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Okay so I know everyone already knows about episode 18 and it was ruined for me bedore i got the chance to watch it so I put off watching episode 18 of hwarang for as long as possible and I was not okay watching it and I still haven't recovered I think the biggest problem is Taehyung and his character were pretty much the same balls of sunshine...

I knew it had to happen, Hansung was just too nice and sweet. Someone spoiled it for me the first day, but I was still surprised when it happened, and it’s a really good scene. I didn’t know who did it and why, so it was really shocking and sad, and I cried hahaha embarrassing, really. So watch it, I’m sure it will still be a great episode for you! Only two left though!!! :)

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Admins, to the rescue! Share with me your knowledge, why does fandom portray yandere Yoosung with a knife? Was there some legendary piece of fandom creation involving a knife massacre? I'm sorta new to MM and so confused..

GOD 404 TO THE RESCUE! I don’t personally know if there’s anything fic/art-based about Yandere Yoosung with a knife (Im pretty sure there is) But I think it became a thing because normally in anime, the “yandere” character is seen as very possessive and is willing to get rid of anyone and everyone who hurts/or gets between them and their love interest. So because of that, the yanderes are seen with knives because they’re so crazed and willing to harm others when it comes down to it. (BUT HEY WHAT DO I KNOW DONT TAKE MY WORD AS THE LAW ON THIS PLS OKAY LOVE YOU) ((and welcome to hell the fandom)) ~Admin 404

I DONT HAVE MUCH TO ADD BC 404 GOT IT but hi I love u nonnie that’s a good question <3 ~ 626

Old enough to do cool adult things like sleeping WHENEVER i want and crYING (I’m 19, 20 in june ^^) ~Admin 404

Old enough to do the frick frack *lenny face* (I’m 20!) (404: frick frack patty whack) ~ 626

So late at night I was thinking about Lance, as one does, and I wondered…how much does the group know about Lance, really?

Because I realized that all of his most personal moments were by himself or with one other person and came just before something major happened so no one really had time to reflect on it.

Does everyone know how homesick Lance is? When everyone else–particularly Keith and Pidge–were having it out about home and families, Lance had already excused himself and was having a moment with Coran. Then the castle got blown up and Lance was injured, having shielded Coran from the blast. Coran never had time to talk about any of it; he and Hunk were in a pod to the Balmera before their moment could be spoken of. Did they ever revisit it? Did the group realize or have the time to learn that Lance had saved Coran, or did they just assume he got caught up in the blast by coincidence?

Did Keith ever mention that it was Lance’s plan that got their job done or was he distracted by “could I be Galra” thoughts?

Does anyone know that the reason Lance got stuck in the airlock was because he thought he heard Coran calling for help? Keith just found him there, and we never saw Lance telling him how it had happened. Was it ever brought up again?

When he has cool moments, does the team remember? Do they think about it? Shiro and Pidge saw him take that amazing shot, but Shiro is gone now. Does Pidge ever mention it? Does she ever think about how he stepped in for her back at the Garrison? Does Hunk think about that? If they do think about it, do they assume that Lance sees it, too?

Do they understand that he’s constantly willing to put his life on the line for people he’s never even known? That even though he’s sad and lonely and wants to go home, he keeps that inside and puts on a brave face so he can keep doing his part to save the universe? Even though he also thinks he’s not really contributing that much?

Does the group grasp how selfless and brave Lance is; do they see how little he thinks of himself; do they ever see what we’ve been seeing all along or have they just been getting tiny bits and pieces of the big picture that is Lance this entire time?

Okay so just like everyone else I am also in love with Victor and Yuuri in episode 6, but can we take a moment to talk about the other skaters in the Chinese competition? Because they offer a lot of diversity and actually all have their own motivations and backstories and I think they’re worth taking a look at.

Let’s go chronologically, so starting with Phichit:

He’s the first Thai skater to perform to “Shall we skate”, which is pressure in and of its own, but add to it the fact that it’s a popular piece in competition and many fans and judges already know it well, he has to exceed not only expectations but the previous famous performances. But let’s not forget that the song comes from the first movie he saw and has huge emotional value for him - it’s not just his desire to be wow the crowd which already knows the piece, he’s skating to it because of a genuine connection he has to the song. And this is most likely reason for why he succeeds. Like Yuuri says “He’s made the music his own”, which grants him a new personal best score in the end.

Next we’ve got Guang Hong Ji, whom we don’t actually know much about. He’s 17, landed third place in the American competition and is now competing in his home country. I think fair to say that if you take that and consider the fact that he’s performing after Phichit’s amazing performance, he’s more than a little stressed:

In a way, I feel like he’s most similar to Yuuri here. He’s scared and under pressure, but he also does his best to find his confidence and lands his first quad toe loop. We don’t actually know much about his performance apart from the fact that he’s sixth by the end of the short programs (which allow me to remind you is similar to Yuuri from the previous year). (But he still believes he can do better in the free program.)

Next we’ve got Georgi Popovich and I genuinely love him. His theme is ‘heatbreak’ after, well…

That happened. He’s basically skating out of bitterness and a sense of being betrayed by his ‘true love’ and he puts all of himself into the performance, so much so that he’s actually crying while skating. His program is a visual presentation of his desire for vengeance and he nails it because of how much he connects to the piece and the emotions behind it. Y’all can laugh at his coral blue lipstick and Ursula face and failed smoky eyes but this boy knows what he’s doing and he rocks his Carabosse persona, and scores second place in the short program as whole.

After that comes Leo de la Iglesia (I really appreciate that they chose to make someone Hispanic represent America in then anime) and his performance is special in the competition because it features no quads, as he decides to focus on the performance the artistic part of skating (sounds a bit like what Victor tells Yuuri, don’t it?). Leo comments on it, saying that “It’s a song I like so I just want to skate the way I see the music. That’s all.” Leo wants to fill the world with things he likes and that’s why he skates.

If we look at his flashback, he says that he has no idea how he would have found courage in himself

Basically he skates because he loves music and loves the song to which he’s skating so he can score high points even without difficult jumps. He ends up third after the short program so I think it’s fair to say that he has a point.

And then there’s Christophe Giacometti and honestly what is this man.

It’s hard writing about him seriously because I immediately feel like laughing but he’s basically the foil to Yuuri’s eros with his own erotic expression which is not the innocently seductive performance that Yuuri shows us. Nah, man, Chris goes all out. Like, getting a boner during his performance level of all out. He’s not just in touch with his sexuality, it’s like he’s in love with it. Sex appeal is his thing to the point of autoerotic arousal on ice. And yeah, it looks weird to us (though I love the butt), but Minako clearly loves it, so there must be something to it.

I just really appreciate that they actually took the time to create backstories for all of these characters and show us their internal thoughts and feelings and make them feel like they have some sort of personalities and aren’t just ‘evil competition that Yuuri has to defeat to move forward’. They’re all their own people with their own quirks and little things that drive them forward and I love it because the anime really didn’t have to go through so much effort to show us such a pleasantly varied, diverse and enjoyable cast (especially that most of them will be gone by ep 8).

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BRUUHHH people need to appreciate and think of the positive I swear there's always someone that has to ruin the moment let's enjoy it. Jin got many many stuff in spring day it's okay if he didn't had a lot in not today. Let's just enjoy the MV and music.

…. I love the video, I just think we didn’t get to see Jin. If that “ruined the moment” for you, sorry, but that’s the truth. Everyone’s obviously enjoying the MV, I don’t get the point of your message.

Okay guys, listen up!

I know we’re all happy and excited after episode 7, and even more after victuuri was confirmed by Kubo, the creator. But there is more to be celebrated, more than the two main characters got together and that they are the first canon gay couple since Prince of Tennis.

But there is so much more than that. And one of them just makes my heart beat with happiness every time I think about it.

Let’s just recap here. Can everyone tell me what Victor and Yuuri are? More than just ice-skaters and gay as fuck for each other?

They are RUSSIAN and JAPANESE. Yuuri is shown as a typical Japanese man; dark hair, dark eyes and large eyes (what I have seen are often used for specific Japanese characters). And then there’s Victor; blue eyes, pale skin and gray hair (somewhat stereotypical for Russian characters. Russia from Hetalia I’m looking at you). 

Let me refrase that. Yuuri is Japanese, and Victor is Russian. You see my point here? They are not just a homosexual couple, they are a INTERRACIAL COUPLE. Depending if Victor was born in the European part, they are from two separate continents. They know close to nothing (probably) about the others culture, Victor can Japanese but Yuuri can’t speak Russian, and they know probably not much about the others country.

Speaking of Russia, that is the second thing I love about Victor being Russian: he doesn’t give a shit about what the government in his homecountry say, he doesn’t give a shit about falling in love with another man.

He is not a stereotypical angry Russian.

He cares a lot about Yuuri and his well-being, and doesn’t care about what others think of them. Had he been a sterotype, he would probably have distance himself when he found out about his feelings. He shows that not all Russians are homophobic assholes. We don’t know much about Yurio, Georgi and the other Russians, but it’s more likely that Victor’s old coach Yakov is homophobic than Yurio or Georgi.

The thing that the creators are trying so hard to fix is that Yuri on ice doesn’t get a yaoi/shounen-ai stample on it. Why? Because Victor and Yuuri’s romance is not the main focus in the anime, it’s Yuuri’s ice-skating and the competitions. It’s the sport that’s the main focus, their developed romance came as a bonus. This showes that they are trying to casually have a character that’s not straight, without having the plot resolve around it. This is a HUGE step for the inclusion of LGBTQ people, for them to be step by step included in different shows. An anime doesn’t have to have a yaoi/shounen-ai stample to have a canon gay character/couple. They only need it to be casual.

Also lastly, can we just rejoice over having such a good, healthy couple as our main character? I think this show will give new standars for future creators to be more creative and inclusive.

Edit: people have corrected me about Victor speaking Japanese. They are speaking English with each other, sorry for the confusion.


Morgan Brian and Lauren (Cheney) Holiday on their friendship on and off the field:

“Every time I came into camp, she was the first one to talk to me, and make me feel comfortable. I was coming to camps from college and it was kinda surreal to be surrounded by players that you look up to and she [Holiday] always made me feel welcome and made sure I was okay. On the field it was the same thing I remember some girl got a yellow card on me and it was a really bad tackle,” Brian said of a friendly against Canada in 2014. “She [Holiday] was the first one in the referees face. She has another side to her when she gets mad, so everyone calls her alter-ego ‘Shanaynay’, so that came out and I thought it was really cool. ”  

“I’ve told people this before- Morgan is going to be the star,” Holiday said. “I think that you guys just saw a glimpse of what she can bring to the table in the World Cup. I told her a year before the World Cup started, she would be starting in a World Cup final and I don’t think she believed me at all. But, she did and I think she did a great job for us.” 

“Off the field, just having fun, enjoying it and being young. You forget what it’s like to be that player,” Holiday said. “That was me, that was A-Rod [Amy Rodriguez], that was Tobin [Heath] years ago. Just being around her and hanging out with her and getting to know her, I’ve gotten to experience that again and that’s been fun for me.” 

I don’t think this friendship got enough love & recognition.  

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I can finally show the entry I drew for the @hqseijouzine.
I’m still so happy that I got to be part of this and I had so much fun working with everyone. Thank you so much again for organizing all of this PJ, you are great! :”)

Homestuck Characters as Let's Players Because I've Jumped the Shark
  • John: Has been at it for years and has a lot of subscribers because of it, everyone posts gifs of him reacting to different games talking about how pure and sweet he is, when he is none of those things
  • Rose: Does reviews and extensive walkthroughs. Very to the point, but will also set time aside to completely wreck a shitty game design or a nonsense plot with snarky commentary.
  • Dave: Nobody really knows why he has five million subs. He doesn't even use face cam or a decent mic, he just records 10 minutes of pure self indulgent monologue over any random video game. What's this guys secret?
  • Jade: "hey guys! welcome my weekly animal jam stream! counterstrike is pushed back a week because i got banned from my favorite server because they thought i was hacking...but that's okay! how are you doing today everyone?"
  • Jane: Gets a lot of hate from people who think she's completely sold out to her main source of sponsorship, when really she just supports the product
  • Jake: One of those European Youtubers that uses a crap ton of slang from his country of origin and has a near incoherent accent. Fails to grasp stealth based games. He also does a lot of live action videos of him taking different YouTube challenges of dubious levels of safety
  • Roxy: "Yeah, this is your average RPGMaker MV based game, the sprites are the basic pack you get in the game and they forgot to sync up the walk cycles on the NPCs so they aren't running into eachother all the time...OH MY GOD A CAT IM GONNA GO PET IT!"
  • Dirk: Professional editor, doesn't have his own channel but he does occasionally show up in videos with Jake and Roxy, to the point where fans know who he is. Doesn't really want to have his own channel because he feels that would involve pandering to the intelligence of the average Youtube user. Has far too many self image issues to put himself out there as anything more than just the dude behind the scenes making everything click.

its great that everyone sees annabeth as a badass girl who can kick butt (because it’s true), but i really need people to see that she is insecure and gets jealous very easily (*cough* rachel *cough*) and i think that she is always afraid about not being good enough (a trait she shares w/ percy), and i believe that is probably caused by her trying to impress her mom and please her dad and i guess that she thinks that they may lose interest in her and leave her too. it took her a while to see that percy cares about her and would never leave her willingly.  willingly being the key word there because im sure percy disappearing for 8 months brought back her fears of being left. she had finally had someone who she thought would never leave her and i think that after percy fell into tartarus with her, she never really got those fears again

Solangelo & Christmas

i got a prompt from an anon so i hope you like it!! okay so

• everyone assumes that nico is a little scrooge who hates on christmas but he is soooo the opposite
• as soon as thanksgiving is over it’s “christmas first” & so on & so forth
• he gives everyone he sees christmas hats. everyone. all of them.
• will laughs & calls him a little elf all month long & nico acts like he hates but really he is in love with it
• will has never been crazy about christmas, he likes the whole idea behind it, but he thinks the image has been twisted by society
• but he’ll get into for nico because hell yeah he loves seeing nico happy!!! so heck he’ll wear that hat all the time & leave cookies out for santa & only play christmas music for 31 days straight (his favorite is rockin’ around the christmas tree)
• will was the one who introduced nico to christmas movies & that was the first time nico said i love you to will
• nicos favorite christmas movie is A Christmas Story he’s plays it once a day the whole month of december
• he’s know the movie word for word
• this is the one month nico wears no black tshirts. he wears a red shirt one day & a green on the next & alternates
• idk christmas just makes nico such a dork he tries so hard on his gifts he handmakes a lot of them, like he knitted hazel a beautiful red scarf one year & did a jar of date ideas for will another year he’s just such a sweet little cherub
• mint hot chocolate on christmas eve night
• & when it’s all over nico lays in bed that night with will & cuddles close & whispers very very quietly a merry christmas to bianca because it had always been her favorite holiday

Okay I didn’t want to say anything, but, I think it’s time that everyone faced reality. No one else is speaking up, so I’ve gotta.

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and comics and art about Lance making fun of Keith for being Texan recently. And as funny and cute as they are, that’s just wrong to me. It’s absolutely wrong. I mean, I’ve seen some serious mischaracterization of the Voltron crew before, but the fact that so many people have got it so wrong is just blowing my mind. We’ve got to face the facts people, Lance wouldn’t be making jokes about Keith being Texan.

Hunk would

See? :D


Summary: You’re an old acquaintance of Barry Allen and The Flash’s enemy, but when you’re together you’re way more than that. You’re struggling with your evilness and Barry wants to help. Will you let him?

Requested by Anonymous: The reader is a metahuman and she meets The Flash and beats him up but he ends up falling in love with them and the reader is really someone he knows.

Requested by Anonymous: The reader is a villain and she and The Flash have history and they flirt with each other and make out whenever they meet.

Pairings: Barry Allen x reader

Warnings: Smut

Word count: 1967

A/N: My hand slipped and I went to a smutty side! It’s the first time I write something like this so is not too good. What do you think? I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you’d like more stories like this :) 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


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Me: I should tag this post with all my disorder tags think of all that attention

Also me: Yes but someone will read through all your tags and know what an attention seeker you are

Me: Jeez well when you put it that way…Damn, guess I’ve got to feel guilty now. I better go make a post about how ashamed I feel and tag it so everyone knows

You know what I just realised…

Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone:

Draco: You’ll soon find out that some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there

Harry: I think I can tell who the wrong sort are for myself thanks

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child:

Rose: I’m a Granger-Weasley, you’re a Potter - everyone will want to be friends with us,we’ve got the pick of anyone we want


Rose: Yes, well we should probably sit somewhere else. Come on, Albus

Albus: No. I’m okay you go on

Rose: Albus, I won’t wait

Albus: And I wouldn’t expect you to. But i’m staying here

After talking about their family names - Rose Granger Weasley deems Scorpius the wrong sort of person to be hanging out with and leaves.

Albus chooses Scorpius despite him not being the likely choice. Even his dad doesn’t particularly like his association with a Malfoy but it’s not the family name Albus cares about, just like young Harry.

Its a direct parallel of Harry and Draco’s first meeting in reverse.

Albus can tell who the wrong sort are for himself thanks

…I was born in 1990 and I was sort of raised in America when it was a cult of self-expression, and I was just taught, you know, express myself and have things to say and everyone will care about them. And I think everyone was taught that and most of us found out that no one gives a shit what we think. So we flock to performers by the thousands ‘cause we’re the few that found an audience, and then I’m supposed to get up here and say “follow your dreams,” as if this was a meritocracy? It is not, okay? I had a privileged life and I got lucky and I’m unhappy. They say it’s…it’s like…the ‘me’ generation. It’s not. The arrogance is taught or it was cultivated. It’s self-conscious. That’s what it is, it’s conscious of self. Social media is just the market’s answer to a generation that demanded to perform, so the market said: “here, perform everything, to each other, all the time for no other reason.” It’s prison, it’s horrific. It’s performer and audience melded together. What do we want more than to lie in bed at the end of the day and just watch our lives as a satisfied audience member? I know very little about anything, but I do know this that if you can live your life without an audience, you should do it.
—  Bo Burnham, Make Happy
Be careful what you order... Part 4
  • [Later on in the night]
  • Ron: [slurring a bit] okay! what about him?
  • Draco: Marcus Flint? Even I know that a Bloody Mary means someone's hungover.
  • Blaise: He's right.
  • Draco: and I swear that's not because He was out with me last night at the Three Broomsticks until 3am.
  • Ron: sure sure...
  • Theo: And I Know I'm right in saying that Dean Thomas drinking water means he's pissed he's responsible for apparating Finnigan Home tonight after he's had too many of those Vodka Sodas.
  • Blaise: [nods] and Finnigan is planning to get as drunk as the Bulgarians... though still values his sleep clearly.
  • Draco: okay.. I think we got everyone.
  • Ron: except Blaise...
  • Blaise: what?
  • Theo: You switched to Martini's like an hour ago.
  • Blaise: so?
  • Draco: So that doesn't work unless you're wearing dress robes.
  • Ron: Yeah! EVERYONE knows that. [laughing] Mr Bond.
  • Blaise: who now?
  • Theo: International spy right?
  • Ron: YES!
  • Draco: [To Theo] I'm sorry what?
  • Theo: [shrugs] I like muggle films. So sue me.
Mamamoo Give Away

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