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Lock and Key (M)

*I am so tired*

Requests: Anon asked “Can you make like a dirty y/n imagine of Jimin please??” + @bangtanofarmys asked “ FUCK FUCK FUCK OMG FINALLY SOMEONE’S REQUEST IS OPEN. Ok I want to request a rough Jimin smut, with daddy kink and stuff BECAUSE IM SO TIRED OF BEING REQUESTED AND NOT REQUEST T-T “ you’re so cute wtf 

Word Count: 10.8k bc I don’t know when to stop

Another mundane day has come to pass, your best friend’s arm slung over your shoulders as you soak up the blinding sunrays on your skin. The sun pressed harsh kisses on your delicate skin, a definite burn accompanied by heavy sweating was just the peak of your day. You could barely remember the words of your professor, zoned out and ready to slump into your couch for two days.

Anthropology was fun when you still had your first year jitters, excited to be in university and getting a degree in something you loved. Now, a few weeks into your second year, you wished the years would just pass by.

Distracted by your internal monologue, you barely caught the bus on time, the driver ready to zoom through traffic and you waved your hand out wildly to catch his attention. You stumbled into a seat, the bus moving no less than a second after you got on.

Mindlessly watching the street signs while numerous people leaving and entering the bus, you get off at the stop near your house. You kick off your shoes, dropping your bag on the shoe rack and you heard a broken sob.

“Mom? Dad?” You went into the kitchen, followed by a set of sniffling before going into the living room. Your father held your mother in a consoling way, her hands clinging onto his red sweater. She grabbed a tissue and blew into it.

“Mom? Why are you crying? What happened?”

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Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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Baby in the Tower

A Wattpad request. I do not own any of the Avengers or Bucky. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: brief mentions of death, fluff

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Pietro Maximoff, Wanda Maximoff. 

Originally posted by nerdyfandomimagines

“Hey,” Bucky’s soft voice made you look up. You were certain your eyes were bright red from all the crying you’d been doing. “You okay?” You shook your head and broke down in sobs again. Bucky got down on the floor next to you and wrapped his flesh arm around you. “It’ll be okay.” You nodded and leaned closer to him. You and Bucky had gotten really close since you were hired as a doctor by S.H.I.E.L.D. It was one less thing for Bruce to worry about.

               After crying for what seemed like days, you pulled away from Bucky and stood up. “I have to go pack. The funeral is in a couple of days. Try not to break yourself while I’m gone.” Bucky let out a soft chuckle at your attempt at humor. He watched you walk toward you room and sighed. He’d never seen you so down before. Then again, he imagined that’s how anyone would act if they just got news their sibling died. He just hoped you’d be okay.

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Paper Hearts

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

♡ Length: 5.0k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1♡ Part 2

Paper airplanes, paper towns, paper hearts… None of which from its time of creation to the time it ceases were they meant to last forever. They were a result of human creation, a temporary craft meant to satisfy what its creators could not have. Regardless of how many papers you’d fold, they would never adequately express your feelings to him. You gave him nothing but meaningless letters with hints that led to dead ends. Perhaps he never caught onto your hints for this very reason. He would never see you for your true self, he only saw you the way he wanted to see you. You were his best friend, nothing more, nothing less. Yet for as long as you were somewhere within his heart, you were content. You told yourself you could be second, third, or even last, because you were willing to wait… but just how long could your feelings stand against the test of time?

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—bestfriend!yoongi | he helps his noona through her first anxiety attack in a while | requested by anon! i hope you like it!

A/N: this is the fiiirrsssttttt ever drabble i’m accompanying texts! i decided to do this bc i think that y/n deserved more explanation to how yoongi helped get her through her anxiety attack. this hit pretty close to home for me, and i hope you all like it. let me know if you want me to do this again or to never attempt this again lmao. thank you!!

• • •

You couldn’t breathe. You couldn’t think. The sound of your heart boomed in your ears like bass drums, too loud. Way too loud. A muffled ping from your phone signaled a new text message and your fingers worked automatically to open it.

[20:29] Yoongi: i need you to answer the call noona.

Okay. Okay, you could do that. Right? Before you gave yourself a real answer, the loud jingle that was your ringtone filled the silence surrounding you and you jumped violently, staring at your best friend’s caller ID picture with wide, watery eyes. Pick it up, you demanded yourself. Short spurts of air left your lungs, chest heaving shallowly. Your fingers were stuck, stuck clasped tightly around the phone and you had no idea how to let go. The ringing came to a halt, and then almost immediately started again making your heart go into overdrive.

“Pick it up!” you sobbed, yoongi’s adorable smile contorted by the viscosity of pooled tears. Suddenly, thankfully, on its own accord, your right thumb lifted and swiped over your screen successfully answering the call.

“Noona? Hello, y/n noona?” Yoongi’s baritone voice came through the small speakers laced with concern. You wanted to answer him, to tell him it was alright. But nothing was alright. “Noona, I’m on my way to you okay? I’m almost there. Talk to me.” But you couldn’t talk. Your voice was caught in your throat, stuck behind the colossal lump that refused to disappear. Your head felt like it was stuck under water and waves upon waves of pure terror kept battering you against the rocks of pure agony.

This week had gone to shit from the very beginning. It all began with your tardiness to work Monday–on your first day of all days–and decided to end with a distressed call from your father wondering if could borrow seven thousand dollars, your life savings, because he had gone gambling again. Sometimes, you could control the stress. You could take a few deep breaths, smile through criticism and just calm. Down.

But, sometimes you couldn’t.

“Yoongi,” you gasped, holding your phone tight against your chest so hard, the cold metal dug into your clavicle painfully. Your chest continued to heave violently, lungs begging for air that didn’t feel like showing up. “Yoongi, I don’t know what to do,” you cried out, tears spilling thickly down your cheeks, taking your foundation with them and leaving their tracks behind. You had no idea how long you were crying for, how long you were losing control for. But then the front door was opening. And solid arms were taking hold of you. Lips were being pressed against your temple.

“Shhh, I’m here. Noona, I’m here.” You clung to Yoongi’s forearm like he was the only thing holding you to this Earth. Because right now, he certainly was.

You didn’t know when you started to calm down. But the next thing you knew, Yoongi had his hands on either side of your tear stained face and his molten eyes were looking so far into yours, your soul felt embraced by their warmth. Your sobs had subsided to meek hiccups, and monstrous waves of terror calmed into lapping swishes of uncertainty.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, broken and embarrassed. You could feel heat crawling up your neck and taking pilgrimage in your cheeks making an uncomfortable sweat accumulate at your hairline. You looked away.

“You’re important.” What? You blinked a couple of times, meeting his gaze once more. “Don’t ever apologize to me. You’re so important. You’re my best friend, noona. Got it?” He smooshed your cheeks together in tempo with his last words making you giggle, completing his goal and making him smile at you lovingly.

“Got it,” you whispered closing your eyes.

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The Chocobros' S/O is nearly hit by a blizzard spell (thanks, Noct!), but they're left feeling rather icy and cold to the touch. Cue cuddles and kisses to try and warm them back up?

I had to mention the behemoth jacket in this post. It makes Noctis like 348 times more dreamy. 

Tagging: @cupnoodle-queen, @themissimmortal, @itshaejinju, @stunninglyignis, @nifwrites, @rubyphilomela, @lupanaoflaminar, and @viscaelus <3


His hand slipped… only slightly. Such an accident, however, left you shivering from head to toe. Noctis was usually very cautious using his magic around you, but this time he wasn’t careful enough. 

Everyone was already chilled to the very bone inside the icy caves of Fociaugh Hollow. When a Naga dropped down out in front of your group of five, Noctis’s first reaction to shoot it out with a blizzard spell. Unfortunately, his underlying fear of the daemon creature made his hand tremble, sending his aim off. You were in the middle of striking the creature with your set of daggers when the icy chill ran through your veins, knocking you off your feet. 

Unable to continue the fight, Noctis quickly came to your aide, scooping you in his warm arms and carrying you out of danger. They made quick work of the Naga without your help… or any more of Noctis’s attempts in using magic. The moment the Naga was vanquished, Noctis rushed back to your aid, hastily carrying you from the icy covered caverns. 

The moment the sun touched your frost bitten skin, a bit of relief rushed through you. “Noctis,” you muttered throughing chatter teeth.

“I am so sorry,” he responded breathlessly, lowering you onto the warm, dry grass. 

“Come here, please,” you begged, putting on the best puppy dog eyes you could manage. Your Prince was already putty in your hands. He sunk down beside you, urging with his eyes for you to tell him what else he could do to ease your freezing temperature. 

“How can I-”

“Hug. Now. Please,” you shivered, reaching your arms upward to him, inviting him into your cold embrace. He quickly shot you a sad smile, hastily stripping off his behemoth leather jacket. A jacket he had become rather fond off. Without wasting another moment, he draped the jacket over your shoulders before wrapping his strong, slender arms around you. 

Hmm, much better,” you hummed, raking your fingers through his hair, inhaling his familiar scent. You heart continued to skip several beats as his presence warmed you to your core, melting the ice that surrounded you. 


“Dude!”  Prompto shrieked in attempts to scold his best friend, Prince Noctis for carelessly spewing his infamous blizzard spell a little too far to the right, colliding with your abdomen. The blonde boy sprang forward, coming to your aide, completely disregarding the hoard of Magitek Assassins surrounding the group. 

You felt as goosebumps cluttered your skin. The chill that shot up your spine was unbearable. You began to shiver violently when Prompto scooped you up into his warm arms. “Don’t let go,” you shivered.

“I won’t,” he promised, his tone and facial expression completely serious. 

“Prompto!” Ignis’s voice called out from above the noisy commotion that fight has brought to the empty road way. His call came a warning, but this his hands preoccupied, Prompto was left defenseless. With haste, Noctis came to you and your boyfriend’s aide, quickly slashing the threatening Magitek Trooper into two pieces. 

“Thanks, dude,” Prompto muttered, quickly removing himself from the fray. 

“We even?” Noctis called out, springing back into action, quickly warping to the remaining few enemies. 

You continued to cling to Prompto as if your life depended on it. With chattering teeth, you gazed up at him. “Prom, I’m so cold.”

“I know, babe. Hold on,” he assured you, quickly lowering you both the ground. He steadied himself on his knees, pulling you close. He swaddled you in his arms, gently running his slender fingers up and down your chilled limbs. 

Prompto; the man who personified sunshine, held you in his arms, carefully burning away the chills that haunted your body with his warm rays of affection. 


Gladio was seething. “I swear to the Six, Noctis, you’re gonna pay!” He held you from behind, carefully rubbing sweet circles into your stomach, despite the horrifying threats he spewed from behind you. 

“It’s okay, Gladio,” you tried to assure him, again, but he didn’t listen. He only held you tighter. Never had you been so thankful your boyfriend was your own personal furnace. Usually his intense body heat, caused you to sweat during the nights where you snuggled close. 

When Noctis made a direct hit on you during a harmless training spar, Gladiolus lost his temper. Seeing you shiver and curl into a ball in attempts to warm yourself broke his heart in half. He quickly stripped himself of his short sleeved leather jacket, leaving his chest completely bare. You wore his jacket like a cape as he hung onto you from behind.

“No it’s not,” He growled, shooting a deathly stare with his amber eyes to Prince Noctis.

“Dude, I can make it up to you!” Noctis defended, somewhat terrified of Gladio’s outburst. “I swear it was just an accident.”

“Y/N almost turned into a goddamned icicle! Accident or not, you gotta make it up,”  Gladiolus ran his hands up and down the parts of your arm the sleeves of his jacket did not reach. 

“Anything. What do you want?”

“Give, Y/N your jacket,” Gladiolus stated before you could even interject. Your ears perked up at his condition, however. 

“I just got it, though! It’s brand new,” Noctis was quick to defend his case, opposing the penalty Gladio sentenced him to.  

“All the better,” you responded, placing your own mischievous smile across your lips. “Hand it over, highness,” you eyes the Behemoth Jacket with eyes full of want. 

“Fine,” Noctis sighed, reluctantly stripping his extra layer and tossing it your way.

More good than harm came out of this accidents. Cuddles and a new jacket? Maybe you should train with Noctis more often…


You sat on the ground of motel’s bathroom, watching anxiously as the tub filled with warm water. Just the steam the water blew off warmed the room, bringing you further relief outside of Ignis’s warm jacket. 

“It should only be a moment longer, darling,” Ignis turned to you, nodding curtly.

“Specs,” you called out his name, reaching out one of your hands. “I think I’m dying,” you were sure to lay out your best dramatic performance. 

Ignis let out a soft chuckle. “You’re not dying, my love,” he lowered himself to your level, seeing that the tub still had much to fill with water. “Come,” he gently pressed you into his chest. His gloved, slender hands wrapping around your back protectively.

He was mad at Noctis. There was no doubt in your mind about that. He would never show his frustrations to the Prince, but you knew better. You knew all of Ignis’s little quirks. You knew when he was upset, even when it looked like he was unfazed at a situation. 

“It was just an accident, Iggy,” you muttered, burying your head into the crook of the Strategist’s neck. “Don’t be too hard on him.”

Ignis remained silent for a moment, quietly scolding himself for believing he could hide such emotions from you. “I’ll try my best, but I can make no promises,” he pressed a tender kiss to the crown of your head. “He shouldn’t be so careless.”

“He learns from his mistakes,” you reminded. “Like you said, I’ll live.”

He exhaled a sigh, before releasing from your arms. “Let me assist you into the bath,” he got to his feet, offering you a hand.

You smiled up at him, feeling numb as the the chill continued to haunt your every bone. You gave him your trembling arm and he assisted you to your feet. 

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So how would all of them panthom thieves react if their S/O ( a persona user too) got hurt for protceting them against a very porwerful shadow (like jumping in front attack meant for them) ?

That shadow would not live to see another second. I didn’t include Crow because he’s technically not a Phantom Thief, but if you want him added, let me know! Thank you for the ask!

Edit: I forgot to add gifs because I’m a big dummy, so here’s the revision!


  • This would be the one time he loses his composure. He would immediately heal them but he would break out in a cold sweat while doing so. The rest of the team covers for him while he patches up their wound. He would not hesitate to issue an order to switch them out with someone else, even if they still wanted to fight.
  • Joker silently faces the shadow, and if the look in his eyes didn’t kill it then his most powerful attacks will have to do the job.
  • He becomes more reckless trying to ensure that the shadow suffers a hundred times the amount of pain that s/o did. He forgets to heal himself so that’s left up to the rest of the team.
  • The battle’s over shortly, and he hastily rushes over to their side.
  • “Are you all right?”
  • They reassure him that they’re fine, and he nods in response. The team is exhausted, so everyone decides to pack up and head home. Joker doesn’t take his eyes off his s/o for the entirety of the trip back to reality, and then he escorts them to Leblanc for some coffee.
  • “Thank you, by the way.” He sets the freshly brewed coffee in front of them. “And I’m sorry. As the leader I’m supposed to protect my teammates, and I failed.”
  • “Even you can’t do everything by yourself,” they said. “Let us protect you once in a while.”
  • Akira smiled sweetly and nodded. He never once left their side until he reluctanly had to send them home.


  • He was taken by surprise when they shoved him out of the way. He was even more speechless as he watched them hit the ground with so much force. He abruptly rushes over, and his panic causes him to trip over himself as he desperately tries to approach them. 
  • “You okay?! Say somethin’, dammit!”
  • He fumbles around his pockets for healing items and practically jams a Muscle Drink down their throat. Once he’s sure they’re okay he returns to battle, more violent than ever.
  • “You son of a bitch!”
  • The blows from a shotgun, accompanied by Skull’s profane shouting, reverberated throughout the room. After the battle, he’s at their side in an instant and helping them stand.
  • “Don’t do somethin’ so reckless ever again. ‘Kay?”
  • His arm is pasted around them for the rest of the journey home.


  • She was fuming when they suddenly pushed her to the ground.
  • “Hey! What gives?!”
  • She noticed the gash on their chest and felt all the color drain from her face.
  • “Oh my god…”
  • Ignoring everything else, she crouches down to her s/o and utilizes Carmen’s healing ability. She strokes their cheek and silently trudges back to battle.
  • “…Carmen.” 
  • The shadow is engulfed in powerful flames, and it doesn’t take long until it disintegrates from the scalding licks of fire. Panther then dashes to her now standing s/o, their mouth agape as they stared at her in awe.
  • “What?” Panther asks, a faint blush creeping on her cheeks.
  • “That was really hot,” they replied.
  • Panther retaliated with a light smack on their shoulder and then proceeded to pout.
  • “It’s not funny! You really had me worried!”
  • Regardless of her ‘anger’, Panther still laced her fingers with her s/o’s, and the two regrouped with their fellow thieves.


  • Fox would be severely injured at this rate. His agility was second to none but the blows he did receive were potent. Just as the shadow was ready to strike again, Fox felt a pair of hands shove him away, and by the time he turned around to observe what happened his s/o was already unconscious on the ground.
  • “No!”
  • The shadow was relentless as it struck at Fox yet again. In the blink of eye, the shadow fell to the ground. Slowly, Fox turned to the helpless shadow that was now pleading for its life. A sadistic grin tugged at the corners of Fox’s lips.
  • “And the curtain falls.”
  • When he sheathed his katana the shadow dissipated, and the battle was over. Fox heard coughing behind him and redirected his attention back toward his s/o. He threw himself to the ground next to them and held them in his arms.
  • “Are you all right?”
  • They nodded weakly.
  • “That was very foolish of you. How could you be so careless?” They dropped their head apologetically. Fox sighed.
  • “I apologize as well. Had it not been for my own impetuousness you would not have needed to shield me.”
  • His s/o took Fox’s free hand and kissed it. “Don’t be sorry, I wanted to protect you.” They glanced over at the nearby sketchbook.
  • Fox followed their gaze and eyed his drawing. 
  • “Perhaps we should take our art study ‘date’ to a more secure location.”


  • Even though Queen was tough as nails, she wasn’t invulnerable. She had become fatigued from using so much energy and her movements became slower. If she suffered a critical hit, she wasn’t sure if she could muster enough energy to heal herself. 
  • As the shadow swung at her, she saw her s/o leap right in front of her. The impact was enough to knock the couple down. 
  • Queen pried herself out from under her s/o to get a better look at their injuries. They weren’t fatal, but they weren’t exactly minor either. Queen manifested first aid from her pocket and gently assisted her s/o while the sounds of battle echoed behind her. She stood up as soon as she finished.
  • “Wait here. I need to take care of something first.”
  •  S/o grabbed Queen’s wrist and rose. “I’m coming too.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re staying here.”
  • “Please,” s/o pleaded.
  • Queen hesitated for a moment before averting her gaze from them and abruptly summoning Johanna.
  • “Hop on.”
  • S/o smiled and did as they were told. Even though they were still wounded, they could still operate their gun. They squeezed Queen’s waist.
  • “Ready when you are… my Queen.”
  • She felt her face heat up upon hearing the nickname. 
  • “Charge, Johanna!”
  • Their teammates jumped out of the way as the duo approached the shadow, the sound of gunshots ringing in their ears. Their combo attack had defeated the weakened shadow. A moment of silence followed.
  • “Damn…” Skull’s voice pierced through the quiet. “Those two are scary.”


  • It was just their luck to encounter a flying shadow. The beast kept swatting at Necronomicon instead of paying attention to the thieves that were on the ground shooting bullets at it. The shadow finally managed to land a hit, and both the Persona and its inhabitant crashed to the ground.
  • Necronomicon faded away, leaving an exposed and vulnerable Oracle. The shadow procured its claws and was getting ready to swing. Oracle feebly attempted to shield herself, but the impact never came.
  • “Huh? Is it game over?” 
  • She dropped her arms to discover her s/o clutching their stomach, blood painted all over their thief outfit.
  • “N-no… hang on, I can fix this! Mona, take over for me!” 
  • Oracle once again summoned her Persona and briskly tapped away on the keyboard-like holograph. S/o had collapsed at this point, and they were gradually losing consciousness.
  • “Okay! That should do the trick. I’ll talk to you later.”
  • A wave of tranquility overcame s/o, and their broken skin had started to converge. Their attire had also repaired itself.
  • After the Phantom Thieves crushed their opponent, Oracle sped over to her newly revitalized s/o.
  • “I’m really sorry! You almost died because of me,” she said, her voice laden with guilt.
  • “You saved my life, Oracle. Thank you.”
  • They patted the hacker on the top of her head.
  • “E-eep! N-now I feel like I’m gonna die!” Oracle exclaimed with a face as red as her hair.


  • Noir had become quite accustomed to battle. However, she had her weaknesses too. The enemy hit her with a nuclear attack, and she instantly hit the ground with a cry of pain. Just as the shadow launched another nuclear attack at her, s/o swiftly hurled themself at the incoming fatality. They were brought to their knees. 
  • The shadow reared back once more to deliver the final hit. Dazed, Noir gathered the last portion of her strength.
  • “Milady!”
  • The Persona manifested, and the guns beneath her skirt fired instantaneously and brutally. When the shadow gave way and collided with the floor, it started to offer money and goods in exchange for its life.
  • Noir advanced toward it, dragging her ax behind her. 
  • “I will take… your life.”
  • She swung her ax down and split the shadow in two, causing it to fracture and turn to dust. Noir composed herself again, adjusted her hat, and made her way to her savior.
  • “Are you all right, my dear? You must be more careful.”
  • She wore a slight pout on her lips. S/o couldn’t help but grin. They procured a used Bead from their pocket and flaunted it as if it were a trophy.
  • “I had it covered,” they stated, provoking a sigh from Noir.
  • “You are quite the handful… but I’m glad that you’re safe. Thank you for saving me.”
  • Noir smiled bashfully, and s/o brought their forehead to hers, ignoring the gagging sounds that the rest of the group were producing. How could someone so cute simultaneously be so dangerous?

Jimin (M)

Originally posted by mochixhamster

The moment you got back to your hotel after long day with your family, you plopped down onto the bed; sighing in pure relief as the pillow-y mattress relieved your aching back. 

Suddenly the muffled sound of your ringtone playing and followed by the irregular vibrating filled the room. “Crap..” You huffed, thinking it was one of your cousins until you lifted your phone up to your face. 

Jiminnie 💕 is calling.. 

A bright grin painted across your face the instant you saw his name on the screen, immediately you answered and his lovely face appeared. 

His plush lips curled up in a soft smile, “Hey baby.” He cooed, giving you a slight wave. “How’s the visit with your family going?” 

“Well..” You pouted, holding the camera up as you ruffled your messy hair. “It’s been good, we had a little family gathering today and a bunch of my family came.” You said with a soft nod, “It was good, but I got so sad when they asked why you weren’t with me.” 

Jimin automatically pouted, looking like a complete cherub as always. “I’m sorry babygirl, you know I wish I could’ve been there with you.” 

Nodding again, you offered him a sweet reassuring smile, “It’s okay, sweet pea.” You added, “I just really, really miss you- I feel so lonely.” 

His lips pursed together, “I know, I miss you too.” He hummed, running his fingers through his soft brunette hair. “I miss your kisses and cuddles so much, but-” He began, holding back his giggles as he attempted to keep a straight face, “-If you were here I’d beat that pussy up like you never felt before.” 
Immediately the two of you broke out into laughter as you remembered the song Namjoon did years ago. 

Once you both calmed down, you rolled your eyes at him while biting your lower lip. “I can’t believe you said that, babe.” You sighed, cupping your cheek in your hand, “But if I’m being honest, I really wish you were here fucking me right now.” 

Jimin’s eyes widen as his bit his lower lip, shaking his head; the corner of his mouth lifted in a dumbfounded smirk, “You’re so fucking lucky everyone’s asleep, jagi.” 

Instinctively, your free hand travel down to your lower half- swiftly pushing up your skirt, teasing your clothed core. “Why, Daddy?” You cooed, lightly nipping at your lip as the wetness between your legs increased, “What would you do, huh?” 

Immediately, he could tell what you were trying to do. Licking those oh-so delectable lips of his, he raised his brow at you. “Daddy would definitely have to punish you babygirl.” He began, his tone changing from sweet and cute to absolute sex. 

Pushing your panties to the side, your fingers lightly traced up and down your drenched slit, “Oh really?” You airily replied, slightly hissing as you grazed your hardened clit. 

“Of course princess.” Jimin smoothly replied, the sound of his belt and jeans coming undone followed. “Oh fuck..” He groaned, “Daddy’s so fucking hard because you, little girl.” 

Seeing his lust darkened eyes fixating on you and hearing the desire in his voice turned you on, on a whole other level. You let out a delicate, needy little moan as you teased your entrance just before sliding two of you small fingers deep inside of you. “Da- Daddy~” You purred, throwing your head back into your pillows as you imagined he was the one deep inside you. 

“Fuck, you look so pretty babygirl.” He groaned, angling the camera down slightly- showing you his hardened cock as he grabbed the base of it. 

“Look at what you’ve done to Daddy babygirl. Look at how hard I am for you.” 

“Fuck, I wish I was inside you princess..” 

“The moment you come home I’m going fuck your brains out- I’m gonna make that pretty little pussy of yours scream.” 


Request: ‘I saw a Reid’s gif where he’s at the phone and he’s saying:’ I promise you, you’ll be okay. So will I.’ Can you do an imagine based on this gif? Maybe something like the reader is having an anxiety attack and Reid is the only who can help her. (I hope you understand, I’m not really good to speak english and I’m from Italy 💞) Thank you!’

This may be a pile of shite, we don’t know. Enjoy!

Trigger Warning- anxiety/panic attack

‘Y/L/N, Reid, I need you two to go inside the building. You are the youngest in the team and since the unsub is young himself, we think that he will find it easier to connect with you.’ Hotch said, placing a reassuring hand on your arm as he saw your eyes widen in fear.

A young man had gone on a shooting spree and then kidnapped his ex-girlfriend, holding her at gunpoint in an abandoned building. Evidently, it was your job now to persuade him to turn the gun away from her.

‘Don’t worry, we have snipers positioned on him so if he even goes to move his gun he will be taken out.’ Hotch continued, giving you a nod before turning back to Rossi.

You looked at Spencer, who was surprisingly calm and tightening up his Kevlar vest. It had only been a few weeks after he had been shot in the neck while protecting Blake, and it was safe to say that you had never felt a fear like it.

Reid was obviously unaware of your feelings, and you were terrified at the thought of destroying a friendship that had pulled you through the darkest of times. Just the notion of stepping into a dangerous hostage situation and the possibility of losing Spencer again made your legs buckle beneath you.

‘Woah, girl, are you okay?’ JJ said, wrapping her arm around your waist in an attempt to steady you.

‘I- can’t- breathe.’ You whispered. Your heart was racing and you felt tears pricking your eyes.

‘Okay, Y/N. I need you to breathe with me. Come here and we will sit you down.’ JJ soothed, taking you over to a nearby bench.

You turned to try and locate Spencer but he was nowhere to be seen. Had he gone in without you? Was he trying to talk to the gunman on his own?

‘Spencer! SPENCE! Where are you? JJ, where’s Spencer? Has he gone inside? SPENCER?’ You screamed hysterically, tears streaming down your face.

‘Y/N, listen to me, you need to keep calm.’ JJ said, rubbing your back and squeezing your hand.

You were sobbing and spluttering, trying to get the air in and out.

‘SPENCER! SPENCER!’ you screamed, as the people around started turning their heads towards you. You caught the attention of Hotch, who was striding towards you.

‘JJ, what is happening?’ Hotch asked, crouching down to look at you.

‘She’s having some sort of anxiety attack, Sir.’ JJ said, still gripping onto your hand.

‘Where’s Reid?’ Hotch whispered, placing a hand on your knee to stop it from shaking.

‘We don’t know. He is the only person who will calm her down.’ She replied, before she was interrupted by a voice.

‘JJ? Y/N? Are you alright?’ Spencer said, appearing in front of you as tears continued streaming from your eyes.

‘Reid, sit with her please.’ Hotch ordered, squeezing your knee and leading JJ away from you and Spencer.

‘Spencer- I- couldn’t- breathe- I – thought- I- was- going-  to- lose- you.’ You said between breaths, as your body continued to shake involuntarily.

Spencer instantaneously sat down next to you and enveloped you in his arms, resting his forehead on yours.

‘Y/N, I need you to take a big deep breath in and hold it. And then breathe it out. Can you do that for me?’ Spencer whispered, as he took both of your hands into his.

You locked your eyes with his and did as he said. Soon, your breathing returned to normal but tears were still falling down your cheeks.

Spencer wrapped his arms around you and pulled you into his chest, his lips connecting with your forehead. His grip around you was the only thing keeping you together.

‘What happened?’ He whispered into your hair.

‘I thought about losing you again. And then I got panicked. And then I couldn’t find you.’ You mumbled, and you felt his embrace tighten.

‘Y/N, you are never, ever going to lose me. No matter what.’ Spencer said, and you believed him.

‘Love you.’ He smiled, planting a kiss on your forehead.

‘No you don’t.’ You murmured into his chest, and you felt him release you.

Spencer cupped your cheeks and brought your face to his. ‘Yeah- Yeah I do.’

He leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on your lips, and then stood up and held out his hand.

‘C’mon, let’s go and get the bad guys. Together.’

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Some thoughts on Shou

-Shou has many many scars on him all from his father. he sometimes just sits shirtless in front of a mirror and traces over them remembering what happened. Reminding himself that this is not normal. That this is not okay.

-Shou once saw Ritsu’s father pat his head and Shou almost blasted him across the room before he realizes that it was actually an affectionate gesture.

-Shou has a very nervous habit of biting on his sleeves. The ends of his jacket are frayed and wet and disgusting and he doesn’t remember the last time he washed it but he doesn’t want to lose it. So he never does.

-Shou has received affection once, just once, from his father after his mother left. He was eight and he was in horrible burning pain and his father picked him up and carried him to the med room and wrapped up his injuries. It never happened again and Shou is almost sure that he dreamed it…but it’s also a massive reason he sometimes doubts the abuse.

-Ritsu cries very easily. Shou laughs instead of crying. Ritsu wants to punch Shou in the face for making fun of his crying but then gets a massive pit of dread in his stomach when he sees Shou laughing off a stab wound or a broken bone.

-One time Shou did cry in front of Ritsu though…it started off as laughter that then turned hysterical and caused him to collapse on the ground shaking as he started sobbing between laughs and he couldn’t breathe and he wanted to die because he broke down and…He kept saying that he was sorry for crying….Ritsu held him tight and tried to be comforting but all he could really do in his state of shock was to rock him and try his best to soothe him

-One time Reign tried to pat Shou on the Shoulder and Shou nearly threw him into a wall. Mob stopped him but Shou was so embarrassed he didn’t come back for a month

-Shou uses memes as a way to cover for his emotional shortcomings and trauma

- Shou…knows how to dance…he learned…as part of his training???

-Shou is simultaneously afraid of touch and completely touch deprived so it ends up in this odd situation of “i can touch you but for the love of god please don’t touch me.”

-Shou batterdick cucumber memes his father’s name. He has over one hundred and twenty seven ways of saying ‘touch your toes sucky key.’

-Shou attempted to live with his mother….but….she kept trying to do things he wasn’t okay with…but by that i mean…giving him rules and curfews and things Shou has never done in his life and he gets angry and he calls bullshit and he runs away from home to hide for a few days and she panics because she lost her baby again but Shou….is not okay…with being controlled…

-Shows mom still doesn’t like seeing his power and everytime he uses it she makes a small uncomfortable expression and Shou begins to dislike them a little bit more…

-Shous hamsters are very well treated but at the same time…Shou is terrified to interact with them because he might hurt them

-Shou has a fully documented file on every injury, every scar, and every trauma his father has given him…he doesn’t really know what to do with it…

-Shou just wants to hug somebody for hours on end. To feel another person’s warmth encompassing him and keeping him safe…but he feels childish whenever he does because….who would even want to hug him??? he Should just get over it??? grow up???

-One time his mother dropped a pan and Shou nearly started crying….he hates…loud noises….he doesn’t mind if they are natural like thunder…but…the sound of a pan banging against a floor…a door slamming…hands slamming on the table….it terrifies him.

-Shou hugs his pillow when he sleeps.

-Shou used to have a stuffed animal collection but his father destroyed them..calling them childish.

-Shou has a shit ton of money coming his way because of his father but….he doesn’t really want it….it feels dirty and he doesn’t want any help…from anyone

-Shou has exactly 0 social skills. He never learned how tf to deal with people. He just tried to make himself seem as big as possible and hopes things will go his way.

-Shou uses comics, manga, books and tv shows as a way of escapism. He surrounds himself in the stories so much that he used to call his father DR. Robotnick. (Sonic sat am ref lol.)

-Shou hates taking showers or baths. He feels entirely too vulnerable and sometimes he’ll push it off for a solid month before taking one.

-Shou has never had a good night’s sleep. Ever.

-Shou has freckles. hundreds of freckles. they’re all from his mom

-Shou wants to go to school with Ritsu but at the same time he’s terrified to try.

-He’s not good with people. his schooling did not keep up 100% with academics, he hates being told what to do ect ect…

-One time he hung around reigen and did a dumb doodle on a sticky note and reigen praised it and said it looked really good and Shou started crying….he doesn’t know why. maybe it’s because he’s never been praised on his art before..

-Shou sometimes breaks into Reigen’s office to sleep on his couch. Reigen is mildly concerned but lets him do it anyway

-Shou is that person who always, c o n s t a n t l y, has to show somebody up. You ran a mile?? I ran two!! You’re feeling depressed?? well my father ran a cult and tried to take over the world and constantly abused me!! He does not mean to be mean by it…but he’s so used to his thoughts and feelings being completely invalidated that…he h a s to…you know???

-Shous relationship with his mother….hmm….It’s kinda rocky. Like they love each other but they don’t really know much about each other anymore and she doesn’t really like his powers but they still do try and they really do care for each other but there will always be this……unspoken…gap….between them.

Why he never talks about his father…why she never wants to hear.

they hug and kiss and would do anything for each other…but at the same time…something unspeakable happened here and neither of them are willing to acknowledge it

[i say kiss because familiar kisses are a thing but i’m not 100% sure they happen out of the south so like;;]

-anyway if Teru and Shou ever start talking about their feelings they would get…so frustrated with each other. constantly trying to say who had the shittier experience because i feel like this shouuppance [pardon the pun] is a core part of their characters and honestly it would reach a point where they would fucking f i g h t.

But in the end it turns out being good for them because they had the chance to let off some of the steam that they’ve been building up and lets them relax a bit and they eventually realize they won’t win against each other. They’re both too stubborn. and instead they start comparing stories and laughing their ass off about how fucked up they are.


Shou: And then he left me locked in that room for three days without any food lol!!!

Teru: Oh god, do i feel that!! I don’t have anybody to take care of me so It’s just constant isolation and if I get sick, well then! I’m not eating till I recover!


[Anyway this post is 1000ish words long so i’ll cut it here lol, I have more Shou hcs that I’ll probably upload later~~ Thanks for reading!]

Interaction || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: Can you do a platonic Bughead but reader thinks otherwise and in the end Juggie clears it up and they get together? Make it a bit angsty for meh 💓

A/N: Some fluff and angst for you! Hope you enjoy!

Gif by @ravemreyes


“What if whoever killed Jason is coming after her next?” Betty asked.

You were about to comfort Betty and tell her that her sister was going to be okay when you saw Jughead put his arm around her, the blonde’s hand coming up to hold his. Archie looked at the two of them with a confused expression while Veronica turned to look at you. You swallowed the lump in your throat as you watched the person who loved, your best friend since childhood, being affectionate with Betty.

When did this happen?

You suddenly felt tears appear behind your eyes and quickly got up, everyone turning to look at you.

“I-I gotta go.” you said, grabbing your bag.

“Wait, Y/N—” Veronica began as she too got up.

Ronnie was the only one who knew about your love for Jughead. The two of you had a sleepover one night and you just couldn’t keep it bottled up anymore. You spilled everything to her. How you had loved Jughead since you were in sixth grade. How every time you saw him you felt your heart would explode with love. Veronica had begged you to confess your feelings for the raven-haired boy, convinced he liked you back but you just shook your head. You couldn’t risk losing your best friend.

But you just did, didn’t you? Now you’d never have him.

You shook your head, attempting to keep the tears at bay.

“No, Ronnie, I need to go,” you said again. “I’ll just see you guys later, okay?”

Before anyone else could get a word in, you left the student lounge. You ran down the empty hallway before reaching the office door of the Blue and Gold and opened it, rushing inside. You closed the door behind you, instantly bursting into tears.

It couldn’t just be nothing, right? You were Jughead’s best friend and he was never touchy-feely with you. It wasn’t in his nature. They must be in a relationship. What was the other option?

You dropped your stuff on the ground, making your way over to the table in the middle of the room, sniffling softly. You didn’t even hear someone open the door and enter the room until a voice sounded out.


You jumped and turned around. Jughead was standing ten feet away from you, looking at you worriedly. You quickly wiped your tears away but Jughead had already seen them.

“Y/N, are—”

“I’m fine, Jughead.” you said, attempting to keep your voice from wavering again. 

“You don’t look—”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Jughead. Okay?” you said.

Jughead was silent for a minute before he spoke again.

“Does this have to do with you liking me?” he asked.

You spun around, looking at him with wide eyes.

“H-How did you even—”

Jughead looked down.

“Veronica told me. Just now.” he said shyly.

You let out a frustrated growl, not noticing the smirk Jughead gave you.

Goddamn it, Ronnie.

“She shouldn’t’ve told you that.” you muttered.

Jughead chuckled, surprising you.

“And why not?” he asked cheekily, his hands going in his pockets.

You looked down.

“Because you like Betty.” you said quietly.

Jughead’s smile fell off his face.

“What?” he asked incredulously.

You sighed, refusing to make eye contact with him.

“Just now. You put your arm over her shoulder. You’re not an affectionate person, Juggie, no offense,” you added. “And, well, um, you never did that to me and we’re best friends. But you did it to Betty and then I just thought it was because you liked her.”

Jughead sighed.

“Y/N, that’s not why,” he said, walking over to you.

You looked up at him, heart beating faster an faster as he got closer and closer.

“It just seemed like the right thing to do, you know?” he began. “When my mom and Jellybean left, you comforted me like that, remember?”

You did.

Your heart broke at the memory of Jughead crying in your arms after he came home one day to no mother and no sister. It was his low point.

“Yeah, I remember.” you said tentatively, knowing this was still a sensitive topic for the teenager.

“It helped me. A lot,” he said. “I guess I was just trying to do the same thing for her.”

You swallowed.

“Oh,” you said.

So you had gotten all worked up for nothing. Great. You overreacted and now Jughead knew you liked him.

“Well, um,” you cleared your throat. “Thanks for clearing that up.” you said lamely.


Jughead chuckled again and took another step closer to you so your faces were inches apart.

“True… But there’s still the fact that you like me.” he said.

You looked up at the raven-haired teen with wide eyes and Jughead’s expression turned to one of nervousness.

“Y/N, I… Just… Can I try something?” he asked quietly.

His palm reached up to cup your cheek and you nodded. Jughead quickly captured your lips with his. His lips were soft and he kissed you gently, almost shyly. You deepened the kiss showing him that this was what you wanted, that he was what you wanted. The two of you pulled away for air and Jughead gave you one of his world-famous smirks.

“Still think Betty’s the one I like?” he asked cockily.

You giggled, looking down again bashfully.

“You know, as of this moment, I think it’s kinda doubtful.”


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Originally posted by i-wonwoo

Genre: Fluff

Warning: Mild, like really mild, like this is 5th grade bad words mostly

Author’s note: I just have a really soft spot for Wonwoo okay. Like look at his dumb duck face. pls stop being cute pls

#guess who didn’t proof read again bc she’s lazy and had this idea at 1am. 

“What do I text her?” Wonwoo stares at his phone, his fingers hover over the keyboard in hesitation. He writes ‘Hi’ before changing his mind and backspacing.

Mingyu on the other hand was beginning to grow bored of this typing and backspacing routine, “Just ask her out for coffee or something.”

Wonwoo hesitates once more, “I don’t know. Here.” Wonwoo pushes his phone into Mingyu’s hands, “You write something and don’t make it stupid.”

Mingyu grins widely. His fingers begin typing away, when he finishes, Mingyu reads it happily, “Dear Lovely Y/N. Its Wonwoo and I spent 2 hours debating what to text you because I really really like you and want to date you but I’m too scared to do anything. Also Mingyu is the best person in the entire world. He’s my best best friend.”

Wonwoo shot up from his seat attempting to get his cell phone back only to have Mingyu giggle as he runs out the door, waving the cell teasingly.

“Kim Mingyu I swear to god if you send that I’m locking your ass out.”

Mingyu slows down his pace, laughing loudly, “Oh come on. You know I wouldn’t send it.” Mingyu holds the phone, getting ready to backspace the entire paragraph, only, his finger brushes against the sent button and the text flies out to be sent, “Uh oh.”

“Uh oh what?” Wonwoo stands with his hands on his hips, as he breathes heavily from the chase.

“I may have sent the text by accident.”


Mingyu uneasily laughs, “Maybe she’ll find it funny.”

“Or maybe she’ll find me a creep and never talk to me again!!”

“Oh!” Mingyu jumps quickly to Wonwoo, “Look, she hasn’t read it yet.”

Wonwoo grabs his phone, hope filling in his voice, “That’s right! She’s in class. She never looks at her phone in class. Okay Okay. You know what, Seungkwan is in her class, I’ll just tell him to get her phone and delete the text.”

Seungkwan idly taps his finger on the table. He was growing bored and the many attempts to distract you weren’t working anymore. His eyes perk up when he sees his phone come to life.

Wonwoo: Get Y/N’s phone and delete the last text I sent her

Seungkwan remains puzzled for a moment.

Seungkwan: why?

Wonwoo: Just do it before I tell Jihoon you’re the one who broke his guitar

Seungkwan jumps immediately in his seat. His actions gaining your attention. You give him a concerned look only to receive a very nervous expression from him.

“Hey Y/N. Can I borrow your phone?”

A skeptical look appears on your face, “why? You have yours right there.”

“I…..I wanna play a game.” Seungkwan whispers.

“No!” You protest, “We’re in class Seungkwan. Pay attention.”

Seungkwan sits nervously for the rest of the class period. His eyes dart continuously towards you, his nerves becoming more agitated. Once the teacher announced the end of class, Seungkwan was quick to his feet.

“Hey why don’t we go to lunch together.”

You smiled, “Sure why not.” You casually pulled out your phone, turning it on to check for notifications, “Oh Wonwoo texted me.”

Seungkwan panics. His hands wrap itself around your phone, ripping it from your grasp before he darts towards the door.

“What the. BOO SEUNGKWAN!” You quickly move after him.

“I’m sorry Y/N but I can’t die by Jihoon’s hands today.”

Seungkwan begins to run out of breath until his last line of hope steps out of a class room.

“Hansol!” Seungkwan slams into the boy, he places your cell phone into Hansol’s hand, “Run!”


Seungkwan breathes heavily, hardly getting the words out, “Go find Wonwoo. Give him the phone. Quick! Before she kills me.” Seungkwan shoves Hansol’s back when he hears you shout once more, “GO!”

You ran out of breath as you caught up to Seungkwan, you watched as Hansol dart away with your cell phone, “HANSOL IM GOING TO KILL YOU THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU!” You turned to Seungkwan, grabbing him my the neck of his shirt, “You better have a really good reason for this or else you’ll be seeing Hansol in hell.”

Wonwoo sits biting his finger, it had been almost an hour and he hadn’t heard back from Seungkwan nor had he heard from you. Just as he was about to call Seungkwan for an update, the pounding on the door shook him.

Upon opening the door, an exhausted and out of breath Hansol trudged in, slapping your phone into Wonwoo’s hand before crawling onto the nearby couch.

“I never want to run again.” Hansol mutters before his face slams into the cushions.

“Isn’t this Y/N’s phone?” Wonwoo earns himself a grunt and a wave from Hansol, “What the hell. I told Seungkwan to delete the text not commit a crime.”

Hansol waves once more and Wonwoo realizes he won’t be receiving a respond from the boy for a while.

Wonwoo activates your cell and immediately a smile crosses his face. Your home screen displayed a picture he distinctly remembers Jihoon capturing for his photography project. Your lips spread out into a large smile, your body leans closely to Wonwoo, his eyes focused soley onto you as you laughed. Wonwoo’s heart swelled at the imagine.

“JEON WONWOO!!” Your voice boomed in the apartment, a whining seungkwan cried out as you dragged him by the ear. You noticed Hansol sprawled on the couch, “I’ll deal with you later. Where’s Wonwoo.”

“Here.” Wonwoo states as he exits his room.

You let go of Seungkwan and he rubs his ear to lessen the pain, “what the hell. Did you really send Seungkwan and Hansol to steal my phone.”

“I wasn’t in on this.” Hansol shouts from his laid spot.

“What’s so important about this text.”

Wonwoo rubs the back of his head sheepishly, “It’s…..” Wonwoo hands you your phone slowly, “It’s better if you read it.“ 

You’re cautious as you grab your phone, unlocking it, you pull open Wonwoo’s text message. A few seconds pass before laughter erupts from your mouth. Wonwoo’s cheeks heat up tremendously with your cackle.

You hold your stomach, containing the laughter, "this is it? Mingyu used your phone to send me a text. What’s so wrong with that that you had these two idiots run around with my phone.”

Wonwoo begins to play with his fingers nervously, “It’s more than that. I really did spend 2 hours wondering what to text you.” Wonwoo watches as you stop laughing completely, “I….I like you. Go on a date with me sometime. Maybe?”

Your heart flutters and you smile widely, “O-Of course.”

“That’s it!?!” Seungkwan screamed, “I was threatened, ran like a mile, and got my ear dragged over here just so you could get a date.” Seungkwan dramatically falls next to Hansol, “I hate everyone.”

It’s strangely hot and humid tonight
Again, a dark and sleepless night
But even if I sleep, I’ll wake up to find
I’ve woken up in yesterday and stuck on rewind

There’s a place between the past and today
It’s hard to find, and it’s a lonely place
But it’s kind. And though I don’t know how
I just really wanna go there right now

I’ve seen you reappear, countless times you’ve come here
Crying out loud as you say your goodbye

It would be fine if it were all a lie,
So I don’t have to replay all the tears and goodbye
Please don’t cry with that face, flaming red and ashamed
Could we forget this and go back to the way we were

It’s strangely hot and itchy tonight
Acting up, my scars feel like they’re on fire
So I scratch until I don’t feel a thing
And I ask myself, “Am I still living?”

Even if I went out and found another
You’re alone, and the pain just hits me harder
So I guess, it’d be best if I stay here and wait alone
It’s okay never moving on, not letting go

Though it’s attempting, continuing writing
This fakery tale which has no happy ending
Unlike the rest of the stories you’ve read, my hand’s completely covered in red through and through

It would be fine if it were all a lie,
So I don’t have to replay all the tears and the goodbye
Please don’t cry with that face, flaming red and ashamed
Could we forget this and go back to the way we were


It would be fine if it were all a lie,
So I don’t have to go on and pretend that my heart’s still alive
See you again, we’ll meet here in the end
And so until that time, I’ll say good night

It’s a strangely hot, emotional night
A night where I could fly in the sky
Lying down, my body so disappeared
Well then where should we both go from here?

Fakery Tale 

coffee. (youngjae x reader)

Originally posted by jypnior

A/N: Please be nice, as this is my first attempt at writing a reader insert thing. Constructive criticism is appreciated!

Genre: Fluff

Summary: When you’re having issues focusing, a cute barista is the perfect distraction.

Words: 1,393

- - -

“You might want to close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.”

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The End Justifies The Wait


That one little word could be my entire analysis of this episode. Hey Gene, what did you think of the Season Finale? Wow is what I think. Goodnight and I’ll see you all in October.

But there is just too much stuff to talk about. Watching the episode, I felt I was on an emotional roller coaster, one with no safety bars or seat belts, and at any given moment, it would jump its track and spill me out into electrified air.

To quote Tom Petty—the waiting is the hardest part. I’m talking about Olicity of course. It was a short, sweet moment they shared, but for me, it was the whole season wrapped up in a kiss and a hug. Amid all the danger and threats and potential devastation Chase had in mind, Oliver and Felicity was a promise given to us. And that promise is—there will be a lot more scenes in the Loft next season. Maybe we’ll get a whole episode of the team coming together to help Oliver move back in. I see Curtis and Rene bantering over all the boxes Oliver has his things in. I see John with a big, satisfied grin on his face, happily lugging those boxes into his OTP’s love nest. Ditto Lance and Dinah. And coordinating it all is Felicity and Thea.

Okay, I want to break down that kiss and hug from how I see it, not from a male or female perspective—but as a fan. Some might think, (and I’ve already read some of these thoughts) ‘okay, so they kissed and hugged and heart-eyed each other, but that doesn’t mean they’re back together.’ Uh, that is exactly what it means. The look they gave to one another during that small intimacy was them saying they are never going to let each other go again. When Oliver came out of the trees with his “team” and Felicity called his name from inside her cage—I wanted Oliver to respond with, “sorry I’m late, honey. I had to make a quick stop to let Slade Wilson and Digger Harkness out.” After Talia and Evelyn and Dickhead Harkness attempted to do harm to our heroes, Felicity wanted so badly to get out of her cage and go to Oliver. He does owe her another manicure/pedicure, so just saying.

When Felicity saw Slade was working with Oliver, I was reminded of 312 in that alley when she was pissed Oliver hooked up with Merlyn. She walked away from him then. Not this time. Yeah, she might have been a little irked that Oliver was basically doing the same thing with Slade, but she  understands her BAE more than she did in that alley. When she asked Oliver if they are going to talk about Slade running around loose again, and when Oliver answered yes, they were going to talk about it; one word came to me—married.

So Oliver and Slade had a plan. But in order to implement it, Oliver needed to stay focused. In his mind and heart, that meant making sure Felicity was out of harm’s way. Like he told her in 522, tactical wasn’t the only reason he wanted her safe. It wasn’t the old, I-can’t-involve-you-in-my-plans bit. It wasn’t him being secretive or a loner. It was a heartfelt moment of honesty and inclusion. He straight up let her know that the shit was going to hit the fan and he didn’t want any of it getting on her. No excuses. He spoke his heart. And I think Felicity understood this. Remember that she told him she got a tiny taste of what he went through. She was willing to let him go so he could be a hero and save the day. But she was still in the background as Overwatch, discovering Chase’s diabolical dead-man switch. Too bad it literally blew up in everybody’s faces.

So there they were, standing in front of each other, understanding one another and being okay with it all. It overwhelmed Felicity, that way they used to communicate with a look or a touch. She didn’t hesitate. She kissed him. It might have been a telegraphed blow to all of us, but she put one on him. Everything that kept them apart for a season and a half: lying, betrayals, lack of trust, other LI’s, the darkness of loss and torture and their need for each other—it was all in that brief kiss. I felt the only thing missing was some privacy and the salmon ladder. But they didn’t need any wine to fuel their passion this time. They were drunk on their love for one another. (I can’t believe I wrote that sentence, it sounds so—corny.) I also wondered (a guy thing) if Oliver was a little secretly turned on by the cuts and scrapes on Felicity’s face. She looked battle-worn and maybe might come away from this with some new scars. Again, I am reminded of another episode in Season 2 when Oliver, Diggle and Sara were comparing their scars. They should have a reunion, only this time Felicity will be part of the club.

Anyway, Oliver seemed a little surprised by Felicity’s sudden kiss, but he got into the spirit of it. He softened a bit and took her in. Felicity was only being true to herself. She wanted the memory of a kiss in case something happened to either one of them. She told him she didn’t want any regrets if she denied herself that kiss. Oliver assured her that once they were off the island and safe, they would talk about their future. Felicity gave a little nod to let him know she was all in for that.

Then Oliver, yes Oliver, initiated physical contact and took her in his arms with a hug. It was hello, goodbye, I miss you, I want you, I need and I love you—all in one embrace. So yeah, I’d say Oliver and Felicity are back together. They’re endgame, always have been and always will be.

The rest of the episode was just as rewarding. Lian Yu blowing up was spectacular in its symbolism of Oliver eradicating his past. The fireballs were fun too. Oliver reuniting with William was a special moment, showing his paternal instincts and bringing a new side to his character going forward. Felicity and Thea bonding over their evil fathers, and that soft kiss Felicity planted on the side of Thea’s head—sisters. Team Arrow vs. Team Chase was exciting. The same for Talia vs. Nyssa and Dinah vs. BS. Lance almost stole the show taking BS out. Really fun was Slade and Oliver working together again with Slade serving up some truth tea on forgiveness—wonderful.

Everybody is going to survive the cliffhanger. The only thing that will be hard to take is having to wait five months to see it.

Until then…

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Not As Good As Her

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Hello! This is a cheating fic about Josh Dun x Reader. I am an angst whore, so this is really angsty. This is only my second top fic, so go easy on me! There will be a second part!

If you don’t like angst, you can check out my other fic Unknown Number.

You had fallen in love with Josh Dun, the drummer of twenty one pilots. How you ended up with him was a mystery to you, because he was way out of your league, but for some reason, he had feelings for you too, and you had been in a relationship for a year now. He had been on tour recently and had just came home. He had been acting weird ever since he got back. You were a little worried that you had done something wrong, and you decided to try and make him feel better, or make up for whatever you had done.

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About a Girl [3]

Originally posted by jinkooks

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final / Epilogue

The disappointment

You had been working for Mr. Kim for nearly two months now, and things had gone pretty smoothly. You and Jangmi had bonded rather quickly. It made the job much easier. The one thing that didn’t make it easier was Mr. Kims absence. Jangmi would often ask about him, but you were never really sure how to answer. Most of the time you’d change the subject.

Jangmi squirmed as you pinned the last flower onto her dress for her school play tomorrow night. “Jangmi, you need to stay still. You don’t want me to accidentally prick you, do you?”

“No,” she muttered. “I just wanna see the dress!”

You gave her a warm smile. “Be patient, I’m almost finished.” You put the final stitch in, feeling relieved that you had finally finished. You sat back to admire your handy work. “Alright, we’re all done.”

Jangmi jumped down from the stool that she had been standing on, running to the full length mirror. She squealed in excitement at her reflection. She twirled in her dress. “Miss Y/LN, it’s perfect!” She rushed back to you, wrapping her arms around your waist. “Thank you so much.”

You gave her a pat on her head, “Anytime. Now, why don’t you go change into your pjs while I clean up. Alright?”

Jangmi skipped off to the bathroom as you cleaned up the mess that you had  made. Various pieces of cloth had been scattered across the room, it was your job to gather it all up. “Looks like a hurricane came through here,” a deep voice spoke.

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Summary: Alpha!Dean surprises Omega!reader with a visit, and she surprises him by going into heat. Pure smut.

Warning: smut, a/b/o dynamics, knotting

Word Count: 2200

The blood roared in your ears as your heart pounded. Who in the hell would be knocking on your apartment door in the middle of the night? As quietly and carefully as you could, you pulled the blinds of your bedroom window just enough that you could peer out, giving you a good view of the driveway.

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