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Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve: Confessions of a First-Timer

Give me the strength not just to wait patiently, because I know I can do that, but to stay positive in times of uncertainty. Let me love not too hard or too fast even though there is a lot to give. I need freedom to escape from this prison-like environment where stress, worry, and negativity are always-present factors; and the knowledge and wisdom to prevent myself from being too naive and making too many mistakes. But I have grown and improved so much, worked my hardest to be even better for all of us; How many people notice them or will stay with me long enough to see them more, I cannot say. But what I can say is this: I do love you and care a lot more than I ever knew I would. And I do trust you, even though at times I get a little curious and scared. I do understand you; but being pulled apart and stuck here for so long, please me hear from you again. Thinking back to your first anything should help you to understand me, too. You said you love me, and I can only believe that this is true; when I say it, you can bet that it is, too. I’m not sure what you’ve heard from other people, but sometimes their opinions don’t matter since it’s not their relationship and they don’t have such emotions attached. No matter what they may have said – we’re different people, yes perhaps that comes with age and experience. But that doesn’t mean they overshadow what we share in common; after all, we can teach each other and learn from both. If love and care are still there, why shouldn’t other things fall into place? There’s no need to blame another for not being 100% perfect all the time. No one is; in fact, a relationship is oftentimes just that: two imperfect people existing together and loving each other. Sometimes there is beauty in that, adding depth to a person, character even – like covering cracks with gold like the Japanese did with handmade pots. I think back to the beginning often, the budding of our relationship learning new things about life – that we should treasure moments, not things – and learning new things about you – like your love of cheesy French fries and poetry, of night markets and crab rolls on the pier, of trying new things like soba noodles and okonomiyaki paired with tea and sake – and new things about myself, as you told me, and I loved a lot of the same things you did, too. As new and exciting, I would be so glad to create more memories that can last even longer, even if it means this time reaching out more to you. But for now I will wait until I have your permission, and hope for the best – that we can create something even better, to be even stronger and calmer and happier together than ever before.


  • Feels comfortable mouthing off to a heavily-armed employer in his very first scene
  • Seems to have better cardio than Bart
  • Seems to have better music taste than Bart
  • Asks a strange biker to call him a cab
  • Drives a motorbike literally one episode later
  • Seems to have a shady criminal past
  • “I knew I’d die in some weird way eventually”
  • Attempts to fight Farah despite having no combat experience at all
  • Hits Bart up for money for lunch
  • Can see Bart in her underwear and doesn’t make it weird
  • Sits protectively outside Bart’s shower and doesn’t make it weird
  • Will sing Backstreeet Boys on command
  • Figures out that “the universe is broken” because, for the first time, Bart misread what the universe was telling her regarding Dirk Gently
  • He and Bart are wearing matching colours in the last episode
  • Shrugs at Todd in quiet Normal Dude™ understanding
  • Played by actual cinnamon roll Mpho Koaho
  • He and Bart stole a corgi from the body-swapping cultists
  • Fixes the time machine/soul swapper/unlimited energy device that closes the time loop once and for all
  • It takes him literally less than a week to go from she’s going to kill me and I’m petrified to she’s going to kill everyone else and I’m fully supportive of her life choices
Still Beautiful. (Pack/Scott McCall Imagine)

Request: Hey can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader is Derek’s little sister and is covered in burn scars from the fire so she is really self conscious about her body, but the pack tries to make her feel better about herself. -thanks!

Okay, I’m sorry I’m incredibly inactive when it comes to actually writing and posting things. It’s really hard to this when you have school and finals. But now that I’m on Winter Holiday, I think we’re good…

Another note, I felt as if this would be really cute as a Scott McCall imagine and seeing as I haven’t written anything for Scott, I went ahead and made it a Scott McCall imagine as well. I hope you don’t mind that I did so.

REQUESTS ARE OPEN! But bear with me. :)

I hope you enjoy!

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Scott has only seen your body once. It was the night of a full moon and Derek called him in a panic as he realized you, being a young, evolved wolf, had shifted and ran off into the forest. After Scott roared at you, you shifted back into your naked human form that had burn scars and marks all over your body. But even though you saw yourself as a complete monster, fangs and scars and all, Scott assured you that he saw nothing short of beauty.

But Scott’s constant compliments and Derek’s support never stopped your wavering confidence. Although most days you’ve come to terms that you will never heal nor share the same physique as your sister Cora, some days you never felt at home in your own body. And today was one of those days. 

The pack decided to go to the beach, of all places. And although Scott urged them to choose a new location, in fear that the venue would upset you, you encouraged their plans. He drove Stiles’s jeep, with Stiles as passenger, and you and Lydia in the back. Lydia was sporting a summer dress with her swim suit underneath while you wore Scott’s baggy sweater and some cut offs that showed off the only part of your body that hadn’t been burned by the fire.

Scott glanced at you in worry, getting a whiff of your anxious chemo signals, but you gave him a reassuring smile. The others had been looking forward for today and you certainly didn’t plan to be the kill joy. 

As the pack unloaded, you offered to stay back to watch their things. Only Malia, Lydia, and Scott found this odd but the two girls rushed off into the cool ocean waters, thinking that it was just girly problems. But Scott knew. 

“You okay?” He asked, sitting down next to you. You nodded. “I’ll stay with you.”

“Go, have fun with the others. I’m fine.” You assured your boyfriend. And although he knew better, Scott nodded and discarded his shirt before giving you a peck on the lips and running into the waters. 

As time went on and as the beach got more and more packed, you couldn’t help but feel out of place in Scott’s sweater as you watched other girls show off their blemish free bikini-ready bodies. A group of teenage boys parked themselves next to the pack’s belongings, you sat on a beach towel and they snickered as they whispered. You being a werewolf, heard every single word and “prude” had been their popular phrase. And their comments never stopped. You closed your eyes in fear that tears would fall from your eyes.

You didn’t realize that the pack had soon surrounded you, taking a break from their fun. Scott nudged you. “What’s wrong babe?” He whispered. You shook your head, feeling a tear roll down your cheek. 

“Aw… She’s crying. Bet you he broke up with that prude for the hot girl with the red hair.” A boy joked loudly to his friends, causing the group to laugh. Malia growled, hearing his comment. 

“Hey, leave her alone.” Liam snapped. 

“She can’t fend for herself?” A boy laughed. You took a deep breath, feeling your canines expanding. Scott grabbed onto your forearm and rubbed it soothingly. But you snapped your hand away and got up. “She doesn’t even let him touch her. She is a prude.” You heard Stiles’s voice arguing for your defense but you were too busy listening to the ocean, in an attempt to block out the voices, to pay attention. 

Scott had grabbed onto your waist and nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck. “I love you, you know.” He whispered. You nodded. “Those guys are asses. You’re beautiful.” You turned and smiled at him, giving him a peck on the lips. 

“I don’t care what they think.” You whispered back, more to convince yourself than him. “You are the most truthful person I know, Scott. You wouldn’t lie.” 

“No I won’t.” Scott said, pecking your lips once more. 

“Well I want to show you something.” You smiled, feeling a rush of confidence you never felt before. Scott gave you a confused look as you bolted for the water, his sweater flying through the air. 

Scott ran after you and splashed into water. You greeted him with a long, passionate kiss as he took in what was in front of him. You wore a black bikini, that showed off your werewolf physique and although you were self conscious about the scars that detailed your every curve, you knew that Scott found you beautiful and in his gaze you felt beautiful. 

“Woah, there’s that boy with a hot chick.” You both heard the familiar voice of that boy from earlier. 

“That’s the same girl you idiots called a prude.” Lydia smirked as Scott pulled you into another kiss. 

“Scars or no scars, (Y/N). You’re Still Beautiful to me.” Scott told you, lovingly. 

Me: I should tag this post with all my disorder tags think of all that attention

Also me: Yes but someone will read through all your tags and know what an attention seeker you are

Me: Jeez well when you put it that way…Damn, guess I’ve got to feel guilty now. I better go make a post about how ashamed I feel and tag it so everyone knows

I know you’re in pain. It hurts in ways you can’t even begin to describe and even if you could, no one seems to want to listen.
Sure, people care and try to help… for a time… but when you don’t seem to be getting any better, after a while, they get tired of listening… Eventually it becomes easier to keep it all inside.
I know you feel like it will never get better and you’ll never be okay again. It’s been like this for so long now that you think if things were ever going to change they would have by now so this is how it’s always going to be… but it’s not. I promise it’s not.
You learn cope, it just takes time and I know it feels like you’ve given it enough time already but not everyone heals at the same pace.
Tell yourself it’s okay to feel the way that you do.
Nobody else on this earth has lived through your life to be in any kind of position to understand your battles. Nobody else but you has walked in your shoes to be any kind of comparison on how you should be feeling right now or whether or not you should be ‘better’.
I won’t lie to you – what you’re going through will always leave its mark upon you as any trauma does – and that’s normal too. Nobody looks back on a traumatic life experience and giggles about it… But it’s this all-consuming depressive state… these overwhelming feelings you can’t control… the way those feelings isolate you and make you feel vulnerable and alone – THAT is what won’t last forever.
It DOES get better… you DO find acceptance. Not all at once – its gradual… like a stormy day or a long dark night… you don’t just blink and suddenly it’s a blue sky. Storm clouds part slowly, allowing brief flashes of sunlight at first… then eventually disappear… Dark nights end slowly as a new day begins to dawn…
Acceptance is the same… and I know you have the courage to wait for it…

for the anon that asked for how the boys would comfort their s/o after a nightmare! heyo it’s mod amami’s first post i hope i don’t screw this up

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I saw you with her today and it really caught me off guard. I was sad for a moment, but then I realized that you were happy. That makes me okay, knowing that you’re fine and taken care of. Even if it’s not me making you feel special, I’m glad you’re okay.

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Hi chris! (idk if its okay to call you like that or do you prefer actually christine?) I'm really sick as hell and i was wondering if you knew any good sterek fics where one of them is. sick and the other one takes care of him?

Aww hun I’m so sorry you feel icky :(  Its totally ok! my friends call me Chris and we’re friends now :) Chris is very gender neutral and Christine is more like hi I’m a girl :p 

Anyways, have some sick sterek :) And feel better!

Sticky Notes and Silent Words by  Bellakitse | 1.6K

Stiles has laryngitis, everyone thinks it’s funny, except Derek, his misses Stiles’ voice.

Go the Fuck to Sleep by  chase_acow | 2.4K

Stiles is sick and Derek takes care of him. Kinda. And mostly despite himself.

Have It All by  doc_sock | 5.8K

Derek is glad that he and Stiles are fuck buddies, really. So he wants more than that. So what? It’s not like what he wants is important.

(Love) Sick and Dying by  har1ey_quinn | 5.4K

“Do you need me to carry you?” Derek looks like anything Stiles says in an affirmative response will only result in him being thrown out the window.

“I-” Stiles squints at Derek. Apparently his lack of response is not good enough for the werewolf, so he takes it upon himself to try and shift Stiles into a sitting position on the bed. “Whoa, head rush. Ow.” Stiles brings his hands to rub at his temples, eyes shut in pain. The throbbing is getting unbearable now.

An impossible illness by  MemeKon | 3.3K

“D'you know what feels amazing when you’re sick?” He exclaims, taking Derek’s empty soup bowl from his shaky grip.

“A bullet through the brain?”

“What? No. What the fuck, Derek. Way to be drastic.” He rolls his eyes at him, putting the bowl on his bedside table. “A sponge bath. I was going to say a sponge bath.” Derek’s eyebrows do a sort of ritual dance at his words, over dark feverish eyes. “I don’t know what you’re saying, I’m not fluent in Eyebrow-ish.”

Stiles has the Flu | tumblr ficlet

Stiles gets the flu or something, and Derek comes over and takes care of him, but is so hostile and mean about it that Stiles thinks Derek’s there to kill him via alphabet soup burns or give him an overdose of cough syrup. When Derek’s just mad because Stiles let himself get sick in the first place.

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Okay, all I can think about is we know Yuri can break dance thanks to the banquet right? So I take that and raise you that + him being able to beat box(a little). Then Otabek Dj-ing +him also being a really good rapper, and now Otabek helps him improve in beat boxing(because he's like 🔥at it) and yuri helps him with dance. Which he realizes is easier to teach him break dancing because he can follow with that beat better.{ⅹ} I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS CAN YOU TELL?!


this is the best day oh my god thank you so much for these adorable visuals. look at the nerd children

Okay, so I heard people talking shit about the fact Emily was excited by a scarf, like, “Doesn’t she think Lena would know her better than that?”/ “Obviously she doesn’t expect too much romance from her now smdh” etc. 

Dude. Dude. As a huge scarf lover, let me tell you that I feel Emily on a spiritual level. I wear loads and loads of scarves. Here are my scarves in this giant clothes hamper: 

It is always: 

  • okay to buy me more scarves
  • guaranteed I will love a scarf if you buy it for me and it’s not scratchy fabric
  • clearly evidence how well you know me if you know about my obsession with scarves
  • not a sign our relationship is about to break down and lena is in love with widowmaker after all
He’s Got Friends In Dark Places

ALLLRIGHTY. Here is the plan. Going to get Sora and Riku as far as they individually can go in The World That Never Was, but then stop and try to get some of the best Spirits that I can. I really want the Rex and the Aura Lion going in to the final bosses, at least. But that means I might have to go scouring and item-hunting for dream pieces. We’ll see how far I can get here!

  • I feel like I should have better Spirits now, but ehh will make do
  • …Damn how is the reality shift going to work here and now
  • AHH okay that’s how that works
  • I gotta say I think I like this version of TWTNW better than the KH2 version
  • I like the battle music more anyway
  • …Okay wait how TF do you shoot off this laser-shooting thing again
  • Isn’t there a good challenge thing in this area where you can get some parts for the real good Dream Eaters??
  • ARRGH I got this far and then I died?!!
  • Okay never mind, I don’t know if Riku is ready for this yet. I’m gonna go item-hunting where I can to make some really good Spirits
  • Okay screw it I’m not finding the ingredients I want so I’m making stuff from scratch
  • I made a Cera Terror! Her name is TERRUMBLE
  • Oooh and a Beatalike! That thing is new!
  • Of course his name is Daisukenojo
  • Awesome so now Riku has two giant Dream Eaters that are gonna push him off all the ledges
  • Even though I don’t have my rexes or lions yet
  • Haha Riku literally arriving back at The World That Never Was like this
  • OKAY UH we’ll tackle the death wall later. Get back to Sora’s turn in weirdo land over here.
  • DOODLEY DOODLEY DOODLEY we’re back with Sora’s weird flashbacks
  • I feel like there were a bunch of treasure chests up on the skyscrapers that I’m forgetting here?? IDK
  • Sora: Who are you?!
  • Roxas: I’m you but more depressed. By the way here’s the entirety of my depressing life. Byyyeee!
  • I don’t blame Sora for being upset here I mean jeeez and hell
  • I do not like the breathing architecture
  • HO geez almost didn’t get through that triple dino challenge
  • OH thank goodness finally a save point
  • Only this might be boss battle time anyway
  • Hello sad Wayfinder family I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of you soon enough!
  • Hey flashback to when Aqua showed up on DI!
  • Xigbar: I’m here to explain the plot of Inception!
  • This thing of them regrowing hearts totally threw me for a loop the first time
  • I was like WOW I SPENT A LOT OF TIME ARGUING OTHERWISE ON KHFFR ahhh fandom memories
  • Thank you Sora for calling Xemnas out on being a huge liar tho
  • I am always fascinated by this scene because Xigbar is just SO CONVINCED that this is going to totally break Sora and he’s just like WHO CARES I’M NOT THE HERO, I’m FRIENDS WITH THEM SO HA
  • Xigbar you little chickenshit
  • OH DANG the boss battle is friggin now
  • OKAY I failed hard the first couple of tries but finally got him down with Chaos Snake
  • Also the friggin Recuscant’s Sigil thing blew my mind
  • Xehanort: I KNOW ALL OF THE FUTURE…except for the future that’s happening after this part
  • But yeah when I first got to this point I was like WHAAAAA
  • Ven: Here man you can borrow my armor I know I owe you back rent for the heart hotel anyway
  • AND BACK TO RIKU…Hey I’m still capable of going back to Sora’s last save point right?? Or is it just Riku from here on out? I can’t remember
  • Will Riku be able to survive the DEATH WALL this time??
  • Getting bitten by twice by skelerexes will certainly do you in
  • FINALLY got past those friggin Rexes
  • And yes the death wall is worth it to get DARK SPLICER
  • …Oh I just realized that Riku’s drop menu is gone, so. Don’t gotta worry about that none then!
  • Just surF UP THE WALL RIKU
  • Man I think this is my last point before Riku’s first series of boss battles
  • Mmmm OKAY let’s go on! We’ll probably need to go back and get all the good stuff later
  • Sora got dream bubble’d
  • Sora: Gee Riku, how come your mom lets you have FIVE final boss battles?!
  • WOW I died a lot but uh. Got the Anti Black Coat Guy at least
  • Apparently I really do not remember how to fight any of these bosses
  • Xehanort all like “well now I get to fancifully exposit at YOU”
  • Now we’ll see if I can manage to get through these next two battles…
  • Give him Spirit candies give him pets play water balloon with him it’s all good I love every Riku Dream Eater joke
  • Aaand Riku mentions Terra from long ago!
  • …Okay yanno what? I’m dying too frequently in these here.
  • Gonna come back and face the bosses when I’ve got some real good abilities like Second Chance, Once More, and everything else I’m used to having
  • SO that might take awhile. When I’m ready, I’ll tackle Riku’s bosses again!

Okay, let me just make this clear for a moment, Lapis’ situation is in no way funny.



Remember when I said Pearl’s VA deserved a Nobel Prize? I think Lapis’ VA could give her a run for her money.

Yeah you better stay there.


Also that looks a lot like a Rebecca face.

Physical pain is totally better than emotional pain.

July 19, 2015

I cut my wrist 25 times today, around 2:30am. It just hurts so much, what I overheard in my parents’ bedroom. But I feel temporarily relieved right now because of my cuts. There’s so much blood. Physical pain is totally better than emotional pain.

I think they’re going to make me see a psychiatrist on Monday.

I considered killing myself earlier too. But then I thought that it’s not worth it much right now, but in the future maybe. I guess I’ll just live a few more miserable days.

I’m going to be okay. I hope. 

Motivational reminder to me and maybe other artists too

  •  Your art won’t always be good, but that’s alright. No one can create great art all the time. Keep practicing and you will get better!
  • Not everyone will like your art. That’s okay! Tastes vary!
  • There will be times you will want to throw in the towel and quit. Don’t. Keep going! I know things are tough right now but it will get better!
  • Keep practicing. Go out of your comfort zone and don’t feel bad when things don’t work out at the first go!
  • Don’t think ‘I can’t do this’! Try to go in with a positive attitude! 

I was rewatching the first clip from this episode to make myself feel better and Even says there “She can’t feel what I feel or think, for that matter” I MEAN!! THAT’S A CLUE THEY GAVE US AT THE BEGINNING OF THE EPISODE now Isak has to remember what he said “Only you can feel what you feel”. So basically Sonja’s “it’s his illness he doesn’t love you” bullshit isn’t true.

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I feel like Jinyoung has been extra smiley recently. He also has been covering his smile less. Do you notice it too?

:’) I think so too!! But I feel like it’s been a while now, that he seems like he’s been getting happier and happier!! ^^

Even though he’s always pushing himself to do more and better, I kinda think that after GOT7 started winning shows / awards (and he started participating in more acting roles and getting praised for those), he’s felt more successful and able to be proud of himself :’) and also I think he sees that GOT7 is really getting alot of love now all around the world :’)

whatever the reason, I’m really glad that he definitely seems happier ^^

AND YES!!! HE’S DEFINITELY SHOWING HIS SMILE MORE!!! IT GIVES ME LIFE!!! T^T I think he knows that fans love his smile, so he tries to not cover it now when the camera is directly on him :’) But I also hope he loves his own smile and that’s why he shows it T^T ❤️ I get warm fuzzy feelings when he says he likes his eye wrinkles ;A; ❤️


people look at AFI’s Crash Love like it was the worst thing ever made, but i seriously appreciate the album so much?

not just because i think it is good (blasphemy, i know), but without Crash Love, there wouldn’t have been a progression to Burials or The Blood Album. every AFI album has such musical fluently on what they learned as artists or what they want to do differently with each release. you might not like the way Crash Love sounds, that’s fine. even huge pop artists make albums that are considered lackluster. i don’t think Crash Love deserves the hate it prescribed, but i am thankful for it. it doesn’t hit me as hard as other AFI albums do, but i still enjoy the majority of the songs.

“torch song”, “end transmission”, and “okay, i feel better now” are all beautiful and versatile. just because davey doesn’t scream on the album doesn’t mean that they didn’t fulfill themselves as artists. Crash Love doesn’t deserve the intense vehemency that it was delivered. it’s the softest AFI album by far – but they tried something new. it wasn’t successful for most fans, unfortunately. and without it, i don’t think Burials or The Blood Album would have curved quite in the same direction.

i mean, The Blood Album isn’t out yet. but it’s basically a Sing the Sorrow/Burials baby, and that is enough to make me happy. just saying.


@shrimpeater69 I like to think that when Dorian rants about something that is bothering him late at night, Cullen is always there to lend him his shoulder…and lips to smooch to make him feel better ;) Hope you like it!


I’ve seen that lately, @riza-hawkqueen and @aheartmadefullmetal16 have been feeling bad, and you guys are both amazing and deserve to be happy! So here’s some Royai fluff!!

Laura, I’m sure your exam went better than you think! You’re wonderful and smart, and I’m sure it was great!

Kaylee, I wish I could hug you right now, but I can’t, so I hope this plotless Royai fluff helps you feel a bit better!!

Riza stirred her glass of tea in the kitchen, her metal spoon making quiet scraping noises on the bottom of her mug. Due to the scalding temperature of the drink, the sugar cube she’d put in it had melted quickly, and it wasn’t before long that she could begin mixing Roy’s, and hoping the copious amount of sugar he usually enjoyed in his morning drink would actually dissolve.

Eventually, her superior’s sickeningly sweet drink was finished, and with Hayate dancing around her feet, Riza made her way back into the living room, where Roy sat, clouded grey eyes fixated on her as she entered.

Despite it being a month after the Promised Day, Roy was still blind. Doctor Marcoh had taken up the task of healing Havoc; a task which was taking infinitely longer than anyone could have expected.

After having had no use of his legs for months, poor Jean’s muscles had atrophied almost to the point where he couldn’t walk, even after his nerves were reconnected using Marcoh’s stone. The doctor had had to stay behind with the former Lieutenant in order to help with physical therapy, and to expedite the healing process of Havoc’s legs. While he could probably have used the stone to perfectly reconstruct every muscle to their former fitness, the man did not want to burn out his philosopher’s stone at once.

After all, he still had another crucial patient to heal.

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Why i personally dont want Marco to be trans

Dont even try to argue with me on this smh
At least let me explain
While yeah, it would be interesting, and a huuuge step
I personally think itd be better if Marco not be trans?
Like, look. Do you know how much of a positive force Marco is for boys right now? Hes teaching boys that its okay to be feminine and that insecurities for guys are real, and that there is nothing wrong with feeling that. Turning Marco trans is taking that away from part of the audience. Its a much bigger step to have Marco not be trans.
So yeah, i dont think Marco should be trans. He does so much for the audience in general as is