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I asked cribbagematch to tell me to write something tiny while I’m deliriously sleep-deprived and she said “Derek helping Stiles with something boring” so this is that. IN THE FUTURE.

“That’s not the right way to stain a deck,” Derek says, and Stiles almost upends the entire paint tray.

Fucking—” Stiles grabs his chest dramatically. “It’s painting slabs of wood, thank you, Rembrandt, I think I can manage!”

“You think wrong.” Derek climbs the stairs and surprises Stiles by getting down to his level and sitting on the step. He’s wearing basketball shorts. Stiles tries not to stare at his knees. “So. You’re all home for the summer?”

“Yup.” Stiles focuses on the patch of uneven deck that won’t cover no matter how many times he goes over it with the roller. His heart is galloping, which Derek can probably hear. Ugh, gross. “The whole band’s back together. Even the prodigal son, I guess.” He nudges one of Derek’s (naked!) knees with the butt of a paint brush. “Welcome back, Zayn.”

“That means I’m the hot one, right?” Derek says, deadpan. Stiles sputters and throws a spare drop cloth into his face—which just makes him laugh, of all the horrifying things.

Derek’s already tan, even though summer just barely started, and Stiles can’t tear his eyes away from the fine, friendly wrinkles at the corners of his eyes. He looks… soft, like all his edges are rubbed smooth. Jesus christ on a honey graham cracker.

“What is up with you?” Stiles gestures at him with the roller, fighting a hysterical laugh of his own. “You look so… did you go on an Eat Pray Love tour while you were gone? Did you find Enlightenment?”

“I missed—this place, I think.” Derek ducks his head, fiddles a little bit with the edges of the long grass that’s growing next to the stairs. “It’s been a long time since I felt like that. Like I’d rather be here.”

“Well.” Stiles clears his throat, but it still aches. “We actually, kind of, would rather you be here, also.”

“Yeah?” Derek nudges his arm, more gently than he ever has. “You need someone to keep you from screwing up this deck?”

“Oh fuck you!” Stiles yelps, stupidly exhilarated. He throws his roller at Derek, rolling his eyes when he snatches it cleanly out of the air. “Take over, then, if you’re such a freaking deck prodigy. I’ll make some lemonade.”

“Yeah, okay,” Derek says. He crosses his arms at the hem of his tank top and peels it off in a smooth stretch, sighing when the sun hits his skin. “Put strawberries in mine, will you? And maybe tell me about college while I fix that corner you tried to destroy.”

“You’ll get strawberries when you finish the banisters,” Stiles sniffs, before bolting to the kitchen to stuff two handfulls of of ice cubes down the front of his shirt.

the signs as things my teachers have said this year, part 6
  • Aries: I can't imagine how people existed before google drive
  • Taurus: I was in pretty good shape, apart all from the broken glass in my mouth
  • Gemini: don't dance at me like that
  • Cancer: hashtag no filter!
  • ...hashtag some filter
  • Leo: raisins piss me off to no end
  • Virgo: my biggest fault as a human is never having cash
  • Libra: this is the part of the year where I lose the will to live
  • Scorpio: not lies, it's just my usual light manipulation
  • Sagittarius: today's lesson: don't be a D-bag
  • Capricorn: I think about my college-age self and I want to kick her in the face
  • Aquarius: I should bring interpretive dance back to my classroom
  • Pisces: okay before we get started I'm going to show you guys this video of a dog playing the piano

desintegrer-deactivated20170225  asked:

Hi! How are you? :) I hope things are well. I'm writing about two college students who've just met, where their relationship will develop into a romantic one but I'm kinda struggling. My question comes in two parts: a) how do i make their relationship development realistic? what needs to happen before you think its okay for them to "get together"? b) how do I know if two people are compatible for one another? i know there is no "right" way, but y'know. thank you so much for your time! x :)

Hi :) I’m doing well, thanks!

A solid progression for your romances is important! I just finished reading a poorly-paced romance novel, and it really didn’t feel realistic/authentic.. by the end, I was skimming all the gooey romantic scenes between them because I simply didn’t care about the relationship.

How to pace your romances:

I wrote an article about it a while back, which you can read here.

If you’ve ever played a video game like Harvest Moon, Dragon Age, Mass Effect or something where you can CHOOSE your character’s romantic interest, that’s the kind of pacing I like to go by.

You have to have the MC interact with your Love Interest over time, whether it’s chatting with them at the campsite or giving them gifts. When you first meet them, the conversation is perhaps a little guarded or polite or maybe even rude, because they don’t know you well enough to open up and really show themselves (Here’s another article about how in dialogue, your characters don’t always say what they mean).

Originally posted by harvestmoonmadness

On a storyline level, as your characters might make plot-related choices that the Love Interest approves or disapproves of, the relationship grows stronger or weaker accordingly. 

When you hit a certain relationship level with them, there’s a special moment. It could be a heart-to-heart conversation moment, or something more active like a chance to jump in and save the Love Interest from a bully or take the Love Interest’s side in an argument. It might even be a major argument as this special moment, and how they deal with the aftermath makes their relationship stronger or destroys it forever. In any case, after that point, the relationship has changed. Something has shifted between them.

Of course, a relationship can have several of these special moments before they realize their emotions. Or maybe one realizes their feelings after the 2nd special moment, and the other is still oblivious.

You can plot it just like your storyline, with ups and downs:

Of course, there are a billion ways to change it up. This sample line I created has more of a neutral start, but if your characters really get off on the wrong foot when they first meet, the line might plummet negative right at the beginning.

As far as when they officially “get together,” that varies on the relationship. Feeling attraction and admitting it can be two very different things! And a fun tension point to play with.

Now on to your second question… 

Is the couple compatible?

Compatibility changes so much. What one person wants in a relationship will be wildly different than someone else. Compatibility isn’t just black and white between different personality traits, and it’s not something you can add up mathematically to figure out.

I do like couples who are different enough from each other than they “complete” the other, in a way. A more outgoing person might encourage a shy and timid person to go on adventures, meet new people, experience new things. At the same time, that timid person can teach the outgoing person how to enjoy quiet moments and relax. How to sit and observe, how to enjoy little things instead of always shooting for the big picture.

Of course, in this case, both of them need to be somewhat willing to try new things. They also need to be respectful of boundaries and the fact that an introverted person simply won’t like spending all day on the go, and an extroverted person might go stir crazy if they have to spend a few straight days indoors. It varies a lot by the characters’ other traits!

That’s a personal taste thing, though. Some couples might prefer that their partner is really similar to them. It makes the relationship stress-free, argument-free, safe, comfortable. Others might see this as boring, but really, people just want different things out of a relationship. Just because YOU see a certain relationship as weird/boring/uncomfortable, doesn’t mean someone else agrees. (And I’m NOT talking about abusive relationships, here. That’s an entirely different conversation!)

What matters is that both people in the relationship genuinely like what they “get” out of it, whether that’s love/acceptance, comfort, companionship, adventure, conversation.. whatever it might be.

Hope all this is helpful to you! It’s given me some ideas of what to write future posts about… I may go more into depth about different types of romantic plot lines. :)

Happy writing!


suzanne - shawn mendes imagine

A/N: this is the shortest thing ever. i’m struggling a lot to write right now and this is actually incredibly self-indulgent (hence the nyc, the music, the apartment decor, etc) but. inspired by the leonard cohen lyrics, hence the title: “just when you mean to tell her / that you have no love to give her [..] you’ve always been her lover / and you want to travel with her / you want to travel blind”…. enjoy…. if you want this continued eg into travelling or marriage or whatever request here

word count: 626

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New York for Shawn means you, now.

It means your cosy little apartment in Williamsburg, with hardwood floors and white walls and house plants and tatty old prints of Gerhard Richter paintings held up with patterned tape. 

It’s sitting in the afternoon sunlight on your IKEA sofa and reading a book while he absentmindedly strokes your thigh, both trying to decide whether or not to go out for pizza later.

And, on this particular Thursday afternoon (heading towards early evening, now), that’s exactly what you’re doing. He’s not in town for much longer, only a couple of days, but this feels like the only right way to pass the time until he has to go again. 

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Inktober Day #21: Big

Inspired by this lovely art, as I totally agree with it and I love the idea of Mob hitting a growth spurt and growing quite a bit taller than Reigen someday :’) He’s mostly still a string bean (like my brother) but he does have some lean muscle now, so his time in the Body Improvement Club paid off! Reigen is proud…a proud dad indeed.

Ritsu is still the taller brother though, and he’s got the sleep deprived college freshman look down pat (gotta keep those stellar grades up), which is frankly terrifying to everyone BUT Mob X’’D 

I honestly wasn’t expecting so many of you to send in prompts, but I’m glad you did!! My nights are usually boring anyways, but because there’s more than I anticipated, some are going to come out tomorrow, I hope that’s okay! :) 

Why I’m slow af

Okay firstly I’d like to apologise and thank y'all for your patience.

So the main reason is that I’m not feeling great rn, which I know is a weak ass excuse, and I’m stressed af while I buy a load of shit and prepare to move (I should be moving next week. Once I settle in I may have a few days to write before college starts. But I will keep the queue updated so you’ll at least have something from this blog


Story Time:

I started playing Animal Crossing New Leaf my Freshman year in college. It gave me something to do before bed or whenever I had some free time and wanted to be alone.

I played it during the mandatory school meetings that happened three times a week at my university. I played all night when my room mate would leave for breaks and I was  alone in our dorm. I played between classes when I’d find an empty classroom to eat my lunch alone. Basically, Animal Crossing was how I drowned out all the noise around me. 

That’s why this game means so much to me. It gave me something that I had control over when I felt pushed and pulled in so many different directions.

In truth, I’ve been having some trouble with post-grad depression, if that’s a thing. A lot of things have been changing very quickly in my life and I have not been handling it very well. One of the side effects of this is that things I used to love to do just don’t make me feel much of anything anymore. 

That’s why I have been so poor at updating as of late. I’ve just been having a hard time enjoying things and being happy as of late; and I don’t really have anyone to reach out to for help anymore so I’ve been fighting this mostly alone. Depression isn’t something I’ve had to face alone in quite a few years, so I’m not as equipped as I used to be at getting myself out of this one.

That being said, looking back at how long I’ve played Animal Crossing and how much it meant to me, I hope that I can find the strength to get back to those days. Because those were some great times.

Sorry for the long post and for being a bit of a down post, but I thought you deserved an explanation as to why things are slower here on my part. I hope to be able to update more often and I will keep trying my best to get out of this. It’s just not easy. I hope that’s alright.

uyumsuzmelezcik-blog  asked:

What happening ? I hope not a serious thing ;-;

It’s okay(ish)!!

Story is that I got my A-level results today (exams you take before going to university/college and take at the end of year 13 when you’re 17/18) and I knew I wouldn’t do perfectly, but I did worse than I thought. 

My target grades were BBB, but I got BCC and my firm uni (the one I had planned on going to) rejected my application, but my insurance (backup uni in case this happened) did accept me. What was weird was that both asked for the same grades but only one of them accepted me… 

I was really upset by it because I felt so dumb and stupid, but then it turns out loads of people in the country also didn’t get their target grades and are pretty much in the same situation as me. My firm uni is currently looking through applications of everyone who didn’t get their grades and seeing if they can offer places - so, for now, I’m in this purgatory state where I might still get accepted, but I might not. On my application, I wrote about circumstances (such as having a mental health disorder and being from a low-income household), so they’ll also take that into consideration, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to get the offer. 

If I go with my insurance, it’s just very annoying because it starts a month earlier than every other university and it’s super far away. So, it’s not really convenient. But I would rather that than go to a university that isn’t going to give me the learning style and experience I want. 

I know it sounds like I was being a little dramatic earlier but going to university means so much to me and my firm was like… My dream. So it hurts to be rejected, but I’m trying to think of the positives :)

A True Hero
  • Like Mommy, the Mini Genos’ are a good judge of character on heroes. ;3
  • -Mumen decides to give Nii a ride home after running into him at a store, but then needs to make a quick stop for a job at a street market-
  • Mumen: Sorry, Nii. I just got to take care of an errand here. I'll be right back, so don't go too far, okay.
  • Nii: [-nods-]
  • -No sooner did he leave a huge crowd came out from around the corner, squealing and chattering excitedly about something. As they passed Nii, a kid accidentally bumps into him.-
  • Kid: S-Sorry. Are you okay.
  • Nii: [-nods-]
  • Kids: My bad. I'm just really excited to meet Mr. Amai Mask. They said he's coming here for a big promo, and I really want him to sign this ball my brother gave me before he moved to college. Amai Mask kind of reminds me of him, and he's my hero /////, and...Ah! I gotta get going, bye.
  • -Nii watches as they struggle to get back into the crowd despite their size. The crowd roaring makes him jump a little, though he assumes this Amai person had arrived.-
  • Kid: [-squeaks in high pitch voice-]M-MR. AMAI MASK!I-I'M ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS! C-COULD YOU PLEASE SI-AH!?
  • -A particularly rabid fanboy knocks into the kids arm and knocks the ball out of their grip easily, and bounce into the street-
  • Kid: O-OH NO...!
  • -Kid runs into the middle of the road and is about to snatch it...but as he does a car rounds the corner and is about to hit him dead on. Nii is about ready to bolt, but then stops in his track as a flash of brown and green brushes passed him and manages grab the kid in one arm before the vehicle makes contact.-
  • Mumen: Whew, that was a close call. Are you okay?
  • Kid: ...M...My...ball...[-about ready to tear up-]
  • Mumen: Ah, you mean, this? [-He'd managed to somehow get the ball caught in his basket when he'd caught him-]
  • Kid: [-gasps-]My ball! [-hugs in close before looking up gratefully-] Th-Thank you, Mister.
  • Mumen: [-smiles and gives the thumbs up-]
  • -Watches as the kid decides to go back to the crowd, though much more carefully. They wave to Mumen and rush back in in the hopes of getting an autograph-
  • Nii: [-clutches his pant leg and looks up at him with an expression of deep approval and admiration-]
  • Mumen: Eh?

anonymous asked:

hi andrea. i was just wondering how many times you applied to calarts before getting in? i'm turning 20 next month and i didn't get in and i'm kind of freaking out about what to do in the mean time, if i should apply again. what were you doing before you started going to calarts, if thats okay for me to ask?

heyo anon !! i applied to CalArts twice total, I got rejected the first time.
this might be a long post …;;

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bby-kimchi  asked:

Hi there! Before I ask my question, I really love your blog <3 ; okay to my question.. Since I'm still a junior in high school. I am constantly worrying about college. So, what are the hardest things about college despite the money part. For example, are the professors more harsh on assignments? (from your personal experience)

  • Assignments are more demanding. They aren’t necessarily harder than high school assignments were (although many are, especially when you begin to get to 300 and 400 level courses) but they are certainly more demanding and will take more time. Readings are longer and more complicated, essays are longer and will be required to be more complex, and exams are really going to challenge you. That said, it isn’t impossible, and you will get used to the challenging environment. 
  • Many assignments are high-stakes assignments. Especially when you start to move into upper-level classes, you won’t have a great deal of cushion in your grade. For example, you may have some classes that only have a couple of grades consisting of a couple of essays and a final exam. It’s vital that you really work hard on the few assignments you have, or else you won’t do well. 
  • College requires a great deal of discipline. You won’t have anyone telling you that you need to go to class or that you need to go to the library, and for some people, that means they won’t do it. You need to discipline yourself and make sure you’re doing what you need to succeed. 
  • It’s often overwhelming. If you’re a full-time student, you’re taking anywhere from 4-6 classes, and each of those classes is going to be pretty demanding. There will be weeks when you have multiple exams, essays, and projects due, and it can be very overwhelming, even for the most organized students. Not to mention the fact that many students work during college, which adds another commitment that you need to worry about. It isn’t impossible, but like I said in the last point, it requires strict discipline. 

I decorated my grad cap, as if anyone’s surprised. 

I know everyone and their mother puts TARDISes on their caps but like, Doctor Who really means something to me. This dumb show got me a job, it introduced me to so many people whom I feel incredibly fortunate to know both as friends and in the professional sphere, and it gave me a place where I felt like I belonged (at least back in 2011 before the fandom went to shit haha heyo am i right). 

So uh, thank you Doctor Who for getting me through college and helping me into my future. Here’s to the next 50 years.

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(I'm sorry I typed that quickly but okay) Fletcher sat by Thomas, a mug of hot cocoa in his hands. He murmured an apology before taking a small sip, his cheeks and eyes puffed out. "I-I'm sorry I woke you up, I-it's just that Melanie stayed with her college friend and that nightmare just seemed so real.."

Thomas couldn’t help but yawn in response, rubbing Fletcher’s shaking back tenderly as he slowly shook his head. “F-Fletch, it’s fine. We all get them,” he said softly, taking off Fletcher’s glasses before wiping his thumb underneath his boyfriend’s eye. He looked at the clock, the light flashing the illuminated time; 2:37am. With another yawn, he returned his attention to the sniffling man, leaning over to sleepily peck his forehead. “See? The nightmares not real. I-I-I’m right here.”