okay i'm off to bed now

If you should be the last autumn leaf hanging from the tree

I’ll still be here, waiting on the breeze, to bring you down to me.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

And if it takes forever, forever it’ll be.

@morewordsthantime said: Adam Parrish + a cactus (or just Adam!)

I really hope you didn’t mean something like “Adam, holding one (1) cactus in his hands” because in this case my interpretation of your request would be wildly overambitious haha

Either way, I hope you can live with Adam in his St. Agnes Apartment, forcefully decorated by Blue and Gansey (Ronan probably couldn’t care less about interior design).

So Yang is known the be the prankster of her team, but my question is did her team ever get her back for her pranks? Either together or solo? (Asked by avidmastermind)
  • Yang, grins with her arms behind her head: As if they could ever out-prank me.
  • Ruby, grumpily: I mean we've tried.
  • Blake, behind a book: Never works though.
  • Weiss, sighs: Not a single time.
  • Yang, walking over to her bed: Yup, none of you can get me. Ever. I'm just too goo-
  • Yang, jumping onto her bed as she's talking, but gets interrupted as an airbag hidden under her blankets goes off and smashes her into Blake's bunk, causing it to wobble off the books and fall onto her: OH WHAT THE F-
  • Blake, walking over to the mess of bunks and books: Do...you think we went too far?
  • Weiss, now standing beside Blake, kneels down and prods at Yang's arm which is sticking out the side: Is...she okay?
  • Ruby, holding onto her head with a panicked expression: Haha....c'mon Yang...we know you're fine...
  • Yang, muffled: Vrow....yhu guizsh gaht me
  • RWB, collectively sighing: Phew

((Ugh. The more I think about Shanks the more I actually absolutely adore this character. 

Like I was just thinking, looking through fanart of him and doujin and stuff, how great he looks with that big ol’ dorky smile of his. And I realized again, he has absolutely no reason to be kind. He had no reason he had to sacrifice an arm for Luffy. He doesn’t need anything from anyone, he doesn’t need their protection, he doesn’t need them to like him, he knows what the One Piece is, he knows where it is. He literally could rule the world with the power and tools at his disposal. 

But instead, he chooses to be kind. He chooses to be respectful. He chooses to throw parties and make friends and be a helping hand despite only having one to offer. When Buggy starts yelling at him at the war, he could have easily put Buggy in his place- he could have, over time, let power get to his head. But no. He’s just so happy that Buggy hadn’t changed a bit. He could have easily wasted the mountain bandit at the beginning, but instead he just laughed it off until the bandit threatened a small child he had randomly met. 

He could literally be the biggest asshole in the world, and no one would be able to stop him. He could arguably create more trouble than any of the villains we’ve seen so far. But instead he invites his rivals to drink with him, he laughs off insults, and he shows nothing but respect (even if a life at sea has left his manners a little rough, his heart is pure) for those around him. Hell, he saved a Marine’s life, and I doubt that’s the first time he had done so given his track record. Two of his most significant appearances in the manga involve him rescuing someone, one person he didn’t even know (he doesn’t even know Luffy and Coby are friends!). Another involves him helping a rival crew by taking time and resources to ensure proper burials. And considering he’s made probably six to seven appearances so far, and maybe three of them consequential (Beginning, his talk with Whitebeard, and the war - I think his meeting with Mihawk is a little bit more just fluff for us, as well as the funeral) I’d say his track record shows him as pretty compassionate. 

He willingly put himself in the path of a powerful, angry, homicidal Marine’s lethal attack to protect some random Marine (A natural enemy of a pirate!). And he didn’t even push a fight with the angry Marine, he simply stopped an attack. 

Shanks is literally just kind to be kind. There is no hidden motive unless Oda will surprise us all with a Frozen-like Hans twist. But at that point I’d just give up on the series tbh XD))

anonymous asked:

Please imagine soft Hartwin laying in bed at night, Eggsy curled up against Harry and laying on Harry's arm and putting his cold feet on Harry's thigh. Harry stops reading his book to kiss Eggsy's temple and then turn the light off and wrap his arms around his young lover and just whispers "I love you" in his ear (okay I'm done now, don't look at me *hides away*)

I think about these two idiots cuddling in bed LOTS and I fucking adore this image you’ve given me, okay. It’s golden and I want to marry it and bring it to my house and feed it cookies, I adore it that much.

Maybe Eggsy runs cold; his fingers and toes are always several degrees colder than the rest of him. And Eggsy is always brushing his fingers across Harry’s neck, watching him startle and jump at the touch; or shoving his feet in between Harry’s thighs, grumbling about how cold he is into Harry’s shoulder and Harry just sighs, all fond exasperation.

And Eggsy’s like an octopus when he sleeps, all gangly limbed and practically suctioned to Harry’s side. He whimpers if Harry tries to untangle himself from Eggsy’s grasp before dawn. There has been a few times when Harry has woken up with Eggsy laying pretty much on top of him, legs twined together, Eggsy’s arms splayed out on the sheets, his face buried into the crook of Harry’s neck (how does he breath like that?!).

Eggsy always calls Harry his personal furnace. He’ll tuck his hands into Harry’s coat pockets walking home from Savile Row or wiggle his way under Harry’s arms when they are laying on the couch after supper or sit in Harry’s lap while he’s trying to do paperwork at the office, but Harry’s not sure if that’s Eggsy being cold or just trying to make himself more tempting on a long, boring day.

So, this isn’t really about them cuddling in bed anymore but the point stands: give me these two dorks just constantly up in each other’s space and just being two besotted idiots in love.

  • BamBam: *Cuddling with Yugyeom on his bed* I love you Gyeomie!
  • Yugyeom: *Blushes* I love you too Bambi!
  • BamBam: *Leans in to kiss Yugyeom*
  • Jackson: AYYE GUYS!!!
  • BamBam: ...
  • Yugyeom: ...
  • Jackson: ...
  • Jackson: i'm gonna go... you guys can do what you need to do *winks*
  • Yugyeom: EW-
  • BamBam: EW?
  • BamBam: WE AREN'T?
  • Yugyeom: ARE WE?
  • Jackson: *Laughing his ass off*
  • Yugyeom: *Throws a pillow* LEAVE!
  • Jackson: Okay! I'm leaving. Have fun! *Winks and runs away so he doesn't get hit*
  • BamBam: So are we? Or?
  • Yugyeom: *Facepalms*

hi howdy

(36) Gladio’s pick-up lines.

Prompto: Are you okay, Gladio? Time to hit the sack. Stop walking in circles.
Gladio: I just…there’s something missing. Can’t sleep without it.
Prompro: Oh? Should we help you?
Gladio: Ah! There it is.
Gladio: *picks Ignis off the ground*
Ignis: Oii! 
Gladio: *tucks him in bed and lies at his side* There. Much better. Now I can sleep.
Prompto: …
Prompto: So that means we’re switching bed buddies tonight, right?

The Playlist Shuffle

Hey there my lovelies! I got tagged a bunch in this cool meme that’s going around by some lovely people, so I thought I’d give it a shot before heading off to bed for the night (after a long day working outside in the glorious sunshine oh my goodness yes). The ones who tagged me were @snapback-gravity-falls @crossroadsdimension @silver-stargazing and @happy-fazzbear-ponies2! So, here we go!

Rules: we’re snooping on your playlist!! Set your entire music library to shuffle and then report the first 20 tracks that pop up! Then tag ten additional victims.

1. The Saltwater Room by Owl City

2. Battle Scars by Paradise Fears

3. Hit and Run by LOLO

4. Come With Me Now by KONGOS

5. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

6. Ever After by Marianas Trench

7. Boats and Birds by Gregory and the Hawk

8. Safe and Sound [Instrumental] by Taylor Swift

9. Can’t Help Falling in Love - a harp version by Elaine Stindt, a very nice old lady I boarded at for choir festival

10. The Messenger by Linkin Park

11. Brother by Mighty Oaks

12. Dear Sister, Your Brother by Talain Rayne

13. You Are My Sunshine (another harp version by Elaine Stindt)

14. All the Small Things by 

15. Start With Today [Acoustic] by Before Their Eyes

16. Sleepsong by Secret Garden

17. Way Out There by Lord Huron

18. Evelyn by Gregory Alan Isakov

19. Abide With Me from an album entitled “Hymns of Comfort and Peace” by The Good Shepherd Institute

20. Audience of One by Rise Against

Wow, those are some … varied songs by the end ha ha ha. This is pretty fun to do, not least because I can find some cool songs and artists from other people doing this! :D I’m going to tag @llyrica @impishnature @somer-joure @optimistic-violinist @chonaku-things @norrisontheclumsy @namesarehardforme @cryptidcaper @ursapolaris @blankrslate07 @geekytaco @thepeanutbutterwizard @smileynerd256 @themindofcc and anyone else who wants to do this! Yes! That means you! Reading this! Right now! DO IT! And tag me to let me know you did it because I love you and would love to see your music choices!!! YOU’RE RAD!!! :D

-Nana Graye

P.S. I know that’s more than ten people. I get carried away. I’m not sorry. 

How about now?
  • James: Blimley hell Sirius!
  • Sirius: What!? You've interrupted me!
  • James: Yeah I interrupted your OBVIOUS staring!
  • Sirius: Dunno what you're talking about now shut up!
  • James: Uuuuh Padfoot pissed because Moony's flirting with a giiirl?
  • Sirius: Shut up or I will bombarda you into that wall!
  • James: Yup... not obvious at all!
  • Sirius takes out his wand and points it at James
  • James: oooohkay okay! Calm down big dog!
  • Sirius growls
  • James: C'mon... no need to be grumpy.
  • Suddenly Remus shows up behind Sirius
  • Remus: Padfoot put your want down.
  • Sirius: As master commands...
  • Remus: *smirks* I'm going to bed. Good night Sirius, James!
  • Sirius: *get's up* Yeah me too.
  • James: *whispers into Sirius' ear* Your chance! Don't screw it up.
  • Sirius: Fuck off!
  • In the dorm
  • Remus: Sleep tight Padfoot.
  • They crawl into their beds
  • Sirius: You too Moony.
  • Remus turns off the light
  • Remus: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • Remus: ...
  • Remus: ...Padfoot?
  • Sirius: Yeah.
  • Remus: I'm cold...
  • Silence
  • Then Sirius get's up and crawls into Remus' bed
  • Sirius: Better now?
  • Remus: *swallows* Almost.
  • Sirius wraps his arms around Remus' body
  • Sirius: Better now?
  • Remus: yeah... almost.
  • Sirius places a little kiss on Remus' neck
  • Sirius: Now?
  • Remus: How about this?
  • He turns around and kisses Sirius, very softly, on his lips
  • Remus: Now I'm good.

Hi my name is Data and I have slicked-back dark brown hair and piercing yellow eyes like my cat Spot’s and a lot of people tell me I look like Dr. Soong (AN: if u do not know who he is get da hell out of here!). I am not related to Geordi La Forge but I wish I was because he is a major fucking hottie. I am an android but I am fully functional in a wide variety of techniques. I have pale white skin. I am also a poker master, and I work on a magic ship called The Enterprise in space where I am in my seventh year of service (I am seventeen). I am not less perfect than my brother Lore (in case you could not tell) and I wear mostly black when I am off duty. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black turtleneck with matching black pants and black combat boots. I was walking outside the Captain’s Ready Room. It was dark as it always is in space so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Starfleet Admirals stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.