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Prayer request for a friend

I have an online friend who attempted suicide around Thanksgiving. It was really nerve-wracking not hearing anything for awhile, but we eventually got word that they were okay. They’ve been discharged from residential psychiatric care and seem a lot better, but please pray that they might never feel so low as to attempt suicide again.

The snowball PART 2!

Okay so I don’t write heaps but I did find it within myself to write a Feysand fic ages ago and thanks to people being persistent, that one shot is now getting another chapter, so thanks to anyone who reblogged, favourited, or messaged me because if not for you I would never have made my brain attempt to write again.

Feyre woke up early that morning, the cold air seeming to find her even underneath her mountain of quilts. She stretched out sleepily seeking Tamlin’s warmth, only to find his side of the bed stone cold empty. Again.

She didn’t know why she was surprised. Already knowing when she opened her eyes there would be new paint, or canvas, or painting references gifted for her at the end of the bed. This repetitive pattern had become her life, no matter how close it was to Christmas. Tamlin’s job was very important which Feyre knew all too well due to the constant lectures she'd received whenever she brought up to Tamlin her unease at him being away so much.

But Feyre could never push too hard. Complain too much. Because Tamlin was one of the most important people in her life, and he was also the man sending money back to her family a few towns over. Family who never came to visit, or ask where Feyre was getting all their money from, so long as she continued to send it. Even if her family wasn’t grateful for Tamlin, Feyre was. Which was why she was so sad about his constant disappearances.

Lying in bed all day left Feyre impatient and eventually she shrugged on an old hoodie of Tamlin’s and some fuzzy slippers, grabbing her car keys in search of some good coffee. Outside her old, but in surprisingly good condition, car sat waiting for her. Tamlin had gotten it for her from a “friend” he had claimed had no need of it and gave him a good price. Just another thing that Feyre was grateful for.

Driving slowly because of the recent snow, Feyre went looking for the closest Starbucks. Just a few blocks down she saw the line outside the coffee shop before the actual store. She parked nearby but the second Feyre stepped outside she knew it was too cold to wait around outside in line for a damn coffee, and she needed caffeine now.

Across the road she noticed a small and dark café advertising “hot coffee, better than those jerks at Starbucks” on a small chalkboard outside. The sign made Feyre laugh but more than anything, the lack of an outside line lured her in.

The shop was called ‘Coffee For Mor’ and Feyre wasn’t sure if there was a secret meaning she was missing out on but all of that was forgotten when she went inside. The place was dark with just enough lighting on each table for reading and plenty of concealed booths and couches plagued with a healthy amount of young people. The entire back wall had been painted with a chalkboard like substance and had been decorated by customers with everything from cute little doodles, to crude drawings of… well doodles.

But best of all it was warm and smelt amazing.

Feyre was greeted by a beautiful and chirpy blonde haired woman at the counter.

“Morning! Bit cold today, hey? Felt like my nipples were gonna put holes in my shirt just walking to work!” The woman laughed.

Feyre’s taken aback look just made the woman laugh more.

“Haven’t seen you around in here before. What’s your order, and what’s your name?” She said sweetly, maybe trying to not scare Feyre out of the shop altogether.

“Um, I’m Feyre. And I’ll grab a large anything, as long as it’s got caffeine in it.”

“Feyre huh? You look like you could grab a large anything hey?” The woman said with a wink before outstretching her arm for a handshake, “I’m Mor. Nice to meet a new face.”

Feyre had to hold back her laugh as she shook Mor’s hand.

“so are you the owner of this place then?” Feyre said, noting the familiar name.

“Yes Mam. Started this place with the help of my cousin although he never sticks around to actually help, the bastard,” Mor laughed. “Anyway, I’ll make you one of the house specials, just because I like you. It’ll be $5.”

Feyre started scrounging through her purse counting out small change, and recounting it. $4.95 was all she had. She looked up to tell Mor to change her order but to her horror the drink was already in front of her in a take away cup, name on it and all, surrounded by a love heart.

“Uhm, I’m so sorry but I’m 5 cents short. Is it too late to ask for a medium?”

Mor looked her over, “No card?”

“Um no. My boyfriend normally just gives me cash when I need it, but he’s out of town right now.”

Mor looked her over once more. A hard gleam in her gaze. Feyre felt like she was about to be chased out of the coffee shop.

“Tell your boyfriend to let you have access to your own money whenever you want it. This one’s on the house. Don’t sweat it hun.”

“Oh my god are you sure? You can take all the change. It’s not my money anyway, it’s all my boyfriend’s,” Feyre said, pushing the heap of coins at Mor, only to have it pushed back into her hands.

“Seriously Feyre it’s fine. Consider it my condolences for your piss weak boyfriend. You shouldn’t have to rely on someone else for money, that’s when you lose your control,” Mor smiled sweetly.

Feyre accepted the money sheepishly, before taking a sip of her coffee. It was so good she actually moaned. Mor laughed.

“Now there’s a girl who loves her coffee. Say, why don’t you come work for me a couple times a week? Then you can have your own money,” She beamed.

“Oh. Uhh. Thank you so much! It’s just I don’t think Tamlin would like that.”

At Tamlin’s name Mor’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Do, do you know Tamlin?” Feyre stammered.

“Not really. Just heard of him. Now I really think you should take the job, just to piss off that tool.”

Feyre bristled slightly. If Mor didn’t really know Tamlin she had no right to make fun of him like that, especially with all that he had done for Feyre’s family. But it would be nice for Feyre to get out of the house and have her own money. She knew Tamlin loved buying her things. He would never deny her anything, money wise. but it wasn’t the same as having her own money.

Mor seemed to sense her hesitation, “All employees get free coffee,” she teased.


The two shook hands again, as the door was blasted open and a tall man shouldered his way inside, shaking snow off his boots. Feyre froze when violet eyes met hers from the open doorway.

Okay so, I have this au where Gregory never died and was in a coma this entire time instead. The bullet missed his heart and the trauma of the injury and the multiple surgeries put him into a coma. No one knew about it because Manfred threatened everyone to keep quiet about it so Miles never knew. He couldn’t attempt another killing on his rival, it was far too risky, so he just pretended he killed him. He knew the chances of Gregory waking up again were very slim. He just hoped that the coma eventually killed him. So then the trial clearly had to run differently seeing as how they couldn’t channel Gregory since he wasn’t dead. It isn’t a far stretch for him to fake even witnesses at this point. He fabricated everything and had “Gregory” accuse Yogi so everything could pile up like it did in canon.

In any case, imagine when Gregory finally wakes up. It’s been over 20 years since the events of the “DL-6 Incident” and BOY is this man confused. Of course, the first thing he thinks about is his son, so after he’s discharged from the hospital after they’re certain he won’t randomly collapse and fall back into a critical condition, he went on a search for his boy. The first person he found was Phoenix, who is a defense attorney. Using that, he went to his son’s childhood friend, thinking Miles would be there too. That’s when he learns that Miles became a prosecutor instead of a defense attorney. Of course, he’s a little heartbroken because he knew it was Miles’ dream to become an attorney, but once he learned why , he was pissed . Though, he got over it pretty fast, especially once he reunited with his boy. It was all tears and hugs and “how are you alive?”. Gregory learned that Miles became the Chief Prosecutor (of the country like in the original Japanese games rather than the city in the localized version) and he honestly wept tears of joy. Even if his son didn’t become a defense attorney, he was still saving and protecting the world as a prosecutor and did so much improvement with the office.

And then the whole gang gets together and they have a little celebration for Gregory’s return, and God can you imagine Ray’s reaction to his mentor and “dad” being alive. Just hugging onto him and Gregory just laughing and patting his back and then they ask if Greg is gonna come back to work. God and can you imagine if both Edgeworth boys have to face off in court against one another and GREGORY GETS TO SEE HOW FAR HIS SON HAS COME AS A PROSECUTOR. But that doesn’t mean he’ll go easy on the boy. He is still a fierce lawyer. Imagine everyone’s reaction when they see how similar they are to one another. Same poses, faces, wORDS JUST ABOUT. Phoenix hitting the “wow… you really did turn out like your dad.”

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Dolly’s Soldier Pt. 9

Summary: Dolly is Alexander Pierce’s daughter, after her mother and father fight, and her mother is never seen again, the Winter Soldier is assigned to be protected.

Pairing: Bucky x Named Reader (Dolly)

Warnings: language, attempted rape

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A few days had passed by now, and everything seems well. Almost too well. Bucky has crawled back into his shell, and kinda keeps to himself. I’m lonely again. That’s okay though, I’m used to be alone even though there’s always someone around…

Bucky is sitting on the couch, writing in one of his diaries. I don’t ask him what’s in it, as it’s none of my business.

“Hey Bucky..?” He doesn’t stop writing.


“I-Is it okay if I go for a walk? I feel a little stir crazy, I’d like to go get some air.”

He looks up from his book, he looks like he’s contemplating an answer.

“Yeah…just..” I can tell he doesn’t really want me to go.

“I-It’s okay Buck. I don’t have to go.” He runs his fingers through his hair and sighs.

“No, you can go. I just…I worry about you.” His confession brings a blush to my face.

“I’ll be okay Bucky, we’ve been here long enough, I think it’ll be safe enough for me to just go for a quick walk.”

He nods, putting his book down. He stands up, walking over to me, he hands me a pocket knife.

“I’ll feel better if you at least have this.” I nod, looking up into his eyes. God he’s so tall. I just barely come up to his shoulder.

I smile at him. I guess he does care at least a little bit.

Taking the knife, I slip it into my back pocket.

‘Anything to make him feel better.’ I make my way to the door.

“If you’re not back in a half hour, I’m coming for you.”

I nod.

“Alright, I won’t be that long anyway.” Grabbing a bottle of water, I leave the house.

Bucky sits on the couch, running his flesh hand down his face.

All he can do now is wait…


I’ve been gone for about 10 minutes now, and I feel as if someone is watching me. And I don’t mean people looking at a tourist who’s obviously not from around here. I mean staring at me with malicious intent.

‘I need to get back, now. Something doesn’t seem right.’ I start running back to the house, running might not have been the best idea, but I just wanted to get back to Bucky.

I’ve been running for about 5 minutes, I can hear someone behind me, but I’m too scared to turn around….I can see the apartment. I’m so close.

Unfortunately I don’t make it…

Someone pulls me by the back of my collar, and drags me into the alley to my right.

“NO! BUCK–” My screams are cut off, by a hand covering my mouth.

“Dă-mi tot ce ai! Haide! Peste mână!”

(Give me everything you have! Come on! Hand it over!)

“I-I’m sorry..I don’t understand I don’t speak Romanian..” I don’t even know how I got those words out, I’m terrified…Bucky please…someone…anyone..

The man is smelly, and obviously homeless. He has a 5 o'clock shadow, and messy blonde hair. He is wearing a beanie and a green jacket, with ripped up jeans.

“Ah, deci cred că va trebui să ia ceva mult mai valoros ..”

(Ah, so I guess we’ll have to take something much more valuable..)

He begins to tug on my clothes, ripping my shirt in half.

“NO! Please! Please don’t do this!!” I should have known better…I should have known something like this would happen…I should have stayed with Bucky..

“BUCKY! BUCKY PLEASE HELP ME!” I’m tugging, pulling, screaming, anything to get this man off of me. It’s just now that I remember about the knife, it’s my only hope.

Reaching behind me I dig the knife out of my back pocket.

Unsheathing it, I swing my arm at him, trying to stab him, cut him, something, anything.

The guy knocks my hand out of the way, the knife going with it.

‘No! Fuck!’

“Mmm tu ești una plină de energie, acest lucru ar trebui să fie distractiv.”

(Mmm you’re a feisty one, this should be fun.)

“Please stop! Please don’t do this!”

The man reaches for my pants, pulling on the zipper. Sobbing, I just give up..I can’t fight him…I’m not strong enough. I should have just stayed home…

The man doesn’t get any farther. He is pulled from my body with so much force that his grip on my jeans rips them open.

I sit down on the ground..bringing my knees to my chest as the river of tears flow.

All I can hear is this guy getting his ass handed to him. Bucky came…he actually came..

“Dacă atingeți-o vreodată din nou, va dori însuși diavolul te-a gasit pe mine …”

(If you ever touch her again, you’ll wish the devil himself had found you over me…)

I don’t know what he said, but it sounded threatening as fuck.

I feel someone wrapping their arms around me, and it’s my body’s natural reaction to panic.

“No! Please no more! Please!”

“Dolly! Dolly, shhh. It’s me Bucky, it’s your Bucky..” My eyes snap open, looking into his bright blue eyes.

“Oh God, Bucky!” I wrap my arms around his neck, holding him close, breathing in his scent. I haven’t been gone long, but it feels like I’ve been gone for years.

He holds me close to him, putting his left arm under my back, and right arm under my legs he carries me bridal style. Still sobbing into his neck, he whispers small comforting words into my ear to calm me down. There is something very soothing about his voice.

“Shhh, doll. It’s okay. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let you go alone. I’ll never let anything happen to you again..”

“Bucky.” I sniffle  “d-do you think that was related to Hydra…?”

“No. That was just some random act committed by a piece of shit criminal.”

I nod. That makes me feel somewhat better.

“Figures, it would have to be me..”

We get back to the house, and he sets me on the couch.

“You’re shivering, doll.”

I hadn’t even realized I was.

“I’m sorry…” He comes up to me, sitting next to me. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me to him, resting his head on top of mine.

“I-I don’t even know why it hurts so much..I wasn’t even penetrated.” I bring my hand up, wiping my eyes.

“No, but you almost were. That’s enough to scare anyone.”

I don’t know why, but I feel like I need to confess something to him…just in case something like this happens again.

“Bucky, I-I have to tell you something.”

He raises an eyebrow at me.

“I-I…I’m a virgin..that’s why I’m so freaked out..” I can feel Bucky tense up, and hear his metal arm whirl. He’s pissed.

“B-Bucky..?” He looks down at me, then he stands up, pacing and running his fingers through his hair.

“I’m sorry, Dolly. I should have protected you.” He feels bad? Like it’s his fault?

“Bucky it wasn’t your fault, you couldn’t have known this was going to happen.”

He just sighs. He’s obviously stressed out. Maybe it’ll be best if I leave him to his thoughts.

“I-I’m gonna go take a bath…” Walking past him, I go to the lennon closet and grab a towel.

“Dolly.” I turn to look at him. He walks over to me, fast. I’m almost scared, even though I know he’d never hurt me.

He grabs my face with his right hand, and pulls me to him with his left and presses his lips to mine.

Wait a minute..h-he just kissed me.

Bucky is kissing me…

I place my arms on his abdomen and kiss him back.

I can’t help but wonder what came over him..but I don’t care anymore. It’s about damn time.

He pulls away and cradles my face in his hands.

“I will protect you, if its the last thing I do.”

I have a feeling this is going to be a beautiful run away story.

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Why do people think B+I are broken up? Yes, she took the ring off at the end of 3x15, but what I got from both interviews is that, Iris isn't questioning Barry's love for her, just the motivation/timing of the proposal. It's akin to their destiny. Is proposing something Barry would've done without seeing Savitar kill her in the future? And we already know the answer. ILY okay. ILY more than anything. That part has never changed. Barry will propose again, after he thinks Savitar's defeated (1/2)

Barry will re-attempt it in 3x20 after his experiences in the SF, in the Music Meister AU, dealing with Abra Kadabra and Mirror Master. He’ll get Joe’s blessing. However, Savitar will kidnap Iris before he’s able too. She’s back by 3x22. They have a heart-to-heart that parallels when Eddie tells her, we don’t get married. You and Barry do 1x22 and 2x22 what do say we give this a shot? Savitar aka Voldemort is defeated HP and the Deathly Hallows style. C'mon, tell me you see it too (2/2)

I definitely don’t consider Barry and Iris broken up, and I doubt they consider themselves broken up. I absolutely think Barry will propose once more and then Iris will get kidnapped, I just don’t know if I necessarily have the same episodes in mind as you.

But LMAO to Savitar being defeated Deathly Hallows-style. THAT I absolutely agree with.

I’m not too worried about the musical crossover. Well not YET anyways. People seem to forget CP still said Iris had a ‘big role’ in the crossover but she was more confused by it being called a ‘key role’. To me this seems to be coming down semantics over word choice. I think she’ll be very present in the crossover. We just might have to rethink or lower our expectations on how the crossover will play out. More expect it to be less plot focus.

Agreed. I’m not worried about the musical at all - I’m excited. Even if it’s not plot-focused, I think it’ll be fun and Candice had a good time filming it.

Important Mystery Skulls things to consider

• Lewis becoming part of The Gang™ again and traveling across the country in search of ghosts
• There is a murder attempt on Arthur EVERY OTHER DAY, CALM UR FUCKING T I T S L E W I S
• Lewis being like a dad to Vivi and making sure she’s never in too much trouble and is eating well and doesn’t get involved with “”“problematic”“” guys ***coughARTHURcough***
• Lewis being team dad means a lot to me ok
• Vivi sometimes forgetting Lewis is a ghost like “Hey Lewis could you run to the store and get some coffee?”
“…Really? Okay…”
“Wait shIT NO”
• Lewis attempting to do normal human things like you go to Walmart and in line ahead of you is a Demon-Skull-Ghost-of-Hell getting coffee
• Arthur being really freaked out and SUPER guilty with Lewis being around all the time but he gets used to it
• They eventually talk it out (at Vivi’s demand) and become chill with each other
• Being around his friends makes Lewis chill the fuck out and not be *as* pissed off all the time
• Lewis keeps forgetting he can’t *actually* eat regular human food so he’ll like pour a bowl of cereal or something then he’ll just
• stare at it
• longingly
• Lewis’s Ghost truck is like???? No one really knows how it works tbh
• No one really knows how any of his pink fire magic works, especially not him
• Mystery gets HELLA bad vibes from Louis at first, because dogs can usually sense supernatural shenanigans
• Cinnamon roll dog, too good for this world, too pure
• Arthur teases Lewis a lot after he gets over the fact he’s a ghost
“Oh man, this cake sure is good, don’t you think Lewis? I’m so glad I have a mouth so I can eat this Amazing Cake!”
• said teasing leads to even more threats on Arthur’s life

When grif and sarge save Simmons, grif pulls him aside, rips his helmet off and gives him the biggest kiss he can and just clings like his life depends on it and he just says “Holy shit, I am never leaving your ass behind again.”

and fucking five seasons later, Grey attempts to take Simmons out to investigate the alien ruins and Grif just goes

“Yeah okay, or we could NOT do that.”

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Another one: Could you do a HC talking about Negan spending time/playing with Judith from the episode Sing Me a Song? Those scenes killed me in the best way, and I need them to be expanded upon, I need more, haha! 💜

Of course! And it was so cute omg yes

-Negan loves kids, always had since he taught at Highschool and since it was the apocalypse and he never really sees any kids anymore he definitely took the opportunity to get his dad on (not like that you dirty minded cuties) so he obviously straight away scoops her up and starts to sing to her, rock her and just generally, again, get his dad on!
- Also personal headcannon that Negan always wanted a kid with Lucille but they never conceived but he never attempts to have kids with his wives because he just wanted one with Lucille and only Lucille. 

I hope these were okay!!

@chioink: modern au Patroclus and Achilles where they’re regular teenagers but Achilles is super into going out clubbing and Patroclus is basically a huge nerd terrified when Achilles asks him to go out with him to a night club…

  • “But babe!” Achilles whined, he had been borderline begging Patroclus to go clubbing with him, but he had never agreed 
  • “Love, I’ve told you, it’s just not my thing, I’ll be home when you’re back” Patroclus promised, planting a soft kiss on Achilles’ nose. “Go have fun with Deidameia, I’ll be okay, love, honestly,” he reassured.
  • “She’s bringing Briseis and I’m going to be third wheeling again,” Achilles’ relaxed lips turned into a full pout. “Plus we’re going to a gay bar, the gays’ll be all over my pretty face,” he said in attempt to get Patroclus to follow him.
  • He hesitated.
  • “I do trust you, you know?” Patroclus said. 
  • Achilles whined again.
  • “Just this once?” Achilles begged.
  • “I’ll think about it,” Patroclus said, a small smile played on his lips when Achilles pecked it. “It’s a maybe though, okay?”
  • But Achilles had already gone to get their clothes ready.

In the end Patroclus reluctantly agreed to go, and he ended up having a better time than he expected to. He usually didn’t like big crowds of people, he would usually let his boyfriend get all the attention and not mind it at all, and after a few bad experiences he had decided to completely cut clubbing out, however this one time with the people he liked and with the opportunity to leave whenever he pleased, he had a good time and enjoyed achilles (drunkenly) confess his love for him.

Imagine impressing Stiles with your intelligence

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“And that is why it is worse to fail at something than to never try.” you conclude your presentation, and turn to face the class. “Any questions?” A girl in the back raises her hand, and you point to her. “Yes?”

“But if someone fails at something, wouldn’t that discourage them from attempting to do that same thing again, or something similar?” she asks.

“I see where you’re coming from, but I have to respectfully disagree.” you state. “Sure, a small percentage of people would give up and never do anything productive again, but many, many more people would try again, and again, until they succeed. If they never try, they never realize your full potential, and will never feel a sense of accomplishment.”

“Oh, wow.” she says, nodding. “I never thought about it that way.”

“Any more questions?” you inquire, but no one volunteers. “Okay, thank you for your time.” 

“Very well done, Miss Y/L/N.” your teacher applauds. “That was one of the strongest philosophical arguments I’ve heard in a long time.”

“Thank you.” you say, grinning. As you walk to your seat, you feel a pair of eyes trained on you, and upon inspection, you see a cute brown-eyed guy staring at you. You smirk at Stiles, then blow him a kiss and wink as you sit down, causing him to blush and look away.

No, Mavis and Zeref don’t hate each other, but they don’t need to to be enemies.

Note: The manga is currently at chapter 490.

So. Maybe it’s an unpopular opinion but I’ve seen posts (here and on other parts of the Internet) saying ‘Mavis and Zeref hate each other now !’, ‘they’re never going to love each other again’, ‘RIP Zervis :((((’. And I’m just like… what ?

First thing first, they are enemies. In a war. I’m sorry but if you expected cuddles or a heartwarming reunion, you probably haven’t been paying enough attention to the plot and the characterization (or got overwhelmed with feels, which is understandable). Enemies = their goals and visions of the world are different and they’re going to fight each other to no end over it for actual good reasons that involve not only them (however important they are as characters/immortals) but the whole of mankind.

Second: This doesn’t mean that they hate each other.

Seriously, their encounter in chapter 490 wasn’t romantic in the least (sexual tension ? please ಠ_ಠ he’s threatening her here), and their relationship certainly doesn’t have to be romantic until Zeref gets his ass kicked, stops acting like an absolute prick, lets willingly and in total consciousness go of his current, evil, goal, asks begs the people he’s hurt for forgiveness and does actual important stuff to redeem himself.

But this (and I’m including the shit that is without any doubt going to go down between them in the next chapters too) doesn’t mean that they have personal hate for each other either. Enemies don’t have to hate each other to fight. They can be neutral, they can even have love left for each other, but decide that what they’re fighting for or against is more important that any personal feelings, however deep they are (and I mean, we’re talking about the destruction of the world here, of course Mavis would choose to fight him to the death, the contrary would be pretty fucked up and totally disappointing for a character with such strength and righteousness as her).

Mavis is certainly extremely disappointed in what he’s become, and wants to put a stop to his actions for the greater good. It doesn’t mean that she’s happy about it. It doesn’t mean that she wants to kill him and would rejoice in front of his corpse if it were to happen. That’s what hate would look like, but I’m pretty sure that Mavis would actually feel relief (both for him and the world) and sadness in such a situation.

As for Zeref, he’s let go of any kind of hope that could attach him again to the world that he wants to see burning (out of spite). Explicitely showing love or acting on this feeling would go against his resolution. He tried to be happy, found someone who loved him and then lost everything. Why would he try again ? He’s deliberately putting himself into a corner so that there is no coming back for him. Nothing. This doesn’t mean that he hasn’t got feelings for her. Actually I’m pretty sure that he does:

There is absolutely no hate or resentment here. It’s actually the opposite. These words are from chapter 465, probably one day or two before the current events in the timeline of the manga, and Zeref is being honest here, because he thinks he’s about to die. He shows sadness about his relationship with Mavis and gratefulness for her and her love.

As for Mavis, she’s less obvious about what she thinks and chooses to focus on the present*, but we’ve still got some hints from her as well:

Her words are about duty. “We must”. She also thinks as her love as something of the past, because well, it happened in the past and she sees literally no issue for them that would result in their happiness. It doesn’t mean she isn’t possibly hiding some of her feelings (not only from others, but from herself as well). Also, her facial expression shows grief and sadness. Not hate or a thirst for revenge.

Same here, Mavis isn’t going personal, she talks about the greater good. And in their showdown in chapter 490, their facial expressions are surprised (for Mavis)/neutral and threatening at the end because they’re about to fight to gain/protect what is supposedly what Zeref started this war for.

*I feel like it’s important to underline that Zeref is a character who in his core, sentimentally speaking, always focuses on the past (which doesn’t contradict with the fact that he plans things ahead) while one of Mavis’ strongest traits is to go forward and protect the future for the generations to come.

Also, if the theory that they still have affection for each other (as it’s been hinted at in previous chapters) is true, people are going to ask ‘then why don’t they show their love for each other and instead threaten/stare furiously at each other ?’. We have to wonder what good it would do from their point of view to these characters to act upon feelings of love right now (as of chapter 490). Love is exactly the cause of his current state. Their love brought Zeref into a bigger spiral of misery, guilt and self-hatred. As for Mavis, she’s got her priorities straight and that’s the healthy thing to do. Her personal feelings have got nothing to do with her resolution and behaviour.

However, if Mashima decides to redeem Zeref one way or the other, their relationship could be rekindled. It’s actually highly plausible, because Fairy Tail is not a tragedy but a story that heavily values the power of feelings: love is portrayed as positive and something to be valued. Look at the number of characters that have been redeemed even when they brought down tragedies (because of love, like Ultear for example). Zeref has been shown to value love and humanity too. Not Acnologia, who is the archvillain (also why would Mashima bother with introducing a common enemy for Zeref and Fairy Tail if there wasn’t gonna be some kind of collaboration between them to defeat him ?) Also, this may appear to be a superficial point but Mashima has been shoving a lot of Zervis art in our faces these past months, in which they are loving and happy. He knows the fanbase is here, and there is no reason for him to just make this pair miserable and at odds until the end of the manga. It would also not make sense in regard to the general theme of forgiveness than runs in the manga.

TL;DR: In the recent chapter, I don’t see ‘love’, but I don’t see ‘hate’ either. Just two people (with history, that’s for sure) about to clash for the fate of their world. However, things can and will change between these two characters, but we are reaching the climax of this arc and therefore angst is likely to be everywhere.

Nash Grier Imagine

(Requested by Cindy)

“Watch where you’re going nerd” Some random jock said to me as they shoved me into the wall of lockers next to me, my shoulder cracking slightly as I attempted to stand up again, this was a normal occurrence for me.. Luckily it never got much worse than being pushed into the lockers.
“You okay Cindy?” My friend asks, taking my bag from me for a few moments so that I could move my arm around to check that I wasn’t seriously hurt
“I think so, I think I’m just going to have a massive bruise later” I say shaking my head lightly and taking my bag back from her and making my way to homeroom.
“Alright class, I’ve decided we need to mix things up so I’ve made a seating plan” My teacher said, causing the entire class to groan
“Get over it people” My teacher said rolling her eyes and began to read out names, I decided to not really pay attention because there is no way for this to end well for me.
“Nash, you move next to Cindy” The teacher said, causing me to suddenly pay attention.. Oh god. Not Nash, I don’t want to get verbal abuse in here too… You see he’s the star quarterback and he’s a part of the jocks that give me all the crap.. I look over to see Nash high-fiving his friends before moving over to the empty seat next to me
“Hey, I’m Nash” He said, sitting down and sending me a smile
“I know” I mumble looking away from him, not trusting the smile on his face
“You’re Cindy I take it?” He says trying to continue some kind of conversation
“Yup, look you don’t have to try and be nice. I know this is some kind of bet with your friends and I’m not falling for it” I say, meeting his eyes quickly before turning back to look at my books.
“Woah” He said, looking like he was going to try and say something to me again but the bell rang signalling first period allowing me to escape homeroom and make my way towards the library, seeing as I have a free first thing in the morning 
“Hey Cindy wait up!” I hear a voice shout, I turn to see Nash trying to catch up with me, I roll my eyes and continue down the hallway
“Seriously Cindy wait!” Nash said catching onto my arm, I’m not sure why I thought I could out run him… Considering he’s the football star and I was walking down a hallway
“What Nash?! What could you possibly want? A tutor? Its a no from me.” I say clearly fed up with this entire conversation that hadn’t really begun
“What was that all about?? Why are you being so hostile? What did I do??” He asks, his blue eyes searching mine for some sort of answer
“Because you’re a jock. I’m a nerd, your little football posse push me into lockers and harass me! Why would you think I’d be okay with being anywhere near you!” I say, taking a step back from him and ripping my arm out of his grip
“What? Cindy I didn’t know they do that.. Why haven’t you told anyone?” He said, dropping his voice to a whisper and trying to take my hand
“Yeah because everyone likes a snitch don’t they?” I said laughing bitterly 
“Nash you have no idea what its like, everyone loves you” I say looking down
“They don’t.. But hey lets make a deal” He said
“Maybe” I said looking at him meeting his gaze
“I’ll get everybody off your back… and if it works will you let me take you out? You know to get to know you better?” Nash says, staring deeply into my eyes
“I guess” I said, dropping his gaze.. My cheeks burning red
“OH NASH, WHATCHA DOING WITH THE NERD MAN?” One of the other jock says coming up to us and pushing me
“Back the fuck off man” Nash says pushing the player harshly and coming over to help me up
“Are you okay?” He asks in a whisper, eyes running over my face, I nod looking at him in awe
“Right, all of you listen up. If ANY of you mess with Cindy or her friends again you’re going to have to answer to me okay?” Nash says, anger resonating through his words, everyone in the hallway nodding along with terrified expressions
“Good, now carry on” He said turning back to me
“So… about that date?” I say smiling at him



Oh my god.

One of the radio stations here usually makes an attempt at a summer hit every year (and so far they’ve been quite successful), and this year they were like “Okay, so we should either make a song about safe sex or boat safety… SCREW THAT, PUN INTENDED, WE’RE DOING BOTH.”

So now we’re left with a ridiculous catchy song full of sailing expressions that also double as innuendos. I am so sad this song is in Swedish because it’s a fucking piece of art.

Screw language barriers. Check it out.

So one day this summer I was waiting to go to the doctor by the food truck and I was sitting with a couple of the staff, it was right after breakfast. Then three trumpet players come running over saying how they can’t find their trumpet. And I’m like wtf how do you lose a trumpet bruh? Anyways, they proceed to explain how the left it OUTSIDE last night after ensemble. Again, wyd bruh? So the director or our corps and the trumpet guy were so pissed, they were SO LIT. “What possessed you to leave YOUR TRUMPET OUTSIDE?!” etc etc etc. These poor guys were scared to life, I’ve never seen anyone so scared in my life. SO after yelling at them at how much a trumpet costs and how it’s not even theirs etc, the trumpet guy tells them “Well, you better go find them!” and the guys were like “Okay!” and ran away in an attempt to go find their trumpets. As soon as they ran off, the director says to the trumpet guy “ Okay man go get the trumpets”. $%()*#@)$*%)(@%) They had their trumpets the whole time lol. These savages. So they called the guys over and showed them their trumpets and these guys were so relieved omg I can’t even explain it. Moral of the story: never leave your instrument or equipment outside or unattended. Or you will be humiliated in front of staff and put on cleanup duty for three weeks. :)