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afterwards, you stretch empty fingers
into dream-space, wishing
for your own adventure. you pray
your hand closes around a dragon egg,
a jewelled sword-hilt,
a bloodstained rose, a crown.
you keep your eyes on your shadow,
keep your eyes open
as night’s breathing slows, waiting.
the air smells like snow, sharp and clean;
you exhale hard, picturing smoke-clouds,
picturing flames. patience remains
fleet-footed as a nymph, her laugh
as mocking. renown lives in distant mountains
past realms unknown, but here,
beauty grabs your wrist as you pass,
a bright-eyed temptress draped
in frozen pine needles.
afterwards, you build your own story.
you name your favourite pen,
compare word counts like a kill count, argue
the merits of quality over quantity. palms
dripping dream-dust, you shape your own world,
your own adventure, chase magnificence
at the speed of thought — you know it is yours,
surely as the long-lost heirs of faraway lands
believe in a waiting throne.
—  glorification, for @mirrorsandwindowsabstractedfocus

We are surrounded by all of these lies
And people who talk too much
You’ve got the kind of look in your eyes
As if no one knows anything but us

i was thinking again about that anti-Dom/me post that set both me and @rhodanum off earlier, and specifically about the assertion that ‘subs don’t need Dom/mes, period’, and it kind of ended up with me thinking about need and the benefits of non-necessary things in the context of ideological purity

like… so much of the general attitude of antis (both for kink and ships, actually) seems to come down to this idea that if a thing isn’t completely pure, if there’s any possible negative effect to that thing, it can’t POSSIBLY be something that ever acts as a beneficial force for someone.

and then on top of that you have this ideologically impure things can only ever be acceptable when there’s a NEED for them, when a person straight-up can’t do without them - look at the 'shipping problematic things is okay if you do it to cope’, look at 'subs don’t need Dom/mes’ as something treated as identical to 'subs shouldn’t have Dom/mes’. need is treated as the only acceptable reason for involving yourself with impure elements - if you can’t function without it, then MAYBE you’re allowed that dirtybadwrong thing.

(maybe. if you’re lucky, and you keep your head down about it, and nobody decides to make you public enemy number one because of how the stars aligned that day.)

but honestly there are a lot of things that we don’t necessarily NEED, that we could do without and that come with negatives attached to them, but that still have overall positive effects?

like… i don’t NEED to take antidepressants. i’ve been without them before and still managed (sort of). and, yes, they can have unpleasant side-effects and there are societal issues wrt medication and the way it’s utilised and such. my meds aren’t a 100% pure thing, physically or conceptually. but nonetheless, taking them has, overall, a beneficial impact on my life.

to use the kind-of-ridiculous but still applicable argument i thought of earlier, too: i didn’t NEED to drag my asthmatic ass out at night in the dead of winter to go get fast food. both of those things are non-ideal for my health. but when the alternative is not eating at all because i didn’t have the spoons to make something, the cold and the fast food become overall beneficial.

likewise, my relationship with a Dom; yes, i could do without him and that dynamic. yes, i get that there are issues wrt oppression tied up in some bdsm culture, even if i don’t necessarily agree on the exact details of that. yes, i could still survive in a relationship with another sub in which nobody was ever dominant and that ticked all the boxes to be considered properly 'pure’ by the people against Dom/mes.

but when my relationship with my Dom is absolutely a healthy force in my life that allows me to revisit and rewrite my trauma in a safe environment with someone who i can trust to hold real and sincere power over me without abusing that power? yeah, y'know what —to hell with your ideological purity, to hell with your insinuations of rape and abuse, to hell with anyone who’d fucking revictimise me and then try to gaslight me into the idea that my loving and caring partner is the one ACTUALLY hurting me.

Did I mention I’ve been watching the gay skating anime?

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Maybe at once upon a time this was about whether he was innocent, or y’know, some sort of psycho murderer. But that ship sailed a long time ago, along with your career at Nelson and Murdock. So why do you still care?

Holidays are the best because Tome gets to do what she loves in pajamas, at home: laze around and game <3

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Seriously someone help me.


It’s a bit sloppy, but here are some concept doodles. The heights weren’t proportionate to each other so I listed them out ^^; I’m still not used to this whole ‘art’ thing lmao