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I mean guys… Hayley will be gone, but hey… we’ll have Caroline! YAAAY I can’t wait for her to be there for Klaus and Hope! To comfort them and be their support after Hayley burns to death. “WHERE’S CAROLINE?” yes, that’s the important question right after Hayley’s death! That’s kind of a good question tho. “WHERE THE FUCK HAS BEEN CAROLINE FORBES THE WHOLE SHOW?!” Oh that’s right, she was on another show, not giving a crap about Klaus or any other Mikaelson (rightfully so) But Hayley who’s been there since day 1, who fought like hell for this family, HER FAMILY, and for her daughter is gonna burn to death. That’s okay… like I said… we’ll have Caroline! Can’t wait y'all

You know what I love about motion sickness? When the person has been sick, and they have to get back in the car/sit back down, depending on what vehicle they’re on. And they’re all pale and quiet, and they just slump lifelessly on whoever they are with. And that person strokes their hair and puts their arm around them and asks every so often if they still feel okay…
yeah…that’s lovely

don’t imagine

draco and harry getting into a fight

  • don’t imagine that the fight causes frustrated tears to spring forth from Draco’s eyes and exasperated sounds from Harry’s mouth
  • don’t imagine harry’s hands clenching and unclenching 
  • don’t imagine Draco’s jaw trembling
  • don’t imagine silence as one of them stands up and starts pacing and the other puts his head in his hands and runs his fingers through his hair in agitation
  • don’t imagine attempted words that are immediately silenced because they don’t know what to say
  • don’t imagine Draco giving up and mumbling that he’s going to bed and leaves Harry at the table
  • don’t imagine Harry looking at him as he leaves
  • don’t imagine that both men are feeling like their breaking inside because they know they should never go to bed angry but they don’t know what to say to each other because they’re both stubborn and really bad at conveying their emotions. 
  • don’t imagine Harry walking into the bedroom and Draco is in bed facing away and pretending to be asleep
  • don’t imagine that both of them know Draco is faking
  • don’t imagine Harry climbing into bed hesitantly, deciding to fuck it, and sliding his arm around Draco’s waist
  • do imagine Draco turning his head to look at him in slight confusion and surprise.
  • do imagine Harry mumbling soft apologies. 
  • do imagine Harry kissing Draco’s eyes gently as Draco whispers apologies in return
  • do imagine that they find away to make up to each other at the end of the day even if they don’t have anything to say

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As Zayn lay on his cell bed, he reflected upon everything that happened to lead him here. First, the human child had fallen, and come out of the Ruins to Snowdin, where Zayn and Bella had found them. Little did they know, this child was going down a genocide route. They had already killed Toriel and the monsters of the Ruins, along with many monsters that were in the Snowdin area.

That was when Seven arrived in their timeline to kill the child. At first, Zayn saw Seven as the enemy. He tried to fight them, but… Was too weak to actually stop them. Or rather, he was convinced that the kid was the one they were to go after. Bella had taken off with the kid, and the kid set up a trap to catch Zayn and Seven. Seven had taken a near mortal blow to save Bella while they were trying to stop the child. While Seven was down, Zayn stepped up and kept the kid busy long enough for Seven to recover and become The Fallen. When this happened… Well, the kid’s fate was sealed from that moment on. Seven won the fight, and went on their way.

Then Seven came back to visit Zayn and Bella. However, Zayn was under the control of a mask that forced him to lie, and each lie would become the truth. Thankfully for Zayn and Seven, the mask was able to be removed by Seven, freeing Zayn and all those affected by his lies. At which point, Zayn and Seven went to his and Bella’s house to try and relax. Seven allowed Bella and him to ask some questions, and eventually Bella discovered Seven’s crush on them. They’d decided to try going out on a date, but they never got to. This was because of Zayn. He’d… He’d been a little mopey and ended up sitting outside, and his skull filled up with snow, which irritated him. He had to resort to going to Hotland to get all of it to melt and dry out properly. The heat had messed with his mind, and he started wandering toward the CORE, where Seven and Bella caught him while they’d gone on a walk. That was when the monsters finally noticed Seven, and tried to attack them. Bella, willing to hold back the monsters, was left behind as Zayn and Seven fled.

The pair had returned to try and find Bella, only to discover that she’d been captured and restrained by the monsters, N1 and N2 attempting to keep the peace. In an attempt to rescue her, Seven had lured most of the monsters away for Zayn, so he could try to get to her. However, the plan failed, and Zayn was captured as well. The two siblings had learned that Seven had been hit by one of the monsters, and were enraged. Bella had tried to force her way out of the group of monsters restraining them, only to be attacked. That was what opened the gates for Zayn to attack them, and then a long fight ensued, only to be broken up by Seven and their threats. The Royal Guard had arrived not long afterward, and arrested the trio.

After being hauled away to the New Home Jail, Zayn was thrown in a cell separate from his sister’s and Seven, where he sat waiting for his trial. He’d tried to call out to Seven and Bella each several times, only for Bella to ignore him, and the guards to tell him to shut up when he tried talking to Seven. It wasn’t until the guards came around to take them to their respective trials that Zayn had a chance to see either one of the two.

“H-hey are you two okay?!” Of course the first thing he’d say would be that. He naturally cared about them a lot.

When Bella didn’t answer him, he became worried. Was she mad at him, or was she just trying to stay quiet as to avoid causing more trouble? He didn’t know… He just hoped that she wouldn’t be silent toward him for too long…

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It is…For me the worst part is when I write something and I think it’s some of my best work…and I post, and get crickets…

hahahahahaha this is the story of my life, anyone clicking on the darkjedistormpilot first order au cannot fail to notice the way my notes look like i’m begging, because yes, I WAS BEGGING


Summary: Ronan marvels at waking up next to Adam.

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Written for Pynch Week 2016 :
Day 2: Sun kissed skin // Prom night // Morning after

When Ronan opened his eyes, his first thought was of light. His body felt soft and deliciously languid, the tiredness there a content sort he wouldn’t mind experiencing over and over again. He blinked once, twice, and then turned his head to stare at the boy sleeping next to him. In the half-light sneaking through the window, Adam’s freckled shoulder and part of his back were illuminated while the rest of him was thrown in delicate shadows. His hair caught some of the light and morphed into a crown, his face soft with sleep and a contentedness that wouldn’t have found its way to Adam Parrish’s face even less than a year ago.

Ronan stared at Adam, as he often did, and thought of miracles of nature, of art and old Gods. 

Adam’s hand was curled around Ronan’s left bicep, his arm stretched across Ronan’s chest, and his head tucked against Ronan’s shoulder. The warm weight of Adam’s body pressing Ronan down made his heart ache with pleasure. They were both naked under the sheets and the fact only served to remind Ronan of the night before; of bodies moving together, the heat of sweat slick skin, and the sound of names whispered out like prayers.

Adam had been sleeping in Ronan’s bed for a month now, but things never progressed further than sleep and a few make-out sessions. Sometimes they’d have hushed conversations in the middle of the night, other times there would be searching lips and roaming hands that never went too far, and on nights where neither of them could fall asleep they’d exchange secrets like kids trading cards on the playground.

Ronan cherished every moment Adam chose to spend with him, every word and thought that Adam shared or analyzed while Ronan listened. They were both creatures of actions, and words –especially for Ronan- were sometimes hard to come by, but they were both learning the good and unlearning the bad together. Ronan took none of it for granted. 

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Imagine hiding out in a cave and you’re freezing, keeping the other dwarves awake, and they’re fed up of hearing your teeth chattering, so Fili comes over to keep you warm with cuddles and a coat.

The company and you had settled in a cave, and you were so cold, even though you had layers on, the cold still penetrated through your exposed hands and forearms. You were half awake and could hear mumblings among the dwarves, hoping that the chattering would stop soon.

You heard a shuffling coming nearer to you from the other side of the cave, groggily turning your head slightly behind you, even in the darkness of the cave, you could still see that it was Fili, coming over to you, after all you’d recognise his figure anywhere. He settles, lying next to you, with his front to your back.

’(Y/N), I think even Smaug can hear you in the Misty Mountain, with that chattering, let’s see if we can do something to stop that, okay?’ Asks Fili. 

You groan through a shiver, still half asleep, as the young dwarf prince takes off his fur coat, and wraps it around you.

‘Are you not cold now? I don’t think I’d be happy if you were cold too?’ You ask Fili quietly, so not to disturb the others, but knowing you had, with the chattering.

’(Y/N), you know I’ll be fine, dwarves are hardy folks, and plus, for the sake of everyone’s sanity here, stopping the chattering by keeping you warm, is the least I could do. Anyway, I didn’t think you’d complain about a cuddle? Or would you rather I go?’ Asked Fili in reply.

'No, stay please, I mean, only if you want to.’ You reply, not wanting to show how desperate you’d been to be this close to the dwarf prince for a long time, you weren’t going to pass this opportunity up without a fight. 

'Okay, alright, I’ll stay (Y/N). Now, please try and get some sleep, we still need to be on our way by morning light.’ Fili let out a small quiet chuckle at the slight desperation in your voice.

You roll over to face the young dwarf prince, and snuggle into his chest, and breath in the woody, slightly sweaty scent, that made your heart tingle whenever you smelt it, and fell into a warm comforting sleep.

*Was that okay? I don’t know, argh, I hope it was, and I hope y'all liked it, sorry if it was a bit long. So many conflicting feels about it I don’t know, eugh…. Anyway, I’ll let you decide….*

okay okay so what gets me about lex in bvs is that he’s like the youngest major character in the movie (clark’s like 34? right? and bruce is older than that) and he’s also one of the least physically imposing, especially when one of the other characters is fucking superman and yet he’s the one controlling most of the events of the movie, as soon as the scene in the desert starts unfolding

and then you have the confrontation with clark on the rooftop, and lex is facing someone who could probably crush him like a bug without superpowers and he has this brief flinching reaction like once but overall is incredibly confident

see, I just don’t think that would’ve worked so well if they’d cast traditional-stocky-40-something-year-old lex luthor as the villain of this piece because twitchy, basketball-playing converse-wearing lex luthor jr. is so much more terrifying

anyway I have no idea what I’m even talking about anymore but that was your really long ramble of the day re: batman v superman 

  • Greg: *knocks on 221B* Sherlock?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Greg: *breathes deeply* Sherlock, it's important...
  • Sherlock: *muffled* Busy.
  • Greg: Can I come in?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Mm, no, I don't think so.
  • Greg: *sighs* Look, Molly hasn't shown up for work and Mike thinks she's in trouble.
  • *quiet giggling*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Oh, I don't think there's anything to worry about.
  • Greg: *incredulous* What? She hasn't missed a day since she started...
  • Sherlock: Mmmph...she's fine, Graham...
  • Greg: *mumbles* This is stupid, I'm not talking to a door.
  • Sherlock: *groans* Don't come in...dropped something...right mess...God, Mol- mmmm...
  • Greg: *loses patience* Well, fine...if you don't care about her, I'll happily go looking for her!
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: *mumbles* Um, it's okay Greg...I-I'll be in tomorrow...
  • *more giggling and suggestive noises*
  • Greg: ...
  • Greg: ...
  • Greg: ...
  • Sherlock: You can go away now.

canloveyoumorethanstan  asked:

Oh man, I'm so glad i found your blog because I've recently finished watching the HP series (severe phobia of snakes was a huge hindrance that i finally overcame) and then I found out that drarry was a thing. Except, most blogs on here are more about praising the Marauders and hating on Slytherin so I'm very very glad that I found you! Okay, I'll go away now.

You can’t go away, you’re in it for life now.

I feel like the Marauders fandom is like the Drarry fandom’s boisterous neighbor who they don’t hang out with very much but occasionally get together and really annoy the rest of the neighborhood aka the dramiones, JKR purists , Gilly shippers etc. Also meanwhile the Romiones and the Jillys are at the quiet end of the block like ‘oh great the Marauders are throwing a house party again and Dramione is putting up a fence between their property and Drarry’

And the Marauders seem to be seriously turning up the noise lately, but believe me the Drarry Squad/ mafia/ family whatever you wanna name it, is QUITE pronounced.

Anyway I’m glad you found me too ;3