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If Kaneki was a girl, some people would hate him for being so clumsy. They would call him useless and after the Aogiri arc, they’d find him arrogant and cocky. After all, he made bad choices.

If Touka was a boy, some people would realise how complex her character is. They would enjoy how mysterious she is and they’d forgive her mistakes. They’d also realise how caring she actually is. She punched Kaneki? Nah she was just helping him, no problem.

If Ayato was a girl, some people would hate him for being so annoying. They’d find him stupid and talk about how useless it was for him to join Aogiri in order to protect hi sibling. He’d just be an arrogant brat.

If Hinami was a boy, some people would finslly notice how mature she is. They’d understand how difficult those times has been for her and how brave she is for still being able to smile. Her concern for her big sister and brother would be praised.

If Amon was a girl, some people wouldn’t care much about how strong-willed he is. They’d see him as one among others and find him irrelevant.

If Akira was a boy, some people would find her really interesting and admire her intelligence and calm behaviour. They’d feel sad for her and understand that despite what happened, she’s able to remain strong. Just look at that smirk.

If Tsukiyama was a girl, some people would find him stupid, calling him drama queen and complaining about how he’s always overreacting. The fact that he truly cared about Kaneki would soon be forgotten.

If Suzuya was a girl, some people would just label her as the psychotic annoying chick. Yes sure, he was raised by ghouls, whatever.

If Yoriko was a boy, some people would find her friendship with Touka really cute and they’d wish to see her more. She was there for her friend and thanks to her, Touka was able to have a glimpse of a ‘normal’ life.

If Hide was a girl, some people wouldn’t care less about him. They wouldn’t like how close he is to the main character and how they share a special bond.

If Eto was a boy, she’d be seen as a poor tortured individual instead of a psychotic bitch.

If Arima was a girl, some people wouldn’t care much about how mysterious he is.

And so on.

I’ve seen many posts about female characters recently and this is the result.

I’m stressing the ‘some people’ because I know not everyone thinks like this (hopefully). Of course you can dislike a character but just don’t hate (nor spread the hate) if you’d have loved a female character for the same traits as a male.

i’ll never forget the moment we all realised we got it all wrong about what harry and louis were like with kids and we learnt that louis was in fact the gentle and calm one whereas harry was the crazy and daring one carrying kids like potato sacks and letting them on top of tall furniture and to be honest i still scream everytime we get proofs confirming this i cannot wait for them to have a shit tons of babies i’m already crying

  • <p> <b>favorite person:</b> *let's me know if something i said hurt them or corrects me on my wrong behaviour*<p/><b>me:</b> oh okay! I'll work on that! Thank you for telling me friend!!<p/><b>me:</b> *beats myself up for hours, cant stop thinking about how i let them down, wants to cut ties because they deserve better, misery, hell, misery and hell*<p/></p>

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Okay so I saw your HP post and read all your glorious tags and I'm so thrilled someone else has headcanons for a Hannibal/Harry Potter AU. I have so many thoughts & I want to write them all but I thought I was the only one! In my head Hannibal was totally a Durmstrang student but not a Death Eater because fuck Voldemort that guy is rude as hell. Will is an advanced Legilimens but can't control it so Hannibal teaches him Occlumency. FREDDIE LOUNDS IS THE NEW RITA SKEETER. Okay I'll stop now.

I am all about a Hannibal/Harry Potter/magic in general crossover

  • Hannibal, a pure blood, had a private tutor since he was young, before his parents and Mischa were killed. He then went to a muggle orphanage before his uncle and aunt found him and enrolled him into a very posh and high class private wizarding school in Paris (he excelled in wandless magic, having become a master of it when he was mute and self educating himself in the orphanage. In Paris he was the top of his class in every subject, but was most passionate about potions and the dark arts, while having a fondness for care of magical creatures, enjoying seeing these monstrous beings up close and interacting with them)
  • Will went to a small wizarding school in the heart of New Orleans (he received his owl when he was eleven years old, his father had looked at him and muttered, ‘you’re just like your mother, then.’ before leaving the house for two days. Will spent his time at school with his nose in books, avoiding his classmates, his mind too full of emotions that weren’t his. The headmistress of the school grew fond of Will, impressed by his innate ability to control his magic, and put him in charge of looking after the few animals she kept as pets. Will got along best with the many ghosts that lurked about the halls of the school)
  • Will becomes an Auror, a Hit Wizard, but retires early after a particularly nasty fight with a wizard that leaves his face scarred and his head an absolute mess (he moves to Virginia of all places, wanting to be away from magic and muggles, he enchants his house for it to appear normal to any prying eyes, he rehabilitates magical creatures, finding solace in helping them. Jack Crawford, the head of the Auror Office, comes to see Will often, wanting him back, there’s no one like Will who can see the evil that’s hiding in the dark so easily)
  • Hannibal becomes a healer, hiding his more insidious acts, and is a master of Occlumency (Hannibal moves to the United States early on, enjoying the fact that the wizarding community is spread so thin in America, much easier to fly under the radar. He sets up a home in Baltimore and hides his magical possessions with enchantments to fool any muggle who happens to come into his home. He has a painting of Mischa that’s hung in his office, she smiles at him, her blonde curls bouncing in delight at the sight of him, it’s not nearly the same but it helps)
  • Will meets Hannibal when he’s chasing after the wizard who is killing muggle girls (Hannibal is the calm of the storm, Will’s mind quiets when he’s near him. He wants to ask if Hannibal had put a charm on himself, if there’s a reason why Will is pulled towards him, but he keeps quiet. Hannibal saves Abigail Hobbs, a squib, without uttering a word, his wand tucked in his jacket, Will stares at him and his own wand has been broken in two)
  • Hannibal attempts to teach Will Occlumency, enjoying going through Will’s memories. Afterwards where Will is tired and vulnerable, Hannibal takes a particular pleasure in caring for him, having this wonderful man depend on him (Hannibal takes Will’s face in his hands, rubbing his fingers lightly along the scar covering the right side of Will’s face. It’s cursed and Will mumbles, half asleep and so so tired, about never finding a healer that could overcome the spell. Hannibal smiles and quietly patches the skin, revealing quite a handsome face, without a single word)
@Owari no Seraph fandom

So, the other day I wrote this post about respecting other people’s preferences and if it wasn’t obvious enough: Yeah, I was talking about Namanari​.

Can you all please stop harassing her?
You’re being extremely disrespectful.

You all are lucky enough she’s such a kind person she’s always sharing all the OnS news with us.

She isn’t supposed to fit in your standards.
She doesn’t have to post what you want.
She isn’t supposed to like the same things you like.

You don’t have to share the same preferences with someone to get along with them, you just have to respect them.

Please, leave her alone.

HLV missing scene
  • [INT Baker Street.] One week after the row with Mary, John has moved back in with Sherlock.
  • John: [unpacking boxes]
  • Sherlock: [watching as he pretends to work on something but his hand is twitching as his side, desperate to help]
  • John: Oh for fuck's sake.
  • Sherlock: What?
  • John: [shows Sher contents of the box in his hands: Thank You cards for the wedding gifts.]
  • Sherlock: [raises an eyebrow but waits for John to explain.]
  • John: I addressed them all but Ma-- [he stumbles at even saying the woman's name right now] She couldn't be arsed to mail them?
  • Sherlock: [opens his mouth, snarky reply about how 'they should probably return all the gifts anyway,' but snaps it shut.]
  • John: [continues fuming unawares] I know, I know, the wedding was fake anyway right? But she didn't even try--she-- I did everything. [He stops, looks up at Sherlock] We did. You, I mean. You planned everything before and I took care of everything afterwards.
  • Sherlock: [smiles, looks away before speaking] I can, drop them at the Post if you like.
  • John: [stops pacing and sighs] No. It's okay Sherlock. You've done enough already. I'll just, I'll deal with it later. [he drops the box and settles into his chair, voice dropping to a mumble] Should probably return everything anyway.
  • Sherlock: John, I've been meaning to ask... [pauses, shakes his head] Nevermind. Later.
  • John: Come here.
  • Sherlock: [turns to see John looking at him, pointing to his chair.]
  • John: [waits for Sherlock to sit] Now then, go on. What did you want to ask?
  • Sherlock: [looks to the fireplace, still shy about meeting John's eyes and seeing all the hurt shared between them] Your parents. Were they not invited or--
  • John: They're dead. Well, mum is. Dad disowned Harry and me after... [stops, looks down to his hands]
  • Sherlock: Ah, so that's why they weren't at the wedding.
  • John: Yeah.
  • Sherlock: Shame, I had hoped to meet them.
  • John: [shrugs] Best you never meet my father, but mum would have adored you. Anyway, at least I've met your parents. [John pauses, unsure why he's said that] You know for the longest-- I mean after you-- I was upset that no one came to the funeral. I wanted to hate your parents but when I met them... and when they came to the hospital with your brother and we had a proper chat. I could tell how much they loved you. You're so lucky, Sherlock. You and Mycroft.
  • Sherlock: [looks up. Confusion, wonder and joy cross his face] You should come to Christmas Dinner.