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Imagine Reid telling you that he’s worried about how bad things are getting in your home.

[gif of Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds anxiously fiddling with his hands while he looks at someone, and then up, about to speak.]


NocProctober Day 24 : Reverie

Suddenly it became goretober and things are not okay with our boys! Let’s hope Noctis can fix things one again! @destatree and I have been waiting for so long to do this to them. It’s a really good chapter and a lot more is coming into light soon enough!


Look at you go
I just adore you
I wish that I knew
What makes you think I’m so special

Love Like you - Rebecca Sugar (x)

I swear I do draw things other than AVAC, they’re just so fun and dorky and I’m on a dancing kick. I also spent a long time the other day thinking about dancing across different multiverses, but that’s a post for another time.

I’m always 100% here for Tony teaching Steve to dance.

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cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to

The Millennial’s Guide to Retirement

Ok so you’re probably somewhere in your 20′s. Time to think about retiring! lol but seriously. It’s tedious to prepare and put money aside for something that will not happen for 20 plus years. The future you will THANK you, trust me. I’m a planner personality. I need a plan to start planning - yeah, that kind of gal. I just like the reassurance. I have this long end goal to retire by the time I am 45 years old. And it will happen. Personally I think we all should be able to retire at an earlier age. Retire doesn’t necessarily mean “stop working and sit on the the porch eating pastries off your Mackenzie Child china every day.” To me, Retirement means I am able to stop working for strictly the means of surviving. After my “retirement,” I plan on fulfilling my lifelong dream of building homes and taking on some bogus corporate job with a ton of benefits. Because ya know, I can’t JUST have one job. lol This is what I call “double dipping” in life. Where I have had already worked hard; blood, sweat, tears, and worries to maintain and build a life. And now in my later years, am able to take the reins on my life in almost every aspect. (excluding the acts of God, of course :) 

What the heck is a 401(k) ?!?!? 

Having money sitting aside is one way of saving for retirement. But that’s the evil of it - it’s just “sitting.” Wouldn’t you rather have it DO something? For a while I couldn’t get my mind to fathom this amount of money I’ve saved up to just disappear. Visually, that is. The fact that this money is no longer visible in my account where I can see and know that it’s there. But if this money was set aside to begin with, then you do not need it to survive. This is the money that you set aside and are still able to pay your expenses and yourself every month. 

So let’s start with a 401(k) - This is employer based. Where you take a percentage of your pay every period and invest it into your 401(k) account your employer has set up for you. I highly recommend, if you can, contributing the maximum amount your employer is willing to match you. Usually, you’ll want to contribute 5% yourself. Your employer will match the max, of 4%. 

Say your paycheck is $1000/week. 
5% = $50/week
4% Employer match = $40
401(k) = $90/week for as long as you’re employed with them

The great thing about this is you don’t have to do anything else. This deduction is automatically taken out every pay period. AND! There are no taxes until you withdraw from your 401(k). (This is a great thing, trust me) 

Along with a 401(k), I personally have another type of retirement investment as well. For some of us who have not begun a career just yet that offers a retirement contribution, you can still start investing. For me, the best product was mutual funds. Everyone is different depending on how much you can invest into your retirement at this time. You should talk to a financial advisor to see which financial products are best for your budget. Start educating yourself on the market and trying to accumulate steady gains. Because remember, sitting money is doing nothing. You want to make your dollar work for you. 

Okay so what if you live paycheck by paycheck and are just not able to set aside any extra cash you may have? That’s okay! Don’t ever feel like you’re behind because you are not at that point in your life just yet. Everyone has their own pace of life. Start little as $1 a day. Yes, you have a dollar to spare. Mindlessly this all adds up. I have a blog post on how I budget my finances. I know exactly what comes in and out.
And if you just “don’t wanna” start saving yet, then honestly, you are not mature enough to even begin thinking about retirement. There is no age limit, just mind set. Mentally if you’re not there, don’t do it. Don’t force yourself because you feel you are “supposed” to. The only right time to start saving for retirement, is as soon as YOU can. 

Link to my budget post: http://thebrightyellowoffice.tumblr.com/post/138160062249/budgeting

okay time to vent

this is my second time trying to write this post cause honestly i’m so mad??? and frustrated?? we gotta get something straight here. i’m on v’s route, day 7 (i’ve played all routes, all endings, secret endings), and all i keep seeing everywhere is people.. loving… rika… and i’m mature enough to understand everyone is allowed to feel and do what they want, but i can’t comprehend how people genuinely think rika is a good person???

first of all, you cannot excuse her actions because she’s “sick”. do you understand the level of maliciousness and evil this girl has inside of her?? she started a goddamn cult to work against the people who did nothing but love & support her and is doing everything in her power to get at them and hurt them. not only that, but she brainwashes people with dangerous drugs, abuses them to the point where they don’t remember who they were, tells them to embrace the darkness inside them and forces their allegiance to her. she CHOSE the darkness inside her, she CHOSE to start that cult, she CHOSE to keep the devil inside of her alive and listen to it (as she literally says in a vn- that v was drying her tears, the tears that the devil used to stay alive). now she’s even dragging mc into this when mc had nothing to do with her. and don’t even get me started on saeran?? she damaged him so badly that his own name rips him apart, he’s unhealthily obsessive and devoted to this cult, and she turned saeran against seven when his entire life, seven has been thinking about and looking for his twin brother. she is cruel and vicious beyond belief, and i can’t get behind her actions no matter what sickness she has. they were and always will be beyond wrong.

also, v loved her with all of his heart. v wanted to heal her and give his everything to help her but what did he get? blinded by his own goddamn fiancée. that was also something rika chose to do. and even better, she emotionally manipulated him so much to the point where he believed he might love her better if he was blind. he loved her like the sun, he wanted to be her sun to eliminate the darkness she claimed she felt inside of her, but instead she pushed him away for trying to get rid of her darkness and nurtured it. she broke him. she is the definition of toxic, and v deserved none of it. all of his efforts went to waste when she was literally his world. and i know she was adopted, i know she wasn’t treated well by her adoptive parents and i know she was bullied as a child.. but never did she seek help and she didn’t accept v’s help either. not to mention she was surrounded by the rfa, people who did love her and support her (especially yoosung, the boy would die for her) but of course it wasn’t enough.

so tell me again how lovely rika is?? and why i should respect her?? no, absolutely not. i do believe she needs serious help and a lifetime in prison, but at this point, no kind of help would be beneficial to her because she rejects it and she feels more comfortable in her darkness. that’s all i have to say.

Dogs Are Mans Best Friend

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Request - Carlos x Reader where she’s the daughter of Roger and Anita and they meet because they’re both walking their dogs and it’s so cute and fluffy? Thanks
Requested by - Anon
Tags - None
Word Count - 1, 067
Pairing - Carlos x Reader (Daughter of Roger and Anita)
Warnings - I feel like neither of them would swear they seem like those types of kids so just fluff
Summary - basically you the reader, will fall into a bush and meet carlos…i forgot to explain why he was there…shit…He was playing with dude and Rolly but when you came they ran off to the next little open area okay just clearing that up

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FOOL-PROOF means you can send this to people anytime, anywhere, without using up enough mental capacity to make you chicken out.

and its only five days so you wont need to be awkward for too long.

some stuff that I totally made up//:

  • I’m so glad I found your blog (*´д`)~♥
  • ur a cool bean
  • (´,,•ω•,,)♡
  • *throws confetti at u* have a nice day
  • ヾ(●゜▽゜●)♡
  • (breaks into your window) hello i think your cool
  • _(:3 」∠ )_
  • ヽ(́◕◞౪◟◕‵)ノ
  • I really like your ___(insert content they post)____ ^^

i do not have much nice things to say okay, im new to being nice too

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I made some ghibli charms the other day and I thought they were pretty cute

Okay, I fucked up...

A couple days ago I made a post about the awesome chemistry between Henrik and Tarjei on screen and how it seems like it has intensified and become more “real” since season 3.

I thought the post was light-hearted and “jokey” enough that people would understand I’m not some kind of rampant IRL shipper who harasses actors over their sexuality but I’m now understanding I probably fucked up in the way I worded my post, and I am absolutely mortified.

I respect and admire Henrik and Tarjei. I think they are doing a terrific job on the show (as I was trying to say in my post), and I would never want to harass or make them uncomfortable. It’s not in my nature. I feel absolutely devastated by some of the anons I’ve had over this post because I feel so utterly misunderstood and I just really love this fandom and don’t want anyone to think I’m some delusional, gross basement-dweller perving on young actors.

I do not “ship” Tarjei and Henrik. I find that kind of embarrassing, especially when it’s brought to the actors’ attention by certain fans. I do “ship” Isak and Even, because they are fantastic characters and have an amazing relationship in SKAM. The point I was trying (and failed) to make in my post was that I am in awe of the realistic feel of intimacy that Henrik and Tarjei have brought to Isak and Even’s relationship.

So I want to apologize if anyone was upset by my post. It was never my intention. I honestly feel mortified that some people have misunderstood the intent of the post and most of all that I have somehow disrespected Henrik and Tarjei because I have so much love and admiration for them and the show. 

I also love this fandom.

PEACE 💜💚💙💛

June 2017 Requests Review

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great day so far! It’s finally Friday, woot! (✪㉨✪) ☆

So, very recently I have just finished my very first Limited Request Slots to celebrate the 2K achievement this blog has gotten so far, I want to share my thoughts about it to you guys, because this ‘event’ is experimental in nature and after going through the full throttle of the Request Spree for the past 1-2 weeks, I learned a few things I didn’t expect before.

Here are why I’m gonna change a few things about the Next Open Requests.

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OKAY SO i saw this comment on today’s first video and i was like NO WAY and so i go to the videos posted on that day and sure enough it is. (EDIT: i realized i was thinking October tenth and searched that up but Oct tenth is the first actual appearance anti made.

 the first episode of five nights sister location if anyone is wondering) so this got me thinking if this date referenced anti then the one in the escapists 2 part two had to mean something also

The only videos posted on the seventh is part three of night in the woods and part 41 of subnautica. I was confused but i was still unconvinced. so i check the videos posted on the third of July because i know dates here in Germany go Day/Month/Year. And find nothin BUT on his instagram on March seventh (I also looked on July 3rd and got zip) he posted this photo

With only the caption of “Trying to grow the beard out!” and no mention of the gauges… Now i want to go back to the Escapists 2 part two thumbnail again. Now that picture, i found on google (Meaning i don’t know if someone edited it) this is what the thumbnail is now. 

Now whats strange is that while googleing images of this episode’s thumbnail (the first image of this thumbnail) it showed up with the numbers 3-07-17 (Either March 7th 2017 or the third of July 2017 depending where you’re from) but the actual thumbnail is this, the third of august/march eighth. so to be sure i check the videos posted on march eighth and pictures on Instagram and found nuthin for march eighth except maybe the “Come meet me!” Video for PAX 

it doesn’t really have any relation to anti except maybe the pax shindig anti was in, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow… also apologies if this was just a big mess to read. @therealjacksepticeye

anonymous asked:

Oh, hi!! I'm the person who requested the gay Yoosung post and for some reason when you said to read the rules I didn't think they had changed?? I'm so sorry ;;; instead of the whole RFA reacting to finding out Yoosung likes guys, maybe just Zen, Jaehee, and V? I think there's might've most interesting to hear....either way, again, I'm so sorry!

You’re okay, buddy! I hope this is okay! Sorry if its long. Just as a heads up, Mc might be dating different people in each scenario.

- Yoosung hardly saw Jaehee outside of the messenger. They were friends? Kinda? But not enough to plan hang out days, especially when she was so extremely busy.
- Granted, they were still close, since she was always willing to give him helpful advice. Even when his questions were stupid.
- Often, after work if she didn’t have to work over, she would stop by whatever local coffee shop was still open and grab a drink to help her get through finishing some reports. The most interaction she would have would be with the cashier, given that she didn’t have many people she could consider friends, if at all.
- Though, as she turned around and went to leave, she spotted a familar face at a coffee table. Yoosung. He looked nervous, fumbling with his hands a lot as he sat at a table alone with a half-empty coffee. She was tempted to go say hi, or ask what he was doing so far from his dorm, when some man rushed past her to join him.
- They apparently didn’t know each other well, with how Yoosung scrambled out of his seat to awkwardly shake the other’s hand, and she could tell he was stuttering from her place at the counter.
- All the while Yoosung’s cheeks stayed a solid pink. After a moment of watching, their eyes met, and she had never seen Yoosung look so scared before. Weird… She gave him a small wave, and went on her way.
- It wasn’t until the next morning that she checked her phone, surprised by the slew of messages from Yoosung.
- First he was explaining that he was just meeting a friend, then how he couldn’t say sorry because he didn’t want to be rude to his date, and then there were a good five texts of him panicking over saying ‘date’ before a message begging her not to tell anyone.
- Already confused, she called him to sort whatever this was out while she started getting breakfast ready. Yoosung answered immediately, and it took her a few tries to get him to stop stuttering excuses and to let her talk.
- “Yoosung, I never have any direct contact with your family, so I have no idea why or what it is you’re not wanting me to tell them.”
- Granted she had an idea, but she didn’t want to risk being wrong. Better to let him explain it.
- Once he finally got the full story out, about how he was branching out and seeing if he might 'swing the other way’, Jaehee started brewing a cup of coffee for the day, already desperately needing one.
- “Yoosung. It personally does not matter to me who you get involved with, no matter the gender. All I care about is that you stay safe and don’t get mixed up with people who are bad for you. But yes, I won’t mention this to anyone else until you do. Your secret is safe with me.”
- “Really?”
- “Yes, really. So cheer up, get ready for school. You’re completely normal and no one is upset. If your parents get mad, well. I’m sure the R.F.A. will help you out no matter what. And as long as you keep the place clean, you would be free to come here, if it was necessary.”
- She never thought she could hear someone cry more than the characters from the dvds she owned, but…At least it was happy crying.

- It was hard. For the both of them. When Mc had gotten together with Jumin, one if her requests was for V and Yoosung to try to get along more. Jumin backed the idea up wholeheartedly, insisting it would be for the benefit of the whole R.F.A.
- And now, months down the line, their relationship was a little better. Not the best, but it was decent enough to where Yoosung could start trusting him little by little. Especially when V had opened up about Rika more. Even though it had hurt, Yoosung appreciated finally getting some insight on why she had hurt herself.
- Now they were on a trail. Yoosung was helping V carry some of his camera equipment. Nothing too much, especially since the man’s eyes still weren’t the greatest, but…Yoosung wanted to at least humor him, even if these trips never produced any photos.
- They sat down at a clearing and appreciated the view. There were no sounds of city life, just endless noises of the preserved woods, and Yoosung felt…calm. Safe. Like he wasn’t recovering from a hectic school year and depression.
- He assumed, from the soft sigh from V, that he felt the same.
- They listened to the noises around them for a while, Yoosung contemplating on if he could tell V just one thing that he had been struggling with lately. With V, he felt like he would be taken seriously about it. No teasing, no chiding that he didn’t know any better- They were still at the stage of repairing their friendship, that V took every word Yoosung said seriously.
- Or maybe that was just how the man was, and Yoosung had never noticed.
- “Yoosung, you’ve been quiet lately.”
- “Mhm.”
- “…Do you have more questions?”
- He always did. Always had questions that the answers were always unsatisfying, but he had a different one today.
- “Do…You think it’s wrong for…guys to like each other?”
- He felt V move, felt the tension in the air, before looking at him and seeing the small hint of surprise on his face.
- “I….No, I…I don’t think so, Yoosung.”
- “Okay.” Deep breath. “So…So if-”
- “If you were like that, then there’s nothing wrong with that either.”
- As usual, V knew the questions he had before he had been given a chance to say them. Yoosung nodding as he went quiet again.
- Carefully, V pat his back.
- “Take care of yourself. Let me know if some certain people in your life don’t take kindly to that. My home is always open for you, as are the other’s.”
- Yoosung didn’t need to be told he was talking about the R.F.A. He nodded, a bit more tensely this time as he tried to take another deep breath.
- Going out to secluded areas with V was always nice. Only V had to see him cry, and thankfully the man never judged him for it.

- Zen only finds out when they get drunk together again. It’s after the events of Mc coming into their lives, off happily with Saeyoung, and they both thought it would be fun to have a guys night!
- Of course they wanted to invite Saeyoung along, but he was too wrapped up in plans he had already made, so…Just the two of them it was.
- They were pretty relaxed, just sipping on a few beers while catching up and watching tv. Zen had been busy with another hardworking play, and Yoosung was actually trying to get himself focused in school again.
- “So, any cute girls been asking you out?”
- Yoosung’s cheeks were already red from being buzzed, but they turned darker as he firmly shook his head.
- “One day bud, don’t give up hope!” He chuckled, giving Yoosung a pat on the back. He had always seemed to look forward to the day when he could finally date for the first time. Zen felt bad it had been this long.
- Most if their night continued with normal discussions like that, occasionally sprinkled in with future girlfriend talk. Zen kept lamenting over his job restricting him on having the time to spoil a woman, while Yoosung just turned quiet when the topic was brought back up again.
- It wasn’t until he had downed three beers, a surprising amount for Yoosung, that he finally cut Zen off from talking.
- “You make fun of Jumin a lot. For that rumor he has.”
- Zen just cocked an eyebrow at him, a confused smile on his lips. “Yeah? It’s the only time I can get the dude to shut up.”
- “Well, what if he was, you know, actually gay? A-And you were hurting his feelings or something.”
- Towards the end, Yoosung’s words became quieter, but Zen still got the gist.
- “Well, fuck. I mean, if he was that’d be whatever, you know? And if I hurt his feelings I guess I’d say sorry or something.”
- “Just whatever?”
- “He’d still be just the same old Jumin to me, but it would explain his uh, empty date life.”
- Yoosung just muttered a soft 'oh’, sipping his beer again, but Zen was curious now.
- “Why?”
- “Jus’ wonderin’.”
- Weird. Alright. He went to focus on the tv again, but Yoosung spoke up.
- “What if I was, y'know. That.”
- “…If you liked dudes?”
- “….yeah.”
- Zen’s eyes widened. “W-Well, uh. That’d. You’d still be Yoosung? But I mean. I’d stop sending workout photos, maybe.”
- Yoosung scoffed and rolled his eyes, the alcohol making him loosen up. “Who says you’re even my type?”
- “W-What??”

anonymous asked:

So I don't feel confident in my body. I think I'm fat and I don't look good. I don't like how I look. I feel like everywhere I go I see only skinny people. I feel that only skinny people can make it big in the world of the internet. I suck in my gut to make me look skinner. I were jeans because I don;t like the way my legs look. I feel like everyone is judging me on how I look. I HATE my body. Do you have any tips for body confidence? (I'm sorry I have to down you in this but I can't talk (pt1)

(pt 2) to my parents about this

Oh man. I feel like I ghost wrote this.

Oh jeez. I’m not great at giving advice on this type of thing. I hate my body a huge chunk of the time. According to my BMI I’m obese. I’m transgender. I have a lot of the same problems as you, kid. But I suppose I’ve gone from in my early teens thinking I wasn’t worthy of any love or even had the right to eat because I thought I was so ugly to casually hating myself and getting a little better so I can try.

The first thing to realize I think is that you’re not as big as you think you are. I tell people I’m obese and they always respond with that I don’t look that big. Also, most people you talk to will have body issues. My best friend has a lot of issues in this area and to me she just looks a healthy weight.

Another thing to realize is that it can take a while to undo those things you’ve been telling yourself for so long. You can learn to love yourself. Everyone can do it. But it takes time, and some people get it done faster than others. There are some who get one inspiring lecture and get in the mindset by next month, and then there’s people like me who has been working on his self esteem for about four or five years now and only recently started to think he’s worthy of existing in public spaces.

Another thing is, the world needs all kinds of people. Look at Project Runway this season. They have plus sized models and skinny models and in between models and all of them are beautiful.

Look at those ladies. They’re both models on project runway this season.

And a couple of seasons ago an overweight woman won with a plus sized collection.

People are becoming more and more accepting of different body types and I think that’s really important. People are starting to see the beauty in all types of people. Fashion for larger people of different genders is showing up where before the bigger the clothes got the uglier they got.

I think one thing you can start doing is positive self talk. That’s hard but its helped me. Find something about yourself that you like and talk about that. I focus on my nose and my eyes. In time I’ve learned to accept my large misshapen feet. My gigantic hips and fat and stupid face still give me trouble but hey, baby steps. I’ve had days where I’ve felt okay enough to put my face on here. Today isn’t one of those days but I have had them.

I think if a loser and hopeless case like me can muster up enough confidence to go out in public and post a selfie once in a blue moon there’s hope for everybody. Pretty much everybody has body issues. Male, female, intersex, trans, non binary, we all go through this at one point or another. The great majority of us don’t look like models in magazines and even they have gone under the knife, wear endless layers of makeup, and still have their stomach bulges and stretch marks Photoshopped out. People with six pack abs only look like that if they haven’t had a big meal that day and are sucking it in. Men with large biceps only look like that because their lifestyle allows them the time to go to the gym a lot. Even people that seem to meet our expectations of beauty actually don’t. They’re stylized, photoshopped, and whitewashed until they make you long for soething physically impossible.

We’re in this fight together, kiddo. I don’t love myself yet. I’ll admit that. But I’m no longer hard on myself for hating myself. I’ll get there, and you will too. No matter how long it takes. Don’t be mad at yourself for disliking your body. That’ll only slow you down. Accept that this is how it is and you have the power to change your mindset. You can do it. Hopefully faster than me.

I hope that was helpful. Like I said kid, I’m right there with you. I know all the feeling you described.

Weekly Reading List #29

Hello there!

Originally posted by geekylaugifs

What shall I say… I am so, so, so frustrated right now!!! I was about to post my Weekly Reading List on Sunday, like I promised to, and I was sitting in front of my Computer and everything was fine, every fic was linked, every tag worked, etc, and then happened…. TUMBLR. It just crashed and because I didn’t safe the last change, almost everything was lost….

So I thought, don’t worry, it’s not that late, you don’t need to get up early tomorrow, just do it again… And TUMBLR happened again, of course… I restarted my list three times, it was almost midnight and when tumblr crashed the third time I let it be and went to bed.

So now I am sitting here after a day which frustrated me more and more and I just hope that this time everything will be ok, though I already have he feeling I wasn’t able to safe every fic I read the last days… So I am very sorry, dear reader, I hope you gonna enjoy my list anyway.

Actually I planed on telling you that I was in the cinema, watching ‘Gifted’ with Chris Evans, which was an amazing film and I really enjoyed it, but now I am gonna focus on my list and if there is time the next few days I will try to do a post just for the film hoping the ones who didn’t saw it yet will maybe think about watching it.

Okay, this is definitely enough talk for now, seems like I made a lot of mistakes as well, before I am gonna embarras myself any further, please enjoy the following list!

Love, bi-e-ne

Almost Human

John Kennex

Loved and Protected                                        @lt-sammi-matthews

A ‘Cat’ in Heat (sequel to Love and Protected)


James “Bucky” Barnes

Buckys Omega                                                @sad-af1121

Imagine Bucky trying your Mom’s pozole for the first time @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Pancakes                                                         @locke-writes

She Wasn’t                                                       @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

The Cure                                                          @tilltheendwilliwrite

Transparant Crystalline Solid Part 1 Part 2      @avasparks

James “Bucky” Barnes x Tony Stark

Battle of the Ego Part 1 Part 2                          @heavenbarnes

Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill “Star Lord”

Imagine telling Peter you’re pregnant               @imamotherfuckingstar-lord

Outlaw Star Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 tbc @amarabliss


Hal Carter

Dreams Cum True Part 1 Part 2                       @sad-af1121

Real Characters

Chris Evans

Imagine Chris freaking out after you get injured on set @ohevansmycaptain

Star Trek

Jim Kirk

A Kiss we had to wait for                                @kaitymccoy123

Jim Kirk x Leonard “Bones” McCoy

See Me Masterlist (Part 1-20)                           @goodnightwife

The Five Year Plan Part 1 Part 2                      @wonders-of-the-enterprise

Leonard “Bones” McCoy


Overtime                                                            @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse

Unexpected Guest Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4   @medicatemedrmccoy

Divided (sequel Unexpected Guest) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Cooking together                                                @outside-the-government

Honey, I’m good Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 tbc                      @auduna-druitt

Wonder Woman

Steve Travor

Imagine Steve Trevor coming home                   @imamotherfuckingstar-lord


(Posting my about page for people on mobile devices)

hi hello  

Gorillaz side blog- “main” is LoboLuchia (although I prefer to interact on here) 

I’ve seen people call me Lobo which is fine enough but if you want a proper name Will or William would work, just don’t call me Willy. He/Him but I don’t really care in all honesty

2D is my favorite character & Don’t Get Lost In Heaven(+Demon Days) is my favorite song.

I don’t really have any ship preferences although I refuse to ship Noodle with any of the guys and if u think it is okay to ship Noodle with any of the guys I’d rather u uhhhhhhhhh not talk 2 me..

This is the only place I post art! if you see it somewhere else please ask the person to take it down. Please don’t repost.,, 

 If you’re going to use my art as a header/icon/whatever that’s fine & very sweet pls just credit me 

If you try and talk to me/send an ask please be patient I’m really forgetful and bad at replying or sometimes I am just too nervous to talk or it takes me a long time to think of how to I want to respond, I’m never bothered/annoyed I just need time

thanks for stopping by 

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*Kong Spoilers* Having (finally) been able to see Kong: Skull Island and it's post credits scene, I was wondering how you might feel on the idea of a non-alien Ghidorah?

I’d be okay with it if it was handled well enough. They would need to find an interesting hook to justify it. I’m not keen on the idea of King Ghidorah being just another ancient species awakened in the present day - I want this monster to be something that totally shatters everything MONARCH thinks it knows about how monsters work. I can imagine the awakening of King Ghidorah having an impact on MONARCH akin to what the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier was to S.H.I.E.L.D. Ghidorah could be Earth-originated, but it would have to be something very different to Godzilla, the MUTOs, and Kong - something totally supernatural in origin that defies all known laws of existence. It would have to be super-hyper-ancient too, like something from Lovecraft’s menagerie. That’s suggested a lot, but that’s because it works.

Maybe even go proper bonkers and posit that King Ghidorah is the originator of all life on Earth. Who knows?

A quote from this post by srslycris really struck me:

Larries are stressed about the idea that Harry might not need them and therefore might not cater to their desires. Their relationship to Harry’s marketing efforts is being discussed, but I want to zoom in on srslycris talking about what an influential part of fandom they are.

And they are! I’m not going to argue with that! I will say that their influence doesn’t make or break an album, I will say that Niall fans did fine without their involvement (because none of this “are we supporting him enough” hand-wringing went on among Larries when NJHNEWS was coordinating fan projects in Niall fandom to support This Town!!). But yes. They are influential. What makes organizing projects particularly easy for them is not only that they have this intensely unifying identity, but also that they have a loose circle of very popular blogs with a particularly large influence.

And yet, somehow it’s so easy for Larries to admit that they’re an “influential fandom segment” when they want to know why no one is playing along with their fantasies to market to them (literally holding Louis and Harry’s actual lives hostage), but they suddenly struggle with this idea so much when they’re talking about why the ship gets media attention.

But even more so, they suddenly refuse to acknowledge the extent of their influence when it comes to the impact they might have on the people they obsess over. When it comes to promoting albums, the mood of the Larry fandom is powerful and important and impacts sales, the fandom as a whole, it’s kept a close eye on – the loss of “high profile fandom people” is said to impact the entire community. And yet when it comes to facing the possibility that bloggers on tumblr might impact the way their followers talk and think and treat the people that these bloggers obsess over – suddenly that’s unthinkable.

Cris says she has nothing to do with Larries posting horrible messages on the instagrams of Louis’s sisters. She doesn’t think tumblr Larries have encouraged those attitudes at all. She doesn’t think the speculation has any impact on what people feel entitled to say to Louis, his family, and his friends. Two days after we learned of Jay’s passing, TWO DAYS,  she was reblogging posts that said, “I don’t think there is anything wrong with speculating,” and tagging it “#i think everyone is just raw right now #the thing we didn’t account for #was so devastating #that it almost hurts to speculate again #because it might hurt again” and then tagging another post with “#speculation is okay #as long as we recognize our lack of info #which we do #but don’t say it enough”. In other words, they’re saying “this really hurts because we didn’t expect it and we have no clue what sort of situation we might be discussing in the future either but let’s keep going.”

Remember when I made a post after Jay’s death asking people to simply respect Louis and his family and not try to insist that their lives are anything other than what they have shared with us? I’ve said it over and over again – even from within the outrageously misinformed Larrie perspective, even accepting all their bad information, even accepting all the lies – they STILL would not have enough information to justify not erring on the side of caution and respecting a grandmother when she talks about her grandchild. And yet I got chastised for “focusing on Larry” too soon.

When Jay requested that a fan draw Freddie, these are some of the responses she got. And on tumblr, here’s an example of how popular larrie bloggers – those people who suddenly have so much influence when it comes to promoting albums – were responding. (Srslycris reblogged this to one of her sideblogs, btw.) When Jay tweeted about how Louis wasn’t comfortable sharing too many photos, you think the fandom would have responded like this without bloggers insisting there was something sketchy about it? Not t mention responses like this and this, which are fueled by the constant reassurance these bloggers provide that everything is fake. When Louis was at soccer aid, Jay commented on instagram saying “you deserve some sweet happiness” and Larries declared it to be about Larry. Even if you refuse to accept that hate messages about Freddie could hurt her, surely it’s obvious how much ignorantly injecting ourselves into their private lives can be harmful?

And yet, two days after Jay’s death, these influential bloggers are bending over backwards to justify their speculation. Even the same day!!

This post was mostly assembled before Eleanor reappeared, but look how many notes many of these posts encouraging hatred against Briana have gotten. And the most I’ve seen any current popular blogger do to show a rejection of these attitudes, is to daintily refrain from doing the same. This post compiles great examples of these blogs encouraging and condoning off-blog harassment. Here are examples of the messages Louis’s sister got after bloggers decided Louis wanted to call Freddie a dog. 

These are attitudes and behaviors found pretty universally across the popular Larry bloggers. They all encourage their followers to engage in speculation, they all insist on a fantasy version of strangers’ lives, they all insist that they know without a doubt that what we’re shown of these people’s lives is fake. And they all refuse to consider the impact of their words, until they want to talk about how important they are.

Even when these bloggers don’t directly encourage hate – although most of them do – their attitude towards responsibility and their attitude towards doubt do just as much to encourage these problems. I talk about this over and over in my responsibility tag, because their perpetual failure to acknowledge ANY possible harm as a result of their actions is one of the things that I find the most frustrating and upsetting. Which is why, even though I’ve gone over this so many times, I had to point out Larries now acknowledging their influence – not just that of the community as a whole but the particularly “high profile” bloggers in particular. And yet, when it comes to acknowledging the potential for them to do harm, or any suggestion that they need to modify their approach, they do stuff like spend days tearing apart the Rolling Stone article that suggested that fans are responsible for projecting expectations onto the boys. Any type of negative reaction directed at them is immediately met with victim blaming, perpetually, or insistence that they were led to their bad behavior and it’s what they were supposed to do.

But they KNOW they have influence. They know their words have an impact outside of tumblr - in fact there were Larries who stopped blogging after Freddie was born, even if they still had questions about the situation. The ones who remain, they also know there are consequences to the things they say. And they also know that they are outsiders who do not actually know what’s happening in the lives of the people against whom they have encouraged so much harassment. But they continue to insist on a version of these people’s lives that they’ve made up, and they continue to deny responsibility for the consequences of doing so.

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