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Honestly, I've never watched Jontron's show and couldn't really be bothered to look into the scandal. That post is the first time I've seen anything he's actually said, and apparently he did an interview/debate with Destiny too (and Breitbart, wew). I'm given to understand this is a pretty long-running thing that has flared up again, and that Markiplier supported him? You guys gotta start following better YouTubers.

Oh, I never followed him. I just heard him on some podcast and he seemed bubbly, liberal and sane. And then he first began to criticise SJW ideology, and things were okay, and then he suddenly went far off the deep end, like colon gut deep.

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Fever, temp taking and “I don’t feel so good” with your boy keef as sickie and my man Shiro as caretaker?

Gonna switch it up cuz why the heck not. First official drabble I’ve ever done (in other words first one that at least has a consistent plotline for more than a sentence lol me and my unfocused mind)! :’)

Dedicated to you mom. I know this year’s been tough on you but keep chugging along ilysm <3

If you prefer to read it on Ao3 then click here

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Tell me more about why Alison Hendrix is the best character ever. I'm always thrilled to read a 400 page essay about why people love their faves.

Okay so Alison is like the outsider, which is funny because she tries her best to be so aggressively normal in the beginning. She’s got her kids and her husband and then all the sudden she’s dragged into this “surprise you’re a clone and someone is killing off clones” thing. And understandably she flips, goes off the deep end a little and tries even harder to protect what she’s got. She’s untrusting of Sarah because she trusted Beth and now Beth is gone. Alison is fully aware of her shortcomings within clone club. She feels inadequate. She’s constantly reminded that’s she’s not as “badass” as Sarah or a cop or a scientist. So she does what she can. She complains a little because come on who wouldn’t complain about impersonating your clone in front of her family. I would be terrified! But she commits, she gives money, she teaches Sarah to shoot. She cares about Kira and she loves all of her clones. She doesn’t betray them even though she has probably the most to lose. She goes through real life struggles like addiction and betrayal and sure she overreacts but she feels her life spinning out of control and she just so desperately wants to be the one to hold it together. She coaches her kids’ teams, she hosts potlucks, she runs for school board trustee, she houses Helena. People see her as a bitch or stuck up but really she’s just lashing out because all her life her mother has dissed her father and suggested that she wasn’t good enough and now she’s part of something bigger and she feels that she can’t keep up. Alison is insecure, not sure where she fits, and she just wants to make everything perfect. Even when she’s in rehab she’s so desperate for approval and love that she takes over making the name cards and is supposed to give a speech. She may feel inadequate and she might not always say the best thing, but she’s trying so damn hard. She can’t be what her sisters are, but damn it she’s going to try to help them anyway she can. She risked exposure to get Cosima the bot, she risked Donnie to protect Sarah, she risked herself to save her sestras. Alison is just so full of love and so underestimated. They overlook her, everyone does. They see her as the soccer mom or the woman doing community theatre, or stupid suburban Alison, but she TRIES SO HARD TO DO RIGHT BY THE PEOPLE SHE LOVES. She loves her sestras and her husband and kids and Felix. She would do anything for them.

Steve & Danno phone convo (Hawaii Five-0)
  • Danno: You get a chance to interrogate Wo Fat yet?
  • Steve: Sorry, Danny. That's classified.
  • Danno: It's classified? Is that a joke? Are you kidding me?
  • Steve: No, I'm not kidding.
  • Danno: Okay. Well.. When are you bringing him back?
  • Steve: I can't tell you that either, Danny. I can't tell you these things over an unsecured line, you understand? It's a security issue.
  • Danno: Okay. You know what I think? I think, that YOU think, that saying stuff like that is cool. It's not cool. It's actually the opposite of cool.
  • Steve: Danny...
  • Danno: You know what? Forget it! I don't care. No, well, I CARE, I'm just going to find out for myself, okay? I will track your plane.
  • Steve: No you won't. We're coming in dark.
  • Danno: Dark, Hmm?
  • Steve: Yeah, dark. As in off the radar, dark.
  • Danno: I know what dark means, alright? But that really necessary though?
  • Steve: It's protocol, Danny. I'm sorry, I can't answer your questions right now. I gotta go. Alright?
  • Danno: Well I got an easy one! What... Are you wearing?
  • Steve: *grins*
  • Danno: No, don't answer. I'm sure it's top secret, so I will take a guess. *takes a deep breath* ...Cargo pants!
  • Steve: *smiles* Goodbye, Daniel. *ends call*

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I want the K as in kouao, please.

Kouao for K, any day!

A stomach kiss it is!

Koujaku flopped down on the sofa.

“Ahhh~I can’t remember when I last had yakitori that good.”

“Right?”  Aoba seated himself on the arm of the sofa.  “Just don’t tell Beni.”

Koujaku chuckled.  “Nah, it doesn’t bother him all that much.  At least, not as much as hearing about people throwing rocks at birds.”  

Aoba scooted over to one of the seat cushions, waited until Koujaku had settled in, and then rested his head on Koujaku’s stomach.  Koujaku, feeling too lazy to lift his head, let alone open his eyes, asked:

“Are you using me as a pillow again?”

He felt Aoba nod his head.

“It’s very growly down here,” said Aoba in mock baby talk.  “Koujaku’s tummy is talking to me.  It’s saying–”  Aoba then spoke in a strained whisper.  “–Koujaku-sama ate too much.  If he keeps eating like this, he’ll need to get a bigger obi, and I’ll be very sad for him.”       

“Jerk.”  Koujaku made a half-hearted attempt to wiggle around and shake Aoba off.  

But it’s okay.  Aoba’s here to make it aaaaall better.  Aoba then pressed a deep kiss into Koujaku’s stomach, setting off a weak jolt of pleasure in Koujaku’s lower reigons.  When Aoba felt the larger man’s body shudder beneath him, he asked:    

“You okay?”

“Yeah.”  Koujaku grinned.  “I think that made me feel a little less overstuffed.  Somehow.”

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Can you do a headcanon or scenario about MC going out in the snow because she forgot to buy something for Christmas, tells 707 to go home first without them but then a blizzard kicks in and MC hasn't came home yet. 707 gets worried and finds MC nearly freezing to death, buried under the deep snow... (I'm sorry if it's too long... but can you please do 707 at least? If possible, can you do all of RFA?) Thank you ^^ What happens after they find MC is up to you. I hope it's a good ending...

Okay, I had to think about how I was going to approach this. So the way I’m doing this is that I’m going to write out small drabbles for any parts that can be a “common and generic” experience between them and then branch off when it becomes more personal. Also, I did NOT include Jaehee, just because I feel like somehow she’d have found a way to avoid this entire situation through her preparedness.

This is very long.

You hadn’t bothered to check the forecast for the day, since snow this early in the winter is not a common occurrence where you live. When it does come, it’s usually such a small amount that it has no effect on anyone other than young children who were excited to see it and those people who always started whining when anything white fell from the sky. But now as he stands staring out the window watching the storm growing worse, he wishes you had bothered.

You realized last minute that you forgot to buy an essential part of your Christmas dinner and left on what should have been a short trip to the grocery store; of course, he’d known it would take you longer simply because that’s your style. You’ll either run into someone you know and stop to catch up with them or you’ll end up perusing the aisles to see if you can find anything else you’d like to make, or even sometimes both. So the fact that you’ve been gone longer than you said you’d be isn’t unusual or enough to make him worry on its own.

The blizzard comes on suddenly, though, the sky filling with clouds and darkness settling upon the city long before it should have. There is little to no warning before the snow starts to fall, fast and in such large quantities that it starts to pile up at an alarming rate. He’s antsy, and he tries your phone once more, hoping to get an answer as to your whereabouts. It rings and rings until finally it goes to voicemail, and he hangs up, dropping it onto the table beside him. What’s he going to do?


  • He’s already halfway out the door when you don’t answer your phone.
  • His worry spikes when he feels just how strong the wind is, stumbling a bit in the snow.
  • He’s really wishing that he had better snow boots and a warmer coat right about now.
  • But what about you? You left in shoes and his hoodie under a medium-weight jacket.
  • It’s hard to see, so he turns on the flashlight on his phone as he makes his way through the rapidly piling up snow.
  • Is this the way to the grocery store? He’s not completely sure.
  • He calls Seven and asks for directions to the store but instead gets directions to you - thank god for the hacker and the RFA app on your phone.
  • He had taken a wrong turn so it takes longer than he’d like to reach you.
  • Oh no…

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okay like…. i stand by saying revival rory doesn’t deserve jess.. but at the same time i’ve also erased any trace of her from my mind. who is this revival rory you speak of? i’ve never heard of her. i only know my wife and daughter rory gilmore. no, she would never do those things, you must be thinking of someone else. yes, she lives in new york with her soulmate and love of her life jess mariano. sorry i couldn’t help more, have a nice day.

  • Dylan: We want more scenes together.
  • Hoechlin: I know!
  • Dylan: We don't have any more scenes together.
  • Hoechlin: All the stuff in the car is always really fun.
  • Dylan: Yeah, Jeep stuff's really good... I love when you slammed my head down on the thing...
  • Hoechlin: That was funny.
  • Dylan: That was a moment that we added... I loved the, I loved the Manuel scene... from the first season...
  • Hoechlin: Miguel?
  • Dylan: Miguel! Miguel, sorry! I was—I knew I didn't get that right, either. I had no confidence in my delivery. Manuel? Um, yeah yeah yeah, the my cousin Miguel scene—
  • Hoechlin: The Miguel scene—The Miguel scene, the ah, the one getting out of the hospital, the one trying to break in to the sheriff's station—
  • Dylan: Yeah yeah yeah, that was great.
  • Hoechlin: "Punch you in the face?" *makes Stiles' teeth-bared face*
  • Dylan: Yeah.
  • Hoechlin: That was a good one.
  • Dylan: When we're paralyzed on the floor...
  • Hoechlin: The day of the— *wipes tears of laughter from his eyes* The day of the pool...
  • Dylan: Oh the pool—Holy crap.
  • Hoechlin: We spent like 12 hours in that pool. And—
  • Dylan: Longer.
  • Hoechlin: —And poor Dylan—
  • Dylan: Had to be longer.
  • Hoechlin: Yeah, it was a long day. And quick funny story, so, ah, for our second season, I put on a bunch of weight because the character becoming the alpha, and all this stuff, so Dylan had to—I'm paralyzed, in the water, and Dylan had to— *laughs* —hold me, and swim through the deep end with one arm.
  • Dylan: It was—it was like one of the scariest things. I'm not even like—I can swim, but I'm not a man with the water, y'know, I'm not like one with the ocean. Y'know, I can swim, I'm not an amazing swimmer. And I had to grab this guy with one arm, and we're doing a shot that like led off the day, and our director was saying, y'know, "Okay Dylan just, y'know, so swim with him from point A to point B" and I was like, "I can't." I'm also like fully clothed, I'm in my lacrosse uniform and cleats, and I'm grabbing him and we're like—and he's like "Hey I'm gonna try to help you out a little bit but I've gotta be, y'know, paralyzed," and I'm like, "Yeah, I get it, I don't know how this is gonna go," and so I had to do it twice, and after the first one, too, when they said I have to do it again I was like, *exaggerated freaked out voice* "I can't!" ...I felt like my right pectoral muscle was just gonna split open and I was gonna have a hernia. So I was just like trying to—And I couldn't move, with you. So funny.
  • Hoechlin: After the first one—after the first one I told him like, "Dude, just like—like just go, and if my head goes underwater, just keep going, and I'll try to find a way to breathe, and if I have to I'll just come up for air. Like, just go."
  • Dylan: And I was just trying to keep him up—Oh, god. We've had a lot of fun scenes.

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For the anon who can't say they're gay in the mirror: it took me literally 4 tries to say "I'm gay" to myself in the mirror. Looking at my own eyes and admitting that had to be the scariest thing I've ever done. But the weight for lifted off of my shoulders right afterwards. It'll take time, but if you do end up saying it to yourself, it feels grand! Take your time!

Thank you for this!!! To anyone out there who is struggling – we promise you’ll be okay. Take a deep breath and never give up.

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where were you when Paranatural went off the deep end to pander to tumblrites? I'm so glad another white, middle-class male decided to insert his ideology into his comic, since the world just needed to know how tolerant and open-minded he is. Now that the muslim woman doctor is also gay, I wonder what other diversity panderings he'll force in. The woman doctor will be transgender too? Maybe Max decides his unabashed cis male look is out of fashion, and starts wearing dresses everywhere