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u know that feeling where you’re just preparing for the worst and shit keeps happening and things keep trying you and it’s like… rlly hard to think there’s ever gonna be a positive side at the end of it bc fucking god yh man mood

Going to see a Led Zeppelin tribute band (Letz Zep) would be the perfect way to celebrate the end of their latest hunt, so Dean thought. Sure, it wasn’t the original band, but it was as close as he’d ever get. It was amazing they were performing so close to the bunker anyway, only an eight hour drive! How could they possibly miss out on such an opportunity?  

Castiel was the first to accept Dean’s offer to go. He felt tingly at the very idea of hearing this music Dean had introduced him to live. Neither Sam nor Jack wanted to go though. Sam for the fact he disliked the crowds at these things. Jack refusing as he was 14-hours deep into a 24 marathon and didn’t want to leave.

It took until the moment before the first encore for Dean to realize he’d spent the whole evening watching Castiel’s reactions to the music instead of watching the band itself – he hadn’t even noticed them leave the stage. He heard their genuinely excellent takes on some of his favorite songs though and was delighted with the skill they played Stairway to Heaven, Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll, and so many others, but he hadn’t actually been watching them very much. 

“You really like it then?” Dean asked Castiel, not sure why he felt so nervous all of a sudden. “The music? I know it isn’t the real band but–” 

“That was truly fantastic,” Castiel reassured him with a gentle smile. He looked around them with a slight frown. “The band has finished, why is no one leaving?” He had to lean in close to Dean’s ear to be heard over the crowd still roaring around them. 

“Still an encore to go, dude!” 

“The what?” 


The band came back out onto the stage and picked up their instruments once more. The crowd was going wild. A few people turned on their phone flashlights and started to wave them through the air. 

“Screw that!” Dean shouted pulling a Bic out of his back pocket. Some things were just worth doing right

As the opening notes to Ramble On started playing, Dean waved the lighter through the air. A few more people around them pulled out lighters of their own. 

It was Castiel’s turn to observe the look of glee on Dean’s face. The way his bright, happy eyes reflected the dancing flames. Dean was laughing as he shut his eyes and stood softly swaying, indulging in the moment, letting the music wash over him. 

“Thanks to all of you for coming out to hear us play!” the lead singer rasped into his microphone. “You’ve been a great audience!” 

The band started on Thank You. 

“Here, you gotta give this a try!” Dean was suddenly pressing the plastic lighter into Castiel’s hand. 

Castiel frowned but rolled his thumb over the striker. 

No luck

He tried again, and again, and again, and still could not get the thing to light. 

Dean laughed again, spotting Castiel’s frustration. He cupped Castiel’s hand with his own and flicked the lighter at a faster pace than Castiel had been doing. 

If the sun refused to shine,” flowed the music just as the lighter finally lit. “I would still be loving you.” 

“Thanks,” Castiel shouted. His arm shot up in the air to join in the swaying. He didn’t quite understand the ritual happening, but felt warmed by it nonetheless. 

Mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me,” the band finished. More applause and whoops came from the sea of humans around them. 

“Oh man, man that was so worth it.” Dean’s grin was infectious and Castiel couldn’t help but share in it. It had been mesmerising. Castiel had felt a connection to everyone there just in their joint enjoyment of the music. He’d felt a part of something bigger than himself. 

“Thank you, Dean, for inviting me. For introducing me to the music in the first place.” 

“Hell yeah! Thanks for not being a stick in the mud like Sammy. He had beer splashed over him at one gig and he’s hated them ever since. Well, plus that last one didn’t turn out so well for us I guess.” 

They got into the car and Dean started the engine. Many people wouldn’t think about making the eight hour drive back home immediately after, but Dean Winchester wasn’t most people. 

“What was the lighter thing at the end about?” 

“Tradition,” Dean grinned. He couldn’t seem to stop beaming. “Easier with a Zippo than those shitty Bics, burned my finger at one point, but still worth it.” 

He pulled out of the parking lot, left hand on the wheel, right arm slumped at his side.  

“Which finger?” Castiel frowned, pulling Dean’s free hand towards him for inspection. When he saw the sore spot on Dean’s thumb, without thinking he lifted it to his lips and kissed the small burn better. 

“Oh,” Dean gulped. “Um, thanks. It would have been OK.” He was very firmly looking ahead of him now, tips of his ears going red. 

“It’s no problem,” Castiel shrugged. “What happened to your Zippo?” he asked out of idle curiosity. Dean was usually never without it. 

Dean’d jaw tightened. “I had to, er, throw it away a while back. Sometimes when you gotta set something on fire, you want to make sure you get it right first time. No multiple fires, no partial burn.” His voice was getting distant now, frown lines appearing between his eyes. Whatever Dean was remembering, it was nothing pleasant, that much Castiel could guess. 

“Shall we listen to our mixtape?” Castiel asked, hoping to distract Dean from whatever misery he was slowly losing himself to. 

“That uh, that would be good.” Dean shot Castiel a quick smile. “That would be real good.” 

pssst this is the fault of/written for @helianthus21 thank you for conversing with me earlier on the topics of burns and gigs and ohh yesss. 


Everything has been decided. Just let me love you.

i’m like… so mentally healthy right now like it’s wild. i’ll still feel sad and stuff but in a completely healthy way. 

when i was really bad mentally i never thought i’d be okay again and it would just piss me off when people told me i’d be okay one day, i mean it took a long ass time i got really bad in 2012, 2013 was hell year i literally blocked the whole twelve months out, ask me a thing about 2013 i will not fucking know it, and then i finally started feeling somewhat okay in early 2015 and then i still felt a bit off until like this time last year but since i’ve been like really really really good mentally like i’m not saying my life’s been fantastic w/ no bad shit happening but my mental health has maintained despite the bad stuff that comes w/ life in general… this is a completely pointless post but it’s somewhat therapeutic to write this down 

title: a wasp on the length of my arm

rating: t

pairing: klance

tags: modern au, childhood best friends au, trans guy keith, anxiety, miscommunication, mild angst later on, all that good good stuff. also lots of best friends tho. it took me a billion years but i decided to upload this finally as 2 separate chapters so

ch 1 of 2


Keith and Lance have been friends since elementary school.

This surprises most people when they first see them interact. Keith acts like he hates Lance, and Lance acts like they’re rivals, but in reality they joined at the hip in second grade and never separated, and maybe it’s because they’ve known each other so long that they act the way that they do. Lance is annoying, and Keith isn’t afraid to tell him that, and Keith is a hothead, and Lance isn’t afraid to call him out on it. It’s a weird equilibrium, a give-and-take that Keith has yet to experience with any of his other friends, but it works so well for them that Keith tries not to think too much about it.

alternatively titled: the klance childhood best friends au where keith isnt sure what they are anymore and lance is bad at talking about his feelings

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puublack is a pedophile. literally just google their name or old name 'official steven universe', with porn/drawings/'pedophile' in the search it will show. and every person who has defended call outs about them has been a pedophile themselves. why do you ignore this?

okay, thank you for telling me but the condescending nature of your message is very bad! i don’t always pay attention to the OP of the posts i reblog but when i get an ask telling me i reblogged from somebody bad/why that somebody is bad then i’ll delete it without a problem. had you just told me that that person was bad and pointed out which post featured them i would have delete it, but instead you came into my inbox demanding to know why i “ignored this” when this is the only ask i’ve gotten and i didn’t know. i am sorry i reblogged it and i’m sorry for putting them on your dash. if i reblog from them again then it was purely an accident and if it is pointed out to me i will delete it.

Okay so a lot of people are asking me who Aaron Diaz is so here’s my semi-comprehensive post on who Aaron Diaz is and why he’s a joke.

Aaron Diaz is, in theory, the author of terrible webcomic Dresden Codak. I say ‘in theory’ cause he updates about once a month and often less than that (and has been caught faking the dates on his older comics to make himself appear to have a consistent update schedule.) Dresden Codak is the adventures of Aaron Diaz’s fictional girlfriend, a fit asian girl with robot limbs, because Aaron Diaz is basically Joss Whedon with an amputation fetish.

Dresden Codak is… bad. Diaz has copied parts of Ghost in the Shell point for point before (and indeed, only changed his fantasy waifu’s hair because she kept looking more and more like Makoto Kusanagi). Diaz doesn’t understand page layouts and very obviously includes his fetishes in the comic; I wasn’t joking about his amputation fetish. Multiple times his waifu loses her limbs and just kind of flops around uselessly, presumably cause it gets his dick up. He gets 6k a month on patreon for it and regularly whines that he doesn’t make more, because getting 60k a year for doing basically nothing isn’t enough for him, I guess.

Also once he had a Japanese character sit at a desk with a giant pagoda over his head and a bunch of Katanas around cause you wouldn’t know he was Japanese if Diaz didn’t do that.

Diaz himself is a joke too. Imagine every negative stereotype about a 'male feminist’. Seriously. Talks down to women, casually racist, dresses like a clown, balding with a beard, white dude, perpetually angry, cowardly, paper thin skin, etc.

Diaz is all of those things. He is a stereotype come to life. You probably couldn’t make a caricature of him that was more ridiculous than Aaron Diaz himself is. He regularly insults women who disagree with him, while simultaneously boasting about how feminist he is. He pontificates about how much he 'loves smart women’ but gets cowardly and cries when a woman corrects him or when he encounters a woman in STEM or another difficult field. Cause to Diaz 'smart’ is just a tag he puts into a search engine to try and find porn. Diaz wants a woman in a labcoat getting fucked over her Bunston burner. that’s what Diaz wants.

Also he has repeatedly boasted about how he knows martial arts and someone googled where he 'trains’ and it’s with children. Aaron Diaz does karate with children and brags about it.

Now, while in his tiny black heart Diaz likely wishes he was best known for his terrible webcomic, he is probably best known for his utterly terrible Zelda pitch. You can see it here, and while I don’t want to devote this entire post to that, I’ll just rundown the reasons why it’s dumb real quick.

  • It supports the idea that 'feminine’ roles in stories can never be proactive or competent and that the only way for a woman to be useful or competent is to take on a traditionally male role.
  • It ignores every single character trait Zelda has to paste her over Link, obliterating her as a character (some lip-service to the Sheikah does not change this.) fuck, he even dresses her up like Link. She can’t even have her own outfit?
  • Not gonna nerd out on MUH ZELDA LORE but he obviously has never played a Zelda game and only did rudimentary googling before doing this thing.
  • He tries to hamfist steampunk into it.
  • He gives 'Prince Link’ a hat. Zelda already has a hood that evokes the hat. Why does Prince Link need a hat? Aaron Diaz thinks you’re so stupid you won’t understand PRINCE LINK is supposed to be Link, unless he has on a hat it makes no sense for him to be wearing.

Anyway the point is it’s stupid. I may go over it point for point later to explain why but that’s not what this post is about. It got picked up by a bunch of sites and showcased and game journalists praised Aaron Diaz because most game journalists are borderline illiterate dipshits but it quickly passed and he faded into semi-obscurity.

(For the record, he also did a bunch of 'redesigns’ of comic characters that were also stupid, also including his casual fetishization of asian women again, and then when everyone made fun of him including industry professionals he made a really passive-aggressive post where he 'redesigned’ his imaginary waifu into a fanservice character, which is made more hilarious by the fact her design basically slowly trended to being a lot like that.)

After that, he mostly kept acting like a bag of hot air, until, after he posted a bunch of sexy pin-ups of his protagonist and claimed they were 'empowering and feminist’ he got ribbed. He got gently ribbed. Very gently ribbed. Seriously, Mary Cagle (cubedwatermelon on tumblr and artist of many webcomics) basically gave him the lightest jab in the fucking world.

Aaron went MENTAL. He cried and whined and moaned and vagued about her on twitter, until he eventually cried in her tumblr inbox and she blew him the fuck out. 

Diaz lost it, deleted the tweets, deleted the pin-ups, and went dark on twitter for THREE MONTHS. This fucking loudmouth was so butthurt at the softed, weakest possible ribbing that he imploded and vanished for a quarter of a year. He later re-uploaded the pin-ups and claimed he 'accidentally deleted them before’ which is literally an excuse that makes every lie detector within 100 miles of you commit suicide if you ever say it.

Anyway he mostly shut up until Nintendo announced Hyrule Warrior Legends.

And Linkle.

Linkle is a character in Hyrule Warrior Legends that looks a lot like a girl Link. She ISN’T girl Link, but her design was initially meant for Link’s younger sister and they repurposed it. Aaron Diaz responded in the most hilarious, passive-aggressive, histrionic way imaginable.


You are reading that right.

Aaron Diaz thought that a japanese company saw his pitch from SEVERAL YEARS AGO and stole it. Stole the idea of 'a girl dressed like link’. Except Linkle’s outfit only evokes Link’s, it’s not the same. So really the idea of 'girl’

Aaron Diaz invented women.

Now, predictably, everyone made fun of him, so instead of just deleting the tweets and hiding in shame for a week or so Diaz TRIED TO BACKPEDAL.

It needs to be kept in mind this was THE DAY LINKLE WAS REVEALED. The same day. Almost immediately after.

And of course everyone kept making fun of him and he cried.

The most recent dumb-ass thing he did, and which seemed to have left him butthurt enough to mostly stop being a windbag on social media, was this tweet.

Even discounting the fact that Will Eisner is one of the most talented creators to ever live who has forgotten more about making amazing comics than Diaz can learn in ten lifetimes;

Will Eisner was Jewish.

Will Eisner was Jewish in the 40s.

Jews were not particularly well loved, in the 40s.

Everyone jumped on Diaz for this. Literally everyone. Industry professionals tore into his 'redesigns’ and mocked his comic. All his boatloads of haters lept from the woodwork to screencap and laugh. 

People who tolerated him cause they share ideology used it as an excuse to dump him (nobody likes him, anyway.) Everyone pointed out that he himself is the definition of 'mediocre white man’. He blocked anybody who even looked at him for like two weeks, and finally went into semi-hibernation.


gorillaz on Twitter
“CALL OFF THE HUNT! Murdoc has been found, spotted leaving früh am Dom. He's on his way to the venue. Tune in at 8pm BST for #GorillazLive360”

Good news! Murdoc has been found! Apparently he was at a bar. Good to know that he’s alright! 

Also, about his coma, it turns out that Murdoc had a really bad hangover along with a sunstroke. All and all, he’s doing okay! :)

Okay, so I saw a few of my mutuals + others doing this and I thought it was a good idea. I’ve pretty much been following the same 80+ people for years now (nothing bad with that but my dash does seem pretty empty a lot of the time) so i wan’t to follow others as well.

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Storytime: Kuichi the Froslass

I’ve got a story here I’ve been meaning to tell you guys for a while. It’s about a Froslass named Kuichi, of which I took care of for a while.

Okay so, this was like, six years ago (2011). At the time, I was regularly visiting /vp/. (I’m glad I got out of it, tbh.)

My sense of humor has always been as bad as it is now. Kinda just… mediocre jokes I drag on too long to the point they aren’t funny at all. Well, as I remember it, one day I saw a thread that was complaining that after completing the post-game in BW there was nothing to do. I mean… yeah. But instead of just being like “uh, no duh?” I decided to flex my humor and just come up with a huge list of little things to do, none of which were good suggestions. I honestly don’t remember many of them, but they were all just… dumb. But as I saw it (and apparently others agree), that was the humor in it. Anyway, while I was usually anonymous when on /vp/, for that thread I adopted the name “Lister” (fittingly, as I was just listing things). …this thread/list is hardly relevant to the story, but just go with me.

The next day, I saw a post from a guy with liver cancer. He was headed into the hospital soon. The reason he brought this to /vp/ is because he really cared about his Froslass, Kuichi. She was super important to him. He would play with her every day. … he wanted someone to take care of her while he was in the hospital. (I guess he wasn’t able to bring his DS with him?)

[Text from Ghost Trainer 001: Well, How to start this, /vp/ you may not know me. Maybe you’ve seen me around, but, I am more of a lurker. So last week I found out I have a form of cancer in liver. now I’m not alarmed and I’m sure that I’ll make it through, but that’s just a backstory to what I was going to ask.

I want someone to take care of my froslass for me. It’s stupid I know, and pathetic. but…shes always been a mode of comfort for me. I dunno why but on stressful days or when I’m having a bad day, I go home and start up Pokemon and just battle with her, just her. I don’t really have a reason why I care about her so much, I just do? she’s like a pokesis to [me] I guess.

I just want someone who can take care of her and raise her while I am being hospitalized. I don’t want her to stop being played with while I’m gone

and, when I make it back I’ll want her back…]

So I offered. As it wasn’t the time to be anonymous, I donned the name Lister again. Well, people recognized me from the Things To Do In BW list from the previous day, and said something like “Give it to Lister, he’s a cool guy.” (I am not cool, but that’s beside the point.) So GT001 picked me to take care of her.

Of course I was true to my word and played with her every day. I had her for about 8 days total, I believe, before GT001 came back from the hospital and took her back. I took plenty of pictures, but in 2011 I only had a slide phone and its camera was… mediocre at best, and a lot of pictures I thought turned out okay were really blurry. But I DID take them.

She actually helped me a lot too, because during those 8 days, I was given a house/dogsitting job, and because I had no access to a computer or internet there, I was bored as shit. So playing with her daily def helped my boredom.

When GT001 took her back, I posted many of the (bad quality) pictures from my adventures with Kuichi on /vp/, for anyone who was interested. (I don’t remember if anyone even was, but by golly, I was gonna post it anyway.)

I haven’t talked to GT001 since, though. I wonder how he’s doing. And I also wonder if he still plays with Kuichi often? Maybe he brought her to Kalos and finally got the chance to pet her in Amie. But regardless, I’m glad I was able to help him. Because it’s /vp/, there was a good chance if I didn’t take her, someone with bad intentions could have gotten her and done something like purposefully releasing her in order to hurt GT001 more than the cancer already had.

That’s the story of Kuichi the Froslass.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Excuse me, I don't know if you still takes prompts but I love what your posts and I was wondering if you could write something about Michelle having troubles at home and Ned and Peter not noticing until it gets really bad because she's good at hiding things? Thanks!

so this has sat in my inbox for so long because michelle struggling/being sad is so hard for to me to write. but i hope this is okay!

(also, this includes the death of a parent to cancer and the grief that follows. i will also say as a disclaimer that i’ve been fortunate enough to not have lost a parent so i’m unsure if i’ve accurately represented this. i’m sure i can’t even begin to fathom how hard that loss is, so i’m sorry if i’ve not done this justice.)

  • when the doctor comes out of the operating room with a heavy heart and tells her family that they couldn’t save her father she didn’t realize she’d be losing two parents
  • her father had been struggling with prostate cancer for the past year. she’d always known he wasn’t going to make it, but part of her had hoped
  • about a month ago when things really got bad, her mother started to check out. she spent every moment at the hospital and her older brother had to drive to drop off clothes and food for her mother, who’d taken leave from work
  • and when her father finally passes after a long and slow death, her heart cracks open and she feels as if her whole world has been turned upside down and she’ll never orient herself again
  • and it only takes her a few days to realize her mother is gone too
  • she immediately starts throwing herself into work. as a lawyer, she’s paid by the hour. so she just…keeps working. she comes home when michelle is getting ready for bed and leaves as michelle is heading down to make herself breakfast
  • her mother pays the bills but she’s never around anymore
  • so michelle, her older brother, and younger sister become their own family because their mother isn’t there for them
  • but it’s hard
  • michelle is just starting her second semester of sophomore year. her bother is a senior and is waiting on college acceptances. her sister is struggling at school and her teacher had sent a letter home talking about the possibility that she had adhd
  • in the time when they need a mother, a parent, her mother leaves them

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Short analysis of the MysMe characters

Ok so I’ve been seeing a lot of posts either praising or criticizing single characters … and I couldn’t help but think about it myself. So I’ve collected my own take on the whole crew, positive as well as negative. Because let’s face it – all of them have good and bad traits to them! And that’s okay!

Pls be aware that this has been written by someone who loves (almost) all these characters to bits and pieces. (^_^;)


— the flaws —

  • Lazy bum who spends his nights gaming instead of studying and sleeping, then complains about it
  • Passive personality, can’t motivate himself to do anything for himself and needs others to give him a push
  • Has not processed his apparent crush on his cousin properly
  • So screws up quite a bit when it comes to romance
  • Some of the flirting can be cringy and he can turn slightly yandere

— and why I love him anyway —

  • He is genuinely a sweet and nice guy and probably couldn’t hurt a fly (well, unprovoked)
  • Cares a lot about the others and their wellbeing
  • Often a heart on his sleeve type of guy
  • Relatable as hell, because I’m sure a lot of students were in his situation once
  • Actually really smart
  • Likes to help both people and animals
  • Great character development!


— the flaws —

  • Tends to force others to give him the praise he craves
  • And will give it to himself, too, no matter if he was successful with the last point or not
  • Is almost immediately overprotective of MC, seemingly just because she is a girl
  • Despite being the one who comes on to her the strongest of all of them
  • Shows uncalled for aggression and rudeness towards Jumin who actually never did anything wrong to him

— BUT here’s why I still love him —

  • Is actually sweet and caring, and genuinely supportive
  • And his protective instinct can be a good thing
  • Can take care of you and himself, too, so he might actually be the most well adjusted adult of all of them
  • Talented and passionate and willing to fight his way through life to follow his dream
  • He’s outgoing and usually open about his emotions
  • Also relatable, because a lot of people have hidden insecurities


— she does have … some flaws —

  • Not very good at taking care of herself and her own needs, sacrifices her health and wellbeing out of fear of what would happen if she lost her job
  • Can be slightly annoying at the beginning of Zen’s route because she is a bit overprotective of him
  • Kind of in the closet about her bisexuality

— though not a lot of them because —

  • She is sensible, capable, reliable – and still humble
  • Also kind and helpful, despite seeming a bit unapproachable at first
  • A hard worker who only came this far through her own efforts
  • Her thoughts and troubles about work and life in general are very relatable
  • Has a hidden passionate and excitable side to her, which is cute
  • Also is a hidden bad ass


— the flaws —

  • He’s … well, a trust fund kid who relies on his ridiculously inexhaustible resources a lot
  • Has a bad case of repressed emotions
  • And detachment from other people
  • Slightly unhealthy relationship with his cat because of this
  • His romance becomes very intense, in a … concerning way at first, also because of his emotional and inter-personal issues

— but again, here’s the good about him to consider —

  • Very hard to offend or intimidate because of his pragmatic and confident mindset
  • Good at handling difficult situations
  • Cares a lot more about the people around him than anyone would expect
  • He is actually quite open minded and curious, eager to learn about new things
  • His social awkwardness and his more “human” moments are surprisingly cute
  • Also, actually does work for his money, and is very generous


— the spoiler-ish flaws —

  • He got very used to being dishonest
  • Tends to go to extremes when his protective side is triggered – and not necessarily in good directions
  • Latent self-hatred, awkwardly mixed with arrogance concerning his abilities
  • Not above lashing out at people when distressed (though only verbally)
  • Is kind of pushed as the “main route” which may be annoying to some

— and why I love this cute hacker anyway —

  • Exceptionally entertaining with his quirkiness and random sense of humor
  • Quick thinking and open minded
  • Relatable for a lot of reasons, ranging from the silliness, to the nerdiness, and to the deflecting from serious issues by turning them into a joke thing
  • Actually a dedicated and caring person, and really protective of those who are dear to him
  • Wants nothing more than them to be happy and safe

Spoilers ahead for the rest.

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