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drew something for a school project
can you tell my laziness;; I can’t draw males to save my life haha;;


he’s weak

2 May, 2017 | nerdybun’s printable!
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haii guys c: how’s your May going so far? I know it’s exam season and the end of the school year for most of you [great timing nichole] but here’s a printable grade tracker for you all!

maybe save it for the next year? or if you’re taking your exams in winter, great! track your grades throughout the school year with this printable, and use it as an incentive to work harder if your grades have been bad or if they’re not what you need to get into your dream university!

download link and example under the cut c:

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Jealousy - James van Riemsdyk

My first post! For @carey-pricemas I hope you enjoy! It’s been a while since I’ve written so hopefully this is up to your standards! (Also I suck at titles so I apologize for the unoriginal title here!) 

Word count: 1228
Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Warnings: Violence (But like it’s hockey violence so it’s not too bad I hope)

“Man, isn’t he just fantastic?” you gushed to your best friend sitting next to you. There wasn’t a single game that you didn’t brag about your boyfriend out on the ice. And of course, being the playoffs, the bragging only got worse.

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  • Saeran: You remind me of Rapunzel.
  • 707: Really?
  • Saeran: Yes, but instead of letting down your hair, you let down everyone in your life.

Time is fast approaching for me hold my bachelor thesis presentation and then to start packing up my room to move across the country again (’I dooooon’t waaaaant tooooo’, she whined, because she was an adult with much dignity and grace)

Oh well. New adventures awaits and so on, and I’ll bring all of you guys with me, so that’s something.

when ur boyfriend cares more about political fame and some small caribbean guy rather than you

((here have a really low quality jeffy and maddyboy that i was way too lazy to colour in so sorry))

I’m assuming we pronounce “Charoix” as “char” (shar) and “oix” (ow) so all in all “shar-ow” which sounds like “shallow” which is pretty accurate cuz that’s what Croix is and that’s probably why Chariot left her lmao


Just pretending I’m productive and online, have Whale Sisters

Time’s a Gentle Stream (longer than it seems)

Robbie collapsed into his armchair with an exhausted huff. His latest scheme to make the little brats he babysat hate him and demand their parents found someone else to look after them in the evenings had, as usual, backfired, and instead the kids had gone home that evening excitedly shouting to their parents about the latest game their super cool and wonderful babysitter had played with them.

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January 11th
Happy Birthday Eisuke Ichinomiya!

Serial Saturday

It’s after midnight, that counts!! Chapter Fourteen of Duck Pond is up ^^

Setting the Timer

“Nothing, sorry, I think I just figured something out. About my homework.” Elle turned away, rushing to the table as if she wanted to write something down before she forgot it.

 On her notebook, she wrote:

                      not again notagainnotagain NOT AGAIN  n  o  t  a  g  a  i  n

 It wasn’t fair. Solas was supposed to be safe! Elle knew she was bad at this sort of thing; she had not made it to adulthood without realizing that she was not as perceptive as others at telling when people were interested in each other—even when she was one of those people.

and more so newt and tina are constantly bailing each other out of trouble and grabbing one another by the collar and dragging them off like

“did you see?! that’s a total violation of class C wand restrictions and-” “yes, dear” “who knows what they’re using it for?! probably HIGHLY ILLEGAL things” “possibly, dear” “im taking them in!” “dear, we’re harbouring a case full of illegal creatures let’s just go home to bed” “justice never sleeps!!”


“that’s repugnant, they’re not dangerous.” “of course not, dear.” “they’re misunderstood, that’s all” “yes, dear, but that centaur DID drag a woman into the wilderness so he should at least explain himself even if she did sound awful” “let’s put him in the case” “newton, no.” “newton, YES.”