okay i'm done spamming you now


Gonna be posting some compilations of my tf merch y’all, don’t mind me. ;p

I got all of these (mostly as gifts cuz i’m broke asf tbh) off of Redbubble/Society 6 in case y’all interested :D Feel free to hit me up if you want links/specific artist! <3

This is the last of my spamming lol sorry peeps … But yeah this is a Drift pillow case I have that i love so much. I’m hoping to one day get the Rodimus version of the pillow case made by the same artist but right now i’m too broke lol. Drift keeps me company at night <3 


Okay I’m done with the cryptic markiplier posts for now, it was fun for a lil while but it’s sad to see that people have been taking it too far, spamming people, bothering other youtubers, etc

I am also deeply sorry to those who were negatively affected by this. Everything’s gonna be okay, this cult shit won’t last forever. Deep breaths, you’re okay

Take care tonight everyone 💙✨🌸


Listen, kid.  The patriarchy is the worst goddamn thing you’ll ever have to confront and I don’t need to tell you that you’ve been confronting it every day since you were born.  But you don’t have to go it alone, ok?  Especially not when ninety percent of the time…been there.  Done that.  Let’s be a coven of bitches together, okay?

Happy Birthday Kayla ❤❤❤❤❤

Some Interesting Questions To Leave In My Ask

1. What was the last picture you took on your phone?

2. Do you know any big gossips?

3. Do you know your heritage?

4. What have you always wanted? Dd you get it?

5. What was the last lie you told?

6. Have you ever danced in the rain?

7. What’s your blood type?

8. Have you ever been in a car accident?

9. What was the weirdest prank call you’ve ever made?

10. Best compliment you’ve ever received?

11. Do you trust anyone in your life?

12. What is your greatest Strength/Weakness?

13. What’s your favorite pizza?

14. First thing you thought when you woke up this morning?

15. Ugly and live forever, Or beautiful and die in a year?

16. Would you be willing to lie to a court for a close friend in order to save them from jail time? why or why not?

17. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of insects for $40,000?

18. If you could be locked in a room with someone for a day.. who would it be?

19. If you could wake up as someone else tomorrow.. who would that be. why?

20. What age would you want to be and why?

21. Have you ever eaten a crayon or glue?

22. What is constantly on your mind?

23. Longest you’ve gone without sleep?

24. What did you get for your last birthday?

25. Of what religion are you?

26. Favorite holiday?

27. Favorite word? Least favorite word?

28. If you had a city, state, or country named after you, which one would you choose?

29. Who is your hero and why?

30. Have you ever tipped a cow?

31. What’s the sickest you’ve been?

32. What’s your favorite class?

33. Favorite teacher of all time?

34. Favorite celebrity?

35. Do you like Guacamole?

36. Favorite kind of food?

37. Ever been in love with 2 people at once?

38. Any relatives every been to jail?

39. Post a selfie

40. Turn ons

41. Turn offs

42. What are your talents?

44. Crowds, small groups, or “ Leave me alone I’m a loner”?

45. What famous person can you relate most to?

46. Favorite kind of music?

47. Favorite season?

48. Dream vacation?

49. Dream job?

50. Ideal type?

51. Are you okay?

52. What have you done today?

53. Do you like traveling?

54. Favorite language?

55. Is there someone you’d like to be with right now?

56. Random advice?

57. What is your favorite memory?

58. What were you like as a child?

59. What are your long term goals in life?

60. Ask me any question.

sorry guys last one I’m sorry! @__@;

markiplier can do that weird thing with his feet and it was amusing to me so I decided to draw it real quick ;-;

that’s it for me :’u

I have a youtuber fanart tag in my page ´w` so check more out there :u

Markiplier©Mark Fischbach
art and stuff©moi U;


My loot from my Tokyo trip this past weekend!

The Marui shop had a lot of things sold out, including the ribbons I wanted. (Which they restocked THE DAY AFTER I WENT) So I at least managed to grab Akashi’s shirt. To be honest I didn’t know what the print said apart from Emperor Eye because the text was so small on the website, so I died when it said “Always Right” XD NBA collab had a lot of merch sold out too so managed to get the keychain and pen. Got Midorima and Kagami for my cafe coasters and tried a couple badges and at least managed to get Akashi and Midorima, my top 2 GoM. I also tried the Special Room-Kuroko and Kagami chapter at J-World (The attraction where you get to interact with 3D Kuroko and Kagami) and since I bought a presale ticket I got a Seirin club entry form clearfile!

I’m really disappointed in the Fandoms I’m apart of right now.

1. Mcr Fandom has gone down hill so much. A “fan” attacked the guys because they have solo careers now and are happier than being in a band. Okay so they think they are better off like that. Either support them or fuck off.

2. There’s too many fans blaming youtubers for picking favorites. I literally just saw people complaining about how jack and mark pick favorites and don’t ever talk to certain people.
If you’re going to say that, take up some facts first please. Mark and Jack probably get thousands of messages all day. Did anyone see that video of Mark opening his dms on Twitter up?? That was ridiculous. They don’t pick favorites. THEY DO NOT PICK GOD DAMN FAVORITES. Understand that they cannot reply to every single human that tries to talk to them. Can everyone hear okay??? Okay.

3. #IStandWithEthan is all fun and games until people take it too far. That girl that did the game is getting attacked by Ethan and Mark fans as well as people are spamming Phil with the hash tag.

This is ridiculous. These Fandom are better than this what the hell happened???? Why are you guys being so fucking hateful all of the sudden. Can we go back to being nice? Sharing each other’s creations or favorite moments or something. All of these Fandom are better than this. No one should be uncomfortable with the Fandom.

Okay okay I’m done ranting sorry (but not really)

Okay, look, telling someone to “please, die” is horrible and mean! If you don’t like the ship just simply ignore it! There are people that like this ship, as do I.

And you must not know the definition of pedophilia.

“Pedophilia: The sexual attraction to children”

Is Eren a child? No. Has Levi’s age been revealed? No. All we know is that he’s 30+ Has Levi done anything sexual to Eren in the canon manga? No, he hasn’t.

I understand that replying will only make it worse but I, and so will others, stand up for one another. We’re a fandom. We’re suppose to stick together and support each other.

We all have the right to ship what we wish. Nobody deserves to be told such rude and horrible things. Whether you care or not, just know that there are people that are hurt by these words.

Please, just stop, and mind your own business. Good day/night to you.

maccavolver-deactivated20180107  asked:

i just unfollowed a longtime online friend of mine for tweeting "i feel like the Beatles are the most boring favorite band to have"... like we didn't talk much anymore anyway but i was just like nah i'm done. ain't nobody got time for that lol. thinking of doing a beatles spam now... anyhow thought you might appreciate that haha.

Whaaaaa? She CLEARLY doesn’t know what its like to be a massive Beatles fan. “Most boring favorite band to have”? Bahah! Okay this is what we have to celebrate our favorite band:

  • Countless Beatles festivals all over the world (literally) (Im actually going to another one next month yey!..Ive lost count to how many Beatles festivals ive been too tbh and they’ve all been SOOO rad)
  • Countless Beatles tribute bands that are extremely fun to go see, btw.
  • Thousands and thousands of Beatles books, documentaries, bio-pics, ect ect ect.
  • Amazing tribute shows like the LOVE show by Cirque Du Soleil which is entirely made up of Beatles songs. GREAT tribute, go see it if you haven’t!!
  • We have historical landmarks to go see in London, Germany, Liverpool, ect where The Beatles created history that is now very important to the music world, btw. And its fun to be able to fly to other countries and see these things!
  • We’ve got literally ALL kinds of merchandise. If you want a Beatles tooth brush, socks, undies, nail polish, you’ve got it. We even have Beatles bubbles…like?? Idk its always interesting to see all the merch that’s available to us (x
  • We have Paul and Ringo still doing music and still touring. Not everyone has the opportunity to see such legendary musicians live and we still get that chance (“: AND btw their shows are a spiritual experience, not even kidding.
  • We have one of the most largest fan bases in the world. They are known and celebrated all over the globe. It is extraordinary to meet other fans from different countries and different ages. I have friends who are 11 to friends who are 70 that are major Beatles fans. Like age doesn’t matter in this fandom. We are all just a group of people of all ages, all countries, uniting together to appreciate this band (:
  • And OF COURSE, we have the band itself; The Beatles. A band that is extremely interesting with SO much history and things to learn about them. A band that brought us so many new things in music history.

I feel like 100% of the people saying “Ugh being a Beatles fan is probably the lamest thing ever” or “Having the Beatles as your favorite band is boring” don’t have a bloody clue what they are talking about. I mean of course they don’t! They’ve never even been part of the Beatles community. I mean I feel sorry for them, they obviously don’t know what its like being part of this fan base. They go by what they hear from the haters and obviously are a bunch of hypocrites…no offence or anything.  You should send this to the person who tweeted that, that’ll show them ;)