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Oh no! Don't be upset. It's okay to post your own stuff. We will still enjoy it! Keep up the amazing work 😉

Thank you! I feel so bad writing my own stuff because my drafts are still at 25 and the askbox has been closed for a while and I’ve been getting more followers recently and that means I have more people I don’t want to disappoint and I love writing for you guys seriously I just don’t want you guys to hate me because you think I’m putting your request second and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh





















gorillaz on Twitter
“CALL OFF THE HUNT! Murdoc has been found, spotted leaving früh am Dom. He's on his way to the venue. Tune in at 8pm BST for #GorillazLive360”

Good news! Murdoc has been found! Apparently he was at a bar. Good to know that he’s alright! 

Also, about his coma, it turns out that Murdoc had a really bad hangover along with a sunstroke. All and all, he’s doing okay! :)

i’m like… so mentally healthy right now like it’s wild. i’ll still feel sad and stuff but in a completely healthy way. 

when i was really bad mentally i never thought i’d be okay again and it would just piss me off when people told me i’d be okay one day, i mean it took a long ass time i got really bad in 2012, 2013 was hell year i literally blocked the whole twelve months out, ask me a thing about 2013 i will not fucking know it, and then i finally started feeling somewhat okay in early 2015 and then i still felt a bit off until like this time last year but since i’ve been like really really really good mentally like i’m not saying my life’s been fantastic w/ no bad shit happening but my mental health has maintained despite the bad stuff that comes w/ life in general… this is a completely pointless post but it’s somewhat therapeutic to write this down 

title: a wasp on the length of my arm

rating: t

pairing: klance

tags: modern au, childhood best friends au, trans guy keith, anxiety, miscommunication, mild angst later on, all that good good stuff. also lots of best friends tho. it took me a billion years but i decided to upload this finally as 2 separate chapters so

ch 1 of 2


Keith and Lance have been friends since elementary school.

This surprises most people when they first see them interact. Keith acts like he hates Lance, and Lance acts like they’re rivals, but in reality they joined at the hip in second grade and never separated, and maybe it’s because they’ve known each other so long that they act the way that they do. Lance is annoying, and Keith isn’t afraid to tell him that, and Keith is a hothead, and Lance isn’t afraid to call him out on it. It’s a weird equilibrium, a give-and-take that Keith has yet to experience with any of his other friends, but it works so well for them that Keith tries not to think too much about it.

alternatively titled: the klance childhood best friends au where keith isnt sure what they are anymore and lance is bad at talking about his feelings

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Goodbye, cuties, I'm going to drop tumblr

Dear Tumblr friends…

It’s been 2-3 years since I made this tumblr and it’s been quite a journey, and I’m really glad I made it because I found a lot of friends, love, inspiration, and so much amazing and lovely people whom I spend moments with…

There so much I learned, so much I shared, lived, laughed & stressed over about in this blog, even when it was anime related only, you guys were always so nice when I shared my personal posts, when I asked for asks to spend time, that asked me for edits when I wanted to make one but couldn’t decide…

I’ll take all those memories with me now, as I decide on dropping for good this tumblr. Like I said, it’s been a journey, and today this journey comes to an end… tbh I’m not going to delete this blog, after all, I can’t exactly detach myself from it so easily but at the same time I’m not really interested in keeping it updated anymore, it has become a boring thing to do and that’s not supposed to be the purpose of this blog.

I met a lot of great people thanks to this blog, I keep them all in my heart, all of you, Katie, Lelou, Aidah, Sen, Seda, Emma, Kat, Kisa, Momo, you guys, were amazing to me while I was here and I still have contact with must of you outside tumblr and that makes me so happy?!? I’m really happy I can still be friends with you all outside this website and I just can’t believe we have made it this far. I’m really thankful.

Anyway this is really long already so I’m just going to say, thank you for sticking with me all this time, through my Kuroshitsuji, Shingeki, Free!, Tokyo Ghoul, Magi & Bts phases, tbh just by following me I’m really grateful to you.

I hope I didn’t bother any of you with my spam, or with my bts posts when you didn’t want any kpop in your dashboards lmao, seriously, thank you for sticking with me even after that.

I love you all, and if you wanna keep contact or just want to talk to me I’ll leave my current active social media here:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/yoongihearted (warning: I tweet about bts on daily basis lmao)
Instagram: uriekookie
Line: kurokocchiz
Kakaotalk: Cyphertrash
Snapchat: montselovato

Thank you so much for this amazing 3 YEARS I LOVE YOU ALL.

With love,

Short analysis of the MysMe characters

Ok so I’ve been seeing a lot of posts either praising or criticizing single characters … and I couldn’t help but think about it myself. So I’ve collected my own take on the whole crew, positive as well as negative. Because let’s face it – all of them have good and bad traits to them! And that’s okay!

Pls be aware that this has been written by someone who loves (almost) all these characters to bits and pieces. (^_^;)


— the flaws —

  • Lazy bum who spends his nights gaming instead of studying and sleeping, then complains about it
  • Passive personality, can’t motivate himself to do anything for himself and needs others to give him a push
  • Has not processed his apparent crush on his cousin properly
  • So screws up quite a bit when it comes to romance
  • Some of the flirting can be cringy and he can turn slightly yandere

— and why I love him anyway —

  • He is genuinely a sweet and nice guy and probably couldn’t hurt a fly (well, unprovoked)
  • Cares a lot about the others and their wellbeing
  • Often a heart on his sleeve type of guy
  • Relatable as hell, because I’m sure a lot of students were in his situation once
  • Actually really smart
  • Likes to help both people and animals
  • Great character development!


— the flaws —

  • Tends to force others to give him the praise he craves
  • And will give it to himself, too, no matter if he was successful with the last point or not
  • Is almost immediately overprotective of MC, seemingly just because she is a girl
  • Despite being the one who comes on to her the strongest of all of them
  • Shows uncalled for aggression and rudeness towards Jumin who actually never did anything wrong to him

— BUT here’s why I still love him —

  • Is actually sweet and caring, and genuinely supportive
  • And his protective instinct can be a good thing
  • Can take care of you and himself, too, so he might actually be the most well adjusted adult of all of them
  • Talented and passionate and willing to fight his way through life to follow his dream
  • He’s outgoing and usually open about his emotions
  • Also relatable, because a lot of people have hidden insecurities


— she does have … some flaws —

  • Not very good at taking care of herself and her own needs, sacrifices her health and wellbeing out of fear of what would happen if she lost her job
  • Can be slightly annoying at the beginning of Zen’s route because she is a bit overprotective of him
  • Kind of in the closet about her bisexuality

— though not a lot of them because —

  • She is sensible, capable, reliable – and still humble
  • Also kind and helpful, despite seeming a bit unapproachable at first
  • A hard worker who only came this far through her own efforts
  • Her thoughts and troubles about work and life in general are very relatable
  • Has a hidden passionate and excitable side to her, which is cute
  • Also is a hidden bad ass


— the flaws —

  • He’s … well, a trust fund kid who relies on his ridiculously inexhaustible resources a lot
  • Has a bad case of repressed emotions
  • And detachment from other people
  • Slightly unhealthy relationship with his cat because of this
  • His romance becomes very intense, in a … concerning way at first, also because of his emotional and inter-personal issues

— but again, here’s the good about him to consider —

  • Very hard to offend or intimidate because of his pragmatic and confident mindset
  • Good at handling difficult situations
  • Cares a lot more about the people around him than anyone would expect
  • He is actually quite open minded and curious, eager to learn about new things
  • His social awkwardness and his more “human” moments are surprisingly cute
  • Also, actually does work for his money, and is very generous


— the spoiler-ish flaws —

  • He got very used to being dishonest
  • Tends to go to extremes when his protective side is triggered – and not necessarily in good directions
  • Latent self-hatred, awkwardly mixed with arrogance concerning his abilities
  • Not above lashing out at people when distressed (though only verbally)
  • Is kind of pushed as the “main route” which may be annoying to some

— and why I love this cute hacker anyway —

  • Exceptionally entertaining with his quirkiness and random sense of humor
  • Quick thinking and open minded
  • Relatable for a lot of reasons, ranging from the silliness, to the nerdiness, and to the deflecting from serious issues by turning them into a joke thing
  • Actually a dedicated and caring person, and really protective of those who are dear to him
  • Wants nothing more than them to be happy and safe

Spoilers ahead for the rest.

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I didn't actually think I'd have to say this.

Okay…so my first post came across apparently in a bad way to others. I am not attacking DEH. It has a great representation of anxiety and depression. Evan is probably one of the only main characters I’ve seen in musical theater who is on the spectrum. Let me also point out, I believe I am a reliable source because I have been do musical theater since I was five years old. What I am pointing out, however, is that TGC and even GHD, a slightly less popular musical, deal with depression. This depression in the storyline isn’t just something you can ignore as well. It’s not “not as big of a part as it was in DEH”. It actually is actively apart of the plot in each play. Pierre’s entire, I can’t seem to emphasize this enough, entire storyline is about him dealing with his depression. Phil…literally tries to kill himself repeatedly. Depression and anxiety play a huge part in literally all of these musicals. You can’t just ignore it.

Sweet Girl.

A/N: OKAY Y’ALL HERE WE GO. So this was a request from an anon for fluffy smut with Triple H and his assistant. This fic has been kicking my ass forever, but I finally finished it, and anyone who knows me knows I’m an impatient little hoe, so I’m posting it now. This is the first time I’ve ever written actual male/female sex, so y’all be gentle please? 
Warnings: M/F sex, bad writing? 
Tagging: @wwetrashqueen @hardcorewwetrash 

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Prince Jeno

Request: Prince jeno would be such a great au and I think you’d be great at writing it so that is my request

A/N: thank you for having such high hopes in me im sjdkdn

  • okay but im really bad at prince au’s and im shookt that y'all are actually requesting for more??
  • my second post of jeno for his birthday!
  • i hope i don’t ruin it with my bad writing oh my
  • okay i’ll try my best to make this as entertaining as possible
  • let’s go

  • so, your father works as a driver for the royal family

  • your mom, one of the cooks in the castle
  • and both of them are well loved by the family
  • and has been there ever since jeno was born
  • your mom even helped take care and look after jeno for a period of time because the king and queen trusts her that much
  • they even offered them to stay in the castle, together with you
  • and they had no choice but to agree
  • which is why you met jeno when y'all were like 5/6
  • he was already really attractive at that time
  • but your mom always told you, “he’s the prince!! remember to respect him”
  • which is why you tried not to have feelings for him
  • which failed in the end anyways
  • really kind and innocent!!
  • as a kid he loved playing so he’d always go up to you and play
  • you remember how he’d always knock on the room of your door
  • “y/n!! want to come play with me?”
  • “mother said that i can go the garden with you!”
  • “me?”
  • “yes! come on, let’s go”
  • and he already had his eyesmiles™ and cute little smile which always made you so happy
  • eventually y'all got closer, and became bestfriends
  • as you grew older you start to realise how wonderful it is because
  • you’re best friends with a prince???
  • such a good looking one to be exact??
  • but jeno has never seen himself as someone who is of ‘high authority’ just because of his status as a prince
  • so he’s really casual and laidback
  • you even forget that he’s the prince at times
  • except when he gets all serious and mature, during discussions involving the country
  • or when he needs to represent the queen at meetings or occasions
  • and it’s all when he looks most attractive
  • loves adventure a lot!!
  • so he drags you along to go visit the woods & forests or town
  • “sometimes it gets really hard being a prince, it’s tiring”
  • “aw jeno, i know. but everyone loves you though!!”
  • “haha yeah, but i need a break sometimes”
  • “-and i’m thankful for you, thank you for being my best friend ever since we were young”
  • “not a problem at all, my majesty”
  • “stop that haha”
  • “hope that made you feel better, i’m thankful for you too”
  • prince haechan and mark often comes over to hang out with y'all
  • and for some reason haechan would always tease the both of you
  • “hey y/n, ever thought of becoming the next princess?”
  • “perhaps.. princess lee?”
  • and you’re just blushing there, confused
  • “haechan, don’t tease her”
  • “aw someone’s protective”
  • and you turn over to see a blushing jeno too
  • until one day he drags you out for another exploring session
  • into a small little park/forest
  • and he takes a deep breath
  • “you know how haechan always says those things? it’s true”
  • “what-?”
  • “i mean, would you like to be my princess?”
  • “i’ve had feelings for you for a long time now”
  • and you’re literally shaking and too shocked and happy to say anything
  • “i like you too jeno but-”
  • “but?”
  • “idk if this will work out, i mean you’re such an important figure and im just-”
  • “don’t say that! i’m sure we’ll be happy”
  • “what’s more, father said he’d support us”
  • “you asked the king? oh my”
  • “yes!! hehe so, are we together now?”
  • “yes i can’t believe this”
  • and when y'all go back to the castle,
  • your parents are just shookt and speechless to say anything
  • but they’re happy for you too
  • same for the king and queen
  • they had always knew jeno had feelings for you
  • and they both love you a lot so!!
  • tries his best not to show too much skinship in front the guards and servants
  • but at times
  • he’d lowkey give you a peck on the cheek
  • and also slip his arm around your waist
  • probably loves riding on the horse with you,
  • going on small little rides down the town or around the castle- honestly he’s more like a friend than a prince?
  • he’s really kind-hearted and sweet too
  • which is why almost everybody loves him
  • one time he was in the town just waking around casually
  • he gave up his sweater for an old lady, and even offered to help her things
  • which gained quite a lot of attention because everyone’s all like
  • “look at how kind the prince is!!”
  • “prince jeno, thank you for your kindness”
  • “bless you, my child”
  • and all that
  • which is also one of the reasons why you love him
  • he’s just great as a person
  • i’ll stop here ahh
  • this is so short im sorry!!

Things Anti’s have done

  • Called Reylo shippers ‘delusional’
  • Blamed Reylo for what happened to Carrie Fisher
  • Accussed them of Nazi sympathizing
  • Called Reylo shippers racist without giving satisfactory examples or proof
  • Mocked shippers behind their backs, about their personal likes and appearance
  • Compared Reylo shippers to Trump supporters, even as going as far to blame them
  • Telling shippers to ‘choke’ and to kill themselves
  • Sent gross anon hate messages, one of my friends got incredibly hurtful messages
  • Ignored that there are POC Reylo shippers
  • Said Reylo shippers ‘support abuse’
  • Written ‘bad post op ships reylo’ on fanart that someone worked hard on
  • The many ‘Don’t reblog if you ship reylo!’ posts.

This behaviour has been going on for over a year. It is offensive, it is wrong, it is harassment and it is bullying. I am done being understanding of antis, I am done trying to stay away from this bullshit. I’m going to make it quite clear as I possibly can that the above is not okay, it’s not acceptable and it is completely not what I recall the Star Wars movies promoting. Time between films is usually spent having fun together, but because of a group of nasty gross people, it has turned into a spitefest.

Anti-Reylos, it is entirely your fault the state of which the Star Wars fandom is in. You made it unsafe. You did the above. So stop picking the easiest target within fandom and have a fucking look at your actions. You don’t make the world full of pride, you make it nauseous. 

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As someone who is/has been learning German for a while now, I was wondering: In regards to your post on Du vs. Sie and who should/should not call you by that. How exactly do you actually go about saying 'nah that's okay, du is fine' like what's the wording here? Cause it still hasn't been covered in my duolingo lessons and I can't seem to find a good answer. Is there specific lingo? Do you just come to a mutual agreement at some point? Any help clearing this up would be so very appreciated.

The good (or bad….depends) news is: Germans don’t know either. It’s awkward. When to ask, how to ask, can I, should I, is it appropriate at all? No clue. :D With your boss or professor or any other person of respect just don’t ask them. Let them ask you. When someone’s your age or you’re just friendly with them you could just use one of the following: “Wollen wir uns nicht duzen?” or “Wollen wir nicht “Du” sagen?”. Or what you said. If someone accidentally uses “du” to address you and you don’t actually mind you can say “du ist okay”. What then follows is both people telling each other their first name (and a handshake or something). 

Sometimes I just have this overwhelming feeling of hatred for the human race. This is how I know it is time to hermit.
Ripples From the Past - Leto!Joker x Reader

Requested by @maxanne234 . I am so, so sorry that this has taken me such a long time to post. I know this has been sitting in my inbox for a while, and I feel terrible for not getting it written sooner. Just due to personal issues and such, I’ve been kinda lacking muse to write, especially Jared Leto’s Joker. Anyways… I hope this is what you had in mind!

Okay so I’ve had this idea for a while. The reader does not like to call the joker Daddy. Like At all. Due to bad things that happened to her in her past. How the joker respones is up to you.


“What the hell is wrong with you?” he scoffs, grabbing my arm to keep me from walking away from him.

“What the hell is wrong with me? I should be the one asking you, J!” I yell back at him, pulling myself out of his grip.

“Don’t you yell at Daddy-”

“Stop calling yourself that! And stop trying to make me call you that!” I shout, turning from him, unable to stand this conversation - or him - anymore.

“Oh no, you’re not walking away from me, Y/N,” he grunts, pulling me back and pushing me up against the wall roughly, “You’re not going anywhere until you answer some questions, doll. Understand?”

I stare at “ha-ha’s” dancing across his chest, unable to look him in the eyes. Reaching up, he wraps his fingers around my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He was breathing heavily, I could feel his hot breath brushing against my cheek. He doesn’t say anything for a few moments, just resigns to gazing at my face, his eyes flicking back and forth.

“Why…” he begins, his voice a whisper but still harsh,” Why don’t you like that name?”

“Because,” I reply simply, trying to keep my expression blank.

Quickly moving his hand from my chin to my throat and adding more pressure, he growls, “Not good enough, Y/N.”

Feeling the tears begin to prick the corners of my eyes, from the memories and lack of oxygen, “Please stop…”

After waiting a few more seconds, he slowly releases some of the pressure, allowing me to breath again. His unblinking gaze never leaves my face as I suck in mouthfuls of air, the tears still threatening to overflow.

“Don’t think some heavy breathing and tears are going to get you off the hook, Y/N. You still have a lot of explaining to do,” he grunts, narrowing his eyes at me, his hand still resting across my neck.

“I… I just can’t call you that…” I say softly, staring over his shoulder at nothing in particular.

“You’re really starting to get on my nerves, and if you don’t start doing some real talking soon, I’ll resort to sure-fire ways to get it out of you. And you will not like that, doll,” he frowns.

“Alright, alright, calm your tits, J,” I say, holding my hands up and taking a deep breath.

“Don’t you-”

“Just shut up and let me talk, will ya? This is hard enough as it is…” I say, my turn to frown now.

Shutting his mouth and dropping his hand from my throat, he grabs onto my arm and pulls me across the bedroom to the bed, sitting down on it and motioning for me to sit beside him. I take a seat, leaning forward on my knees to gather my thoughts and collect myself.

“I… I had problems growing up… issues with my parents-”

“That’s why you can’t call me Daddy? You have daddy issues?” he interrupts, raising a hairless brow.

Unable to keep it in any longer, I stand up from the bed and turn on him, tears streaming across my cheeks, “Can you not stay quiet for one fucking second? Do you feel the need to interject every single fucking time I ever open my mouth? Is what I say really that bad? Or are you really just that impatient? Oh, no, it’s because you’re the King! You can do whatever the hell you want! Well, I’m sick and tired of men pushing me around and it ends today.”

He opens his mouth to object, but I put an end to that before he even gets the chance to suck in a breath.

“No, you are going to shut your fucking mouth, and listen to what I have to say. Do you understand me?” I say harshly, pointing a finger ins his direction.

All he does is nod.

“Do you know what it’s like for your father to come home every night so drunk he should be dead and beat the everliving shit out of you? Hm? No, I don’t think you do. He always used to say, ‘C’mere, baby girl, and help Daddy’…” I shout, the tears coming even more freely now, “Have you ever wondered before now why I’ve tried to not call you that, or why when we’re having sex I want the light off, or why I never shower with you?”

He doesn’t say anything, he only stares at me with his mouth hanging open just slightly.

“Well, have you?!”

Pausing a second, he whispers, “No.”

Proceeding to pull my sweater over my head, I take a few steps closer to him so he could see my stomach and back, turning for him. “Here’s your answer.”

He slowly reaches forward and gently touches the faded scars that littered my body. I could see the anger rise up in him the longer he looked; his jaw began to clench, he balled a fist at his side.

“Don’t start planning anything, he’s been dead seven years now,” I say, taking my sweater and slipping it back over my head, covering the marks back up.

His gaze flicks back up to my face, the rage obvious in his eyes. But then he takes a few breaths, calming himself back down. Then he grabs me around the waist and pulls me down into his lap, burying his face into my neck and hair.

“I’m so sorry, doll,” he mumbles, kissing all the skin he could reach.

We never had any Daddy issues after that.

About shinoa in the new chapter

Okay so I have not read it yet and I’m going from word of mouth here so if I’m wrong, I’ll delete this post or something but I just wanted to share my musings
I wanna thank @elinoriii because they came up with some of the ideas that I really like
So “shinoa unlocks her power through sexual desire”
Obviously that really fucking sucks. When I found that out, I was so mad. I mean like spamming my ons group chat in all caps. Like kagami has been bad but this? What the fuck is this?
But the thing is, do you remember the guren novels? How mahiru for almost no reason at all, lured guren away to have sex with her? Seems like a really strange and unnecessary thing right?
Well, what if the type of demon mahiru and shinoa are spawned from are succubus? What if the reason mahiru did that with guren was because it gave her power too? Wouldn’t that explain a lot?
But also, it creates a pattern. I think kagami is setting up all the shinoa squad members to make the same mistakes their guren squad members made that caused to end of the world. In this case, mahiru took the bait and wanted the power. But if yuu is going to decide not to destroy the world, then it makes sense to assume that shinoa will choose not to find “sexual desire” for power



To all my friends that were worried about me I’m fine just had some pretty bad side effects from the new medication I’ve been taking for my brain condition, I’m feeling okay now and I’m able to move around again. Sergio has been taking good care of me including the kids too…

Thanks @crown-queen-bambee @mercedes-fenty @maseratialexiaaaa @fvckyeahkeetz @queenangieb @heroicseoul @hemoansbrylee @seshbarbie-coco @jordyn96 for checking up on me , love y’all 

(Of course my brother, @papichulo-santino came over to make fun of me as usual but ima get him)