okay i'm kind of proud of this one


behold… the seven second challenge… i’m so sorry (fair warning: i curse. i am a person who curses. i’m so sorry. forgive me. young children, do not follow in my miserable footsteps.)

“Do your best, be good to yourself, be good to others.”

Banners and anger

Hopelessness is reasonable.

But nothing of worth
in my life
came of reason.
Not my love,
not my art,
not my heaven.

So I am hopeful.”

My birthday gift for Toastyhat ! I just wanted to thank her for everything she do soooo I drew something for her and yeah. That’s all c:

we did it |-/

from playing to 12 people to selling out two nights at madison square garden, one of the biggest and most famous arenas in the world. the boys have come so far, and i’m so proud of them. they’re passionate about what they’re doing and kind hearted souls. they deserve every moment of happiness and i’m so excited to see the future for them.

we did it |-/