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Hey, remember in 10000 BCE when I asked you guys if anyone wanted to be tagged when I dropped an update for my WIP After Dark? Okay, well, I’m an irresponsible a-hole and I can’t find that post.

Wanna do me a solid and like/reblog/comment on this post if you want to be tagged? I’ve got a long chapter done and ready to drop, crossing my fingers I can squeak two chapters in this weekend and post them together for you all.

Pairing: Jon/Sansa

Rating: Teen/Mature

Prompt: Jon and Sansa take back Winterfell and, after discovering Jon is the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar, marry in an effort to unite the North.

 (This is a bit of a long one! >,<)


“Jon,” Sansa said primly, setting her empty wine glass aside. “I want you to bed me.”

Whatever he had expected her to say, whatever awkward encounter he had envisioned this night might hold, it hadn’t been that. He choked on his sweet wine, nearly dribbling it all down the front of his fine new tunic, and only barely manged to save himself from total disgrace by way of a hastily snatched cloth. She frowned at him, pursing her lips, as a pretty flush bloomed high on her cheeks. 

“This is, after all, our wedding night,” she said, lifting her chin in a clear challenge.

Jon continued to cough and sputter, reeling a bit, and when he spoke at last his voice was a hoarse croak, “Sansa, we talked about this.”

“No,” she insisted with a hint of steel in her voice. “You talked, refused to look at me, and then left the room before I might respond.”

She paced toward him in her thin dressing gown and fine white and silver robe, her stocking clad feet all but silent across the stone. Her hair had been let down from its intricate coils and it was haloed in the firelight, framing her in burnished tendrils of flame and copper. She looked young and fresh and lovely and pure and entirely removed from him, here in the sanctity of the chamber thei- her parents had shared.  

“Sansa,” he tried again, forcing himself not to bolt for the door as she took yet another step toward him. He could smell her. Lemons and lavender. “W-we, I’m your-“

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okay so please tell me i wasn’t the only one who noticed these jikook moments

i recently just got done watching BTS Gayo Track 6 and I swear I’ve seen some hidden jikook moments that, hopefully, I’m not only one that noticed.

Okay so the first thing I noticed was at 0:10 when they were literally just starting the show. J-Hope pointed out that Jimin was the MC and stood up to clap for him, which Jungkook followed suit not a beat later. But then Suga stood up and began doing ??? and if you just look at Jungkook, you see his expression morphs into ‘you better sit your butt down right now, hyung istg’ and he slowly stops clapping. And then Jimin said “don’t be greedy” to Suga and Jungkook sat down immediately.

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