okay i'm done i want to explode

Jesus take the wheel because I'm about to slap a hoe.

It truly boggles my mind that some people just don’t know how to FUCKING stay in their goddamn lane. Like if you don’t like Jonerys that is fine whatever do you boo but do it on your own fucking turf. Now I’m not a person that likes to cause drama but JESUS CHRIST I swear some of the J–sa shippers are really starting to get on my nerves. Like we try to nicely tell them to remove Jonerys off the tags so we don’t have to see them and they end up calling us babies UGH. Like really?!?!?! That fandom is truly something else smh. I guess you can’t win with rude and childish people. Now I’m not saying it’s all of them there are that way there some good shippers out there and I’m not saying that all Jonerys shippers are innocent in the matter. I just wish people would be considerate of other shippers tag. It’s not rocket science just don’t put in your tag don’t even put it in a post come up with another name for it or something when you wanna talk shit. We just don’t want to see it so goodbye and happy shipping to you. Okay I’m done ranting I just had to get that off my chest before I exploded sorry y'all.

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His reaction to “Hey Deaaaan” makes me want to throw myself into the sun. Could he possibly be thinking of a certain similar looking fellow who normally says “Hello Dean”? Yeah don’t mind me - I’ll just be over here in the corner crying.