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‘Joong-Ki and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day’


The Morgenstern Family as requested by anon


tfw you waited every episode for their game scene to air only to find out it doesn’t exist.


Mizuki Himeji Wallpapers

Chubby/mech preg? Fortress Maximus speed paints [15 min each]

Overlord would totally keep him on a leash. 👍

I like sketching soft body transformers, reminds my of all my figure drawing classes. Part of the reason I started drawing robots in the first place was that couldn’t draw sharp geometric structures, but I loved figure drawing? I liked challenging myself to draw a blend of both so I was practicing what I was bad mixed with something I understood. Still not the best at sharp shapes or fine line work, but I’m getting there.

Inspired by @plugs-n-sockets reallly good post about Overlord/Fortmax noncon vore.
I have a pic I’m working on for that, and I’ll probably post it this weekend. I just reaaallly wanted to draw Fortmax being chubby from all the mechs Overlord has force fed him. 😍 Overlord probably rubs his spike all over his soft thighs and tummy while teasing Max about how many mechs it took to get him that big.

So… I’m someone that absolutely Does Not mind paying for things at all. I love supporting projects. The Arcana is one of those things. I’m more than happy to pay. In fact I’d much rather pay money than have to wait for keys or wait to maybe get coins through the wheel.

That being said… I do think that $10 (500 coins) per book is a bit much… When I purchased two of the books I thought that would mean I was purchasing future books as well, but it seems that’s not the case. I think I remember reading that there would be 21 chapters for each character. If (!! this is just me speculating !!) each book has 3 chapters, that would be 7 books… So would that be $70 total for one character route? I really hope I’m not coming off as entitled, because I honestly don’t mind paying money for things. I would gladly even pay $60 for the whole game. But paying $70 for one character is a bit much, in my opinion…

AGAIN… I LOVE THIS PROJECT…. I love the devs. I know this can’t be a cheap game to make because the quality is fantastic, but I just have a lot of concerns about this pricing… I simply would not be able to afford it. :(


Elsa Kirsch asking the important questions - Mason Hewitt giving the answer we were all thinking

“We said you could tell them not bring them into the inner circle.”

Taylor Swift’s 1989 is the best-selling album of 2014. Going into the final sales week of 2014, Taylor Swift’s 1989 trailed the blockbuster “Frozen” soundtrack by roughly 120,000 units. Particularly impressive about Taylor Swift’s 1989 ascent to #1 is the fact that it did not hit shelves until October 27. The “Frozen” soundtrack, as monstrous as it was, had the entire year to pad its total.


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Hello! I don't know if you have answered this before if you have then I'm sorry... But how do you edit your photos? They are so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

you’re totally okay! i change my editing style all the time, but i’ll make a tutorial on what i’ve been doing as of recent. and thank you so much for the kind words ;____; <3 


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