okay i'm off to bed now

I’m so fed up with my dad being like “you were fine before, how come you’re feeling sick now?”. Okay 1) I was not feeling fine before, I was just feeling better than I am now, and 2) since when do you have to be puking from the second you get out of bed in order to not be well on a particular day? I’ve been dealing with symptoms on and off for months now, this has hardly appeared out of the blue so you really don’t need to seem so shocked.

imagine-narusasu  asked:

30 to 40 the one's you haven't answered already

30: talk about what turns you off.

A dry sense of humor, close mindedness, judgmental, & ???? Idk that’s all i can think of right now.

31: talk about what you think death is like.

We all rise from our bodies and become ghosts. I can'f wait to be a ghost.

35: talk about things you wish you could stop doing.

I wish I could stop doing a lot of things like never believing in myself, Putting myself into really tough situations. SLEEPING LATE!!! (I’m falling asleep rn lmao it’s 2:45 am)

37: talk about someone you thought you were in love with.

AlRIGHT. 6th grade met a boy names Eric who always made me laugh and idk i just liked her for some reason. I really have no idea why either… He put a sandwich bag over his head?? Like what??? But anyway i liked him from 6th allll the way until 10th grade.

38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.

Most songs remind me of ocs

39: talk about things you wish you’d known earlier.


Kamol when confronting an actual enemy intending harm is the most passive aggressive poisoned honey sweet-talker like: “You’d better put that sword down now, hun. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.”
His adversaries find themselves infuriated and turned on all at once.

when u lowkey wait a long time for your tags to work,  anyways !  hi,  i’m a new tadashi hamada from bh6 looking for people to write with if you’re v okay with writing with an au tadashi, please like / reblog this post & i’ll check you out !  thank you !