accordingly. Incredible. 

TL;DR Stop comparing Feyrhys and Rowaelin. Especially if the purpose of this is to say ‘Rhys does x, this is good for Feyre and makes their relationship healthy. Rowan does not do x, therefore this is bad for Aelin and makes their relationship unhealthy’ because, newsflash, that’s not the way it works

There is no one way to have a good, positive relationship. In fact that thinking in itself is unhealthy. Different people have different needs and their partners should therefore behave differently so suit those needs, not just mirror another’s behaviour because it has been deemed ‘The Most Healthy And Appropriate Way To Behave With Women’. Because. Guess what? Not all women are going to want/respond well to that and you ignoring their needs and wants in order to try and fulfil this idealistic idea of a perfect relationship is not healthy. Rowan is responding to what Aelin personally wants/needs/feels comfortable with. He is not Rhys, he does not behave like Rhys and that is completely okay because Aelin is not Feyre and does not need him to do that for her. 

PSA to bbs content creators

There’s been a blog going around called “fggggvhjjj” that has been harassing bbs content creators like @littlehypno and @moonshii-arts and myself (maybe others as well)
They are pretty much a blog that will try to get a negative response from you, and only seems to go after bbs content creators, it might be wise to just block them so they don’t try and harass you when you post in the tags

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Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.

So you might notice I’ve deleted a number of posts regarding what’s happening; it has been requested that I keep online Rusty and offline Rusty separate. That had always been his preference, and thinking it over, I think I have to agree too.

So I think that’ll be it for now. I’ll give you some minor updates here and there, but I would like to request that posts containing medical information beyond “he’s in a coma” be deleted, as per the family’s and my’s request. I had thought it was okay to share that, but I honestly should have clarified, and that was a pretty bad oversight on my part. So if you all could help me out there, that would be amazing.

I’ll leave with that he seems to be doing really good, and he’s been very calm. Think it should go real soft.

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ghostie goo can i have some good vibes? my best friend has been treating me....p bad lately and they keep talking about suicide and posting a bunch of stuff they know triggers me and i ended up relapsing p bad last night... my first month of being sweet 16 has not been very sweet Yikes anyways i hope youre doing okay please stay safe buddy ilyvm good vibes to you aaa... ~🐧

gOOD VIBES if they’re treating u that badly pls Reconsider Ur Friendship ok aaaaaa


-Why did you start shipping Elsanna?
-How long has it been since you started shipping Elsanna?
-What is your favorite fanfiction of Elsanna

- where have I been? -

this will probably be a messy post, so brace yourselves. i do not know what to say, really. my heart has held in a lot of things that have lingered around like a pile of dirty dishes or maybe more like paint eagerly waiting to be used on a blank canvas. anyway, enough metaphors…what i am trying to say is that there are good things and bad things and i have not written about any of it because there are no words to adequately describe it all. the baby inside me, the baby i give life to, has literally been giving me life in the midst of a dark time, full of unwanted circumstances. God has given me hope and joy through the life inside of me and i am forever grateful for that. therefore, i hold onto hope and i hold onto life, with joy, even when i am unhappy. 

if you have been following along for a while, you know that I have lost many friends and family in the last year and a half-all unexpected deaths, souls that were too young to die (in my human opinion, which is invalid compared to God’s sovereignty). a few weeks ago, the Lord welcomed my uncle Home. he was one heck of a guy and, by far, my favorite uncle growing up. i never knew a hurt this deep. however, there has been a vast amount of peace that i never knew existed which has surrounded me and reminded me of Truth. my emotions have been all over the place. one day i am sad and cannot stop crying, the next i am invincible, working hard, making dinner. but, for the most part, i have been exhausted. i could really use some “boring” in my life, but i know that is not happening anytime soon. but, like i mentioned, there is peace, somehow, which i cannot understand, but i know it is God and His love. 

so, whatever chaos is going on in your life, know this: He is a Peace-Giver and a Lover and a Father who satisfies, no matter what you are going through, no matter what you have done, no matter where you are at. rest in Him tonight, dear friends. we are going to be okay if we cling to Him.  

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A cute drawing of Midoriya wearing his biggest smile would be lovely, I hope you feel better soon

Okay this is super late, but things have been busy. The bad stuff has blown over, thank god. Anyway, I did this traditionally again since I couldn’t seem to get a sketch I liked in digital.

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Deep thoughts/feelings: Even though we were third place on this time’s SBS THE SHOW and we didn’t get first… it’s too bad! But that’s okay! My dearest sweethearts, it really isn’t your fault! I know you have already tried your best! My loves please stop blaming yourselves! I’m already very very touched! Even if I might get scolded by the company or (this post) get(s) me in trouble, I am determined to post this! The me who has become an entertainer has every right to love all my fans and to tell you all what I want to say! I have been depressed for a long time actually! Because of you, I feel like being a Chinese person is something to be proud of! Because of you, I have even more strength to see me through all difficulties! So, even after all these years, I have persisted! Don’t be disappointed! Remember, I always feel, very deeply, all of your love for us! Aside from family, there is nothing more important than you guys! Let us connect our hearts and face everyone who belittles us! Face everything… love u all my love… (Those who know Korean please translate)

Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCIrZflLcKW/ ((deleted))


okay okay so this is  my old old post like almost a year old but when I posted it then it was altogether in one picture and I put so much effort into detail etc that I felt bad about ruining some of the quality of each individual picture. Also I’ve been re-listening to The Titan’s Curse and thinking about this more and I thought I might as well as post it again like a year later even though my art has improved so much okay rip me goodbye enjoy higher quality

I don’t really post a lot lately about how much of a trash fire my life has been so really you can’t be suitably happy for me that I got two really good jobs in one month. That’s okay though because I’ll be happy enough for all of us. It’s been a hecticly bad 3-5yrs so… anyway. This is Great.


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sometimes i think about letting my queue just run…

I know I’m mostly a lurker because we don’t know one another, and I feel like it’s inappropriate for me to bother you. I apologise if this sort of thing has made your Tumblr experience worse.

Okay, I clearly need to explain myself better, because i wasn’t intending to make anyone apologise of feel bad.

My tumblr experience has been a long period of time. I’ve been on tumblr since January 2011.
Lurking is fine. I do it, too. It’s the reason I only follow about twenty personal blogs, and the rest are all fandom based or aesthetic blogs that reblog stuff other people have made. Which, at it’s essence, is what tumblr was made for. It was made for image sharing and not really much else.

Nothing has made my tumblr experience better or worse. There have been ups and downs, as there is with everything.

My issue comes from the echoing silence that comes of having an influx of followers who follow you for one thing (in my case, I guess it was when I was uploading a lot of Dragon Age stuff when Inquisition came out) and who stick around, adding to the silent numbers.

I have over 5000 followers. I recognise the usernames of those who regularly like/comment/reblog something I’ve uploaded or reblogged myself, or shared. Out of those 5000+ people, probably less than 100 are active followers (for the record, I recognise your name when it comes up).

For me, it’s very frustrating when I upload something that is mine, like chapters to a fic, or the crochet stuff, and it just sits there. I have all these followers, and there’s so very few who actually do anything. And that isn’t to say I am ungrateful to the people who do take the time to reblog/like/comment etc. I do appreciate those people, immensely, because without them I really would be uploading to nothing and no one.

I guess, in a way, it would be nice to go through all those 5000 people and some how be able to enforce an mass unfollowing of blogs that have been abandoned, blogs that are inactive, blogs that haven’t interacted with mine for an predetermined amount of time.

I am aware that people behind blogs have lives, they may follow hundreds of people, their interests wax and wane, so the things I upload may no longer be pertinent to their interests. and I may get lost in the flood of blogs they follow - but it is, at it’s core, very frustrating to have a presumed audience, and it be utterly silent.

Which is why I was musing at the idea of just letting the queue run out on his blog and starting a new one, so that only people who wanted to follow me for the things I upload now and not what I uploaded in the past, were followers.

Does that clarify matters and make sense? I hope it does. I wasn’t trying to be insulting, or an asshole, and I apologise if that is how my previous ramble came off. Hopefully this clarifies things.

“Y-You’re Cute, Too” (Bad Boy!Woozi x Reader)

Part Two of this Bad Boy!Woozi scenario? Read my Bad Boy!Woozi AU post here! This may seem similar to my other Jisoo scenario, AND I’M SORRY BUT IT’S BECAUSE THIS PARTICULAR PLOT WAS REQEUSTED OKAY Read more on my masterlist!~

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 820 words

Dt: @leejihoonz because Kimmy is trash for Bad Boy!Woozi and regular Woozi

  It has been somewhere between five minutes and three hours—at this point, the minutes have blended together so artfully that Jihoon can’t even grasp any amount of time— ever since you’ve started staring, and Jihoon is starting to get agitated. He can feel the vein on his forehead, pulsing and piercing and pounding, signaling that he is bound to burst open soon at any moment.

  Eyes averting yours, Jihoon gulps down the words bubbling up, fiery and scratchy against his throat. Why are you staring at him? Why have you decided to devote so much time into simply gazing at his face with a look that he cannot place?

  Fists clenching, Jihoon does not want to lash out again, especially after his violent outburst at Seungcheol from a few days ago. He and Seungcheol aren’t currently on speaking terms, and Jihoon isn’t sure if he’s lost a friend or not yet.

  You’ve always had a strong dislike for his blazing temper, which is why Jihoon hasn’t lashed out…yet. But with so much of your attention honed in on him, making him feel more out of place than ever, he feels himself getting more and more annoyed as the seconds crawl by.

 Minutes pass, agonizingly slow, and Jihoon leaps out of his chair and storms over to you. He has a grip on your wrist, gentler than the time he ripped you away from Seungcheol, but still hard enough to show a glimpse of his annoyance through his tough act.

  “What’s your problem, huh?” he growls, voice harsher than he had intended. “Why are you staring at me?”

  Jihoon seems to have caught you by surprise, because when you open your mouth, you stutter, “I-I just t-t-thought you looked cute!”

  One, two, three seconds pass of Jihoon staring, silent and still, as his he processes your shaky words. He can feel his appearance creaking and cracking and crumbling under your words, the weight lying heavily on his high-rising shoulders. He can feel his own eggshell heart blaring and beating rapidly deep in his chest, about to push through his porcelain bones and slice through his skin.

  Only when the clarity of the words hit him does Jihoon reel away from you, letting go of your wrist in obvious shock. Heat rushes to his face, roses blooming in his cheeks, and it suddenly feels too hot for the leather jacket thrown snuggly over Jihoon’s upper body.

  You stand there, crystal eyes reflecting Jihoon’s own wide and flashing ones, grazed by the tips of his soft, blond tresses. You open your mouth to say something, to apologize for your bluntness, to maybe make a joke to ease the tension, but before you can manage to choke out the rushed words you had mentally prepared, Jihoon quickly escapes, running and running and running until you can hear the fading sound of his heavy boots hitting the pavement.

  Days are sewn and weaved together as Jihoon spends time away from you. Although he tries to escape it, his mind keeps shyly wondering back towards what you said. The fact that you had complimented him has Jihoon feeling something different. Small flecks of light dance under the palms of his hands, a gentle breeze tickles the inside of his stomach, and his face instantly flushes scarlet from the base of his neck.

 He needs to say something to you, tell you something, which is why he now stands in front of you, days after the incident.

  “Hey, so uhm…about what happened last time…” he mutters, fingers fidgeting deep inside the slick pockets of his jacket.

  “What are you talking about?” you ask, confused by his vague tone.

  “When you…you know..c-called me…t-t-that…”

  It takes you the better part of a minute to figure out what he’s referring to. “You mean when I called you cute?” you ask, not noticing the way the color of Jihoon’s cheeks melts into a sweet blush at the mention of the word.

 “Y-yeah, that…” Jihoon cringes when he hears his own awkward, rushed, and unstable tone before continuing, “I’m sorry that I scared you a bit…and yelled…and then ran away…”

  Lips parting in a wide shock, you’re surprised to hear an apology spilling out in clumps from Jihoon’s mouth. You hadn’t expected to hear an apology from him at all.

  His hand comes up to rub the back of his neck awkwardly, and you find yourself unable to look away from his hands. Shifting and switching his weight on his feet, it looks like he still has more to say, so you patiently wait for him to spit the words out. Jihoon looks like paper struggling to stay grounded against the strength of the wind, and his chest rises and falls before he’s able to form any words.

  “I-I think you’re…c-c-cute, too…”