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So what we’ve learned from both tonight and the season 7 premiere is that Daryl can do the worst shit ever and still be forgiven for it

Tune in next time when Daryl brutally murders the entire Alexandria group and joins up with the Saviours, but it’s okay because he was actually just trying to save Alexandria from the embarrassment of losing

  • <p> <b>what she says:</b> i'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> why do jk rowling and the pottermore staff think ron's only talents are eating sweets and supporting the chudley cannons? have they suddenly been struck with amnesia so severe that they've forgotten the events in all seven books that lead to everything his character is? or have they been exposed to the movies for too long? do they honestly think that ron is just there for comic relief? just there to be 'one of harry's two best friends', eating sweets and supporting the chudley cannons? why is he treated so unfairly by the very people that are supposed to understand his character best? does the staff at pottermore realise how many people relate so very deeply to ron and all that he represents? and that, by reducing his character to nothing more than 'eating sweets and supporting the chudley cannons' they take away that relatability, as well as indirectly offending the thousands that identify strongly with ron's personality and storyline? what are they doing? why are they doing it? will ron weasley ever get the appreciation he deserves? when will this injustice end?<p/></p>

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markiplier can do that weird thing with his feet and it was amusing to me so I decided to draw it real quick ;-;

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Okay, look, telling someone to “please, die” is horrible and mean! If you don’t like the ship just simply ignore it! There are people that like this ship, as do I.

And you must not know the definition of pedophilia.

“Pedophilia: The sexual attraction to children”

Is Eren a child? No. Has Levi’s age been revealed? No. All we know is that he’s 30+ Has Levi done anything sexual to Eren in the canon manga? No, he hasn’t.

I understand that replying will only make it worse but I, and so will others, stand up for one another. We’re a fandom. We’re suppose to stick together and support each other.

We all have the right to ship what we wish. Nobody deserves to be told such rude and horrible things. Whether you care or not, just know that there are people that are hurt by these words.

Please, just stop, and mind your own business. Good day/night to you.


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