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For me, when Hannibal smells Freddie Lounds on Will Graham and realizes he’s been duped, the heartbreak of that is one thing. You see him sort of go quiet and interior after he gets a whiff of Freddie, and then that dinner scene afterward, where he essentially is telling Will, his best friend in the world that he has ever had, “I will forgive you if you come clean right now. All will be forgiven.” And Will doesn’t take it. Will continues to move forward with his betrayal, and it’s a very quiet, solemn, sad scene for me, watching Hannibal. And I did empathize with him, because regardless of what he’s done as a monster, we all relate to the intensity of a friendship that feels so unique, and when that falls apart, it is heartbreaking. Because that someone who once had the ability to understand you and accept you was all a falsehood is devastating. So I felt like we were doing our jobs and making it feel appropriately impactful for Hannibal to suffer this loss.

- Bryan Fuller (x)

okay no i’m not done because i’m pissed. they present such a distorted picture right now where they literally tell stalkers when and where to wait and then have niall tweet these strong messages. this is only creating an elitist environment where UAs can turn around and go “omg leave him alone” when they’re the ones who send these people on their way. why do you think it’s always the same fucking faces? i’m sick of this pretentious shit.

@morewordsthantime said: Adam Parrish + a cactus (or just Adam!)

I really hope you didn’t mean something like “Adam, holding one (1) cactus in his hands” because in this case my interpretation of your request would be wildly overambitious haha

Either way, I hope you can live with Adam in his St. Agnes Apartment, forcefully decorated by Blue and Gansey (Ronan probably couldn’t care less about interior design).

If you have parents that support you, that encourage you, that are proud of you, that understand your hobbies, that see you as their child, even if you’re 15 or 35, that hug you and that actually act like a parent… you’re lucky.


Anonymous said: I’m wondering do you think there will be more meaningful scenes and and increase in interaction between Dean and Cas again this year? Cause so far people where saying that wasn’t possible because of the Mark and Dean descent etc now it’s gone and yeah does that mean we can expect that to improve again? Personally I only say with shows for seasons because of my investment in characters/relationships so ugh its more of a big deal for me :S

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I hope you don’t mind me using your message as an opportunity to also make this gifset to illustrate my point a bit. Sorry, it took so long to get back to you, but I’ve pretty much been on the road all day. So hopefully this will make some sense even though I am tired as hell. ;)

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