okay idk what i was doing

I noticed the girl put her arm on Hana. It sent me reeling into my jealousy, I decided to get the truth out of Salim. I knew Hana would never tell me, especially not today. 

“Hey, oh-Nia! What-”
I gently shoved him back towards the hall and shut the door behind me. 
He started laughing nervously. 
“I-, uh….sup?”
“Do you know all of Hana’s friends?”
He scratched his head and looked up at the ceiling. I knew he was stalling.
“Okay, uh yeah I guess I do. I mean I’m her best friend, I know everything.”
“Yes, that’s why I’m asking.”
“Oh….no, no, no Nia, I can’t. I’m her friend, friendship means trust. I can’t-”
“I only have one question. Who’s the girl with the pink hair?”
“P-P-Pink, uh, hair? Hm, that that’s…”
He was frowning in feigned concentration but I could tell he was extremely nervous. He wasn’t going to tell me the truth either. 

“Sh-She’s, uh….”
“Take a deep breath. I only asked a simple question. Unless there’s more to her-”
“No! No! She’s my friend. I met her in the city, we uh chill most of the time. Then her and Charlie are like best friends now, so yeah Hana is friends too. I mean obviously. You know, I’m friends with Hana. Charlie’s friends with Hana. K-uh, the girl was, she was, she was-”
“What’s her name again?”
“Her name? Oh uh, it’s, did I say ‘K’? Yeah, her name is uh, K-Kim! Kim, her name is Kim.”
“She introduced herself as ‘Sam’.”
“Oh right, right, Sam. That pink haired girl. Yeah, right, uh K-Kim, is her first name? Or middle, I forget, anyway she asks us to call her Sam.”
“Then why do you call her Kim?”
“Uh, you know me! I like to mess with people.”
“Right. So when did you meet?”
“Nia, come on. I don’t remember details. When did you meet Hana?”
“Mid March of her Junior year.”
“Wait, okay that’s not fair you love her. Uh, when did you meet me?”
“I met you when Hana was moving out-”
“Okay shit Nia. Look, I don’t remember things like you do. Don’t worry about her, nothing to worry about.”
“Did I say I was worrying?”
“No! Uh, look, Hana loves you all right. More than her fucking frogs, and that’s a lot. More than me. Sometimes I think more than Tommy and Julie, and that’s her family. So chill please. Can I go inside now?”
I nodded. “Salim? Can you, well….I know you’ll tell her anyway but I’m sorry for my behavior, okay?”
“Oh wow, uh yeah apology accepted!” 
He was grinning widely, I completely understood why he and Hana were best friends. 

Okay I think I got em settled

Osomatsu’s quirk - sextuplet sight (can see what his brothers see but only as long as they are within a certain distance)

Karamatsu’s quirk - reflection (can make a clone of himself but it doesn’t keep form long, about 10 minutes give or take)

Choromatsu’s quirk - shell (can form a barrier around himself, it looks like his self awareness, fairly strong hard to break sometimes can’t get himself out for some time)

Ichimatsu’s quirk - shadow form (can hide in and travel through shadows pretty simple, not good in light places)

Jyushimatsu’s quirk - hallucinations (can alter how someone sees things around them, keeping a hallucination going for some time gives him a headache)

Todomatsu’s quirk - liar (can make others believe anything he says as long as they are unaware of his quirk, does not work once someone knows of it)

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Red Velvet Cupcake: If you could spend an entire weekend with any character from any fandom you follow, who would you pick and what would you do?

THis is interesting, okay I’d either go with Yang cause I’m basic and I feel like it would be v fun idk, or either Daenereys from GOT (and her dragons) cause.. I want to go on a dragon is that too much to ask

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Sometimes I feel like I'm a "fake vegan" because I just can't watch videos that activist make. They make me so anxious but animals live this every day and it's like I'm a carnist who prefers their own comfort. Idk

The key is encouraging other people to see those clips, there is no reason why you need to continually subject yourself to them. If you already know what goes on and have already acted on them then it’s perfectly okay to not subject yourself to that. I only watch those videos if I’m planning on sharing them so I know what the contents are, but other than that I don’t really do it either. That doesn’t make either one is any less vegan, it just means we don’t want to continually upset ourselves seeing animal suffering when we’re already well aware of what goes on.

hey guys im thinking about remaking again LMAO probs this afternoon whenever i get past like 2000 followers i start feeling really quite on edge about everything to do with my blog n idk what it is but every time my blog doesnt feel right i really dont know how to explain it but yeah ahhh okay i hate myself lol i dont wanna lose all my gifs n everything lmao

idk I just love how we Young People Today use ~improper~ punctuation/grammar in actually really defined ways to express tone without having to explicitly state tone like that’s just really fucking cool, like

no    =    “No,” she said. 

no.    =    "No,” she said sharply.

No    =    “No,” she stated firmly.

No.    =    “No,” she snapped.

NO    =    “No!” she shouted.

noooooo    =    “No,” she moaned.

no~    =    “No,” she said with a drawn-out sing-song.

~no~    =    “No,” she drawled sarcastically.

NOOOOO    =    “No!” she screamed dramatically.

no?!    =    “No,” she said incredulously.

DOPE screenshots

“shh take it off now girl..just take it off..I’M A MASTER WITH YOUR BR” okay that’s enough I can’t believe I’m only discovering this song now 😂

Moving on…

Jungkook’s inner fuckboy came out in Dope

I’m not complaining, why would I

Angry BTS compilation

Jimin grabbing his crotch/being rude compilation

Oops wROnG pIC

He just looks good I’m not over his red hair

Tae too innocent to grab and Idk what Jin is doing tbh…

Crazy BTS compilation

When your parents walk in on you and you immediately pretend to be asleep..

We see you Joonie ;)

This is a demonstration of how they’ll snatch our wigs each comeback :)

Rare footage of Jimin looking taller than Jungkook and Yoongi

Jungkooks legs…no comment…I hope he was okay

Suga being a cutie compilation

His legs..and people say he’s a bad dancer..

When you see oppa

Okay so Tae was staring at Namjoons butt, he looks disgusted tho…

“wait is that a pizza slice on the floor?”

oKAy but Jin lowkey looks like Jimin here!?!?

Suga being a cutie again

He have been doing the famous “chong jojun balsa” since Dope..that’s why I have trust issues..


i just wanted to draw lil vanessa and nina in cute outfits but whoops they look sad,, what happened??? how do we cheer them up????? this is probably an emergency situation 

Imagine Magnus getting ready to go tell the seelie queen he’s decided to join her ranks, and just when he’s about to leave he sees Ragnor leaning against his front door.

His arms are crossed over his chest, eyebrows raised to say ‘are you serious right now’. Magnus stops in his tracks, remembering the last time he saw him, remembering his words. When that love comes back to you, you must do everything in your power to fight for it.

“What are you doing?” Ragnor’s words sound accusing. “You’ve finally found happiness and you’re just going to throw it out the window like this?”

Magnus continues getting ready, knowing that he’ll break if he listens to what ragnor has to say. “I have to do this, Ragnor, I have to look out for our people, for the downworld.”

He doesn’t see it when ragnor rolls his eyes at him.

“And what about the seelie queen? Do you think she cares about the downworld? Do you think she cares about anything but keeping the seelies safe?”

That makes magnus stop and turn, squinting his eyes at Ragnor.

“Do you think she cares about the warlocks and the werewolves and the vampires who are going to get hurt when she leads you all into war?”

Neither of them says anything for a while, but suddenly Magnus seems a lot less eager to get out the door. He starts pacing, fidgeting with the rings on his fingers.

“I know that you’d do anything to keep our people safe, Magnus, but giving up on love, giving up on what makes you happy, on who makes you happy, isn’t going to help you achieve that.”

When Magnus turns around, Ragnor is gone. He sighs, reaching into the pocket of his coat for his phone and types a quick message.

To Alexander: Can we talk?

y’all need to see this

okay so im not going to lie, this scene really scared me, especially when Lance screamed at Keith ‘don’t do this!’ because damn that gave me chills. But if this isn’t one of the best example of lance being keith’s impulse control and the fact keith does care what he says and oh god klance is so real i love these two then idk what is

to me this scene was very important and i think about this a lot

my brother is starting to listen to be more chill

i’m gonna type out what he says about each song. (italics are when i’m saying stuff to him) (edit: i made this a week or so ago and i forgot about it so i’m posting it now)

Jeremy’s Theme - “who’s jeremy and why is he special enough for his own song” “it’s just an instrumental and he’s the main character” “oh”

More Than Survive - “is this michael-yeah it’s michael” “i love michael” “me too”
“how many times can one person say christine” “oh just you wait” “oh my god it’s still going”
“go go go go!”

I Love Play Rehearsal - “what if you think of this one?“ “yes.”

The Squip Song - ”wow okay it’s from japan buddy”

“are the alien noises in the background necessary?” “yes.”

Two Player Game - “of all the characters to get a tattoo of he picks pacman?-oh it’s michael again nvm i like him.“

“this ones good” “theY keEp yElLINg” 

*lots of headbanging* 

“oh god they’re yelling again okay” 

“michael is my favorite person too” 

“oh my god so much yelling.”

The Squip Enters - ”what’s this one-oh okay”

Be More Chill Pt 1 - “what if i don’t want to take my hands out of my pockets?“ “idk man” 

“i know the squips a bad guy but i like him” 

“I’m made of math’ *cackling*” 

“*judgy tone* Madeline.”

“ohh hamlet” 

Do You Wanna Ride? - ”i want frozen yogurt….”

Be More Chill Pt 2 - “waIT I DONT LIKE HIM ANYMORE” “the squip?” “YEAH”

More Than Survive Reprise - ”this ones good" 

“okay it’s good but there’s a reprise in the first act??”

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into - “*gets to the end* wait-what?? go back????”

The Squip Lurks - ”my aesthetic"

Upgrade - *headbanging to the ‘upgrade-upgrade!’ part* 

“back to christine? okay.” 


“poor michael…” 

“wow they didn’t even try to rhyme anything with loser-i mean it works so hey” 

*mumbles* “what?” “nOTHING i wasn’t singing along.” 

“*voice cracks* he-e.. he blocked him-m…”

Halloween - ”this is good"

“oh wow okay they’re all yelling now” “yeah aha they do that-” “shhhh i wanna hear”

Do You Wanna Hang? - “i don’t like this one..” “me either”

“oh the squip makes everything so much more uncomfortable, he’s like an old man trying to help jeremy-*realizes an adult tying to get a teenager laid*oH MY GOD”

Michael In The Bathroom - ”*hears the first note* NO NOT THIS ONE.”

“this is so much more heartbreaking when you’ve heard the rest of the story”

“george has such a nice voice”

“*glaring off, not really at anything in particular* michael deserves better. can we find him a nice boyfriend?”

“*tears in his eyes as it ends, forcing a smile*that was fun let’s never do it again thanks”

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire) - “is this jenna ro-*hears chloes part* oh yeah it is cool”

“you said she was in heathers too right?” “yeah” “cool”

“*jaw drops a bit* wait rich did what??”

“he burned the house DOWN?!” “yep” “WHAT THE HECK RICH”

“’no i was crying’ *laughs* same” 

“..is that george?!” “yeah, the guys dress in feminine clothes and dance and sing in this song” “thats so freaking cool..”

The Pitiful Children - ”ohhhh i like the squip again”

“is he literally going “beep boop”?!”

“*nodding his head* this one is really good”

The Pants Song - “i don’t know if i’ll ever love anyone that much” “same”

“ohhhh, is this aplay on michael loving jeremy?” “i mean, yeah but like-” “no they’re gay.”

The Play - ”*eyes widen, before belting* MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE”

“i want the confidence of jake with the squip”

“did michael go ‘ugh’ at the girls?” “i think so” “mood.”

*at the two player game reprise part* “HEY IT’S THEIR SONG AGAIN!!” 

“jeremy christine is lying to you she doesn’t love you, but it’s okay cause michael does” “LIAM” “what?!”

Voices In My Head - “oh rich.”

“homeslice?? what year is it” “i wish i knew”

“i mean sure i’m happy for jeremy but like come on, he obviously loves michael”

“is this that will guy you love?” “sure is” “oh- i see why now. his voice is really nice.” “mmhmm”

“*eyes go wide when everyone starts singing* thats so cool”

“*frowning* is this the last song?” “sorry, but it is” “no i need more” “we can listen to the full performance later” “okay..”

the signs as cliche/overused lines in movies

(idk if someone already did this but i’m doing it anyways)

aries:  “you just don’t get it, do you?!”


gemini: “…did i just say that outloud?”

cancer: “i’m not your little girl anymore!”

leo: “it’s not what it looks like!”

virgo: “okay, here’s what we do…” (cuts to a different scene)

libra: “you two are so cute!” “(laughs awkwardly) oh no, we’re not…that…” “too bad.”

scorpio: “i wouldn’t do that if i were you…”

sagittarius: “(s)he’s behind me, isn’t (s)he.”

capricorn: “we’re not so different, you and i.”

aquarius: “we’ve got company.”

pisces: “DON’T DIE ON ME!”

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what did u think about keith this season :0?


ok ok so spoiler warnings for season 3, pls don’t read if u haven’t watched it yet!!

First of all, I MUCH rather prefer keith’s leadership over shiro. The reason behind that is, is that while shiro is clearly the better leader overall, keith is more active while shiro is more passive, and honestly in media it’s usually the villains who play the active role while the heroes just react. So it’s really fucking refreshing to see someone who’s actually ACTING and constantly on the move.

I know he’s FAR from a good leader and his dumb behavior in the first few episodes was really fucking risky and caused a lot of damage. But he’s j u s t starting out and also dealing with the loss of the most important person in his life, so he’s clearly not in the best emotional state. If he manages to deal with his emotions effectively and gains closure on…a lot of things, I think he’s more suited to lead voltron.


The keith angst was strong in ep 1 and 2 but then for the rest of the season he just looks sad or tired or frustrated without letting out much emotion and that breaks my heart more?? Like he loses a significant person in his life, gets thrown into a role he clearly doesn’t want or is ready for, FINDS SAID PERSON AGAIN EXCEPT SURPRISE!! IT MAY NOT ACTUALLY BE HIM!!! and then this fucking fake shiro proceeds to say a few sweet words to keith, asks keith to lead the paladins on a mission, AND THEN PROCEEDS TO BUTT IN EVERY CHANCE HE GETS TO OPPOSE KEITH AND REMINDS KEITH HOW INCOMPETENT HE IS AS A LEADER!!! LIKE WHAT THE FUCK??? (i hate new shiro so fucking much like. idk who he is but he needs to le a v e and real shiro needs to come back asap)

Just. Keith needs to let out his emotions in a healthy way instead of just short bursts of anger. He’s not doing okay at all and he’s the saddest we’ve ever fucking seen him and it’s making me sad too binch. He needs to stop internalizing everything and really needs to open up or I can see him heading for an emotional melt down and I don’t wanna see that happen to him


Bored. Oh he was so bored.

Why was the Void always so monotone— Okay, that question answered itself. Gaster sighed, laying down, and pulling his computer up to his stomach. He closed his eyes for a minute, wondering if he should do something…

Had this happened a year ago, Gaster would not have minded this situation one bit. He had been stuck in the Void for so long… So many years of the same monotone existence had made him used to not doing anything at all. All he had before were his thoughts… Nothing more, nothing less. However, now that he had Sans, Dee, GG, and other friends in his life.. This had become more than just boredom… 

He was thinking of something to do to pass the time when he felt something… strange. He opened his eyes and sat up, moving his computer to his legs and trying to identify the strange feeling around him. Was it… a signal? It certainly felt like so. It sounded strange, but the Void had a way of materializing and expanding small things that would go completely unnoticed anywhere else. Signals almost felt like a ringing in the ears, a faint white noise, and a feeling like vibrations traveling through the air…. Then, Gaster looked down. 

On his screen there was now static. A distorted image with sound tried to push through, trying to communicate. His eyes widened and he stumbled to find a way to receive it clearly. After a bit… He sort of succeed… Sort of. 

But… Was that what he thought it was on screen…? A video transmission… From another timeline?