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7.0 | sunray (woozi)

the one that came back

w.c. just above 4.7k | angst + fluff + a piece of my heart | kept thinking about choco / @choco-seventeen when writing this bc i remember reading somewhere that she loves woozi fics

Sometimes, there’s a song you don’t listen to for a while.  It just manages to escape you, to float away. You don’t go and search for it either. It just is, at that point.  And, when you stumble upon it again, by some chance of fate, it’s like hearing the song anew.  It’s not as you remember, because your memory is dusty.  The lyrics still come naturally in spite of the rust, however.  The meaning associated with the song, the memories, they all come flooding back. The song is yours again.

He was that song.

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Mistake (Min Yoongi)

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“I bought you a plane ticket to where she’s going, get to that god damn airport before she leaves and fix this or I will personally kick your ass.”

Word Count: 812

Genre: Angst, Fluff

I hope you like this anon, ah I’m sorry it took so long! I also hope this is the right airport chase cliche because apparently I was informed by a friend that there are a few?? Anywho, enjoy!

You took a deep breath as you sat on the couch to distance yourself from the seething boy in front of you.

“It doesn’t matter Yoongi, I leave tomorrow anyway. I’ll be back in a few months.”

“Fine then, leave.”

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say you’re me and you’re in english class, supposedly analyzing lord of the flies but in actuality thinking about manga and how jarring isayama’s pacing is with snk. there’s of course, the fact that the clash of the titans arc takes place literally like a day or two before the female titan arc and pretty much everything happens in a flashback for some reason, then there’s the super-confusing mess that is the uprising arc with politics and some pretty fiiine character development that all happens in what’s probably less than 36 hours. 

and then, of course, there’s the return to shiganshina arc where they find out what’s in the basement after foreeever and then… an infodump??? for three chapters??? whyyyy!!

but of course if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense, in a kind of weird roundabout way that requires way too much thinking. but since this is english class of course you gotta analyze the story way too much in ways that the author likely never intended!

okay that was fun now onto actual meta or w/e. and, in case you guys didn’t pick it up from the introductory ramble, manga spoilers!!

  • we know that there’s only one family within the walls (besides grisha) who actually knows what goes on outside the walls: the reisses, the royal family. 
    • they’re the only ones able to actually access this power to remember all that happened pre-wall era at will, assuming they have the coordinate
    • there’s only one person with the coordinate power at a time within the walls, so that makes only one person inside (again, besides grisha because he literally comes from outside) who knows everything. 
      • AND they can’t tell anyone because it’s pretty overwhelming and terrible stuff
  • we know that the memories of the first king come are pretty overwhelming, completely taking over the holder of the coordinate for short spans of time

(i spent way too long looking for that screenshot but you know what it was fun refreshing my memory)

  • the memories of the outside world probably come rushing to the holder the second they become the new shifter in what’s probably a bunch of flashbacks, and when they come to literally minutes or less later, they’re completely different now that they have all this scary knowledge

(context for those who don’t mind spoilers or have forgotten details: historia’s father’s brother has just acquired the coordinate and is now more or less he god of the walled world. he knows.)

  • which brings me back to what i was originally harping on about: the point of the infodump on what’s going on outside the walls.
    • the reader is blind to all the truths and hidden secrets of the manga, just as everyone within the wall is blind to what happens beyond the titans and outside the walls.
    • and then, all of a sudden, we hit this huge milestone that’s been hyped up for literally 84 chapters, and we’re blown away with all. this. info. in such a short span of time. the meta writers went bonkers and everyone was kind of just screaming with their heads lit on fire.
      • that’s probably how all the reisses who inherited the coordinate felt when they first felt getting all this information

IN CONCLUSION: the way that the info dump was set up might have been intentional, paralleling how both the character’s felt at the time with this sudden heap of new information, and how most of the coordinate holders felt when they first learned everything.

i’m not saying it’s good writing. in my opinion, it was kind of lazy to just “hey kids we’re at this super hyped up, legendary basement have three months of screeching about now knowing everything whoop now there’s different problems yup”. but when overanalyzing it, it makes for a perfect mirror into how the characters themselves are feeling.

anonymous asked:

I have an idea for a character who's multiracial and his cultural&racial identity is such a mess and he doesn't really have any connection with his family so at the end he deciedes he won't care about this, because he's not defined by his roots anyway (he has 'idc' attitude in general). But I'm worried it may look like i'm trying to cut off his ethnicity because i'm too lazy or something? Is it okay to write someone like him or is it too close to colorblindness?

Multiracial character with no connection to his roots

The post “Arab character not engaging in their culture” might be helpful to you.

How much of a “mess” is his identity? Do you mean he’s confused?

“because he’s not defined by his roots anyway”

Tbh, this sounds like something only a white-passing poc or someone who’s of the “dominant” ethnicity could say. It might be that your character doesn’t really have a deep connection to his culture and maybe he doesn’t really care about how he identifies either, I mean anything is possible, but some things cannot be omitted just like that. It depends on “what he’s mixed with” and how people see him. I’ll give an example. If someone is mixed race (Black and white) and identifies as mixed race or something other than Black, but all people see is a Black person, then that will affect them.

Maybe they aren’t very cultural, but everyone grows up within the dominant culture of the country they live in. It’s everywhere and it’s not always a choice (holidays, language, festivities, clothing, etc.) Some cultural things will be so normal to them that they aren’t even aware of it. You should think of which cultures your character has grown up with (paternal, maternal and dominant) and see how ingrained they are within their family customs if he grew up with his parents. I’d also heavily advise you to seek out appropriate beta-readers from those cultures to see if you haven’t left out pieces which would be essential and make your character believable.

I am also going to point out that the choice to erase most of this character’s culture might end up in whitewashing since often times western cultures are the dominant cultures in popular settings. Be sure to be clear in your description that this person is multiracial as well, so it’s clear that they aren’t white. You can find more information about that in the racial ambiguity tag.

It is okay to write such a character when making sure you’re not whitewashing them, but it still feels like weak representation unless you have make this “mess” of his identity a clear part of who he is. As in, don’t mention it once and you don’t have to make it as a part of his plotline, but to make it influence his motivations, actions, thoughts, views, etc. That way you’ll have representation for multiracial people without people easily discarding them as “dark white”.

~ Mod Alice

I’ve been holding off on answering this for quite a few reasons. Well, actually ONLY ONE reason, which is the soul-crushing weight of the regret from my choices!!!!

I did my ctrl+F nameswapping in an endless fit of increasingly frantic laughter. I seriously can’t even tell the amis apart anymore because they are all pretty much just random names from a list and they already only had a couple of lines of dialogue each in Gnomon, so THAT’S not helpful. Some of these changes are so fucking lazy that it’s humiliating. I am not even joking about this, Courfeyrac -> Courgerac or some shit because it was like 2am and I just fucking GAVE UP. And then I’ve got a couple where I’m like what the fuck was I thinking??? and just. Yeah, it was bad. I should’ve taken just a teensy weensy smidge more time and effort doing this part; at the time it was just like a blast of desperate scrolling down a list of random french last names???? Ugh. It’s bad. It’s so, so bad. I barely remember most of them beyond me just fucking giving up on Enjolras and Grantaire (and then life) after HOURS of being terrible at this so I scrolled on down my list and went FUCK IT THAT WORKS.

The other thing to keep in mind is that I am not remotely serious about Gnomon. Like, I call them stupid terrorist boys for a reason - that is how I think of it; they’re fucking morons and y'all seem to take it SUPER SERIOUS so I apologize for my reasoning here. Particularly Enjolras. Hah.

So, here comes the pain:

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