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Jojo, I love that girl, Yozakura, so much. She’s such a /mom/ and fite ready too. It kills me? Like after I won this fight, Katsuragi was saying how she enjoyed it [[she actually enjoys fighting, it’s not a perverse thing, from what I understand]] and Yozakura’s response was to say something like: “how much of a pleasure freak are you?” Then tell Katsu that their lessons aren’t over apparently, that they’re gonna come up with a long term plan so she’ll finally learn her lesson and no longer be a shameless pervert. Katsu was just stunned. lmao

Even when she was up against this super [sado]masochistic girl who called her “mommy” and asked for punishment…after being stunned she decided to play along? Like went all, “momma’s gonna punish you and bring you back to the side of good!!” 

I love her so much. lmao

24 Days of Handers Masterpost

I decided that I wanted to do something fun this year for the holidays, and since I can’t draw I thought I would do something I’m somewhat okay at - write. I found this post a couple months ago, and I immediately thought of my Caught Looking Garrett and Anders. Because when can I ever resist writing about them?

Obviously, I want you guys to read these, share them, all that good stuff (they will also be on AO3) but mostly I want you to enjoy them. You are all so good to me, and I’m still overwhelmed by the love I get for CL, so I wanted to say thank you. 

So here’s the deal: there are 24 prompts. Starting on December 1, I will be posting one prompt per day, until we get to Dec. 24. I did switch the order around from the original list if you checked that out. As I upload each day’s fic I’ll update this post with a link to that specific prompt. 

The official summary - Baseball season is done. Anders has decided to give up the last vestiges of his life in Ferelden and stay in Kirkwall permanently. Garrett, he thinks, is worth staying for. But snow isn’t a thing in Kirkwall, much to Anders’ disappointment. And Anders doesn’t really care about Christmas, to the holiday-obsessed Garrett’s disappointment. The month will be a series of firsts for the pair as they try to make the holiday season their own. 

This story takes place approximately 4 and a half months after the current point (chapter 12) in the main story.

Full prompt list:

1. Winter expectations vs. winter reality.
2. We need to buy you winter clothing.
3. Treatment for the flu/a cold
4. Getting the person who doesn’t like Christmas into the right festive mood
5. Snowball fight
6. Hot tea and cozy sweaters
7. Giving subtle hints of what one would like to get for Christmas
8. Picking out the right Christmas tree
9. Decoration wars
10. Holding out in a snowstorm together/Getting snowed in together
11. An unusual snowman
12. The smell of the holidays
13. An odd holiday tradition
14. A Christmas letter 
15. Dancing in the snow
16. Sleigh rides
17. Reading someone Christmas stories
18. Falling asleep by the fireplace
19. Baking Christmas cookies
20. Finding a present for that person that is impossible to find a present for
21. Obnoxious singing of Christmas songs
22. Watching the snow alone and watching the snow together
23. The last day of work/class before the holidays
24. The traditional Christmas dinner

25. Epilogue - Christmas morning/the letters

A few quick things I want to mention - 

  • chapters will also contain ratings/warnings as they are posted. All prompts are between 1-2k words each. 
  • most of these will be silly/fluffy pieces, but some will contain smut (come on, it’s me) and some will contain tiny bits of angst (mentions of Malcolm, mentions of Karl, etc. but nothing really bad)
  • Christmas does exist in Thedas, but there is no mention of religion. This is Santa-Christmas, not Jesus-Christmas. 
  • you don’t need to have read CL, but it would really help cause I reference stuff
  • everything will be tagged “24 days of Handers” if you want to block it