okay i'm not really proud of it but whatever

I finished my first code ever and I’m kind of super proud of it omfffg,,,,,, In case anyone wants to check it out and give some feedback which I would appreciate so damn much: HERE is the page 

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Hi! You are so important in the fandom, because it sometimes really feels like this fandom is not okay with the closet or that it is something shameful, which super harmful I think. Because it is not about being "proud" or whatever, sometimes you just don't want to disclose your sex life to others. Because whether people like it or not, coming out always means that others are going to think about your sex life. No one does this with straight couples. I don't know if I'm making any sense.

yes you’re absolutely making sense love!!! The way people feel entitled to LGBTQ couples disclosing and sharing their private lives/sex lives with the media is really worth interrogating. Like we should not have to do that, and H and L should not have to do that, in order to be considered rightfully proud, or brave. All LGBTQ people, closet or not, are brave and capable of being proud. 

I think in this fandom at least there’s an element to some larries wanting to feel validated or “right” about having known and seen all this time, AND some larries who feel entitled to that information because whether or not they realize it, they view H and L’s private relationship as a fan fiction plot they deserve to consume. 

Yes, we support H and L and many people here have been doing so for years. But that doesn’t mean we’re allowed glimpses into their private life together if they don’t want that anymore. That’s not the price of supporting LGBTQ artists. 

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If its okay, how 'bout Asugi and Kana as brothers? Please?

This was really cute to draw…

And the proud parents of course:

Bonus, since I got a little carried away in drawing these and messed up a bit on Corrin (its on a sticky note for whatever reason) :

I'm proud of us ^-^

Okay first of all, I think it’s cute that Dan&Phil try to include us in their holiday!! :’)
I mean they don’t have to..i’d be fine if the didn’t..but i still think it’s really adorable that they tweet and post at least one picture every day :)
They are literally the best idols/dads/idiots/weirdos/hotties/cuties (whatever you want to call them (let me know ;)) ) ever! :’)
I love d&p and the phandom so much! :’)

Oh and last but not least, shoutout to us for being a respectful and supportive fandom x i’ve seen so many lovely posts in the last couple of days and i’m proud of every single one of you!

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Okay so basically all I listen to is BMTH, and some of the people at my at school think I'm weird for it (because I'm African American) and I really don't know how to deal with it :( why is it such a problem that I listen to metal and I happen to be black???

Well, first of all, they’re the ones that have a problem because there’s no reason what so ever that race, gender, age or anything should even come into what music people listen to. Listen to whatever you want and be proud of it (: realise that people sometimes can’t accept what’s different (a lot of the time because they’re scared) and that’s their issue! It may be hard but continue what you do and show you’re not bothered. It works trust me :) they’ll soon forget about it. Have a great day and sorry for the slow reply :) xx